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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hayward man is in the hospital this morning fighting for his life after being shot multiple times in this residential neighborhood. what we are learning from police about the investigation and what they are asking the public to do this morning. violent attack in golden gate park in san francisco early this morning. police say the weapon was a box cutter. just four days away from a possible bart strike. why the unions say they are not
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closer to striking a deal and how this could impact riders. and disturbing charges involving airport security. who is being accused of stealing and sleeping on the job. county v channel 2 morning new -- ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, last day of july, july 31st i'm pam cook. >> and welcome back. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve, aisle not complaining about this weather. >> a lot of people aren't. a lot of people have been pretty quiet. the most majority say enjoy this pattern. yesterday inland sometimes did bump up. today looks a little cooler. 60s to 80s. traffic looks okay on the san mateo bridge. san francisco oliver at mission there is a crash reported
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there. highway 4 westbound that looks good. now back to the desk. new this morning one man is fighting for his life after a shooting in hayward. it happened last night on viver avenue. claudine wong has been talking to police. >> reporter: now that we have a little more daylight we can show you where this happened. you can see the crime tape on this side of the street still attached to that -- you can see other -- we talked about multiple -- the man who was shot we are are physical if -- i here's what we know about
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what happened. police say they started getting calls from residence here about the sound of shots being fired. this is about 10:00 last night. i did talk to a woman who lives in the neighborhood who did not want to go oven camera. she heard at least three shots. she also said she heard squealing tires. she thought people were setting off fire works until she heard the police cars and realized there was something much nor serious going on. the man was found by officers inside a vehicle. >> we are working multiple scenes here on this stretch. 22 hurricane ever va stock market he is -- and that is where police officers found him. now lots of people we are told heard the shots. what police are hoping for now
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is that someone actually saw something. maybe a suspect vehicle. we know they got one description in but they were not sure how accurate that was. they are hoping other people in this neighborhood will give them a call. i talked to a gentleman as he was leaving for work. you know what if i him for saw host. live here in san francisco. san francisco police are looking for two men who stabbed a and and -- police say the victims are homeless they will survive their injuries. they also say it appears the attack started a a ever san francisco the other was living a wide hooded sweatshirt.
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now to our continuing dateline just there is still hope the two sides can echinate annoy gropen. negotiators are trying to reach a deal before the sunday night strike deadline. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live now from oakland with the latest details. good morning, tara. >> reporter: that hope seems to be fading if you talk to the people on the union side of this. and again the contract talks set to resume at 9:00 this morning. they are trying to strike a deal before the sunday night strike deadline which is four days away. the three big issues are still on the table. the wages, pensions, and health care benefits. representatives from bart's two largest unions came out swinging yesterday against the transit agency's claim that it's made significant movements in its offer. >> the number the bart board of
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directors have been giving the public are also. they are not true. >> reporter: bart officials disagree saying since negotiations began it has gone from $140 million in cake packs from employees to 33 million in give backs. >> doubling our salary proposal. slashing the medical proposal in half i would disagree we are getting nowhere. this is real movement offering a fair deal. >> reporter: transit experts say a second bart strike would be 10%. bart says it is proposing a 2% salary hike each of the next four years. the union is asking for 4.5% each of the next three years. bart wants employees to contribute 5% of their pay for
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pensions phased in over four years. the union is proposing a 3% pension contribution over two years. stay right here with us at ktvu for all the continuing coverage of the bart labor dispute. as that sunday night deadline gets even closer. you can follow us on the air. and follow us online and on twitter to learn if the strike is either on or off. this morning oakland police are asking for the public's help to identify four women who may have information about a man's death. oakland police released these pictures the night he was killed. police believe the women in the photographs were with stone the night he was shot and may have information about a possible suspect. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police or crime stoppers. a medical marijuana dispensary will not be allowed to open near a residential neighborhood in richmond. the contra costa times reports
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richmond city council voted against the dispensaries permit application after hearing from neighbors concerned it would increase crime and drug use in that santa fe neighborhood. the owner of richmond compassion not care said he offered to -- to patrol the neighborhood. cindy chavez is the apparent winner of the special election. with 100% of precincts reporting chavez has 55% of the vote. her opponent has 45% of the vote. the santa clara county registrar voters still has to certify the results. now the winner will replace disgraced supervisor george shirakawa. he resigned in march after pleading guilty to misusing taxpayer money to support his gambling habit. it's 6:08.
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that means the commute could be getting busier. >> we have a new crash reported now. >> it oh. >> i know. this one is right there at the top of the altamont. but traffic is slow even after that on the way to livermore. if we move over hayward city looks good. we are still talking about a crash northbound 101. that is making -- use 85 as an alter notten. those these if nothing out of the ordinary here and troubles on the bridge itself. we are also looking at north and southbound 880. southbound traffic looks good to aere hayward. northbound traffic looking good to downtown oakland. speaking of looking good. let's go to the weather.
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here is is steve. sal, thank you. how do you do it so early in the morning? good morning. a lot of low clouds in place. and a really, really well really robust sea breeze. gusts to 37 travis. sausalito 1 miles an hour. oakland airport west 23. that was knot the case yesterday. so things look a little cooler. things being the weather because there is a system move into the north. i can't find any rain. i can find a lot of reports of cloudy skies. minor warmup yesterday. i think we will see another one toward the end of the week. today and tomorrow looks a little cooler. plenty low clouds in place. not only that they are helping being lifted along. 50s on the temps. take your pick it's really close. coast, bay inland. fairfield 30 gusting to 37. that is an extra old hair spray day. that was not the case yesterday. much, much stronger than yesterday. most locations have a component of a westerly breeze in place. that system up to the north you can see it. there is a few returns. is there any rain?
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i can't find any. fog, satellite. fog forecast shows us frog holding on a little longer today. retreating by noon and hugging the coast. i think it will be back pretty fast tonight. so tonight into thursday it looks like a much stronger fog bank. temperatures 50s and 60s. coast in the city. and also as you get over it toward berkeley you will find some 70s and then upper 70s and very low 80s until you get well inland and then you might find mid 80s for a few. it looks like temperatures coming down. fog there in the morning and sunny. it will be hazy inland. probably not as hazy as the last couple of days. we have lost some of that smoke. 89 clearlake. 89 vacaville. walnut creek 9. alameda 67. brentwood 87. same for morgan hill. sunnyvale 76. not much changed through friday and a little warmer inland on
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the temps. time now 6:11. before they can try to make the deans list hundreds of local college students are being put on the waiting list. coming up in 15 minutes why they are being denied housing. disturbing new audit finds serious new cases of misconduct by tsa officers. the number of officers caught stealing and sleeping on the job. and next major league baseball getting ready to punish players involved in a drug scandal. what is expected to happen to oakland a's?
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welcome back to the morning news. it's 6:14. we have new details on the drug suspensions coming to major league baseball. the league has told the players union who it wants to suspend. an announcement could come friday. the two sides are trying to reach deals on the punishment but it looks like yankee star alex rodriguez will be hit the hardest. he faces a ban of 50 games or more. possibly a lifetime ban if he does not cut a deal. a's pitcher bar toe la cologne and former giant cabrera won't be punished further. they were suspended last year. there are more new rules at san francisco international airport. the faa will not allow those airlines to land at the same time another jet is landing on
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the parallel runway. pilots for u.s. airlines they can still land side by side. ever since the asiana crash safety regulators have been focusing on the foreign airlines and how often they call on an airline to make a second attempt. the train conductor in last week's deadly crash was on the phone talking with a colleague when that crash happened. 9 people were killed. they hit the train seconds before it hit the tracks. it was going twice the speed limit when it derailed. again 79 people at least have died. there is a new audit that finds disturbing examples of misconduct among airport tsa
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workers. reportedly stealing from passiers. >> reporter: the house homeland security hearing gets under way in 45 minutes. and lawmakers say they have questions about how the tsa decides to punish workers. tsa workers misconducts jumped from 2010 to 2012. that includes reports from sfo. there are nearly 2,000 reports of tsa workers sleeping on the job and letting family and friends bypass security. the audit shows about half of the misconduct cases resulted in what amounts to a slap on the wrist. and 17% of the cases led to the workers getting fired. >> there is not is a way to properly report the offenses.
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>> lawmakers want to know if hefty equipment. they get to ask questions of the top tsa officials. we'll have the latest developments from that hearing when i see you next hour. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. gay athletes and tourists could be arrested and deported. russia says it will notices member the new antigay laws during the competition. the law bans people from showing gay pride in public or spreading what the country calls gay propaganda. it will support gay athletes despite that loss. this morning mit released a long awaited report about hacking allegations against internet activist aaron swartz. that report cleared mit of wrong doing. but swartz's family said he commuted suicide after being accused of hacking into computers and stealing
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documents. mit did not seek federal prosecution and did not oppose a plea bargain. debate over raising the minimum wage in berkeley. that is the minimum under california law. there have been rallies and calls to raise that to $10.55. san jose and san francisco they have already set their city minimum wage at that level. a lot of businesses say the higher costs will hurt them but boric workers say that will be able to afford to shop if that pay hike goes through. 6:19 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. where is it getting busy? >> it's getting busy in two places. one would be the livermore valley where people try to get into livermore will be held up by a crash at grant line road and a couple minor things. and then as we move over to the south bay i want to show you
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northbound 101 at old oakland road this three-car crash is causing a big trouble spot for san jose commute. northbound 101 getting up to the airport. the alternate route b would be 81 -- let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are driving on 237 by the way, we spoke of the valley. 237 still looks good driving into north san jose. let's go to steve. >> low clouds in place. there is a pretty good breeze for some. 23-37 miles an hour from oakland airport out to the delta. things are picking a little bit more than yesterday.
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s82 today toad. lots of low clouds in place. they are making a pretty good push. a little bit more today than yesterday. i know is there a lot more toward the south bay. 54, 55. 56 san jose. 53 santa rosa. i did see 46 at fairfax. there is a little morning chill to the air. system up to the north dragging a cool front. really slightly below average and a westerly breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s. no change coast and bay. today mostly cloudy cool and breezy. hazy skies. i think some of that will get a little better compared to the last couple of days. 60s and 70s. santa rosa 70. hayward 71-degrees. 78 for san jose. 86 gilroy. 82 livermore. same for santa cruz.
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a little cooler today into tomorrow. a little warmup inland. >> thank you, steve. time is 6:21. this morning payroll patrol session so adp reports the private sector added more jobs than expected in july. the new report says employers expanded the work force by 200,000. that is 15,000 more than most economists forecasted. adp report can give a clue to the monthly report that comes out on friday. ford will offer a natural gas version of its f-150 pickup next year. the trucks will have factory installed valves, pistons and rings to handle natural gas. that option will cost $315. but buyers will have to pay a factory approved installer to add new fuel tanks, line and injectors. the cost for that about $8500. time now 6:22. east bay city attorney resigns. the reason he claims he was
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pressured to resign scene who he's blaming. hawaii is following san francisco and new york in a plan to reduce homelessness.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the state of hawaii has come up
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with the idea to reduce the cost to take care of the homeless population. they are working on a program called return to home. hawaii says it can save millions of dollars each year on food, shelter, and other services by giving the homeless a one-way plane or cruise ship ticket state side. san francisco and new york has used similar programs. san jose state university has a big student housing crunch. 400 students are on a waiting list for dorms. classes begin in three weeks. students are rushing trying to find places to live so they can settle in before school starts. san jose sit has about 37 -- san jose state has about 3700 beds. some of the students on the waiting list include transfer students and nearby off campus housing has been really hard to come by as well. >> the city attorney of walnut creek has resigned. brian winter says he felt
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pressure from the city council members to shut down the investigation into workers at the center. winter has been investigating whether workers hat the center acted appropriately to report suspicions that o coworker was sexually abusing teenage girls. back over to sal for a look at traffic this morning. sal. >> all right, pam. good morning to you. the traffic is going to be busy in some of the these areas. especially in the south bay. let's take a look at northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. that traffic is moving along pretty well. also the morning commute on the sunol grade does look good heading south. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. inland temps come down a few degrees. still 80s but 60s and 70s coast and bay. pam. thank you, steve. coming up on 6:30 up next bedbugs take a bite out of good will bottom line. what is being done to rid the organization of a pest problem that has shut down a warehouse.
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a man shot multiple times over night here in this hayward neighborhood. we just talked to a resident. what she says the victim said as she is being pulled out of the car by police.
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right on time. the opening bell there in new york. arm semiconductor company. they have offices in san jose. thoron the nasdaq. over on the new york stock exchange bioamber celebrating its ipo. it's based in canada. going public there recently and they are celebrating that. it looks like a bit of a mixed opening. about the same for europe as well. a lot of investors waiting for the federal reserve to wrap up meeting to decide which way the markets will head. we'll have all the business news coming up.
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>> we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. middle of the week, wednesday and the end of the month. >> it's unbelievable. >> july 31st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. a lot to tell you about this morning. a man is in critical condition after being shot several times in hayward. it happened last night on raveer avenue. claudine wong is there. you have new information. >> reporter: that is right. we have been talking to neighbors out here. most people said they heard the shots anywhere from 3-5. not everyone realized it was gunshots. a lot of people thought it was fire works. we talked to one woman who saw what happened. the victim was shot a little bit further down the street and drove down the street. one neighbor telling a woman we talked to she heard him calling out call 911 i have been shot. his car ended up here. you can see the marks from the tires and damage to this
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vehicle. this van right here. this is where the victim came to a stop in the car. really quickly i want to show you video from overnight. it gives you a better idea what the scene looked like. multiple people did call police for help and from everyone we talked to the police response was very quick. they were out here just moments after the car came to a stop and were able to render aid to the victim almost immediately. the woman we talked to didn't want her face shown on camera. didn't want her name used. but she describes what she saw. >> when the car stopped he got shot he said. i'm bleeding out. please help me. and the cop is like don't worry. hold on their on their way. talking about the ambulance. saying their on their way. and then he -- and then the policeman pulled him out of the car and laid him on the ground. and a few minutes later the ambulance came and they got him
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up and took him away. >> reporter: at last word from police this morning just a little over an hour ago they told us he was in intensive care. he is from hayward but he is not from this neighborhood. they were trying to track down what he was doing here. as far as any suspect information police were not able to give us any suspect information. they were working multiple crime scenes over night. they are hoping that people who heard something may have saw something as well. may have seen something. they hope those people will give them a call so they can track down whoever is responsible. live in hayward claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:33. a man accused of killing his wife and two daughters is now on america's most wanted fugitives. the u.s. marshal service added 45-year-old shane miller to the list of the 15 most wanted fugitives. investigators have been searching for him since his family was found shot to death back in may at their home in
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shingletown. law enforcement says miller has outdoor survival skills and knows how to live in the wild. also new this morning the oakland city council has voted how to accept a $2 million federal grant to expand the use of surveillance cameras in the city despite strong opposition from privacy advocates. the oakland tribune reports it will not be recorded at a new surveillance center until privacy safeguards are adopted. surveillance video will only be collected from city and port cameras. additional footage from schools or outside agencies like cal trans can not be streamed without approval from the council. >> i think it's very important because this is about public safety. public safety for the community and public safety for our first responders. >> the changes made by the council are a step in the right direction, but also says the center will nearly be finished by the time privacy protections
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are discussed. the surveillance center is scheduled to open next june. oakland city council voted to ban tools that could be used as weapons during a protest. they voted to make it a misdemeanor to bring hammers, slingshots, fire crackers, and several other items to demonstrators. it comes after a server was hit in the face with a hammer during a protest over the george zimmerman verdict. the council must approve the plan a second time before it reconvenes in september. time now 6:35. good will stores in the bay area say they have lost thousands of dollars in lost revenue thanks to bedbugs. brian flores joins us from burlingame with what good will is doing to stop the spread. >> reporter: no question good will says this is going to be a definite financial hit. as confirmed earlier this week and over the weekend that bedbugs were found at their san
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francisco location off of 11th and mission by bedbug dogs. those same dogs are expected to be here sometime today to also check for bedbugs here again at the burlingame location. good will says they have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of this. they actually had to throw away items and steam cleaned a lot of garments and clothing. good will spokesman said he threw away 15 boxes or 40 cubic yards of donated goods. good will says they don't know where they came from but they are doing everything they can to get rid of them. that includes hiring exterminators and at least at the san francisco warehouse they almost tent and treat a 20 square foot area that is believed to be where the bedbugs are found. again where this hurts the most is their financial dollar which trickles down to employees who learn more about job training and they say about 80% of their good wills financials come from donations. so they are currently asking for the public if they do want
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to donate to make a financial donation to offset the cost of the revenue loss. live in burlingame brian flores. time now 6:36. now to our continuing coverage of countdown to a possible bart strike. the august 4th deadline now just four days away. there is still hope the two sides can work out an agreement and keep the bart trains rolling. both sides are due to meet at 9:00 this morning to resume negotiations. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live now in oakland to tell us more about where things appear to stand now. >> reporter: in less than three hours both sides will sit down once again at the bargaining table. as far as progress being made it depends on which side you are talking to. according to bart they are making progress. they are inching closer to a deal $140 million in take backs they went from and now they're at $33 million in give backs. union leaders say those numbers are inflated and they have a long way to go. bart riders say they are
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frustrated. they feel like bart has a voice, the unions have a voice, but they have nonsay in the looming strike. now copeland says the last strike a man we spoke to, it cost him time and money and extra $200 per week to drive into work and additional 2.5 hours of sitting in traffic. transit experts say a second bart strike next week would be far worse than the first one earlier this month. they say the overall number of bay area commuters will be roughly 10% higher than during the fourth of july holiday week. now as far as passengers all they can do is sit and wait to see what happens come sunday night at midnight. and coming up we'll have a little bit more information on shuttles if they are necessary. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> make sure you stay right here with us for ktvu channel 2 for the bart labor dispute as that sunday night deadline gets closer. you can follow us on the air and online and on twitter to find out if there is a strike or not. right now we want to check in with sal to find out how the commute is going. i know livermore has been a tough spot over there. >> you pay attention, pam. i want to let you know something. pam especially since she is our business guru. facebook stock is $38.06. wow. >> back to the ipo price. >> there you go. i knew you would like that. you are right about livermore. we had slow traffic there. we also had slow traffic in san jose. but we will start with 101 in san jose. and this area was backed up a little bit. they had a crash at old oakland road. they finally got it on tow trucks and moved it out but traffic is still a little busy as you drive through.
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traffic will be better on 280. i would still say 280 is better because 101 is slowing. let's move along and take a look at westbound 580. pam was talking about livermore and she is right. it's slow over the altamont pass getting into the area. but then if you are driving on 580 westbound it looks good. southbound 680 at stone ridge there is an injury accident there as well. if you are driving down the sunol grade if you can get over the freeway, you will be much better off. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up. it's 6:40 here is steve. thank you, sir. a little bit of sunshine here. there is a lot of low clouds in place. it looks like a cooler pattern inland. there is a system move into the north and the low has to come in behind that. that will be tonight and tomorrow. it looks like a little cooler pattern. plenty of low clouds in place. i think whether you get a wicked out of the west the
6:41 am
altamont pass at 30 plus. those were not the case yesterday. that is a much stronger sea breeze. 50s on the temps. temperatures will continue to be influenced by a bigger fog bank and the system to the north. i haven't had reports of any rain. there is a lot of cloud cover. northern california or fog forecast satellite. and then peeling back by noon. most of the areas should have sun. and persists by the coast. by tonight it starts to move back in pretty fast. i think that is all associated with that low. morning fog sunny. hazy warm inland. fog near the coast most of the day. 89 clearlake. sonoma 76. same for kent field. a little cool this morning. walnut creek 79 to 86. danville 79. san leo an doe 70. fremont 74 to 87. and 80s well not on the peninsula. 60s on the coast.
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60s and 70s on the peninsula. a little cooler into today and a rebound on some of the inland temps but not a lot by the weekend. time now 6:41. some certified saxty drivers a- - taxi drivers accuse the ride sharing system of stealing their income. two violent assaults on the campus of san jose state university has some students concerned. we will tell you about the beating that happened last night.
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good morning. another big fog bank out there. inland temps look like they will come down a little bit. stronger sea breeze. 60s and 70s and low to mid 80s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:45. san francisco police busy searching for two men accused of stabbing a man and a woman early today in golden gate park. it started as a bar fight. those victims are expected to survive. the suspects described as african american men. one described as heavy set with dread locks the other was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt. a man is fighting for his life after being shot in hayward. it happened about 10:00 last
6:46 am
night on raveer avenue. the victim who was shot several times is a hayward man in his 30s. he's now listed in critical condition. police are still searching for the shooters. congressional hearing is due to start this morning on a disturbing audit about tsa workers and their alleged misconduct. report says that tsa officers were cited for more than 9600 cases of misconduct between 2010 and 2012. the cases included officers who were sleeping on the job, allowing passengers to bypass security, and reportedly officers who were stealing from passengers. a campus assault has prompted san jose state to issue an alert to students and staff. and as janine de la vega tells us, this was not the only attack on campus recently. janine. >> reporter: pam, that is right. this is the second time in a week and a half that somebody was assaulted on campus. and the first case a man was pistol whipped and robbed and
6:47 am
in the latest case a man was beaten here between the science building and the martin luther king junior library. university police say just past 8:30 p.m. a 22-year-old man was walking with a group of men and women between the two buildings when an argument started. it turning if on the grass. during the struggle the suspect started slamming the victim's head into the sidewalk that caused multiple injuries to his face. he is at the hospital but his injuries are nonlife threatening. the suspect ran southbound and is still at large. now the spartan daily reported that according to california state university's annual report on crime statistics, san jose state university ranked second highest in the number of crimes reported among the 23csu campuses in recent years. and on twitter we have seen numerous posts from students who are concerned about their safety and are sort of monitoring the situation. we plan on reaching out to police who are supposed to be
6:48 am
the spokesperson is supposed to be in the office in the next half hour. we are told to get more information. because it sounds like in this case that the suspect and victim may have known each other whereas in the case a week and a half ago, they didn't know each other. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. happening today the sentencing hearing for private first class bradley manning is beginning. manning is accused of leaking more than 700,000 government documents to the website wikileaks. yesterday he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy. that charge carried the possibility of life in prison without parole. however, he was found guilty of 20 other charges under the espionage act. 12 of those carry a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. some say private manning can be convicted, so can wikileaks founder julian assange. that is how many are seeing the situation guarding the leak of
6:49 am
hundreds of thousands of classify documents. they fear the u.s. will prosecute assange sank of manning -- assange as manning's coconspirator. president obama goes over to capitol hill. he will be rallying democrats. reportedly the president will urge democrats to stop republican attempts to make further budget cuts to the federal budget. by october 1st, congress has to agree on a stopgap measure to fund the government or face a government shut down. today's meeting between the president and the democrats comes just before congress starts a five-week summer recess. right now 6:49. back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. sal. >> all right, pam, dave good morning. we are looking at traffic on highway 4 in contra costa county, in here it does look good. you can see the bart train in the background. westbound highway 4 will be slow from antioch to pittsburgh
6:50 am
and last time there was a strike it was very heavy here on highway 4 as a lot of people rely on bart were in their cars. and this time it may be worse if there is a strike because more people will be on the road. this is a look at the commute now at the bay bridge toll plaza. like wise the last time we had a bart strike backups were pretty severe. right now it's a ten minute delay before you get into san francisco. we've been looking at the livermore valley things have been improving a little bit. also an improvement is the look at the san jose area. northbound 101 near 13th street. that crash has been moved to the right hand side. traffic still slow though as you drive toward 880. 6:50 let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> there will not be a bart strike. >> really? >> i'm sending that positive vibe. >> i like that positive vibe. >> a lot of low clouds in place. by the way mike who keeps fantastic records in san francisco and if you live or work in san francisco and
6:51 am
you're saying we've had a lot of fog this july, 26 out of 31 days had fog. almost 85%. the last 70-degree temperature july 4th, 1977. very cool, very, very foggy. enhancing our fog and giving us a minor warmup yesterday. guess what, it will be a minor cool down today and tomorrow. there is a lot of low clouds around. there is a very robust, fresh, whatever you want to call it sea breeze, delta breeze. 50s on the temps. 54 from half-moon bay to the inland areas. low clouds and fog will be slow to cool back. as long as that system is up in there. and the low has to go through tonight and tomorrow. that almost give us a little cool down. sea breeze yesterday was cut in half. morning fog and sunny. we will still go warm to hot. sonoma 76. kentfield 76. richmond 65. alameda 76.
6:52 am
brentwood 87. 86 gilroy. fremont 74. 60s on the coast in san francisco. san bruno. or low top mid 70s on the peninsula. a little cooler today and tomorrow. a minor warmup toward the weekend. all right steve, thank you very much for the weather. i'm keeping an eye as sal mentioned on faok stock this morning. and it's getting a current reading right now. it did cross above that opening the ipo price of $38 a share. hasn't seen that price since going public. the stock right now $37.75. it just tested that level. checking in on the broader market expected to be pretty quiet ahead of the federal reserves wrapping up its second day of meetings. european parks and investors waiting to see what fed chief ben bernanke has to say. time now 6:52.
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a new way to get beer faster and shorter wait times in the stadium bathroom. what is planned for the 49er's new stadium and why there is an app for that. a new tight rope world record. the death defying walk between two hot air balloons.
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don't look now. a tight rope wagner china set a world record. the fastest high wire walk between hot air balloons. he walked on a 59-foot long steel platform. he was 108 feet high. he was attached by a rope for safety. it took him over 38 seconds to get safely across. planes and blimps can still display their ads over san francisco for now. but a debate goes on about banning aerial advertising. the board of supervisors postponed a vote on monday. supervisors due to leave for a summer recess next week which means september is the earliest the vote can be rescheduled. today an antioch man accused of killing two people at a san francisco jewelry store earlier this month is scheduled to enter a plea in court. 23-year-old barry white has been charged with killing two employees at the? gold jewelry store. and seriously injuring the
6:57 am
store's owner. prosecutors say white attacked the employees because he thought he had been overcharged for an item he purchased. facing heavy pressure the california public utilities commission is 3r0 posing new rules for ride sharing services. the states says companies are under its jurisdiction. the commission cocained the services must be licensed. proposals include requiring drivers to under go criminal background checks. there would be zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. ride sharing services also need a minimum insurance policy of $1 million. state puc could consider the proposal in september. the new 49ers stadium in santa clara is going high-tech with an app that will give fans live updates on beer and bathroom lines. it will also let you watch replays of the game from multiple angles. other plans include a beer delivery system which will give you the ability to choose your beverage of choice and then have it delivered right to your seat. >> there is an app for sal.
6:58 am
i just push this and he pops up. see? >> that would be nice. let's go to the toll plaza. i know you are interested in seeing what it's like. and westbound is backed up for a 10-15 minute wait at the toll plaza with no major problems. if you are driving in san jose, 101 is the heaviest. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a lot of low clouds in place. it will be a cooler day for many. not much change by the coast and bay. just stuck in the 60s there. thank you, steve. coming up next here on mornings on 2. gunfire in one east bay neighborhood. claudine wong just spoke to a witness who saw this frightening shooting.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: a man shot multiple times in his car in a hayward neighborhood. what residents here are telling us this morning about what he said as police were arriving on scene. the controversial decision on surveillance cameras came early this morning. the vote at oakland city hall that's raising privacy concerns across the city. >> reporter: and goodwill stores throughout the bay area say they've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of bedbugs. the ways of gettg


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