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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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now out. but it sent potentially toxic fumes into the air for hours. >> and in big sur, crews are making slow progress on the other fire. we just received new numbers. the size of the fire has now jumped to 769-acres. 22 buildings have been destroyed, including at least 15 homes. the fire is only 20% contained at this hour. officials expect full containment on friday. investigators say they still don't know how the fire started late sunday night. both fires are sending noxious smoke into the south bay. we have been receiving phone calls all day from residents worried about what they are smelling outside. >> we have live team coverage. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather conditions. but we begin with ktvu's robert honda with how people around santa clara county are coping tonight. robert. >> reporter: here in gilroy we are a long way from where the smoke started, but it ended up here and caused
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all kinds of headaches. >> many people in the south bay could see and smell the forces of the redwood city simms recycling fire, the big sur fire and a spare the air day. no matter how some tried to cover up, they could not escape it. >> you definitely smell a chemical and the air is heavy. >> many people said the recycling fire smell made them worry the most. >> yeah. it smells like it could be toxic. it's definitely like an electrical fire or something that we shouldn't be breathing. the smell is like rubbery or plastics. is it unhealthy? possibly. >> this didn't seem to matter much, the distance. at the south end of santa clara county. >> the smoke, the smells, they drift. they drift and tend to finish right here in morgan hill. >> st. kathryn school moved pe classes, recess and lunch periods indoors and in class,
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closed vents. >> we had a fire in a green space not too far from here a couple years ago and learned then that if you want to keep the smoke out, you turn off your ventilation. >> the public health officers said that is important to remember. >> if you're indoors or in your car, and you have the ventilation system on or the car ventilation system on, it will bring the outdoor air in. >> the air has definitely improved but with so many spare the air days and the big sur fire still going, the public health officers wants the public to continue to monitor the air conditions and use common sense with outdoor activities. so let's go to ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin to find out what people can expect. >> reporter: there is another spare the air day tomorrow. as you know, that smoke that has been blowing up from the big sur fire t think evening was spectacular. lots of pictures coming in of the red supset.
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it is beautiful but loot of that is smoke. that is not healthy to bereavement as you look at this beautiful shot, i will show you where that smoke is coming from. the big sur fire. we talked about it last night. the winds have shifted. they are coming out of the south more. as they do, they take that plume of smoke. it is in the upper atmosphere. so it is coming in over the top of the surface flow. so in the santa clara valley, you're getting fingers of that particularate in your neighborhood. atmosphere. on top of that, now you have the spare the air day. it gets trapped. see these hills? they trap the tear as it's sinking. smoke in particular is getting stuck. just kind of a double prong thing here where we have the smoke, the spare the air day and another one again tomorrow. sol not great air quality. and it is not going to clean up fast. but, when i come back i will show you how it is going to clean up and when. we'll see you back here. a lot of viewers alerted us
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about the air quality problems on our facebook page. you can follow us on ktvu. we will make sure you get latest information on facebook and on twitter. a shelter place order has been lifted in san jose following a major gas leak in the downtown area. authorities say a third party contractor hit a 4-inch main about 11:15 this morning. people in a six block area were asked to stay inside their homes and businesses for about three hours while crews dug up the street to fix the leak. the san jose international airport says a failed joint in a water line is what caused flooding at terminal a yesterday. standing water forced airlines to cancel one flight and delay several others. crews worked throughout the night to dry up carpets and test operating systems. terminal a was fully up and running by this morning. a natural gas leak may have sparked an oven explosion at the jail in alameda county. ktvu's patty lee is live
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outside the jail this dublin where she spoke to a woman who is part of the kitchen crew there. patty. >> reporter: that's right. she is part of the overnight crew that works. when we spoke, she was trying to determine exactly who was injured and whether there were any warning signs before the explosion. >> this inmate, along with three others, had to be taken to the hospital after an oven exploded at the alameda county jail around noon. the force blew the oven door which weighs several hundred pounds into the busy kitchen. >> first crews found that there had been a natural gas explosion in one of the ovens. we declared what we call multiple casualty incident. >> these staff nurses confirmed they were treating six of the 10 inmates injured at the infirmary. >> the kitchen and the entire jail right now is shut down. we've lock the whole jail down. >> sergeant jd nelson breached news crews about the investigation, but with the
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critical witnesses injured, he doesn't know exactly what led up to the incident. >> we have our bomb arson guy here, because this is considered an explosion. >> the supervisor was lucky. she usually leans on the oven that was blown today. i'm not shire where she was standing at when it happened. but she usually does stand right there. i'm hoping and praying she is already. >> katrina green works for the company contracted to make inmate meals. she says the company has about 60 people in there that time of day, inmates, deputies and supervisors. >> they usually start bake around 7:00. that's what time the inmates come in, from 7:00 to about 12:30 they bake. they bake biscuits, cakes, corn bread back there. >> reporter: jd nelson tells us that given the amount of people in the kitchen at the time, it's lucky that more people were not in the path of that door after the explosion. reporting live in dublin, patty lee ktvu channel 2 news. jury deliberations are finally underway in the trial of the man accused in a gang rape and hate crime in
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richmond. investigators say 36-year-old salvador approached the victim and robbed her in december of 2008. police say he and two teenagers then kidnapped the woman. they took her to an abandoned building in richmond where they sexually assaulted her. salvador could face life in prison if convicted. a bank robbery suspect is behind parse today after being released from the hospital. christopher j. anotherren was shot by a deputy last wednesday. he allegedly robbed a bank before leading deputies on a chase into san mateo rafael. authorities are trying to figure out if he is the so- called cotton ball bandit who committed at least 11 bank robberies in marin during the past year. the vacaville area police officer's union says it is dis-
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- the vallejo contract will expire some time after the new year. continuing coverage now. they are not giving up hope. late today, the family of this 13-year-old learned the hospital will not be taking her off life support. the 13-year-old sat children's hospital in oakland. according to her family she will remain on life support indefinitely, even though she has been declared legally dead. ktvu's john fowler is at the hospital now with what their family is hoping for and what their lawyer is planning on doing. >> reporter: there is something of a standoff unfolding here. doctors tell me there is really no good word for jahi mcmath's condition. she is legally dead, but in the icu, heartbeat and a machine making her body breathe. >> save our baby. save our jahi. >> all day and night family
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friends have kept a vigil as the 13-year-old lay in oakland children's hospital icu brain dead. >> she didn't come in here like this. she was not a sick child. she was totally healthy. >> the family says doctors told them jahi died five days ago a surgery gone wrong. family members say the hospital wanted to terminate life support this morning. their lawyer delivered this letter demanding the hospital not do so. >> the hospital has nowback off from the efforts to remove life support. >> we're not on doctor's times anymore. we're on god's time. he's provided us more time to get together and pray. >> the family has asked hospital staff to feed jahi through a tube and given aty biotickest. they say her insurance -- anti biotics. >> when she is ready to go, she
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will release herself. if not, she will get up. >> reporter: doctors tell me no one has ever recovered from written death. it is not a coma or vegetative state. the family says if the hospital tries to remove her from life support, they'll forest service to court to try to get an injunction. the family says it has no timetable. a prayer vigil is tentatively scheduled for thursday night. john fowler catechin tell 2 news. a pediatrician not connected to this case tells us this procedure is relatively safe. the risk of death is about 1 in 25,000. rare complications of the procedure include -- breeding during or after. helping people sign up for health care through covered california. the group life long medical care set up shop at allen temple baptist church on international boulevard in
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oakland. organizers say they want to get as many people enrolled as possible by next monday's deadline. >> we don't want people worrying that they don't have health care and about what happens if they get sick and try to pay bills they can't pay. so it is good to have health care that helps them. >> the group says it will continue to offer enrollment assistance at the church on the first anthers tuesdays of the month. you can find more information about how to sign on just click on web links. a bay area home suddenly collapses. why the property was a source of controversy even before this happened. happen. what i'm tracking that could bring us wet weather. mcdonald's employeest held at gun point, forced to strip and then robbed. the window of opportunity police say the suspect used to commit the crime.
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new at 6:00, a masked robber finds an usual way to get into this bay area's mcdonald's. what is more unusual is what happened after he got inside. police are calling the robbery unique rain traumatic for a pair of mcdonald's employees who were working to have night shift. ktvu's ken pritchett joins us now from the mcdonald's with how the gunman entered the building then force the workers to strip off their clothes. ken. >> reporter: well, it was 2:00 a.m. the doors of that mcdonald's restaurant were closed. only the drive through was open. an employee told me today that there was video showing a masked man staring into that drive through window for several minutes. he was unnoticed by the employees inside until he made his move. it is not a big win. do it doesn't have to be.
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but it seems this drive through window is just big enough for a 5' 10", 165-pound armed robber to crawl through. >> it is like pretty drastic. >> police say the gunman state your named the manager and employee and forced them to the back of the restaurant and stripped them of their clothes. >> unbelievable. >> police do have video. >> they were ordered into the freezer and employees pleading for their life and significantty decided to stay put until they felt it was safe to come out. >> one manager off camera tells us the employees last night remain traumatized. >> the employee there is are like so friendly and they are just good people. >> vallejo has seen a rash of crime in the past week that adds to the workload of an already taxed police department. >> we cannot solve all these crimes alone. we are going to ask for the public's help. >> as for the mcdonald's robber climbing through the drive through window, police say that is unique, even in a city that's seen its r. share of
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crime. >> actually, nothing really surprises me in vallejo these days. it is pretty crazy. >> reporter: the robert made off with an undisclosed amount of cash from the registers. investigators do have that video but have not had a full opportunity to review it yet for evidence. police do expect that video to be released hoping for the public's helicopter epidemic. in vacaville area, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. crews are working to shore up a house that suddenly collapsed in the twin peaks neighborhood of san francisco. neighbor neighbors say the house was under renovation on crown terrace and that it fell downhill about 10:30 last night. fortunately no one was hurt. the property is owned by developer mel murphy. he is a former building inspections commissioner. he did not return our the calls today for comment, but neighbors say they failed to stop the plan to convert his two-story house into a much larger five-story home. >> we were trying to stop this from happening because he was going to build a 5,000 square foot house in a neighborhood of
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2,000 square foot houses. we fought this constantly. >> after the building is stabilize, the owner will is to show the city how he plans to safely complete the renovation. the holiday travel forecast for christmas is out. looks like people are getting the itch to hit the road. aaa says because the holiday spans two weekends it is estimating a travel increase. nearly 12 million californians will leave home over christmas or new year's. that's up half a percent from last year. more than 10 million people will be driving. that is a 1% jump from 2012. holiday tradition of giving is in full swing in the bay area. more more than 20 years, children at christ the king school gather toys each christmas for the less fortunate. the school donates the gifts. the san francisco police department helped deliver about 700 l brightly wrapped packages
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today. >> the kids will have wonderful christmas now. it may not have been so great if they are from a large family that's poor. so it is really special for them. >> they say there are enough toys to give each child a gift on christmas eve and on christmas day. we showed you the beautiful bay area sunset tonight. ktvu viewers are sharing their photos as well. >> shelley in antioch shared this picture on our facebook page. and tracy september us this photo of the red sunset in south san jose. >> gorgeous. you, too, can post your photos on our facebook wall. in the meantime, let's go back over to bill for a look at the conditions that made that spectacular sunset. bill. >> reporter: slightly ironic. you get these poor air quality conditions, but with this you get these amazing sunsets that we so often see in the b. you see it in the summer months, but this time of year you can site as well. numbers are cooler than yesterday. remember, yesterday we had low
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70s. a lot of 77er 60s. 68 in morgan hill. and it drop a. freemont was just 62. mountain view was 61. temperatures coming down. there is the cloud cover coming up from the south that should bring in high clouds, obviously that are sliding through. a little lower down it is grabbing that smoke getting up into mid levels of the atmosphere and driving it up into the santa clara valley. that is also one of the issues with the air quality. spare the air alert tomorrow again. 53 in concord. 54 in napa. overnight lows, mid 30s. maybe cooler in some places. 35 in santa rosa. 35 in fairfield. you might see frost, sure. but nothing like we saw last week. so, as we go out we have high cloud, patchy fog. i think the cold will work its way back into the beach as we go into late tonight, mid- morning tomorrow as the winds begin to shift on shore. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler as we go forward. then, the winds pick up. that will help the air quality
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quite a bit. that will kind of get the yuck out of the atmosphere, but one more day of not great air quality, especially in the santa clara valley. the computer model, there it is, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. then, here comes the front. there is the wind with that front. the winds kick up tomorrow night. maybe drizzle in there. maybe some sprinkles. if it happened, it wouldn't amount to much. in lake tahoe, overnight wednesday and thursday morning, they are going to get snow. that's good. as that system slides that way, we are high and dry here. then, we go into a bay area weekend that's going to be spectacular. almost as nice as last weekend. 60 in santa rosa tomorrow. 60 in napa. i don't see any rain out there. this little deal wednesday, thursday, tough to call that rain. there is the 5 day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. sets us up for the weekend. a lot like the last, i don't
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know, ain't weekends. we have had really nice weather. the weekend is going to be nice. enjoy what you got. >> thank you, bill. governor brown is warning that the bi partisan budget measure could hurt the california economy. the budget deal does not include an extension of the federal unemployment benefits set to expire at the end of the month. in a letter to congressional leaders, the governor says more than 214,000 californians will face financial hardship. >> not really only these ton employed individuals and their families who stand to suffer, but it's also a ripple effect on the broader economy. >> the governor predicts more jobs will be lost if benefits are not restored. the oakland a's lose an all star pitcher from their staff. >> find out who it is and where he ended up. mark is up next with sports. n? ñ
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can't forget this video. great news own a bay area doctor whose presurgery dance video went viral. she is dancing to a beyonce song with her surgery team
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before she had surgery last month. a new video shows she and members of her berkeley dance class rocking out to the very same song in a dance for deb last week. friends tell us she is doing well and starting her chemo therapy. on her facebook page the obgyn says she is planning a new dance flash mob for this friday. >> good to see they are still dancing. wish her all the best. mark is here now. a guy who is really popular with a's fans is officially leaving. >> yeah. grant balfour. very popular guy. very good reason. he was excellent out of the a's bull pen. he was a free agent. he is now a baltimore orioles. he signed a two year, $14 million contract. he had 38 saves for the a's and helped them to two consecutive western division titles. 35-year-old native australian. he will be definitely missed.
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not just for his pitching, but for his great personality. in the meantime, the sharks are out on the road. they have had difficulty at home and away of late. but not tonight. although it is not over. in st. louis, that is a look at dan boil back in st. louis where he had that serious head injury a little over a month ago. the sharks get the jump on this one. shot deflected. 1460. currently, they are in the second period. the sharks are on top of the blues 3-1. i want to show you this game from the brooklyn game. paul mccartney wants a free t- shirt and they won't give him one. i don't understand how he doesn't have court side seats. his girlfriend to his left not looking overly interested as she texts while he tries to get one free shirt after another. actually, that was the same shot. we just kept replaying it. >> how cool would that be, though, to walk down to your
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seat and go whoa, that is paul mccartney. >> why is he court side? he can get better seats. >> we have to look into the back story of that. >> thank you. tonight could be the night. the mega millions jackpot is now $636 million and climb canning. tonight at 10:00, 2 changes that have made the odds of winning even lower. >> and, we're always here for you at, facebook and twitter. i just keep thinking about paul mccartny trying to get that t- shirt. >> that was his wife, by the way.
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