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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 6, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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start once again. mid 20s in fairfield. 30-degrees in walnut creek. 38 in oakland. san francisco checking in around 40 degrees. take a look at novato sinking to 19 at this hour. 26 in napa. 23 in santa rosa. 30 degrees menlo park. 32 foster city. 39 degrees los altos hills. we are looking at 30 degrees outside of your door saratoga. changes coming by the second half. do you see right here? this is a system that will be sinking south. this will bring us rain by tonight. snow to some of our local hills by tomorrow morning. in a nutshell we are freezing this morning. a mix of sun and clouds. i do see an increase in clouds coming our way as the system begins to approach. and by tonight the possibility of rain sliding into the bay area. perhaps heaviest in the overnight hours. again we are looking at snow for tomorrow morning. afternoon highs for today.
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upper 40s to low 50s. once again a lot like where we landed yesterday. ly have the timing on this rain and an advisory to talk about. good morning sal. good morning, rosemary. traffic is doing well if you are driving around the bay area. the traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. on the east shore freeway it is a nice drive so far from vallejo as you drive to the berkeley area. we will keep an eye on things and if things start to slow down, we will let you know. this is a look at highway 101 and 280. so far so good. just a little slow traffic on highway 92. let's go back to the desk. happening right now thousands of people are in the dark in benicia this morning. claudine wong is joining us to tell us how many businesses and homes are effected. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the estimate is 3700 people when you consider the town of
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benicia has a population of 27,000. we are talking 14% of this city in the dark. we are actually at a shopping center. it is difficult to see that. starbucks right here was supposed to open at 4:30 this morning. instead there is a handwritten note on the door from the manager saying without power we can't do business. sorry about that. and then its just dark in there. it is cold. according to the phone thermometer. 34 degrees. certainly people waking up without their heat on. what we can tell you at this point we are reaching out to pg&e. according to their website they don't have a reason for the outage and they don't have a time of when the power is going to be back on. we have been through town, seen flashing stop signs or signal lights and stoplights. we will keep an eye on this.
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live in benicia claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. city crews say cold weather is partly to blame for a water main break in martinez. as you can see the brakes sent water pouring out into the street. this is martinez avenue. the problem started at about 9:30 last night. at one point 50 homes were without water. it is back on now. crews were able to fix the water main over night and a few hours ago they put sand on the road to make sure it is safe for drivers. a hard freeze warn willing expire across the bay area around 9:00 this morning. one of the coldest places is napa where overnight temperatures dipped into the 20s. we are used to hearing exposed pipes need installation during the winter but even interior pipes are springing leaks. people have been responding to emergency calls due top the frozen water lines. >> it may have been colder, but as far as just a cold that
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bites into you, this is it. it was a very, very biting cold. >> now hardware stores are also seeing a run on insulation materials as people in napa try to protect their properties from freeze and potential water damage. the threat of snow this weekend has moved a pearl harbor ceremony off mt. diablo into concord. organizers say the conditions will make travel to the summit hazardous. it will now take place at the oak room at the library. the restored mountain top beacon will still light up tomorrow night. but instead of pearl harbor flipping the switch, park rangers will get the call. people in the sierra gearing up for the possibility of heavy snow this weekend but that is causing problems on the roads. it could even reach the lower elevations. cal trans it was testing some new tow plow. its a big rig.
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used two small trailers to clear them off the roads at once. new this morning an earthquake in napa now reports of any injuries or damages at this point. the quake measured 3.7. shook the community of ang win. some people say they felt desks and chairs move but no major jolts. time is 4:35. south avery cam's government is preparing funeral ceremonies for nelson mandela. i want to show you a live picture this morning. this is outside mandela's home. people have been gathering there to remember the man that spent 27 years in prison for fighting a par thighed. four years after his release became the country's first black president. nelson mandela said the
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movement calling on the university system to divest more than $2.5 billion from the south african government was a crucial step in ending appar thighed. >> he came back to thank the hundreds, the thousands of people that had been there. president obama said in addition to greatly admiring mandela was personally inspired by him. >> like so many around the world i can't not imaginely life without the example that nelson mandela set. >> the president ordered the
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flags at the white house, federal buildings, and military bases to be flown at half staff until sunset on monday. amber alert has been issued in the bay area for a missing teenager from washington state. 14-year-old elizabeth romero was last seen leaving her school wednesday afternoon which was about 180 miles southeast of seattle. surveillance video shows her getting into the car with her boyfriend who is 19-year-old eduardo. he was last seen driving a 2001- 2003 ford escape with temporary washington plates. investigator think the two could be heading to mexico and may drive through the bay area. oakland man says he was the victim of the so-called knock out game where an attacker tries to knock out a total stranger. anthony lindsey tells us here at ktvu news the brutal attack happened while he was riding an
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ac transit bus. these pictures show the cuts and bruises. lindsey says he wasn't robbed, just beaten up. >> it was clear that since he didn't want nothing of mine, nothing that i owned, that maybe that was -- that's what it felt like. i was trying to be knocked out. >> lindsey says he was hit several times before his attacker ran away. the sheriffs office is now investigating this case and urging witnesses to step forward. a retired santa clara county superior court judge will lead a special task force to investigate the alleged hate crime at san jose state. the president of san jose state says the task force will review the facts and preppies recommendations for insuring the school as a safe, welcoming, and tolerant community. four white students taunted
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their black roommate. they face demeanor hate crime and battery charges. it may soon cost more to ride bart during the morning and evening rush hours. the bart board is looking into charging higher fairs when many commuters are heading to and from work. riders would also pay more at bart's busiest hours. also the state public utility commission leading to wednesday morning bart break down. hundreds of passengers were stranded when a train got stuck. nine of these passengers went to the hospital complaining of breathing problems. an electrical short caused the brakes on one cart to suddenly activate when the train was moving at top speeds.
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independent auditor giving the bart police force high forms. those reforms stem from the fatal shooting of oscar grant. former cleveland police chief patrick oliver conducted the audit. he said bart police have made solid progress in the use of force and officer training. heelsburg could be the first city to raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco. you would have to be 21 years old. that is up from 18. designed to discourage teens from buying tobacco and smoking at an early age. if the city decides to move on it, it could go up for a vote in january. now 4:40. a student arrested after bringing a shotgun to school. how the school handled the incident that has many parents outraged. schoolmates diagnosissed with cancer just days apart.
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good morning. highway 24 looking pretty good as you drive to the caldecott tunnel. coming up i will show you where traffic is beginning to slow down. its a bone chilling start once again this morning with a freeze warning in place. coming up when i expect it to expire a little bit later this morning. we have rain on the way. ly have a timeline for you -- i will have a timeline for you and with the cold air in place we have snow in the local hills.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. meteorologist saying one of the worst is storms in years is pounding the central and south central united states. the dallas fort worth area feeling the brunt this morning. road conditions there extremely dangerous. can see cars and vans losing control. some of them tipping over. power was knocked out to 100,000 homes and businesses.
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>> i'm from california sol its different seeing ice on the windshield. >> now the bed weather has already canceled an annual parade. organizers will make a final call tomorrow. dallas is bringing in salt and sand trucks to make the roads passable. it has been six days since a plane carrying a pilot and four members of his family went missing. dale smith was flying from oregon to montana when he reported engine trouble and the plane disappeared. as many as 30 members of his family now helping with the search but they say freezing weather is making it difficult. >> have some rugged terrain out there. they have a lot of planes and helicopters and ground people working tirelessly to help find our loved ones. >> smith is the cofounder of a
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data storage firm in san jose. two of his children were also on board along with his daughter-in-law and future son- in-law. economists expected to show the economy is starting to move ahead again. survey shows many believe that the report will say employers added 180,000 jobs last month. that would keep the monthly gain at 200,000 since last august. and they believe the jobless rate will slip a bit to 7.2%. that report comes in at 5:30. the port of san francisco selling commemorative bricks that will be used at the new waterfront park at pier 27. bricks will line the parks walkway. a neighborhood activist says brick sales will help pay off the city's debt from hosting the america's cup races as well as the administrative cost to set up the brick program. >> very deceptive the way it is
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marketed. we want to make sure people have the facts. >> its money that is coming back to the port to help us with infrastructure costs that were put out. >> the park is scheduled to open late next year. today apple launches its i beacon service to help you find your way around the store. it sends messages to users on their iphones. the information is based on where you are inside the store. but you won't get them automatically. you have to down load the apple app and give apple permission to track you. its small device that lets stores automatically identify and verify papal users as they walk in. consumers can use it to pay without launching an app or remembering to check in. and allows retailers to send
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personalized messages. if they recognize someone has been standing in a special area for 20 minutes, sr. they could offer a discount. the genie is already out of the bottle in that one. good morning, everybody let's take a look at what we have. good morning, pamela. traffic is moving along very well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems. as you can see traffic is doing well. we've had road work that is picking up. people are getting ready to open up all lanes. getting out to the san mateo bridge that looks good. continuing all the way out to highway 101. we also have been looking at the peninsula and the east bay freeways. traffic 880 is doing very well. you know today its not steve
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its rosemary. hello rosemary. good morning to you. the person has changed but the weather has not. its another cold one out there. bring along the winter jacket once again. today we are cold and dry. by tonight we are cold and wet. take a look at this system here. off the coast of washington this is going to bring us some rain. i'm thinking anywhere from a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch. and with the cold air in place and the nature of this cold storm, we are looking at snow levels dropping in the overnight hours. let's take first a look at what we are seeing this morning. a few clouds reported along the coast. as we get into the afternoon the second half of our day, an increase in clouds coming our way. i want to stop it here. we may have a few scattered showers popping up in time for the evening drive home. we have changes coming our way. most of this rain all wait until the overnight hours to fall. and we are into saturday morning and its already moving out of here. i think we will wake up with perhaps a little bit of snow on our local hills and plenty of
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snow in the sierra. for the higher elevations of the sierra one to two feet of fresh snow expected. and for us here at home above 2500 feet. we do have a winter weather advisory. it will start late tonight into tomorrow morning and we are looking at snow levels down to 2,000 feet at some point. with the advisory for areas above 2500 feet. so yes, its a little exciting. some cold, wet weather coming our way and the possibility of some snow. right now 23 in santa rosa. 42 san francisco. its a cool one in oakland. 38 degrees outside of your door. as we get into the afternoon temperatures a lot like yesterday. we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s for the early parking lot of the afternoon. and then temperatures will begin to cool off with sunset just before 5:00. into the extended forecast with the bay area weekend always in view, that possibility for rain coming into tonight. freeze warning expires at 9:00 this morning. it is bay area wide with the exception of san francisco.
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tonight into tomorrow the rain perhaps some snow. we start out tomorrow morning with a slight possibility of a few scattered showers. it will be cold once again. we clear out and sunday morning could be just as cold as this morning. we will be tracking the cold once again monday into tuesday temperatures slightly warmer. pam. >> thank you. 4:50 is the time right now. the city of pacifica showing an outpouring of community support for two little girls. a few days later seven-year-old was diagnosissed with a rare cancer. both children are students at cabrillo elementary. just a grade apart. >> they are in the same hospital, same floor and annika is now in the room bella just moved out of. just coincidentally. >> people in pacifica said they give forward page for them in
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just a couple days they raised more than $30,000. the families say they are overwhelmed by the community's generosity. bat kid returning to san francisco but this time he won't be fighting any crime. five-year-old mile scott will be there. on saturday he will be the special honoree at the event and he will be there to cheer on participants. 4:52 is the time. special experience at the new 49ers stadium. one of the bay area's top chefs will bring a unique dining experience to fans. a rash of burglaries in contra costa county. why one teenager is to blame. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. you are looking at a very emotional night in san francisco. as people gathered to remember a young man who was gunned down over the weekend. investigators say he was shot to death when he met with someone who claimed he was interested in buying a play station four video game consul. ronnie collins has been arrested for that killing. he is expected in court on monday to enter a plea.
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some college students in the south bay had to battle the cold even after they made it into their classrooms. pg&e told the school to cut its natural gas consumption by 20% so the utility could meet demand in the area. administrators sent warnings that certain areas could feel even colder. >> and told us to be sure to dress warm some most of us wore layers of clothes. >> cold temperatures in the south bay may have taken its heaviest tole on the homeless. shelters were near capacity last night. police say a number of home burglaries in hercules could be the work of just one teenager. eight homes near peasant drive were broke into. the thefts are very similar and
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police believe there is just one thief and that he is likely 15-16 years old. san francisco 49ers are teaming up with one of the bay area's top chefs for a one of a kind experience at levi stadium. he will operate three eating venues when the stadium opens next year. side by side steak house and pub will open 365 days a year. the third will be an indoor, outdoor restaurant called tailgate. it will only be open on game day and members only club. >> what this experience will be is something that has never been seen before where you have ten games a year, hopefully more. but ten games a year where we have these parties. >> tailgate experience will include things like 13-foot rotisseries that can roast an entire ox. and giant cages of lobster or
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crab brought in by a crane. the football field at cal will get a new name. it will be called kabam field. part of an $18 million deal with video game maker kabam. three of the video founders went to berkeley. coming up next the big chill continues in the bay area. why people are stocking up in the foothills. a big break in a cold case that dates back to 20 years. good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that looks pretty good if you are driving to the bay bridge. while we slept temperatures fell once again. well into the 20s for some. we will have a look at where it is coldest at this hour and
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where we will begin to thaw out.
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there is no equal in the world. >> people in the bay area and all over the world are remembering a global icon. new information about the ten- day mourning period planned in honor of nelson mandela. its all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are looking at a very dark starbucks. people not able to get their coffee this morning in benicia and even worse a lot of them not getting their heat this morning because the power is out effecting hundreds of people over in benicia and ktvu claudine wong is out there this morning checking in on what happened and the progress of when that power will be turned


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