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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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standstill after a long shoreman dies on the job. we'll have details straight ahead. and another night of confrontation in downtown oakland. the latest clash between police and protestors. good morning everyone it is wednesday, july 1st i'm mike mibach pam and dave have the night off. >> we have another big fog bank. it will burn off sooner. the lows are really mild. there is plenty of low clouds around. inland temps will warm up. here is sal. steve, good morning. right now san mateo bridge traffic is smooth getting out to the high-rise. no major problems on the dumbarton bridge either getting to the peninsula. and if you are driving on the golden gate bridge, you can tell a little bit of different weather. it's not as foggy as it has been. traffic is smooth. let's go back to the desk.
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we start with breaking news we first told you about at 4:30 is a san jose police officer shot and killed a pit bull after the dog allegedly bit the officer. ktvu paul chambers is live on the scene with how it went down. >> reporter: good morning, mike. we have very limited information. there is a heavy police presence behind me. we are told that police were coming out here to do a parole search. the officer came to the house and greeted by a person at the door who had a pit bull. the officer told him to put the dog away. somehow the dog got loose and bit the officer. fearing for his safety officers shot and killed the dog. officer was trance ported to the hospital -- transported to the hospital. once again i can tell you an officer was doing a parole search. came in contact with someone inside the house 37 the dog got
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loose preponderate officer fearing for his safety shot and killed the dog. of course we will stay on top of this and bring you'll the latest as it develops. hopefully we can get word with someone inside the house and also the officers. trucks are backing up at the port of oakland because hundreds of workers are not showing at work today. ktvu tara moriarty is at the port today with more on the tragedy. >> reporter: members of the long shoreman's union contacted us and tell us one of their sister's as they have termed it died on the job here yesterday. if you take a look to my left, you can see there is a lot of trucks that lined up here. we spoke to the two gentlemen that went back to their trucks they had no idea they would be waiting here for a very long time. in honor of this worker's memory they are standing down for 24 hours. these trucks will continue to line up all day at the port. because of this morning's period what it means is that no
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trucks will be making deliveries or pickups until 7:00 tonight and that is when the next shift comes on the clock. we want to show you a facebook picture of 47-year-old joy daniels. this was taken on the tractor that daniels operated just hours before she died. members of local ilwu-10 says daniels drove the tractor from the ship to the yard and vice versa. that is reportedly how she died on the tractor around 2:45 yesterday afternoon. police confirmed there was a medical emergency. crews transported her to the hospital where family members were by her side but she did not make it. there will be an investigation into the death. we are expecting to talk to union leaders later today. 1300 long shoremen will not be coming to work. so the port of oakland will be packed as the trucks wait until 7:00 tonight. again that is when the next shift will come on the clock in order for these folks to be
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able to make their pickups and deliveries. live from the port of oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the not guilty verdict in the zimmerman case has led to another confrontation between police and protestors in downtown oakland. this was the scene at frank ogawa plaza late last night. dozens of demonstrators crashed with police in riot gear that came to make sure things did not get out of control. police took one man into custody deon an outstanding warrant be another man with boom box was detained after violating the noise ordnance. we now have the photo of a server who was the victim of a brutal attack. a masked protestor hit him in the face with a hammer as he tried to protect the restaurant from violent demonstrators. he is now resting at home.
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three suspects have been arrested with a smash and grab robbery in santa rosa. they have arrested trayvon banks austin of san pablo. alexander brandon and dixon both of hayward. they robbed bennett's valley jewelers at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they were arrested about 20 minutes later during a traffic stop. jury deliberations continue this morning in the trial against 22-year-old jose montano. he is one of the men charged with the gang rape of a 16-year- old girl. yesterday a jury returned the verdict for a second defendant 20-year-old marcelles peters. if the second verdict is not reached by tomorrow afternoon, the first one will be read. later this morning state food and agriculture workers will fight back against the game have fruit fly.
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it feeds on citrus, tomatoes, and other plants and can wipe out crops. workers say ther rat case treatment will not effect people. they will be coating utility poles and trees with the poisoned perfume that only effects mail fruit flies. bart has angered commuters but they are getting a gold start when it comes to safety. bart has been awarded the highest security rating possible by the tsa. this award could play into current contract negotiations which could lead to another strike next month. bart has not done enough to address the safety of both its workers and riders. if you're not taking bart to work, let's check in with sal. you know right now traffic looks good if you have to drive in. we're looking at some of the roads. it looks pretty good on the east shore freeway. a lot of people driving in from vallejo at this hour. and to berkeley it looks very nice all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza which is
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very good. there are no delays so far at the toll plaza. livermore valley from livermore to castro valley the traffic on interstate 580 is is doing well. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. still lots of low clouds around. but really mild on the lows. the fog bank will burn off sooner today. it's still making a pretty good push. it's trying. but it's key source the low that was responsible for it moved out of the picture. it will be warmer. today we will get back to year average. we were so below on the temps. everybody is setting up for a warm to hot pattern inland. it doesn't take much. we have seen this before. it comes back. it does not look like it will park it over us. 60s and 70s. but 90s to near 100 degrees friday into sunday. maybe monday. there is a discrepancy on the forecast model. some cool readings to the north
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bay. 52 santa rosa and novato. but then 59 to 60. summer really mild. especially if you have that low cloud deck in place. the key again it's starting to decrease. fairfield yesterday was 34 and 35. now they are 17. they are going down. we still get a component of that westerly breeze though. even a northwest for san jose. livermore and hayward still have a west wind. there is still an on shore breeze. 39 tahoe. 55 sacramento. not too bad for this time of year. everyone is pointing to that high building back in. so from yesterday's cool today will be right about where we should be. but we get that westerly breeze but again it's nothing compared to what we had yesterday when it was just howling right along. 60s and 70 ann now 80 -- and now 80s. tomorrow we will pencil in. a controversy at uc
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berkeley. why her nomination has upset some jewish groups. the president's health care law comes under fire today. a vote to delay one of the provisions and the hearing with administration officials. i'll break it down for you in a live report. good morning. san francisco northbound 101 looks good. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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the u.s. house of
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representatives plans to vote again today to water down president barack obama's health care law. as kyla campbell reports some house members get to question the obama administration on its decision to delay some of the law's provisions. >> reporter: in less than two hours treasury department officials will have to explain exactly why they delayed the employer mandate and what that could mean for millions of americans. the announcement earlier this month means some won't face penalties if they don't provide health insurance. penalties won't kick in until january of 2015. that is one more reason health members plan to vote on part of the affordable care act today. republicans don't think individuals should still have to prove they are insured this coming january when their employers could drop them for all of 2014 without facing fines. so this afternoon the house will vote on delaying the individual mandate. this will mark the 38th time the republican controlled house has voted to delay, defund, or
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repeal obama care. what the dr.ic controlled senate has to say about delaying the mandate when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. victims of sexual abuse are clashing with the -- the bill would permit victims to file a civil suit against their abusers employer. it would list the statue of limitations for one year. california's current law allows a victim to sue a third party until the age of 26 or within three years of the time the victim realizes he or she was abused. the boy scouts are banning morbidly obese members from their annually jamboree. body mass index of more than 40 is forbidden to attend the
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camp. scout leaders are worried obese members won't be able to withstand the physical activities of the camp. concord police are searching for a man suspected of stabbing two people at a gas station. stabbed two men outside the bond fair market on grand street last wednesday. he was with a group of people that worked up to the victims. he asked men if they were in a gang and stabbed them for no reason. both men are expected to recover. a seattle man who died during a confrontation two years ago was remembered during a candle light vigil last night. the mother of kenneth harding was among those. police say the 19-year-old apparently shot himself during an exchange of gunfire. his mother says it was police
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who fired the deadly bullet. she is suing the police department saying they used excessive force. there was another demonstration just hours earlier. protestors marched near church and dubois streets to show their support for the harding family. they blocked the muni tracks for 30 minutes. no one was arrested. u.s. customs and border protection said they found -- a woman was driving with 42 packages of unreported cash vacuumed sealed in the gas tank of her honda accord. the discoveries were made by authorities who were inspecting cars at the port of entry. the woman could face charges. the presidio trust is planning a major celebration in october. it's to commemorate becoming fiscally self-sufficient this year. they no longer need taxpayer
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money. there is over 200 businesses in the pri video. film director george lucas hopes to build a cultural arts museum. the museum would focus on art over the past 150 years including digital art used to create animated and live action movies and special effects. he wants a museum dedicated to what he calls visual story telling. talk about story tellers, let's check in with sal castaneda. >> hey, mike, good morning to you. right now we don't have any bad stories to tell. it's a pretty good commute out there. right here on oakland's freeways interstate 880 looks great. north and southbound here as you pass the coliseum the traffic on 580 also looks good as you drive through. so we're off to a nice start here. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a
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little backup in some of the cash lanes. once you get on the bridge there is a nice drive in. we're looking at the maps that have road sensors. traffic move along pretty well on 880 as well. even in the south bay we don't see a lot of red or yellow on these maps just a lot of green which indicates traffic moving close to or at the speed limit. we still have a lot of low clouds and fog in place. almost all the observations say cloudy again. but it will burn off sooner. the sea breeze is the key. it's really been cut in half. very mild lows. 50s to 60s. some inland temps are a little cooler. we had a couple reports coming out of lake port. yesterday we had upper 40s. high pressure is building back in. as it does, that will allow temperatures to warm up. it will be a little slow process. today is that transition day with that high in the middle of
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the country. western edge comes in. inland temps warms up and crashes the fog. i do not think it will get as hot as we had a couple weeks ago. coast and bay probably dealing with very thick fog. today very mild lows. there is a westerly breeze in place. it's nothing compared to yesterday. 60s and 70s and 80s. breakthrough that fog it won't take long to warm up and it will burn off sooner. 80s inland after yesterday's a lot of 70s. warmer weather 90 show up on thursday. it looks pretty warm to toasty. at least away from the coast. coast and bay 60s and 70s. all the major european markets are trending after the bank left interest rates unchanged. most asian markets closed up slightly as investors wait to hear what ben bernanke will tell congress. but china bucked the trend and
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was down 1% at the close of trading. the dow dropping a little over 32 points. nasdaq 8.99. s & p dropping a little over six points. yahoo was one of the companies reporting different figure. and trend its outlook for annual revenue. yahoo's adjusted profits were higher than expected. display ads will be a clear focus for the company in the coming months. ford is overing free upgrades to owners of its hybrid cars. they will recalibrate the system on 77,000 cars. they include ford c-max and hybrids. as well as lincoln mkz hybrids. the move comes after some customers complain they are not getting the 47,000 miles a gallon mentioned. chinese hackers target a
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new network of american computers. it was something i never experienced ever. >> and a woman hit by lightning while inside a grocery store. how firefighters say it all happened.
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a mother in louisiana is talking -- she was struck by lightning while inside a grocery store. >> the flesh occurs when it hit -- the flash occurs when it hit me. and then i felt the burn. >> brooks was shopping during the middle of a storm when lightning struck the roof of a building. the electricity traveled through a sprinkler system and struck a metal plate on the floor where brooks was standing. >> it hit right through like the top of my head, down my spine, all the way to my left thigh. from my left thigh it ricocheted to my right foot. it flew my shoe under the register. >> store employees immediately rushed over to help. brooks was transported to the hospital. she was shaken up but suffered some burns but otherwise fine.
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patients of sitter health could -- sutter health could be part of a security breach. they have had their personal information leaked including names, social securities, dates of birth and phone numbers. they are offering patients free credit monitoring services. the top research universities in the u.s. are being forced to tighten computer security as they are subject to millions of hacking attempts weekly. according to the new york times most of the cyber attacks are believed to have come from china. even after discovering a computer break in universities may not be be able to tell where it came from. the university of california regents will vote today on a new student member that will be the first muslim to hold the post. some jewish groups are opposing the nomination because of political activities. the cal berkeley student
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senators cosponsored a bill from companies with economic ties to the israeli military or israeli settlements. but the committee that recommended her as student regents says she's been active in promoting inner faith gatherings on campus. the vallejo admirals will be playing ball again next week. a new ownership group is taking over the pro baseball team. the future of the admirals have been in jeopardy last week when the previous owner admitted his team was facing big money problems. the new ownership team includes tito junior. the son of the former giants second baseman. many fans were tuned in to last night's all star game that aired right here on ktvu. >> the 2-2 pitch. the strike out ends the inning. >> oakland a's closer vouched for a pitch one scoreless inning over the national league. the giants bruce botchy was the
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major league catcher. kind of a quiet game south of the national league but a good win for the american league as they break that streak to finally get a win on the board. >> yeah that is right if the a's actually do go to the world series. which is such a good team we have home field advantage for them. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the traffic. we have a crash in walnut creek southbound 680 it is blocking most of the freeway here. in fact it is now been issued as a sig alert if you are driving from concord to walnut creek traffic the traffic will be very, very slow. it's kind of unusual for it to be slow this morning. if you can get yourself on the freeway after 680 after the 24 interchange, that is a much better option for you. i realize it's not easy to do if you live in concord or martinez. but do what you can. let's move along and take a
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look at the sunol grade farther down. that looks good passing mission boulevard. let's go to steve. thank you. we still have a lot of low clouds own fog around. . there is plenty there. it will burn off sooner. lows are really mild 50s and 60s. the fog burns off sooner and highs get back in. mike. straight ahead on ktvu morning news. >> i don't know why. why these people come. >> heart ache and loss. a family of a bomb killed at a -- a family of a woman killed at a san francisco jewelry store faces an accused killer. the action more than 80 passengers plan to take. we have new information about the incident which led an officer to the hospital and a dog being shot. i'll have that just ahead.
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welcome back too county -- to ktvu channel 2 morning news. dave and pam are still off. what i did not see yesterday was the sun. >> that was as big a fog bank i have seen in a long time. it's still there but it will burn off sooner. here is sal. steve, right now traffic is looking pretty good here on interstate 880. i want to bring up a map if i can of the biggest traffic problem that we have in the bay area. and that would be an injury
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crash only 680 south at highway 24. if you drive from concord to walnut creek this is going to put a major cramp in your commute. because most of the freeway is blocked adds they try to get -- as they try to fete the injury crash out of the way. we will talk about this and the rest of the traffic coming up in a few. now backs to desk. we just received new information about the breaking news we reported for the past hour. paul chambers is joining us live from san jose with what police say led to an officer shooting and killing a pit bull. >> reporter: they say this all started with a mail theft incident. they were investigating mail theft in another part of town that led them here. let's look at video here. police say that is when officers conducted a follow up investigation and tracked the vehicle back to this area. the vehicle's registered owner was on probation.
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as they continued their investigation they were talking to -- began to bite the officer. the officer then fearing for his life shot and killed the dog. the officer was trance ported to a -- transported to a local hospital and being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. the pit bull was pronounced dead on the scene and they are putting him in the truck. as we come back out here live, you can see the truck is out here where they put the pit bull inside. we did hear people out here a little upset. i'm sure they are about their dog. we'll see if we can get contact with them. officers did take somebody into custody. as of right now officers say that the officer that is in the hospital had nonlife threatening injuries but had a bite to the back of their leg. we will stay on top of this and bring you more as it develops. live in san jose i'm paul chambers. happening today the san jose police department is
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updating updated crime statistics. today's report should include information on homicides to hate crimes. the not guilty verdict in the zimmerman case has led to another confrontation between police and protestors in downtown oakland. this was the scene at frank ogawa plaza late last night. dozens of demonstrators clashed with police in riot gear that came to make sure things did not get out of control. it came after three straight nights of wide spread violence and vandalism. >> because we are so liberal, so progressive and whatever you want to call it allow them to do what they do any other place. shame on us and the people that are not really doing anything about this. >> last night police took one
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man into custody on an outstanding warrant. another man with a boom box was detained for violating oakland's noise ordnance. protestors expressed angry comments. >> the protestors if they don't live in oakland can't protest in oakland. >> many people expressed their outrage over protestors from other cities causing trouble on the streets of oakland. some suggested police start checking the id's of the demonstrators to find out where they live. since the not guilty verdict, people have been asking the justice department to file federal hate crime charges against zimmerman. the now the justice department is weighing in. coming up at 5:54 what it says about getting involved and why the charges might not be possible. more than 80 passengers plan to sue boeing. the crash might have been caused by a mechanical
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malfunction. the suit also say some escape -- bay area woman has filed a lawsuit against ash january that airlines. the woman and her eight-year- old son suffered back and neck injuries in the crash and the woman says she has been unable to return to her job as a foreign language instructor for the military. the suite is seeking $5 million in damages. a man accused of going on a killing rampage at the san francisco jewelry bart. barry white will return to court after making his first appearance yesterday. he faces 15 felony charges including two counts of murder. surveillance video shows him shooting, stabbing, and killing two female store clerks and wounding the owner over a dispute of $300. the brother of one of the victims is having a difficult time coping. >> i don't understand why this
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monster has a gun and knives. what is happening? >> prosecutors say one of the attacks was so severe the victim was nearly decapitated. relatives of a missing girl in oakland will pray for her safe return. a candle light vigil for daphne webb is set for 6:30 this evening. that is where her father reported her missing exactly one week ago. john webb was absent during a press conference held by the family. daphne's mother however was there but too emotional to speak. >> they are here to show their unwaiverring support, love, commitment to our effort and bringing baby daphne home. >> oakland police say their identification has not identified john webb has a suspect in daphne's disappearance. the girl was last seen in late june. the family is working with the class kids foundation to help
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find her. this morning walmart is set baiting -- celebrating the grand opening of two neighborhood markets. but protests plan to attend one of the ribbon cutting ceremonies. one will be in vallejo. the other is in pleasanton where an antiwalmart rally is scheduled for 7:30 this morning. time now 5:37. let's swing it over to sal and see somehow we are looking. busy on 680 already. >> yeah that is right. driving from concord down to walnut creek this crash is blocking several lanes. there was a separate crash at north main. still an early backup here for 680 as you drive through the traffic is backed up at least from pleasant hill. westbound highway 4 is in antioch. let's go to the bay bridge we don't have a big backup but some of the cash lanes are getting filled up as you can
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see on the left hand side of the toll plaza. we also look at the san mateo bridge and that traffic looks pretty good as you drive over to the peninsula. 5:37 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. plenty of low clouds in place. yesterday was way up there. it being that fog bank. with high pressure building in. again this will be more likely tomorrow than today. the warm air aloft will send the fog bank lower, lower. it will probably be pretty thick by if not thursday into friday. there is still a lot there. it's made a good surge inland. we don't really have the sea breeze to accompany it. temperatures today starting off really mild with 50s and 60s. little low that was responsible for it has moved up to the oregon coast. this is offshore so that is going to allow the high pressure in the four corners to build in. warmer weather is on the way. again today will be near average. we were well below average. the high pressure builds in. it will build in starting today.
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you will probably feel more likely on thursday into sunday. again this will be close. not the intense heat we had a couple weeks ago. inland temps 90s to near 100s. there will still be a westerly breeze but the fog will get thicker and inland temps will start to warm up pretty fast. still a decent westerly breeze. it's just about cut in half. yesterday at this time it was 35 miles an hour. however from sfo, hayward, to livermore and even san jose has a component of a north westerly breeze. a lot of tropical clouds down in four corners. some of that may play into the forecast. probably more likely the sierra nevada. some low clouds, fog, sunny and it will be warmer. 60s and 70s coast and bay. 80s inland. we'll get 90s to near 100 degrees inland over the weekend. coast and bay looks like 60s
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and 70s. nasa is giving credit to a bay area man for finding a new moon in our solar system that even a spacecraft did not see. mark found an unexpected white dot in the photo of neptune. the moon went undetected by the voyager to space pro. show walter works with the search for extra terrestrial intelligence group. straight ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> he was already on the ground. >> a deer acing to tacks a dog -- attacks a dog in marin county. a bay area child care worker accused of sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl could face more charges. what police say they found while searching his computer. good morning. southbound 680 in walnut creek an injury crash being cleared. traffic already backed up big time coming out of concord. we'll tell you more about this
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straight ahead. ;
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good morning. a lilt bit of a -- a little bit of westerly breeze. inland temps will warm up. more 80s instead of 70s. time now 4:43. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. san jose police say an officer is in the hospital after getting bit by a pit bull. the officer is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. police were looking for is a male parolee. 1500 long shore workers are not showing up for work. that comes after the death of their colleague 47-year-old joy daniels. she died yesterday afternoon.
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the workers were given time off to mourn her death. the next shift does not arrive at the port until 7:00 p.m.. the verdict in the george zimmerman case has led to another confrontation between police and protestors in downtown oakland. last night dozens of demonstrators crashed with police in riot gear. this came after three straight nights of violence and vandalism. it is 5:43. a child care worker for the ymca in morgan hill is due in court today on child sexual assault charges. 20-year-old nicholas was arrested on friday after a six- year-old girl he was watching told her parents that lhermine had assaulted her. the incident happened when lhermine was alone with the girl inside a portable classroom at paradise valley elementary school. while searching his computer, police say they also found pornographic photos of a 17- year-old girl. >> to have someone we know and love and work with her for a long time to be charged with
5:45 am
this crime is shocking. >> lhermine had been working at the ymca for four years. the ohio man accused of holding three women captive for ten years is due back in court today to answer 650 new charges. the expanded indictment against ariel castro includes almost 1,000 criminal counts including charges of kidnapping, rape, and child endangerment. castro is accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive in his cleveland home. his trial is scheduled to begin early next month. the latest issue of rolling stone magazine as ignited a fire storm of criticism on the social media sites. on the cover is dzhokhar tsarnaev. the picture is accompanied by the profile of the suspected bomber. many are calling the is picture tasteless.
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the 30-year-old tomorrower nsa contractor gave the application to a russian immigration official in the transit zone of moscow's airport where snowden has been held up for more than three weeks. he says he only wants to remain in russia temporarily until he can make it to one of the latin american countries that has offered him permanent asylum. president obama admitted for the first time it's unlikely the republican led house of representatives will pass immigration reform legislation before the month long break in august. the president said he thinks many republicans are struggling with the issue. >> i know it's tough, i know the republican house members are wrestling with it. many are suspicious of this. suspicious of what immigration might mean for their political futures in some cases.
5:47 am
>> the senate has already passed a comprehensive bill that includes a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in the united states. but house republicans have indicated they will come up with their own reforms and plan to address the immigration issue in smaller bills. it's 5:46. a wild fire is prompting more people to evacuate in river side county including children that are suffering from cancer. the fire has destroyed three houses and three mobile homes in the houses west of palm springs. about 50 homes are under evacuation orders. including camp ronald mcdonald. the fire is spreading heavy smoke and ash to surrounding communities. right now it's only 10% contained. san francisco's cliff house is celebrating the 150th anniversary. to celebrate the cliff house is holding free history days today and tomorrow in a terrace room. from now through december both
5:48 am
restaurants will offer dining specials that celebrate the variety of food served there over the years. the cliff house was built in 1863 and has been renovated three times. >> always a special spot. sal, i'm sure you had a few celebrations there. >> or just outside on the beach. how about that. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. the traffic is moving along pretty well on the freeways expect for one spot and they are making progress. southbound 680 at highway 24 it was actually two crashes. one at 24 and one at north main. they have the tow trucks in position here and they are making improvements. traffic is going to be slow as you drive from pleasant hill heading south. it gets better immediately after the crash. let's take a look at live pictures. interstate 880 north and southbound the traffic is moving along pretty well in both directions. when you get to the toll plaza already there is a little bit of slows. for the most part i think it's
5:49 am
a pretty good drive coming into san francisco. they will turn on the metering lights as it gets pretty crowded here. that should happen sometime in the 6:00 hour if all goes according to normal. we have a lot of low clouds still around. yesterday was an extensive fog bank and made a pretty good push here today. we don't have the sea breeze really supporting it. and it's still there. still a westerly breeze. and it's really mild. 50s and 60s. a little cooler as you go farther inland. santa rosa 54. a lot of upper 50s to 10:s. cool down has moved out of the picture. high pressure is building in. today is kind of the transition day. it's on its way. that means starting today the high builds in. the western edge will come back in. it looks like coast and bay not too much has changed but we will get that big difference in temperatures by the weekend. so low clouds, fog. it will be sunny sooner and a little warmer. definitely away from the coast as we get out of those 70s and
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into the mid to upper 80s. sea breeze has been cut in half. that is the key though. that delta breeze nothing compared to yesterday. warmer weather is on tap. inland areas get warm to hot. especially friday and into the weekend. not much change coast. it is 5:49. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke heads to capitol hill. the fed chair is breaking with tradition and released some of his statements before testifying today and tomorrow. bernanke says there is no preset course for the tapering of the economic stimulus programs. earlier he indicated pulling back from quantitative easing could begin before the end of the year. this morning the government announced housing fell sharply in june. but they don't mean the housing economy is slowing down. the june numbers put the annual rate of ground breakings at
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$836,000. that is down 9.9% from may. chrysler is recalling nearly 46,000 of the ram 1500 pickup trucks. the auto maker say there is is a problem with the electronic stability program. it helps the driver keep control when taking a corner too fast. the system may not go on where the truck is started. no injuries or accidents related to the problem have been reported. a warning if for two bay area drivers. more reaction to the george zimmerman trial. what former secretary of state hillary clinton had to say about the verdict.
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good morning. we still have a lot of low clouds around but they will burn off sooner. inland temps will begin to warm up. thank you, steve. it's 5:54. former secretary of state hillary clinton is speaking out about the george zimmerman trial. >> no mother, no father should ever have to fear for their child walking down a street in the united states of america. >> clinton made the comments
5:55 am
yesterday while speaking at the sorority convention in washington, d.c.. she said her prayers are with everyone who has lost someone to violence. the justice department is examing its options for filing more charges against george zimmerman but says it's not likely to happen. yesterday the department announced it would be difficult to prove zimmerman togetherred trayvon was black. yesterday attorney general eric holder says the department looking at all angles before making a final decision. a homeowner says a deer attacked his dog in the driveway last weekend. six-year-old casper is a yellow low labrador who is currently unable to walk on his mind
5:56 am
left. >> i guess this is the meating meating -- their mating season. >> casper's veterinarian bill is $7,000 and counting. it's 5:55. glee actor corey monteith may have been at a special for his body was found in a van cover on saturday. large amounts of drugs can be especially dangerous to people out of rehab because their bodies are no longer used it to. we are also hearing from monteith's girlfriend and glyco star. since corey's passing lea has
5:57 am
been driving. and can -- there are several major events happening that same day including giants and a's games. concert goers are being encouraged to car pool or take public transit. it is coming up on 5:57. let's check in one more time with sal. sal. >> right now traffic is moving along relatively well. we are looking at the toll plaza but also looking at 680. they cleared a crash at 24. that traffic may still be slow. at the toll plaza it looks good. sunol grade traffic also looking good head together south bay. now back to the desk. and bart workers could walk off the job again in just over two weeks. the safety award that could
5:58 am
play a why police say they were forced to shoot and kill a pit bull.
5:59 am
6:00 am
breaking news we've been following. new information on why san jose police shot and killed a pit bull. there. we are live at the fort of oakland where more than 1,000 long shoremen will not be at work today. another tense night in downtown oakland after three straight nights of violence and vandalism. how you can help police track down the troublemakers. good morning everyone. it is wednesday, july 17th i'm mike mibach. dave and pam are both off today. >> good morning. welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's have a quick look at weather and traffic. is it going to warm up a little bit today? >> a little bit. we had that big cool down. we never saw the fog bank. it's still there this mog.


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