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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon breaking news out of livermore. we're monitoring a major traffic backup on saturday 580. bart and its unions meeting with the federal mediator right now to work out a dispute over paid family leave. plus an investigation is underway into an armed robbery in san jose involving a bingo fundraiser at a local high school. good afternoon. i am tori campbell.
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we are following two breaking news stories this noontime. one in san rafael where a pedestrian has been hit and killed at the downtown farmers market. we begin in livermore where a deadly accident is causing major traffic problems. the crash was first reported in the westbound lanes near first street just after 10:00 a.m. the chp says a hummer rear ended a jeep cherokee and the jeep burst into flames. the officers say one person in the jeep was killed. the hummer also caught fire. the chp initially shut down the highway in both directions causing a huge backup. right now the even lanes are open. traffic is moving slowly, but the chp expects the westbound lanes to be closed for several hours. we're also following a breaking news story out of san
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rafael where a pedestrian has been hit and killed. it happened near the facialer's markets. mike, what happened? >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. right now i am on civic center drive basically between the civic center and the marin county fairgrounds. behind me you can see the yellow crime scene tape is up. directly behind the tape you see the blue tint and the tarp. that's where the victim remains at this hour. i talked it a witness here on season who was at marin farmers market to the right of where the victim is and he said this happened an hour ago. he said the victim from his perspective was a pale and -- male and that man was carrying a couple white bags in his hand with the assumption he was leaving the farmer's market, according again to that one witness. thethe right front wheel is on the curve there. it is assumed that this van was
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involved in the accident. we don't know if it is the actual vehicle that struck the pedestrian at this time. we'll get more information from the san rafael police department. again, the civic center drive right now is completely shut down in both directions. it is somewhat of a blind curve down there. as you can see, there is a crosswalk. no stop sign along civic center drive. again, a very busy road as it leads up to the courthouse in san rafael. we are still working this scene, looking to get an interview with the san rafael police department and we will have a full update at five. >> thank you, mike. bart and union negotiators are working with a federal mediator to try to make a deal on the six-week family leave clause that management says was put into the contract by mistake. tom baker joins us with what we know so far. good afternoon, tom. >> reporter: good afternoon. the fact that they are doing this here at bart headquarters and not in neutral territory
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like caltrans in oakland suggests, however slightly, both sides want a deal sooner than later. considering the nine months of rancor and two strikes, both sides seem cautiously hopeful, but with a good tinge of skepticism as well, that through this federal mediator some kind of deal with be reached without another strike. >> i feel great. i am always optimistic. i am believing a deal can be made. we have an agreement. we have an agreement. let's see. we don't know what they are going to say. i can't speculate on what's going to happen. >> we are hoping that we can resolve this dispute within the next two days and then the bay area can have bart labor peace for the next four years and the employees can start getting the benefits of this new contract. >> but riders we met this morning are not so hopeful. >> i don't think the unions are going to cut a deal because i think they are having election problems. you know, if you want to stay president you can't look like a
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softy. so i don't think the unions are going to field. >> maybe they should have arbitration and take it out of the hands of the board and the union and say this is what you are going to do. >> i don't think it's right for them to make more than 40,000 people unhappy. they get good pay, number one. and, two, they should think about us. >> reporter: now, the union management meetings are scheduled here for today and tomorrow, but there is no word when an actual deal, which must be approved by the unions and the bart board again, will be reached leaving the possibility of a third strike very much on the table. reporting live, tom vacar. >> thank you, tom. new at noon, police in san jose are searching for a robber accused of stealing from people attending a high school bingo fundraiser last night. ktvu's robert honda talked to police and joins us live to explain what happened and the students most affected by the
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robbery. good afternoon, robert. >> reporter: good afternoon. the san jose police robbery unit is working this case. it's a robbery that took money from a school-sponsored bingo game and with it funds from the school's music band. the oak grove high school band is known for the excellence as a marching band and the weekly wednesday night bingo game in the school gym helps support the band's activities as well as uniforms and the use of outside instructors. the band will have to make up what we have heard is a four to $5,000 loss because police say a masked man displaying a gun came it to the game last night around 9:30 and made off with the money. >> we are all just shocked. i remember my friend texted me and told me someone had stolen from the band, from bingo. i was like, wow. why would somebody do that kind of thing? >> i talked to a parent last night and in her words it was surreal about what happened.
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she was very shaken. >> reporter: how much does this set you back in terms of your program? >> well, last night we probably lost about eight to ten percent of our budget. >> reporter: now, police say at this appointment no one has been apprehended. coming up at 5:00 more on the investigation, the band's plans to recover from the loss, and how the school plans to revamp security at these bingo games. robert handa, ktvu news. >> livermore police are expanding their investigation into a well known youth golf coach accused of molesting two of his students. andrew nesbitt has been charged with 65 felony counts of child molestation after two boys at the grip junior golf academy accused him of sexual abuse. now police say a third boy has come forward and they plan to ask the district attorney to file additional charges in the case. detectives also plan to speak with other children in nesbitt's
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golf academy and are fielding a flood of phone calls from concerned parents. >> i am sure this is every parents' fight mayor to know that -- nightmare to know someone they trust has committed heinous sex acts against children. very frightening. you can hear it in the parents' voices. >> nesbitt is being held without bail. an antioch man who police say led officers on a wild late night high-speed chase through contra costa county is under arrest. authorities say it all started about 7 last night in antioch while police were conducting an enforcement detail in high crime areas of antioch. they say the suspect's vehicle struck a police officer as the driver tried to get away from officers. that officer was not hurt. the suspect then led officers on a high-speed chase with speeds up to 100 miles an hour through antioch, pittsburg, bay point, concord, and back to antioch. >> i said, oh my god, they are
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coming down our street. and that guy was just speeding like crazy and sparks flying. third time he did it they got him. the police dog was fabulous. >> officers finally caught the man using spike strips to stop his car. he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and felony evasion. police arrested a 35-year-old oakland man after he reportedly backed into a pedestrian who later died. this happened yesterday afternoon at a parking lot in the 1000 block of mandela parkway. police arrested marcus perkins on charges of driving under the influence and manslaughter. they did not release the identity of the 47-year-old man who was hit and later died at the hospital. oakland firefighters quickly put out a fire this morning at a building that's caught fire three times in a month and a half. news chopper 2 flew over as firefighters attacked the fire from the roof.
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it started just before 6:30 a.m. at the two-story fourplex near the intersection of market and 24th streets. the building has been abandoned and the fire department says there were signs of transient activity inside. the cause is under investigation and the frequency of fires at this location has investigators asking a lot of questions. >> this is the second fire at that structure in two weeks. the third fire at this location in the past month and a half. again, the cause is under investigation. this time it did not start inside the structure. it started on the outside and extended up the exterior into the attic space. >> the fire department says to one was hurt. it is now a waiting game as the national transportation safety board works on its recommendations to prevent tragedies like the deadly asiana airline crash at sfo following yesterday's hearing on the issue. during the hearing in washington we learned that the pilots depended too much on
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computerized systems. testimony also revealed that two fire trucks ran over a teenage girl who had been thrown from the plane. >> we definitely regret the additional insult to the deceased. and i can attest that as professional rescuers every life to us is critical. we were dealing with a very complex and dynamic environment. >> officials say the ntsb hopes to issue recommendations within the next six months to a year. if you missed the hearing go to where you will find video and newly released photos. you will find that special section on the home page. allowing air travelers to use cellphones during flights. why the fdc says the rules need to be changed. temperatures beginning to warm up around the bay area. ktvu's mark tammia will be here to tell you about the change and what's in store for your weekend. >> plus, we are learning more about the circumstances surrounding the suspected bank robber shot by marin county
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investigators yesterday, including other crimes he might be linked to.
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back out now to our breaking news in livermore. news chopper 2 is over interstate 580 right now.
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these are live pictures and you can see traffic is basically at a stand still as the signal goes in and out a little bit. but this is video that was taken earlier from a viewer who sent us this video of the traffic accident, and this was in the westbound direction where a jeep, a hummer, actually, rear ended a jeep cherokee. the jeep then burst into flames killing the driver. both directions were shut down for a time. this happened about 10:30 in the morning. the eastbound directions are -- the traffic is open. these once again are live pictures. it's the westbound direction that you can see traffic is crawling 10-20 miles per hour. that traffic is basically backed up all the way from livermore almost to the san joaquin county border. it will be a couple hours before that traffic is cleared up. now to a story we first told you about yesterday at noon. the fbi is now trying to determine if a bank robbery suspect who was shot by marin county sheriff's deputy is the
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serial bank robber known as the cotton ball bandit. he was shot after a robbery at the bank of the west on grant avenue in novato. a deputy opened fire after the suspect crashed his car into a pole and then pointed a gun at deputies. >> he dropped. he didn't move or anything. the officers surrounded him. >> the suspect is expected to survive. police are investigating whether he may be the cotton ball bandit who has robbed at least seven banks in the north bay in the past year while wearing a brown beanie with a cotton ball. big changes could be coming with airplanes and mobile phones at a public hearing today in washington. the fcc is discussing a proposal to allow the use of cellphones during flight. as justin grey reports, the fcc is arguing that the current rules are outdated. >> we all have an opinion. it would be nice to check email
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or a football score in flight. but what if you get seated next to a loud talker? the fcc says the time has come to look at changing the rules on airplanes. they had decided this is just a proposal at the moment. today it the first step in asking for public comment on the idea. two months ago the faa gave the green light for allowing electronic devices on takeoffs and landings. that prompted the fcc to look at the ban on telephone conversations. the fcc also says there could be a technological way to allow people to surf the web, but not talk on phones. all options on the table at this point. >> it would be really annoying. i think a plane should be quiet. >> i think we need less regulation from government. not more. people can be responsible. >> reporter: while the fcc looks into the big changes for phones in planes, some members of congress don't like it. in fact, a bill proposed this week would ban phone conversations on airplanes. reporting in washington, i'm
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justin grey. today pg and e expects to complete all of the repairs to the underground lines that set off a natural gas fire in oakland on tuesday. the utility released this photograph showing a crack in the elbow of a 4-inch steel pipe. natural gas leaked from the pipe fueling a fire beneath gulf links road. pg&e says it has sent the pipe to an outside party to conduct tests and determine whether the crack developed suddenly or over time. an oakland marijuana entrepreneur is awaiting sentencing after pleading no contest to five felony counts that he defrauded the city. this is video from 2010 of the i grow super store that he founded to sell growing supplies to medical marijuana users. he was charged with pocketing some of the funds he received in redevelopment grants to renovate properties. his attorney says his client will likely receive five years probation and be ordered to
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repay $44,000. off to another cool start this morning. temperatures beginning to rebound nicely out there. upper 40s. low 50s to report already. here is our camera. the south bay looking towards san jose. clear skies. you notice some haze out there. air quality taking a hit over the past few days and of course that's leading to some spare the air days in the bay area. that will continue once again with this pattern not changing too much. the only change is this. there is a weather system to the north, as you can see, with clouds up towards eureka, medford and some rain showers towards parts of oregon. some of this energy will be drifting into northern california. could produce a few high clouds here in the bay area but no raindrops expected for us. a dry weather pattern, a stable weather pattern will continue. san jose 52 degrees. livermore 54. novato 49 degrees. today some hazy sunshine out there. in fact, here is our live camera looking towards san francisco and throughout the day today
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temperatures on track to reach basically the upper 50s by 2:57. by 5:50 degrees. then back down to the 40s this evening. tomorrow partly sunny skies in. no threat of rain and temperatures will be warming back up for saturday and into sunday. i was talking about the air quality whenever you get a stable weather pattern this time of year with no storms to mix things out you get a layer of haze. an atmospheric lid. once again for tonight and tomorrow forespare the air alert issued because the pattern not changing too much. this cold front we are watching up to the north, a rain produce he is, showers for oregon but not for us. tomorrow partly sunny skies and then into the weekend high pressure returns and dry weather patterns. a warming trend back up into the 60s and the warmest locations could be approaching 70 degrees by sunday and into monday. here is our forecasted model showing you this and some of those high clouds approaching the bay area for later on today into tonight. notice the shower potential remains up to the north.
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another rund round of full sunshine expected for friday and temperatures tomorrow a little bit warmer than today or about the same. here is the forecast. 3 p.m. this afternoon highs maxing out in the 50s to right around 60 degrees our forecast highs. san francisco 57. san jose 58. and fairfield 54. it will gradually cool off into the evening hours. by 9:00 into the upper 30s to 40s. here is your 5-day forecast with your weekend always in view. tomorrow not much in the way of change. you will notice, tori, no rain clouds in the 5-day forecast. we are going from temperatures down to near 18 degrees, 19 degrees to approaching 70. a big weather shift by sunday and monday. so get ready for a big change. some of the forecast models not generating any rainfall for the next few weeks. >> i know we need it. but going from record lows to record highs, quite a swing. >> interesting change for us. possibly 70 out there. >> thank you, mark. california's central valley citrus growers have held off on the fruit they picked so state
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and county inspectors can survey crop damage from the seven day cold snap. they plan to delay packing for two days. they say the worst of the freezing weather appears to be over for now. a change is coming to how instagram pictures are shared. and local law enforcement officials help some children celebrate the holidays. but there is a second purpose to this program.
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stocks down right now. buyers may be getting choosy you. also some are worried that a recovering u.s. economy suggests the federal reserve may wind down the stimulus. the dow down 59. the nasdaq is up 3. s&p is down 3. ever wish you could be more selective about who sees your inis instagram photos? it lets you accepted your photo to 15 other followers. ikea a is recalling several children's wall-mounted lamps. the recall is for eight models, including a blue star, a yellow moon, a pink flower and a red heart. the recall comes after a toddler died when the lamp's cord was pulled into the crib creating a
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strangulation hazard. people who have these lamps are urged to make sure the cord is out of the reach of children. consumers may also contact ikea a to get a free repair kit. santa received a special police escort this morning to help make sure some low-income children in the south bay are able to celebrate the holidays. this is the shop with a copy september in san jose. police and sheriff's deputies took 50 children on a shopping spree at a target store. they were each given $150 gift card to buy gifts for themselves and their families. the officers are from 12 different agencies, including san jose, campbell, redwood see, medical peteis and the santa clara police department. >> it bridges the gap, if you will, to change perceptions,
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attitudes and stereotypes of police officers. >> the kids were selected based on reading comprehension test scores and the family's economic needs. coming up today starting at five we will have more on breaking news out of the north bay where a pedestrian was struck and killed near the marin county civic center. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we will see you the next time news breaks. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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aio, a new way to wireless. . up next on eco company. >> we visit one of the few bio fuel labs in the world. >> so this lab is really working on the origin of all bio fuels. >> we'll find out how these plants can produce a cleaner fuel of the future. >> and it's a trip to nature's classroom. only out here, these teams aren't students, they're teachers. >> i'm interested in water pollution so if i come and teach the kids about it it's a good experience. >> why these students are spending part of their day down by the river. >> and a campaign against chemicals. do you know what's in the products you use? >> we actually developed a chemical called the dirty


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