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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 30, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we've got them "right this minute." lifeguards are thrown from a rescue craft that breaks loose. >> stuck at full throttle. >> see the panic to get swimmers out of the way of a rogue boat. drivers compete in a nighttime rally race. >> but there is definitely not enough sfpace for two vehicles n this tiny road. >> why neither car is going to
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win this one. you can tell s sure about this strange substance. >> he is kind of stuck. >> the story behind a little boy's first time in the snow. what do you think is stuck in this vase? your guess is as good as mine. see why your guess will be wrong. a couple of lifeguards found themselves in a pretty precarious situation off of salt rock beach in south africa. you see these guys headed out in the surf in one of the ducky boetsz. they are jumping over the waves. at one point, they hit a wave. the boat gets sideways. the guy staring gets knocked out. the boat goes into a spin and knocks the other guy out. now, you have this boat stuck at full throttle and spinning around in the surf. the two lifeguards unable to catch the boat. you hear whistles and yells to get people out of the water.
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now this boat is just rogue. >> the engine is going. that prop pel leller is exposed could cut anybody. >> it is not sure whether the emergency cutoff switch failed or if there was some problem with the throttle. this isn't supposed to happen. >> the boat is not supposed to get stuck with the throttle right open. little by little, it starts to work itself towards the shore. bystanders are able to tackle this boat and kill the engine. >> that's lucky these guys were kick on their feet to grab it and control it. >> kind of embarrassing for the other two guys that fell out of it. >> those are the people you are trusting to save your life. >> accidents happen. it shouldn't happen like that. >> you see a couple of guys get in a bit of an argument. they look like they are yelling at each other. >> the guy with the wet suit, a lifeguard in back. the guy having words. people upset about this whole scenario. >> this was a bad situation.
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it could have been much, much worse. >> nighttime rally race, pretty cool video at first. you don't see this kind of thing ov often. this is what you would call unsanctioned or maybe the course was closed. keep watching. the dude is zipping along going super fast. the camera in front of the vehicle. another car comes in the same direction. there is definitely not enough space for two vehicles on this tiny road. head-on collision. sounds really bad. >> guy was in a rally car. he was probably well-protected but the people that made impact with him. it looks like there were three people in that car. >> from one crash to a series of others. check this out. runners in the state of arizona. this is sort of the worst of red light running from 2013.
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this video from our friends, ats. this goes through another. looks like that truck rolls over. guy flies through an intersection, big collision. this guy in the red car hits one car and almost hits another. that one actually almost weaved through these other cars. here in mesa, a car hits the breaks but still hits other people. mind-boggling how much this happened. they put these videos out as a reminder to slow down, obey traffic laws, pay attention to the lights. this scares me to death. careless, thoughtless drivers, injuring other people that are foll following the law. red light fatalities went down from 33 in 2011 to 29 in 2012, which isn't a huge drop. you want that number to be zero. >> two videos, a scene trying to pull off some big heist. this is surveillance video from inside a jewelry store in china.
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you see they are gathering little display cases and piling them on top of each other because they are probably going to take this to a safe in the back. almost immediately, you see two guys walk up and take the jewelry. one guy pointed a gun at the sales clerk. she had a shot. once we get another angle of what happened, other people are in the store. they realize what's going on. they start chasing after these thieves. >> this guy has a gun. these people are brave to chase after this guyment. >> we see another sales clerk, when he sees what's happening, puts his stuff on the floor, jumps over the display case. one guy takes a swing. they chase after him. the original clerk, she grabs that stool. outside that store, she got out there with the stool. >> and threw it. one of the men takes that same stool and uses it to contain the guys and eventually, believe it or not, they got the jewelry and
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the guys. >> this is a lesson to anybody thinking about trying to steal from these folks. >> this other heist happened had australia. these thieves, you see, have sledge hammers to breakthrough the glass door of this prada store. >> prada. >> went inside and started grabbing handfuls of very expensive prada bags. >> they got everything. >> it does have images of what it looked like afterwards. they went in and out of the establishment several times. they took off with almost $89,000 of loot. >> one thing we have learned on this show, animals can get caught up in some pretty precarious places. we see a pelican caught up in a giant tree in naples, florida. according to reports, that pelican's wing is stuck in some fishing lines. >> as you can tell, that pelican is pretty high up. more than 40 feet in the air. >> somebody is going to try and
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climb up the tree. the thing is stuck at the smallest branches of the tree. no way he can climb all the way up. >> all these folks were concerned citizens. they called in rescuers who used an extension ladder to get close to the pelicans. >> that's really dangerous for the rescuer as well. >> you think at first it looks incredibly dramatic and possibly painful for the pelican. they are able to get the pelican down gently and untangle its wings. >> throw out your fishing line. this next animal caught in a precarious position. i am going to let you watch this one. >> anaconda. >> i thought it was a snake. >> a big dog. >> it has to be a whale. >> good guess. >> a cow. how in the heck did this cowet in there? >> i is like second birth. >> but how? how did it get itself in there? >> your guess is as good as
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mine. was it born in there. did they put it in there. >> or did they sedate the cow and build that thing around the cow while he was sleeping. >> i want them to break the other one too. i want to see what's in them. >> does anybody out there know anything about this? ask our viewers. >> does anybody out there know how a cow gets into a pot? if so, respond to us at forward slash right this minute. a cop tries to pull someone over but that someone takes off. >> now, we've got a chase. >> why this chase has an unexpected ending. >> darn it. >> it is a movie trailer going viral, because -- >> it has everything you can possibly imagine. >> how you can be part of this epic creation. >> would you like to win $1 million a year for your life and then after that have someone you choose get $1 million a year for
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their life. it's the publisher's clearing house $1 million a year for their life.
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road in russia. watch what happens here. kind of a near miss. that car seems to be cutting the corner as it comes around. but, the dash cam whips around. because, it is a police car that we are riding in. on these roads, too. >> just down the road, that blue car pulls over. one of the officers steps out and approaches the car and has a bit of a discussion with the guy. according to some reports, that driver felt like he really
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didn't do anything wrong and didn't need to be stopped soechlt he takes off. now, we've got a chase. looks like the guy is about to pull over and stop but, no. he loops his big old blue car around. the cops attempt to follow but no. they are stuck. >> that guy had like some website on the back of his bumper. is that his website? did they look it up. >> we have looked up that website. that's what's leading some people to wonder, is this potentially fake? is this some sort of add to promote this guy's website. there is the blue car. there is the website on the back and apparently, he is some sort of superhero. the loose translations that we have been able to work out, this guy's message is to eat well and stay away from transfats. the runaway from the cop. >> i like to think that he is
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smarter than that. if he did run away from the cops with the website in the back, that's pretty stupid. >> in our lives, we'll have many firsts. this is kai's first time in the snow. can i keep going? he is kind of stuck. >> he is a little confused. when you put a dog in the snow for the first time, they are like -- what are we supposed to do here? this is so adorable. look at what he does with his little mittens. he pushes the snow in. dad, look what just happened. he does it again with his other hand. here is a thing. this guy lives in canada. this is the first time he has experienced the snow. they live in japan and they were traveling to canada for the holidays. >> i see. looks like good snowball snow. >> don't you wish you could remember this in your own life. this is so great they caught this moment on camera. >> i like he is going off the beaten path too. not just going on the trail
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that's already made. >> before we know it, he will be an olympic snowboarder. >> he falls over. he gets it on his face. is he going to cry, get scared, get cold. no. love this. he is eating it. >> you got this. yeah, it is delicious. > if you are going to create an '80s type movie, a super renegade kung fu cop. what better name than kung furry and what betr >> the most evil kung fu master in the world. adolf hitler with kung fu furry. >> more than 1 million views. it is the official trailer for kung furry. apparently, adolf hitler killed his best friend. so he needs to go back in time
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to destroy adolf hitler. >> back in time to nazi germany. >> as he is being sent back, he gets sent back way too far back in time. this movie has got robots. it has nazis, vikings, dinosaurs, everything you can possibly imagine. >> wow, giant. >> he makes an appearance. this is put together by laser unicorn out of sweden. this trailer is hysterical. a kick starter campaign. they want to make a 30-minute film they are going to put online for free. as you can see, much of it is done in green. so they need to pay for some of the post production and editing. they still have some to film. if they reach their initial goal of $200,000, which they are very close to, they will be able to put the 30-minute film out there for free for everybody to watch online and enjoy kung furry.
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>> a trampoline performance flops whenn an acrobat falls. >> he lands on his head. >> the bad bounce that left a mark. the dea storms in to bring the house down. >> they are putting people on the ground. they are getting people up against the wall. this ace drug bust. >> see why it is the ages who are blowing smoke this time.
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trampolines, a lot of fun, spectacular fun, also can be very dangerous as this acrobat found out in moscow in russia during a performance. this is at the show aquamarine. >> oh, no. >> lands on his head. >> he bounced right off of that trampoline. >> he didn't fall that far but it was just way he fell. he fell on his back, the back of his head. it's a really hard stanl toge t. >> it is so hard, this is ice. this is actually ice he landed on. so it was quite the impact. this, in fact, stopped the show. emergency crews had to come in and take this performer to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a concussion. luckily, after several tests, he did not suffer any kind of brain injury.
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now, these guys did not suffer serious injuries but another trampoline moment. these guys figuring out exactly how dangerous trampolines can be. this video from jukan video. you are watching this guy in the blue shorts get a lot of air jumping up and down, up and down. i can hear you sucking air through your tooeeth. you are nervous waiting to see what happens. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> that's not even a fair shot. >> the trampoline is broke. >> you expect big trampoline injuries to be bouncing off, getting your foot caught, in this case, he fell right through the trampoline. the trampoline gave way. >> are you sure? >> it is pretty hysterical. it is pretty funny. >> this is an eequipment fail z it is not this guy'squipment fa it is not this guy's. z it is not this guy's fault. . >> it looks like somebody is in
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big trouble. they are about to get busted by the dea. >> everybody on the ground. police! >> guys with helmets right here busting into this really nice home in los angeles. you can see this group of young people. they are the ginoskians from the mtv australia show. they are a rambunctious group of young guys that do a lot of crazy things ala jackass. they are getting people up against the wall. this is a drug bust. you notice in the corner, the channel. could this be a prank? >> go back to the very beginning. that's the tally in this dea s.w.a.t. team uniform. he teamed up with big boy, who is a well-known, l.a. radio host doing youtube stuff here. he rents this house to them. vitaly got word that they wanted to meet him. this is how he planned to meet them. >> they are notlegal.
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they are not legal in the state of california. >> it sounds very official. >> they have got the dog. >> there is a drug-sniffing dog going through this house. >> this is the first kind of tiff-off. >> have you ever smoked sneaky eye? >> they bring the guy upstairs until eventually z th-- >> they are unpacking drugs. >> they eventually throw down bricks of what looks like marijuana and cocaine. that's when these guys from the ginoskians start to really freak out. >> this is heavy. this is a hard core, heavy, mean prank. >> they hear some sort of word that they know is a safe word. >> oh. >> they still don't know it was vitaly.
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>> vitaly. >> they said they wanted to meet him. that's just kind of the interesting circumstance in which they did. if you want to see the entire prank and the behind the scenes video, head to our website or watch it on our mobile app. >> meet the robot chef. this machine will take over your blend der, your steamer, your crock pot, your kitchen scale and timer. >> how whipping up a meal sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. in poland, heavy winds knocked over this tree. it is blocking one lane of the road. there is a guy there trying to move the tree out of the way. >> trees are deceptively heavy. i don't know if you knew that or not. >> as this person is trying to get the tree, someone else walks in the frame trying to come over and help but the wind has a different idea for him.
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>> wow! >> oh, my god. >> these are some serious gusts. >> it just took this guy out. before you know it, he is gone. the other guy ends up rushing this way to help. apparently, that guy ended up stuck somewhere. it is not clear. perhaps a ditch. eventually, the driver of the car with the dash cam decided, you know what, i'm just going to turn around and go the other way. it is pet time for people that want to make their lives easier. >> we all do. >> you know who makes our lives easier? >> the guy that explains everything. >> our techspert. is this going to make our work-out time easier? >> these are bands that wear on your wrist. they will track your activity and engage how much you are working out and staying fit throughout the day. the first one is the nike fuel
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ba band. it is the easiest motivator. it has an indication that will change from red to green throughout the day when you are staying more active t shows you nike fuel points and let's you know when you have met your daily goal. it is ease why i iest to track. >> it gives you a lot of data, c calories burned and how much stairs you have gone up. the last one is the jawbone up. it is a whole health tracker. it will track your foot, your drinks and also your mood throughout the day. it takes all this into account and gives you an activity plan that's tailored just for you. >> that one does not have the display feature that the other two have. there are pros and cons to each of them. >> really, what they are doing isn't something revolutionary. it has made it easier. tracking it all on a simple device. >> for people that want an easier time in the kitchen.
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>> there is a product out called bimby, it will take over your blend der, crock pot, kitchen timer. what you can do is make one whole meal with only this produ. >> how does it do it? >> you are stackingf y food products on top of one another so they can cook and bake at one time. >> that does change the cleanup. you still have to chop everything up and put everything in. >> they call it a robot chef. you are still the cook here. >> you don't need pots and pans anymore. >> just one. it is not completely available in the u.s. but you can find it online. that's it for rtm. we'll see you next time. .
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live from new york city city it's wendy williams. today, hoda kotb tell us what's going on and all of the juicest heart stopping. now, here's wendy. ♪


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