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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 10, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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a woman asleep in her home has no idea someone is creeping around. what happens when granny wakes up and grabs a big old stick? >> a delicate operation after a woman is glued --
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>> the story behind one big pain in the behind. >> a dad watching video of his sonies ball game wonders -- >> what in the heck is that in. >> see if you hear the mysterious voice that had the whole family freaked out. >> nobody wanted to go into the bathroom alone. >> plus the deer who came to target practice. >> he's licking the gun. >> and the victoria secret christmas angels offer help with a dilemma. >> did you pick the right linger lingerie? >> how to pick the right gift without sending the wrong message. >> i warn you guys, this video is going to leave you steaming mad the scum of the earth caught on camera. you see him rifling around a woman's scooter. if you look really closely in that chair, the woman, the resident of this home is asleep.
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>> she's 68-year-old margaret woodward. >> and that guy, that scum broke into her house to rifle around her things and rob her. this is the fifth time he's done this over a 12-month period. that's why we're seeing this robbery on video. police put secret cameras inside to catch this guy in the act. >> oh, nice. >> how's he getting in? because five times is a lot. >> apparently he was getting in through an open window. >> he continues to go in and out of this room where she's sleeping, taking different items, until finally he unzips the bag and that wakes up margaret woodward. and watch what she does. she goes right through that door, picks up her walking stick and even threatened to use that cane to break his knees. >> she should have taken that cane and broken his knees.
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>> he jim ed on his bicycle but margaret called the cops. he's 51-year-old robert reed. he was sentenced to prison. >> and margaret was given an award by the sheriff's office of $2,500 for her bravery. >> hopefully some of that money can replace some of the things he stole. he stole things worth about $1,500 u.s. dollars. >> the best is that she now has peace of mind. >> got some video of some rush hour road rage in australia. you can see here two guys duking it out on the side of the road. >> he's punch drunk. he gets knocked down and doesn't get it. >> they said one driver was trying to edge in in front of the other one and the other one
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didn't like it. you're thinking the guy in the black shirt started it. no. he said the guy in the white shirt was the aggressor. >> he didn't like getting hit but i'll bet the other guy was sorry he started it. >> you see that girl at a train station in australia? watch how she's tackled by securityas a question over whether she bought a ticket. she slaps that guy and then she spit on him. they hold her on the ground for eight minutes. the teen's friend also gets into it with security officers. here's her friend getting manhandled. >> the traffic inspector was in
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charge but she and her girl friend are facing charges in children's court. the girl slammed to the ground is being charged with assault. >> it was weird to see that girl slammed to the shore. >> a lot of people didn't like it. they want better training and they say these traffic officers aren't properly trained on tackling people like these officers. >> the final inspector's report said he used reasonable action. >> the transportation minister has ordered an inquiry into this whole situation. >> a woman at a home depot in georgia had a very unfortunate prank played on her. she's in the bathroom in the stall. she's been glued to the seat of
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this toilet. >> so what, someone just like put glue on the toilet seat and she sat in it? >> it appears as though that's the case. she went in to use the rest room, didn't in the toilet suit had been tampered with. this is the minute they are trying to pull her off but you can see she's in major pain. >> who would do this? why would someone think this is funny? >> that's what she said in the interview. >> whoever decided to do this, it wasn't funny. >> this story had been out but the video had just been released. it was captured by her sister. >> especially to a perfect stranger in a public rest room. >> they cover her and eventually
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they are able to pick her up and are finally able to release her from the seat using wd-40. she ended up with ripped skin and several wounds. >> how embarrassing for this woman, too, having to be rescued because her pants are down because she was going to the bathroom when it happened. >> that's what she said. >> i was like some kind of sports event for them, i was something to do on their break, let's go look at the girl stuck on the toilet seat. >> there is speculation this was self-inflicted. the case is under investigation and police aren't commenting. >> sometimes being a little oblivious to your surroundings can be a good thing. a group of hunters in this field with their target weapons. a little fawn is going along as if nothing's happening.
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these guys, aren't out to hunt, they're out to just have target practice. >> so they're not trying to scare it off. >> they're amazed it not scared off. so much so watch this. >> he's not even freaking out. tim, hold, hold. he told this guy don't fire because the deer is walking right towards you and starts to examine the guy's weapon. >> he's licking the gun. >> licks the gun. like, oh, what you got here? >> wouldn't you stop hunting after this encounter? >> it important to regulate the deer population. and we have hunters to thank for that. the guy by the camera is like, all right, now start firing. not at the deer, but just start firing urk see what this thing does. >> his tail is still wagging and he's having a good day. >> does he wonder if this deer
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may be deaf? >> others are wondering the same thing. the guy says "the deer isn't deaf, just has no fear." >> just licking the gun. >> two men catch up with the delivery man but not to give a tip. >> police say they tried to rob this man but instead he ended up being shot. >> and a gopro get sent over the edge and into the sea. >> you're thinking how are we seeing this if it went to the bottom of the ocean. >> the unexpected story of someone who found it and fetched it.
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you see these two guys walking across the street? he's up to no good. >> these two guys encounter him. police say they tried to rob this man. instead he ended up being shot. he was shot in the arm and the leg. that guy ended up in the hospital in stable condition. >> that's terrible because you know oo delivery guy has cash on him from delivering stuff all night. >> these guys were caught on video. you can see one guy with the beard on and leather jacket, another with the hoodie. police are hoping somebody can identify these guys because they shot somebody just delivering food. >> you see the guy with the
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hoodie slinging the gun. it like it's no big deal he just shot a man. >> and this man in australia comes in swinging an ax. he comes in ordering the woman to put money in the bag. not too far away, he was picked up on video and took his mask off. there he is for all to see. he was on a bike similar to this red one. he was a passengers on a bike driven by somebody else and they sigh that bike was stolen. >> we're in the middle of a helicopter rescue mission, all of this caught on gopro cameras. you can see the guys going down into the water, the helicopter up in the air. looks like everything is going according to plan. they get on board the helicopter back down to the boat and then
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watch what happens here. that wasn't supposed to happen. the gopro camera falls into the water and sinks way down to the bottom. this all happened on august 31st of this year. you can see the green water here way, way down but you're thinking how are we seeing this? >> the fish put it on youtube. they found it, took it out of the ocean. >> not the fish but a dog. they got a film from the yaeger family saying the dog found the gopro footage on the beach. they said it looked like the krm guys, they brought the dog a bag of treats and chew toys. >> which dog because they're both chocolate labs. did they share? >> i don't know. they both win. a good deed by this familiar y
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sure. >> we've seen some pretty cool things on this show but if mark roeber is involved, you know it's going to be pretty friggin' awesome. it's a really cool 360 shot. >> it's a frozen in time 360 shot. >> but it's not frozen in time. mark had done this before, attached this to a ceiling fan but the camera only records 240 frames per second. he borrowed a camera that records about 20,000 frames per second. he partnered up with his friend, also a nasa engineer, ken. >> we put the camera in a protective enclosure below a spinning arm tur that has two
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mirrors on it. >> he said arm tur. what does that man? >> they're catching the image. even though the -- the images captured were like 7,500 images a second. >> this is giving you one continuous spinning shot. ♪ >> know that song? probably. >> unbelievable. incredible. >> the song? find out next "right this minute." >> and still to come, hockey -- >> is that a beer can? >> it is a beer can.
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look how far it goes. plus caught on camera, a baseball game and a strange sound. >> did you hear that? >> whistling? >> not the whistling, the whispering. >> the story behind the mysterious whisper.
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what we've got here is a case of what in the heck is
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that? >> a varsity baseball game. up at bat comes freshman nate young. >> did you hear that? >> whistling? >> not the whistling. the whispering. >> oh, my gosh, yes, there's a whisper. >> there's a whisper, right? our brilliant team of editors, they have enhanced this audio to see if we can tell exactly what's going on. let listen again. now, this entire video was shot by nate young's father, james. and they didn't notice it until they got home and watched this video. >> it does sound like a gnarly,
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disembodied voice. >> you want to find out more about this? >> yes. >> we have the guy who shot the video. james young. this is so creepy. >> do you believe this is a whisper? >> we all had chills. it's not me. >> whoo do you think it was saying? >> we thought watch the light. >> what's the best guest? >> we're thinking it was the guardian aeng el. >> i'm a bit more skeptical. i think it could be a ricochetting sound, it could be an echo, it could be wind. >> here's the thing. i've been part of investigations and i'm a skeptic but this is possible. >> now you're creeping me out.
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>> beautiful picturesque video out of the yukon territory in canada. on in stead of a puck -- >> is that a beer can? >> that is a beer can. and look at how far it goes and goes and goes on this mirror ice. this guy -- >> and then drinks it? >> drinks the beer. >> because the ice didn't look like ice. it looks like it's almost not frozen, like they're walking on water. >> from beer to soda pop. this is from grooant thompson. >> the next time you're at a house party, chances are someone will turn out with a bottle of water. >> you'll blast the cap off with incredible power. >> with your middle thinger, you
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can ricochet it off the ceiling. i don't know how it would impress. >> but the sudden bang would make people jump. >> it's still kind of cool. any time i've ever tried to do that, soda goes everywhere for sure. >> the victoria secret angels are here with some advice for the fellas. >> what you guys need to get your special lady to feel sexy in. >> but most men don't do
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you guys know that i worry about you getting stuck in the woods. not having a way to survive. >> you tell us that every day. >> don't get stuck in the woods today. >> yup. i'm always looking for videos to help you out. >> this is survivalist help.
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>> i found one from the crazy russian hacker. you can make your own stove. >> you can find one of those anywhere. >> just put a couple in your back pack just in case. >> and make sure the holes line up this way. and then angled this way. >> we're going to put fire wood over here and it going to build from here, oxygen is going to suck in from here and that's why it's called -- >> then all you have to do is like your fire. >> okay. >> you see, the fire comes up. it's almost like a little chimney can you put your pot on and your water will boil like that. >> i bet a lot of guys out there are really nervous what they're going to get their girl for christmas. do you get your girl lingerie? >> do you ghaet for yourself? >> most american apparently
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don't do it. >> it's nerve racking. >> yes. and they're afraid to get it wrong. >> what if you get the size of the bra wrong? >> fortunately d.g. did a video that answers all of these questions with a girl from victoria secret. >> keep in mind when going to the store is to know her size. very important. you don't want to get the wrong size because thoo could be a disaster. >> that could be as easy as goog into the underwear draw when maybe your girl is in the bathroom and say got it, got it. >>. >> so rule number three. >> get an idea what her style is. what is her favorite color? does she like more sexy or laid
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back? >> but rule number four is important. you got to make sure you like it. >> i would think my man would come home with something he really likes and would like to see me in. >> and rue number five, you can always go wrong with lace. >> where can you get one of those weird wing set things they're always wearing on the runway. >> and then what? >> it a disas it ter. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best video of the day and we got 'em for you "right this minute." >> brawl in a vegas mall when a field goal delivers. >> one kick to the face. >> some bad karma will get you. >> and they real in an 880 pound tiger shark.


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