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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. we are live on bay area roadways and we will tell you where to expect black ice this morning. a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a teen, we will tell you why andy lopez's family believes this is a slap in the face. >> they uncovered parts of the new span and why they could be at risk. the east bay is finding new homes for dozens of dogs and even saving their lives, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2
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morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is knew knew,. >> we want to take you live to highway 24, drivers have been told there is a plaque ice -- black ice warning and it is monday december 9th, i am pam cook. >> and steve, pam wants you to knock it off with the cold weather. >> i had a lot of comments over the weekend. if you live in the heights ,2 8 degrees, 30 petrerro hill and it is cold even in san francisco there is a lot of 20s around. especially in the north bay, that is what i saw. there is a little breeze and
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concord must show more. then wednesday i think things will start to warm up enough where we can get a him the of a breeze but concord now at 7 and that will cut right through you. it will be clear today, not looking for anything more, we had that one system friday night which was warm. severe and clear, a little breezy for some. 40s and lower 50s some video was take end earlier and it is still cold.
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those barrels exploded leaving sand all over the place. he said he swerved to avoid another car. let's move along and look at the bay brent for a 15 or 20 manipulate delay in all of the lanes except for the car pool lanes as you drive through 101 and 280. it is 6:03 let's go back to the desk. chp is telling everybody to drive with caution. live in lafayette right now, they are telling us more about the dangers of black ice.
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a motorcycle supporters out and we are here to reminded refers to to take advantage of the report saying there is slippery conditions near the fish ranch road in orinda and westbound in lafayette. black ice of course is a thin coating of glazed ice on the roadway and while it is not truly black, it is transparent and the black asphalt shows through and that's why they call it black ice. the chp should be reminded. keep year happen firmly on the wheel as you make your drive into work. ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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freezing temperatures also a danger for the homeless. an autopsy will perform will be performed on a homeless man to see if he died from exposure. outreach workers are passing out blankets and winter clothings and the freeze warning has been in in effect until 9:00 a.m. enclose our. is the cold, put some of the shoppers really top mind the cold. oop i tonight mind it and it goes with christmass. >> it also caused delays over the weekend as the airlines
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deiced their planes. thousands of flights have been delayed because of the storms on the east coast and traffic on the roads is a mess. dozens have been dealt with and some drivers were also stuck in the ice i roads for hours because of thick snow. >> there is no salt and everybody and everybody was also affected. 6 flights were canceled across the country and if you have to fly be sure to call to check the status of your flight. snow is covering o'hare,
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some stranded passengers spent the neat is a hotel pack in on the, it is going back to work for the first time since that shooting. alex savage is live in santa rosa to tell us how supporters are responding to this. >> supporters are angered by this and hear with the sheriff's tempt and it has been cleared to return to work and they will be checked out by mental health professionals. we will have a controversial shooting until this is complete. he has been off the job since october when he shot and killed lopez when the 13-year-old shot with an air soft beebee gun. he mistook the replica wheel
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they continue to learn exactly what happened. they are planning on holding a march here in santa rosa over here by the sheriff's department again protesting his return to work this week. live in santa rosa, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are searching for the shooter who seriously wounded a man near an elementary school. he was found yesterday afternoon. he was found in the street by a woman who was driving home from church. he was treated at a hospital for life-threatening. they did see two people just
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before the shooting. >> reports inn kate, the rods a pier and that the and that the state senate transportation 18 conducting hearings on the management on the span. and hearing noise at the airport will be the focus of a community meeting in atherton. it began after a start-up company started flying planes out of the airport. the community meeting starts at 6:00 tonight and it is at the hulbrook tonight. they are being called the
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chiwawa express. people here in the bay area are just not interested in adopting smaller breed dogs. these dogs are headed to idaho where they are more likely to find a ting who loves you. >> it is not good to euthanize an animal that could make a great come pap beyond for somebody -- companion for somebody. >> they will take off at 9:00 a.m. this morning and they called it is the chow you would what
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express. stanford is the country's only program that will appear in the only consecutive bcs game. the hot issue of taking dna samples goes before a court today and some people say this could help solve cases that could be a deadend. >> they are attending the services of natural patterns. >> it is getting slow in other places, we will let you know where. we have 34 degrees with an east wind putting the windchill at 25 and san jose is 1 degree away from a record and we will look to see if there are any others. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, 6:14 is the time and president barack obama is on his way to south africa to attend the memorial service for nelson mandella. on air force one for the trip, former george w. bush wife laura and former president bill clinton and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton but they
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are traveling separately. in south africa, people continue to gather outside nelson mandella's house, this is video from the area this morning. they will hold a memorial at a soccer stadium that seats 9 5,000 people. then they will hold a memorial and sunday he will be buried in a remote village where he grew up. room here in the bay area, nelson mandella was honored at glide memorial church. he talked about it and as a child he used to quote, hate white people" and then he decided he was not going to do that anymore. $ ♪ they talked about the crash of 214 at san francisco
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international airport. fell interview experts in a two day hearing to determine what caused that jet to crash and why a fire truck ran over a survivor killing her. then three san francisco fire commandos never took the airport disaster training course which is required. ken will have life reports, plus you can up day him. senator chuck hagel is in afghanistan and he is pushing for a security agreement to allow many to stay in afghanistan after 2014 after a planned withdrawal of most
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troops by the end of next year. it was approved by tribal elders and must be signed for them to remain. >> no international partners will come and afghanistan will be essentially alone. ahmed wali karzai, although he at least voiced support and he wanted to hold off on signing it until after elections that are scheduled for april. they can start receiving vaccines for them and it comes after 8 cases had been reported since march. in response to the outbreak, they gave presidential
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candidatesston students -- princeton students immunizations. a student lacrosse player had to have his feet amputated. trying today, pam, you know it is a little slow out there and one of the things we have noticed is there are no problems on the bridge. let's look at the toll plaza. some of the cash lanes are showing a 15 minute delay as you make it into san france or make making it and getting over to marin county as well. we have been looking at the commute in san jose and in the santa clara valley and 280 are also looking good. sal? >> yes, sir? >> it is the coldest
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temperatures in a long time. >> it feels like it. >> teens, 20s and 30s, there is a little bit of a breeze giving us windchills, 32 to 50, it will be cool and some of the words are close. now livermore is 34 and they have an east wind and oakland is warmed up and the record is 30 petrerro row hill, getting up two hours here. freeze warning is out and tonight we will have one more end of the week which does look warm. 21 napa, 21 santa rosa, and everyone is really close here. that is impressive.
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we do have a little him the at 7 miles per hour, there has been a slight offshore breeze and 10 below, there is some brutally cold temperatures up in the lake counties as well and that cold snap and freeze warning is lingering and things should start to improve. in turn it allow is the lows to come up a little bit. unfortunately we can definitely use it and that's not happening. cold morning, sunny, highs today, upper 40s for many, low 50s and warmer temperatures will be affected by vallejo, antioch, upper 40s and 52 in alameda and berkeley. 51 san jose, 49 morgan hill,
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menlo park, very low 50s including 52 in san francisco. if you think it is cold hear, it is brutally cold in lake tahoe and the he can tended outlook, maybe some extended highs saturday and sunday. many believe the federal reserve will end the reserve program and they will announce it during the third quarter and 30% expect it to happen during the second quarter and they are buying bonds to help keep interest rates low. and they say they are in the top spot because of its high quality breads and they specifically mention they use local produce in its creation.
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they are the only ones to make the list and new york city has 7 of the top 21. and a san francisco start up is looking for a way to replace a basic food item. they are baking cookies and making omelets all without that. eggs, they want to find a plant and something that takes away and pollutes the interest. well, it is a is a gun ban and why the surgery for congress to vote on it today. and candle stick parkings why football fans said they just had to be there. i love watching tv outside.
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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. welcome back, they are all over the all over the road and d mv dropped its proposed rule which could be dropped by spring. they are trying for toyota, and
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other cars which could be on the road before the end of next year. football fans packed candle stick park for what could have been at the old stadium. >> it was an important vick recommend in that huge divisional matchup and now there is only one more seasonal game and that's why the fans agreed it was really important to be at yesterday's game. >> it was the one before the last so we needed to be here. >> now sap fran police were here dressed up as fans and they went smoothly inside the park but outside one man was hit in the head with a bottle. he was hit by minor cuts at the scene, no arrests were made. in the third quarter, the jets
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are up 37-10 but raiders will not give up. he passed it for all four players there, rod treater went 27-17 and the jets held out 27- 7. a lack of information will prevent them and they are counting on nearby businesses to provide 21,000 parking spaces on game days but during the week they will be filled by employee cars which means that will be no more monday night games or possibly ever. the sonoma sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez is returning to work and the action protesters are planning on taking later today. we have a couple of things
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popping up in the east bay. we have a new crash in the east bay. there are fans here, see i am getting tired of this and there are signs, we could get record lows take a look at some much these. omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page? they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese,
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roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's?
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you have. welcome back to the morning news, they are ringing the opening bell there this morning. it looks like a pretty good day and they are ringingit remotely and they are at the -- ringing it remotely and they are at the headquarters signing the paperwork with u.s. airways finally signing the paperwork to complete their merger and they will be called american airlines but u.s. airways and
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ticket counters, it could take several years before it is completed. >> all right, we will smile, say good morning, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, a brand- new day, this is monday, december 9th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, a brand-new day, not brand-new weather. >> some people like this, but heidi up in roaner parkings 6 months from now you will be telling me to cool things down. i know it is tough, it is really cold and it is close to a couple of records, 19 and 1932, almost all of the other records will be here 1972 and that's the coldest low in 15 years and i did see 30 in pet remember row -- petrerro hill. they have an east wind and let me tell you, what are we in
6:32 am
chicago here? freeze warning and we'll see 30s for temperatures and 25 novato, it is 36 fso, there is that san jose reading and they both have an east breeze and there in lie is the windchill with a lot of 20s on their windchill east at 12. what is the good news? it will be sunny and it might be the coolest day of the week as temperatures begin to slowly inch up. some upper 40s especially in the hills, i have seen some pretty good gusts and we have a lot of upper 40s and here is sal. steve, we have a new crash on highway 4 in the pittsburgh antioch area, westbound highway 4 near the willow pass there. this crash is blocking three lanes and the traffic is actually not that -- it is
6:33 am
actually not moving well and in fact i am giving you some more information. three lanes are blocked and it will be 45 minutes and this is a huge problem for highway 4 westbound and it will be backed up already to antioch and if you can avoid highway 4 please do because of this crash. >> let's move along and look at the westbound bay bridge which is backed up for a delay. 82 and 87 northbound is looking good with 101 and 280, 603, let's go back to the desk. it is cold and cold weather shelters are full this morning after explaining that for you people died from exposure to the cold. joining us live from san jose, they are telling us about some of the changes which have been made, good morning. last week, they just had 50
6:34 am
beds open and they did make a change and they did add beds and last night 200 people slept here. it is now 27 degrees here in san jose and it is so cold so workers are telling me they are not turning anyone away. the challenge has been getting to those living on the street and the cold weather shelter is now available. outreach workers handed out other blankets and other homeless end calm. s and -- encampments and it is being investigated whether that was due to the cold temperatures. news of the dead has spread among the homeless population and it is prompting those to seek shelter. >> there is a lot of people coming in, there is 30 people here last night who had never been here before and this place is really getting some good use
6:35 am
out of it, so that is great. >> homeless encampments are getting out the dangers of working there but in sunnyvale they are allowing people to bring their pets and people will be able to stay at least until 8:00 a.m. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. thousands of flights have been canceled all over the country because of that big east coast winter storm, live at fso, here is more. >> reporter: live here at fso, we are looking at the flights and they are canceled because one flight headed out now headed out at 10:30 it was scheduled to leave at 10:05
6:36 am
arriving flights are affected as well, one headed to dallas from the bay area is canceled and a couple more are delayed as well steve has been trying to get to l.a., tell us about how things are going? >> well, we are going out and i am on the only flight out so we are happy, i tried to go to dallas from new york but couldn't make it so i came directly out here for the north face challenge. >> reporter: and you live in dallas? >> yes, and i live in dallas. >> reporter: and we were talking about how rarely this happens. >> nobody can get out to the stadium and i believe the giants are playing. >> are you surprised that dallas is still dealing with ice issues so far? >> well, they kept freezing temperatures that would melt and i know a lot of people were
6:37 am
without power. they really did not do well but they don't have quite as many sand trucks. >> right now fingers are crossed and hopefully they will not cancel. >> thank you so much for speaking to us. at least four flights are canceled headed out to dallas, also arriving, we will keep you updated. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. . well the cold weather here has been good for skiers and snowboarders, most of the resorts have been opened now for the season including heavenly border, alpine meadows, the storm came out as drivers had to put on those
6:38 am
chains except for several areas. the man who shot -- sheriff's deputy who shot and killed andy lopez and we will have more on how andy lopez's supporters are reacting. >> they are calling it a slap in the face. >> reporter: that is why a protest will be held at the sheriff's department later today but the deputy who opened fire on that teenager has been cleared to return to work and in fact has been checked out by mental health professionals. he has been off the job since october when he shot and killed lopez and he mistook the rep
6:39 am
lick can and the deadly shooting of course parked out -- sparked outrage and led to protests at 5:00 and another protest will be held here at the sheriff's department which many say it an unfair decision to have this deputy involved in this shooting back on the job. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the senate is expected to revote on a ban on plastic guns. it is expected for a vote and plastic guns can be made with a computer and special 3d printer. a man suspected overkilling
6:40 am
a station. ronnie collins from walker was a victim in the bay view district. he agreed to meet him after advertising and he used his real name and photo to answer the ad and he is being held on $5 million bail. they are now trying to identify a skull found in a trail along a count tip park. they found the skull while walking with his two young children in windsor. when sheriff's deputies arrived, they planned on arriving to continue their investigation. >> it will go before a federal court in san francisco, and the court will hear arguments brought by the american civil liberties union.
6:41 am
mandatory collection arrested for a felony, well that is a violation of the constitution but dna collection helps solve cold cases and very recently they upheld a similar law in maryland but it comes from those who committed felonies. he talked about how he was treated in korean now that he is back home in his home country. we have more on the black ice and where to expect it next. i will show you traffic which is completely jammed up even worse than usual. find out how long this crash is supposed to last and what routes you can take as alternates. in los gatos, it is very close, see if there is any rain
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. welcome back, time now 6:44 chp is warning drivers to be careful this morning, black ice on the roads can be a problem because of our freezing temperatures. tara moriarty is live in lafayette, talk about the danger of that black ice, tara. well, it's cold out here,
6:45 am
and we have some icy conditions in sonoma and napa, we have reports on there and a motorcycle crash off of the road, here off the freeway, they have signs out for black ice warning drivers about it and the chp website said the chp conditions are -- slippery conditions are in orinda and in a westbound direction in lafayette. this is a thin coating of glazed ice on the roadway and while not truly black, it is transparent. these conditions are expected with all of these freezing temperatures we had and chp wants to remind drivers to take it easy on the road. constant on the breaks, -- slam on the breaks, just keep your hands firmly on the wheel. it is difficult to see black ice.
6:46 am
live in lafayette, i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming back home after being detained in north korea, newman said he was treated well while he was detained over there. he was reunited with his family saturday in san francisco. he said during the tee i don't. -- detainment, he was well fed, comfortable and in a hotel room, not in a jail. he also clarified he did not write the alleged policy we have seen by north korea. and bob is due to be seen on harassment charges. he is expected to serve three months of home confinement and will be on probation and then undergo mental health treatment. he resigned after more than a dozen accused him of harassment. several government agencies
6:47 am
are checking on cell phone records. national security has been under a lot of scrutiny after secretly collecting information from people's cell phones. local police departments are also getting information. more than 125 police agencies and 33 states would target specific cell phone towers and they could then get information like names, activities an locations of any phones. time now is 6:47 that means it is time to check in with torii campbell for a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. after a string of attacks and problem matt particular -- problemmed behaviors in san francisco library, it was all a hoax, a woman was denied a tip because of her sexual
6:48 am
orientation and what will happen to all of those donations she received in sympathy. and they will be impacted more than any other bay area county when it comes to rising sea levels. what is being done to learn about the devastation and how to protect the area, those stories and more coming up on the news, let's bring sal back. yes, dave, pam, we have highway 4 according to chp and you can see what it is doing to highway 4 here and it is backed up solid and some of the side roads are possible the nate routes for you and -- alternate routes for you but they are getting crowded fast so if you are going to go, get out there and go right now. parkside drive, willow pass road comes to mind and some of
6:49 am
the other roads like leyland roads, you can use that and you can use bailey road and go out to some of the side roads, if you are a local, you know the area and it's going to be super crowded on highway 4. highway 4 doesn't take much. it is already slow and today it is slower than others. san jose is starting to get slow here after 87 and a 101 after 208, let's go to steve. i snow somebody who takes that commute. >> you are not going to be in a good mood this morning. >> san francisco, 39 is along the embarcadero, so if you are headed out for a morning run it
6:50 am
is the coldest and a freeze warning takes us to noon and this may be the coolest day of the week. any records? no but we are close. 19 is the record in 1932 and san jose is right there. 27, the record is 26 in 1972 and it is not happening in san francisco livermore or oakland. each though the city is cold the record was 30s back in 1972. a freeze warning by wednesday and thursday and things should improve. this is a gradual process and remember the nights are long the days are short and without a breeze, it is tough to warm things up here. a little bit of an east breeze, when you have an east wind, that is really 25 from eureka
6:51 am
up in the hills, a cold snap will linger and tuesday things will get better, minor warning, maybe some lows, that will help a little bit, some upper 40s and blist are you with -- blustery with higher elevations. petaluma, there is also ice near them, i had a couple of recordps reports on that. berkeley 42 and some upper 40s and lower 50s and a lot of 30s here. tahoe is below 10 and chuck 17 below. it will be a little better by
6:52 am
wednesday. we do have a weak system brushing us on wednesday it will fall apart. the trend is to bring them up and to upper 60s by the weekend. 6:51 is the time and she is being called the lay away angel. new news for medical marijuana dispensary locations why some could be off limits. highway 4 is done, we we are not doing well. we will be back with more news weather and traffic. could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, taking a live look at the big bored, off to a good start, dow jones industrial average you can see back above 16,000 after a big gain friday and s&p 500 is also back above 1800 and it is pretty quiet as we wait for congress to see what they do with a number of things they are voting on including a budget. it is official, u.s. airways and american airlines are now one airway. they are going to continue to operate separately but investors will see a difference
6:56 am
starting today. also this morning, mcdonalds shows global sales are up a half of a percent and there is a different story in u.s. restaurants. breakfast items and chicken products show increased sales and this country was down a bit. time now 6:55, new rules could drastically reduce in san jose and they will consider new rules to keep dispeps risk a -- dispensaries away from homes and parks. that will reduce only 1% and will also close down dispensaries and banned areas. they will fight back for the ballot measure and they call her the lay away angel. she made wal-mart customers very happy by paying off their
6:57 am
store accounts. >> she just said she was doing something nice for us and i said thank you and i was in shock. >> she met her not so secret santa. she didn't give her name but she paid off thousands of dollars of lay away balances and waited around to meet a few people. for miss cortez, it was more than $100 for christmas. >> i am going to pay it forward as well. >> the lay away age gel, since then, there are thousands of reports doing this.. and russellmania, they will attract thousands of fans all
6:58 am
over the world. the 49ers made an official bid for that big event. coming up next here on mornings on 2, we are continuing our coverage on the freezing temperatures we are having, how many shelters are trying to help the help the homeless after at least four deaths over the past week. >> oh, my g-d... >> oh, yes, winter storms all over the nation, the affect it is also having on air travel including right here in the bay area, stay right here with us. traffic is moving along well, there is one notable exception which is highway 4, we will tell you about that coming up. i love watching tv outside.
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at least two people have been taken to the hospital with a major crash on highway 4 and the backup is stretching for miles and miles. find out what's blocked and how you can get around it. we're live in san jose where it is 27 degrees. was there enough room in the cold shelters? we'll let you know. there's cold and there's cold for us. it's really cold. even low 30s in


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