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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 28, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. hope you're enjoying time with your family and friends. sit back, relax, and enjoy a special is holiday edition of "right this minute." ♪ >> where's your dad? >> had in afghanistan. >> santa asks about a girl's soldier dad. >> who isn't expecteds to back home for four more months. >> how santa delivered this surprise early. >> dad! >> a driver parks, goes inside and then gets a test. >> merry christmas, i just nicked your van.
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>> see the grinch with some kind of nerve. >> secret recordings reveals how santa lands had his sleigh. >> and then starts parcoring through the neighborhood. >> why navigating a rooftop isn't all that easy. >> how to win an ipad mini. and it's the christmas spirit in all its glory. >> boxer shorts and socks and it's cold. >> time to throw back an eggnog and celebrate the holiday "right this minute." how cool is it to have an encounter with santa claus? >> cool. >> the coolest. >> totally awesome. >> this time, he was visiting these kids in washington and they are so excited that he's there. >> are you hoping they've been nice, not naughty. >> what do you want? >> i want a pet. >> of course he asks what they want. one of the girls said i want a pet. what about your dad? where is your dad? >> in afghanistan. >> what do you think he wants
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for christmas? >> anything [ inaudible ]. >> wow. >> your kind of dad. >> i figured you would like that. >> cool guy. >> referring to colonel louis stevens in afghanistan, been there for a while. isn't expected to be back home for four more months but this is santa claus. >> don't you think he would want to come home? >> whoa. >> that's dad. >> it wasn't real santa all along. >> it was dad dressed up as santa coming home early. his daughters or wife didn't know he was coming home. >> got you. >> he arranged this with the fire department who hooked him up with a santa suit and they also provided a fire truck to escort him. >> i bet that flight from afghanistan knowing he was going to get to see his family and hug them, they didn't know it. he must have been this nervous for days. >> he pulled a fast one on everybody. >> so very good christmas gift
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if you ask me. >> yes, it is. it's that time of the year when people start heading out to do back country skiing. i have a video to serve as a reminder that it can be quite dangerous and that you have to remember to stay safe. this video was shot back in april, right after a big five-day storm blew through the vail, colorado, area. the snowboarder you're seeing in the green jacket, that guy's name is andy headed down into the white powder back country ski. this is not a marked slope. >> it's deep, looks fresh. >> that gets andy into a lot of trouble. >> the feeling of that snow and the sound of it just from the go pro is scary enough. >> you would think this is an avalanche, right? >> yeah. that's not the case. this is video of andy falling into what is known as a deep tree well, deep, loose snow, up
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against a tree. as he came into this snow it wasn't tightly packed and he fell head first buried six feet under. >> we got you. >> luckily his friend stuart was skiing with him and quickly went into survival mode. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> stuart began digging andy out and digs had him out quickly. andy's face first in the snow. minutes, seconds matter here. you see how deep this tree well really was. now his feet are down in the well. >> it's not just avalanches that are dangerous, especially if you're out back country skiing if you're on this fresh powder. >> go with a buddy. >> given the conditions that day had he not had his eye on his friend he may have skied past him and that would have been a life or death situation. ♪ drive around any neighborhood this time of year
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you see the christmas tree lots on corners. the trees didn't grow there. they had to get there somehow. here's part of the process. ♪ >> this video from jukin video. this is christmas tree harvesting in oregon, and dan clark of northwest helicopters whipping this helicopter around like a hot rod. watch this. >> like helicopter driftin >> th old, but trending now for some reason. he picked up christmas trees from the tree farm, swings it over to a shuttle truck, quickly releases the rope and off he goes for another load. you can tell it's not his first day too. he's whipping it over there, doesn't waste any time, gets there, drops the thing, already heading back for another bundle. >> down on the ground of this christmas tree farm, is a hooker. >> not that kind of hooker. >> but a person there grabbing the line and hooking up the next bundle for the had helicopter to take off at the noble mountain tree farm in salem.
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oregon is one of the top producers of christmas trees in the world. each year they put out about 7.3 million trees. pretty cool. this video over a million hits, trending, going viral, but we contacted noble mountain tree farm, this is a process they go through every year and it's incredible to watch. hey, everybody. just in time for the holidays we're giving an ipad mini. >> all you need is today's buzzword, be a u.s. resident and 18 years of age or older to enter. >> the buzzword is coming up. your chance to win an ipad mini. >> good luck, everybody. this has got to be the worst text to receive this holiday season. watch this. surveillance video showing a big van from merlin engineering backing into a job. now when he jumpsps out, pay attention to over here on the other side of the street. the other sort of blue vehicle pulls up, somebody gets out of the blue vehicle, starts
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walking up to the van. >> no. >> walks right up to the window, knows tises that skis are in the ignition, pops in there and then flies out of there. the blue vehicle following right behind. stole the van. the guy parks the van and the thief there is right away. seems like they know the route or been watching this guy into maybe. you could be right. here's the worst part, there was a mobile phone inside the van belonging to merlin engineeri engineerings's managing director, named tony. the thief who stole the van took tony's phone and starts sending a text to numbers stored in the phone. one of the texts he sent, merry christmas, i just nicked your van. >> oh. that's not funny. >> almost taunting the guy he's just stole his van which he says was worth about $48,000 in u.s. dollars and also had $16,000 worth of gear and equipment in this thing. according to tony, he says the insurance company is not going to cover this because the keys
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were in the ignition. some sort of loophole. he's still paying this thing off, only had it a few months. >> this is it terrible. >> he's known for his eating challenges and his latest, pine cones. >> on your march, get set. >> why this holiday treat is far from sweet. plus, the story behind a gift that makes a grown man cry. >> what?
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. what do you do around the holidays if all you normally do is just eat a lot of weird stuff for a living? >> eat normal stuff? >> you would hope. but no, you eat holiday-themed stuff. >> ornaments? >> in this case, pine cones. >> on your mark, get set -- >> that's our friend shoe nice. he got requests from people
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because it's the holiday season to eat pine cones so he wanted to see how many he can eat. he said this is the most dense, toughest item on the planet. >> it can't possibly be good for your -- >> this is the worst struggle i've ever seen in a shoe nice video. he really, really struggles with this one. you can watch him, he just chews and chews and chews and -- >> can you imagine having that in your mouth or worse in your stomach or worse coming out? >> i mean like does anything eat a pine cone? i don't think there's anything that eats a pine cone. >> lookt him go, all over his face, up in his teeth. he has t leave andes to get these down. >> i don't want people to suggest things to him anymore. >> listen to what he says when he finally gets the last bit down. >> i'm going to crawl up in the corner and cry for the next 20 minutes. >> that's shoe nice's
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kryptonite, pine cones. >> yep. ♪ cameras, cameras everywhere and because of that we have some new video, new knowledge about how santa delivers his packages. we know he uses a sled but go roof to roof, like every two feet to another house in the snow. like the mailman, he parks the sled in the neighborhood and then goes house to house on foot. here's santa leaving presents behind on a christmas tree and then here he is going to the next house. check it out. boom. out the window. santa goes. and then starts parcoring through the neighborhood. >> who knew santa is a parkour artist. >> he's magical, got some skills. that's ronny. he is very experienced and extreme parkourist. jumping roof to roof working well here. all the roofs covered in snow. jump from one roof to the next,
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fly through the snow, and leap off and go to the next house. >> magic. >> that's how he's able to deliver the gifts. all in one night. it's parkouring. >> skinnier santa than you're used to seeing, you know. >> because he's learned to parkour. >> ronny and his crew did a behind the scenes video as well and you can see how they pulled off the stunts. he was on the roof of his parents' house and they had crash pads set up so ronny could not get had hurt while pulling off these stunts. now he's into the urban neighborhood leaping over railings, bouncing over curbs. skipping like a stone. >> so there's like an entire generation of adult men out there who grew up obsessed with the teenage mutant ninja turts the, myself one of them for sure. everyone had a favorite. i was a donatello kind of guy.
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a guy named greg got his brother this gift for christmas. >> amazon? like everything from amazon. >> perfect thing for him. >> oh, my gosh. >> you see him open the gift and it's on old-school michael angelo pillow circa like 1990p. this is very old. the brother found it on reddit. watch the brother's reaction here. >> that might be the greatest gift i've ever gotten. >> everybody starts to chuckle. watch him. >> is that your -- >> oh, my gosh. >> what? >> what's so special about this? >> his old pillow? >> the thing is, he had this thing from age 4 to age 24. and he threw it away like five years ago because it had been so beaten up and deterioratesed. but he basically said he regretted throwing it away ever
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since. it was a childhood relic. >> meant quite a bit for this guy. >> that's really thoughtful. >> yeah. >> for someone to go to the trouble because they realized that he was scarred emotionally after the fact he had thrown his other one away. >> i imagine him going to bed with that pillow being like -- >> saying cowabunga dude. stuart edge is bringing snow to the desert in his latest prank. >> i wish it was snowing because you're a pretty girl. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> but see how another familiar face gets in on the action. >> what? >> and do you want an ipad mini? all you need is today's buzzword for your chance to win.
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this which you can get across the pond and somebody is trying to open this bottle to celebrate. >> sounds delightful. >> orange juice and champagne together. >> a mimosa. >> you can get them in the glass container like this woman but she's having a hard time opening this up. twisting the tie off and -- >> poor girl. >> oh, wow. >> not like that. >> that poor thing. it was like one of those big long fluorescent light bulbs. probably left a mess on the kitchen floor. >> where she's pointing it is where it's going to go. >> then this incident, now it looks like this guy lost a bet, right? >> no. his friend told us they were drinking some homemade wine since 8:00 in the morning and told his friend, hey, drop your pants and run out. his friend said okay. what makes this video funny, not that this guy is running in the snow jumping around, it's the person taking the video.
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[ laughing ] >> stupid [ bleep ]. >> funny they were drinking homemade wine at 8:00 in the morning and this is the best idea they came up with. >> that's why this video doesn't surprise me after hearing that part of the story. >> christmas tree takedown. ♪ last year, stuart edge had huge success. his video, the kissing under the mistletoe prank, so had he had to follow that up. this time around he went to the phoenix area where it never snows. >> do you kiss in the snow when it snows here? it's like a magical moment. >> it doesn't snow here. >> if it did would you? >> yeah. >> i wish it was snowing because you're a pretty girl. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my gosh. it's a christmas miracle. >> how did he pull that off is
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this. >> using a snowmaking machine obviously. i hit the streets with stuart. >> what? >> what are you going to do? >> i'm goings to kiss you. >> okay. >> you kissed people besides stuart edge. >> i was the kisser, yeah. >> okay. >> what? >> you don't know -- >> you don't know that man. your mom is watching this. >> i know. >> mistletoe and snow in arizona, come on. >> snow. >> oh. >> some of those guys really went if in for the kiss. >> what is it like to be out there and kissing random strapgers? how does it come together? >> awkward. some better than others. >> anybody try to slip you the tongue? >> no. just a peck. >> you made some dudes' day. >> oh, yeah. >> christmas spirit kiss. >> fine. >> fine? >> you mean, yes please. >> i did have this moment. once everything ended.
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>> how many dudes have you kissed tonight? >> don't worry. like wipe after every time. >> i wipe after every time. >> like a cpr dummy. >> don't worry about it. kiss me. >> i've never had to beg anyone for a kiss before. >> it was fun, great to work with stuart. >> and ladies, he speaks spanish. i did learn that about stuart. if you want to see the entire thing head over to and click on today's show or see it on our mobile app. >> all right. everybody, it's giveaway time at "rtm." let's get started. >> we're giving you a chance to win an ipad mini. all you need is today's buzzword, be a u.s. resident and 18 years old to enter. >> using a mobile page or tablet, go to our facebook page and cling on the first link. >> it's sparks. >> get to this minute and click on a win an ipad mini button.
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>> sparkle, spark-p-a-r-k-l-es-. good luck, everybody. >> we are going to learn how to say merry christmas in 24 different languages. >> spread cheer from all around the world. >> merry christmas. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m e than chocolate, it's s anan o opppporortutuniny to stop and savor ththe e ununmimiststakakabe that reminds us ththatat l lifife e isis d .
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time to light up the old christmas tree. rated r style. >> it's going to involve explosives and our friend richard describes what he's going to do and why. >> it's that time of year again. the national campaign against drunk driving is gearing up for drive sober or get pulled over. >> like what he's doing here. richard ryan, and his channel has a lot packaging a good message with this explosion. see him putting in a center pole and creates a star at the top of that pole using detonation cords. >> creates a circle of rock to hold down some string and going
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to use as guide wires. >> think of a christmas tree. >> the strong forms a christmas tree shape and walks around with the deck cord and boom, real-time, all it is a flash and here it is slowed down. that ribbon of fires just snaking its way up the christmas tree shape until it hits the top where it gets into the star. does a couple different passes and speeds of the slow motion, each time looks very cool and reminds you, don't drink and drive. kitty hunts for christmas ornaments. ♪ >> merry christmas in swahene. >> french. >> feliz navidad, only one we
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know. >> thanks to the guys at matchable, we will learn how to say christmas in 24 different languages including clingon. >> christmas. [ speaking foreign language ] >> good yule. >> good yule. >> that is super easy. >> lithuanian is hard. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we should all know hawaiian because of "national lampoons". >> it's the way to say -- >> merry christmas. >> i like japanese. >> i didn't know it was close to english. >> yeah. >>. [ speaking foreign language ] >> there you go, 24 different languages. merry christmas. >> i just want to say good --
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good yule. right? >> good yule. >> good yule. that's it for our "rtm" holiday special. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we're unwrapping some viral videos for this special holiday show, "right this minute." a woman selling a holiday snowman is spotted by security guys. >> so they followed her as she made her way through town. >> how their cameras capture her long journey and one surprise ending. forget the 12 days of
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christmas. it's time for -- >> the 12 explosions of christmas. >> now meet the science daredevil who's going to reveal the grand finale. >> it's just a nice ending to the whole thing. >> a skier jumps an icy railing but -- >> the rail doesn't hold him. >> why this is not a christmas miracle. >> he turned a holiday shopping trip into a proposal and she -- >> was not expecting it. >> the dance that got a girlfriend to say yes. >> how to win an ipad mini. and you never heard this version of "silent night." >> i like that. >> time to celebrate the holidays iceland style, "right this minute." the grinch comes out in a lot of people this time of year and came out in one polish woman. this is a public thoroughfare.


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