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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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catching a flight, 61 with the on shore breeze continuing to hold temperatures and holding that up. upper 60s to near 70s san from chris you are expected to go the else and in san francisco it would only take one digit to tie the record there and that would break a standing record. when we come back we will check on that air quality and with these warm, warm temperatures, there is an advisory for some on our coastline. sal also has the day off today but the good news, it is holiday light on the roadways and we want to look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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all the local transit agencies which is bart and santa clara transportation authorities are operating on that you are sunday schedules but there is no schedule today for the golden gate ferry. police have shut down several streets. tara moriarty has just arrived, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well we are here where law enforcement has blocked off this area right here. you can see it is a very long stretch and and can see we are seeing exactly what is going on here and we are very distraught, we are not sure they are friends or family of the people who live in the house but we saw people who were too upset to talk to us and obviously some tragedy
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opened under which was too upsetting for folks to talk about. we have no confirmation on what may have happened here and more people are starting to gather here and speak with deputies who are sort of giving them an update to what is going on. we will try to get more information and let you know what exactly we find out. we are following developing news out of san jose, right now police are investigating, you want to go to live pictures at the scene, it happened around 1:30 this morning, a person in dark clothing was hit and killed just south of the station. currently there is no trains in service but officials say if the investigation continues through the morning, a bus bridge will be set up at the
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station. janine de la vega will have a live report coming up at 5:00. san francisco residents are out of their homes after a house fire. it broke out in the mission district. this video shows just how intense the flames were. fire crews are working to determine the cause of the fire. happening today, the st. anthony foundation in san francisco is getting ready to serve thousands of holiday meals for those in need. yesterday they collected socks at a school drop off. they will help serve the meal until 12:15 this afternoon. and in san francisco, they are also busy in the kitchen getting ready to serve about
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5,000 holiday meals followed by a lunch from 9:00 a.m. to tip p.m. well san francisco san francisco firefighters are getting ready to collect toys. >> reporter: as of 10:00 last night lefties had collected more than $10,000 toys and one person actually donated $1,000. >> i was wondering where this guy went and before i knew it, he was gone. >> they will start handing out the donated toys this morning highway patrol in north bay are getting a chance to play santa
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as well. they say people in napa were particularly generous which let them let out more toys than usual. just about an hour and a half ago, pope frances delivered his christmas day message from the vatican. >> tens of thousands gathered for the ceremony and he called on many to be peace makers. in the philippines, followers gathered at a cathedral roll.
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it is just -- at a cathedral. many spending christmas in front of a roaring fire, it is another spare the air day, and they don't want to do that because wood burning pays for a third of the bad stuff in the air. >> a cigarette affects everybody in the room and wood fire is similar to that. >> you are out there and she havering in the cold and you want to come in and set your fire and then you see on the news, oh, it is another spare the air day. this will be no time soon
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to show improvement. and they will tell advice the log beginning at 6:00 a.m. until today. much of the northwest and the huge winter storm hats and temperatures have even dropped below zero. still some people say it's all world it to have snow on christmas. >> we have a white christmas, a tad bit on the bitter side but it is worth it to have the snow on christmas. >> how we will be there for the pileup in new england luckily nobody was seriously hurt.
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a judge is is agreeing with the family to give them longer time. a judge ruled unless an appellate court intervenes, the hospital does not have to keep her on life support after december 30th. the family has not decided whether they will appeal the ruling. >> this is paramount for other parents to understand parents have rights, just the rights to know that you are entitleed to second and third opinions. >> her family is hoping for a miracle and they want to move her to a long-term care facility. a tit happened near highway 101 and south san jose. the ran familiar the street and
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suffered nonprofit non-life threatening injuries and alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the accident. cyber attackers managed to get more information hand it much on naturally thought. they -- hand it originally thought. now there are concerns the thieves can make fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts and target is not commenting on that reports. in a statement they stated they that demand was much greater than forecast and shipments will have to be delayed. some packages that didn't make it on time will likely be delivered tomorrow. and they can finally take a break before the rush starts all over again tomorrow. they brought plenty of shoppers as late as 10:00 last night.
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some people say they were picking up just one or two more giftels but others admit they still had a lot of shopping to do. >> this is a first chance i had to get it together for my boy friends and my parents. >> the shoppers told us they had the last minute gift buying and it adds excitement -- excitement to their holiday. and they find the best after school bargains. and they actually started late last night. they expect to be on clothing, especially televisions and of course holiday decorations. macy's stores will be the first to kickoff clearance sales tomorrow morning, home business also starts at that hour and target also sills but
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most begin at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. coming up. toronto is weathering it well. but first we return the story of this christmas miracle, how this baby is fighting to survive. and on this christmas day outside of our doors it is mostly clear, cooler for many, i will have more on what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up p ó@ó
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and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless. . welcome back, this is quite a story, parents of a baby who is born with only part of his heart working, the baby has defied the odds with the help
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of doctors at stamford. during his first open-heart something happened with the first part of his heart. >> miraculously it started working on its own and it is not something we thought we could wish for. >> the miracle baby is something they had wished for. and alameda officials firefighters caught up with residents who are now living at others homes, seven people were living in the union city home and visiting from sought of town, the grandmother and a one- year-old were in the house when the fire started but they made
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it out in time. andand the assault a happened yesterday morning on golf course drive and the victim was robbed from and undispoliced amount of -- undisclosed amount with severe head trauma. we asked some patrons who still feel safe on the premises. >> the guards are there all the time and i don't see how they got away with it. >> they reported the sheriff's office had to have up with more deputy than anticipated because of the number of calls for service. police in san jose have arrested two people suspected of a street race that ended with one car plowing inside of a house. it happened near piedmont road. two cars were rising when it
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clipped the automobile and one automobile spined out of control and crashed into the house. >> how do you manage to get a house here on a street street. >> personally that is what kids do, there is no respect for nothing. >> officers say one person inside the vehicle was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries and nobody else was inside the home. the taliban is claiming responsibility. inside the u.s. end pass i compound and there from were no reports of any injuries and two direct rounds of fire hit the compound. they land had in other parts of the city, overall police officers were hurt when a rocket detonated when they
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tried to diffuse it. it happened at a church in southern baghdad and they were just leaving a christmas day service. at least 15 people were killed and it exploded at an outdoor market killing 20 people. and in south sedan they were becoming clearer as thousands were killed and a mass grave has been found. the un security council is sending peacekeepers bringing the total number to 15,000. a mass grave with 14 bodies was discovered in a rebel country displacing 80,000 people throughout the country. the san francisco is handling it and they tested
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positive for hepatitis a. anybody who drank may have been exposed, those who are concerned macon tact their doctors. well it will cost you more to send packages next christmas and postal regulators have more on first class stamps. and writing a letter from 46 cents to 49 cents, it's it is set to expire in two years. increase comes after the postal service lost $5 billion last year. the periodicals and bulk will also increase by 4%. most christmas folks have off today. courts city and county and federal government offices are closed and so are banks however there is no standard mail delivery but there is pry yourty express -- priority express mail today.
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ac transit and valley transportation authority and there is also no service on the golden gate bridge therapy. let's go to rosemary orozco in for steve. it is going to be unseasonably mild and i do want to make you aware of the coastal beach hazard that will be for today, tomorrow and perhaps into friday. brian touch had on this and it moves all the way down into monterey. all of our coastal beaches and this is called sneaking up with you while running. now with the warm air in place
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and it is going to beup healthy but many noticed the shade of redby is pretty much unhealthy for everybody. so limit how much exercise you do outdoors. you will notice the haze once again, there is a ridge of high pressure. and with mostly clear skies, temperatures have cooled and in santa rosa, not too bad outside of your door and in our inland communities, 38 san ramon moan and you are looking at antioch, into the south bay 40 degrees right now. for the afternoon 60s, santa
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rosa 66 for santa rosa, 66 for pacifica as well as oakland, into the south bay, near mountainville and 69 for los gatos and bay area weekend always showing you a little change as we get to thursday. notice the increasing clouds on friday. temperatures increase friday and the increase in clouds should bring our temperatures down and at this point it does not look like it will bring us any rain and it should improve the air quality and as we get to the weekend, temperatures are back into the upper 60s. brian? right now supporters of same circumstance march rams.
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the judge denied a stay while the case works its way through the course. they struck down a law passed by utah voters banning gay marriages. since find day almost 700 same- sex marriages have been married in utah. and we will have morgans  the los angeles rivals, and a home in concord, you are the gratitude expressed pie the even first. internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. -- hear the gratitude expressed by the owners. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices
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. tonight the golden state warriors, it was their first win this season when scoring fewer than 90 points. it will be a sea of oracle and every family will receive a white t-shirt as they are planning a whiteout against the clippers. at candle stick park fans started dropping by the old stadium. they wanted to visit the spot where they made happy memories. they have to remove their
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belongings and some people who live or work nearby are looking forward to the development. >> that will be good for the neighborhood. anything is good now over in this area. >> developers want to build 6,000 homes with 30 percent of it a veil available. they are feeling the christmas spirit after somebody returned a pair of n-o, a m-s. they were made by their daughter carolyn and she died at the able of 54. when they saw it had been returned christmas eve, they say their holiday spirit also returned. >> i take a look into -- take a
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look into the bedroom and saw they were there and she said no way and i said yes way. and they said their faith in humanity has been restored. coming up, in san lorenzo, we will have a live report on breaking news. and mild december weather will continue and it's a spare the air day, if you are stepping out it is a chilly start and i will have a look at your numbers coming up.
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. we are in lore lense do -- lorenzo where some sort of tragedy has come through. and service is at a standstill because of a deadly accident on the tracks and we will tell you about the latest on the investigation and the condition of the victim. and what we learned about the fire that broke out overnight.
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. toys were take an way and how the prison is responding after what one sergeant did. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, you are taking a live look at san lore represents do where -- lorenzo where there is a massive police presence. we do know the streets are blocked off and police are there on scene as it continues to unfold and we will tell you what is next coming up in a live report. i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> merry christmas, i am dave clark. we have rosemary orozco. we have bragging rights and once again temperatures are back in the lower 70s and with that said we have another


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