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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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valley. they say no one was home at the time, but two rooms were filled with marijuana plants. the fire was reported just before 1:00 a.m. on tuck iravenue. again, no one was injured in the fire and the cause is still under investigation. we now continue our coverage of the threat of another bart strike next week. contract talks between bart management and its unions resume later this morning. the two sides remain far apart on all the key issues with the new deadline strike now just five days away. there was little sign of progress at the bargaining table when the latest talks ended yesterday afternoon. >> how confident are you that you will reach an agreement by sunday? >> i am confident that our team is doing everything they can to get there. >> i think our unions have raised some superfluous issues in order not to address the 23% they're asking for, the fact that they don't pay anything for their pension right now and they pay very little for their medical. >> in the meantime the war of words continues ahead of sunday
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night's deadline. union leaders say the key issues of pension, salary, medical benefits and worker safety are not even being addressed. meanwhile, management says it would have to fares 18% for the next three years to meet the union's pay demands. that would be on top of already approved fare hikes to help pay for new bart rail cars. union leaders say they are very skeptical about bart's calculations. as sunday's deadline approaches, stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest on air, online and through your twitter feed as it develops. well, tropical storm flossie is now being downgraded to a tropical depression. this is video from yesterday as flossie made its way across maui. the national weather service has canceled all storm and flash flood warning across the hawaiian islands, but it does say power outages and road closures are still likely. flossie is expected to bring rain and high winds to oahu today. flossie is also causing problems for people right here in the bay area. at sfo yesterday we found a number of united airlines
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passengers who were told their flights had been canceled. in total united canceled six flights to hawaii. one woman was told she was have to wait until saturday to get another flight out. that meant having to cancel her trip to see her best friend. >> i was pretty bummed, cried in the wash room a bit and called my mom. >> another couple we spoke with says they were trying to get to hawaii to see their son's wedding. they say the bride and groom-to- be were already there, but everyone else was stuck. now, we checked in this morning with the bay area's three major airports. sfo says it had to cancel nine flights yesterday, oakland reported three flights canceled and san jose had four. right now there is no word on any cancellations or delays for today. time now 4:32, and this morning a united airlines employee at sfo is accused of stealing luggage from passengers whose flight was diverted after the asiana airlines crash. prosecutors say surveillance video shows sean crudup giving
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passengers' bags to his wife, rachel thomas and to another woman. investigators say thomas returned clothing from the bags to a pleasantton nordstrom's for $5,000 in cash. the items were discovered when a victim got a call from her personal shopper. >> asked her how her vacation was, and, oh, by the way, why did you return the clothing. your sister returned the clothing. she says i don't have a sister. >> crudup has pled not guilty to grand theft and second- degree burglary charges. thomas is scheduled to be arraigned next month. investigators are still looking for the second woman seen on the video. we're following developing news in central florida where 15 workers missing after a series of explosions at a propane plant were found safe overnight. seven workers are being treated at the hospital, but no deaths have been reported. investigators are still looking into what caused the explosions and fire at the blue rhino plant in tavaeres florida, northwest of orlando. they say more than a million
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pounds of propane was stored at the site. >> this man was lit up with vibrant red with a huge plume of smoke. firefighters evacuated a half mile area around the plant. no one who lives near the plant was hurt. the remains of a bay area soldier missing since the start of the korean war are returning home this morning. army sergeant first class joseph david steinberg of san francisco earned awards for bravery in world war ii and the korean war. he died in 1951 as a prisoner of the war in north korea. the army used dna samples from his family to identify his remains. >> i'm so grateful and so overwhelmed by the fact that after 62 years that they are bringing my uncle home. >> sergeant steinberg will be buried with full military honors next to his brothers, charles, jack and william at golden gate national cemetery on thursday. the man accused of the biggest leak of classified
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information in u.s. history will learn his fate today. private first class bradley manning is accused of sending more than 700,000 government documents to the website wikileaks. today a judge is expected to announce whether or not private first class manning is guilty of aiding the enemy. if convicted he faces life in prison without parole. supporters here in the bay area are anxiously awaiting today's verdict. >> we've done everything we can to give bradley every fighting chance inside and outside the courtroom. we're hopeful, but we're also dealing with an uphill battle. >> the 25-year-old manning has already pleaded guilty to lesser charges, and for that he is facing 20 years in prison. two women face off in a special runoff election today to replace former disgraced former supervisor george geravo. teresa alvarez and cindy chavez are vying for seats. both of democrats.
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chera cowa resigned in march. polls are open today from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. a low voter turnout of about 20% is expected. new this morning, open city councilmembers say they're working on safeguards to reduce the risk of privacy abuse at the city's planned data center. that announcement comes in response to privacy groups who are worried about the proposed information center. under the plan there would be hundreds of live camera feeds and other surveillance tools under one roof. police and firefighters would monitor surveillance cameras placed at city streets, schools and other locations across the city. unions representing taxi drivers are calling on san francisco mayor ed lee to crack down on ride sharing companies. the san francisco cab drivers association and the united taxi cab workers plan to hold a rally at noon at san francisco city hall. the union says california law prohibits ride sharing for profit. they also say ride sharing companies like lift, uber and side car could pose a safety
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risk because they claim to be exempt from vehicle inspections and insurance requirements. officials at sfo say they have made seven citizens arrests to ride sharing drivers this month. the arrests come after officials sent cease and desist letters to side car and uber in april. officials say ride sharing is not allowed at sfo and drivers are being arrested for trespassing. time now is 4:36. let's check in with sal this morning and see how traffic is going. hey, sal. >>reporter: hey, brian. you know, we're off to a good start. right now traffic is doing very well around the bay area. it's nice and quiet and hopefully it'll stay that way, but we'll see. out to the live pictures we go to the east shore freeway and the traffic here looks pretty good as you head out to the macarthur maze with no major problems. also the traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza and a lot of the road work that's normally around here has been picked up. you won't even notice any delays at all. and if you are driving on 80
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westbound between vallejo and panole, the traffic there looks good. 4:37. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. yesterday's weather is really just carrying over into today. there's really not going to be a lot of change, maybe a few high clouds to the north. 50s again on the lows. we still have a good delta breeze, sea breeze, clouds in place, but about 53 to 58 covers the spread. the fog will do exactly what it did yesterday, kind of head back. as we talked about with flossie, it's making its move inland. the most rain i've seen so far in maui is three to five inches of rain, lesser amounts on the big island, about three inches malokai and currently raining in hol lieu lieu. you can see it went right over, though, so things will be calming down after today. some of the mountain areas maybe will pick up a little bit more. we'll get maybe some of those reports later. but a tropical depression now, it's its losing a lot of signature. it's currently raining in honolulu and you can see the path, so it's definitely giving some rain out all the way across. so rainfall may be coming in a little under that 10, but some areas, i think some of the
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higher elevations will pick up a little bit more. we'll see some of those totals coming in. fog, sun, breezy, mostly sunny, again, a few high clouds maybe to the north, cool for some, mild, warm for others. a big cooldown, especially some inland areas, although yesterday santa clara valley warmed up. santa rosa 72, 76 concord. san jose 79, 70 oakland, 64 in san francisco. if you like this weather, you'll probably like the next few days. it doesn't look like much of a change. inland temps should start to come up a little bit, but not that much as we head through the weekend. brian. >> steve, thank you very much. time now 4:39. coming up a big delay for san jose earthquake fans. why the team won't be able to play in its new stadium until the second part of the 2014 season. and donations tossed in the dumpster. how a small pest is costing good are a lot of money. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound 24 getting up to the tunnel. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning. plenty of low clouds and maybe a few high clouds to the north. overall very similar to yesterday's temps, 60s to 80s well inland. today 120 east bay students will get a chance to see part of the america's cup preparations up close. st. vincent's is sponsor -- kaiser is sponsoring a day for students from richmond and oakland. they'll see how the sailors prepare by exercising and eating healthy food and what makes the boats go fast and watch the team new zealand race against team artimus of sweden. new this morning, salinas police say 10 officers have been placed on administrative leave while a deadly shootout is being investigated. eight of the officers are from the salinas police department. one is a chp officer and one is a monterey county sheriff's
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deputies. the shooting happened friday night when officers tried to pull over armed pearl lee. police say he tried to flee the scene and opened fire on them. the suspect was shot several times and died at the scene. city college of san francisco is taking steps to keep enrollment up. the school already faces losing its accreditation. college officials say that maybe why enrollment has dropped 16% for the semester starting next month. but fewer students means less state money to keep many programs they've been trying to save. the college is now pushing a marketing campaign with the theme open, accredited and rolling. the drakes bay oyster company is asking a marin county court to reconsider a ruling made earlier this month. the judge has ordered the oyster farm to clean up plastic debris and weedout in invasive manilla clamps. the company says it's not throwing the trash in the water and the clams don't exceed the shellfish limits already set. drakes bay oyster company is fighting in federal court to stay in business. the interior department ordered it to shut down when its lease expired last year.
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we're learning more about a new recreation destination in san mateo county. a portion of highway 1, formerly known as devil's slide will be turned into more than a one-mile hiking and biking trail. san mateo county officials say the trail will go along the coast for almost a mile before running slightly inland. the permit requires that the project be done by march. it's expected to cost $1.2 million. the earthquakes will have to wait a little longer to play at the team's new stadium. issues at the cruz site across from monetta san jose international airport are causing a major delay. crews say the $60 million stadium won't be ready until the second half of the 2014 season. so the earthquakes will play their first eight home games at buck shaw stadium at santa clara university. this morning are you looking for a job in well, today you can meet face to face with companies looking to hire in san jose. national career is holding a job fair at the doubletree in san jose from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. dozens of companies will be at the event. the event is free and you are encouraged to bring multiple
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copies of your resume. the city of san francisco is hoping to take a new approach to eliminating high sugar foods sold at corner stores. the city plans to launch a new program called the healthy food retailer incentive. now, it would provide corner store owners with the resources to create more nutritious food stock. retailers must agree to devote at least 35% of their products to fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein. the program would go into effect by 2014 and the board of supervisors are expected to vote on the proposal today. well, a bed bug problem is ruining donations at at least two bay area good will warehouses. at least 15 dumpsters full of donated clothes, appliances and other items have been tossed from this distribution center in burlinggame. the warehouse on mission street in san francisco was cleaned out too after what appeared to be bed bugs were found last friday. it's really sad. we're an environmental organization. we divert about 20 million pounds from land -- local
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landfills every year, and so to be dumping anything in a landfill is against what we sand for. >> good will estimates the donations were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. the nonprofit plans to strengthen its method for detecting bed bugs while processing donations. time now is 4:46. let's go back to sal who's keeping an eye on traffic. sal, how are you doing? >>reporter: doing well, brian. good morning to you. traffic is dog pretty well around the bay area -- is doing pretty well around the bay area so far. 80 westbound, that looks good heading out to the macarthur maze. of course we've been watching the freeway from vallejo all the way to here. yesterday we had kind of a rough one, today we're hoping for much better, of course. this is look at the toll plaza and curiously there is a delay at some of those cash lanes there over to the far left, but the rest of the freeway looks good going through with little delay at the toll plaza, especially if you use fast track. should be a nice ride for you. we do have word of a new problem in oakland on the fruitdale on ramp to eastbound 580. just heard chp responding to a
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vehicle into the bushes. we don't know what's there yet. chp is on the way and we'll let you know if we find anything -- or if they find anything we'll let you know. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a very good morning. yesterday's weather a carbon copy today, maybe subtle changes here and there, but a lot of 50s. 57 seems popularrant okay in there, livermore, san jose, mountview says, hey, don't forget us. same for san francisco, redwood city, cooler santa rosa at 53. lots of gray, a few high clouds skirting maybe up against mendicino county. flossie still a tropical depression. three to five inches of rain, things starting to wind down. honolulu 35 mile per hour wind but still the path of it looks like it'll give rain to all the islands. looks like after today things will really calm down. for us a little low right there is going to play into our weather for most of the week which means if you fwoid yesterday's weather, today is for you. fog, sun, breezy. if you want it warmer, you'll
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probably have to wait until the end of the week. mostly sunny, cool to warm, mostly 60s, 70s and 80s on the temps. temperatures not changing much from yesterday. a couple locations up a few degrees, a few down, depends on if you get that low cloud deck. fog and sun, nice on wednesday. then a little cooler thursday as that low goes through to the north and gradually warming inland as we go into the weekend. brian. well, after performing in front of a soldout crowd in san francisco this past weekend, get ready, everybody, justin timberlake has announced he's coming back to the bay area. he'll be bringing his "2020" experience to the newly renamed s.a.p. center in san jose. he'll perform on january 19th. tickets go on sale next monday at 10:00 a.m. banning dangerous tools from downtown oakland, how the city plans to crack down on violent protests. plus displaced by major fire in redwood city, the meeting planned tonight and how the city is stepping up to help
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survivors. good morning. if you're driving out to the freeway soon, 80 westbound, that looks pretty good heading out to the macarthur maze and no trouble at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at 'em.
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a health alert has been issued here in the bay area for wildfires burning in oregon. air quality officials issued the alert saying the coast and potential bay have the highest pollution levels. you can see the hazy skies in this video from news chopper 2 from yesterday. hazy skies are expected again today. and tonight a town hall meeting will be held for survivors of a deadly apartment fire in redwood city earlier this month. nearly 100 people were displaced following the fire on july 7th. it happened at the hallmark house apartments on woodside road. there one man was killed and 21 others injured. city officials are hosting tonight's meeting to give an update on the fire and see what's needed by people displaced. it's happening at 7:00 at the fair oaks community center. a bit of sad news this morning, a former reporter for the contra costa times died over the weekend while vacationing in hawaii. 50-year-old mike tore of ven efficient a was snork itling with his family off black rock in maui when he became separated from the group. his body was found in the water a short time later.
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tour worked as an investigative and environmental reporter for the contracosta times from 2012. last year he became a spokesman for the state fish and wildlife department. his cause of death is still under investigation. well tonight the oakland city council takes another step towards cracking down on violent demonstrations. the council will consider an ordinance banning so-called weapons of destruction. it would make it a crime for demonstrators to carry hammers, wrenches, shields and other potentially dangerous items. this comes after the violence and vandalism that followed the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case. a waiter in downtown oakland was hit in the face with a hammer during those protests. well, 21 pimps in the bay area are now behind bars after a massive child sex trafficking sting. nationwide 105 children were rescued and 150 pirps were arrested in -- pimps were arrested in a three-day sweep in 70 cities. the bay area had the highest number of rescues of any metropolitan area with 12
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children taken off the streets. experts say those children still face a long road to recovery and often end up in abusive situations again. >> a young woman just said to me last week i would rather be abused by somebody that i don't know than by somebody that i know. >> authorities also arrested 65 adult prostitutes and 12 johns during the bay area sweep. day two of a preliminary hearing in harrisburg, pennsylvania that will determine whether there's enough evidence to bring to trial three former penn state officials in the jerry sandusky child abuse case. the three are accused of failing to tell police about an allegation against sandusky and then tried to hide what they knew. time now is 4:54, getting close to 5:00 this morning. let's go to sal who's checking things in oakland. how's it going there, sal? >>reporter: it's going okay. there is one thing we're checking on, brian. that would be eastbound 580 and the on ramp from fruitdale avenue to eastbound 580, right where that indicator is. this is a report of a vehicle into the bushes. chp is on the way. it's not affecting freeway
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traffic, though, at this time of the morning. you might see some of the bright lights as they look for what's going on in this area. northbound and southbound 880 this morning in oakland also looks pretty good with no major problems. as we look at it here from the coliseum view, you can see the traffic is looking good both directions heading down to the airport or to hayward or northbound into downtown. and moving along to the san mateo bridge, if you're driving to the peninsula from hayward, it looks pretty good, driving all the way out there, and the weather, i mean, i can see all the way out to the high rise, but i'm wondering if it's going to be misty and foggy. that may delay flights into and out of sfo. let's bring steve in and ask him that question. >> well, sal, it's actually pretty high, that low cloud deck, but, you know sfo can be a little tricky. >>reporter: right. >> yes, sir. we do have a very close pearch to what we had yesterday, so really not much change. if you don't start off with any fog, may tend to get warmer. san jose yesterday hit 80 degrees, other areas like concord were 72.
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so it just depends. if you get that strong westerly breeze. a little low up in the pacific northwest, helping to keep things really cool for us for this time of year. i mean, it's been a hot summer for some, especially out towards the east bay. it's been cool by the coast. so without that north/northeast wind, the coast really deals with a lot of fog, but with what we call the lower heights, that cools down that very strong and pronounced delta breeze, some of the inland areas which have been baking the last couple of weeks, but not so much today. a little more of a west wind. san jose continues to get the west wind. that southerly breeze bringing in the haze as well. we'll see that repeated today. 56 sacramento, that's not bad and 80s down in the desert. but you expect that. no tropical clouds, just a few high clouds up in extreme northern california. so low clouds, we call it fog, sun, breezy for a few spots. mostly sunny, kind of hazy out there. 80s on many of these temps, fairfield at 80 degrees, 70s, though, for many. san jose will go 79. mid-80s for morgan hill, gilroy. 71 san mateo, 60s on the coast, sluz will eek out a 72.
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fog, sun nice on wednesday. little cooler on thursday as that low goes through to the north and looks like a slow rebound with inland temps. nothing too crazy as we go into the weekend. brian. >> thank you. the first-ever interleague little league world series gets started thorntion in livermore. >> they represent north carolina. woo-hoo. >> livermore is hosting 10 teams from around the world. the city hold a parade yesterday. the first game starts today at 9:00 a.m. when latin america takes on puerto rico. the local team from pleasantton takes on little league from michigan tomorrow night at 6:00. time now 4:57. coming up the bart strike deadline now just five days away. what's happening now at the bargaining table between management and the unions. also breaking news from san francisco where a fire scene has now become a crime scene after an early morning discovery.
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. firefighters knock down a house fire and find a marijuana grow inside. why it posed a hazard. we're live where vandals have destroyed a radio tower. how much damage they caused. >> the sky was orange and
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covered with smoke. >> a series of explosion at a gas plant. the bart strike five days away that's all ahead. welcome to a new day, it is july 30th. and we want to start with traffic and weather and for that we turn to steve with the weather on this tuesday. >> welcome back. welcome. >> we have not much change on the weather. a lot of low clouds to sunshine for some and foggy and cool for others. temperatures close to yesterday's reading. 60s to 80s. good morning, this a look


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