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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 23, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. we now have pictures of the
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crash of 214. orbs plane where the gaping hole where the plane's tail used to be. well, bart management and labor unions are far apart on all the major issues in a bitter labor dispute. we have more live from oakland. >> reporter: both sides agree they need to hammer out a deal, but they are bickering. bart's largest union local 1021 says the bart chief negotiator is a union buster who has a long period of labor law negotiations and strikes. union leaders are angry that hawk is available for ten of the last 14 days of bargaining but the absence was defended and they should still be able to get the job done in is a two
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week time frame. happening today you can quiet a look at the next generation of bart cars. the fleet of the future began at 2:00 at the macarthur bart station. they have wider aisles and an additional door for each car, bike racks and digital displays. the new cars are supposed to roll out in 2017, but coming up, bart says what may not happen if things don't go their way during negotiations. a peninsula family is mourning the loss of man who died trying to help crash victims on 280. kirk peterson was hit and killed on 280 at woodside early sunday morning. he was acting as a good samaritan. he witnessed a crash pulled over and tried to run across the lanes to aid the victims but was hit by an oncoming suv. he was recently married, his wife now a widow. >> he was the most beautiful
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person i had ever seen, inside and out. >> a driver involved in the initial crash, charles miranda of vallejo has been charged with dwi, causing bodily injury. a double-decker bus accident in san francisco is raising concern about low hanging wires. five tourists were injured last friday when a tour bus hit a wire in the richmond district. the wire came down on passengers on the bus. one woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and is now recovering. another bus hit a wire earlier in the day another passenger said. police say big buss are allowed on certain routes. 12th avenue is used when there
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is too much traffic on park studio. police in morgan hill says a 16-year-old boy has been arrested in the rape of a 40- year-old woman. two other teenagers were also arrested for burglary. the 16-year-old suspect helped the victim get inside her house friday after she was dropped off by a taxi after a night of drinking. the teenager is accused of returning to the woman's home later that night and raping her. two other teenagers are accused of stealing from the victim. well, executive chef joseph disimo died after being involved in a motorcycle accident. so far there are no other details about the crash. he joined 2008 after working at google. mark zuckerberg says he was a legend and institution. on his facebook page zuckerberg
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wrote... he was 44 years old. we have new information about a bicyclist and pedestrian in san francisco last year. ktvu learned that the bicycle has agreed to plead guilty to felony sic lar manslaughter. he was riding his bike when he rid and killed 71-year-old su wee during rush hour. the man sure charge is the first of its kind in the nation and could be reduced to a misdemeanors in six months with a sentencing of 3 years of probation and 1,000 hours of community service. and sal, you are keeping an eye on the traffic? >> i just checked in with la quartering. all runways are open. runways 4 and 13 are open.
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if you are taking a flight across the country, la guard's reopening could mean -- la guardia's opening could mean good things for you. at the toll plaza good looking drives into fran. on san jose, northbound 80 and 101 looking good. light rain being reported toward san jose. if you are getting rain tweet me or email me. cloudy, and this muggy rain moving in east to west, a little low up the coast. some of this kind of a broad
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brush coming right over us but san jose in line, and the rain moving over the peninsula right now. not all of it reaching the ground but some of it is. on the observation, san jose says light rain and you can see why. there is a little of it there. 60s because of the cloud cover. you can expect that. there is a breeze going on. some areas are picking up a decent seabreeze with a westerly wind. at the service a west wind with low clouds, as well. 60s and 70s, very mild conditions with the tropical clouds coming through. thunderstorms in the sierra, no doubt, probably not supporting for us here but we will keep an eye on that possibility today. cloudy, light rain, showers, humid, breezy as well. that is what is going on at the surface and up above. 60s through 80s, a lot depend through the cloud cover. you can break through the cloud cover and shoot up 5 to 6 degrees in a minute.
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the clouds clear up wednesday, then warmer thursday and friday and a little low will punch in on the weekend enhancing the fog a bit. brad? well, 77-year-old randy brown ran a water scooter onto the ground yesterday. embryonic hope to pump out the water and use a crane to lift the schooler out of the mud this morning. it was a day of tradition as the birth of the royal baby was announced to the world. coming up, we go live to london where the crowd is hoping for a new glimpse of the princ look at 'em.
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castaneda,. welcome back. a ktvu field poll finds an increasing number of californians not happy about president obama's job performance. his approval rating has fallen 10 points from 62% in february to 52% now and 35% disapprove of the job he is doing. with president obama's declining job approval rating, republicans are trying to get disenchanted voters to join their party and launch a new effort aimed at getting more republican women to run for political office. >> we don't have any women
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representatives in congress from our california delegation. that is a concern to me as the woman leader of the party. >> according to the rutger's center for american women in politics, in the last election 109 republican women ran for the house and 20 won their elections. by comparison, 190 democratic women launched house campaigns and 62 were elected. time now is 4:42 and president obama offered his congratulations to prince william and his wife on the birth of their newborn son as the world continues to celebrate the birth of the royal baby. this is a video of niagara falls in canada where the water was illuminated blue in honor of the baby boy. now, what is going on in london, brian? >> reporter: the mood is exciting. check out the headlines, oh,
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boy, grandpa. and at back pain, instead of son -- buckingham palace, instead of the sun, it is son. as the you can and world await the -- as the you can you can and the world a -- uk and the world await the new prince, crowds cheered monday ago the formal announcement went up at buckingham palace. >> it is very exciting. we brought my daughter and friends over here. here, the sun names itself son, and oh, boy, it is
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grandma, of course, prince charles. the name is being kept mum, but it didn't keep the crowd from coming up with suggestions. >> maybe a james or alfred. >> reporter: the prince of cambridge is now third in line to the thrown behind his grandfather and father. so, brian, i am thinking of this whole story in three acts. the first act is done. we know the baby is born. the second act is when will the family appear in the front door of saint mary's, and the third will be what will be the baby's name. still to come. we don't know yet but when we do, we will have the details for you. >> thank you! a british bar in san jose is celebrating the birth of the newest member of the royal family with a baby shower this weekend. the manager of britannia arms says there will be cake and sam pain at the-champagne at the celebration. they have not yet set a time and date for the baby's shower but when they do it will be
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posted on the bar's facebook page and twitter account. a new bikini bar has neighbors on edge. the gold club is said to be able to open for business once it gets the needed permits because it contains all the zoning requirements but some are worried this club will lead to an increase in crime. >> we know it could require serious scrutiny because it appears to be something that may be skimpy clothing. >> the bikini bar will be opened as soon as next month. no dancing will be allowed because of regulations. a small plane crash in south lake tahoe killed an palo alto man. the plane went down in a wooded area east of the southwest tahoe airport yesterday morning. the plane lost al attitude after takeoff then hit large pine trees and flipped over. the pilot was killed.
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an offduty nurse walking her dog in the area came to the aid of his wife who has moderate injuries. heat and high altitude can be a problem for pilots at the lake tahoe airport. temperatures were in the 90s when the crash happened. we have new pictures from inside the asiana plane killing 2 people. you can see the cabin burned out there. another image shows the hole at the back of the plane where the tail fell off. it takes 1 to 18 months to complete the final report the ntsb says. and now, back to traffic, sal? >> hi, brian. traffic is doing well around the la guardia area. all runways are open if you are taking a flight across the country to new york city today. let's take a look at the
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commute on 80 westbound. if you are driving on 08 westbound from vallejo to berkeley, the chp is not reporting any accidents or stalled vehicles and traffic is moving well. the bainbridge toll plaza looks good. you can see for yourself it is light getting up to the toll plaza area. the bay bridge and upper deck at 280 look good in downtown san jose. well, a nice little twist in the weather pattern today. a little area of low pressure coming up. the highway is funneling in a lot of cloud cover. light rain and possible thunderstorm activity. there has been good boomers in the sierra, nevada. lightning detection near kirkwood late last night. this morning things have calmed
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down. it will probably pick up later on this afternoon. san jose has been reporting light rain. plenty here. i mean kind of again a broad brush but the lows are mild. you expect that with the clouds here. 60s, at the surface low clouds and a breeze out of the west. the higher clouds will be with us today. a cloudy day. some of the rain -- looks like the heavier wants to stay south, toward san jose and monterey. everybody? line for cloudy skies, light rain, humid, definitely an umbrella in the drink kind of pattern here. really brutal. again, yesterday's highs came in exactly as forecasted, but i will tell you if it wasn't for the cloud cover it would have been warmer. that is key. cloudy, light rain, possible thunder shower activity, partly sunny, clear ongoing wednesday. it looks warmer thursday and friday. another low visits on the weekend which should increase the fog bang we are in. >> thank you, steve.
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time now is 4:48. the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is back in court. >> and divers off the california coast are suddenly caught off guard. take a look at that. two large hump back whales!
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; welcome back. investigators say david lee simpson was arrested after articles on the newtown, connecticut shooting. he was apparently upset about the jed yas arias trial. >> the media, sometimes they have a difficult job to do, so i am very happy that we were able to prevent certain situations that could have occurred. >> the identities of the news anchors threatened have not been released. it is also unclear what connection simpson has to arizona, although he is also accused of threatening a phoenix woman who defended the anchors online. and saline torres is due back in court, accused of
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kidnapping and killing morgan teenager sierra lamar. he was arrested more than a year ago. despite multiple appearances a year ago, he is yet to enter a plea. according to court documents, torres is required to be present today. a hell's angel accepted a plea deal in a gunfight that killed a chapter san jose president. he pleaded guilty to battery and invitation to fight in reno yesterday. he is accused of shooting a motorcycle club member at a casino. his best friend died in the gunfight. the member accused of killing him is on trial for murder. and a tech savvy business owner helped police catch a thief. the owner of the may cobody shop got a call for his alarm
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company about a break-in. he was he was able to watch a burglar field of his business through the camera. joseph pete was one of the men arrested. it was a close call for two california divers swallowed nearly by hump back whales. this video was taken off the coast saturday. all of a sudden the water around the waters was surrounded by a school of sardines when the two whales broke to the surface. check that out. mouths wide open. right next to the divers. they made it back to the boat, shaking but laughing about the whole thing. you can check out the video on look for it under the "hot topics" section of the home page. time now is 4:54, keeping
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an eye on traffic. >> good morning. traffic is doing pretty well right now. i think you would like it out there if you are driving anywhere any time soon. let's take a look at the toll plaza, it is light. no problems getting into san francisco. same thing for the east bay freeways. traffic here is light as you can see heading south to san jose. a lot of cars on the road but not a big traffic jam. if you are on the peninsula, highway 101 and 280 reporting in very well with no problems heading up and down the peninsula. steve? a lot of tropical clouds coming in. we are under cloudy skies and light rain today. a possibility of a thunder shower or two, we kind of need a break in the clouds. some of these could fire up later today. light rain passing over the peninsula but almost everybody
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is in line for this today. 50s and 06s to start. mid 60s for a lot of locations due to the cloud cover. you can see there is plenty of -- well, i don't want to say upstream -- but coming off the sierra nevada. some of the rain could fire up to be a thunder shower, but conditions aren't right for that but close. clouds and showers, 60s through 80s, if you can get the cloud cover to part for a half hour or so the temperatures will be warmer than this, but i think it will be too cloudy today. cloudy, light rain wednesday. warmer inland thursday and friday and the little low moves in on the weekend bringing the temperatures down a wee bit. >> steve, thank you. well, ebay's local delivery service is expanding in the bay area, available already to customers in san jose and san francisco. now people on the peninsula can also get the service called ebay now. it lets shoppers buy something online from stores in the program. will it be delivered in about
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an hour for a $5 charge. the minimum order though is $25. starting this month taco bell is phasing out kids meals and toys at stores around the country. the restaurant chains says kids meals are not helping its bottom line and don't fit in with the company's overall strategy of catering to people in their 20s. sit first national food -- it is the first national food chain to eliminate kids meals for kids. well, coming up what is and isn't happening at the airport here at home. >> and more on the bart deadline, now 12 days away. stay with us.
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. good morning. it was a scary landing for a southwest flight, and what the complications could mean to ore planes in new york. >> and new information about the deadly crash between a bicyclist and a pedestrian in san francisco last year. the new deal that may keep one man out of jail. >> we are live in oakland why
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bart passengers are crossing their fingers that another strike doesn't happen soon. why the two sides are still bickering. the morning news starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, july july 3rd. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check the weather and traffic. steve is right there. how do we dress today? well, sit cloudy, kind of -- it is cloudy, mild, muggy. and even a couple of reports of light rain. there is a loft spinning off the sierra heading right over us. mainly toward san francisco, oakland and concord south. anybody is line, however, for a few showers. 80s inland. here is sal. steve, good morning. traffic looks good on 237. barely recognize it because there aren't any cars on it,


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