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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 26, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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have big baby in hawaii. this video was shot by russell hanson. they came across hump back whales. mama and her calves and apparently the calf was feeling a little frisky, popped its head out of the water. >> what a great day on the water when are you able to get accidently get that close to hump back whales. from a very, very, very big baby to a little one. >> oh. >> now, those are puppy dogs. >> not a puppy mom. >> no. those are puppy dogs and that mom is cheesecake, who adopted these puppies because they were abandoned, so she took them in and like any good mom they're jumping all over her and she is ignoring them. >> and also a little fawn in there, too, a little deer, like
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a mott motley crue of animals. a large rodent and little dogs. >> that's our show, everybody, thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow.
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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. it is time for great videos "right this minute."
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it is police on horse back versus a pit bull who did -- >> latch onto the upper leg of one of these horses. >> how everyone managed to get out of this one safe. an update on the atlanta security guard who took matters into his own hands. now darren long reveals details of what got him arrested in his first interview since getting out of jail. >> we want to know how you are doing. >> lose a job, go to jail, very interesting week. >> even though it ismy there is a fisherman on a pier. not for long. how he survived one big rogue wave. >> oh, my word. >> how to have a happy easter with angry birds. homemade peeps so good -- >> i wouldn't have any left. i would be eating the batter. >> or one angry bird peep. here you go, kids. share. >> down town with himming ton,
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north carolina, this could be tough to watch for animal lovers of all kinds. we have a pit bull on the loose off the leash chasing off two police officers mounted on horses. they were patrolling the downtown area and as you can see the dog went after the horses. listen to this. >> you can see it looks like the owner trying to chase the dog around and getting the dog under control and the dog did latch onto the upper leg of one of these horses during this whole altercation. it is the brown horse that the dog gets the best of. the white horse stays back here. the horse did suffer several puncture wounds, scratches and the dog also bit one of the officer's feet. the officer was fine. >> do we know why the dog went after the horse? >> i think dogs off the leash will probably chase after anything. what can the officers do? >> the one has the horse whip and you don't see him using that on the dog at all. you never see the officers retaliate against the dog.
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you just see them try. >> this is in the middle of an intersection. you are lucky a car wasn't flying through and runs into everybody. >> you can hear the clip clop of the feet. >> the owner was cited for not having the dog on a leash and the dog was taken to animal control but has since been returned to the owner. last week we had darren long on our show, the now famous security guard who works at metro mall in downtown atlanta. he keeps a lapel cam and lots of videos of his have gone viral. we told you last week that he lost his job at metro mall. he was scheduled for his last day to be march 31st and we also found outlast week he was arrested for an apparently scuffle with a patron of the mall and spent the weekend in jail. we actually have darren long via skype right this minimum to it tell us exactly what's going on and how he is doing now. welcome back to the show, darren. >> how you doing?
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>> we're doing great. we want to know how you are doing. >> lose a job, go to jail, very interesting week. >> walk us through exactly what happened. >> there is a video that i posted on -- >> dude, get out of my door. next time you step in my doorway i put you in handcuffs. >> in the video you hear them saying the next time you come into the wall i will put handcuffs on you and that was william wright and he didn't see and i didn't say, hey, i just grabbed and a scuffle ensued and i ended up on the ground on my back and the police like said i should have said something to him before i grabbed him. all of that came together and i got a battery charge and while i was in jail, the guy that i tasers on the ground flopping around was able to get his warrant and i was sitting in jail for that as well. >> how are people reactoring to you being arrested. >> depends on which side of the fence are you on. the detractors are like had you
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ray, and my supporters are like, man, that is tough. >> even though the last day was supposed to be march 31st, you're not able to work the last few days because of the arrest. >> because of the judge's no contact order. william wright show up in that area pretty much every day. sometimes to have to do the right thing and sometimes you have to do the smart thing. the smart thing is not to chance an aggravated stalking charge because you have a no contact order. >> i hear people are interested in doing a reality show with you. >> people trying to get me one, and ideal is i move around through communities and help them to fight the crime in the area. >> i know they were raising a lot of money for you. did you ever see that money? >> i got the money. fixed my car that had been fixed for a year-and-a-half and helped fix my mother's car and another set of eye glasses and paying next month's rent. the world has done me a great
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favor and through the work that you did you just got paid on the back end. quick thinking and actions can save lives. these videos from american traffic solutions show an intersection in arnold, missouri. >> if you notice the light is green, but the blue car right in the center of the screen started to slow down. the car next to that blue car stops completely and suddenly the driver and the passenger get out of the car and start charging off the blue car. they're waving their arms and trying to get the attention of the other drivers and turns out it was headed to a very steep drop off near the interstate. >> like an overpass? >> yep. so what these guys did is when they started running they got the attention of a pickup truck driver able to drive his truck in front of the blue car and stop it. it turns out that driver was having a seizure. she ended up being taken to the hospital and will be okay and the two people that were
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involved were apparently zachary green and christian martin. they don't want to be praised. they just to want say that they did what they should have done. >> how amazing they notices that and recognized the signs the driver was sitting behind the wheel and they saw it. >> this other video, the quick thinking of the driver with the dash cam is probably to thank for a big semi truck not running into this car because he sees it coming and he starts backing up and fortunately this big semi truck ends up curving out of the way and this guy is able to just drive away. talk about a close call. >> talk about a jackknifed truck, too. almost like two trucks. >> this silver car wasn't as lucky. he was punted off the road. >> that's a scary sight. we're used to seeing brawls at hockey games and usually they're on the ice, not normally between parents in the stands. this happened in ontario, canada. this game is a minor hockey game
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between the tweet hawks and the six nation hawks. the six nation hawk's parents are the visiting team and you see a group of people screaming and yelling to the other side of the rink and the three move off behind the camera to go confront parents on the other side of the ice. >> stop that. >> you see tensions start to grow up in the stands off to the right. the woman recording this gets into a better position and that's when you see things really get ugl people start puing andhoving knocked off their feet and ful on you will see punches fly. the guy in the white hat is swinging punch after punch after punch and landing and you see some guys trying to break this up and really not knowing what to do. when one guy reaches in to try to pull him off, he gets attacked by what's reported to be another six nations parent. that guy gets beat on the
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ground. >> stop. stop. oh, my god. >> get out of there. stay out of there. >> the video ends when you see that woman get into the face of the camera and reportedly she tried to steal this woman's camera, breaking the lens off. >> this is just stupid. it is embarrassing. these are grown adults with kids playing in the game. it is one thing if the kids are in a skirmish in the heat of the gale and whatever but come on. >> what kind of role models are the parents for the kids? it is just a game. >> no charges filed yet but police have seen the video and they are considering leveling charges against people involved in the fight. >> oh, my god. a beautiful day and the trail is wide, wide open. sort of. >> watch what joins in. >> see what happens when the trail gets suddenly crowded next. street signs lying out a rap tour.
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april fools' day is coming up and that means pankz. we're teaming up with matt drailgds to find great prank videos. >> all you have to do is upload the video on by using the my channel feature. >> and there is a chance you could be featured on our april fools' day show. on your snowmobile and nothing but snow and a clear trail. it is smooth. watch what joining him and the fellow snowmobilers on the little run through the woods. >> running from him. >> like three close and one far ahead and there could be four or five they're going so fast. >> like a race now? it is. it is like a horse race. one runs off and two run off and only left with two and will he catch up? looks like he is catching up and stops. it is over. this is over. >> that's a good day all around.
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have you the great trail, the great ride and all of a sudden you have deer running along with you for a while. >> they were probably just hanging out near the path or near the woods and heard the snowmobile coming and took off. meanwhile on the coast of corn wall and the u.k., a fisherman on a pier and getting stormy out. >> oh, my word. >> did you see that? >> did you see that? let's watch it again. that's poor fisherman was standing there and a rogue wave came and took him out. >> i can't believe he didn't see it coming at all. totally no reaction. >> i want to let you know lou smart that shot the video and gave his wonderful and expletive filled commentary says the fisherman was okay. >> [ bleep ]. did you see that? [ bleep ]. >> yes, we saw it, lou. >> i am glad the guy is all right and we can have a chuckle. >> poor guy ended up in pretty darn cold water. >> oh, my word.
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i have to say this is one of the coolest combinations between art and music we have seen. check out what jay shells is doing. >> a lot of rappers call it the block, when are you on a corner that's called out i think it is cool to know that. >> he is going to exact corners that a rapper in various rap songs making the street signs with the lyrics and posting them on those corners. >> get your pockets up ♪ >> show me the exact spot. >> pretty neat. it is so subtle because it blends in but if you are keen and you spot that, like, oh, yeah. >> the first one i thought big l, and it is a big park. >> he says he has been asked to
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take it down and puts it back up and realizes people may come by and steel them. >> i would take them. i am sure they will be taken. >> he is not doing this in graffiti or spray painting things. he is at least making a nice sign and paying homage to the artist and the neighborhood. >> if you're a hip hop fan, it is areat tour. you can walk the boroughs and the neighborhoods. >> just not after dark. ♪ ♪ this is an aerial ballet of the remote control airplane kind, the indoor national championships right here. put on by the british model flying association in collaboration with great britain radio control aerobatic association. flying a little electric airplane. you have to appreciate the type
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of control, precision, and memory this guy has because he is flying this thing to the beat of the music. >> whoa. >> matching the beat and everything. >> precision by definition. >> and he is remaining cool, calm and collected in front of this packed out. >> oh, my gosh. >> the whole routine set to the blue daniel by johann strauss. whether you appreciate the radio controlled planes or not, to do this indoors and in a confined space and keep it in the confines of the music, well done. >> yeah. leaving the green valley and heading to the snowy mountains for skiing. >> and they take a free flight over to the mountains with the pair gladers. >> that's crazy. >> see the journey to the other side. and left over pizza accidbo
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real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need for easter. we know you look around for the best deals, that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now a juicy smoked shank half ham is just 99 cents a pound. let's bake. safeway sugar is $1.97 for four pounds. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. what's the staple of easter. >> chocolate bunnies. >> the peep. >> everybody loves the peep. >> the guys at the official hungry youtube channel are teaching us how to make our own marshmallow angry bird peeps. >> i would play with my food and then eat it. >> just don't throw it at other people.
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>> or you could knock over an entire pile of peeps and throw the peeps at other peeps. >> you are making everything, even the marshmallow from scratch so you mix the gelatin with the water and boiling the sugar and when it is all ready to go you put it in the mixer and when you have the consistency you want which is a thick, white, marshmallow goopy greatness, you put the marshmallow in icing and you create the marshmallow blobs and once you do that you roll it and you roll it in the colored sugar. you great the feathers by adding tiny bits of marshmallow also rolled in the red sugar. you use licorice for the eyes. look at the final product. i think this is pretty sweet. >> delicious. >> and they're made at home which means they're made with love. >> i wouldn't have any left because i would be eating the batter. >> or you would have one angry bird peep. here you go, kids, share. >> all day in the kitchen making this one peep.
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the huge ski enthusist and you dream about helu skiing but it is expensive so antoine and a couple of his buddies decided they would take the cheap way to the mountain. >> they strap on the skis in the green valley where it is nice and warm in the spring and put on the para gliders and they take a free nature to the mountains with the para gliders and they get the gear on and put the skis on and it takes them three hours to fly across the valley to the peeks beyond so they can ski. >> that's crazy. >> it is amazing.
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>> honest question in three hours do you think they passed a sandwich, like a lunch? one of the quickest ways to get down is to speed fly. that's where they take a different parachute out of their big pack and a smaerd so they c the same time. >> to think we have gotten this good at all of these different sports we can't do just one at a time. we have to pair them up now. >> if you want to see the entire film son by solomon free ski tv, go to and and click on best of rtm. the most annoying alarm clock ever. >> my mom's voice? >> no. it is an app that makes you get up and get out of bed for
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there's a lot to love for a little sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. dwooid howard plays for the lakerss, nba all-star, giant guy, about to get punked by this dude. >> assistant principal and i am going to attempt a shot from 53 feet sitting down. >> the thing is back in 2010 dwight howard set the guinness world record for farthest basketball shot while sitting on the court, sitting down on his
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butt, dwight was 52 feet and 6 inches. this guy is about to go 53 feet. watch this. >> no way. >> he starts doing push ups for good measure. he calls it official. not official yet but he could be putting his name in the record books sometime soon. take that, dwooid howard. >> maybe if he pushes back a little bit he could drain a 55er. it is a good idea to recycle the pizza boxes. here is ten fun ways to recycle the pizza boxes but out by buzz feed. samurai costume. >> love it. >> that's a great idea. >> this is like pizza box origami. really fun creative ideas to use the pizza boxes, not just throw them in the trash. you can turn it into an easal, solar oven, another project for the summertime. >> and smart for the
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environment. >> and yummy, the pizza box has two goodies, smores and pizza. >> and you could use the box itself as a canvas to paint on and hang it on the wall. you have to make sure you didn't order like a really greasy pizza, you know, because then you have a gross box. super creative ways to use the pizza box. if you want to learn about how to do all the projects go to and click on best of rtm. you boys ready for me to blow your minds with technology? first bit of tech i have to show you is a robotic snake like device. you can have a surveillance camera on this. you perch it high up in a tree, places you can't normally get a camera easily and you could use this for surveillance. for spying. watch what else it can do. it also can crawl up a pole. >> they have been working on this snake robot for a while now and i have only ever seen it go across the ground. i haven't seen it climb like


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