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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 1, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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troutman. we have the videos you have been looking for "right this minut.". a woman out shopping is horrified when a man grabs her toddler. >> he is also armed with a knife. >> see the terrifying standoff and the moment a brave cop decides to end this thing. a driver slows down for a funny looking sight. >> it is a skunk, and it has a problem. >> what happens when a good guy tries to do a good thing. how do you do a family
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portrait when your family is a world away. >> they did a beautiful job putting this together. >> the high tech mission behind one man's impossible dream. and band members let fans decide how many beers they drink. >> 40 beers, 80 beers. >> now the lead singer gives us the sobering tally. >> how long did the hangover last after this. >> 45 hours. down right scary moments inside a walmart in midwest city, oklahoma, this video from kfor. this man you are seeing here is sammy wallace, he is pushing a shopping cart and then grabs a 2-year-old girl. the daughter of the woman in the store. he is also armed with a knife. throughout this entire video he is holding a knife up to the little girl. a lot of people in the store start to call 911. >> he took this kid.
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>> someone with a knife holding a little girl hostage. >> this begins a 30-minute standoff with police. they say that he began saying all sorts of strange and weird stuff saying that he was the richest man in the world. >> he said president george bush was watching him. it was a trick. >> eventually they bring sammy a chair to sit down in and they clear out the rest of the store. captain david huff is trying to talk sense into sammy. sammy then began some strange 60-second countdown, and in doing so he moved the knife to the child's throat and at that moment is when captain david huff pulled out his firearm and shot danny wallace point-blank. you see the video going to black there. >> what a decision to have to make. right there next to a child with a weapon. >> we waited until the last second in our opinion to use deadly force. >> the police department said that captain david huff's actions were justified.
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this was the worst case scenario. the best thing out of all of this, the 2-year-old is not injured. >> i hope that as she gets older it just fades and fades and fades from her memory. >> pretty ridiculous accidents on the roadways. really just didn't need to happen. first up we see this little orange hatch back, awkwardly parked as an intersection and awkwardly stopped at what looks like a green light. >> what's happening ? >> wait for it and keep waiting as you watch this bobcat forklift slowly creep its way across the intersection straight for that little orange hatchback. >> does it get out of the way? oh, no. >> what? >> why would that happen? >> no one really knows exactly what was going on. next video, headed to a different city. looking at dash cam footage. pay close attention to this motorcycle that is crossing on the right-hand side of your screen.
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>> oh, no, not the car door. >> come on. >> the look when you open your car door. >> see, accidents that really just didn't need to happen. >> you know what that guy got lucky because he was almost underneath that vehicle and could have ran h over. >> pps right back up tha heads over to the passenger who opened that car door. we can't hear what he says but i would imagine they weren't friendly words. a horrific moment is caught on camera. this woman in the black tank top is walking up to that group. there is a verbal exchange between her and the woman holding that child. the poster of the video says that she is the mother that far child. the woman with the child seems like she is not going to partake in this fight. then she does, and watch what she does with the child.
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>> okay. that's cool. >> basically just throws the baby on the ground and before you know it, just feet from where that baby is there is a full-on fist fight. >> i am going to get the police. >> they both fight to the ground.his are going everywhere. they're pulling hair. they're punching. it is awful. >> i don't know what you say if she has a small child in her care and this is how she chooses to behave in front of that child. it is heartbreaking. it is disgusting. >> this goes on for a little while longer before someone actually comes and breaks them apart. you do hear them saying there is police nearby and finally this guy ends up pulling and pushing this woman away. police are reviewing this video and they are concerned about the safety and well-being of that child and they are considering charges concerning that baby and according to reports cps has been called in this incident.
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apparently this other woman had been running her mouth and had even threatened to sleep with her man. >> that's what jerry springer is for. a couple of animals, you don't want to get too close to but we do courtesy high technology. first an albino alligator. this is at the houston zoo. >> taken into the reptile enclosure courtesy google glass. the reptile keeper put on the optical device and is showing us what her day is like hanging out with blanco. >> she is awfully close. >> what's interesting, you will see her holding a board as a protective device. if you notice they have long poles. they train the alligator to associate that pole with food because they just put a rat on it and it usually eats rats or rabbits. where the pole is, that's where the alligator will go because it knows it will get fed. it does have one normal brown spot on the snout. >> liking a normal alligator with a giant white spot covering most of his body. >> this animal, you don't want
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to get close to a it has a problem. >> besides stinking. >> that skunk has a cup stuck on its head. >> what do you do now? >> jamie, the driver, gets out of the car to assist. >> don't stand back there. >> this poor little thing was just trying to get a little sweet treat. >> don't leave trash around. >> got it. >> you got it off. you got it. you saved him. >> how awesome. >> don't spray that guy. some employees get sucked into a mystery taste test. >> coconut. >> a little care mel. >> very milky. >> breast milk? >> we have the milky truth behind the new flavor. and soccer played with bumpers. >> almost like you are invincible. i really want to do
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this is u.k. based indy rock band muse performing the song better energy. they had to do a live session for the ep they were about to released. this video is very cool. it is very long. an hour and 50 minutes. you say why such a long video? you put these arrows which is very cool and change the camera angle of this performance. that's cool in itself.
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notice up here. it says no beer, 20 beers, 40 beers, 60 beers, and 80 beers. they did the song better energy five times. in between each take the band consumed four beers each. if you click the 20, this is after the band collectively drank 20 beers. 40 beers. maybe just a little disheveled looking now. we're about halfway. here comes 60 beers. that line of bottles grows. 80 beers. >> all kinds of crazy stuff. in the making of this video which of course is a lot of fun because you see the guys consuming these beverages, it gets pretty out of control. >> here is ollie at the very end after the fifth take. >> any final words on this? >> not really, man.
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[ laughter ] >> he didn't have much month say there. i am sure he has something to say about this video. we have ollie, the lead singer. how long did the hangover last after this? >> 45 hours. >> where did the idea come from to do this music video and include all of these beers? >> first i was thinking no one really knows what it is like live. it is a live session video and i thought what is the twist? what about some experiment where we study how alcohol could affect live music. >> by the fifth take, you guys are all over the place and kicking your one band mate. >> what i like, we're all on our own. >> if we had a beer welds say cheers. i don't know if you want a beer at this point. >> if it was cheap sparkling rose, i would. >> the entire video was put
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together by asylum films. it is a lot of fun of the if you want to see the entire thing click on best of rtm or do the same on the mobile app. socker is one of the most popular sports around the world to play. it just got more fun. [ laughter ] >> whoa. >> that's how you play soccer. >> this is called the bubble football or in our country bubble soccer. everybody has this inflatable little ball around them. checking doesn't seem to hurt as much. here there is no worry about using your hands. >> that's a problem, though. that's a big part of soccer when you get hurt or pretend like you are hurt. they can't do that now. >> they can't flop. >> it is the flopping of a different kind. now you are literally flopping all over the place. >> there is some heavy collisions here. looks like it doesn't hurt. everybody seems to pop right back up. it looks like fun. >> the cool thing is you really
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can bump each other around, too. >> it is almost like you are invincible. >> yeah. >> i really want to be in that. >> it is incredible. >> you can launch yourself into a group of people and knock everyone over and you are fine. >> where do you buy these? >> that is a very good question. you can rent and buy them online. there is a website called bubblesports and looks like they ship internationally. >> this is awesome. every sport should be played with a giant bubble on you. >> i mean, no one is getting hurt in this one unless you twist an ankle. there is one thing we really like on "right this minute." taste testing. yay. grab a lollipop. >> should i ask? >> grab a lollipop. just try it. >> is there a bug in there or something? >> try them. >> i don't trust you. these two -- >> i don't care wlau tell me this is. >> why aren't you eating one? >> why don't you have one.
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>> what if i hold you one of the ingredients was breast milk. >> human breast milk. >> human breast milk. >> that's a little weird. are they toots i pops? >> they're just regular old tootsie pops, but there are breast milk lollipops and the guys over at business insider decided to order a box of these lollipops from a company in texas, and they tested them with their co-workers. >> i don't know. >> coconut? >> a little caramel. >> very milky. i know i tasted it before. i don't know what it is. >> what are you going to tell me? >> are there bugs in here. >> it is coconut, isn't it? >> oh, my gosh, i know what this is. >> do you like it? >> yes, it is good. >> oh, my god. >> are you sure they weren't being pranked? >> breast milk? >> oh, my god. why have you done this to me? >> breast milk. >> great. >> screw you guys.
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>> whose breast milk is it? >> it is actually not breast milk. it is just made to taste like breast milk. >> okay. >> where the breast milk pops being made? >> the creator thought it would be interesting to create that flavor since breast milk does tend to calm the crying babies. if it works on babies, maybe it will work on everybody. >> you got through that already? >> pretty impressive. we're checking in with matt draid he will from ebaum world to look at real or fake videos. first a cat goes flying. >> want to go for a swim. >> oh, no. >> and then dudes with something unexpected. >> what the heck is going on? >> watch and decide real on are fake next. >> i say
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♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival.
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♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. it is time for everybody's favorite part of monday. matt from ebaum world, welcome back to the show. >> i love the show. i love this show. >> video number one. >> little girl, want to go for a swim? >> oh, no. >> it is fake. it is fake. >> a stuffed animal. >> you could never throw a cat
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that far ever. i don't care. >> if you swung a bat like that you would hear -- >> he picks it up. it is out of the shot and then we see something white flying to the water. so fake? >> fake. >> what do you say, mac. >> fake. >> what do the e balm users say. >> fake. >> totally. >> video number two. >> a sizable arachno i.d. if x. >> oh, no. >> going down the drain. >> yeah. >> i am going with real because the camera work indicates somebody was scared. >> what is he trying to do? is he going to squish it with his finger. >> just grabs the camera as soon as he saw the spider and once he had it on camera like now what am i going to do. >> runs up the wall and the
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camera jolts and it is in the water. i am totally suspicious. >> i say real. >> i will go with fake. >> i am going to go fake, too. how many guys take baths? >> i say real. this is a real-looking spieder and really scary and this guy seems really scared. >> i am with you. this is definitely real. >> three reals, two fakes. >> real. >> video number three. what is the heck is going on? >> this is the ad or the start screen for the new super smash brothers video game with all the nintendo characters and they're in a big brawl and you fight with each other. from the beginning of the video they're introducing that mega man is now part of this game and that's what is freaking the kids out. >> it is real. >> i am going real. >> i believe it. >> i believe they're that excited, totally real. >> you believe four guys sitting
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on a bed in their jammies and underwear are that excited? >> have you ever played video games? they're awesome. >> i think this is real by the way. >> this is dennis. he moved from uganda, left his entire family there. he is in pennsylvania to kind of start a new life and go to college, but it has been very, very tough for dennis. >> it is not easy to be away from home far and by yourself. the feeling of my son growing up without me, that was the most difficult part. >> he talks about how he is able to utilize things like skype to stay in touch with his family. this video was actually put together by the folks from skype. you can see he is here talking to his family and keeping in touch and they're crowded around a laptop there which is nice. it is not the family portrait, right, you want the family portrait where you're all next to each other. can't do that until they came up with this idea. >> to stand next to my family,
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the people i care about, and then i get a chance to stand next to them. priceless. >> looks just like a family portrait. they take a picture. >> wow. >> that's so awesome. >> we saw how excited dennis was when he got his family portrait. this is his family in uganda reacting to the photo. look at this. they did a beautiful job putting this together and showing the real emotion. created by family. >> yeah. >> and the photo itself tells a story of their struggle and what they have to deal with every single day. >> a magician shows us a pickpocket card trick. >> in this case instead of using money he is using cards. >> grab a deck of cards and pay close attention. >> finally we get to see the magic behind all
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attention all ping-pongers and beer pongers, keep the matches and lighters away. watch this. >> have you done this before? >> that's a plain old ping-pong ball? >> i can't tell if they douse
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these things in kerosene or whatever, but that is just one ball. watch what they do when they have a lot of ping-pong balls. >> all the little balls are dented. i wonder if they put something inside. >> a matter of seconds we have a fire that's about four, five feet tall shooting out and it gets even bigger. that has to be 15 feet in the air and flames huge all from ping-pong balls. >> when the fire goes down they bring the camera over. there is like nothing left. look at that. completely gone. >> it is like a magic trick. this is really not what you would expect burnt ping-pong balls to look like. >> we're amazed by this video and this thing will not go away. it keeps trending month after month and right now being passed around a great deal. time for magic. a slight of hand trick. here is how the illusion appears. you pick a card. the card goes back in the deck.
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derek shuffles up the cards and his story line is i know the difference between one, 10, 20, 100, and i can pull a $100 bill out of your wallet. in this case instead of money he uses cards. shuffles them up, back in the card box, and the card box goes in the shirt pocket. here it comes. closed box. still in his shirt. >> what was it? >> ace of clubs. >> wow. now, finally we get to see the magic behind all of these types of tricks. >> you're not supposed to reveal magic tricks because then the whole magic world is mad at you. when they put the card in, all you have to do is take your left hand and manipulate the card to go right in between those fingers like that. >> when the card goes back into the deck, this is what it looks
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like and this is how easy to tell us identify the card. >> that is the eight of hearts we needs. >> when you hold the deck and look at the sides of the deck you can clearly see the card you marked. here is another key part of the trick. >> you peel the one card up, just like that. you're going to close the box. >> no. >> there is the card. >> i would rather not know. i would like to believe it is magic, that he was able to pull the card from the closed box. >> since you weren't paying attention it is still magic to you. >> the dream is not dead. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. now at 5:00 p.m., traffic at a stand still trying to get
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out of san francisco, we are on the roads, on the water and over the scene as the struggle to get home is on. are bart and the union even talking? >> firefighters batting a fire, take a look at what our camera caught. >> a weekend accident involving a san francisco fire truck was no accident, what the firefighter is facing tonight. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia mikaelian. >> the bart strike is underway with no deal in sight. we are feeling the effects at the height of this monday evening commute. news chopper 2 live over the backup on to the bay bridge. all these people on the bottom lanes trying to get out of san francisco. as you can see here it is very slow going on the eastbound 80
4:59 pm
approach. from negotiations to traffic and routes, we have you covered tonight with live team coverage. ktvu's sal castaneda is tracking the commute. >> reporter: traffic will be slow. you mentioned san francisco city streets are very slow coming up first street, harrison street, much slower than unusual. some of the live pictures to give you a gauge of what you are dealing with. on the right is 80 through berkeley. what is unusual is westbound is lighter than usual. i get the feeling people who don't have to be on the roads are staying off the roads. no bart service. more people are taking their car into the city. another live picture. picture of san francisco on the skyway. eastbound 80, as i mentioned, first street and harrison
5:00 pm
street slow, fifth street and 280 extension. 101 is backed up back to silver avenue. one of those big commutes. like a get away commute today. finally for this report, we can talk about the commutes in the east bay, noticing traffic on north bound 680 getting through will be slow. eastbound 24 is slow. nothing out of the ordinary. this is what is normally looks like. a lot of the traffic hasn't made its way out of san francisco yet. back to you. >> thank you. we will check in with you throughout the evening. our ktvu's photo journivist making his way back to -- journalist making his way back to san francisco. this is a live look inside his van. we have a clock there on your screen. we just started the clock and we will time how long


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