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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 15, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. great videos are coming your way "right this minute." race fans are stunned to see a ferrari break into 1,000 little bits. the stunning wreck they all walked away from. a pelican struggles after -- >> it was tangled up in a fishing wire. >> how it was saved in a remarkable stroke of luck. you might consider them russian daredevils but now -- >> they're calling them roofers. >> what's behind the new breed of artists that risk it all for
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the shot. and something scary lurks in a dorm room. >> oh, on the thing up there. >> see what it was that had them screaming. >> not burly men. >> the city was a testament to how far modern race cars have come as far as safety is concerned. check out this horrifying video from this racing circuit in japan. this is part of the ferrari 458 challenge series. >> whoa. >> wow. >> what happened? >> the car vaporizes into 1,000 little bits. you see basically what's left is the safety cage of that race car. check it out from this angle from the stands. cell phone video. >> wow. >> reports say the driver was traveling at about 200 miles an hour when he hit it and if you notice again on the replay there was a corner marshal standing
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there right where the car impacted. that corner marshal was able to notice the car coming at the last minute and sprinted out of the way and only suffered minor injuries. >> where the heck is the driver? >> the driver is still inside the safety cage and believe it or not taken to the hospital in serious condition but pulled through his injuries and is going to be okay. >> you look at the wreckage and think where could a person be. >> and shows how good the equipment is. even though it was a horrific crash obviously they did their job in keeping his safety and he survived. late at night, and you see two men sort of walking very slowly into the frame. their heads are down. they're wearing hoodies. their cases are covered. >> all in black. suspicious.
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creeping around. what are they up to? >> these are thieves going to attempt to rob this store, and as soon as they get in through the door, you immediately see the assailants bring out knives and start pointing them at clerks behind the counter and immediately -- >> you saw the clerk hit the emergency button underneath the counter right away. >> it wasn't that but on that saved the day. keep watching. as they're demanding money this one in the green shirt reaches over and grabs a hammer hanging from the counter and this the knife against the hammer. who will win. >> i want to see the stripe shirt guy. >> he swings at the first and misses and swings at the second one and his knife goes flying and as he goes over to retrieve it the other guy grabs the tool, raises it up and throws it at them and at that point they realize i think we'll lose this fight, let's run and get out thereof. >> they come in with knives and
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go -- point them and these two are like what do you want? i got a hammer. like the laziest crooks you could ever see. the clerk later comes out and police are looking for them. a couple of animal encounters to tell you about. we start in denmark. a fishing vessel on the sea and they encounter something bigger than they can take home. that would orca. >> i think they're curious, too. they to want see what's in the boat. like you got any fish in there and disappointed because they swam away here and it was just human. >> petng this second video took place in stewart, florida. what you see is a pelican
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spotted by matthew and his dad, a retired veterinarian. this pelican was tangled up in a fishing wire. it is just his luck a retired veterinarian and his son happen to be on the beach and willing to rescue him. >> we spot the pelican. he has a line on him. >> there is the doctor looking for where the string is attached and trying to figure out if there are any hooks on him. he is giving him an exam. checking the wings. this dude is a retired vet. his training never left him. >> he is obviously passionate about animals. he was a vet because he loves what he did and he is still doing it in retirement, saving animals' lives. >> there is something around the ankle there. >> he is released back into the water to go fly off with his friends. >> and he looks happy because he is finally able to spread the wings again.
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there are all kinds of videos on the internet of russian youngsters climbing up dangerously high structures. >> yeah. >> now a footwear company is capitalizing on that. this is a video put together by hub footwear, a european athletic wear cool shoe company. this elaborate video is also a vice production. >> a little more information if you will about some of these russian daredevils. they're calling them roofers, and in this particular video we have two roofers climb some pretty incredible buildings. >> the reason hub footwear got in on this, they decided to make this more about the awesome images that these guys get. >> i thought they were going to start building shoes with parachutes built in or suction cups or antigravity shoes. >> no. it is because they're urban shoes they market because you can't get more urban than
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marketing shoes climb being buildings. look at some of the shots they get. >> did they just stand on the edge of the crib when they were kids? >> a shot on top of the crane and you see the buildings and the snow below and a perfect shot of the shoes. did you see that? he is like on a building block except it is hundreds of feet in the air. >> it is like a bear balancing on a ball at the circus. >> not to mention it is cold and windy and there is snow and ice. i don't know why i feel like you would lose your balance when you put the camera up to your eye. standing on that little ledge and then going like that? i don't know. kudos to them. >> unreal. >> kind of cool. a skier hits the slopes no-holds-barred. >> the ending is the best part of this. >> the final stunt he pulls sounds the sirens. >> whoa! and trick on a plane. >> why can't i ever sit next to
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a guy like this? >>
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as far as wild and crazy ski runs go, this one definitely top of the mountain. >> this is from the quick silver youtube channel. he is a french pro skier and his buddy is out there. he has the red pants on. our camera is attached and while they get started they go all over the place. watch this. even weaving between people on the bunny slope cliff. super dangerous, treating the people like they're the slalom poles and continue to fly down the mountain. crazy speeds. going over jumps i don't know if they are jumps or just hills. watch this. guy just does a helicopter spin in the air and he has performed in the x games. this looks like an x games type run. >> is this intentional? it almost feels like i am
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watching someone that doesn't know how to ski and is out of control going down the hill. >> the speeds look like they're out of control. they definitely in control. the ending is the best part of this run. wait until you see it. >> oh, whoa. >> back flip over the police. >> hello, officer. >> and officer did have a little objection to that. you will be able to see why. >> no more snow. he can't keep going. >> he pops off the skis and you can hear him running with the boots. yeah. officer just cuts him off. that is why the video is called one of those days. while i am still trying to figure out how to shuffle a deck of cards there are cats that can do this. by cats i mean really cool >> what is he even doing?
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>> why can't i sit next to a guy like this on a plane who is entertaining ? >> that is my girlfriend sitting next to him, saw him, and she started recording because obviously the guy is amazing. looks like butterflies. >> it looked like one of the cards was on a string like it bounced from one hand to the other. >> check this out. >> what? >> holy cow. >> it is like crazy dexterity in your fingers and hands. that's crazy. who is this guy? does he do this for a living or is it a hobby? >> it started out as a hobby. this is andre, one of the founding fathers of what is now known as card-istry. he has a website where he and other cardists teach people how to learn these amazing tricks. >> how long did it take you to practice to get to this level? >> probably 12 years. >> it is not something you can
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do casually. >> you can tell that it is cool and everybody is trying to pay attention on the plane. look in the background. everybody is like, yeah, what are they doing over there? do you want to sit next to me? >> i would teach him to play 52 pick up. i am good at that one. oh, my gosh. >> daniel craig, one of the hottest men on the planet, has been replaced by a lego. >> is that something james bond would do? >> totally. >> more like "charlie's angels." >> whatever. >> as we see in this shot by shot imitation of the opening of casino royal. >> and the whole scene is built in legos. >> the whole thing is done in legos. i have to say i am pretty impressed by how well they did it. >> it takes two. >> think about it. they have this bathroom
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replicated. >> you have to probably own like every possible lego piece in order to make this. >> what i am amazed at, they got these guys fighting which to me was the most incredible part of the whole thing. >> this was done by brick look at the one scene where you have bond drowning a guy in the sink. they do it here, but instead of water they use plastic rings of some sort. >> it is like the single lego pieces. >> they're clear but amazing how they do that. everything is lego. everything. looks like a typical 5-year-old, right? wait until you see what this small wonder can do. >> is she an amazon or wonder woman? >> next "right this minute," and still to come, a man slices a loaf and finds -- >> something not bread like inside that loaf of bread. >> what it is and the controversy over how it got there. plus, there is more to this
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arm wrestle than flexed muscles. >> what do you think is going to happen here? [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] it is time for best of rtm. that means a bonus video you can find on our website. steven has this. >> yeah. what would do you if this happened to you? roman and his buddy justin are back for another prank and this time it is girls and they're making out with them and bumping into people. >> hello, excuse
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drugs or something? >> lots of people take it the wrong way. >> get a room. >> check this video out and click on best of rtm. >> or check it out on our mobile app. >> here is an interesting video going viral. this was found on buzz feed and the original description said bought this loaf at the bakery and found something inside. he is chipping away at the bread and soon reveals a bottle. bakee of this loaf of bread. >> i think he thought he was getting beer bread and somebody didn't know the recipe. >> budweiser, it is. >> the king of beers. >> we did more tracing and tracking and we believe we found the original video which is the same video but has a slightly different description underneath. it is there is a bakery, the place i buy fresh bread and i guess last night there was a party because i heard people
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laughing and singing all night and when morning came i went for my fresh loaf of bread and didn't know there would be a surprise in my bread. that leads me to believe this could be fake. >> he made it himself. >> i don't care how crazy the party was at the bakery the night before, bakeries not known for the crazy parties. >> the pastry chefs i don't know don't have to party. >> if you are the chef putting this in the oven you would notice a bottle in the dough. kitty hates the t-shirt. sam putting it on. come on, sam. >> all right, sam. >> sam, come on. you can walk. sam. really? sam. sam, your legs work. come on.
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[ laughter ] leslie, you're worse than the cat. >> sam, you can do it. we all know dorm rooms can have all kinds of crazy things in them. i bet you not often do you find a bat. >> a baseball bat? >> oh, no, i am talking a bat bat. >> whoa. >> somehow it managed to get itself into this dorm room. >> at vanderbilt university in nashville, tennessee, and this is chris fitzgerald trying to get the bat out. >> come on. >> able to get it out of the light fixture and this is hanging on the sprinkler. >> it is kind of funny to see these big strong men because
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even members of the football team come to try to help and end up run ago way. >> not big burly men. >> go in with a couple of oven mitts and carry it out. >> that could be dangerous. >> should have called beth troutman apparently, the bat whisperer. >> finally, one guy decides to take a broom and he is going to take a swing at it. >> get it. >> let me do it. >> get it. >> it does look bad but the bat was okay. >> oh, my. >> finally. >> go right under. >> they grab a recycling bin and carefully trap it between what is the ceiling tiles and the recycle bin. >> now they're using their college education. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> eventually got their man card back. >> running through the dorms screaming and yelling, i would have been a little nervous about posting this video online. >> what? >> they do release it and it
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flew away and they said the bat looked fine, just a little shaken up from the experience. >> it flew out. hitting the trails to show off the skills. >> the guy is good. >> looks like he found this in the woods. >> see his trip on "right this minute ♪
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[ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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[ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. dog has for a long time been man's best friend.
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i think dog's best friend might actually be something else. this video features basically three characters. we have ivy. we've got ginny and who i think hose. >> oh. >> this group of three buddies are about to have the best time of their lives. watch thi vide ins backyard. ivy, ginny, the hose. they got slow motion of these dogs coming up and trying to bite at the stream of water. how easy is it to go in the backyard and squirt the garden hose around a bunch and you don't have to take it for a walk. maybe the hose is like the mortal enemy. if you look at their faces they're fierce and trying to bite the stream of water. you can't bite the stream of water. what we've got are two women competing in the european arm
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wrestling championship in lithuania. >> who knew there was such a thing? who knew it would be strangely sexy? >> what do you think is going to happen here? >> the sexy surprise. >> yeah. >> a, an arm is going to break? b, a wrist is going to break? c, they will start making out, or, d, none of the above. >> i was going to suggest c. >> i will go none of the above. >> my feelings have completely changed. >> i thought it was going to be sexy. it is scary. terrifying. >> how is the girl on the left able to use her leg? she put her leg up. >> shouldn't be able to do that. >> and the screaming. think about the energy you are exerting to scream like a possessed person. her eyes look like they will pop out of her head. >> the screaming inspires blondie over here to also start screaming. ultimately the blonde girl won.
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>> you were right. none of the above. >> yay. cat scared of banana peel. this is simply one of those good looking crazy videos. that's it. it really is nothing more to say about tearing through the woods in the united kingdom. the guy is good.
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the videographer says it took two days of shooting and a few days to put the thing together in about a week and fun to watch him use his skill to the limit. >> i like that he wore his brightest colors because like he was really sticking out because it is like all brown. >> how do you not just once handle bars right into the tree. >> i think after you hit the first tree you tend to learn to not hit them again. >> yeah. >> that's it for rtm. thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you next time. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. we have all the great videos you have been looking for "right this minute." kick my door down. >> get on the ground. >> you kicked my door down. >> cops bust into a california home. >> they come in with a taser drawn. >> see what brought them there and how things took a turn for the disturbing. >> you are assaulting her. >> a dash cam captures a father telling his daughter -- >> what to do in an accident. >> the advice that came not a moment too soon.


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