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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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high clouds. i expect for most of the day we will have high clouds streaming in. again its not going to bring us anything wet. but it will bring our temperatures down just a little bit. right now 33 degrees in napa. these two areas starting out a few degrees warmer. 37 in oakland. subtle changes in the forecast. even a little bit of better air quality. let me show you a comparison thursday into friday. letting us know that the air quality there will be moderate for today. and everybody else still within the shade of orange but slightly better than yesterday. and tomorrow will billion better than today. as for the afternoon highs we are going to take at least a dip. good morning, tara. good morning, rosemary. we do have a traffic accident we want to mention. this is 101 northbound.
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we have a large box ever in the number two lane. be aware of that. right now we will head outside and take a live look at the east shore freeway. traffic on the left hand side of your screen westbound as you make your drive toward the mccarthur maze. on the toll plaza you can see traffic is light. we don't have too many folks head into san francisco but you might see a lot of people leaving. and last but not least we have 280 san jose. you can see traffic is moving lightly. let's head back to the desk. happening now a transit worker is just starting to vote on a new contract proposal. that vote began a half hour ago and will run until 7:00 tonight. some union members tell us here that the deal is not that different than the ones they rejected earlier. buses have continued rolling
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for ac transit 180,000 daily passengers ever since the 60 day cooling off period was ordered in october to avoid a strike. >> i would rather go on strike so we can get what we want. the way they are treating us here is not right. >> i'm always confident and always hopeful. we are looking forward to a 50 plus one percent ratification vote. >> the proposal offers a 9.5% raise over three years. and increases medical coverage payments from nothing now to $120 a month. now the last proposal called for $285p a month in -- $283 a month in worker compensation. there is a battle between -- a plan to transfer the girl to a long-care facility is causing new tensions. claudine. >> reporter: that is right. 13-year-old jay high -- jahi
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remains here. what will happen next is still unclear. the battle continues. emotions are running higher than ever. >> sir, do you have children? do you have children? >> he's not going to answer you. >> reporter: that was the interaction between the hospital spokesperson and the uncle of the family. the family seas they have the care facility that has offered to take jahi. >> they pretty much gave us a ticking time bomb of december 30th at 5:00 p.m.. so well before then if possible. >> children's hospital does not believe performing surgical
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procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice. >> reporter: we don't know exactly where jahi would be taken because the family says they do not want to reloose that -- release that information yet. they do tell us it is 50-miles from here and that insurance has agreed to partially cover the cost. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. a fundraiser is planned outside the raiders game this sunday for a young woman hit by a stray bullet last weekend. dominique was watching television at her home in richmond when a bullet came through the wall and lodged into her spinal cord. she has been moved out of intensive care but no visitors are allowed expect for her immediate family. donations will billion collected outside the coliseum on sunday to help cover medical expenses. a homeless man accused in a deadly christmas eve stabbing in santa rosa is expected to be
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arraigned in court today. it happened outside the downtown public lie briar on third and e street -- library on third and e streets. they say that he had blood on his hands and on his clothing. the victim is identified as 22- year-old nicholas bloom who was also homeless. police are still investigating a motive. police in east palo alto are investigating a shooting that sent two men to the hospital. that happened shortly after 9:00 last night. no word on how the men were shot. no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to call police. we have developing news now out of afghanistan where nato says three servicemen have been killed in a suicide attack. that hatched this morning in the capitol of kabul. no other details about the attack are being released at this point. and we do not know where the soldiers are from. time is 4:35. after almost a week without lights or heat, power is slowly
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being restored in parts of midwest, northeast, and canada after that ice storm. thousands of people from the great plains to maine and into eastern canada have been without power since last saturday. yesterday more snow slowed down progress in maine. in michigan utility crews have been working double shifts to get the power back on but in canada some people say crews still haven't showed up. >> the trees are still down. the power lines are still down. nobody has been to our street to fix anything. >> these crews left their families prior to christmas. haven't been home for christmas yet. >> in michigan about a half a million dust pers -- half a million people have been in the dark. snow caused a small plane to slide off the runway in
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massachusetts. the pilot and passenger both walked away without any serious injuries. warmer weather across the bay area is drawing people to the coast. but the coast guard warns don't turn your back on the ocean. a hot spot over the past few days has been ocean beach. a lot of people have been playing in the water and near the water but the coast guard is cautioning people about sneaker waves because it could come up fast and take you under water. >> you don't necessarily even see them on the surface. it can be a rip current, it can be an under tow. >> coast guard says there was a high number of drowning this year at this time. and there has been a number of incidents where people needed rescuing and sneaker waves may have been a factor in those. connecticut state police will release materials from their investigation. the investigation includes several thousand pages of
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documents detailing last years attack that killed 20 six graders and six women. materials include reports, photos, and 911 calls. a summary released last month portrayed the 20-year-old gunman as obsessed with mass murders. investigators add he taped garbage bags over his bedroom windows to keep the place dark. 4:37 is the time. law enforcement agencies across the bay area will be out in full force looking for drunk drivers. with an increase in holiday parties, they want to make sure that the roads are safe. officers say if you do plan to go out and drink, designate a sober driver. the crackdown continues at can tonight and continues to tomorrow morning. transit administrators tell the press democrat they are considering new or additional services to growth areas
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including windsor and east santa rosa. ridership has increased 3% every month in the past year. some national lawmakers are calling for changes after the target data breach that effected 40 million customers. target is not saying exactly how the breach happened. it has apologized and says it has fixed the problem but now a senator from new jersey says retailers need to do more than apologize when security breaches occur. >> now we have gone through about three major data breaches in this country. consumer cards and credit cards. it seems to me what we need is to have the ability to levy fines and penalties. >> its not clear yet how much fraud has been committed with information taken in the cyber attack. but jp morgan chase is reissuing debt cards used by two million customers and limiting transactions until the new cards are activated. apple is asking again to
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have sales of older samsung electronics banned in the u.s.. cupertino based company won a patented lawsuit but the judge decided against a sales ban. now its renewing that battle. saying the ban is needed to keep samsung from using that technology in other products. the two companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees on pattern infringement cases against each other. happening today antiwar activists plan to officially announce she is running for governor of california. she is a member of the peace and freedom party. two republicans have declared their candidacy. anticipation is building for the last fight hunger bowl ever at at & t park a pep rally was held in union square yesterday. it is the battle between the
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washington huskies and the byu cougars. it benefits the san francisco food bank. organizers say that will donate one meal for every ticket purchased. kick offset at 6:30. the game will move to the new santa claire real stadium next -- santa clara stadium next year. the race over oakland's mayor isn't until next year. the surprising candidate emerging as a front runner. and the the right place at the right time. the unbelievable discount some delta airline passengers received when they went to book a flight. if we take a live look at highway 24, you can see traffic is not too bad. this could change though. later in the day. we will explain. a cooler day is shaping up for your friday afternoon. coming up by how much? we will show those temperatures drop and if this is a trend that will continue for your weekend. good. good answer.
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welcome back. a new report estimates the damage to the echo system caused by the rim system may cost $800 million. the report says trees provide a useful function by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. it was a computer glitch that had people getting their hands on airline tickets for an amazing price. word spread fast about cross country tickets. the best part of this story delta says it will honor those super low price. no word yet on how many low priced tickets were sold.
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fedex and ups says all the packages that should have been delivered by christmas will be on the doorsteps by today. both companies are apologizing for the delays as angry customers post complaints on social media. ups is offering refunds on shipping costs. fedex calls it late deliveries isolated incidents. says its working with individuals that still face problems. american shoppers spent $603 billion in stores this holiday season. that is according to the national retail federation. bay area shoppers certainly did their share of boosting thatting that bottom line. shoppers and stores around the country were jammed the day after christmas as well. but likely to stay that way through the weekend. many people say that they were at the sun valley mall in concord and bargain hunting avis mas is one of their -- hunting after christmas is one of their favorite time. >> we do like one big gift at
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christmas and then everything is post christmas. >> many retailers say they are glad to see sales are up despite the much shorter shopping season between thanksgiving and christmas this year. san francisco could soon face a shortage of chefs. the city has the most restaurants per resident in any place in the u.s.. but profit margins is pretty thin. the average annual salary for san francisco cook is $28,000. the medium rent is $30,000. now that the holidays are almost over, many food kitchens across the bay area are concerned they won't have the help they need to last them through the new year. they are encouraging people to drop off donations. people are being encouraged to volunteer now through new years day. saint anthony's is located on
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golden gate a. it is 4:47. i want to check in with tara. >> we have no problems. but later this morning as people start to leave for those weekend getaways. we could see backup on your bay area freeways. we will have to keep you posted. right now we will head outside and take a live look at 101. you can see the traffic is looking good on the right hand side there as you make the drive toward the airport. up next we have a look at 880. traffic of those headlights you see are folks heading southbound. finally 680 at the sunol grade this is near fremont. you can see traffic is looking good. 4:48 let's check if with rosemary. okay minor changes in the forecast for today. i think they enough to be noticeable. giving you a still shot of the satellite and radar. no rain coming our way. but you can see high clouds moving in as a weak front passes through for today. now this is going to b bring us cloud cover. it will drop our temperatures by a few degrees in most cases.
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and its going to -- we will have a warming trend back in place for your weekend. so for today slipping a few degrees. anywhere from three to five degrees. may notice it, may not. low 60s in the forecast for most of us. getting back to the upper 60s to near 70-degrees in time for your weekend. with mostly sunny skies and hazy conditions continuing. outside our doors right now 33 in santa rosa. you are looking at 58 in san francisco. in concord two degrees above freezing. wide spread 30s reported for the inland east bay. 37 in liver mother. 38 degrees pleasanton. san ramon 37. and antioch 39 degrees. temperatures up by a few degrees in some areas. in san jose 40 degrees. and areas right around mor tan hill, fremont, newark in the low 40s.
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as we get into the afternoon, take a look. this is what to expect. still above average. just not as warm as we were yesterday. by the way, oakland broke another record yesterday. warming into the upper 60s. but today we will go to 64. 62 in san francisco. 61 for san rafael. 63 in novato. as we slide into the santa clara valley, temperatures nice. 66 san jose. 67 morgan hill. 71 degrees this afternoon. another beautiful day in santa cruz. yesterday santa cruz hit 77 in the afternoon. the extended forecast here bay area weekend always in view. showing you only subtle changes as we get into the final days of december. wide spread mid to upper 60s in the forecast as we get into saturday, sunday, hazy sky. no rain in sight. and new years eve arrives on tuesday. mid 60s in the forecast for the afternoon. 30s for the overnight lows.
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pam. someone has a lottery ticket worth $8 million. now its the talk of the town. it was pulled on christmas day. no winner has come forward. the ticket was sold at treat general store. the store received $40,000 for selling that ticket and the owner says he plans to split half the winnings with his employees. >> that is sweet. i didn't know. i was surprised. >> i was stoked. i was in the expecting that at all. >> many are speculating the winner did not know. 4:51 is the time. costing more to ride your bike. the new proposal across the country that could have people chain to religion stair their bike. the new pub to keep the streets safe.
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they are looking to block the decision to take away the schools accreditation next july. one teachers union says the accrediting condition is bias. >> one issue is that city college and all community colleges need to be open access to everybody. and the commission wants to see a narrower mission. >> an attorney for the commission says blocking the decision would cause headaches for accrediting process for panels across the country. if the judge grants the preliminary injunction, it would remain in place until a trial can be held. with the new year a few days away, richmond police say they plan to crack down on dangerous new years eve traditions. police will be out in full force to catch people who shoot their guns into the air to
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celebrate. their shot spotter system can pinpoint a gunshot within 25 meters. there are more than 100 shoots incidents in just six hours. >> what does it sound like here on new years eve? >> it sounds like bay root, afghanistan. >> when you fire off guns, people can be hurt. property can be damaged. its an arrestable offense. >> police say they will show up to the homes where they detect gunfire. san francisco health officials are speaking out about a possible hepatitis a expose jury at a north beach bar and restaurant. they issued a warning after the employee was diagnosissed with the illness. >> if they had eaten at this accomplishment on the dates december 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, or the 19th that share should go ahead and talk to their officials.
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>> the ineffected an employee was not a food handler. there is no risk from eating or drinking at the establishment. a number of increase of the people who ride their bikes are considering some cities to register bicycles. the goal is to raise money for street repairs and highways. chicago and portland two popular cities for cycling have recently taken up the idea but not everyone is on board. cyclists and some transportation agencies say it would create a big bureaucracy can weak returns. >> which would incrude registering all vehicles, ascertaining the worth of each bicycle. the system would cost more than the tax would bring in. >> san francisco considered and rejected the idea in 2009. finding it would discourage bicycling and face strong opposition. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, a husband and wife still missing after a thanksgiving
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fishing trip on the delta. the reason of the son of the couple say more should have been done to find his parents. we are going to disney world. >> her parents were hoping to surprise her with a trip to disney world. but this little girl wanted to go somewhere else instead. and we have a live look at highway 230. who wouldn't want to go to disney land? you can see traffic is looking good. we'll have more traffic straight ahead. it is the happiest place on earth. outside our doors this morning another chilly start to the day. and for the afternoon not as warm as we have been. i will compare the numbers for you.
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we're live in oakland where ac union transit workers will take a critical vote today. we will take you what is is at stake. the family of a 13-year-old girl on life support say they want her moved and they have found a facility that will take her. why her move is so complicated and why it has launched another battle between the family and the hospital. plus another spare the air day issued for today. where we will see an improvement in the air quality.
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good morning. we are outside ac transit headquarters in oakland this morning. a very important vote that will effect thousands of people who use the transit system and whether or not the system could go on strike. ktvu janine de la vega is out there this morning. we will check in with her in just a moment. it is friday. i only had a two-day workweek this week. >> whatever, pam. >> i know, its nice. december 27th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, everybody i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get your friday started. we don't norrally say beach day but it is one of those days again. >> i'm here in santa cruz. the roadways were jammed with traffic. santa cruz hit 77 yesterday. we are going to cool things down. i will show you the numbers here in just a moment. this is the reason we will cool things down. h


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