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tv   Second Look  FOX  November 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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up next on a second look, the liberation army. they assassinated the superintendent of schools, kidnapped -- what happened today the revolutionaries and how police captured some of them decades after their deadly terrorist rampage. it's all straight ahead tonight on a second look.
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hello everyone i'm frank somerville. it was seven years ago that the sla gunned down oakland's first black school superintendent dr. marcus foster. in 2002, ktvu's rita williams had this look back at the shooting and the group behind it. >> sit, sit, sit. good doggy. >> reporter: you would never know it by looking at this man today but his body is still riddled with bullets. >> 23 entrance and exit wound. that was pretty much from a zig. >> reporter: it was november 1973 and blackburn was leaving thed administration building here with his mentor and friend superintendent dr. marcus foster.
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as they approached blackburn's car the shooting began. >> in my memory i have a freeze memory of him pitching forward on to this fuselage of bullets. >> reporter: he died in the parking lot. robert blackburn's heart stopped twice in the operating room but somehow he survived. >> when they told me that he had arrived d.o.a. i just felt that was unacceptable. i just couldn't bear it. >> reporter: thousands of people came out to mourn oakland's charismatic superintendent. when oakland picked foster three years earlier it was the biggest city in the country with a black superintendent. his theme was you can't have a great city without a great school system so who would want to kill him? >> it was thought to be some right wing, ku-klux-klan organization. >> reporter: but days later came communication from a group
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never heard of before. the shoot on-site order will stay in effect until such time that all political police are removed from our school and all photos and other forms of identification are stopped. in 1972 the school district stopped issuing photo identification cards for students but in may 1973 a girl was stabbed to death here at oakland technical high school and parents, teachers and students asked the district to reissue the i.d. cards to keep nonstudents off campus. >> we said okay, but we'll do it on a voluntary basis. if you don't want to carry a card, you don't want the card, not a problem. but meanwhile they got this idea this sla pathetic group of
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losers that fachism was alive and well. >> reporter: sla members thought the assassination would be embraced by other radicals a monumental miscalculation. >> just shows they were clueless. they regarded marcus foster an as uncle tom. >> reporter: dan segal was a leftist taken one day blindfolded to a sacramento safe house. segal told them their politics were absurd. >> they killed somebody who was on the right side of things. >> reporter: two months after the shooting police arrested little and romero for murder and attempted murder. the next month other sla members kidnapped patty hurst. in part they said to take the attention away from the killing of marcus foster. the abduction that gripped
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a nation. dennis richmond recalls the kidnapping of patty hurst. plus how the sla hid out in plain sight as the nation's law enforcement searched for them.
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welcome back to a second look. as the 40th anniversary approaches of the assassination of dr. marcus foster, we revisit the group that gunned him down. the simbianese liberation army. the sla received more attention for a crime they conducted later. the kid consider kidnapping of patti hurst. >> reporter: police swarmed on the apartment shared by patti and bead. three days later the first of
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many tapes arrived. >> mom, dad. i am okay. >> we love you patty and we're all praying for you. i'm sorry i'm crying but i'm happy you are safe. and be strong. i know god will bring you back. >> reporter: it was then learned that patty hurst had been kidnapped by a group calling themselves the sl ark. eight months prior to the kidnapping of patty hurst. dr.marcus was kidnapped. the sla claimed that killing. >> the reason they kidnapped her was to trade her or the kidnapped victim for marion little who was in prison at the
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time. >> reporter: sam base was the fbi agent in charge. >> they had a list of people they were going to kidnap and patty was one of them. >> then president reagan threw a wrench into that by saying no trade would be made. a person who called himself sim cube. he was an inmate with a taste of plum wine. camila hall who was thought to have helped master mind the kidnapping of hurst and nancy lin perry also is believed to have planned hurst abduction. these women and angela atwood were thought to be the real brains of the liberation army. >> i will be frank with you.
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the white women involved in sla decided to bring him in so they wouldn't be accused of being racist. >> reporter: they quickly shifted gears and offered themselves as servants of people. giving away a tune of $2 million if patty was set free. that give away quickly turned into a fiasco when riots and police confrontations in black neighborhoods throughout the area. when it was over, newspaper headlines blared the sla's next demands. they wanted more. >> is that going to get in your way? >> no because that's not going to get in the way to what i'm doing. >> reporter: the food give away was quickly forgotten. that message was a recording from patty hurst. she had dramatically undergone a change. patty hurst was now tonya the newest member of the sla and she was angry.
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>> i realized that the only alternative to freedom is death and that the only way we can free ourselves of this dictatorship is by fighting not with words but with guns. >> reporter: the easiest thing for them to do was to have her join. i'm sure they talked to her about the sla rhetoric. about you know what a fashist her dad was and all of those things they talked about. >> reporter: the latest photo of patty appears. it is a leather wielding tanya. >> we did some background study on that and it came from che guevara or one of those guys in south america. i don't think it had any effect on the final outcome. it got a lot of coverage. and it portrayed patty as one of the terrorists and that's what the sla was. >> reporter: what happened next made the tanya tape peal by comparison. patricia hurst is caught by a
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bank camera taking part in a bank hold up with several members of the sla. an fbi agent at the heart of the investigation talks about the search for patty hurst. a bit later, the member that eluded police living as a suburban mom. ♪
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you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. tonight on a second look the liberation army and the kidnapping of patty hurst. hurst went from kidnap victim to a bank robber herself. charles bates was at the center of it all. dennis richmond who covered the hurst came from start to finish talked to hays about how the
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events went through. >> they said it was not loaded. how does patty know? she tkupt know. she went in like this, probably because she was thought to. >> reporter: patty dropped out of sight while the fbi searched for her. then came word of a shooting in los angeles. a man had tried to shoplift from an l.a. sports good store. the clerk grabbed him, wrestled him on the ground and had one cuff on him when someone opened fire. that man was bill harris, the woman who opened fire was patty hurst. patty hurst and the harriss got away but left too many clues. the fbi is now just less than 24 hours from finding all the sla members.
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a parking ticket left in a van led the fbi to their 51st street safe house. >> they hollered fbi. you're surrounded come out with your hands up. they only said that 21 times. and then they fired tear gas. through the front window. as soon as they fired tear gas in the front window the sla started shooting. >> that's when the gunfire erupted. >> and police started shooting back. some 4,000 rounds of ammunition shot. >> reporter: newschannels carried the unbelievable scene live. >> there it goes. >> reporter: the hide out in flames, ammunition could be heard exploding from some where inside. curiosity seekers flocked to the site. all except for bill and emily
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harris and p atty hurst. >> every day we're a day closer to finding them. we've interviewed 25,000 people in the pay area alone. >> reporter: the break came when agents decided to secretly watch supporters of the sla. >> kathleen sabia was one of those people. she had given a speech over in berkeley in which she encouraged the harris' and patty hurst to stay in there and keep their good work. the lead that got them was the surveying of the salia family to those two addresses. >> reporter: september 18th 1975ba tes told his agents to move in after the harris' and hurst were tracked to two different homes in san francisco. the harris' were jogging when they were caught. >> fbi, freeze pulled bill
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harris out. we had a fingerprint kit in one of the cars slapped his hands on that. we had his prints because he was in the service and it was bill. >> reporter: not far away patty hurst and another woman was taken. >> we look in there and there's patty and omure sitting at the table. he said fbi open the door. >> patty had picked up on us and was starting to get up. id to -- i told her to freeze, and get down. with that she put her hands up. we asked about weapons and wendy told me that she had a shotgun in her bedroom. >> reporter: guns were seized at this house. the rest of the items is seem to be more of a personal
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nature. it was there police uncovered explosives and enough material to manufacture several bombs. hays remembers patty's reaction when she was brought in through the prisoner elevator. >> i reached in and took her by the arm and took her off the elevator and said patty i'm charles bates. i'm sure for many reasons you're glad this is all over. and she looked at me if she had a knife she would have stuck it right through me. no emotion on her face at all. of course she was in a high stress situation. >> reporter: on february 4, 1976 two years to the day after patty hurst was kid -- kidnapped she went on trial for bank robbery. and a jury found patty hurst guilty. down to 87-pound and with a collapsed lung hurst is hospitalized. it would be two years before she began serving her sentence still proclaiming she had been
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brainwashed by the sla. on february 1st, after serving 22 months at the pleasanton women's prison then president jimmy carter commutes her sentence. patty hurst is free. >> i've gotten a lot stronger, a lot more self-confidence. i take a lot of things in stride that make people fall apart. >> reporter: 10 years after she was sentenced to prison, patty hays appeared on a television show. she talked about being locked in a closet and repeatedly raped. >> right when you came out of the closet did it continue. >> they thought part of the breaking down the individual was a sexual breaking down as well. >> reporter: now 20 years later, patty hurst shaw is living happily with a man who quit his law enforcement job to become her personal bodyguard
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for a year and a half in the mid-70s, the question of where hurst could be at. part of the time she was in the sacramento area. and police at one point came very close to discovering her. rita williams first brought us this report. >> reporter: sacramento, the political center of california is not usually thought of as a hot bed of revolutionaries. but in 1975 it was. for seven months the hide out for the radical simbianese radical army. they now know that in january 19 # five a young woman registered for classes here at sacramento city college is sue hendrix but that she used a stolen i. d. she really was one
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of the most wanted fugitives in the country, patty hurst. a group robbed a bank that used to be here on arden way of 3,700. months later police found out that group was the sla. very early one morning in march someone beat a man for less than $100. sirens screaming, lights flashing, no one knew what could be going on. a woman in a nightgown peaked from behind the door saying everyone who had been there earlier had gone to work. it turns out that woman was patty hurst. >> we found out later she was arrested they were in the house and that the harris' were standing behind the door with the machine guns thinking police were there to arrest
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him. >> reporter: bobby waters enforced laws. the lieu ten in -- lieutenant in charge of homicides. he investigated the killing. unaware that the sla was there too. he's just thankful the harris' did not open fire. >> we had no idea that they had that kind of fire power. it just worked out or i would not be standing here. >> reporter: a man renting out his midtown garage called police saying he thought the renters had stolen cars in the garage. police say indeed they found a fire bird stolen from oakland. left it there and staked out the garage. but police weren't watching around the clock. and a week later, the group got in the car and went to rob a bank. the robbers got away with $15,000 after shooting customer
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mirna upsall with a shotgun. unbelievably the customer's husband on duty in the hospital emergency room when his wife was brought in a huge hole in her hip. >> she was in the emergency room and there were two doctors there already. and they felt it was a hopeless case for quite a few nights afterward. i would cry myself to sleep. >> reporter: she was born kathleen solia but when she walked out of the california women's prison in 2005 she had legally changed her name to sarah jane olson. it's the name the former sla had used for 30 years while hiding out from authorities. rita williams recounted the crimes that put her on the run. a year ago former fugitive and convicted felon sarah jane olson and her husband were minutes away from buying a
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plane ticket back to minnesota. she did not make it but as soon as tomorrow she might. in 1976 solia was indicted for placing two bombs before they exploded under police cars. she and boyfriend kilgore went under ground. an amateur actress, doctors wife and mother of three girls was arrested. since then olson aka solia pled guilty to the attempted police bombing and to a 1975 carmichael bank robbery. olson was sentenced to 14 years in prison. last year the state released her then saying there had been a miscalculation. rearrested her. most likely tomorrow after serving seven years olson will be released again and she's asked to run home to minnesota. although the department of corrections won't say where
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olson is headed until after her release. >> the purpose of parol is to reintegrate offenders back into their communities. >> reporter: so most likely former radical and fugitive kathleen salia will try to return to her quiet life as suburban minnesota housewife sarah jane olson. >> in november of 2002, authorities captured the last the sla member. in 2004 he was sentenced to 4- 1/2 years in prison. in 2009 kilgore became the last sla person to be released. joseph romero was sentenced to life for the murder in 1973 of oakland school superintendent. i'm frank somerville. we'll see you again next week.
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