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tv   Second Look  FOX  December 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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it! ♪ ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. up next on a second look, 25 years ago after take off from london. 12 years ago between paris and miami. four years ago inbound to detroit. bombs aboard trains at christmas time. straight alead on a second look. good evening and welcome to a second look. i'm julie haener. this month marks the 23rd month
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of terror history. on december 20, 1999 a bomb brought down pam an flight 21. the explosion and crash killedded all 219 people on board as well as 11 people on the ground. 189 of the dead were american. doug james filed this report the next day. evidence of the immense cuban tragedy was everywhere. where the town hall became the town morning. the people went on about their business as best they could. but all around them was the reminder of the unexpected and unmarked tragedy that has put it degree. >> 10 hours and several cars were destroyed. people anxiously awaited news of tpráepbs and al heats.
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-- people anxiously awaited news. prince andrew and margaret thatcher both visited the area and said it was unbelievable. >> it's unbelievable you have to go and see it to believe it. >> that's where i feel the most sorry for people. >> reporter: late in the tkpwaeu most of the victim's fad families remained throughout the site. to remain there with the wreckage after invest guy tors have depleted most of their work. they'll be in here well into their christmas. doug james. a week later investigators came to one major conclusion. it was a bomb that brought down pan am flight 23. on december 29, 1988, richard
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gladstone reported on the beginning of a meticulous investigation. in a field outside of locker why they started pieces. chunks of the nose comb and the cob turned around not enough for a call. the second investigation moved into the second week little changed by the option that said they are a dog. but the news that fragments of a pal lot has given new focus for the hunt for clues. search teams have been combing grounds already well gone over. in hopes of finding something that could tell the experts what kind of baggage held the bomb. where it was carry where it was checked in. then part-time who mate the
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explosives. recushioners have gathered. >> you're trying to figure out who helped him out. trips to the place where the cockpit landed. to lay flowers then visit the little country church only 100 yards away. >> i don't know if it's a good idea to come here but i think the feel that they're receiving more information here if they stayed in hotels in london. i just don't tell them things i want to hear i tell them some things they don't like to hear perhaps some of the bodies might never ever be identified and some of the bodies may never ever be found. i feel it's right they should face up to this know. and not sit there in expectation that they are going to deaf any factually get their
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loved one again. not only is the search difficult. so hard is the kwrob of identifying victims that only 16 bodies out of 270 passengers, crew and townspeople who died have so far been released from burial. the hunt for more bodies stretches far into the forest and the country side. this team found a suitcase and personal positions, a dozen miles from locker by. while the sáurpblg for buddies and rewrecks extended far into the country side the search for the colors is surrounded around the world. nearly three years after the locker bee bombing the fbi would ain and out it has traced the account to libya that came after an investigation which including recovering everyone some of the -- everyone part of
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the restroom. >> reporter: debris from the midair explosion of pan am flight 13 spread across a huge area around locker room ton cy. piecing together of sofa. inindictments were returned against two angelless of the ls, o. and libya's strong men was called an inavailable san mark. we've the resolve and ability to track down no matter how long it takes for terrorist acts against america. >> fit water said action is
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being considered. >> we don't rule out any options. we're considering the international responses. >> reporter: some pan am victims were so successful that many are now talking to be a would have. >> libya,iran are being rejected. >> i think the shooting. only has to stop. in 1996, ktvu's john fowler looked at the en sreu hrar reus brought back over to locker 2 -pl another-'reufrpblg raoeufrpblgs were on board.
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pan am 103 flight recorders revealed nothing but a brief long song be with the explode -t in the forward cargo hold. destroyed the tail a high speed rise. the plane sledded apart but there was no may skwroár bier aim when lynn yap tourists pout a gun: by chance it went forward you had on. counting the times the plane cashed through a set the third time leaving london triggered the explosion. >> we must never ever reu lax our efforts until the criminals are brought to justice. >> i will never hear but at least if i had justice i would be something. i would have something. still to come on a second
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look. the man convicted in the romer aren't. a bid letter the man's who's billion suede eupbts pa áf áf map
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tonight on a second look the bombing of pam am flight 23 over locerby bombing. it took 3-1/2 years to set a trial. in january of 2001 the verdicts came down. the three judge court convicted one of the men and sentenced him to life in prison. fox news reporter, greg palcot had reaction on the day of the verdict. >> reporter: decision at the
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lockerby trial. abdul abrahami was found guilty. killing 270 people including as many americans. some of the victims relatives were thrilled. >> i would say that most relatives are immensely gratified to have one iranian officer. >> the lead lawers will approve the guilty verdict that new trial could happen in holland. he cannot fly for parol in some 25 years. not all think that's right. >> 20 years is less than a month per victim. and somehow that doesn't sit right with me. >> also angering some that
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tkpwa dalai and american pillow pace could begin to finger him. president obama promised to keep the heat on. >> i think -- >> >> reporter: with the trial now over. i'm hoping international recessions will happen soon. the convicted lockerby bomber was released from a scotish prison in 2009 after being diagnose noised with terminal prostate cancer. reaction by -- august 20, 12. december21st 1988. a terrorist bomb exploded on pam ago middle school 18.
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the sharper by stopped. 189 of them americans. today scotish officials he ef lease ever convicted of the terrorist attack. they said on come pack: and is expected to die within months. >> i have decided to allow him to go home to die. >> holy magrahy has been sentenced to life in prison but served only eight years. the reaction from victim's family members. >> it's insane. it's a travesty of justice and ploy that is the most misplaced compassion i can imagine. we could weep, there. >> now knowing that is able to go die with his family is more than i can take. he is daughter did not get to.
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the reaction at sfo today. >> he killed so many and he stays in jail forever. >> if he was given a life sentence then i think that should have served his life center. many people said that today's relief was more about appeasing libya to get look at its oil. today after his release. >> we thought it was inspector. now we got in contact with the libyan government and want to make sure if in fact, this transfer has taken place that he's not welcomed back in some way but instead should be under house herself. >> reporter: just hours later,
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libyan heat leader ca peteed all the second yes he served it phopbts to more than that's. three years after his release, magrahi died at the age of 60 in his home. 20 years after his release he continued to claim he was innocent. when we come back on a second look, he tried to kit nate his shoes across the. coming up we interview the person known as the wanna bee and táel us what it is. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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we continue our second look tonight at terrorism in the air during the holiday season. if you have gone through airport security in the past decade you have likely had to take off your shoes. you can blame richard reed for that. he's the guy that tried to detonate explosives in his shoes during a flight from paris to miami in december 2001. but other passengers helped a flight attendant stop him. john zor era talked to people who had been on that tremendous flight. early saturday morning thankful to be on the ground and alive. passengers from the diverted paris-miami flight finally made
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-- made it to their final destination. the story they would tell is both heroic and chilling. this man identified from the french ministry as richard reed was apparently trying to ignite an explosion in his shoes. a flight attendant caught him in the act. >> she yelled help me. someone pulled from behind. he had long hair. >> reporter: during the struggle the bite victim was builten in the hand. two on the left, three in the middle and two on the right. nicholas green was sitting in row 34 in the center section. the suspect green says was seated a few rocks in front of him on the right. >> then very quickly two people
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who were sitting opposite the certain in question jumped on top of him. >> jaracari was sitting in seattle 36g. she said the struggle with reed lasted less than a minute. >> when all of the passengers jumped to help us steer got him tied down. with hands being earphones and city lean. the suspect was unbelievably strong. even for 6'8" basketball player james. james says when reed was asked why. he said you will see. you will see. >> the passenger's hearts raced at least the he beginning of your life. >> under jet fighter escort the
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plane landed without further i said tent in boston. within only a few days after passengers and flight attendants subdued richard reeves investigators began to look into possible connections between reed and a top al-qaida leader. susan candi brought us this word on december 16, 2:00. any known terror group one push immaterial. alimits zacharia o us mucelli. he was asked to leave that mosque because of his radical views. red who spokes was person sources say reed had done time for a string of petty thefts.
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then turned to religion. >> he attended the 50:00 p.m. he was here very quick. very amble very. >> reed started wearing an army jacket poát mall. >> husband bombings. cy the attack and killed the innocent how did reed figure out how to build a shoe bomb in his sneaker. the high are a very sol did explosive powder sensitive to heat and protection. investigators are looking for a possible accomplice and people who know reed who call themselves a bell a own say he's a follower. >> i have the reuplasm security
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officials working for men airlines. >> he was questioning, he was profiled then finally, because of the certain ways, that certain search are conducted. and he finally found himself on the plane. in october of 2002, richard reed pleaded guilty in federal court to eight charges included attempted murder and attempted destruction of an aircraft. the following january a judge sentenced reed to life without the possibility of parol and fined him $2 million. reed is certaining a sentence at the super max prison in kroá -- colorado. when we come back on a
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second look. >> he's trying to blow up the plane. >> how passengers react after he was trying to stuff a bomb into his underpants. presents that i forgot. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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tonight on a second look, terrorists attempts on flights. as with the shoe bomber eight years earlier, passengers helped stop and subdue the so called underwear bomber. debora villalon brought us the details the next day. >> reporter: this dark picture shows abdul in handcuffs. he is said to look much younger
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than his 23 years of age. people called for help as they saw smoke coming from his blanket. >> he's trying to blow up the plane and so, you know i was trying to search his buddy for any explosives. and then i took some kind of object that was already melting and smoking out of him. >> reporter: crew members helped him. >> we stripped him and contained him with handcuffs and we made sure he had no more weapons, no more bombs on. >> reporter: court papers say the device he carried contained pten a small powerful explosive found in blasting caps. it's the same substance convicted bomber richard reed lit in his shoes trying to bring down a jet in 2001. abdul mutalab claims al-qaida ties but some experts doubt it. >> had he really had a tie.
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a close organization tie to al- qaida and had al-qaida been involved in building the bomb that bomb would have gone off. these people are competent. they know how to put ao bomb together. i think he was a want to be. >> reporter: police searched mutalab's has known address. an upscale apartment in london. his father in nigeria is a official. he was already on a terrorist data base but not on a no fly list. >> these were infidels who were going to blast up people. we want to thank the passengers and the crew that subdue these guys. >> in nigeria security is known to be lax. but in amsterdam where it made a stop, screening is much stricter especially for u.s. bound flights. so how did the suspect explosive device slip through?
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>> when the standard is we're looking for pouter on the one hand and syringes or small glass octobers on the other it gets very difficult. that's what's so worrisome in this particular -- particular case. >> that's it for this week's second look. i'm julie haener. thank you for watching. sign. then drive. signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today
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