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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tragic story. >> and they are cracking down. they made have played a role at fso, the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues right now. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is thursday, july 18th, i am pam cook. >> and i am mike, in for dave clark. there is still plenty of low clouds around, it will burn off sooner and temperatures continue to warm up and i will have more coming on up on that, here is sal. also looking at the commute here if you are driving on the golden gate bridge, steve
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mentioned it is foggy in marin. >> an 8-year-old girl has been killed, one come join us us with the gunfire. >> reporter: within the last half hour, they first told us the child is 7 and they now say the child is 8. here is what we know a shot spotter picked up gunfire in mcarthur boulevard. four people, an adult woman, and a four-year-old little boy was shot in this apartment complex. it is unclear if the shooting took place inside or outside. the little girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead and they are still trying to piece together how the children and the woman knew each other.
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>> there was recommends of her being a grandmother, we still have not determined that. >> the two children are listed in stable condition. as of right now they don't have any leads and they don't know if they are looking for single or multiple shooters. of course we will stay on top of this and bring you more information as it develops. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. most of the protesters were peaceful but as you can see a small group got out of control. this shows a person spray painting the street, police also released a short video and this one shows a man on a beak before kicking the man's car. police are asking anybody with
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information to call them. protests following the acquittal of george zimmerman, lamar caldwell of oakland and one man from san jose are charged with vandalism. they are accused of smashing windows at the men's warehouse near 13th street and broadway and a third man is accused of throwing a rock at a police officer. rally and marches are not the only way, there is a proposed boy could the. they want people to stop buying. showing us the gun violence that took the lives of two
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officers, janine? >> reporter: one man avoided coming down doyle street and he didn't want to be reminded of the tragedy that occurred. the gun battle near the garageels, those have all been fixed but it looks like bullet holes still left in the will lars. her five unit apartment complex shot at him. police were chasing him because he had gunned down officer elizabeth butler earlier that day. she applauds their actions but the bullets damaged the garage doors fences annuals and she was also left to clean up human remains of the man who was shot and killed by police. the repairs cost a great deal
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and city council said police did not create the circumstances, they were just protecting the public from criminal activity. >> it seems city employees created damage to the people's property and they should have to pay it. >> does it surprise you that the claim was denied? >> i don't know if i am surprised but it doesn't seem right. in the mine time they will see if they will couldn't say the her for her loss. ktvu channel 2 morning news ktvu channel 2 morning. it comes after children's services reported a staff
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member at little acorn christian preschool may have touched a child inappropriately. police are interviewing the the children and letters have gone home to parents and the staff member accused has been placed on administrative leave. we want to show you a train from dallas to to you a dash tucson. they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and the train was carrying paper products and not hazardous materials. we are now learning about the storage costs and the airport is charging asiana airlines airlines to keep it at the airport and the airport has no plans to extend that
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deadline last week they were moved to a remote stretch of land that cannot be seen bypass jersey in the terminals. some safety experts say the automatic cockpit systems may have been a factor in this month's tragedy at fso and they tell the pilot's association that human brains are not wires to pay close attention to isn't opportunities that rarely fail. it could have played a role at fso. >> people are getting a chance to cut the number of spaces and they originally plan on cutting back the number of available spaces on the other side. they said that would hurt their business, now muni has revised cut backs and they want to hear more on a meeting one week from today. back over to sal, any problems, sal? we have slow traffic, good
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morning, let's go out and take a look at some of sheets pictures and the toll plaza bac is not too bad before you make it passed the metering lights. things are looking good, 580 as you drive over to the lakeshore area and this morning on the east shore freeway, traffic looks okay, marin county and marin city that is gone and from san rafael all the way to the golden gate bridge, it does look good and watch for dense fog, that is a term meteorologists use. how does that sound? >> dense fog is fine. >> okay, thank you. >> yes, same thing. not too bad, 70s and 80s
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for most, palo alto and san jose, and that is at stand form. it is always warmer -- stanford and it is always warmer out towards east san jose and warm air is beginning to move in and yesterday we had a 10 to 15 degrees jump and it continues to do that so it is compressing the fog. it is still there and it made it over some of the coastal hills and it is making a decent push but what is there will burn off sooner it is nothing compared to what we had days ago and as the high build, it will be impacting the areas once again. coast will stay in the 60s and 70s and inland areas, clear lake, vacaville, brentwood down to gilroy, 90s and 100s out to
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and there is still somewhat of a delta breeze, and anything less than 10, it is assure sign things will warm up fast and things are held in check. we do see some 50s through the interior, some clouds in southern california and i want to show you something interesting, interesting he will -- they are giving you a lot of low clouds. cooler for most, 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s, 94 degrees, and fremont 77, redwood city, half-moon bay 79 and warmer weather with most locations will be in the 90s and those are far enough away not really much change.
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homes destroyed by land slides, what may have caused the devastating slides that affected homes and rendered them unlivable. super storm sandy money may not go to the victims themselves.
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. homeowners say an undetected leak may have caused the problem. now an attorney has filed claims asking for $5 million each and count tip advisers say -- county advisers say defects may have triggered the land slides. the home hone oowner improperly did not keep up and a sprinkler system should have been installed. one person died and several people were left without a place to live. 23 people including firefighters were hurt. and new york state attorney general are looking to see whether storm victims are received being the funds.
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charities raised $575 million in sandy's after math but as of april, 40% of those funds have not been delivered. >> this is about transparency an accountability and that's about the money that should be delivered effective live and religiously. >> they are looking to see if some funds were used for overhead or programs but some sandy donations have been used for other causes. >> students should have a lower have rate and the u.s. senate could vote on a deal as early as today. does the plants go up as they improve? >> reporter: if the senate votes to pass this today or
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next week, undergraduates would top out at 8.52 percent. graduates would be capped at 9. 2% and because congress did not act by july 1st, interest rates doubled to 6.8% but the senate plan would lower that rate immediately. they would see a 3.85 interest rate and graduates would take on a 3.4 interest rate but again those rates are temporary and would increase as the economy picks up the. the members wanted them to change the cap he have year and they would retroly leave them this fall. edward snowden may finally be leaving the moscow airport.
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edward snowden has now filed temporary asylum in russia. a russian attorney said the paperwork should go through allowing him temporary asylum. they are trying to revoke authority for the authority that collects on tens of millions of americans. they told the feds they believe they have gone off the tracks and it needs to be reigned in. and tibetan ron police are tracking the license plates of every car that goes through town. they raised privacy concerns and the police chief said they are an effective crime deterrent and tens of thousands of cases are solved due to
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evidence. the crime is erased area 30 days. -- after 30 days. and they say they are trying to show off the latest information that could deter stealing smart phones. they will try to work out the new antitheft features designed for galaxy phones and i-phones. gas cone became part of part of this. i have seen tweets from both of you and of course you are and i am too and you can find us on twitter if you want to pass along a message, people pass a long weather information. westbound, traffic is backed up to the maze and of course when
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you get to work and you realize the bridge was extra bad, i'll take those. and on i-92 all the way to the peninsular, there is nothing unusual about this commute and it is a little bit foggy and that may indeed affect flights in and out of san francisco airport. this is find after and it is still pretty slow, let's go to steve. we have a pretty good fog bank but it is still hanging in there and it has made its way inland and it is later than the last couple of mortgages when it -- mornings when it was flying in and it is going away from the coast, it will not last as long but we had it holding on.
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50s on the temperatures. these will probably be the lows and it is running and warm to hot condition the -- conditions. so 60s and 70s and 80s, vallejo, crocket, 54 in crocket, berkeley 70, oakland 72, some 90s or close to it, pleasanton, gilroy, san jose 81, mountain view and san mateo 77 and warmer weather through the anterior. this will be another 40 degrees spread and inland temperatures will be near 90s to 100. cup takes have been back
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after an -- than itsability to turn them out, many sold them out within hours. mattel is not worried about the sale of the iconic barbie doll. it's still the best selling in the world and they expect it to jump during the holiday season. it will have a new barbie digital make up mirror which turns an i-pad into an interactive mirror. bad checks at bottle rock and. >> plus the problem they are having in the bay area with wipes.
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. welcome back, napa police are investigating two complaints about bad checks written by the organizers of the bottle rock music festival. a security company filed the complaints after the checks were returned for insufficient funds they filed a lawsuit alleging breach of the contract
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and fraud and organizers are struggling to pay more than 2. $5 million in-debt, including, 142 union employees. and rallies across the country in the death of trayvon martin, yesterday demonstrators blocked rush hour traffic in beverly his but remained peaceful. they want the justice department to file federal charges against george zimmerman and hundreds of people took the march to a county courthouse and called for justice and martin luther king junior is asking them to boycott orange juice. it cost 36,000 to sequester the jurors in the trayvon martin case, they were allowed
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to watch preapproved movies, eat at restaurants and even visit the museum. families were allowed to visit on weekends as long as they did not discuss the trial. they are asking people not to flush disinn text and it wipes and each so called flushable wipes, but wipes take much longer to break down than toilet paper. it has not been looking too bad there is a delay and we are looking at 280 northbound and if you want to drive into your job in the valley, no problems there. traffic is also looking good on southbound 680 as you pass
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mission boulevard heading south. let's go to steve. we do have low clouds and fog, it will start to warm us up and pamela? a controversial proposal could soon be visited in oakland and why city leaders are once again talking about banning certain items during protests. three children were shot, one died, they are trying to figure out who did this. protesters say they will target the uc meetings in san francisco today and why they don't want the regions to confirm secretary of homeland security janet napolitano as president of the uc system.
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. welcome back, they are just getting ready to ripping the opening bell and there is -- ring the opening bell and there is some disappointing earnings reports from two bay area locals. there is the opening bell live, ebay, disappointing and it looks like they are going to $4 a share and a bay area in tell, looks like it will point to all the business news. >> thanks for joining us, i am mike knee back and they are on assignment today. we begin with breaking news, we have been following it since 8:30 an 8-year-old girl has been killed, one woman was also injured in the gunfire, paul chambers is joining us live on the scene with this investigation, paul?
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yet another oakland family is grieving after the lost of their 8-year-old child and police are trying to figure out who is responsible. the shot spotter picked up gun violence in this area and four people, an adult woman and a four-year-old little boy and 8- year-old child was shot and it's unclear if the shooting took place inside or outside the apartment they were all transported to a hospital where the 8-year-old girl passed away at the hospital. >> she succumb to the injuries. the other children were shot but they are in stable condition. >> reporter: the grandmother is shot as well and is in stable condition but they are not
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clear on her relation to the other children. they are not sure if they are looking for single or multiple shooters and we of course are staying on top of this and we are trying to get more information on this ongoing investigation, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> this morning, they are investigating a homicide and that man died at the hospital. police are interviewing witnesses but have not named a suspect and anybody with information about this case is asked to call the berkeley police department. awaiter has city leaders which is controversy. here is mop -- controversial. here is more on what one wants to get out of the hands of the protest is, claudine? >> reporter: this is the second time they talked about this, the ban would address shields
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and hammers and other things that can be used as weapons or cause vandalism. the first time things did not go well and it stirred up a lot of controversial but it is unclear and this is video of a may 22nd meeting, and i one woman angry at the address addressed the council. >> i want to tell you pat, i could walk up to you and kill you with a pencil, are you going to outlaw pencils? >> now that statement got cheers from crowd and he never actually finished what he had to say and he was so intimidated that they ended the meeting and proposals did not
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go any further than that. >> please... >> shut the hell up, we listened to you. .. >> sir, i'm sorry it is out of hand, i am going to end the meeting now. >> they felt they were victorious and they brought that to the table last year and now bringing it back to the table, they want to set up a time to debate whether the issue should come back for a second time to be reconsidered. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking to schedule secretary of homeland security janet napolitano as the next president of the campus system and live in san francisco, here is more on why some people are not happy about
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the regent's choice. former homeland secure news. >> reporter: secretary of homeland security janet napolitano has drawn some praise for her work and she is considered the face of immigration policies. many are planning a protest around noon before the confirmation meeting is to take place. they are upset because secretary of homeland security janet napolitano oversaw an unprecedented amount of deportations and they will question her stance on profiling. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is expected to be the first woman president in the campus' campus history and some are questioning her qualification where they should have some experience but some are praising her as a choice
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especially because she was twice elected governor but voiced a concern about fixed tuition rates as well and some are saying her connections in washington will help funding for the uc system and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano arrives this afternoon. ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are forcing 6,000 people to evacuate. the fire burned and it is only 23% contained and three firefighters have gotter her up. >> we haded to get all of the
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stuff out of the house in fact they have been am joining a certain area and we have traffic from the bay bridge and this system such a am popular commute and mum once you get in traffic is moving a long nicely with no major problems and as a matter of fact we do have a nice looking drive all the way to hayward. it is a little bit slow and the rest of contra costa have moved the maps and it is a little bit congested between present hill and walnut creek. thank you steve. well, we have some overcast again, let's give this fog spank some bash fog bank some credit. it is nothing like what we had
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a couple of days ago. what is inland will burn off sooner, temperatures climb up sooner and 79 napa, livermore was 83, downtown palo alto, 76, and palo alto is stanford and we will go 80 degrees and warm air a lot of, in -- aloft. it continues to come down and there are some park favorite. some will have to deal with that lower cloud deck and it will take temperatures into the 80s and 90s. some locations will warm up fast, 50s and low-to-mid to upper, walnut creek 52, southwest, not rip roaring but if it goes under 10, it is assure sign temperatures will
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warm up quickly, livermore, a southwest wind at 6 and at least it as puff of a breeze coming from the west. if i said a land breeze that could be going from land to sea, we do not have that but we have high pressure kicking in and in el paso, we have western texas to arizona, for us we do get some of the lower clouds and once it is backed, we will have cooler lows, well away from the coast, if you don't have that cloud deck, 70s and 80s on the temperatures, it leak like lake county oakland r- down to gilroy, coast and bay, 60s and 70s and 80s.
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nelson mandela turns 95 and there are suggestions on how to celebrate his birthday. live in santa cruz where one woman is fighting to be reimbursed from all the damage done on her property from it and we will tell you how the city is responding. good morning, southbound 680 traffic is moving along well, and we are learning of a power outage and also now people are stuck in an elevator in front of one of the office buildings, we will tell you more about that coming up.
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. good morning, gray skies for many, we will have 60s and 70s coast and bay, inland lower 80s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories, an 8- year-old girl has been killed, an adult woman was also hit when somebody fired on wilson avenue, police are still couching for the gunman, at this point there is no word of any motive. and during recent protests, they released this from a an area of lake merit and the
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senate can vote to lower interest rates on federal student loans, lawmakers could not reach an agreement and the new plan calls for interest rates to rise but contains the camp on the low rates. human remains are left behind, janine de la vega joins us with more on why she deserves compensation after a police shootout on their property. >> reporter: it is still pain for here for people in santa cruz and this is where the shooting took place near these garages on doyle. you can see where it appears that bullets have been area and the property owner thinks the city and county should pay. that property owner has filed a claim that her five unit
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apartment complex was heavily damaged when sheriff's deputies fired 50 rounds on february 26th, they say he gunned down officer elizabeth butler and sergeant loran butch baker earlier that day and they applaud the actions of catching the suspect but bullets damaged her garage doors, fences doors annuals. she was also left to clean up some human remains of the suspect after he was shot and killed by police. she wants to see the reimburser but the setnal voted to deny it but they did not create the emergency circumstances instead they were crease ating this.
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>> it was just from. >> it was totally an unpredictable event and the prop tip owner had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: in the meantime they have also filed a claim with the county to see if they will compensate her with her loss and they will see what the response is and we have not heard back yet but if we do we will bring it back to the morning news. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. verdicts have been read and they will be read later this after noon. the two were tried together but have separate juries and they were both accused of raping a young girl during the homecoming don's. >> both are selecting a today
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lower. >> last night's prayer vigil, they have received a lot of tips but no substantial leads. >> we just want daphne home. so that's all i would like to say right now. i am sad just like everybody else. >> police say neither parent is considered a suspect, prosecutors did not file charges and daphne's mother was also arrested back in february police say she was found passed out in a car with daphne in the back seat. a 90-year-old woman walked away from her care facility. she was last seen on july 9th. they say the picture is a little out of date because she
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now has shoulder length hair -- shoulder length hair. she walks with a cart because she is prone to falling. lawmakers are mosing a celebration in honor of mandela. the anti-apart tied -- the activist is coming home and there are handwritten notes wishing him a happy birthday on the wall of the hospital. they are encouraging people to take part in projects marking it am nationwide. house of cards has made emmy history. >> the nominations in the drama series category are... game of thrown, breaking bad, homeland, house of cards and madmen...
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>> the political drama received 9 emmy nominations and it is the first time online television series has been honored. the nominations for best actor, john transston from breaking bad and jeff daniels from the newsroom. claire danes from homeland and elizabeth moss of madmen. we understand there is a serious crash in the east bay and eastbound interstate 880, we are getting reports that somebody may be trapped in one of the vehicles here and we are also getting reports that a medical helicopter is on the way to the scene eastbound 80 and it's not affecting the westbound commute and we will
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keep an eye on this for you. up to the 880 over crossing, it is about a 50 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. and driving in san jose, it is going well. let's go to steve. all right, some of that fog which was way above some of the higher peeks is now coming down and still there is a pretty good push, once inland it will push often much faster. oar i think we'll see a repeat and also capitoa, 50s on the temperatures, it is not really changing too much, a little cooler on the lows if you don't have any of that low cloud deck and it looks like our fair inland areas right to the immediate coast or parts of the day bay. the western i can of that is starting to slide back, it will
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be in the 90s to a few 100s, and it is not that ridiculous. cooler lows, westerly breeze, that is coming from the west, or northwest, 60s to 90s, a few locationels getting near average, some near the coast, maybe sliding above or below average, warmest locations will be near 100, coast and bay will be 60s and 70s and 80s. we are expecting a vote to take the computer private. they called the shareholders' meeting to quickly adjourn and lists say it could be a set back for company founder michael del who is offering the company to go private and it may be a boost for rival bid for billionaire rival icon. they are holding on to its
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status, best selling car in america and sales have fallen this year from honda, nissan and ford, they all posted pretty big gains and offering more discounts on the camry. toyota said it will continue to promote the car's quality and reliability to win over customers. they are getting stuck on a hot jet on a sizzling arizona sun, find out more about this very uncomfortable situation. one sector is getting even more expensive, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the morning news despite some disappointing earnings, there are some good ones as well and dow jones industrial average is in new record territory, a look at the big board, it is up to 15,000 and s&p 500 and nasdaq are up pretty well and we are waiting for the second day of testimony of ben bernanke which could affect things as well. it is happening anywhere else in the company. san francisco rents jumped making it number one and oakland is second with rents going up 6.8% and san jose
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ranges 5th in the count -- ranks 5th in the country and right now the price of a two bedroom in san jose is 2,200 dollars a month. a grueling delay in a very hot yet finally landed with 157 passengers on board. the flight had been delayed under the hot arizona son and there was a problem with the jet's air conditioner. >> it was probably around 100 degrees and like being in a hot car. >> however the passenger said the airline provided them with free drinks and did everything to make them comfortable and the delay was due to some type -- some type of mechanical
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problem. and delays are related to air traffic control and laboratories must also be in working order. dozens of people got stuck on a ride, 38 passengers were stuck for about an hour when the month rail lost power. they used a few cherry pickers, what is happening out there. we are looking at a pretty serious crash on eastbound 880 and this is involving somebody who may be trapped inside one of the vehicles and traffic will be moderately heavy near full son, the traffic lights are out and some of the power is out near some of the nearby buildings as well, let's go to steve. kathy in napa, said, i can't see it and it will burn off sooner, otherwise sunny and
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warmer also inland coast and bay. thank you, steve, some critical questions involving the deadly crash at fso. a crime involving deadly gunfire in children. -- a crime involving deadly gunfire and children, stay tuned.
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>> reporter: oakland police are looking for the person or people involved in shooting and killing a 3-year-old and leaving others injuries. and what city leaders may want to consider and what happened the first time around. looking for answerps in the crash of asiana flight 214. and what an employee is accused of doing to a young child. "mornings on 2" begins now. good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's thursday, july


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