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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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counties. >> it's a federal offense, $250,000 fine, 5 years in jail. we have a standing $15,000 reward. >> reporter: they were looking for things like >> check, >> reporter: they are facing an array of charges, burglary, passing counterfeit bills and mail theft. this is a great crime of opportunity. you can get a locking mailbox. >> reporter: at the very least, if you have suspicions that your mail was taken, officials want to hear from you. >> what you need, is the public to contact us if you think you've been a victim.
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>> reporter: you can file your complaints with him quickly online. in richmond people are investigating a midday shooting that left one dead and two wounding as they took part in a jogging program. a gun man opened fire just after 11 a.m. a participant says they were completing a test of stamina when someone drove up and opened fire. the victim, according to all, was trying to turn his life around. the two men wounded are expected to survived. an abandoned suv was found. >> more information on the richmond build program. it helps lowe income
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families with job builds. the public private partnership provides for jobs in construction. 80% of the trainees are able to find work in their field. san bruno police are searching for a man who robbed a chuck echeese around 3:30 yesterday and pulled out a hand gun and demanded money. the gun man grabbed the money and an out and got in a silver prius. a soldier from san jose was killed in afghanistan. today the department of defense announced the 24- year-old was one of three
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killed saturday when enemy forces attacked their vehicle with a car bomb. this was his second overseas deployment. also killed 25-year-old in chicago and an unidentified civilian worker. the taliban has claimed responsibility. tuberculocis testing ordered for about 200 students at an antioch high school. john is live at deer valley high school. >> reporter: the risk is potential disease. that happened after a student, we learned was a jr., here at deer valley high school got ill with tb. we learned a deer valley high school jr. fell ill with
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tuberculocis two weeks ago. there are some who had close contact with him. >> we have about 55 cases each year. >> reporter: doctors say case management rates the first half of the decade were okay but now they've remaining steady. >> the opportunity for people previously exposed to tuberculocis to develop the dis-- >> reporter: then pass it on. doctors say it's always cash-up. >> until we see an active case we can't stop the transmission. >> reporter: at deer valley high, the 209 students get a free blood test thursday here at school and a second test in two months.
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if results are positive they may test all the students. they want to treat before tb spreads. two bills aimed at makingcal trances more accessible. one bill creates an office of legal compliance and ethics to detect and prevent fraud waste and abuse. they report to the transportation department. the other sets standards for projects that exceed $1 million. commissioner's terminated the contract of henry alvarez. he was on paid medical leave since january. the commissioners are not
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require today release the cause of termination. he'll receive a maximum 6 months severance pay. the navy's blue angels have been grounded and the entire fleet week could be in jeopardy. the blue angels have become a victim of federal budget cuts. fleet week may be scrapped. a spokesperson says the blue angels will train to maintain flying proficiency. new at 6, hockey went to byron to talk to the stunt pilots who may get work because the blue angels were cancelled. >> reporter: patriots jet team
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is center stage. >> we're the only civilian jet team in the united states. >> reporter: it does air shows around the western us usually with the blue angels or thunderbirds. most of the pilots come from the military including dean will burglarized wright. >> when you land and put it together and cheated death, it's exhilarating. >> reporter: seeing it from the inside is different. i was lucky enough to fly with the patriots in one of these jets ten years ago. they took me all over the bay. >> tail slide is where the jet flies vertical, stops on the tail and flies backwards. >> reporter: the team may get a few more show dates but they don't want the bigger
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military teams out of the action. >> we need them to make it strong. >> reporter: because they're here in the bay air yfleet week is an important time on their calendar. >> we're here in the valley in northern california. we love flying at fleet week. >> reporter: they're hoping fleet week is not cancels all together. high school graduation rates are up across the california area. graduation rates rose last year from the year before. statewide the department of education say nearly 79% of students who started high school graduated with their class last year. the gap is closing. >> we've seen stronger gains for african americans and
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latinos. >> you can head to our website for more information. google chose austin texas to be the next city wired. it joins kansas city in being able to get google fiber. they expect homes to begin receiving it in austin in 2014. google and apple continue to lead the way when it comes to member bill app stores. they have a strong lead over microsoft windows and blackberry. apple is the largest share around 74%. google saw the greatest number of downloads. bay area lawmaker is pushing for a later last call at bars in
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california. state senator mark leno says extending the open time to 4:00 a.m. brings in more tourist and jobs. most bar owners are in favor of the move while law enforcement agencies are against it. a significant warm-up still in store. i'll tell you the parts of the bay area that reach 80 degrees. what they said to reassure community members in a meeting that ended. immigration reform in the bay area, coming up. nationwide s lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away.
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senator diane feinstein say as tentative deal was reached in the immigration reform bill. the deal revolved around the number of visas offered for agriculture workers. they're working to finalize the bill this week. in san jose this week, children born in the us spoke about their fears of being taken from their parents who are here illegally. >> i'm super scared they could take my mom to mexico. i don't want to get lonely here. >> today's event was organize today lead up to a massive rally of reform in washing don d.c. tomorrow. a plea bargain may be in
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the works for chief probation officer on child pornography charges. he pled guilty to two counts. the prosecutor told the judge she could accept a plea bargain on one count. richmond police say an officer fired his weapon after a suspected gang member drew a gun. they were on patrol around 1:45 this afternoon. that man drew a weapon and one of the detectives fired one shot. no one was hit and police arrest tornado suspect. police say this incident does not appear to be connected to the fatal shooting earlier today. concerned community members met to talk about the latest officer involved shooting today. david? >> reporter: not a big public
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turn out. chief sir called the meeting. the meeting here at cornerstone church came in response to the shooting barely a block away from the church here. this is the fourth officer involved shooting here this year. it happened early sunday morning. it happened here by the police station. the suspect brandished this daisy power lineups toll. an officeer rep responding to the scene fired three shots. two hit the suspect and one hit a by stand irrelevant. they're unable to determine the cause of the confrontation. >> we have not been able to determine if this is or is not gang related. we have not been able to
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interview the suspect with the firearm as hi is still sedated. >> reporter: the suspect is a 20-year-old man. the bystander is said to be from san francisco in his mid-20s, in stable condition. the officer who fired is on paid administrative lead during the investigation. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson a resport released today is causing controversy in the strawberry industry. the california department of pesticide regulation suggest that growers continue using fumigants. they're needed to keep the industry competitive. it's a $2.3 million business. after more than a hundred thousand gallons of crude
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seeped into the ocean last year, they say it will last one year. against chef ron has been dropped. firefighters contain add wind whipped fire that damaged two homes. we showed you live pictures here last night. the flames forced evacuations in fill more. it burned about 150 acres. maybe a downed power line started that fire. no wind advisories today. a really nice day. i have a nice picture behind me here. the bay, i want to point out something, when you get the big wind, you get the great visibility but notice how the
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bay has that brown, murky color on it. when the wind gets going it stirs up the sediments. you're going to notice mr. brown color in the water and it will be that way for a few days. that's the difference you see visually. what we have now is this lowe pressure center, it's on its way out of here. as it gets away from the high here, the winds slack. the winds have really backed off and we're seeing temperatures in the upper 70s. 71 in oakland, 76 in walnut creek. nice warm pattern out there and continuing to warm tomorrow. tomorrow, wednesday, the warm messaging day of the week. we could see some mid-80s. napa, fairfield, concord, lowe 80s for sure. as you go out and about
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tonight, temperatures in the lowe 60s, nice night for baseball. it's going to be breezy, jackets by sunset, down in the 50s easily. last night would've been tougher but not so tonight. 85 in napa, forecast highs for wednesday, 83 concord, 79 hayward. tree pollens are trending high. they'll be noticeable tomorrow t.wind stirred things up. the plants will blossom further. 83 in livermore, and more gan hill tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow is the warm messaging day of the week, significantly above average. tomorrow is noticeably warmer tomorrow than today. thursday is different, clouds linger around, temperatures a
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little lower, back up on friday. the headline here, no wind, warmer and no rain in the five day. we're dry for a while. >> 85 is warm. >> all right, thank you bill. those lingering strong winds made it tough on firefighters battleing a fire on mare gold drive. it started around 4:30 this morning and was contained at 10:00. near by homes were briefly evacuated as a precaution. no one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation tonight. coming up at 7 on tv36, we're following an event with children whose
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parents are undocumented. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. today it was a first for him. the sherpa is now a u.s. citizen. back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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a richmond man who scaled the world world's tallest mountain began a new adventure today as a u.s. citizen. there he is holding his flag. sherpa climbed mt. everest as a guide for years. he's currently working as a plumber. >> sliming definitely. that's in my blood. i love to do that. journalism, if i get a chance, i would love to do that. >> he was one of 1250 new citizens who took the oath today. >> it's a great story. okay, mark, what's going on with the sharks? >> i'm glad you asked julie because nobody knows.
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they're the weirdest tricky team. they started with 7 wins and now they're looking terrible. not playing one of the better teams here. thanks to comcast for lets us have this video. great flapper here. 2-0. two minutes later, looked with the puck, ryan johan senators over the shoulder, 4-0 in the third, sharks looking list less. this is the week where golf fans go crazy. it's something about the masters in august ta georgia. last year's win winner bubba johnson in his little outfit there. he's known as one of the
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joke sister out on the tour. he looked very serious today when he reflected on the green jacket and how he wrapped his son in it. >> it's one of the greatest clubs we have and one of the greatest tournaments. out of respect for them i didn't do any of my funny antiques i normally would do. >> brings out a lot of emotions like spring football at ohio state. look at the mascot. he'll get involved in it and but does pays for the over zealous line baker. that's not nice that.'s the mascot. happy to report but thus is all right however he'll probably refrain in the future.
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a's taking on anaheim tonight. we'll have full highlights tonight at 10. that's the sporting life now. note to mascots, stay off the field. >> mark thanks. santa claire city leaders are about to debate a new development near the stadium. big plans on the 10:00 news tonight. >> thank you for trusting us. we're always here for you. thanks for joining us.
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