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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman, if you want great videos from the web, this is the show for you. "right this minute." a woman asleep in her home has no idea an intruder is creeping around. that bum broke into her house to rifle around her things. what happens when granny wakes up and grabs a big old stick. a longboarder is gliding down a mountain road. >> the sun is setting.
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it's gorgeous. >> why a change of scenery made it not so pretty. a dad watching his son is wondering what in the heck is that. see if you hear the voice that freaked them out. how to win an ipad mini in time for christmas. and a fan does a back alley duet with jason mraz. how it led to internet fame. >> he was like, hey, remember that time we sang together? i have to warn you. this video is going the leave you steaming mad. the scum of the earth caught on camera. you see him rifling and a woman's scooter. if you look closely in that chair, the woman, the resident of this home is asleep. she's 68-year-old margaret
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woodward. that guy, that scum broke into her house to rifle through her things and rob her. this is the fifth time he's done it over a 12-month period. that's w we're video police put a secret camera inside to catch this guy in the act. >> how is he getting in? because five times is a lot. >> an open window. he goes in and out of the room. finally, he gets a bag. that wakes up mark rgaret. watch what she does. she goes through the door, picks up her walking stick and chases this guy out of her house, she, according to reports, threatened to use that cane to break his knees. >> she should have taken that and broken his knees. >> he gets on his bicycle and gelts away.
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he's 51-year-old patrick reed. cops caught up with him. he's sentenced to four years, eight months in prison. margaret was given an award of $2500 for her bravery from the sheri sheriff's office. he stole things worth $1500 u.s. >> the best part is that she now has peace of mind. who doesn't like a good fail video? i have two. this first one, a long-board run going down the mountain in colorado. this is amanda. female long-boarder up ahead. sun is sets. it's gorgeous. >> what would possibly go wrong? >> oh, you'll never guess. >> oh, no. >> oh, no, no. >> you can't prepare for that.
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you don't expect a herd of cows to be crossing the road. >> she right into the cow's butt. >> she did. >> amanda says they did know there were cows on the road. they hikd up this path to come down. they never expected the cows to jump in front of them. now she knows intimately what a cow's butt looks and feels like. she was not injured in this. neither was the cow. she got a hook-shaped bruise on her thigh. tore her jeans. a little bit of road rash. didn't stop them. they went back up the hill and ran it again. let's move on to mountain bikers. nick clark. attempting a punt flip tuck. no. wow. >> did his bike broke? his bike broke. >> i bet that broke his junk. >> here it is again.
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>> oh. oh, no. >> oh, that looks awful. >> i felt that. >> don't you? here's a completely different angle of nick's collapse. it goes wrong all kinds of ways. it's the sound that gets me. just that crunch. well, it's been awhile since we checked in with our old buddy, the angry ram. ♪ this time the old fella needs a hair cut. so it looks like they're doing this guy a service because, you know, his coat can get pretty hefty. you need to give it a nice trimming every now and then. i'm sure it gets stuck on all kinlds of stuff. >> it's summertime in new zealand. he's got dread-locked fur on him now. >> he's trying to horn the guy while he's shearing him off.
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>> he's not as mad as i thought he would be. >> just wait. around the horns. here he is afterwards. he looks great. i feel like right here, he's sharpening his horns. i know that's a bush. there might be a stump. right there he's like, i didn't want that hair cut. i'm sharpening up because you know what's coming up. he doesn't like to be messed up. here's what you got. the same of what we have seen before. >> i like the guy's commitment to the ram. >> i like the ram's commitment to the anger. here's the face he's makic at the end. got his mouth open like, what? >> hey, everybody. just in time for the holidays, we're giving away an ipad mini. >> you need today's buzz word. you enthave to be 18.
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it's your chance to win an ipad mini. >> good luck, everybody. >> there's training, hazing, or abuse. this is qualifying as abuse. this is a training video of newly recruited firefighters in china. the people training them are from the pla, the people's liberation army. this is online now. it has millions of people up in arms because of the abuse these men sustained for 16 minutes. and that's just what was caught on video. the whole thing starts with an accusation of one of the recruits saying something about one of the soldiers. the trainers are the men who are shirtless. these men were kicked, slapped, their heads banged against concrete walls. and they all took it. no one fought back. you can see here, one of the soldiers is using a stick on the recruit and it breaks as he's beating this guy. you have one guy going down the
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line, systematically kicking them. they get back up. they know they have to endure this. stand there and take it. >> i don't understand how this makes you a better firefighter. you can spend this time training to keep these guys safe. it's probably a weird tradition. it probably happened to the shirtless guys, too. now it's their chance to do it to a new group of people. in a way, they probably look forward to this. that's probably the messed up part about it. >> there's a camera set up in the room. some bloggers say this is just the kip of the iceberg. >> i don't know that there's any job out there that's worth going through this for. mr. italiano is out to pick up girls. >> he's got a great accent and all the girls love him. >> see how theower of language lands him some ladies. and see why this may be
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coolest wakeboarding run yet. >> they use the chunks of ice to wave-board through.
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as you know, it's a fablgt that ladies love dudes with a cool foreign accept. here's more proof from the whatever channel. ♪ >> singing the italian national anthem doesn't work. that was the one time it didn't work.
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rafael ha has a grade accent. all the girls love him. >> si, si r, si. >> oh, my gosh, no way. >> not only does he get the number. they make out on the beach. and he's saying nonsense to her. >> he is. it doesn't matter. because it sounds hot. >> because this is what they've been seeing in every "sex and the city" episode and the romantic come dis. they want the exotic guy to step up on the beach and sweep them off their feet. >> it's true. >> i will bounce you like a horse and ride you to the stars is what he just said to her in italian. and she's going to give him her number. [ speaking italian ] >> 916.
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oh, my number. giving my number to random italian guy. >> she's saying it like i can't believe i'm doing it. but you're still doing it. >> it's ridiculous, i agree. but at the same time, he's cute, and charming, and showing confidence, and he's got great hair. >> okay, rafael, you got another one. >> my number is -- what we have here is a case of what in the heck is that? is it a varsity baseball game between raymond s. kellis high school and lishty high school. up at bat, freshman nate young. [ whittles ] [ whispering ] >> did you hear that? >> whistling? >> not the whistling. the whispering. [ whispering ] >> yeah, there's a whisper.
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>> our ed strorsen ha or thes h editors have enhanced the video. james young, nate young's dad, didn't hear it at first. >> it sounds like a gnarly disembodied voice. [ whispering ] >> you want to find out more about this? >> yes. >> we have the guy who shot the video via skype, james young. james this is so creepy. do you believe it's a whisper. are you freaked out? >> we all had chills up our next. it was creepy. >> was that you behind the camera, playing a prank on the family. >> i was behind the backstop taking the video. >> what do you think the whisper was saying. >> we thought it said watch the
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light. >> what is your best guess? >> we're guessing it's a guardian angel. >> i like that. >> i'm a bit more skeptical than you girls, i guess. i think it woucould be a ricocheting sound. wind, a number of things. a kidnapping is caught on camera. >> they put a bag over the girl's head. >> see why this video is so not what it looks like. and don't miss your chance to win an ipad mini. the buzz word you need is next. [[ m maalele a annnonoununcece, meet selsun science.
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you're history. seselslsunun b blulue e itit. ggetets s toto t thehe root f and hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun b blulue e itch.
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ggetets s toto t thehe root f and hydrates the scalp. i've got 3-alarm heartburn... fifireremaman n chchilili ? rolaids gives yoyou u rarapd relief of heartburn anand d neneututraraliliz% more acid than tums. atattataboboy!y! rorolalaidids,s, t thahatw you spell relief. might not sound like it, but the sounds you're listening to are from a proposal video. because nothing says i love you more than scaring the heck out of your girlfriend, blindfolding her, taking her to a strange location. this all went down in malaysia. this guy said he wanted to propose in a very adventurous way. they're out on a date. watch what happens. they're approached by a group of hired hempblmen. they put a gag over the girl's
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head. bound her arms. put her if the back of this van. >> he's not blindfolded. you can see him looking at the cam ha rah and laughing. this was an elaborate plan. they rehearsed it. people called the police. they didn't end up getting in any trouble. here's where she's headed. the all-souls church. they take her away. he goes and gets dressed up. they keep leading her. they let her go. let her figure out that she can take the stuff off. >> i would say no. if this is your idea of a proposal, hell, no. >> are you kidding me? you would be so mad. >> i have to say, think she did take a moment or two to think about it. because watch. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> she's like, you scared me and now you propose. she does say yes. friends and family come out from behind the scenes. they get married in the exact same place. the place where she thought she was kidnapped. it may be summer in the southern hemisphere. doesn't mean you're warm. if you're a red bull athlete, a red bull wakebeard, it doesn't matter how cold it is. you're going to get out there and glacier surf. one of the legends is out there. they put on dry suits. doesn't seem to put the cold at bay too much. you know it's cold. they use the chunks of ice as features. to wakeboard through.
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it's spectacularly beautiful. and cold. that's not usual. >> they use the arms of ice. you need to see them with their hands. one guy, shivering on the boat. this is an opportunity of a lifetime. to wakeboard in one of the most beautiful, most remote places on the planet. all right, everybody. it's rtm give away time. >> you have to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident. >> go to the first post on the facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> today's buzz word is present. >> get on over to forward slash right this minute. >> enter present. p-r-e-s-e-n-t. >> good luck, everybody. a woman gets very lucky in a
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back alley. ♪ lucky i'm in love with my best friend ♪ >> this is jason mraz. she's singing with him. the crazy story behind their duet.
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it was a rare snow day at the albuquerque zoo. let's watch video of animals playing in the snow. >> i love animals in the snow. >> we start at the elephant
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enclosure. they're taking their time. there's white stuff on the grounded a it's not sweet. >> awesomeness. >> and there's a snowman with a watermelon rind and a carrot. >> look at the baby. >> they're like, wait a minute. >> it's a delicious imposter. >> i like how the big one gets the bite. i'm first here. i'm not embarrassed. i'm not from minnesota. i'll take the first bite. and the polar bear is like, it's about time. we've been missing snow. albuquerque is beautiful. but a little snow now and then. >> that's true. >> he's enjoying it. thank goodness. cooling my nose off. >> another one is like, is there coca-cola to go with this? there's a video shot in october 211 just now going viral. it's a gem. this is jason mraz and the
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beautiful lady standing there with him is ai alexandra jared. he's playing lucky. ♪ baby i'm trying >> alexandra is singing a duet with jason mraz. she's singing the song "lucky" with him. this all happened in los angeles. >> whoo! ♪ >>exandra had gone to see him perform at the cafe. she was duturned away because s was under way. she decided to wait in the alley. he came out. better than saying hello, ended up singing this entire show. and she is insanely talented. listen to the pips on this girl. ♪ you hold me ♪ i hear that sound >> they sound amazing together.
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♪ with my best friend". >> people do have the story behind this particular video. everybody is saying, when will they perform again. you know us. we do a ton of research. in fact, in september, jason mraz was performing during his lover is a four-letter word tour in san francisco. alexandra was at the concert. once again, they're singing lucky together. this time, she's in front of an audience of screaming jason mraz fans. to tell us more, we have alexandra jared, also known as alexa. >> the might of the cafe, i met this girl that works with him. philly. she's become one of my best friends. we went up north to see him
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together. she's like, jason wants you to sing "lucky" with him. i literally ran in circles around her. >> would you like to sing a song for us? >> i wrote a song about singing with jason. >> oh. >> cool. ♪ boy you put the sang in my heart this little light of mine feeding me ♪ >> if you want to hear the whole song, head to our website and click on today's show at ♪ leading me home that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm pet troutman. we have been searching the web for the best videos of the day. wea we've got them for you, "right this minute." a snow boarder is shredding the slopes. but -- something's about to happen. how hitting a little kid unleeshs one mad dad. >> [ bleep ]. police choppers scour a dense forest, tracking a target. >> through the heat of his body. >> the moment they knew thurp


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