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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 9, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the best videos from the web are on their way right this mint. ♪ a cyclist says he is sick and tired of -- >> being attacked by the people in his town. >> see why it is sheer terror every time he hits the road. a novice sky diver doesn't realize things are going terribly wrong. >> probably better for him that he didn't know. >> why he nearly fainted when he saw this video later. >> meow, meow, meow.
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>> it's the latest hit -- >> from the poopy cat dog. ♪ throw yourself in the air and wave them like you just don't care ♪ a wedding is interrupted as a groom is forced to -- >> fight for his bride. get the story behind the epic ceremony that stunned the wedding guests. >> nobody knew this was going to happen. it is a crappy feeling when it feels like everybody is out to get you. how about your entire town? >> this is a guy named enray okay gonzales. in this video, he is on his bike thichlts a compilation of the people from the town honking at, swerving at, swearing at. it gets far worse. watch this. >> oh, my gosh! >> see that woman there hanging out of a truck looks like she smacks him. this is the worst part here. it looks like the side-view
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mirror takes out his camera. >> why are they out to get him? do they not like the fact that he is a cyclist and is using the bike lane. >> somebody is throwing rocks at him. he says he is being attacked by the people at his town. we have no idea why they are targeting enray okay. we are seeing it from his perspective. if you look at his flicker account, apparently, he is a pretty talented woodworker and craftsman and artist. i have to say, pretty impressive. on that compilation video, he writes in the description, lake county's psychological norm. report any of this and they gang up and do more. there will be widespread retaliation. >> is this some sort of racial thing? >> maybe that's what he is hints at in the other video. he calls it, ethnics, beware. he was arrested foreckless atn, >> i he is in a bike lane.
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>> unclear if this was the moment he was arrested. hard to say what has all the people so angry. >> it is not like people are just screaming at him. they are physically attackinging him. >> some people are saying residents of the town could be unhappy that he is riding his bicycle and filming everything. >> that doesn't make sense people would physically attack this person knowing he has a camera. that seems like a very odd reason to be so violent. >> alexander hillson and his fraternity brothers at the frat house decided, let's go sky diving. they did a tandem jump and alexander has a tandem camera running. his instructor is jeff. what happened? that is awesome. >> he is loving it. they are in the free-fall portion of this jump. he has the camera out. it is showing his face. you see that little white shoot come out about a minute or so
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into this jump, things start to get sketchy. >> hey! whoo! >> alex doesn't realize what's going on. >> oh -- he says he didn't realize the parachute was twisted. the instructor is fighting to get this trihing corrected. the instructor is telling him to kick his leg. >> they are trying to spin themselves around to untangle them. >> you can see, it is twisted about two or three times. the instructor at this point is like, hey, man, look up. >> the instructor is fighting to get this thing corrected, working it, working it. finally, he is like, okay, we have to cut this thing. so he cut away the tangled shoot so he could deploy the reserve. >> you hear the wind. >> ah!
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>> then, they are falling, a free-fall. >> look. >> there on the side, you could see the one he cut away from the background. >> that was more excitement than i paid for. >> that is more excitement than he paid for. >> i would like to adopt this guy's sunny disposition on life. he almost died and he was like, that was a lot of fun. thanks for that. that was more than a bargain. >> sorry about that. i didn't know it was happening. firefighters near de quinnty, louisiana, came upon this fully engulfed structure fire the day after thanksgiving. what's interesting here is this is captain todd parker. it looks like he showed up before anybody, before even fire trucks showed up. he was there talking to some other first responders. he has no tools to work with. he has noticed that this fire is threatening another nearby home. >> we have one structure on the north side that is going to be
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an enclosure that we are going to have to get water on quick. >> he is on the radio calling in to the fire trucks to try to direct them to the best setup and to begin to attack this fire. when the trucks do show up, the first\thi thing he does is not direct his home at the burning home but on to the nearby house that he believes could catch fire. he tries to cool that down first to protect something that isn't damaged yet. you also see there is a vehicle on the front lawn that is also fully involved. >> you hear the crackling and the popping of the fire. you could almost feel the heat from this. it is so white hot from the heat in his camera. the car in the front yard, very, very stubborn to put out, as is the whole house. you see him douse the car several times. it almost seems like it makes no impact. >> you see the flames creeping over toward that car. you know that is almost like a ticking time bomb.
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>> when they say somebody lost everything. they don't have a car to drive to a hotel to stay in until they rebuild their life. >> have you ever been having a really bad day at work? think about this guy's day at work. >> that is a 300 ton boulder falling down the side of a fiscal cli cliff in australia blocking a highway. this is a really bad day at work. a contractor had been hired to remove this boulder from the side of the cliff. >> so it wouldn't fall down on the road. the boulder overshot the barrier and it fell down on the road. >> this, in fact, blocked both lanes of traffic. so an entire city was blocked off. people in that city were pretty upset about it. >> what do you do if you are the guy and it falls down? >> oops. >> you could say, though, that he did kind of do the job.
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the boulder is not on the cliff anymore. >> right. mr. italiano is out to pick up girls. >> wait until you see what happens. this student named raphaelo. he has a great accent and all the girls love him. >> see how the power of language lands him some ladies. and a mcclarn p-1 takes on the world's most challenging racetrack. >> the benchmark of hyper cars is to lap this 13 miles in under 7:00. there is not much room for error here. >> did we do it?
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as we know, it is a fact that ladies love dudes with cool foreign accents, which is a bummer when you are just a regular guy. here is more proof from the whatever channel. singing the italian national anthem doesn't quite work. that was the one time it didn't work. wait until you see what happens, the student is raphaelo. he has a great accent. all the girls love him. [ speaking in italian ] >> my number, 707 -- >> aechoh, my gosh, no way. they makeout.
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he is saying nonsense to her. >> he really is. it doesn't matter. it sounds hot. >> this is what they have been seeing in every "sex and the city" episode in romantic comedy. they want the romantic guy to step up and on the beach. >> i will melt you like a horse and ride you to the stars is what he just said to her in italian. >> and she gives him her number. >> 716 -- >> that's disappointing. >> oh, my number. i am giving my number to a random italian guy. she is saying it like i can't believe i am doing this but she is still doing it. >> it is ridiculous, i agree. he is actually kind of cute and charming and showing confidence and he has great hair. >> raphaelo. you have no one. >> my number is -- >> if you want to see the entire
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video of this guy getting all sorts of numbers, head to our website, "right this minute" and click on the "today" show and you can watch it on our mobile app. the puppy loves the windshield wipers. >> yo-yo-yo. it is wrtm. we are happy to play the new beat from the whoopee-cat dog. ♪ ♪ you will see some catitude ♪ i rock the cat walk making all the humans talk ♪ ♪ don't you know this flies
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♪ do you want my fur-fur >> is this an ad for litter boxes? ♪ you want to touch my fur like that. >> this is an add for little boxes. the poopy cat, cardboard, biodegradable litter boxes, made in the netherlands. you use them and dispose of them instead of having to clean them out all the time and you know how it gets. ♪ meow, meow, meow . >> they call it hygienic and a great solution for pet and owner. think about it. they probably get in there and scratch the heck out of it and you just throw it away. we've got three real or fake videos including a strange light. >> oh, wow. >> a knockout.
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>> oh! >> and a dog with moves. >> i say real. >> real. >> real too. >> matt dreidel from ebaum's world will set things straight. >> i can let go the real information of what's really going on here.
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>> it's monday, what do you say we have fun with matt dreidel checking out real or fake videos
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from ebaum's world. let's dive in with video number one. >> that is cool. >> there are fish that glow, bio luminescent squid and jellyfish. you never got a good look at what that was. a lot of times the fish that glow live really deep down. >> that leaves this questionable. i don't think they are faking something glowing in the water. is it something living that has some bioluminescence or a piece of trash that has some glow to it. >> it could be something floating in the water and something that has the bio luminescent plankton in it. >> real? >> real. >> all right, max. this is revealed as an elaborate marketing stunt by the u.k. tv entertainment channel watch. it is part of a gorilla marketing campaign for their new
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show, the happenings. it is actually like a glowing object but it is not real. it is not living. it is a stunt. >> video number two, carry it. make a loud noise and do that. >> ha, ha. oh, my gosh. calm down. you can't --. you can't -- >> oh! >> real. oh, my goodness. i think this is real. they caught that guy on a really bad day. >> five reels. mack? >> yeah, you guys got it. >> and video number 3. they ever playing you're my heart, you're my soul by modern talkings in the background. this dog is super psyched.
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>> i don't think it was just a dog trying to get out or whatever. they recorded it and looped it and kind of made it go to the beat. the dog is really doing that but not in that order and not that fast. >> that makes it fake. >> the video was doctored. >> it was dogtored. this is the world's most challenging racetrack. 154 bends, 20.83 kilometers, too dangerous for formula 1. >> it is a monster of a track. it is a deadly track. it has killed many race drivers tackling this track at the mcclaren t-1. watch the scenery just blur. 903 horsepower. it is a hybrid like a prius on
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megasteroids. it has a gasoline and electric motor that combine. >> it looks a lot better than the prius if i do say so myself. >> the benchmark of hyper cars is to lap this 13 miles in under 7:00. there is not much room for error. the mcherrclaren handling it pr well. >> did they do it? >> yes, of course. >> of course they did. the driver is lirke, yeah, did it. >> he slowed down before he took his hands and did that. >> you want one of these. you want a mcclaren p-1. prices start at $1.2 million. >> you get that voiceover guy with it. does he do your 1/2 system? >> what drives us to go faster, to push harder, and brake later. i guess it is what we do, it's what we have always done. speak now or forever hold your peace. >> i object.
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>> it is a wedding battle like no other. >> it is up to adam to fight for his bride. >> hear all about this ceremony of surprises. >> nobody knew thi [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy,
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quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven!
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[uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? if i don't have a cat, you will want to get one. it is kittens versus combat creatures in this video. you have a robot with a camara tachd and some kittens. some kittens are like, hey, hey. it has the ability to throw out these discs. the cats are like, check it out. >> the kittens are terrified. what is this? this is a giant spider. >> you must hate all of that, robots. >> i am not a cat guy and i don't like robots so this video is not for me. >> at one point, it gets a fox tail and that gets the at this time timens. once you get the fox tail rolling around, that's when they
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show some interest. >> think about if they could make an application for those four people that have pets that are by themselves all day. >> you could be at work looking at your ipad watching your cat play with that. >> that would be productive at your job. >> what are you doing over there? >> playing with the cat. >> every woman wants to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor. this woman is about to be. that's michelle chang. she is marrying adam bond. he has got his armor on and when the owe fish yut gets to the point of, speak now or forever hold your peace. >> someone steps up. >> this challenger in full armor draws a sword on adam. it is up to adam to fight for his bride. >> how is that? >> adam defeats this evil knight.
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is it over? no. >> i have got chills. this is so dramatic. >> normally, i kidnap the bride before the wedding but this is going to be a lot more fun. >> he shows up with a whole group of hen muchmen. now, it is up to the groomsmen and the bridesmaids to help win the battle. everybody gets a shot at these bad guys. michelle is a very wanted woman. >> we contin >> can we continue with the ceremony? >> ironman. >> ironman shows up. >> ironman makes a good case. >> but batman makes a better case. >> so to bring some peace and order to this -- >> oh, my gosh.
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is that jimmy hart? >> jimmy hart, ww pro wrestling manager steps in to bring some peace. >> it is really jimmy hart. >> i am going to guard this door and make sure nobody else has to break up this wonderful, wonderful wedding, okay? >> two are joining us "right this minute" to tell us about this epic wedding. now, adam, you are a video game creator and designer. is that where a lot of this inspiration came from. >> previous weddings. it didn't work with the armor. he was always a wedding crasher. this is light. >> michelle, were you all on board. this seems like a wedding a man would plan. >> this is really our special day. i knew from the very beginning. i wanted adam to have a special original piece.
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we wanted to make this unforgettable for all our family and friends. >> do any of these people know this is about to happen or was this a surprise for them? >> nobody knew this was going to happen. we have done some silly things in the past. i think they expected something to happen but not anything taken this far. >> did anybody get hurt during these battles? >> no. michelle is a black belt, so she would have taken care of them. >> is there any peace in your life? >> i love it. you guys are all fun. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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hi! we're the world-famous rockettes. and we're kicking off the holiday season here on "wendy." how you doin'? >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "wendy williams"! today, constance marie is here to talk about her hit show, and you won't believe what pop culture obsession she and wendy have in common. plus, real-life "hot topics." kyle richards dishes about the drama going on in beverly hills. and the rockettes high-kick their way into the holidays with a special performance. now, here's wendy!


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