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tv   France 24 News  FOX  July 1, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i'd just like to say i'm really deeply disappointed that it's come to this. >> bart is on strike and 400,000 commuters need to find another way to get to work. we have team coverage ahead. and what are the roads going to look like? i think it will be a big mess. we will let you know what is going on in the commute. we are live in oakland where the contract deadline for ac transit workers has expired. we'll let you know how that
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will effect bus rides today. good morning. welcome to monday morning first day of july i'm pam cook. we are on early because we want to get to breaking news right away. we begin woman bart workers -- begin with bart workers on strike. first bart strike since 1997. that means 400,000 bart riders need to find another way to get to work or activities. alex savidge begins our team coverage from lake merit station in oakland. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. bart workers have hit the picket lines this morning. i want to show you some. they have all the entrances to the station covered. this will be a common sight at bart stations across the bay area. commuters will have to find another way to get to work. service shut down this morning. nearly 2400 bart employees now
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on strike. that includes train operators, station maintenance. talks broke down about 8:30 last night. bart management and the two unions couldn't reach an agreement. along with picket lines i'm told there will be picket lines outside of bart's work yard in cities like daly city and richmond and concord later this morning. we talked with a bart technician. one of the people out here on the picket lines who tells me he feels bad for the riding public being dragged into this labor dispute but they had no other choice. >> this is not a decision i take lightly at all. this is serious business. we're sorry that it has to come to this. but that is the way it is. >> it doesn't do any good when you leave the table early. >> reporter: now for their part
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bart officials say their latest proposal was for a 2% annual raise and reduced contributions to health care and pensions. i reached out to a bart spokesperson this morning and have not heard back. they are at this point are no new talks scheduled for later on today. meaning if you have to get to work today you want to find an alternative other than bart. bart will have buses run into the city but they can only accommodate about 2,000 to 4,000 people. >> very important person for us today is sal who will be keeps an eye on the roads. what can we expect later on? i know it's a holiday week. that is a little good news. >> that will help us out. we would usually start a little lighter commute. monday we are expecting a pretty full commute. we will take a look at east shore freeway right now and
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show you that traffic is pretty light. if you are thinking about getting on the road in the next hour or so, you should be fine. usually what we have seen last time this happened a long time sag people get on the road early. they hear about it. most people probably already know about it. the commute tends to be stretched out. on a normal commute day we have a big backup. this morning i think it will be widened out. let's go to the toll plaza. certainly there are a lot of people there for this time of morning. most of the time you don't see anyone. we'll see what happens. it might be a steady and slow commute this morning. at 4:04 let's go back to the desk. transportation officials say between 60 and 100,000 extra cars are expected to be on the road this morning to ease some of the congestion the transportation commission is asking people to car pool. also to help out bart is offering free parking for car
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poolers. bart has parking lots at 33 stations. all of them will be open. however the elevators will not be working. the bart is offering charter buses. now the buses will be able to transport about 2,000 to 4,000 people between the east bay in san francisco. fending of course on -- depending on the traffic. the buses will operate from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.. passengers will receive a round trip ticket in the morning at the four participating bus stations. tickets will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. boarding for afternoon that will be at howard street between fremont and bill. you will need to show your round trip ticket in order to
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board. passengers do need either a ticket or clipper card to board. tickets will not be sold on the ferry. departures begin at 6:00 this morning. they end at 8:45 at night. sam tran and cal train passengers should expect delays. probably extra people boarding there. both agencies say the ability to provide exfederal service is effected by limited staff. now we do have a bit of good news for commuters this morning. ac transit buss will be operating as usual today.
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contract negotiations almost threaten to disrupt service there. tara moriarty is in oakland to talk about the status of those talks. >> reporter: buss will be pulling out of the ac transit hubs and they will head to various bart stations. in order to help ease the construction we are seeing because of the bart strike. definitely ac transit work earns having issues of their own. talks between the two sides are still ongoing. they are keeping the buses rolling. they sort of agreed to dis agree. ac transit says it's grateful the bus operators and mechanics did knotwork out. ac transit says there are
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140,000 we will head out to the bus stop and let you know how long the wait is looking. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. en it was a lot of traffic. it was a night hear degree that six-day strike. now it ever however good point to point out this is july not september. and there are fewer commuters during the summer months. now for the very latest information on the bart strike including what you need to know about any of the alter not routes, services to get to work. you can go to our ktvu home page and click on our bart strike tab. 4:08 is the time right now.
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happening today nearly 2500 oakland city employees are expected to walk off the job for a one-day strike right in front of city hall. friday union representatives met with mayor jean quan. labor groups say they are asking for a cost of living increase to make up for pay cuts. but the mayor's offer to continue negotiations over the weekend were declined. also new this morning two people were detained after shots were fired. at this point it does not appear anyone was hurt. alameda sheriffs deputies responded to 14th and broadway. shell casing was found on the ground nearby but so far no word of any victims.
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thank you, pamela. yes, i will tell you there is some fog on the coast. and there is a decent little sea breeze. there is a decent breeze for some. it's a west wind. even tropical moisture is begin beginning to ramp back around. some of the lows are extremely -- this there is fog starting to work its way up. very warm temperatures through midweek. highs the problem here is one forecast tomorrow is unbelievably hot. the other is 20 degrees cooler. i haven't seen something like that in ironing time. today there are signs a cooler pattern. on shore breeze cooler today. there is a a little puff of -- southwest -- it wouldn't take much. so fog, sun, cool for some.
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hot for others. fog near the coast, patchy. it could be hot. temperatures could go anywhere from the 10:s to near 100. tomorrow is the key day. we could rock it up. i have never seen a 20-degree spread. otherwise you have temperatures that will be hot inland. it does look cooler toward thed end -- herb. i >> ever i want to show you some of these becometures here -- if you go in the next half hour you will see a ramp up. it will not be a wall of traffic. we will see people getting on the road early. a lot of people remember someone just pointed out to me at 97 we didn't have a lot of telecommuting options for
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situations like this. and pam you mentioned earlier this was a holiday weekend. some people may have the option of ever. hopefully a lot of people took the week off. that will be a little easier on the commute. it is the news that bart is on strike. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high- rise. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. our breaking news this morning the bay areas 400,000 bart riders need to find another way to work today. that is because bart workers on strike. the entire transit system shut down since 1997.
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talks between the two sides came to an abrupt end last night hours before the midnight deadline when bart workers walked out of the negotiations. at this point no new talks are scheduled. we are on early to help you navigate your commute this morning. stay with us for complete team conch. right now we want to go to sal who is talking with chp this morning. sal. good morning, pam. we have sergeant day on the phone with us. sergeant, first of all, good morning. actually we may have just lost the phone call. so we will try to reestablish that. let's go to lye pictures -- live pictures and show what we are looking at here. it looks pretty okay here. there are a lot of people out there for a monday morning this early. westbound 80 traffic does look good. if you are sitting at home and thinking i have to drive.
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or very soon. see it's nice and empty at the bay bridge. if you are going to go soon, i think you will find plenty of room for now. the time is 4:16. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning, everyone. some higher clouds drifting in here. and there is no doubt about it a westerly breeze some of the higher elevations. the problem here the challenges there are two forecast models that are far apart. one is believably hot and one says no, we will cool down. right now a little bit of fog. a little south wind. so we will see. there is still some very warm temperatures. for enough inland it will still
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be hot. i see projections of 110. that is unbelievable to see something that -- so one will win out. right now the cooler weather is going to win out. right now there will be a 40- degree spread. inland temps will still be hot. and also some of the tropical clouds coming in. fog for some. it will be sunny. cool to mild to warm to hot. depending on your location. 60s and 70s and 80s. 100th pam, take it, please. time is 4:18. hopefully we are trying to get ahold of chp officer with sal. i'm not sure -- do we have her
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back on the phone? >> i think we do. we will bring in sergeant diana. are you with us? >> i am. >> good morning, to you sergeant. i wanted to ask you a couple questions. earlier in the weekend i saw one of the chp officers tweet they will have more staffing because of this strike. in other words more officers out there helping out. do you know if that is true? >> yes. there will be an increase of patrols. >> as you watch the union picketers put together the picket signs. this is a long strike if this goes on for awhile what do you expect for the roads? do you think -- this is a holiday week. do you think eventually people will have to drive or will we have a lot of gridlock on the roads? >> you know in the beginning times there always is. it seems like this is a little bit of a confusion that begins prior to an event like this.
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definitely the getting the word out. car pooling. doing thicks that may help you communicate from home. >> sergeant as the chp officer when something like this happens, is there anything what the officers look for when they are patrolling? anything they -- is there there something your officers are trained to for. but you have to understand too our primary function along with the hov ask to keep traffic move examining and that is what we understand is that the hov lane is a great opportunity to have people working together insuring they are moving through traffic. >> one last question before i let you go. is this similar to one of the periods over the l holiday
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weekend that they coo could let go. >> the officers that are available that they are out there and they are of course along the key corridors. where traffic is prodominant. >> chp officer diana thank you for joining us. it's 4:21 let's go back to pam. we continue with our big story today. bart workers have begun a strike that is expected to paralyze the bay area commute. when we come back we will continue our team coverage of this bad monday morning for local commuters.
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it is 4:23 this morning. we are on early this morning to cover this breaking news. the first bart strike since 1997 is now under way. here's a live look this morning at the ferry terminal. expected to be this is in oakland. expected to be busier today as people take the ferries to work today instead. there will be extra ferries from oakland into san francisco. and back. union worker assonanced they are walking off the job. the entire bart system shut
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down. talks between the two sides came to an abrupt end. hours before that midnight deadline. at this point no new talks are scheduled. the union workers walked out of the negotiations. stay with us for continuing coverage. without the bart strike as many as 60 to 100 extra cars will be on the road. to help out bart is offering free parking at all of its 33 stations. katie utehs is in walnut creek with how some drivers are reacting. >> reporter: it's monday morning and people still have to get to work. i spoke to one woman from clayton who said she got up at 1:30. you can see the line that is forming here for the charter buses to take it from the walnut creek location. by 4:00 a handful of people had already arrived. as you can see the gates to the station are locked but bart is opening up its 33 parking lots for people to car pool or juice the bus. people we spoke with are trying
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to beat the crowds for the buses. because according to bart they will only be able to haul between 2,000 to 4,000 people. not nearly the capacity that bart normally hauls. riders are preparing for what could be a long day. >> yes. walking shoes. just to be comfortable. because you never know what the day will bring. >> reporter: walnut creek is one of four bart locations offering charter buses. bart says to guarantee a ride home, you must be at the bus loading area no later than 7:00 p.m.. bart is keeping the lots open this morning for casual car poolers as well. so you are able to come to the walnut creek location if you need to either catch the bus or hop in a car pool. katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. 4:25 is the time right now. sal will help everyone get
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through the morning. but certainly extra people out there at walnut creek. >> yeah i think especially people who are around last time remember how bad it was. someone made the point last time bart was on strike is in september. we might catch a break with that. let's take a look at what we have now with some of the roads. you can see 80 westbound the traffic here looks pretty good getting out to the mccarthur maze with no major problems coming through. it is a nice looking drive. if you are driving this morning to the bay bridge, it has be very nice. there are a lot of people out there. it will be one of the things where it's probably going to be a gradual buildup. so far it looks good. if you are driving into san francisco, it looks good. this is san jose northbound 280 that traffic is moving well. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. a big decision by ac transit as the bart workers go on strike. the decision made overnight surrounding their contract negotiations. and bart workers are on the
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picket lines this morning. you can see them here in oakland. this will be something you will see across the bay area today as employees go on strike. we'll tell you the options for commuters and how talks fell through.
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good morning. thank you for joining us this monday morning. first day of july. >> and i'm dave clark. bart workers are on strike. the first bart strike since 1997. the entire bart system is shut down this morning. 400,000 bart riders you need to find another way to get around. alex savidge is beginning our team coverage. he's at oakland's lake merit station. you are getting reaction from both sides of the strike. alex. >> reporter: yes, good morning. i can tell you bart riders certainly bracing for a rough commute today. that is because service is shut down all across the system. this is what you will see if you show up at any bart station across the area. or most bart stations. these are bart employees here. they are on the picket lines this morning. this will be a common sight. about 15 or so bay area bart stations will have employees with picket lines out front.
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a total of about 2400 bart employees are on strike. that includes train operators, station agents and maintenance workers. there are talks between both sides broke down about 8:30 last night. the transit union, local 1555 and service employees international union local 1021. along with the picket lines, there will also be picket linings outside of many of the work yards, the bart work yards. now one striking bart worker told me a short time ago he feels bad commuters will be impacted by this labor dispute. >> how can you be ready for this? it's hard. it's hard for us. it's hard for everybody. >> reporter: now for their part, bart officials say they offered up what was a fair contract. their latest proposal they say included a 2% annual raise and reductioned contributions between health care and pension. i have reached out this morning pe spokes people several spokes


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