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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  June 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> joe: "baseball night in america" on fox presented by ace hardware. we're in the ton p of the seventh inning. this is buchholz before he left, trying to stretch out that right arm. he't canget through the seventh, and if we get any word as to what's wrong with the boston starter, we will pass it on. breslow takes over. he's been a nice find in the bull pen for john farrell and pitching coach juan nieves. this is his 15th game. he is on to try to do something with trout coming up. next saturday on "baseball night in america" these angels will be at home to take on the yankees. the a's host the marine mariners, tigers/twins, white sox/astros. baseball night in america presented by ace hardware begins
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next saturday at 7:00 eastern only on fox. breslow has as long as he needs to get loose. he was up in the bull pen prior to whatever drove buchholz out of this game. but because it was an injury, breslow has as long as he needs. i'm sure john farrell is wondering how significant that injury is, if it's an injury at all, with clay buchholz. we'll just have to wait and find out. angels fans tune in to fox sports west tomorrow for the final game of this series, coverage starts 10:00 a.m. pacific. it will be joe blanton and ryan dempster, two right-handers. dempster going for his second straight win. he and the red sox took apart the rangers the last time he made a start. joe blanton good against the astros but not good enough. he's 1-9 to start the
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season. >> tim: dempster in his perfectly comedic way said, i'll take 17 runs anytime i go out there. >> joe: in that game, jackie braddedly jr. hit his first major league home run. i's been sent out, much better this time around from a guy who takes a big cut, looks like he's going to be a good major league player. but sent out as victorino was activated off the dl today. pitch to trout is a ball. he is 1 for 3. now dealing with the left-hand eer breslow. bull pen still has at that zou wa up for the boston red sox. there's a strike. >> tim: that's why if farrell brings in ta zou wa, we have a left-hitting hamilton on deck. when you think about it, breslow is out there for two hitters, mike trout and josh
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hamilton. joe that's probably more of a function of the five-run lead than -- >> tim: right. right. >> joe: that's out of play. tighter game, it would be ka zou wa now and breslow waiting for hamilton but with a little room not wanting at the back end of a day/night doubleheader to rip through his bull pen up by five. he goes to the left-hander. franklin morales a left-hander in game one for the red sox, 30 pitches out of the pen. clayton mortensen, miller 23. those guys probably not available. count still 1-2. managers are always a little leery to tell us who they definitely won't use in a ball game because we start talking about it, clubhouses hear it, and it becomes part of
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strategy. >> tim: filters down to the bull pen. >> joe: filters into the dugout. 1-2 is the count on trout. 7-2 boston leading. after losing earlier today 9-5 in the first half of this day/night. doubleheader. and now breslow steps off as his hcatcher ross calls for time. one ball, two strikes trout grounds to iglesias. gets rid of it in a flick. a hit in the inning. bigger news, buchholz had to leave. time to stretch at fenway, red sox up by five. the biggest number you can think of? a trillion billion zillion! that's pretty big. how bout you? 10.
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telecast is presented by ace, where getting help is just like going to your neighbor. and sponsored by chevrolet, find new roads. daniel nava steps in, and it's our just for men auto stop foolproof stat. nava and where he ranks among switch-hitters across baseball this year, his on-base percentage the best, his average fourth, runs scored. this, by the way, the boston team that leads baseball in runs scored. and nava's been a very important piece, hit well, had a good on-base percentage in that leadoff spot, jacoby ellsbury not playing in this second game of this doubleheader missed five games with that
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strained groin. red sox won two of three in new york and then came home and won two out of three against texas. hoping to split the first two games of this series, with dempster going attorney. that's strike two from williams. >> tim: everybody knows the story of daniel nava, who was a manager his first two years in chico, i believe, chico state. >> joe: you're not talking about the manager who makes the decisions. >> tim: no. the managers that handles the wet stuff and undergarments. so he's gone from washing the under gs garments of a college team to wearing the undergarments of a major league team. i don't know how to sum it up, this guy is -- we talked about it -- an inspiration. my gosh! from where he's come to what he's done is just remark abablremar
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>> joe: and now is turning into or has turned into one of the tougher outs in the american league. >> tim: yeah. talked about base running his improved. at the age of 30. >> joe: with one out, here's a strike to david ross. david catching tonight after saltalamacchia went in game one. the 0-1 from williams. that drills the outside corner. 0-2. ken rosenthal provides us with notes, things he wants to talk about during the course of a telecast. and one of them is about the surprising sloppy play of the angels, not something you expect from a mike scioscia-managed ball
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club. we saw it in this game along with trumbo forgetting how many outs there were at the end of the sixth. starting to throw it around the horn on out number three. made an error in that inning. might have still been on his mind, but no excuse, as ross hits one in the air to right center field. trout a long way to go, hauls in out number two, and ken rosenth rosenthal, you put it well in your notes, but tell the folks about mike scioscia and what he typically gets out of his ball cl club. >> ken: well, we know these teams of mike scioscia to have great attention to detail, mastery of those little things. you see the rankings, defensive efficiency not fewest errors, this week against the cubs on the offensive side they had back-to-back games in which they had a runner picked off first by the catcher. again, not normally what you would see from a mike scioscia
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team. >> joe: you see the rankings this season, defensive efficiency and some of the stats that don't get talked about as much as the others, as stephen drew lines a base hit into right center field and the seventh inning lives on. we saw trout, as you look at the other ones, outs on bases, stolen base percentage down. ken, we just saw mike trout go get that ball in one of the bigger parts of this outfield at fenway park. when the angels are in baltimore monday, what is the plan with regard to who plays where defense itchly? >> ken: the plan is for trout to go back to left. this has people talking because of course trout is the center of this franchise right now. he is the best player on the team. and i was talking to some players reesz ently, joe, and they say -- i'm interested
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to hear tim's thought on this -- you don't move the best player for a guy who is a lesser player, even if he's a slightly better defender. trout is most comfortable in center and ultimately he most likely will be in center, but scioscia just says not yet. >> joe: here is a strike to iglesias, with a count 1-1. >> tim: well, initially, ken, i would say that mike trout is a better defender than bore jess. he's not quite as fast. he has a better arm. i think he gets a better borges is a very, very good defensive player, but the guy on the left of your screen is the center fielder for the angels in my view. >> joe: the interesting part, you saw the numbers when kenny was talking, whether it's by coincidence or not, when mike trout has been in the lineup as center fielder he's hit .318, as a left fielder .247. now, some of that has come because it's been more recently as trout has settled in and borges has been on the dl working his way
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back from a bad hamstring. but the numbers are better with him in center. runner goes on a line drive base hit into right. drew will ended up at third base as iglesias is 2 for 4 here in the night cap. and we said itst saturday. we'll say it again on june 8th. i just don't see how there's any way jose iglesiass goes back to traip el triple-a. >> tim: there's no way he goes back to triple-a. >> joe: we say that with will middlebrooks back in the next couple of days. >> tim: the biggest question is, do you give him the job at shortstop, or do you play that triangle of middlebrooks/iglesia middlebrooks/iglesias/ drew and play the best hand. will middlebrooks, in fair alness was hitting .201 when he went down. as john farrell honestly said, he's going to have to get his stroke back first. that's something you just can't accept as a
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given. >> joe: here's victorino. line drive foul. off the tarp and into the seats, strike one. >> tim: it will be interesting to see that development, however. there is no question in my mind after seeing jose iglesias the early part of this season and what he's done, how he's handled the bat, what he can do on the left side of the infield either at third or at short, he deserves that everyday job at shortstop, in my view. and that has nothing to do with stephen drew. i think stephen drew is a proven winner. he was in arizona. he did the second half of the season in oakland ralast year. he's a good player and a winning player. but, as john farrell says himself, the guy leading off the first base in your picture is the magician with the glove. >> joe: here's the 1-1. down and in.
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victorino over the top of it, 1-2. >> joe: meanwhile, drew defensively has made only one error and is a very good defensive shortstop. >> tim: he's a good player, no question. not an easy decision. kind of kidding john saying, what a good decision that is. you've got three players like that for two positions? it's almost they can't go wrong, unless they go wrong and in beantown they like their sox. >> joe: well, john said internal competition is good for this club. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: that tells me iglesias isn't going back. >> tim: no. >> joe: because
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internal competition doesn't happen with iglesias playing in pawtucket. >> tim: that's right. >> joe: first and third, two out. the 1-2 pitch, runner at first goes. they pitch out, throw down, no good. and the stolen base for iglesias makes it second and third with two out. >> tim: i think john farrell was trying to steal a run there. the pitchout, conger, almost in fair territory on that pitchout. but iglesias just too big a jump. in there easily. >> joe: i think conger was throwing with part of his concentration over on third base. >> tim: yeah, right. that's what usually happens, concerned about that runner at third. >> joe: now a hit could mean two. it's victorino with a 2-2 count. out in front again.
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>> joe: victorino has had some good swings tonight. here's the 2-2. outside, full count. the word on clay buchholz is he left the game with neck tightness, mentioned that he had an issue with the ac joint in his right collarbone area. don't know if that's related, but that's why he left. here is the 3-2. another foul. and you wonder if the neck tightened up as
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the game progressed after this play, which he ended up right there rolling over. then he got that line drive back off his left hand. but you wonder if it was that play back in the fourth inning that is what led to that neck stiffness. >> tim: yeah. could have been either one or a combination of the two. >> joe: second and third, two out, another 3-2. little cue shot, trumbo feeds williams, and the inning is over. red sox have stranded nine, have scored seven, lead by five after seven at fenway.
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>> joe: breslow came on to finish the top of the seventh. he goes back to work in a 7-2 game. josh hamilton first up be, 1 for 3, a leadoff double, run scored in the sixth. then pujols. that squirter is foul. hamilton looks out and sees that ship with only iglesias playing at the spot he normally likes to play, short zops. but as a third baseman, stephen drew on the other side of the bag, the usual short stop and pedroia tucked into shallow right. that's right where he hit it's. what a play, and got him! long, long, long throw for pedroia, and he got it to the bag and napoli just ahead of josh hamilton. >> tim: it wasn't unusual that pedroia got to the ball, but how he had something
7:23 pm
on it on the throw to short-hop, on the first year of a five-year big contract, i do not want players divie ini bases headfirst. i don't want players diving into bases. they teach those at the minor leagues almost universally. before you dive into those bases and how many times we've seen fingers broken, cut. >> joe: that's what got pedroia. >> tim: yeah, right. >> joe: season opener at yankee stadium. dustin pedroia threw across his body. now albert pujols flies to center. and that's two quick outs. >> tim: watch the shortstop, stephen drew. he ducks on the play. he didn't notice that at first until we were alerted by the guys in the truck.
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j.d. drew did his part. >> joe: if we get a chance, we're going to let ken rosenthal -- >> tim: stephen drew, not j.d. i was thinking of the former red sox, cardinal great. >> joe: if we get the opportunity, we will lk about the impact of albert pujols signing with the angels and then the succession of events that followed in st. louis what the cardinals turned that loss into. it really became an opportunity, and ken rosenthal will go through it. may not have time here in the top of the eighth. two quick strikes on trumbo, who has a sac fly, 0 for 2, 43 rbis on the season, top ten total in the american league for mark.
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>> tim: harvard business school would be proud of the cardinals for money management. >> joe: that's right. here's the 0-2. and somehow ross failed to get a glove on that pitch, went over his head. 1-2. >> tim: home plate umpire marvin hudson sz glad he was ducked down behind the catcher ross. >> joe: so trumbo gets bo back in. in the top of the eighth, he watches that one miss the strike zone. it's 2 h-2-2. breslow has retired all three hitters he's faced.
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fly ball into right. nava back a few. and we go into the bottom of the eighth. breslow's done his job. so have the red sox hitters. they lead it 7-2 after 7 1/2. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines,
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now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. joe today. to the dodge dart. dodge, new rules. bottom of the eighth inning rolls in, 7-2, red sox on top. jonny gomes is first up. jonny stands in 2 for 4. a guy who from 2003 through last year hit .284 against left-handed pitching, a big reason why he was brought to the red sox, started today
7:29 pm
hitting .206 against left-handed pitching. went 2 for 3 against c.j. wilson, a left-hander of the angels who went 5, allowed four runs on eight hits. the 0-1, popped up right side. kendrick. one out. so even though albert pujols is the dh and not on the field for the angels, we can check in with ken rosenthal and talk about the domino effect it happened for the cardinals when they let pujols walk away and end up in california prior to last year. >> ken: joe, i don't know if anyone imagined this way, but the loss of pujols is the gift that keeps on giving. you start with the signing of carlos belt ran, then they put allen craig at first base. then they give extensions to craig, yadier molina and adam wainwright and to top it all off, with the
7:30 pm
compensation pick they got for losing pujols as a free agent, they drafted michael waka, one of the game's great pitching prospects. really for the card nalz, as tim said, an "a" for business management from harvard. >> joe: beyond that, you know this as well as i do, most within the cardinal organization and i would say even the fan base in st. louis, once the deal was made between the angels and albert pujols, for a ten-year $240 million contract, that's out of the cardinals price range. >> tim: the fans knew it. >> joe: the fans knew it. there was not panic in the streets. they were -- >> tim: they were happy for albert. >> joe: is that fair to say? >>. >> tim: that is fair to say. and a lot of people also in st. louis and elsewhere realized that a ten-year deal for a player in his early 30s was not necessarily a wise move. and here


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