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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> it is cold throughout. a freeze warning for the bay area tonight. look at the numbers right now. these are the numbers right now. santa rosa 41 degrees. check out concord. 42 degrees. these temperatures are chilly. 39 fairfield. it is not hard to get to the freezing level. these were the lows this morning. santa rosa 26. napa 27. fairfield 35. it will be colder tomorrow. we will see teens in the north bay valleys. inland 18, 19 degrees in some places. it will be chilly. records as well. check it out. we will get a record in napa, san francisco, oakland. livermore. san jose. it will be a cold day tomorrow. coldest in a while. coming back in 10 minutes, the freeze warning, the coldest day, tomorrow is going to be the coldest day and the rain
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comes back in and that will add snow levels to the mix. i will have all that in 10 minutes. ktvu's rob roth is live in san jose where measures are being taken to protect those at risk. >> tough night to be outside. you can't see from here but behind she a homeless -- me is a homeless encampment. >> reporter: people from the community handing out blankets and jack toots homeless people and -- jackets to homeless people and it is still going on right now. >> it gets foggy down here. >> reporter: he has been homeless for a year after he lost his job. she one of -- he is one of 150
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people living in this homeless camp. he said the cold nights have been brutal. >> cold wakes me up. even if i don't want to get up. i have to move around. >> reporter: the cold snap pushed officials launch its cold weather shelter program. they expect to be at full capacity tonight. >> i am like -- i am like already there at the door red to -- ready toknock. -- to knock. there are only 100 beds in san jose. she won't goo ea shelter -- she won't go to a shelter. >> very cold. you can feel the temperature drop. it gets ice cold to where your fingers hurt. >> reporter: it is rare for anyone to freeze it death but a cold can exacerbate other conditions and make people much
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sicker. reporting live in san jose, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the ktvu channel 2 news weather team is tracking the conditions 24 hours a day. follow them any time on mobile ktvu, twitter and facebook. millions of passwords stolen from users all over the world and now someone posted the information online. the breach includes 318,000 facebook users, 70,000 google users, 60,000 yahoo users and 22,000 from twitter. ktvu's eric rasmussen live in sunnyvale where he is working to find out how this happened. eric? >> reporter: the passwords might be for major websites but experts say the hackers aren't targeting the big companies, they are going after you and
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your computer. >> reporter: your password might be hidden. but there is new evidence hackers collected 2 million passwords from users of facebook, twitter and others. they discovered they were posted online to a site in russian. he is a information security experts with special knowledge of the malware used by thieves. in a few minutes he showed us how it is done. tracking every key stroke of a user. >> credit cards. millions of log ons. every e-mail you ever typed. every message you sent. >> the biggest mistake using the same password over and over again. in a statement facebook wrote it appears people's computers may have been attacked by
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hackers. the company says it reset the passards of anyone exposed but -- passwords of anyone exposed. >> reporter: even more troubling are the passwords. get this, one, two, three, four, five, six was the password for 15,000 users who were infected. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. there is new information and video of what police are calling a possible kidnapping but still no sign of a woman in distress. >> call the police. >> this video was taken from a a.c. transit bus stop at 6:00 p.m. last night. a witness heard all the commotion. >> i heard a scream and i saw a
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man pushing a woman. looked like he was grabbing her and she was struggling. i thought it was a girlfriend and boyfriend. i didn't know. >> today police returned to the area to see if there is more surveillance video and talk with other possible witnesses. continuing coverage on another problem with b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. engineers will spend the night inspecting the disabled train that broke down inside the berkeley tunnel today and filled the cars with break dust. look at this. this is new video that just came in. she recorded it as she was stuck on the disabled train. you see a b.a.r.t. worker rushing through the train. 11 riders received medical treatment and ktvu's allie rasmus spoke with some of the passengers. some rallied to help each
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other. >> reporter: that's right. b.a.r.t. riders commended their fellow passengers for staying calm and even though there was confusion and anxiety for the most part there wasn't panic. >> reporter: passengers poured out of the b.a.r.t. train. at 8:20 a.m. this train came to a stop in the berkeley tunnel. >> that is when you smelled something burning. >> reporter: break dust drifted into the cars as the emergency break engaged. to most people the dust looked like smoke. >> some people started to get nervous. demanding people call for the agent. >> reporter: he took pictures of passengers waiting. >> i wanted to show there was no real panic on the train. i was getting messages from friends and family. my wife. they were in good spirits. i tweeted out pictures.
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>> reporter: elsewhere on the train some passengers were more tense, complaining about having trouble breathing. this video shows people covering their spaces. paramedics strapped on oxygen manages. some passengers tried to help. >> you got to see the community come together. there were doctors that took care of medical needs and other people joking around. >> reporter: emergency responders treated 11 people here at the station. 9 went to the hospital. although all are expected to be released by this evening. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. b.a.r.t. riders endured 2 strikes, a train fire and now a disabled train all in the past five months. >> i am very, very upset about all this because i was on my way to work and i am upset.
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always something going on with b.a.r.t. >> riders were stranded as trains were turned around. among those strapped a b.a.r.t. spokes woman who was stuck on her way to work this morning. >> we have a very good ontime performance rate. when something goes wrong it is not fun. >> riders have been voicing frustration on our facebook page. 13-year-old girl is back with her family tonight safe after leaving home three days ago. she was found in san jose today at 11:00 a.m. a huge relief to family members who called police after the teen left home sunday and spotted getting into a car with three males. family said the girl may be
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dealing with depression. man is accusing apposers of breaking his -- a police officer of break his arm. he filed a lawsuit against the officer. he alleges the off-duty officer cut him off and hit his car on february 17. after the two pulled over he claims the officer restrained him and he suffered a broken arm and bruised ribs. prosecutors haven't filed charges. a audit says california pledged to invest 25 million dollars in k-12. it is also shifting the way it funds schools giving more control to local districts but they said schools could be in for a shock if the economy takes another hit. >> one thing, the state's
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revenues grow and it has sustained growth. >> the audit says districts may struggle with the cost of adopting a new curriculum next year. >> lot of students in poverty. >> auditors question whether funding increases will be enough to keep the university of california and cal state affordable. he said it is a strange day when efforts to ensure every student graduates with college are labeled as high risk. in 2 minutes asking businesses to buy their own names back. why one man claims he owns the rights. >> the trend of freezing temperatures forcing people to bundle up across the bay area. coming up, if the fridged conditions continue into the weekend. >> why some say this ad is offensive and others are
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2 investigates. hundreds of businesses are getting demands from a firm, they are saying pay us hundreds of dollars or quit using the name of your business. ktvu's tom vacar looked into this and why it might be completely legal. >> reporter: they are national store. this weekend he says he got this envelope demanding money. it says it is because he failed to renew his business letter so
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the letter writer said it registered the name for itself. >> we got this on saturday, he said by december 4 if we don't pay him $225, it goes up to $335. december 11435 11400 -- december 11, 435. >> reporter: for less than $1,700 he purchased 233 fictitious business names. he is asking them to pay him for the name. the pay off? $100,000. >> he hit up and down. >> reporter: there is nothing they could do. >> we don't have the power of authority to reject duplicate
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names so someone could register the same name someone else is using. >> reporter: he said what he is doing is legal and suggested we contact the district attorney which we did which is looking into the matter. more as it develops. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. bail set at $5 million for a man accused of killing a man over a video game console. prosecutors say the victim, ikenna uwakah tried to push the gun away before he was shot. and that he offered to give ronnie collins' the playstation 4. >> the defendant said no and pointed the gun at him and shot him. >> prosecutors say ikenna uwakah and his girlfriend met ronnie collins in a park last sunday after posting an ad for
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the playstation 4 on instagram. police used instagram to track down ronnie collins. a boy was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after being hit by a car. rescuers say the boy was hit on "a" street at 1:25 p.m. this afternoon. he was taken by helicopter to the hospital. he was conscious and alert but the extension of injuries are not known. a new ad campaign is sparking a protest in northern california. the gap ad here, a activist is planning a rally tomorrow. he calls the ad showing a woman touching a man's turbine disrespectful. >> i don't want my religion to be represented in this way.
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>> the ad has supporters who appreciate gap showing a sikh man as a model. oracle and google are back in court in a battle over copy wrights around the android operating system. oracle claims google copied programming language into android but google said java is available for free use. last year agog agreed with google -- a judge agreed with google. oracle supealing -- is appealing. these are the highs from today. 48 in antioch. you know what, tomorrow, upper 40s. few low 50s. lot of upper 40s 40s for day
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time highs. cool air is settling in and chilling off. as you look at the numbers. fairfield 35 degrees. right? 35 degrees. amazing. considering the sun is setting. cold tonight. temperatures in the teens in the valleys. freeze warning till tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. for the entire bay area except san francisco because it is surrounded by the water. the water insulates the peninsula. that is the story there. a freeze warning tonight. lows tomorrow morning for a lot of bay area cities. these are the numbers we are expecting. these are for downtown urban areas. outside fairfield teens. outside santa rosa teens. napa 21 degrees for over night lows. 19, 18 degrees. 32 in hairward. 28 degrees in san jose.
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big urban area, very, very cold. big deal for the temperatures there. san francisco tomorrow, 36 degrees tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. 42 degrees at 9:00 a.m. i got 49 for a high in san francisco. they bring it up to 50. you get the idea. it doesn't get warm tomorrow in san francisco. concord right now 42 degrees. go through the next couple days you will see clear skies. that promotes the cooling as well. you will see here on friday is a system friday morning, friday afternoon rain. and snow on bay area peaks. we will watch that system for you. that is the most interesting. it will be cold tonight. that will be interesting. if it does come in we will see snow on bay area peaks. there is your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. friday night, saturday morning is the wheelhouse for that potential rain for the bay area
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and snow on bay area peaks. tonight at 10:00 p.m. we will update the models but it will be cold tonight. >> sounds like it. >> thank you. it is getting easier to fly. travelers in sacramento can use the transportation security administration's pre-check program. approved passengers are given a identification number that allows them to avoid certain passengers. >> passengers won't have to remove their shoes, take their coat off, so the process is quicker. >> the program costs $85 and is good for five years. the seattle seahawks and the san francisco 49ers going head to head. a huge game for the 49ers. coming up how the 49ers plan to
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stop russell wilson. >> and gasia mikaelian joins us what we are working on for bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> today's smoky stranded trains left riders feeling b.a.r.t. dropped the ball. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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>> joe is here tonight with sports. 9ers have their work cut out for them sunday. >> they do. it can be a statement game for san francisco. first up in the 49ers things to be concerned about is russell wilson. russell wilson played a perfect game in monday night's game. 3 touchdowns. over 300 yards and not independent cepted. 49ers lost two -- intercepted. 49ers lost two to the seahawks. a win on sunday would give san francisco a different outlook. and justin smith knows it starts with the quarterback. >> all the different things he brings to the table, throws the
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ball with accuracy. extends plays. moves the pocket. you see it all the time. he is running backwards. 20 yards. you know, he is quicker than d- lineman, i guess. i am one of them. >> day for the warriors to bask in the crazy come back last night. what better place for the coach than st. anthony foundation in san francisco. warriors girls and other volunteers preparing 2500 gift bags. he has to be buzzing about the way they over came the deaf have it last night against -- deficit last night against toronto. warriors outscored the raptors 42-15 in the quarter. making the coach proud. >> tremendous will, determination and no quit spirit. big time win forrous and the
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crowd was in-- win for us and the crowd was incredible. they stuck with us and they were rewarded. >> we will talk about stanford and the pac 12 championship game tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you, joe. the temperatures are dropping tonight and a freeze warning is in effect. tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, where snow could be a reality as the cold snap continues. >> and we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you so much for joining us. good night. /ñ?ññ
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