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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is a windy area out there. most of the bay area not that windy but in this area we have seen gusts up to 31 miles an hour. the winds funnel through the bridge area and this is where the fire was. we will check out port chicago it's a welt wind right now but the gusts were to 31. temperature in that area 79 degrees and the humidity is not that low. it's pretty high for this time of year. here is the area of the fire. you see the chemical plant. fire in this area. if you look down wind you can seat homes, pretty sure they are getting impacted by the smoke moving in the easterly direction from a westerly wind. so, port chicago, the highway here as well probably seeing smoke. right now though the conditions for the fire, the winds are still there but the temperature is low and the humidity is running relatively high. that's good news for firefighters. that area, you can get gusts
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easy to 40 miles an hour. we had a gust to 31 miles an hour. what we are looking at in 15 minutes we will talk about the opportunity for the fog when it comes back in, how temperatures are going to change over the next 24 hours and the weekend in view. >> stanford university attacked. the university said someone hacked into its computer network and may have compromised the system. rob roth is live with what it's telling its users to do now. >> reporter: here the investigation is onto try to figure out who hacked into the school's computer system and why. many stanford students and employees say they have changed their passwords in to the university's computer system today. last night a official sent an e- mail alerting people that the school's computer system apparently has been hacked. >> i don't know how that could happen in such a -- a university that has really good
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it systems and is in the heart of silicon valley. >> of course i'm upset about his information and what they can do to my data i believe in stanford and their security. >> reporter: the e-mail said that we do not know the scope of the intrusion but are working closely with information security consultants and law enforcement to determine its source and impact. we aren't aware of any protected health information, personal financial information or social security numbers being compromised. stanford doesn't conduct classified research. >> twitter gets hacked all the time. >> reporter: a consultant is readying a booklet and said it's becoming more difficult to keep hackers out. >> it should be very hard but the reality is not that hard. the problem is the security systems are getting better but the bad guys are too. >> reporter: and technology analysts advise people to use
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different passwords for different websites. no word on how long the investigation may take. reporting live >> we have learned the woman who was gunned down in her neighborhood in broad daylight was pushing for private security because she felt police were not doing enough to keep her safe. we are live now at opd quarters. >> reporter: police aren't offering a lot of detailsful shortly before noon i got this e-mail confirming the identity of the victim and saying the case is being investigated. a memorial has grown near the crime scene where a gunman targeted a 66 year judi solomon. it appears the woman was shot in her own car in broad daylight. >> yeah. we heard the crash and saw the two cars and then the lady was in the street. she was alive though at first
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she passed right there. >> reporter: now neighbors worry and some want to leave. >> i want to go. i have a year lease but i don't want to live here. >> reporter: neighbors say that fern street is a common party spot. bill is with the council and said solomon was committed to improving the area. >> she was interested in stirring up private patrol because we feel like we need to protect ourselves if the government won't. >> reporter: neighbors posted this note telling everybody they will hold a meeting on saturday to discuss that idea of having a private patrol in the area. we will look at the series of high profile crimes and tell you what oakland residents think are the solutions to the city's crime problem. we are live in oakland. >> the latest killing puts the number of homicides in oakland at 56 so far this year. we looked up figures from 2012
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and found there were 64 killings about the same period last year. there were a total of 131 in the city in all of 2012. >> new developments tonight in a san jose case that was being investigated as a possible homicide. police there now say that the death of a 62-year-old woman yesterday morning was not a homicide. however, they have not provided further details about how she died. firefighters found the woman in distress in her apartment and called police. the woman died later at the hospital. purse snatching is on the rise downtown. there is an an increase in purse and bag thefts along with an increase in injuries. they are advising victims not to fight back and that they stay aware of their surroundings, avoid flashing large amounts of cash and remain in well lit areas. prosecutors say two lake county men abused a teen run away and even kept her in a box while they were running an
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illegal drug operation. investigators first found a marijuana farm in april. they found a cache of weapons. prosecutors have charged the 30- year-old on the left and the 24- year-old. they are accused of manufacturing and distributing marijuana and using a minor in a drug operation. they could face life if convicted. >> new details in a crash in richmond two months ago that killed a 5-year-old. prosecutors have reportedly filed charges against the girl's mother. the san francisco chronicle reports she faces child endangerment. she was at the wheel may together when her car overturned killing her daughter. of the six in the suv only the mother was wearing a seatbelt. people inside a beauty salon barely missed harm when a car hit the front of the shop.
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this happened before 9:30 at tough cuts plus on winchester boulevard. investigators say that the 92- year-old driver was parked in front of the store. she was ready to drive away when she hit the gas instead of the brake and hit the salon. at least four people were inside at the time. >> nobody hurt. so that was good, couple minutes earlier and maybe a couple of people may have been hurt. >> the owners decided to stay open for business after the crash. people say that the driver didn't receive a citation and was allowed to drive home. >> some scary moments for a young brother and sister. the two had to hide as burglars broke into their home. it happened in haywood. that's where kara is live now with the brave move that led to a suspect's quick arrest. >> reporter: neighbors say that they saw police swarm this neighborhood. a woman said she saw a guy jumping a fence, trying to get away. police say that all this
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happened about 10:30 yesterday morning. that is when a 13-year-old girl was home babysitting her 8-year- old brother and heard a noise in the garage. investigators say she went to check it out, saw a reflection of a man through a window, grabbed her brother, ran to a back bedroom and called her mom who then called the police. >> which responded with in 20 seconds of the calm the initial responding officer witnessed two suspects leaving the backyard of the resident they got into a pursuit. >> reporter: police say they managed to catch up with a 22- year-old who was arrested and have leads on tracking down a second suspect. they say that only a hello kitty radio was missing from the home. police also say while it would have been a little better had the sister called the police first, they called her actions very brave saying she had to make a split second decision. both are safe tonight.
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we are live in haywood. >> now to the continuing coverage of the looming possibility of another bart strike. there are now ten days left before the union's 30 day contract extension is set to expire. there were no meetings today but bart said negotiations will resume at nine tomorrow tom reports on why trying to replace bart in the event of another strike is almost impossible. >> reporter: management seemed to have the upper hand for a moment. >> i have always been a real strong worker of unions but this time it's a little hard to take >> the only point of having unions is to discuss these things to begin with. if we don't talk nothing will get done. >> reporter: with the strike looming the transportation commission is looking at the mass hiring of private buses for riders. >> to replace bart we would need around 8,000 buses.
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>> reporter: ben owner of events west tours and travel can charters buses. he said that each bus would cost a thousand dollars a day if you can find them. >> anything over 50 buses becomes very challenging when you are talking hundreds of buses, it's nearly impossible. >> reporter: these buses are no expensive and so expensive to operate, like airliners they just can't sit around this he have to be working constantly. >> the average cost is approximately $500,000 new. >> reporter: what about all the school buss sitting for the summer? >> if you were talking school buss you have a lot of driver who essentially take the summer off. >> reporter: and large numbers of qualified driver as the this time of year is nearly him pock. it seems buses are a bust. ktvu channel 2news. >> minutes ago a popular oakland restaurant reopened after a suspicious fire forced it to close last weekend. flames cut off power to hawker fair restaurant which features
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one of the star chefs. the owner showed us these images from his camera which he said showed two men setting fire to a dumpster. they said repairs came fast enough to reopen for dinner tonight. in about an hour and 15 minutes the council is set to hold a special meeting to consider taking action against one of its own. councilmembers can't to censure a councilwoman, accused of improperly taking control of the construction and operation of two teen centers in her district. a grand jury found that contracting, purchasing and hiring rules were circumvented. >> new, talking with teens at trayvon martin. the discussions helping to build a bridge between police and a community. >> crimes going unreported. the push by bay area lawmaker to make sure hundreds of crimes
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on cruise ships made public. >> first a deadly train crash. what may have played a role in the accident that left at least 80 people dead.
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. in is startling video of that train accident in spain. watch the right hand side of the screen. a camera caught the passenger train racing around the bend then we see it crashing in to a concrete wall. at least 80 people were killed in that crash. investigators are questioning the train's driver and looking at if speed or other factors led to the accident many passengers were about to celebrate a public religious holiday. >> reporter: this was the fatal moment of horror. watch the security video as this train hurls around a
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curve, jumps the tracks! s into a concrete wall and flips over and skids, all at a horrible high speed. >> we heard a huge explosion. there were a lot of people hurt. we as the resulted to help them in that train car there and then went to the other cars. that was shocking. >> reporter: at least 80 people have died. the among them one united states citizen, a state department official confirmed today. immaterial wounded people carrying children. there are no words to describe it. i was devastated. >> reporter: almost 200 are hurt including five americans. the president said in a statement today he is shocked and saddened by the news of yesterday's tragic train derailment adding that today the american people mourn with our spanish friends. the days ahead will be focused on what caused the disaster. all options are being looked at but the speed of the train may have been a factor. a formal investigation is underway and the train engineer
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is being questioned by police. at the crash site teams still digging out. officials expect to find more bodies. across spain the sadness spreads. >> i want to say to the families and friends of victim that you won't be alone and you will always have the support of all the spain spain. >> a mudslide has forced police to hold westbound interstate 80 traffic at the nevada state line. we want to show you live footage. the mudslide happened around 3:30. apparently we don't have that picture one eastbound lane is also closed. no injuries or vehicle damage have been reported, the nevada department of transportation is working to clear that slide and said it could take at least six hours. drivers are being told to use another out. a former wrestling coach has been arrested on child porn
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charges he is a accused of down loading photographs of children on his home computer. he is a photographer but police say he denies taking porn pictures of children. he was the part time wrestling coach for five-years at justin sienna high school. officials say they don't believe any students were involved. >> san francisco congressman today called the conduct of two public officials involved in sex scandals horrible. >> so disrespectful of women and what's really stunning about it is they don't realize it. they don't have a clue. they are clueless, get a clue. they need therapy do it in private. >> reporter: anthony weiner appeared at a campaign event. he is married apologized again for exchanging lewd images and explicit texts with another woman. the mayor of san diego has been accused of sexually harassing
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female staffers. >> section more dead birds have tested positive for west nile. vector control said two of them were found in pittsburgh. one each was found in antioch, brett brentwood, concord and oakley. officials say infected birds let them locatewhere to focus mosquito efforts. >> at the beginning we talked about winds out there. it was kind of breezy out there for a lot of us today. >> that area where the fire was. the winds howling through there. we know that and it's a traditionally windy place. firefighters are getting a handle on that fire. what's going on in the lake tahoe area. i have fog along the coast. you can see that here, hugging the coastline. then you see the high clouds here until you hit the sierra nevada and they work their way north. that's true with thunderstorms from about kirkwood south. those storms are all training toward the north. you see all the lightning
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strikes. there is some wet coming out but you are still getting a lot of lightning and that always causes problems this time of year for firefighters. we will watch that. around here the temperatures were mild today. a little cooler than yesterday. someplaces as much as five and eight degrees cooler, still some heat in the inland bay valley but most of the temperatures came down a fee degrees. we had a lot of 60's and low 70s. we have plenty of fog along the coast, sixing along the coast. that gives us that good chance of drizzle tonight. then into the evening the fog starting to increase and do what it did last night. it'll show up in the bay and around san rafael and the winds -- 20-mile an hour winds will bring that fog in. overnight lows, 60 antioch. 59 livermore. overnight upper 50s. here goes the fog forecast for your friday morning. 7:00 a.m. there it is. it's in the bay. it's up into oakland, into cast
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robotics valley. its going into fremont. there it is. watch how fast it goes away. like today the sun came out quickly. temperatures tomorrow will be mostly in the 70s and low 80s. 92 in antioch. that's one of the warm spots, 86 fairfield, 87 livermore. the forecast highs for friday, warmer than today. 78 in santa rosa, 79napa, just a really nice day. this pattern, with the fire, with the temperatures in the fire zone upper 70's, low 80s. that's not crazy heat for fire conditions, humanity tyrellively high as well. this pattern we are going into, into the weekend with temperatures trending down in the inland bay valley it's helpful for firefighters and air quality. more clouds on saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday you see the temperatures, this is the highest temperature kicking out of the 90's and going into the mid80's and 84 degrees by tuesday and the hot spots, there you go, a mild five-day forecast. i will come back at -- in a little bit and talk about the
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forecast models for your bay area weekend. we will look at forecast highs for saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> it may be summertime but it was a busy day at a bay area school. >> mills high school hasn't had regular classes since june. why some students say that's just one reason it's unfair to make them retake advanced placement tests. . and what we are working on for six. >> coming up a story you will only see here. >> tonight new information about what was inside flight 214 that could have caused a health risk to firefighters responding to the crash. >> and a look at a bay area college student's home of the future and how it could make your house better and less expensive. these and more coming up on the news at six. look at 'em.
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. 200 students have been told to retake their advance policement tests after they were thrown out. we are live where some students reluctantly started signing up for the new tests today. >> reporter: it may be the summer break but there is plenty of action going on behind the scenes here at the school as students fight to get their test scores back and prepare to take the tests again on very short notice. there are no regular classes going on at mills high school but today is the start of when students can sign up to retake advance placement tests which help in college admissions. the retakes necessary because the college board and it's
5:25 pm
testing service invalidated more than 200 scores last may because of what they called irregular seating arrangements that could have given 't some students unfair advantages. >> they are suggesting that we cheated despite saying there is no proof. it's unfair we are being punished without proof. >> reporter: many are upset but are reluctantly signing up but compare to running a marathon three months officer training > >> we are run but not as fast and we won't be able to win compared to the rest of the world and it's not fair. we are innocent. >> reporter: students say they will continue to fight even if they have to retake the test. >> it does bother me. it feels like the big business such as the college board have been treating the students wrong when they are supposed to be serving us as a company. >> we are trying to get to as many students as possible so they have that option but are also moving forward with legal council to look at all options
5:26 pm
including litigation. >> reporter: students have an online petition at why we need our scores and state senator said they are planning to hold a meeting on the issue live -- ktvu channel 2news. >> facebook shares took off like a rocket today proving it's focused on mobile is working. the company reported a 53% jump in revenue after the bell yesterday. 30% of the revenue was due to mobile advertising. the ceo said that it'll soon rise to 50%. the stock closed above $34 a share which is still below it's ipo but it's at its highest point in more than a year. >> arod reportedly in trouble. what he did without his team's permission that may get him disciplined. >> the trayvon martin case. it wasn't something to protest but a teaching moment between kids and police >> a different take on airport
5:27 pm
food. the new pilot program that brings gourmet lunches to sfo. >> an investigation after a baby got sick with a salmonella infection in the hospital. [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪
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♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles.
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. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> reaching out, how a police chief is using a tragedy to help bridge the divide between his force and youth. almost two weeks since the verdict in the martin case and emotions are still raw. new at five, ken pritchett live where the trial is being used as a way to reach out. >> reporter: the police chief here is using the martin case as a teaching moment to talk about racial profiling. he is talking to youth. some of whom say that they fear they or their friends could be victims one day as well the martin case sparked outrage, fueled by a verdict that freed zimmerman. what followed were protests, some violent. we saw that in oakland. from the story,. >> i think it started bad from the beginning. >> reporter: police chief ronald davis sees good that can come from it. >> a lot of the youth are concerned about what made martin suspicious in the eyes
5:31 pm
of zimmerman to begin with. >> reporter: the chief is spending this summer talking to youth about racial profiling. an officer of 28 years, he is not immune. >> i can still tell you the circumstances where i got stopped which i believe was for -- no other reason than my skin color. >> reporter: he said they are talking cab the case and the verdict. >> most of my friends are young, african american males, it's kind of sad because have you to -- what if that was my friend? >> i think it's sad that people are judged by how they look >> looking at the problem says they are looking for answers, support. >> reporter: the chief said there are no easy answers but there is support both for the children and from them. that's what the meetings are about. >> also about making our community safe. i can't do it without their helpful. >> reporter: the youth in this story are from a group called college track, high school kid whose are determined to go to
5:32 pm
college. the chief will talk to other gatherings of youth in this community over the summer. in east palo alto. >> jurors in the zimmerman case are speak out about their verdict. cnn is reporting one told abc news zimmerman got away with murder. the woman said she and other jurors felt he was guilty but that the evidence didn't prove it. last week another juror said that zimmerman didn't do anything wrong and he was justified in shooting martin. >> san francisco police are asking for the public's help in locating an at risk teen. investigators say that the 19- year-old indicated that he was traveling from massachusetts to san francisco to harm himself. police say that they have learned he is in san francisco. he is described as 5'10'' with blue eyes and brown hair. anyone with information is asked to call the police. a family is suing doctors hospital in modesto after their baby got infected with salmonella while in the
5:33 pm
hospital. the family is demanding justice. >> it was a nightmare. i couldn't touch my own daughter. >> reporter: sheila is holding her daughter gun but last april she got salmonella. >> it was the scariest time of our life. we don't know if she was going to make it . none of the doctors have ever heard of any baby getting this unside an icu. >> reporter: the county health officials say it's more serious for the elderly and babies because the infection could invade the bloodstream and damage organs. vega believes her baby got the infection by baby formula fed to her. >> only way to catch it is to eat the bacteria. the only thing she was eating was formula. >> reporter: the makers of the formula said that it was tested
5:34 pm
and did not show science of contamination. the health department asked for an investigation. the vega family said it has never been contacted. >> she was born fine, healthy, so excited and to hear that phone call, or not the phone call but to hear them say she was sick. we had no idea. >> every day it was worry and every day now still because she is positive. >> reporter: the family said the baby isn't allowed to attend daycare and worry their daughter will not have a normal life. in modesto. >> doctors hospital said it can't comment on the lawsuit. a spokesman called the case isolated. the hospital also notes that the california department of public health did site visits and found in problems with patient care. >> it's a nontraditional parenting style for the duke
5:35 pm
and dutchess of cambridge. after the birth of prince george the new family of three took off for cathryn's parents home. traditionally the racing of the heir is the responsibility of the royal family. they are hoping a hands on approach from grandma middleton will make for a more normal up bringing. john kerry made his first visit to the united nations as secretary of state. he met with the secretary general. the two discussed the ongoing war in syria. the secretary later presided over a meeting of the un security council. >> the president met today at the white house with the president of vietnam he said that he and the president of vietnam are committed to reaching a trade guyment but they had differences over human rights. the men also discussed military cooperation as well as educational and technology exchanges. >> sources told outlet that the yankees plan to discipline
5:36 pm
arod for seeking a second medical opinion without the team's permission. he has been sidelined since he had hip surgery in january. he has said he wants to play in tomorrow's game. the union contract says they must tell their teams in writing when they seek a second opinion. the source said that the discipline for arod hasn't been determined. >> the navy defending it's new war ship. the concerns lawmakers are raising. plus. >> a different kind of hacking using scissors. the underground movement to redefine marriage. >> crimes being withheld from the public. the push underway by a bay area politician to shed light on crimes committed on cruise ships. >> and airport food just got a gourmet twist. the new program that brings international flavors to travelers.
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. the smell of indian dishes and hawaii lunch plates filled the area at san francisco international airport because of a new food truck program >> the plate. i'm from hawaii so i really want to know what it's like. >> reporter: airport employees flocked to two food trucks outside the domestic terminal at lunchtime. under the program the trucks will serve lunch from 11 to 2 every thursday.
5:40 pm
sfo arranged for them through the off the grid organization in response to an employee's suggestion. so far, its been a hit. >> pretty excited. hungry, good food. >> the staff has been really supportive and excitement has been building. hopefully momentum will keep building and people will come out. >> reporter: off the grid plans to rotate different types of food trucks every week. next week look for philippines fare and mexican fusion. if the new airport food truck program is successl organizers hope to expand with more trucks offering lunch food on more days. >> popular car service uber is expanding to the south bay and the peninsula. the lower cost version of it's mobile app car service is being offered in the silicon valley. the service costs 10% less than taking a taxi. honda drivers are getting a treat. free gas. a honda crew has been showing up at gas stations with a blue
5:41 pm
tanker and giving away free fuel for honda drivers. they want to help make summer road trips more affordable. in california the average cost is $4.02. urban legend said full moons can put you out of whack but what about your sleeping? that in a minute. first troubled waters. the reason why hundreds of cruise ship crimes go unreported and the effort to change that. >> hacking the dictionary. why booksellers concerned about this piece of paper popping up on pages. >> back after the break. the fog and how it'll impact your day tomorrow. temperatures are changing. i will have the complete forecast back in ten.
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. federal officials said the fire is out on a drilling rig that raged with flames after a blow out in the gulf. earlier today officials confirmed gas had stopped flowing from the well which had been leaking since tuesday. they say the environmental impact is expected to be limited but the well must be secured to ensure it doesn't leak again. all 44 workers on the rig were safely evacuated. cruise ship rhymes aren't being reported and one congressman is supporting legislation to make that information more transparent. why you haven't heard about all the trouble on the water. >> reporter: more than 10 million americans will go on a cruise this year.
5:45 pm
hundreds will become victims of crimes. >> consumers have no way to find out what their real risks are before they take a cruise. >> reporter: that's because the law doesn't require all crimes be reported to the public. congressional sources gave us documents that tell the story. over the past two years, the fbi investigated nearly 1,000 crimes, but only 31 were reported to the public. >> we need to open this up. the public needs to know. >> reporter: california congressman is on board with the senate transportation committee chairman. the legislation would make information on all alleged cruise ship crimes available to the public. require video cameras in public areas and make the department of transportation put a victim advocate on board ships. >> just make sure crime is reported, make sure those responsible are arrested. >> reporter: the new regulations could cost but he doesn't fear problems for ports or employees. >> this is an industry with
5:46 pm
$25 billion of income last year. >> reporter: cruise lines international is reviewing the legislation. officials there say cruise line travel is safe given the number of passengers and crew in a relatively small space >> our coverage continues online of the just visit the website at click on hot topics. you will find a link to the coast guard's database for cruise line crime. >> the ohio man accused of holding three women captive for a decade may be close to a plea deal. a hearing for castro is set for tomorrow in the middle of reports of a deal that will spare him the death penalty. he is a accused of kidnapping, raring and brutalizing the women. if there is a plea deal the victims would not have to go through a trial which is set to start august 5th. >> the new tunnel at devil side could be good news.
5:47 pm
the county plans a public hearing about plans to create a hiking trail. the trail would would be 1.2 miles long. the hearing set for 7:00 tonight. it's at the cyprus center. >> the full moon has been blamed for a lot but now sciencists say it can interfere with sleep. a researcher reviewed the data for signs of a lunar influence. he found melotonin levels were lower during a full moon. the. a mudslide has forced police to hold westbound interstate 80 traffic at the nevada state line. this is a live picture at the camera along the freeway. the slide happened around 3:30 this afternoon near ferret road. one eastbound lane is still
5:48 pm
closed so westbound traffic can turn around. no injuries or vehicle damage. the department of transportation is working to clear that slide and said could take six hours to do that. >> let's go head and think about the bay area, maybe even farah head to the weekend. i know bill martin has done that for us. >> thinking about the weekend and it looks good. the bay area weather is shaping up as we go in to the next few days. it's not that hot, not that cold. its cool at the coast and kind of warmed to hot in the inland bay valley. here is how the temperatures panned out. 86 in -- 96 in antioch. that's a big one. fairfield much cooler. 88 degrees. much cooler in santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow not that much different, look at the thunderstorms up on the west slope of the sierra nevada. that's leftover tropical moisture that's hammering the west slope. thunderstorms up toward kirkwood. those move in to the lake tahoe area. there is the fog, out in -- it's fog, golden gate park. the fog and the time l aps e
5:49 pm
act the inversion is about 1300 feet deep. that's about where it was yesterday. you can see how shallow it was. the hot spots, tomorrow the marine layer stays about the same. the depth about the same. temperatures tomorrow very similar. plenty of heat inland and then warm to hot inland, plenty of heat inland and warm around the bay. the weekend, cooling trend is that low pressure kind of comes in exchanges things. changes the inversion, stretches it out. high pressure, cooling ahead, that high pressure sort of gets bumped away. comes and takes -- 1300 feet t will go up to 2,000 feet. guests up over the coastal hills and trends temperatures down. today nice day. as we head into saturday, tomorrow is a lot like today but saturday and sunday and monday, temperatures coming up. that's good, for fire danger concerns. this is a big fire time of year for the bay area. northern california. that is this pattern with that low helps the state.
5:50 pm
northern california. the forecast tomorrow, there is the heat and you see it up, you see it around sacramento. not here. you see that cool sea breeze? temperatures tomorrow, lots of -- lots of 80s, 86 in fairfield, there is your heat. 93 vacaville 86 walnut creek. a nice, warm spread from the bay to inland. 88gilroy, 88 morgan hill. then along the coast fog. the fog has been breaking out a little bit. saw a little sun over bodega bay. and you saw plenty of fog. the five-day forecast, the bay area weekend in view. tomorrow like today, maybe a little warmer in some spots and then temperatures start to drop off, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. these temperatures all in response to that low pressure that gets closer to us. it's a good-looking forecast. this is the time of year. beautiful, good weather in the bay area but the changes, less fire danger into the weekend
5:51 pm
and into early next week. >> as we go back to the fire we were covering out this afternoon, winds were a factor, we saw them, brown and dry. >> and all about wind. part of chicago area. it was blowing, 31 miles an hour. >> that's why they have the big wind mills. >> yeah. >> changing the definition of marriage. five minutes how a bay area artist is making a social statement by defacing dictionaries >> more on what we are working on for six. >> a missing child, an 8-year- old girl shot and killed and now a loved neighbor gunned down in broad daylight. we are digging deeper into unsolved crimes to learn how many are eventually solved. and. >> tonight new information about what was inside flight 214 that could have caused a health risk to firefighters responding to the crash. >> the storeys and more coming up in about ten minutes at six.
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. the pope rallied young catholics to go out and spread the faith as he opened world youth day. he is a tending a week long gathering spent part of the day with the masses. he walked through one of the ma'am shanty towns and called on the wealthy to do more to
5:55 pm
fight hunger and poverty. a man accused of driving his sweep in a white house fence has pleaded not guilty. he appeared in a washington dc courtroom this morning. he is charged with ramming his jeep into a metal barrier, damaging federal property and illegal possession of am nation found in his home. he told the judge that since hess arrest he has been taking medication. . >> members of congress today expressed concern over the navy's latest war ship. the focus is on small craft. house members told navy brass they are worried the program to build them is moving ahead to quickly and that it may be to late to hit the brakes. the new report found that the navy is risking $40 billion by buying the ships faster than the technology can be tested. >> we could end up in a situation where we have a very expensive program, that's not delivering what the taxpayers want. >> the navy said every new ship building project has rough
5:56 pm
waters but insist the program is on track. the navy plans to eventually build 52 ships. >> new at five a new video posted online shows out a bay area group is getting crafty in making a social statement about same sex marriage. this movement is a low tech version of hacking. david stevenson is live to explain how they are changing the definition of marriage. >> reporter: that's right. the folks have hacked this dictionary are remaking the definition of marriage it's a movement to modernize the meaning of marriage using old fashioned ink and paper. they posted this online video shot inside a san francisco public library and several bookstores. the group is hacking dictionaries redefining marriage as between two people rather than husband and wife.
5:57 pm
>> yep. another one there. >> reporter: alexander was not aware of it until we came to visit. >> even if i take this off, the glue is going to stick on the paper so when i close it the two pages will stick together when someone opens it. >> reporter: the store was able to save all four books, others may not be so lucky. san francisco's famed city lights bookstore wasn't sure it could still sell the three altered ones we found. the video after the defeat of proposition eight and as the publishers say they are reconsidering the current definition of marriage. >> this happens all the time with not just established words and the new definitions of established words but new words as they are coined. >> reporter: san francisco's public libraries main brain much also had a couple of books hacked, all have been repaired. >> we have them from all kinds of publishers so when there are
5:58 pm
new editions, we are happy to have them in our collection. >> reporter: the hackers apparently targeted this san francisco target store as well. a store manager was unaware of the video until we showed it to her . none of the hacked books remain on the shelves. reporting live in san francisco. david stevenson. >> now at six a story you will only see here. new information about what was on board flight 214 that could have caused a health risk for firefighters as they ran to savor passengers. >> breaking news, a major step to get the new bay bridge open earlier. >> and a lesson that can be learned by student housing. awareness we are about to show you could make your house better and less expensive. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at six >> only on two, we have
5:59 pm
learned there was something on flight 214 that could have posed a danger to fire crews, both during the rescue and after. it was achievement of yellow phosporous. we have been septembering investigating it. >> reporter: yeah, sources say that dozen dozens of pounds on board the flight and the incident command tear day not even aware of it until just a few hours after the crash. >> there are people on the tarmac. >> reporter: the flight went down. >> to see the destruction. >> reporter: the assistant deputy fire chief was on scene out after the crash. >> we had the fire out, we were in the overhaul stage. we were made aware there was a potential for phosporous .
6:00 pm
>> reporter: according to one source at least 45 pounds was in the cargo hold. today a spokesman said that the faa's ash security and hazmat division determined what it was, it's not classified as hazardous. >> it's a hazardous material, it's high highley flammable. >> reporter: two and a half hours after the crash the internal e-mail was sent out to all officers saying all units who responded to the plane crash decontaminate. > >> everybody was wearing their personal equipment. they were all wearing self- contained breathing items. we take decon on every fire. >> reporter: the cdc website said it is often used in fertilizer and can react with oxygen catching fire at temperatures ten degrees above room temperature. >> we dealt with the fire and


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