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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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degrees. there is a little component of an offshore breeze. fairfield is in on that. napa is in on that. few high clouds are drifting by. weak little system. mostly sunny today expect for those high clouds. when you get to 76 degrees that is pretty warm. a lot of 60s and some low 70s for many. here is sal. all right, steve, good morning. we are doing pretty well around the bay area. so far we don't have any major crashes on the main roads. as we look at the commute here, the traffic continues to look pretty good as you drive through. if you are driving this morning up to interstate 880 past the coliseum or on 580 that traffic is moving along very nice. and on 580 westbound 880 is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. topping our news police in
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vallejo are trying to stop a recent surge in violence. the city council is considering a pay cut for officers in the city. alex savidge is joining us now from the preview of this important meeting that is up for tonight. alex. >> reporter: this special meeting later on tonight the city council will consider slashing both pay and benefits for current and retired officers. its a move the vallejo police union says will essentially destroy an already under staffed department by making it more difficult to recruit and retain qualified offers. the union took out this full page newspaper ad urging people in this city to attend tonight's council meeting and voice opposition to the proposed new contract. it would be the first post bankruptcy contract for vallejo police officers and force them to pay 25% more for health care and also impose a 5% pay cut. this plan comes as the department grapples with what amounts to a crime wave. four murders in just a week
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here in vallejo. the city council meting will begin at 7:00 tonight in the city council chambers. >> this is a time for us to come together and to respond to evil in a positive way. >> reporter: now last night more than xvii hundred people gathered for an antiviolence vigil at the ferry terminal. they raised candles and offered prayers and talked about solutions to stop the killings. along with a larger police force, the organizers of last nights event say the entire community needs to step up and make a difference and make it clear they won't allow the shootings to continue. >> they should be afraid. the people that are doing the killings should be afraid or at least hear our voices. >> reporter: so far this year, there have been 23 homicides in vallejo along with three deadly officer involved shootings. and there are just 78 officers on the force. that is about half as many that
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this department had back in 2006. this past weekend we saw even more gun violence. three more people were shot during a 24 hour period here in vallejo. although none of them died from their injuries. vallejo police from continuing to investigate and hoping that witnesses will cooperate. live in vallejo alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a 17-year-old girl is still fighting for her life after being shot by a classmate at her school near denver. claire davis remains in a coma after being shot in the head at point-blank range on friday. police say the girl was critically wounded while the teenage gunman searched for the intended victim of the attack. the school's debate team coach carl pearson had been kicked off the debate team. >> when carl came back he was pretty angry. he felt like the suspension had ruined his chances to get into college and ruined his future.
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>> investigators say pearson entered the school with a shotgun and machete and three molotov cocktails. he killed himself after opening fire on the school campus. family members and friends have gathered at the high school campus. they have been lighting candles and playing for claire davis as the teenage girl struggles to survive the horrifying attack. >> i'm just out here to support my school and my fellow warriors because we all need to come together and like the students said when we were in the circle that this won't define us. it will just make us stronger. >> the girl's family released a statement last night thanking the community and school for their prayers and support. investigators say tamerlan tsarnaev was recruited and trained by islamic radicals but according to the boston globe
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tamerlan and his brother were drove by personal failures and ail nation from -- alienation from society. >> the man we went to mosque with would talk to him about how his mind is being controlled by some other entity that is making him do things. >> the boston globe also says that both of tamerlan's parents have been treated for that rottic problem -- new rottic problem -- nor rattic problems. at 8:30 this morning the tenants and supporters will
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protest outside the bankers office. university of california workers are expected to vote on a tentative contract agreement this week. the university professional and technical employees union are calling the contract a historic deal. the union represents nearly 157,000 worker -- 15,000 workers throughout the system. the proposed contract includes wage increases from 11-13% over a four-year period. the cost of riding bart is going up in just two weeks. starting january 1st, bart riders will pay on average 19 cents more per ride. bart says the fare increase will insure reliable and safe train service in the years ahead. however many riders still concerned about the possibility of another bart strike as the labor dispute still drags on. this week bart planment and unions will meet this week to discuss the disputed clauses. that comes as the agency rolls out new routes and
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extends its hours. the union says those changes violate the terms of a court ordered 60 day cooling off period between the union and management. the union could go on strike once the cooling off period ends in a week. the city council in palo alto is considering a plan to help reserve more street parking for residents. the city would charge for parking permits. the council says most of the permits would go to residents but some employees that work for nearby businesses? won't be able to get them. for the ninth consecutive day a winter spare the air alert has been issued in the bay area. an impressive weather pattern is trapping pollution close to the ground. it is illegal to burn wood or solid feud either indoor -- solid fuel either indoors or outside. today is the busiest shipping day. they are prepared to process
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about 600 million pieces of mail today. many post offices are extending their hours to accommodate the rush. by the time the holidays are over, post office expects to have delivered more than 545 million cards, letters, and packages every day. >> some of us need to get started. time is 4:37. first responders in richmond are looking for help to raise money to make sure thousands of kids wake up to toys under the tree this year. firefighters say donations this year have been slow and they have only been able to raise a quartier of what they really need. organizers say they are hoping a big push this week will help them insure a happy holiday for 1700 families. >> its a little slow. i don't know if its the economy but we look around and see the stuff going well. or just people having got up and decided to help yet. >> organizers say the deadline is this saturday december 21st. the day of the giveaway. they say they have only raised
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$4500 of their $10,000 goal. if you want to help, go to our website at you fundament information under our toy -- you can find all the information under our toy drive web link. they will continue a special holiday toy drive. the players are exchanging autographs for donated toys. the u.s. marines are also helping out in this toys for tots donation drive. >> what we do is collect all of these toys and hand them out to charities and children in need. >> fans are encouraged to bring new unwrapped toys to the south land mall tonight. cash donations are also being accepted. 49er fans are fighting back against a banner with a billboard. last week seattle sea hawk fans rented a plane and flew a banner over candle stick park. now niner fans have raised enough money top erect a billboard less than a mile away
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from the sea hawk stadium. the proposed billboard shows the five super bowl trophies that the niners have won. peyton manning as the sportsman of the year. the 37-year-old manning ask in the midst of an unprecedented come back from four neck operations that forced him to miss the entire 2011 season with the indianapolis colts. that injury led to a release. medical examiner has exhumed the body of former nfl line backer jamal becker. the family hopes tests on his brain will provide critical clues. the former defensive star for the kansas city chiefs shot his long-time girlfriend and killed her and then killed himself. his family believes that he may have been suffering from a degenerative brain disease often found in athletes that have had several concussions. we are following breaking
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news out of san jose. a terminal has been evacuated after some sort of water leak that has flooded pars of the airport. san jose fire confirms they are on the scene and dealing with the cleanup at terminal a right now. these are live pictures now. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you the very latest details as soon as they are available. right now it is 4:40. students at an elementary school heading back to class. coming up at 5:00 more on the weekend repairs following an accident. the reason the school says everything should be back to normal today. inmates at san quentin are breaking out with words. the newspaper they now hope to spread across the state. good morning. right now we have a look at san francisco traffic. it looks like northbound looks very nice on this early hour. coming up i will tell you where the traffic may already begin to slow down. this looks like the warmest day of the week. so warm you might want to get
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that monday flu bug and head over to santa cruz. could be near record setting territories.
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police in virginia released a remix of jingle bells. it shows holiday safety tips. it also asks people to call police if they see anything suspicious. hampton police say they increase patrols during the holiday season and want to remind potential criminals they are watching. the first family helped spread holiday cheer during the taping of the 32nd annual christmas in washington tv special. the obama's are meeting those five children dressed as elves. they are patients at the children's national medical
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center. the shows musical guests include the back street boys. the budget bill that passed in the u.s. house of representatives is expected to face more opposition in the senate. the bipartisan spending plan was approved last week in the house by a wide margin but in the senate democrats are still trying to come up with the 60 votes to put the budget bill up for a vote. an east bay congressman is spending some of his holiday vacation time working in a tree lot in dublin. >> i represent this area in the u.s. congress. every month i work -- >> its all part of what he calls in your shoe program. every month he does a different job. so far he's been a paramedic, a head start teacher, a carpenter, and assembly line worker. >> we try to go out to where the people are every day. we have done coffee where your congressman at coffee shops. now your congressman goes to
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your christmas tree lot. i think its finding new ways to connect with people. >> this is 33-year-old eric swallwell's first year as congressman. some inmates at san quentin are trying to expand the -- for about $30,000 a year nearly 12,000 papers are distributed each month. with the help of uc burkely journalism professor they have developed a plan that would put the paper all the adult prisons. sal, are you done with your christmas shopping yet? >> i'm not done. but at least i have done something. >> there you go. you have started. >> i begrudgingly started. i did get my christmas tree, though. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. we are not doing all that badly. and you know, this has been a debate for a long time.
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badly is not the word. we are not doing all that poorly out there. the traffic looks pretty good. there are no major problems. southbound 101 traffic also looks good leaving san francisco. so what i should have said is pretty well. westbound bay bridge this is the actual week before christmas. a lot of people have next week off. so we will see what happens this week. i think we are going to have a full strength commute today and as we look at the maps i want to show you 580 looks good to castro valley. and also looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. now let's go to steve. already? >> its just that's the way it is. >> i understand, sal. 30s and 40s to upper 40s. much, much here on the lows. we are not seeing the 20s anymore. there is a little component of an offshore breeze. that will help in areas near
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the coast today. some records are definitely possible. most locations have a component of an easterly breeze. few high clouds coming in. there is going to be a system diving in on us starting on thursday that all cool us down. today will be the warmest day of the week. we get that offshore push. 60s and 70s. especially down toward santa cruz. then we will see temperatures plunge off the table. today warm and much cooler toward the end of the week. and we ramp it up again by the weekend. and there is absolutely no rain in sight. i've seen about 15 days there is no rain in sight. things could change but it look like it here. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. very mild to warm. extended outlook does show okay on tuesday. turning much cooler tuesday and wednesday. temperatures take a pretty good tumble. they start to rebound friday and back to sunny. >> thank you, steve. 4:49 is the time. new report about patient
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dumping. the link between busing mentally ill patients to california. a man is reunited with the love of his life after his stolen car with very precious cargo is recovered.
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i suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the
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rest. >> classic. hollywood is mourning the loss of actor peter otoole this morning. in 1962 he became a household name after appearancing in lawrence of arabia. in 2003 he was award the the lifetime achievement oscar. in july of last year he officially retired from acting. giving the profession a profoundly grateful farewell. actress phon tape passed away over the weekend as well. she was the only actor to win an academy award. she married and divorced four times as well. she joked the moment she walks down the aisle the marriage is over. she was 96 years old. nelson mandela is buried in the village where he grew up. the military procession -- world leaders, celebrities, and thousands of south african's
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made their way to the remote site. >> farewell my dear brother. my mentor, my leader. my life has a void and i don't know who to turn to. >> the funeral for nelson mandela capped a ten-day mourning period in south africa. a widower is breathing a sigh of relief after being reunited with his wife's ashes. on thursday melvin's car was stolen from a car wash in oak grow. at the time an urn that was carrying his wife of 49 years was in the backseat. they believe the car wash attendant handed the car keys to a woman that is new now in dutschke. >> i hope she pays for her transgression. or since. i hope she goes to jail. >> hayes says it was three long days until he received the call
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informing him that his car had been found at a port until stockton. he says being reunited with his wife's ashes means everything to him. new report finds mentally ill patients allegedly dumped in california are committing crimes. according to the sacramento b the hospital in las vegas busts more -- bussed more than 325 patients to california. the papers investigation said since then some soft passenger names have been found in criminal data bases across the state. san francisco district attorney dennis filed a lawsuit against the hospital for allegations of patient dumping. time is 4:54. a 19-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after a stray bullet struck her while she was watching tv at her home. the shooting happened friday night just after 8:30 in richmond. police say is a total of nine shots were fired and the bullets went through her arm and struck her in the lower back. the victim's sister who did not want to show her face says her
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sister was with her step dad when it happened. >> it could have been way worse. but i'm just thankful that she is talking and she is breathing and she is alert. >> police say they don't know what may have prompted the shooting and they are still looking for clues. the victim's sister says it was a senseless crime. she says their family no longer feels safe in their quiet neighborhood. the u.s. chemical safety board is expected to lay outrages for regulating all of california -- lay out recommendations for regulating all of california's refineries. 15,000 people went to hospitals complaining respiratory problems relating to the fire. california collects only some of the fines imposed on assisted living homes. san diego newspaper says the state department of social services has collected half of nearly $3 million in fines imposed in more than six years.
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the state says it tries to collect the money but officials say violators often close the home. the national retail federation says sales dropped almost 3% during the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. sales last week jumped another 2.9% compared to last year. many consumers not seeing much in the way of pay hikes despite an improving economy and many have made a habit to wait for bargain prices. mega millions lottery game could set a new record. no one has won that top price since october 1st. some experts say that it could soon top that because ticket sales quickly peak in december. some report a 207% increase for last saturday's game when the jackpot was $425. >> and the chances of winning
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are still the same. coming up we are still following that breaking news. big water line break at the san jose airport. our news crew is heading to the scene. we will bring you the latest coming up. the city of oakland steps up to the plate in the fight to save the a's. we are looking at a commute that is starting off doing pretty well on the east shore freeway. but there are already spots where its beginning to slow down. last week at this time we were talking about record morning lows. but the key for us is there any rain? i'll have details on both. good. good answer.
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we have breaking news out of san jose. a terminal i having waited in ma theta international airport. a water main burst and floods parts of the airport. vallejo police department struggles to control an increase in violence recently, the city council here is considering a cut to both pay and benefits for officers. the important meeting happening later tonight. talks are set to resume today in the ac transit labor dispute. the reason workers could go on
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strike. preparing for the rush. how many packages the post office expects to package today and why this is called the busiest shopping day of the year. all ahead at ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we want to take you right back out live to san jose. the airport where a hot water line has broken. its forcing terminal a to be evacuated. here's a live picture at the runway. she'll have full report on what is going on how it will effect traffic this morning. the airport. that is coming up in a little bit. it is monday, december 16th i'm pam cook. >> a brand new day. new week. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. >> few high clouds around and lows are much, much warmer than last week. 30s, 40


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