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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. today is a bitter sweet day for fans of the 49ers. it may be the last game at candlestick. we'll have a report in just a few minutes. good morning. it's monday, december 23. >> good to see you.
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good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is off, but we do have rosemary here. >> good morning to you. another fairweather day. we do have a change, though, from what we saw over the weekend. we have a spare the air day. if you do have asthma, this is something you may want to consider for the afternoon and limit outdoor activity. there will be a haze in the air. right now outside the doors, it's a chilly one. mid 30s in concord. a few patches of fog along the coast.
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be aware of that. we shift to the east a little bit. 39 in lafayette. 47 degrees in areas. we get into the afternoon and temperatures a lot like sunday afternoon. 62 for oakland, 62 for san francisco. mid 60s expected in santa rosa. this trend is going to continue. i think christmas day may be one of the warmest of the next few days. i'll have a look at the extended forecast coming up. . we do have an accident we want to talk about in san francisco on 101. you can see the arrows pointing to it right here. it's at the old highway. a rollover of a big rig. they're clearing the debris and hopefully will be cleared soon. as we zoom? here on the east bay, you can see traffic looking pretty
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good. a little slow going on the bridge, but not too bad. then finally over in the peninsula, another accident that doesn't seem to be causing too much headache. a little fender-bender. the parents of an oakland girl declared braindead are going to appear in court today to prevent her from being taken off life support. >>reporter: good morning. later this morning family, friends and supporters are going to gather here in front of children's hospital, and they're going to march and hold signs letting people know that they want 13-year-oldjahay to
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be kept on life support. the eighth grader had a heart attack after surgery to remove her tonsils and doctors have repeatedly told her parents she's braindead. attorneys for the hospital and the family were supposed to agree on an outside medical expert who was supposed to provide their independent opinion on whether she's braindead. this morning in court both sides will meet to confirm the appointment of that doctor. >> the doctors think they knew everything, but if they knew everything, my daughter wouldn't be braindead right now. eileen on god and say whatever you want to do with her, i'll do with her. i lean on god to decide. >>reporter: attorneys for the parents say that they still may
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not accept the doctor's opinion and may want to move her to another facility. the family has asked the district attorney's office to conduct a grand jury investigation. there's been no response from the da's office regarding the request. the march is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. for her. everyone is being asked to wear purple, which is her favorite color. since that case a lot of questions being raised about the need for tonsillectomies. there are medical reports that what happened here is the most common complication with the surgery? : surgery. an early morning shooting
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left a man critically hurt. the wounded man was hit in the stomach. we're told he has given investigators no information on who shot him, and so far no arrests made. happening today, the end of an era. tonight the 49ers will host the falcons in what could be the final game at candlestick. >>reporter: a lot of fans taking time to remains. it's remember. fans say they're ready for an upgrade and ready for the team to move down to santa clara, but a lot of fans are finding it difficult to say good-bye. fans came down to pay tribute. people snapped photos yesterday outside the fence, taking time to remember their favorite
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moments from the stick. so much sports history unfolded within this place. the home of the 49ers and giants for so many years. some people said they'd like to see the stick stay open. >> i get attached to things. i've gone through so many players and so much history here. i don't know if i'll see it again. >>reporter: devoted fans like this couple will actually be able to buy a piece of candlestick history. for $1,000 they'll be able to hold onto the seat where they sat during home games for so many years here, but anyone else who's thinking about maybe snagging a piece of makeshift memorabilia during tonight's game might want to think twice. san francisco police say they'll be on the lookout for anyone trying to pry off a piece of the stadium to keep as a souvenir. san francisco will be out in force, more officers than ever
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before on patrol both in uniform and undercover for tonight's game against the falcons. still a slight possibility of a playoff game at candlestick, depending what happens during this next week. the 49ers are still battling the seahawks for the title, and fans raised thousands of dollars to put an ad on a digital billboard in seattle. you see it right there. it brags about the five super bowl history. >> it makes me mad, but get out
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of here. >> some seattle fans raised money to fly a banner over san francisco just before this month's game at candlestick. fans can say farewell by telling us your favorite candlestick memory. power outages and ice storms all because of winter storms in parts of the country. in new york an ice jam threatens homes in the town of jay. water is built up behind a wall, and if it clears, major flooding is possible. many are evacuating, moving to temporary shelters. in canada, freezing rain, wind and snow knocked out power to 400,000 people. a lot of people woke up to see power lines covered in ice and
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dangling dangerously close to cars. >> the top priority is the hospitals. residents are advised to stay away from downed wires. >> it could be three days before things are back to normal, but if the storm regains strength, it could be longer. in arkansas a tornado killed one woman and injured several others with winds at 130 miles an hour. three mobile homes were destroyed. in kentucky heavy rains caused major flooding. at least three people died when a fast moving creek swept them downstream. the creek is normally about a foot deep, but waters reached 10 feet. the whip ter weather is affecting holiday travel and flights cancelled, 5,000
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delayed. travelers say they're stranded because airlines are not offering accommodations due to the weather related problems. here in the bay area at san francisco international, minor delays reported yesterday. we checked this morning and officials all say everything is back on time. so far they're not expecting any problems today. a deadly shooting at lax. how last month's shooting led to changes for first responders. the deadline approaching to sign up for coverage starting january 1st and confusion over the deadline. traffic moving nicely towards the mcarthur maze. we do have an incident you need to know about coming up. another mild day for your monday afternoon. this morning off to a cool start. i'll have a look at your current conditions and a
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. today is a major deadline for the new health care law. if you want coverage starting at the beginning of the year you must sign up today. there has been a lot of confusion about some of these
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deadlines. justin? >>reporter: because of the confusion and problems with the rollout they actually pushed the enrollment deadline back. it was originally supposed to be december 15, but today is the day to sign up if you want to be covered up by january 1. you do still have until the end of march to sign up and avoid a penalty. californians have a little longer to pay, until january 6. in a friday news conference the president says 1 million americans have signed up, the number much lower than initial projections. even with all the problems, some deckct are saying many of the deadlines will be changed. >> why don't we wait until january 1, 2015 for fines.
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this whole year will be transitional. >> the administration did offer a break last year for those who had their plans cancelled because of obama care. they can sign up for a catastrophe plan and avoid a fine. a statement from the u.s. led coalition says a soldier died after coming under direct fire by enemy forces. the nationality of the soldiers has not been released. afghan in insurgents have increased attacks as troops plan to leave the country. new budget deals limit annual pension increases for working age military retirees, and under a new agreement those younger than 62 would receive smaller than usual pension increases, and lawmakers say they'll take another look at the issue and possibly reverse
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it, but the upon gone warns changes are coming. the issue said to make recommendations in may. it's believed that all americans have evacuated from the violence in south sudan. the last i the citizens were evacuated yesterday after another rescue attempt saturday was aborted when u.s. military aircraft came under fire. four american troops were injured in the attack. in the meantime, thousands are crowding into united nations compounds trying to escape the violence. >> we've got a considerable number of people that we're mandated to protect, and we're doing that to the best of our ability at the moment. >> it's feared that ethnic tensions could lead to civil war. for san francisco, the african-american chamber of commerce is calling for a boycott, saying black workers are being shutout of the top
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money making sector, saying the city does not do enough to promote african-american workers and that they're denied contracting opportunities. there are plans for peaceful demonstrations. time 5:17. we have a car stuck on the railroad tracks. crews have set up barriers. the traction aren't used so hopefully they'll get it cleared and we shouldn't see any repercussions from that: highway 4 looking pretty good, pretty much green all the way around through walnut creek and concord and 6080 at the 580 split looking nice as well. 280 at the 880 split, traffic looking good in all directions and finally at the bay bridge
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toll plaza traffic moving well into the city this morning, and we're not experiencing any delays. good morning. today is a spare the air today, but outside of that ridge of high pressure in control of the weather pattern and temperatures today a lot like yesterday. we'll remain high and dry as we get into your holiday week, and right now it looks like we may see dry conditions through the end of december, which again we're on track for this being the dryest calendar year on record. in the meanwhile we've got nice temperatures coming our way. we do have a very slight chance at maybe seeing a sprinkle or two on saturday and really quite a struggle to even see the possibility. i'm going to pick it up for you on christmas day, 3:00 in the afternoon. ridge of high pressure and storm track well to the north. as we get into friday, notice clouds moving into the bay area. there's a system that's going
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to undercut the ridge. friday afternoon into saturday there's a possibility, but it's not likely. we'll continue to track it for you. if we do get any sprinkles, it's not going to be much. 32 degrees in santa rosa. freezing outside your door. a few patches of fog reported in your area. san francisco checking in at about 47. oakland at 39. as we get into the afternoon another nice day expected for oakland. we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid 60s for your second half. into concord 35 degrees. san jose checking in with temperatures into the 60s for your neighborhood as well. here's a look at the afternoon highs.
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low 60s for half moon bay. temperatures don't budge as we get into tuesday. wednesday perhaps one of the warmer days, and then thursday, friday, temperatures, if you want to say cool off, very subtle drop in the temperatures as we get into the weekend, increasing clouds. i did put 10% there on saturday. a very slight chance at maybe a few scattered showers coming our way. back to the desk. the time is 5:21. apple has finally reached a deal with the world's largest phone carrier. customers can place orders starting on christmas day. apple has sold 23 million i phones in china so far and many tech experts say they could sell 20 million more through this deal with china mobile. take a look at stock
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numbers. the dow up, the nasdaq up 46, and s&p 500 also up closing a little over 1800. american airlines workers will get a say on deciding what design will represent the company. america had unveiled a new style red white and blue on its jet about a month before announcing it would merge with u.s. airways. now the combined airlines new ceo say workers will decide whether the jets will be repainted in that design or the ones featuring an eagle that's been used since '68. a gay couple in texas, what they did that the owner says is against the rules
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the finish line shoe store in stockton, one man on the ground without a shirt being hit in the head. in milwaukee two people arguing
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over their place in line were hit by gunfire. in a different kind of take on the holiday spirit santa made an appearance in oakland and brought joy to hundreds of children. there was a drive started five years ago and created a website where people can send donations. >> my friends and family and people just want to give and don't really know how sometimes, so everyone just keeps giving us more and more every year and it keeps growing. >> in all santa and others were able to hand out 400 gifts. a charity is asking for
5:27 am
help to make the christmas wishes of thousands of needy children come true. 6,000 children signed up for this year's community service toy distribution. the charity says they were hoping to give each child three gifts, but are about 3,000 toys short. the charity is asking the public for last minute donations. beyonca made christmas dreams come true. >> for everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. >> are you kidding me? she stopped at this wal-mart store in massachusetts on her way to her show in boston surprising all the shoppers with the $50 gift and also shopped for her baby daughter. there were about 750 people in the store. she spent about $40,000. a young puppy trapped in a garbage bag on a steel conveyor
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belt. we'll tell you how workers found the little puppy and what would have happened if they had not. an oakland girl declared braindead may get reevaluated. what's happening in court that may affect her. a look at highway 4, traffic moving nicely. we do have incidence to report on the peninsula coming up in traffic. a pleasant afternoon in the forecast for your monday. the headline this morning, a chilly start. i'll have a look alt current conditions as well as afternoon highs coming up. good. good answer.
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it's not quite as chilly as recent days are but rosemary is here for steve and covering all the weather that you're going to need to know for the holiday week. >> we've got fairly pleasant weather in the forecast and are
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seeing some changes that you'll notice, a bit of haze and air quality suffering a little under this very stable air that will remain in place for the week ahead. giving you a look here at the air quality index, parts of the north bay, just above the 100 mark, meaning that if you're sensitive to asthma, perhaps respiratory issues, this may be something you should be concerned about into the afternoon. other than that, it means you cannot burn in your fireplace unless you're exempt. 36 right now walnut creek. not north bay a freezing start for you. santa rosa 32. around the bay upper 30s to low 40s to mid-50s. 45 right now in areas.
5:33 am
we'll remain a little cool, but by 10:00 feeling pretty good. for the afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 60s once again for the second half of your day. when i come back we'll take a tour around the area and i'll show you the afternoon highs for your area and have a look at christmas day. if you're going to see the 49ers, i'll have that forecast. speaking of 49ers, perhaps the last game at candlestick, so you'll see traffic south city and on through the area so make sure you give yourself
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plenty of time. half moon bay, sort of in between here we have a deer in the number one lane on 92 eastbound. beware of that. up next a look at 880 near the coliseum, traffic looking good in both directions. let's head back to the desk. happening today, a decision could be made on whether to take a 13-year-old oakland girl off life support despite her parents' wishes. her parents will be in court and getting a lot of support
5:35 am
from people. the plan to gather in front of children's hospital in oakland. i march will be held here in front of children's hospital. organizers say it will be peaceful, but they want their voices heard and want people to know the way the parents are being treated is not right. the girl has been on a ventilator and doctors declared her braindead after a surgery to remove her tonsils, and she had a heart attack as a result. >> in this particular case it's like business as usual, and
5:36 am
this is not business as usual. a young lady came to the hospital for a procedure, and now she's being declared braindead. >>reporter: if both sides agree on a neurologist, she could be examined as early as today. but even after that they still may not accept a doctor's opinion and may want to move her to another facility. the parents want a grand jury investigation. there's been no response from the da's office yet. the march is scheduled at 10:00 a.m. everyone is being asked to wear purple, her favorite color. new information about the san francisco home that collapsed one week ago. the former president of the building inspections commission owns a home in the neighborhood. today's chronicle is reporting that the homeowner saved at least $15,000 in permit fees
5:37 am
while remodeling the aging home. a part of the house crumbled, sending debris down a hill. it is the end of an era. tonight the 49ers will host atlanta falcons and play what will probably be the 49ers final game ever at candlestick park. our cameras are live panning around getting that last look. this morning final preparations underway for this evening's historic games and a lot of fans taking final snapshots of the cold and windy stadium that first opened as the home of the giants in '60. we'll have a live report from candlestick coming up in the next half-hour. lots of police will be everywhere during this farewell night at candlestick, watching for fans trying to steal stadium seats and other pieces of the stadium as souvenirs.
5:38 am
both uniformed and undercover will patrol the stands watching for troublemakers. a fan is making headlines after recording a song about his favorite team. >> the song is called "home, farewell to candlestick." his first hit called diehard came out last season. it's even been played on local radio stations. "home" has 9,000 views. fan, you can share our facebook badge and telling us your favorite memories. you can also tweet it with the hash tag "farewell candlestick." a young puppy has been rescued at a dump in san
5:39 am
francisco. the small poodle mix was found friday night as workers were hand sorting trash on a conveyor belt. the pup they named gem was scared and did have injuries on her neck, but seemed okay. when they found her, they immediately called animal welfare. >> luckily we stopped the line in time before it actually fell off the belt into the pit where it would have been transferred to our landfills. >> that puppy is recovering at animal care and control. animal welfare would like to know what truck she was on so they can track do you know what city gem came from. new this morning, first responders in los angeles are changing how they respond to mass shootings. the changes come after a gunman with a high profile shot and killed a federal security officer at lax. firefighters and paramedics
5:40 am
will be protected now when they enter areas like this to help shooting victims. a body was found in a shopping center parking lot. it was found in the wal-mart parking lot on edgewater drive near the oakland airport. police are treating it as a homicide but haven't said yet if it's a man or woman or how the person died. police investigating a deadly shooting, the victim wayne germane found 8:00 in the parking lot of an apartment complex. so far no arrests have been made. if you have any information call police. a wildfire in big sur fully contained as people head back to see what if anything they have left. the fire began last week and burned through more than 900 acres. 34 homes were completely destroyed and other homeowners are reporting a lot of close
5:41 am
calls. one woman barely had time to get out. >> there was just an enormous wall of flames and actually the smoke becomes illuminate had at night. i thought, oh, my gosh, this is really close. >> whole neighborhoods are still without power. they're working around the clock to restore it. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. our time is 5:41. the police search for a driver who attacked a pedestrian with a pipe. we'll tell you what led to the violent attack. we'll have more on holiday travel and what people heading to the airport can expect. a big rig is blocking an on- ramp to 101. we'll take a live look and give you an update in a few minutes.
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fairweather remains in the forecast as we get into the holiday week. mostly sunny, dry and mild. today is a spare the air day. we'll take a look at current temperatures and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
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police still searching for a man who used a pipe to fracture another man's skull. it started as a verbal clash when a speeding driver almost hit a man crossing the street. when the pedestrian told the driver to slow down, the driver reportedly grabbed a pipe out of his trunk and knocked the man unconscious. >> he jumped in the air and whacked him in the head. i saw him use force.
5:45 am
he used force. i'm surprised he's not dead. >> the driver and passenger both described him as a white man in his 20s, the car a faded blue buick or pontiac. oakland police investigating a drive-by shooting that may have started in a nightclub. police say a red escalade was heading westbound on 580 when another car pulled alongside and someone inside opened fire. no one in the car was hit. they drove to a gas station and called for help. so far no description of the suspect or car and police say the driver of the escalade was at the lounge earlier in the night and there was a conflict that may have led to the shooting. restaurant chain cracker barrel is putting duck dynasty items back on the shelves. they announced they were removing the items after the
5:46 am
show's star was suspended for anti-gay comments he made in an interview. cracker barrel apologized and called the decision a mistake. a gay couple in texas says they were kicked out of a country and western club because they were dancing together. there's a policy there prohibiting men from dancing together. they say it's discrimination because there were women dancing together. >> they told me there was a policy that don't allow males to dance with males to country songs. i said just country, and he said yes. >> here's part of what a corporate spokesman explained. for many decades it's acceptable for women to dance together in all kinds of clubs, but not acceptable for men to dance together in the type of business we run. the rush of same sex marriages expected in utah this morning. friday a federal judge rules
5:47 am
that it's unconstitutional based on a supreme court decision that struck down the prop 8 california decision. the state government is appealing the court decision, but legal experts say the ruling will probably stand. >> because this decision is based upon a united states supreme court precedent i think it's very likely that it will be upheld by the tenth circuit and again by the united states supreme court. >> if the judge's ruling stands utah will become the 18th street where same sex marriage is legal. we're going to send it over to tara. >> we have a big rig blocking the bay shore boulevard on-ramp to 101. you can see exactly where we're talking about, the little area where the arrows are. i circled it for you. this is where a big rig rolled over awhile ago, and fire is on
5:48 am
the scene. we're not sure about injuries to the driver. we know an ambulance was sent. the challenge is getting the truck to get it out of the way because it's completely over turned. hopefully it won't cause any delays. let's look at the toll plaza. you can see the backup has started so definitely in you don't have fast track you'll need to give yourself extra time. finally, highway 24 through lafayette, traffic westbound on the right-hand side of the screen, as you make your way toward the tunnel, a little slow, but not too bad. outside the doors a near repeat of yesterday. this morning patchy fog, a chilly start. temperatures in the 30s for some of the inland communities and mid 30s for areas right around concord and walnut creek. for the afternoon a little bit of hazy sunshine a spare the air day. for the afternoon temperatures into the mid 60s for the warmer spots. today a lot like yesterday.
5:49 am
in the extended forecast i put the possibility for slight sprinkles. i said slight. i put it at 10%. we'll be watching that. if you're going to tahoe, a little freezing fog, but mostly sunny skies if you're getting out of town, but nice forecast through the holiday and beyond. temperatures in the overnight hours below freezing, but in the afternoon mostly sunny, upper 40s to near 50 tuesday, wednesday as well as thursday. for those of us here at home, 65 in oakland for today.
5:50 am
low 60s for antioch. north bay temperatures quite nice, mid 60s santa rosa. we have a nice day in store, but by the second half cooling off once again, mostly clear skies, sunsetting right before 5:00. as we get into the 8:00 hours, slipping to about 50 degrees. temperatures remaining similar. take a look at that. only subtle changes in the forecast. . we have developing news from southern california. a tour bus has crashed on the
5:51 am
10 freeway. this is the baldwin area. you can see the response to the tour bus crash. we don't know what caused it to crash, but we do know that at least seven minor injuries have occurred. look at the bus at the bottom of the screen kind of hanking over a curb there. this crash comes after two tour buses crashed thursday on the freeway. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you more information as soon as we get it. retailers are listening to shoppers who want something more eco friendly than plastic gift cards. some shoppers say they go out of their way to buy something that didn't contribute to plastic in landfills. in the past target has offered cards made of biodegradable materials, but they stopped because they cost twice as much. whole foods did away with plastic gift cards and uses
5:52 am
cards made with wood. tiffany and company has been ordered to pay $460 million to swatch group after a 20 year deal fell apart. they were supposed to create a new company and make and sell watches under the tiffany brand and split the profits. tiffany will appeal the decision. . will farrell's anchorman 2 earned more than $31 million. the legend continues, less than expected. frozen held onto third with american hustle and saving mr. banks rounding out the top five. americans and the violence in sudan. how many americans may be
5:53 am
trapped in the bloody civil war. what happened when american troops went in to bring them out. a california soldier gets gifts and love from secret santas after thieves tried to steal his christmas. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses
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with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and
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workers are set to vote on a revised contract that could finally end a labor dispute that end to two strikes this year. the deal drops a controversial clause of granting union members up to six weeks of paid family leave. in return management agreed to expand bereavement leave along with other concessions. transit expected to vote this week on their new contract. union leaders reached a tentative deal with management after agreeing to a new pay and benefit package. they've been negotiating since march. two previous have been voted down by the rank and file. many commuters are still waiting for a train. five years ago voters in the two counties passed a sales tax measure to favor a new commuter rail system and were told the trains would start running next
5:57 am
year, but the recession and other money problems caused delays in that line. the new target date is christmastime 2016. coming together to save a christmas for a u.s. soldier and his family after thieves stole all their christmas presents. the corporal was still in afghanistan when his wife called to tell him someone had broken in. the couple had saved for the biggest christmas ever, spending more than $5,000 on gifts for the family. the thieves broke into a back window, their child's room. >> this is a great town. i've lived here a long time. complete strangers have come together. >> the family has been able to replace about 75% of what was stolen thanks to donations of strangers and one large donations from police and firefighters. despite what's happened, the girl says the best present of all is having her daddy home.
5:58 am
a final farewell to candlestick and preparations for the last 49ers game in their long time home and how fans are cherishing the history and memories. plus a deadly winter storm already disrupting holiday plans. how bay area travelers will be affected two days befo
5:59 am
6:00 am
live on the field inside candlestick this morning. this is the screen of what could be the final home game of the 49ers here at candlestick. we'll tell you why fans are finding it so difficult to say good-bye. the clock is ticking toward a deadline we'll tell you


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