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tv   KTVU Noon News  KTVU  December 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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a wave of gang violence leads to a coordinated crack down from law enforcement and the community. what we have learned about operation william street. >> a driver trying to escape dui check point ends up crashing into an oakland gas station. more on the evacuation and what quick thinking employee did his that kept the fire from spreading. >> bat kid has crime fighting help. wonder girl is taking on the streets of vallejo. >> hi mom! >> right now, that community is
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coming together to make her super hero wish come true. ktvu news at noon starts now. good afternoon. new information this noon time about a gang crack down in south bay. last summer there was a wave of violence in one neighborhood but the response has made life safer for residents. we are joined live from the south bay with more on operation william street. >> reporter: we are on 6th and william street, a neighborhood downtown south of san jose state university. it's become a hot spot for gang activity. they say there have been drug deals that have happened in a park nearby but in the last several months they have been able to get a handle on it. police say they were responding to a lot of street gang activity in the area you see on the map between the university
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and 280 during summer. a shooting in the afternoon of september '25 involved rival gangs sparking police to begin operation williams street. officers collaborated with university police, juvenile probation and gang unit to focus on rounding up gang members in the area. the team has made more than 50 arrests and made contact with roughly 100 gang members and high risk individuals. >> they started selectively identifying individuals that were a part of street gangs and conducted probation searches. they also obtained search warrants. another thing they did was proactive police work. they would patrol where we knew gang members were. >> want a sticker? >> yeah. >> all right. >> officers were also able to connect with people who live in the neighborhood to build trust. residents say there are a lot of children who live there and they're glad police are being
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proactive. they have noticed the difference. >> there are less gang members out. there is more police presence. they're doing a good job cracking down. >> police say operation william street is ongoing. they say the 50 they have arrested haven't just been gang members. they have been able to catch people committing other crimes in the area. >> thanks. solano county investigators are searching for those in connection with a violent robbery that happened last night at 6:00. police say five people inside were found tied up including one shot multiple times and two others who were beaten. suspects are described as two white men and two african- american men seen driving off in a late 1990 silver toyota camry. a high speed chase this morning ended with a gas station fire and the suspect
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pinned behind the wheel. ktvu's paul chambers explains the person who came to the driver's rescue was the same deputy who tried to pull him over. >> reporter: look at this ball of fire. it stayed lit for nearly two hours as residents were evacuated from their home. >> i heard a boom and then i came outside. i saw an explosion and i heard another boom. >> grab everything you need and go. we high tailed out the house and it blew up another additional second time and that's when the manhole on the ground went up. >> reporter: this is just one of roughly 20 people evacuated before 2:30 this morning when sheriff deputies say they pulled the vehicle over at 98th and d street as part of dui task force. as deputies approached, investigators say that's when the suv led them on a high speed chase down 98th for little more than a half mile before the driver lost control and crashed taking out two gas
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pumps before getting pinned behind the wheel. >> the irony of the situation is the deputy who initially asked him to stop as part of the campaign now has to save this driver from this burning vehicle. >> reporter: a quick reaction by workers inside the gas station prevented fire from spreading. >> as soon as the gas pumps were struck the attendants were able to get emergency gas shut off. the fire was residual gas burning that was inside the pump itself. >> the driver was taken to a nearby hospital with a possible broken leg. once he is released he will face dui related charges. the trip to school turned into a scary ordeal for some children on a livermore school bus. the bus carrying eight children was involved in a multi vehicle crash just before 8:00am near marietta and stanley boulevards. at least one person suffered minor injuries but it is unclear if the person hurt was
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a child or someone in one of the other cars. the board of directors is meeting to discuss another contract glitch. the union contract has conflicting information involving the start date for changes to bart's retiree medical insurance program. bart's says the new policy is supposed to take effect january 1. members ratified the typo saying july 1. the national transportation safety board issued urgent safety recommendations today following the deaths of two on the bart tracks in october. they were inspecting tracks between walnut creek and pleasant hill stations when a train hit them. ntsb is recommending redundant safety measures including monitoring track workers' secondary warning devices and a device workers can attach to rails to send a stop signal to
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approaching trains. news crews are getting a close look at the permanent fix for the broken bolts on the new bay bridge. crews finished the $25 million repair job yesterday. the work began this summer after dozens of bolts broke as they were being tightened. >> this was a unique complex problem that demanded a unique complex solution. this was not something you can go to home depot and ask them where they keep steel saddles. >> the problem almost derailed labor day opening but temporary steel saddles allowed it to open on school. changes could be coming to a scrap metal plant on the peninsula after two recent fires. we are joined live from redwood city. >> reporter: officials are going to be sitting down with redwood city fire officials to talk about how to prevent future fires because in just over the past few months there have been two major fires here.
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the most recent happened tuesday morning after a small explosion was reported at the recycling plant. the fire started in a stock pile of recyclables including discarded appliances. due to smoke air quality officials issued an advisory. it was also put in place after the november 10th fire here. since then new policies have been implemented such as reducing stock pile sizes and separating light iron from auto bodies but officials say more work can be done. >> it could be anything from additional fire suppression systems. we're going to evaluate that. we're going to evaluate potential staffing. maybe we'll do adjustments and recommend staffing adjustments for them. infra raid flame detection equipment. we'll evaluate all different processes. >> reporter: last week the bay area air quality management district fined the company for a public nuisance violation for
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november 10th fire. officials anticipate a similar one for this fire. meanwhile the fire remains under investigation. >> thanks tara. if you shopped at target during the three weeks after thanksgiving your credit or debit card information might have been compromised. the retailer says thieves may have gotten a hold of 40 million card numbers from stores nationwide. it doesn't appear that web orders were affected. target says it's hired a forensic security firm to help find out how the thief got the information. at least one customer we talked to thinks she may have been a victim. >> i did shop black friday and i found out yesterday that somebody tried to spend 600 something dollars in nevada. i wonder if that's related at all. >> target says customers should check their cards' bills carefully and often. they did notify companies as soon as it discovered the
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breach. mark leno and san francisco attorney teaming to protect victims of cell phone theft. they want phone makers to install kill switches in all phones to make stolen phones useless. they accused cell carriers of resisting because they could lose profits from insurance plans if fewer phones are stolen. when she grows up she wants to be a teacher but now this 10 year old girl has crime fighting do. her dream of becoming a super hero is coming true. >> let's take you outside. look at the beautiful shot, the first day that we do not have a spare the air day alert in effect. but we have another weather warning for you. >> a call for changes from a new report about the chicken industry and salmonella out breaks. why the report says things need to change with u.s.fda and they need to change now. >> closed captioning is brought
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san francisco had bat kid and today vallejo has wonder girl. john joins us live from where the community has spent the morning rallying around the young girl who wants to be a super hero so she can help her young child. >> this has been a super hero
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day as the city has come together for monika romo, a 4 4th grader who is battling leukemia and had a surprise ride to school with vallejo police. when she arrived she was met by a crowd of school mates that left her in shock. they cheered for her, did a flash mob dance and listened to a essay she on wrote. she was recognized for courage and inspiring spirited. county supervisor aaron hannigan helped honor her and monika romo said she stayed strong during her tough battle with cancer. >> i don't really know how i do it. i just keep a smile on my face. that's pretty much it. >> what do you think other people can learn from you? >> a lot but i don't know what. >> it's nice to be in the news because the community is rallying behind a young woman who is battling a life
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threatening illness. everybody's gotten involved. it's positive. what a perfect time for that to happen during the christmas season. >> wonder girl made stops at vallejo high school inspiring people everywhere she went. >> good for her. thanks john. just a few minutes from now san jose high school band that was robbed is set to receive a big donation. the online bingo site is donating $5000 to the oak grove high school marching band, roughly the same amount that an armed robber stole from the bingo fund raising event last week. the band already received $15,000 in other donations and are going use part of the money to get extra security for the school's weekly bingo games. students at an elementary school learned a lesson of generosity. i want to show you the sign
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posted on the door asking people to donate to the red cross which partnered to help typhoon victims in the philippines. i got a chance to stop by the school and they handed more than $250, money from the community and even those kids' piggy banks. as i left i gotta tell you people were running up, kids with dollars in their hands from home wanting to give those to people in need. if you would like to help, go to our web page at and there will be a link to the typhoon relief efforts. police are increasing patrol to his stop drag races and side shows. neighbors say it started with a few cars but now it's growing. surveillance video taken from a parking lot on fremont boulevard shows head lights of as many as 100 cars. >> we will be bringing in officers in the late night hours go down to the area to look for speed contests, reckless driving, as well as
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vehicle equipment violation. >> police tell us they have only recently become aware of the problem there. there are new major concerns about safety of the chicken we eat. two reports released today say u.s. food safety procedures are inadequate. this is based on salmonella outbreak that started last accounted that sickened at least 390 people in 23 states. one study found high levels of bacteria in more than 300 randomly purchased raw chicken breasts. another report says more testing should be done to prevent contaminated chicken from ever entering the food supply. >> what this demonstrates is we just haven't gotten it right yet and that we really do need, perhaps, to rethink the which that we try to -- way that we try to address salmonella protection in the food supply. >> in response the national chicken council says eliminating naturally occurring
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bacteria entirely is not feasible and all bacteria can be killed with proper cooking. whole foods so it will no longer sell yogurt brand chobani. they say the claims of using only natural ingredients is untrue. consumers say they use milk from dairy cows that eat feed containing genetically modified organisms. boaters it could be a rough sailing day on the san francisco bay. the coastguard is advising boats to be prepared for rough winds and seas. boaters should avoid taking to the water if the windy conditions occur, boat owners are urged to check vessels and make sure they're properly anchored because the strong winds can cause boats to break free. the winds are a concern for firefighters battling the wildfire in big sur. firefighters used a flare gun
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as you saw for backfires. it is 79% contained. crews are hoping for full containment by tomorrow. so far it's burned 917 acres and destroyed 22 buildings including about a dozen homes. >> we have had very little rain. we have other conditions such as sudden oak death in this part of the forest. >> nearly 100 people are still under evacuation orders. u.s. forest service says 900 firefighters have been battling the fire which has now cost nearly $1 million to fight since it broke out monday. the cause is under investigation but officials are looking into reports that there may have been an illegal camp fire. mostly clear skies, a system produced very light snow in the ciara that is moving out rapidly. there is rain in southern california but clear skies and good air quality finally.
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the northerly breeze is beginning to pick up. you see everything is heading down south and pushing out to sea the sign of a northeast wind developing but mainly a northerly breeze for some. light snow in the ciara is now heading to the central ciara. this is associated for an area of low pressure setting up shop close to l.a. a cooler breezier day at times. we have wind advisories today into tonight in higher elevations and off the coast. gusts 40 to 50 are certainly possible. some areas are in the 50s. san jose is only 54. it is warmer to the gnat. some of the rain in southern california, a little bit around santa barbara. if you have travel plans, you may encounter rain. it looks like things are winding down rapidly.
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30s there, 34reno, 47 eureka. it is pretty windy in the valley with gusts from 30 miles an hour from red bluff to sacramento. there goes our system. it's moving fast. overall it's a dry fair pattern. breezy, cooler, mostly sunny. there are a few clouds. windy for some, breezy for everybody and 50s and 60s. temperatures will be very, very close. these are slightly below average to near average but we should be about 56 to 61. so we're right in the ballpark. it looks like tonight wind decreases or if it does wind protected areas it will be very cold and friday more than and probably saturday morning. it will be sunny, nice, dry. there is no rain in sight. >> we need it. >> boy do we? dryest year ever. >> put the order in. >> i'll work on that. a last minute call for donations ahead of the toy give away tomorrow. they want to hand out gifts
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tomorrow but say they're still about 7000 short. they especially need gifts for teens and they need books. the give away starts tomorrow but it is not too late to donate. you can go by the drive through donation center or you can donate online. for a link log on to and look under hot topics for bay area charities. a new list is out ranking the best burritos in the country and four of the top five are right here in the bay area. we'll tell you where. >> get ready for a new area code. who will soon be dialing those new digits. [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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there the dow is creeping up a little bit. it's up 13 points. stocks are mixed in afternoon trading following yesterday's surge. that came after the fed's announcement about trimming stimulus efforts. facebook plans to offer 70 million shares of stock for sale mostly to index funds. that includes 41 million shares that belong to founder mark zuckerburg. this comes as facebook is ready to improve in the s&p 500, an index designed to give a broad snap of the stock market. it is scheduled to be listed on s&p after the close tomorrow. a new area is coming to the area. all the numbers for 415 area
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code will be used up by october 2015. this means a new 628 area code had to be approved. that happened this morning. people with existing 415 area codes, you are going to get to keep your numbers. the new 628 area code, hard to remember, that will be assigned to new numbers in san francisco and parts of marin county. the daily deal released its list of the 20 best burritos in the united states and six of them are right here in the bay area. are you getting hungry? number 1 comes from san francisco followed by la tacarito. the holiday shopping season reaches a shift and we are learning more about this major
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breach at target stores nationwide. we heard from state attorney general and we'll tell you what she said about the breach and what her office is doing about it. we'll see you next time news breaks. we're also here for you on and of course you can also follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great thursday afternoon everyone.
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or visit aio, a new way to wireless.
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up next on "ec company," what's that under the nails? these guys take their gardening seriously. >> i just love working out here. it's so much fun. you really get an appreciation for everyone who goes here. >> on this high school campus, the garden is not the only thing that's green. plus -- >> every individual born everywhere, it deserves the right to healthy foods. >> grab your apron. we're headed into the kitchen. and on the menu, fresh food for all. and planting the seeds of change. >> the seeds are actually 30 out of a community. biofuel. >> two


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