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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 2, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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troutman with great internet videos. it's the best of fall "right this minute." ♪ >> fiery cauldron erupts in a scary scene that is -- >> power of mother earth scary. >> amazing video from the few who dared to get close. >> well, go get -- >> a hiker makes the understatement of the year after -- >> a bit of an accident. >> you won't believe he kept his calm when you see what happened.
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>> oh! >> a woman goes all spider-man on a train and still -- >> she held on to her bag. >> see why this was no joy ride. plus, two fishermen save a baby humpback. and a baby human gets emotional listening to mom sing ♪ >> now mom and dad reveal the story behind one of the best of fall videos. >> didn't believe me. >> i didn't really believe it. >> talk about scary and magnitude and power. the first moment of the eruption of the volcano in far east russia. amazing to see in time lapse video. liquid magma going hundreds of feet in the air. >> looks like a planet. a cool shot. >> really does. >> a tough shot to get. they had wintry conditions, far east russia. you never know how the weather's going to react around volcanos. >> it's interesting, it's wintry
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weather. it's russia, it's cold. but seeing it you think it should be hot. >> you see the snow in the foreground and then the stream of hot lava in the background, and it does give you a strange sense how could these two things exist at the same time? >> you think, are those clouds? no, that's steam on the snow. >> looked like somebody took a big red sparkler and stuck it in the mountain. this is nearly 16,000 feet at its summit. shot by a mayn who goes volcano hunting. went for two weeks, waited 20 hours just to capture this video. >> it makes you respect the planet, though. it really does make you look at this rock that we live on with complete awe. >> ready for something evil to be poured. >> well, that ain't -- >> get ready for this one. it's going to make you go -- >> this is in utah, this video
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being shot by emmen mcnealy, a well-known climber and base jumper, a bit of an accident. >> whoa! >> that is bone or meat? >> what? >> a tourniquet. it's that serious. >> is he alone? >> with a group of base jumpers. he went last. his chute did not open properly. he slammed into the face of the cliff. and then sort of bounced his way down. >> you can see the amount of blood he's losing. >> he's in pain but relatively calm. >> probably lost my leg. >> help's on the way. >> thank you! >> shouting to his friends. he had basically communicated to them, hey, i'm in trouble. i'm going to need a rescue helicopter. they're figuring out how to get the helicopter to emmen. >> it's amazing he's conscious and awake. >> i think i lost my leg on that one. it hurts. i didn't die. >> what's his status now?
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>> he think his lost three pints of blood. helicoptered to the hospital. fully prepared to wake up with no foot but they saved it. >> here are photos post-surgery. you can see how they were able to repair his leg. >> you can see how stoked he was to leave the hospital. his friends are trying to raise funds for him because he has a lot of hefty medical bills. raised more than 2,000 to help him out. he will make a full recovery. hoping to get up to full strength soon. >> as of right now, really lucky. when you're looking at this. >> i don't want to. >> it's a mangled mess. of course we're not able to show you this. >> pretty gross injury on the tv show. we'll have it on the website. watch the video, if you dare, click on the show or watch on the mobile app. two videos from russia. you know they're jaw drawing. pay close attention to the intersection. notice there's an ambulance speeding through.
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goes through the red light. and at this moment -- >> oh. >> towards those people. >> wow. >> t-boned by another vehicle. sends the ambulance spinning. if you noticed, through the rear doors, a patient inside flies out. >> oh no! >> what kind of driver would go blindly speeding through a busy intersection like that? >> lights and sirens don't clear intersection for you. >> it terps ourp terms out that pregnant woman in the vehicle. miraculously, she and the two emts suffered minor injuries. another jaw-dropping video. pay close attention to this train that's pulling up to the station. inside that red circle, that is a 60-year-old woman that was trying to make it into the train as the doors were closing. a little too late. her hand and the groceries she was carrying, inside the doors.
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pulling up, another passenger sees her, goes over and grabs her. she collapses into that man's hands. doors finally open. you see he's able to pull her groceries out and walk away. >> wait a minute. the train was coming into this station, which means she was hanging on for a while, rode from the last stop? >> yep, correct. the woman's a 60-year-old, apparently the conductor was a 20-year-old man and said that the curve in the track prevented him seeing cars. she's not pressing charges and is happy to be all right. >> she didn't drop her groceries. >> no. >> she held on to her bags. a group of fishermen out looking for shrimp wound up finding something much bigger and much more dangerous. off in the distance, near prince of whales island stheast alaska, the noticed a couple of w distance.
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they realized one of the whales they believe is in distress is actually stuck on the rocks. >> oh. >> and they believe it's because the whale was chasing sea lion. >> and his little friends are trying to help. >> beth, right. at least two or three other oh k orcas nearby. >> it's not like you can pull and move it. >> watch what these guys can do. >> all we've got to do is move it a couple of feet. >> exactly what they do. the back of the whale is so far out of the water, the tide is coming out now. >> oh no. >> they have to work hard. the whale can't hold its head up any longer. >> blow hole's going under. >> they believe it's beginning to drown. >> freaking out. >> they use their oars and the buoyancy of the incoming tide, use the oars as levers and push the whale back into the water, and were able to free this whale as well. >> you've got two high seas heroes joining us "right this
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minute." jason and nick. what did that feel like to approach this large, wild, predator? >> it wasn't a lot of thinking. it was if we can do anything, we need to do it. we were scoping out areas and just out of the corner of my iowa saw a little splashing. we took a closer look. >> it didn't thrash. it didn't fight. it sat there the whole time docile. killer whales regulate through the dorsal fin. half of the whale was out of the water. i knew it was going to need help regulating the body temperature. >> when you touched the dorsal fin, superhot to the touch, because it was trying to coolite body off. we had to dump water on it with our hands. >> hours. >> eight to ten hours from town in a fishing boat. we had a basic background of what would help. we didn't have time to set up the camera. >> there were other orcas in the water. were they making any noises, letting you know they were
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there? >> they came really, really close, especially the bigger one, we figured a male. came five, ten feet to us. a couple times he sat there and looked at us. >> how does it feel to be considered a hero. >> cool. >> it's instinct. you want to do something to help. our travels you'll see humpback whales, killer whales but to get up and touch it. >> it was a dream come true. >> he made one of her biggest dreams come true. >> to get engaged and married in same day. >> how one brave dude managed to pull off the wedding of the season. >> i'm thinking so myself, she might absolutely love this or absolutely hate it. >> and it's a viral video of the girl doing the ostrich dance. >> you're bent over your ankles. >> why her slip-up made the best of fall. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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>> hands down, one of the best stories ever. this handsome fellow you're seeing on your screen is ryan leak, and ryan met the love of his life, amanda roman, and decided it was time to propose. one of his love's dream was to get engaged and married in the same day. >> what? >> that doesn't allow to plan for the best dress. >> technology to the rescue.
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a special thank-you to pinterest. ryan used amanda's pinterest account. they have a second called my dream wedding. she had all kinds of photos of what her dream wedding might be. so she was planning her dream wedding without her knowledge. now, ryan decides, so what do we do? how do i do this? so he picks the perfect location, picks miami, florida. >> amanda roman. >> are you serious? >> i love you so much. and it would honor me so much if you would marry me. >> incredibly romantic. but, as you so. see,a a to keep this moving along. she's like, what? this is the biggest moment of our lives. why are you rushing? >> because he had the wedding planned. >> she gets her perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect dress
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ready for the wedding. >> it tell us how this all happened we have amanda and ryan via skype "right this minute." first, with you, how did you have the courage to do this? >> when you love somebody, you're willing to do anything for them. amanda could have said she wanted anything. it didn't matter what she said, i knew i would put all of my being into trying to make that happen. love motivates you. >> you may kiss your bride. >> pulling this off, were you nervous she didn't like something or maybe you did something wrong? >> absolutely. i love my wife but she's still a female which means she's entitled to change her mind at a moment's notice. i'm thinking to myself, she might absolutely love this or she might absolutely hate it, and it's just a risk you have to take. you go big or go home. >> are you glad that's what your dream was. i got my dream wedding
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without calling a florist, calling a cater, anything like that. i'm so glad that he did this. >> well, congratulations. you guys make a gorgeous couple. way to go. this is a human dancing around in a red hooded sweatshirt. >> apparently something called the ostrich dance. started out look a funny vine. if you look around, there are a lot of videos of other people doing this ostrich dance. this guy who you loaded this and his wife jennifer wanted to give it a try. her legs through the arms and her arms also through the arms. >> arms and legs are through the arms of the sweatshirt and the sweatshirt's pulled over the hyneny. >> so far, a he'll click. then -- >> oh! >> yeah. she goes down and goes down hard. listen to it again. >> oh! >> it hurts -- it hurts to hear. >> wait till you see what she's
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left with. >> am i going to need stitches? >> no. >> cuts to this. >> that is an egg. oh my gosh! >> look at that thing. >> i have to tell people about this. >> she has to explain i was doing an ostrich dance in my red hooded sweatshirt with socks on a wooden floor slipped and fell. >> she has video to prove it. >> if you do the ostrich dance, america, on hardwood floor, no socks. take the socks off. better traction. ♪ >> baby reaction seen around the web. ♪ i'm going to wake up missing you♪ >> incredibly emotional. >> it's not like baby crying. it's like adult crying. >> see one of the fall's most viral videos. and her co-worker really
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this video's going to captivate your hearts, and you will feel why it's gone viral. ♪ i don't want to come here no more ♪ ♪ i beg you for mercy >> this precious little girl is 10 months old marie lynn.
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mom says i'm going to sing you a song. sarah evan's version of rod stewart's song "my heart can't tell you no" want as her emotions change as the song keeps going ♪ i'm going to wake up missing you wake up missing you ♪ ♪ >> just incredibly emotional at the depth of this but also her mother's beautiful voice. >> the lyrics for the song are so emotional. they are so moving. it's about loving someone who doesn't love you back and it's as if this 10-month-old child understands the feeling. >> it's not baby crying, it's adult crying. >> we were eager to know more about this beautiful bond between mother and daughter. via skype "right this minute" to tell us more, dad, elaine, mom, amman dark and precious marie lynn. does she cry like this at every song or this particular one? >> it's actually just this one. >> are you absolutely blown away the first time you saw her react to this song?
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>> yeah. it's like you we saying earlier, she s, which i know at 10 months no way to understand the lyrics but the emotion of the song, maybe the way i sing the long dad, what did you think of the emotional moment? >> i didn't believe it. one day you decide to record it. i got to see it for the first time. i was completely blown away. >> what do you think about all of the attention this video's getting online? >> i'm surprised. like it's cute and all, like you're saying it's pretty much a wall paper family, and it's just exploded. we're just in shock basically. >> are you a trained singer, because your voice is beautiful? >> no, no, not at all. i just sang around the house. i'm really, really shy. no, i got it from my mom. good genetics ♪ no matter how i try to
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convince myself ♪ ♪ this time i want lose control♪ >> as far as blood-curdling screams go, evelyn -- >> ahh! >> she's got a pretty good one. we're getting to hear a bunch of them, thanks to her co-worker jonathan. >> ahhh! >> yeah, they work in a grocery store together. and this guy noticed she would get scared super easy. he filmed scaring her a number of times. a compilation, scaring evelyn. >> the poor woman. she's so high strung when she gets to work, waiting for someone to jump around from behind a corner, a box, whatever, to scare the poop out of her. >> jump around but he doesn't even do anything. sometimes he screams at her. >> ahh hh.
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>> but he's standing there, filming, her, wait fog her toit to this in him. >> that's all he needs to do to scare her. >> ahhh! >> that sucks for her but it's fun for him. >> i feel really bad for her. >> he says he's not a terrible person and she was able to laugh about this. >> bye. >> ahhh! >> she's so committed to the scream, though. >> ahhh! >> what are you -- >> ahhh. >> evelyn. >> you have to make fun, you know, around the workplace. >> i'm going to start doing this. >> no. >> ahhh! >> he wants to go out. she doesn't. >> let's go out to dinner. >> i don't usually go out to dinner with people. >> see the surprise ending after the unforgettable brush-off. >> what? >> what?
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when they say they have a helpful honda guy, they're not kidding. check out this video from harmony honda. >> yeah. >> somebody took in this honda for service, look what they found in the engine bay. a cute, cuddly, gray, white kitten and the kitten does not want to come out. >> he is fighting back. >> wait a minute. did the person who took the car in know there was a cat in the car? >> they took it in for service and they found the cat in there. >> i got it. >> engine gets hot. it could have injured the little guy. >> this happened in british columbia, canada. >> it's cold. >> it's cold. he's like, this is -- hey, it's cozy, nobody's fighting me for space. >> but funinally they got it ou and it's cute. >> oh my god! >> oh my god! >> well, that's not what you expect when you take your honda in for service. >> oh my god.
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>> i think there's a life lesson to be learned from this prank video. >> it's a prank video from the tally. you see vitaly in a green hawaiianish type shirt. >> fancy shirt. >> at the beach. >> standing the at the beach eyeing somebody. >> what's up, cutie? >> hey. >> what's going on? >> not too much >> i was looking at a though yo wanted your number. is that too much to ask for? let's go out to dinner. >> i don't usually go out to dinner with people. >> who do you go to dinner? by yourself? >> sometimes. >> she's totally blowing him off, right? >> yeah. >> he's a stranger. maybe she wasn't into him. maybe she didn't like the shirt. >> keep watching. >> i don't ask twice, but are you sure you don't want to go out with me. >> that is your car? >> yeah. >> i might go out with you.
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>> what? >> his car? >> so disappointed. >> can you believe she's got to be embarrassed now if she's seen it. >> wow. >> dang. suddenly he looked like brad pitt. >> had a lamborghini. >> there's a bar down the street. >> oh. now you want to. too bad. >> oh! >> yeah. >> sorry, that was awesome. >> vitaly, good work. >> she waves good by, walks away, and listens to vitaly. >> that's awesome. >> awesome. >> hope you've enjoyed our best videos of fall. thanks for joining us.
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