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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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scene now. he will have a lye update for us on those -- live update for us on those repairs. good morning i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> we get an easterly breeze for some. oakland's forecast today is 74. that is very close. the record is 75 back in 2009. 31 santa rosa. 64 half-moon bay airport. 55. i've actually seen 57 in san francisco. 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s. just incredible lows. red flag warning continues its an offshore breeze. and high pressure just not budging. so sunny and warm weather. cold morning for some inland. windy. still gusts 37 coming out of the oakland hills. 60s and 70s for many. here is sal. all right. we are looking at a commute
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here that is getting a little bit busier as we drive through some of these areas. i want to show you the bay bridge. those metering lights have gone on and the traffic is backed up for a 15 minute delay. once you get on to the bridge its looking good into san francisco. and i want to mention the san mateo bridge traffic looks okay. not a big crowd heading out to the high-rise. because of the wind its really clear everywhere. so visibility is is not a problem. i will go to the maps and show you the traffic on the road sensors. 101 and 280 are doing very well. we do have a big problem at the mccarthur maze on east 80 because of a pole that came down. let's go five live to reporter brian flor -- let's go live to reporter brian flores. >> reporter: hi sal. the good news is all lanes are open on eastbound 80. as you can see behind me, this
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is the damage that was caused. one light pole remains alongs side of the freeway as investigators look for the person responsible. all lanes are open. chp first got this call around 3:50 this morning about a white mercedes hit the pole. it blocked some traffic and caused damage. there were reports that ten cars were damaged. at least three cars were damaged some cars also had flat tires as a result of the debris on the road. in terms of the driver that was responsible for this, he fled on foot. chp looking for this person responsible. he is a driver of a c-230 mercedes sedan. they don't know any suspect description. we do want to say that one person was transported to the hospital as well.
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as a result of this debris. but again here eastbound 80. that is definitely good news as we approach the bulk bulk police are still at a home in san francisco where bomb squad detonated a suspicious device last night. tara moriarty is live at the scene. tara. >> reporter: neighbors say the explosion could be heard for blocks and the mobile command unit is here. its been here since 11:00 last night. there is glass in the roadway here. the store has sustained some damage and a chunk from a suspicious device landed there after it was detonated next door. what happened was the people next door found what they
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thought was old explosives. the homeowner had recently died. around 8:45 last night the bomb squad decided to blow up the devices. neighbors were evacuated but the blast did damage the western sunset market. shattering window and glass bottles. >> i had no idea what went off. i thought it was a transformer or something like that. >> reporter: the explosion sparked a one alarm fire which crews quickly snuffed out. no one was hurt in the blast but the area was quarantined off. still is. and muni was rerouted for hours. now muni is back to normal. we are not sure when this street will reopen. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:04. new this morning ever milpitas. it happened last night around 10:30 at the executive inn hotel. the shooting vick tim was found in the hotel parking lot.
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>> there was some kind of altercation but we are not sure who the players were. >> so far no arrests have been made. there was only one homicide in all of 1013 in mil pee -- in all of 2013 in milpitas. they have issued a silver alert for jill reese. reese is described as 5'6" and about 128 pounds. she was last seen driving a 2013 gray lexus and failed to show up at an appointment she had in orinda yesterday. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call piedmont police. time is 6:05. investigators think transients in a homeless camp may have started yesterday's fire that damaged homes. it started on lower sherman island in the sacramento delta. the smoke billowed over antioch. three homes were destroyed.
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at least 40 acres burned. no one was hurt but four people did have to evacuate from this. some of the neighbors battled those flames until the firefighters got there. in the meantime the bay area fire danger is still very high because of warmer than normal temperatures and the strong gusty winds. red flag warnings in effect until tomorrow morning in the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. its very rare to have a red flag warning in the middle of january. but firefighters are saying the lack of rain has caused very dry brush out there and very dangerous conditions that we normally see in september and october. the bay area long stretch of bone dry weather has made this a very nervous winter season in the wine country. last winter 308 inches of -- 30 inches of rain fell in sonoma county. this year we have less than three inches. this dry weather is causing a lot of concern for grape growers during this critical
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time of the year. the growers need water to protect the grapes against frost which can cause a lot of damage. the 49ers say they fixed a parking shortage at the new levi stadium in santa clara. alex savidge is joining us live to tell us what this means and niners just won't be playing on sunday anymore. alex. >> reporter: that is what it means. the 49ers have found more parking and that means monday night football will be a reality here in santa clara. the team announced it has secured 10,000 extra parking spots. that will help to ease the parking crunch and also improve the traffic situation on game days. the 49ers were so worried about a parking shortage the team decided it wouldn't host any weeknight games during the first season. in last night's city council meeting the vice president said the 49ers should be able to secure more than 31,000 parking spots within walking distance of the new stadium. fans will be able to park at
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nearby mission college, great america, and even at the golf course just across the street from the stadium. about 5,000 cars will be able to park on the fairway at the santa clara golf and tennis club and the 49ers will be paying for improvements to the course. making sure the cart paths are widened. and so now that the 49ers have fixed what was perceived as a parking problem here at the new stadium, they are planning to host monday night football games and thursday night football games in the 2015 season but it is possible according to folks with the 49ers that they could try to host monday night games late in the 2014 season. live in santa clara alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. the minimum wage in richmond is still on track to be the highest in the bay area. the city council is examing three ideas to boost the minimum wage. the smallest boost would make it $11 an hour. the highest would increase it to $15 an hour. if the city council approves
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any one of the three by march, the idea would be put on the november ballot. that would give voters the chance to describe if the minimum wage should go up. right now the states minimum wage is $8 an hour. it does go up in july by a dollar. san francisco has the highest rate in the bay area at $10.74 an hour. it is $10.15 in san jose. oakland and berkeley are also considering minimum wage hikes. time is 6:09. a flu outbreak at a south bay prison. 4:the jail officials are respond -- how the jail officials are responding as they report even more flu deaths. good morning. right now we are still looking at a commute that is manageable but things are getting busier on highway 4. you see a little slow traffic. and on highway 24 report of a new crash. we'll tell you where. its very warm already for
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welcome back. time is 6:12. prosecutors in florida say a retired tampa police officer accused of killing a man after a texting dispute in a movie theater may have had a separate run in with a woman three weeks
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earlier. 71-year-old curtis reeves appeared in court yesterday. witnesses say reeves argued with chad olson at the movie theater on monday. olson threw a bag of popcorn at reeves who then shot and killed him. prosecutors say last month reeves got angry at a woman who was texting in the movie theater. he flaired at her all -- glared at her all throughout the movie and followed her to the restroom. they say a man was shot and killed around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. police say they rushed and responded to several reports of shots being fired. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. so far police haven't given us any other information about the suspect or the victim. this morning police in pacifica are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian. that deadly crash happened shortly before 8:00. the driver ran over the man in his 50s who was crossing a busy
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street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the vehicle was involved was a gray or dark colored car. the city of san francisco has launched a new street safety campaign with an ambitious goal. now the plan calls on police to aggressively enforce traffic laws and crack down on speeders and red light runs. it also outlines a plan to make the streets of san francisco safer. time is 6:14. new this morning several bombings today in and around baghdad killing at least 44 people. car bombs blew up in shiite neighborhoods in baghdad. sunni muslims are blamed for most of the violence in iraq. they have taken control of two of the cities and they are fighting the iraqi government which is dominated by shiite
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muslims. the house homeland security committee will hold a hearing with how al qaeda is spreading around the world. some of the experts say the death of osama bin laden did not stop the threat of al qaeda. the lawmakers want to examine u.s. counterterrorism policies. the new york time reports the nsa has installed software on more than 100,000 computers. they include police and drug car tells in -- cartels in mexico and the russian military. the revelations come as president obama is expected to announce new limitations on the nsa on friday which includes limits on surveillance of phone records. time is 6:15. happening today in 45 minutes from now the chairman of the california high speed rail authority will testify in washington. ktvu kyla campbell is joining us live on capitol hill.
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kyla. >> reporter: dave, we've obtained a copy of chairman dan richard's testimony that he will give next hour. he says california's population continues to grow. and the state needs to add travel options but creating more roads is not an caption. richard says high speed rail travels at speeds that exceed 200 miles an hour and it will attract drivers and frequent fliers to face delays. officials say say high speed rail construction could create 100,000 jobs in california over the next five years. but jeff dunn am criticizes the rail projects cost $68 billion. >> i think that we have an obligation to make sure the taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and they have to have a full budget a full plan that includes a private investor before this moves forward. >> jeff is not going to kill the project in california because in california all the political stars are aligned properly. >> i will be watching the hearing when it gets under way in 45 minutes.
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andly have the latest developments for you at 7:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:16. let's head out to sal castaneda. >> we do have a problem in the caldecott. one of the right bores. a car ran into the side wall there. westbound 24 just outside of the caldecott. or either before or after it there. and traffic is a little bit slow although no one is seriously injured. you may see some slow traffic. let's go to the maps first. westbound 24 is where the crash is. now again we don't have any major slowing yet. it doesn't look like it will be a major accident. all right let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. no problems on interstate 880. it looks like it could be a little windier.
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the traffic itself looks pretty good. steve, a little windy there. nfc championship game, no change yet. game time temperature 50 degrees. there are hints of very light rain in the morning but other than that i don't see much. breezy to windy. some of the higher elevations. san francisco there is a lot of upper 50s to 60-degree temps. casey boswell who just tweeted me concord 33 degrees. asked me steve, do you think it will ever rain again? yes, some day it will rain again. just not for awhile. san jose 76. that was a record. oakland 74. oakland downtown 73. sfo 72. those were all records yesterday. today looks like another record setting day. stage is set. clear skies. high pressure aloft at the surface giving us that offshore breeze. temperatures today will have no problem warming up pretty fast
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for some. now there is very cold readings inland. kentfield going 68. napa 73. that would also be a record. san francisco forecasting 72. the record is 73 back in 2009. 30s and 40s. now not far away from novato i had a reading of 37. it all depends on the breeze. 57 san francisco. half-moon bay sitting at 63 balmy degrees. red flag warning for us until thursday morning. also its extreme in southern california. 29 ukiah. 23 in tahoe. 24 in reno. nothing is changing any time soon. just a little cooler by the weekend. cold morning inland but windy conditions coming off the east
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bay hills. 60s and 70s. some areas near the coast will be warmer. santa rosa 75. walnut creek 68. 74 oakland. 72 alameda. 76 santa cruz. if you are down toward monterey. cupertino 76. 73 half-moon bay and same as menlo park and palo alto. so there are just crazy temps here. sunny, warm through friday. a little cooler but still dry on the weekend. u.s. wholesale prices increase last month pushed mostly by higher energy costs. home energy costst grew at the fastest pace in ten months. producer prices rose four tenths. economists say overall inflation remains mild. despite websites that make it possible to book travel packages some are heading back to travel agent. travelers are turning to agents
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when they want to book flights and hotels in exotic locations or have time but don't want to spend a lot of money on a trip to get away. other travel eres say they just like the idea of having someone to turn to if something goes wrong. travel agency booking nearly doubled between 2002 and 2011. how would you like to pay less for parking in san francisco. why drivers may be able to park for free in some areas and when you will be able to do it. and it was premier night for a new tv series set in san francisco.
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>> a flock of geese damaged the jets engines. sullenberger's successful emergency landing became known as the miracle on the hudson. all 155 passengers survived. the plane is now on display at a museum in north carolina. sullenberger retired as a pilot and is in new york today to commemorate the first
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anniversary. a stanford graduate has sued the federal government to remove her name from the no fly list. she is from malaysia and attended stanford on a student visa. her case is the first to go to trial. she was arrested at the san francisco airport while on her way home to malaysia. she was told she couldn't return. yesterday a judge said the government made a mistake. time is 6:25. it was a packed full house at san francisco's castro theater for the premier of a new show set in the city. the audience had a chance to see the first two episodes of the hbo series called looking. it focuses on the lives of three young gay men and their lives. but he says there is a special message in it for people who
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live here in the bay area. >> its a really love letter to the city. and to the people. and hopefully people will embrace it as such. >> the shows creators says looking has a new way of portraying san francisco including some of the places not normally seen by tourists. starting today the new restrictions on tour buss in one san francisco neighborhood are being enforced. people who live in the alamo square area say they have seen a number of reductions in buses. there are still a lot of tourists that come by but they are walking instead of riding buses. later this morning demolition is scheduled to begin on the former wild west structures at the site of the danville hotel. they are located at railroad and west prospect avenues in the downtown area. developers will replace the buildings with 35,000 square feet of new restaurant locations, stores, and
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residential units. the danville hotel itself will be preserved and restored. protesting hospital cut backs. the picket line today by nurses where administrators plan to lay off more than 350 employees and close some facilities. live in san francisco where the bomb squad has called out to a house in sunset district. we will tell you what they found and what they did to try to make the situation better. right now we are still looking at traffic that is getting busier around the bay including here at the toll plaza. temperatures for some are very cold. in fact for some its in the 20s and 30s. for others its in the 60s.
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all right. we are just seconds away from the opening bell ringing on wall street today.
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futures higher today bank america had good quarterly profits that made people happy. general motors saying it will be pay the first quarterly dividend. we will keep an eye on the markets for you. the bell will ring in just seconds there and there it goes. we'll keep a close eye on those numbers. >> all right. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. middle of the week. it is wednesday, january 15th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off today. your time is 6:30. we want to start you off with a quick look at your weather and traffic and our very own steve paulson. >> thank you. 20s and 30s. some areas in the 60s. it will be a warm wednesday with record highs possible. if that breeze continues off the oakland berkeley hills they almost probably set it.
6:31 am
31 santa rosa. 63 half-moon bay airport. 61 along the embarcadero. and 58 in the sunset district. very mild to warm in the city. red flag warning continues until thursday morning. offshore breeze. high pressure. everything goes up and over. which means temperatures will be warming up. big difference on our lows. everyone will end up with a rather mild to warm day with a lot of 60s and even low to mid 70s. here is sal. all right, steve. we do have some problems with the morning commute. i want to mention that westbound 24 if i can get the maps to go up there. westbound 24 i will move the maps up there. all right. let's see if they will cooperate this time. there we go. westbound 24 there is a car that scraped the wall inside one of the tunnels and didn't cause a major delay until they got the tow truck there. and now that tow truck is blocking the right lane. now there is a delay getting into the right bore of the caldecott. let's go to live pictures now.
6:32 am
i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. about a 15 minute delay. san jose so far has been pretty good. there was an earlier accident on northbound 87 that has been cleared. traffic in the south bay is doing well so far. 6:31 let's go back to the desk. happening now a section of san francisco sunset district still blocked off this morning after a suspicious device was blown up. the explosion shook the neighborhood and damaged a nearby convenient store. tara moriarty is live for us at the scene with what neighbors saw and heard. tara. >> reporter: police just allowed us to move to gain a better advantage point here. you can see behind me the house where the suspicious device was. when they blew it up, it just took chunks of the stucco right off the front. and then you can see the trajectory of the glass all the way across the street. we understand the car had its window blown out and the store over here to the left here that sustained some damage. we are here at 46th avenue at
6:33 am
judah. the people next door found what they thought might be old explosionives. the owner recently died and they were clearing out the place. around 8:45 last night the bomb squad decided to blow up the devices. neighbors were evacuated but the blast hit the western sunset market. shattering windows and glass bottles. >> like a huge fire work. just an explosion. we heard the echoes. and we didn't know what it was. >> reporter: the explosion sparked a one alarm fire which crews quickly snuffed out. no one was hurt in the blast. the area was quarantined off. muni was rerouted for hours. we want to mention back here live this is the bus stop. it is blocked off. this is the 18 line if you happen to take that. you can catch it right across the street and it goes around the block. really not too much of an imconvenience for muni riders this morning. all right we are will be checking in with police to see
6:34 am
what the latest in the investigation is. we understand they are waiting for it to get daylight so they can get a better look at exactly what they have here. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a man accused of setting a fire at the chinese consulate in san francisco is scheduled to appear in court today for a detention hearing. a judge is scheduled to decide if yang fen will be kept in custody. prosecutors say he admitted to setting that fire at the chinese consulate earlier this month. he alleged told fbi agents he had been hearing voices in chinese. the building was damaged but no one was hurt. ktvu has obtained surveillance video of a man setting fire. the video shows the man setting fire to a front porch and coming back three different times until that fire spread. now in this other video there is a suspect walking near one of the homes that caught fire.
6:35 am
there have been 13 arsons in downtown san jose. yesterday solano county reported its first flu death of the season. it was a man in his 40s from vallejo. san mateo county reported its third flu death. but we have no more information on that incident. three flu cases have been reported at the elm wood correctional facility in milpitas. officials are limiting the movement of the inmates. they are also 11 more suspected flu cases. no visitors are being allowed into the effected areas expect for the lawyers of the inmates. the inmates in the effected areas are required to stay many their housing area but they will be transported to court appearances. the santa clara county sheriffs department says it will reevaluate the situation friday morning to see if they will
6:36 am
lift restrictions. happening today nurses in berkeley will picket to protest recent layoffs and program cut backs. they announced last week plans to lay off 350 employees. the hospital says the cuts are necessary to return alta beats to health. time is 6:36. the 49ers are cig they have fix that -- the 49ers say they have ticked that parking shortage. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. they will be playing monday night football games here in santa clara and that is because the team says it has secured about 10,000 extra parking spots at various businesses near the new levis stadium. this should help to ease the
6:37 am
traffic situation on those game days. there was so much concern about a parking shortage that the team decided not to host any weeknight games during the first season. but at last nights santa clara city council meeting the vice president of stadium operations said the 49ers should be able to secure more than 31,000 parking spots within walking distance of the new stadium. fans will be able to park at nearby mission college. and also in the great america parking lot and even at the golf course right across the street from the stadium. about 5,000 cars will be able to park on the fairway at the santa clara golf and tennis club and they will pay for improvements to the golf course. levi stadium set to open in august and now that the 49ers have dealt with their parking shortage, the plan is to host both monday night games and thursday night games in 2015 and possibly late in the 2014
6:38 am
season as well. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:37. a court hearing set for this afternoon for san francisco 49ers line backer aldon smith. smith is not expected to appear in the santa clara county superior court. the judge in the case combined two cases. one involves reports that three assault rifles were found in smith's santa clara county home in 2012. the other involves a misdemeanor dui charge last september. a tattoo artist in concord is offering 49ers fans a way to show off their team spirit. they are offering a 49ers tattoo for guess what $49. the shop owner says that deal will be good through the super bowl because he is confident the 49ers will make it there and of course they will win. but first they do have to get past the sea hawks. you can watch that game right here on ktvu. kickoff is 3:30 on sunday and then stay with us for the point
6:39 am
after with immediately follows the game. time is 6:38. driverless cars will be cruising san jose state. we will tell you what the state is doing now to get ready. good morning. right now we are still looking at traffic problems that are rising but things are getting better on highway 24. low temperatures all over the place funner 20s -- all over the place for upper 20s and 30s for some. [dad] [laughs]
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new this morning a car smashed into a pole on eastbound interstate 80 early this morning. knocking down the pole near the berkeley curve. the chp first got a call around 3:50 this morning that a white mercedes had hit that pole. at least three cars were damaged by that fallen pole. one person was taken to the hospital. other cars had flat tires because of debris all over the road. the driver who hit the pole ran away. the chp is looking for him now. all lanes of traffic are back open again. meantime happening now police are still at a hotel in
6:43 am
the south bay where a man was found dead in the parking lot. it happened last night at the executive inn. janine de la vega is joining us live from milpitas to tell us what police are saying now about the investigation. janine. >> reporter: we just learned from a police lieutenant that it appears a party was happening on the third floor here of the executive inn which is near 680 and calveras boulevard. milpitas police are going into more than eight hours of being here out on the scene. they have roped off the parking lot. they don't want anyone coming in here because they are conducting their investigation. let's go to video that we shot earlier. police say people in this area called 911 just after 10:30 after hearing gunshots. officers arrived hear to the executive inn on dempsey road and say they found a lot of hysterical people and a man on the ground who was unresponsive. those in the area say they heard about four gunshots but
6:44 am
police would only say the victim had been shot at least once. now detectives say it appears an argument occurs but they don't know what it was about or how many people were involved. as i mentioned before, they have been concentrating on the third floor because it appears that there may be another crime scene up there. again it is still being investigated. here's what the lieutenant told us a short time ago. >> evidence technicians are processing the scene. they are on the third floor. there was a party there. we're not sure if it was related or not. >> reporter: now in the last 30 minutes, relatives of the victim walked up on the scene. that is how police identified them. they are not sure how they found out about what happened. they were very distraught. they would not talk on the camera. at this point police are
6:45 am
describing the victim as a latino man between 20-25 years old. they are not sure if he was a registered guest at the hotel. police do not have a motive. they have told us that there are more than one suspect. so they refer to it as suspects. they do say a dark colored sedan was seen leaving the scene. we will stay on top of this and give you any updates. reporting live from milpitas janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:45. police in rose well, new mexico say they still don't know why a 12-year-old boy fired shots inside his middle school yesterday injuring two students. the seventh grader walked into the school gym, pulled a shotgun out of a bag, and started shooting at students that were waiting for school to started. a 13-year-old girl and an 11- year-old boy were shot and wounded. they are both still in the hospital. a teacher ran up to the boy and convinced him to put the gun down. police are also checking reports the boy may have warned
6:46 am
some students not to go to school yesterday. classes at the school are canceled today but counselors are available top talk to students. happening today the house of representatives is expected to pass a trillion dollar spending bill that restores some of the automatic budget cuts. the bipart san measure also maintains current spending levels for the affordable care act. despite repeated republican efforts to cut its funding. after the house vote the spending bill goes to the senate. president obama is expected to nominate a former state cabinet secretary to head the small business administration today. the president says maria has a list ref of working with small businesses and has been an advocate for small latinos. if confirmed she will be the second latino to serve in the president's second term cabinet. there will be finally be
6:47 am
good news for you drivers in san francisco. the chronicle reports mayor ed lee wants to end metered parking in the city on sundays. the city started charging for sunday street parking last. trying to get some extra funding for muni. mayor lee plans to officially make this proposal on friday in his state of the city address. that is where he will also ask voters to approve a $500 million bond to pay for transportation projects. the california department of motor vehicles is getting ready for driverless cars. the cars have already debuted in test. the dmv will soon roll out rules to govern the new technology for when it officially hits the streets. the dmv thinks driverless cars will be safer than those driven by humans. let's check in now at 6:47 with tori campbell. hi tori. >> coming up in minutes. parting ways. the reason the city of oakley
6:48 am
could cut ties with the contra costa county sheriffs office and who would provide these services instead. a feathery fire alarm. how pearly the pet parrot saved the family in florida when their house was on fire. and hot air balloon jumpers in hot water with the chp. what they allegedly did above west santa rosa that got them in trouble down on the ground. now back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:48. let's go back to sal. welcome back. >> thank you dave and claudine. let's talk about highway 24. 24 had a case of the slow traffic because of an accident thing. that didn't come out smoothly. you know what i'm trying to say. there was an earlier crash inside the tunnel. they had to get a tow truck up there to remove it. it is still a little built slow on the way from lafayette into
6:49 am
oakland. it could be worse. the lanes are open now and traffic is doing well. the bay bridge toll plaza that has backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. the drive time here about 15 minutes as i mentioned. and then another ten to get into the city. so you're looking at a total drive time of just under 30 minutes. if you are driving on highway 13, the ramp is closed because of a tree down. you will have to use a different ramp. as i look at the peninsula 101 looks good. 6:29 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. everything still online for a partly cloudy forecast. game time temp about 50 degrees. there may be a little presip pre-- precip early in the morning. a little cooler by the weekend. but still continue dry. these are some of the records yesterday. san jose 76 was a record. mountain view 74. same for oakland airport. oakland downtown 73. sfo72. all of these were from 2009.
6:50 am
today almost all or most 2009. kentfield 68. napa 73 that would also be a record. san francisco would miss by one. 72. but its really warm in the city right now. 61 along the embarcadero. there is some of the okay land berkeley hills -- oakland berkeley hills sitting at 60 degrees. clear skies and warm temps. 30s and 40s and 50s to 60s. 56 in san francisco. 42 san jose. 36 walnut creek. so big differences on a lot of these lows. we will all end up with sunshine and 60s and 70s. red flag warning continues for us and in southern california. there is cold readings up in
6:51 am
mendocino county and lake county. and yet you get up about 1500 to 2,000 feet and it is amazingly warm for this time of year. sunny and warm today. cold morning for some inland. windy east bay hills. gusts coming in 35-40. highs today 60s and 70s. 68 san rafael. oakland downtown 74. 76 santa cruz to 80 monterey. if you were going to head down there, head down to month if ray. santa claire 77. 73 half-moon bay. same for palo alto. mountain view at 74 degrees. sunshine and warm temps will take us into friday. new warning from the fbi for those that shop for makeup and fragrances online. plus home run headache.
6:52 am
anncr: at jennie-o we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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one stock to watch today is general motors. we just checked and gm is down 1%. it was up more than 3% in premarket trading. that was after general motors
6:55 am
announced after yesterday's closing bell that it would pay its first stock dividend in 5.5 years. stock owners will get 30-cents a share on march 28th. its the latest sign gm is on the road to recovery after filing for bankruptcy in 2009. bank of america announced its fourth quarter profits to jump. they reported net earnings of $3.44 billion. profits got a big bost because the bank was able to cut legal costs and didn't have to hold as much money to protect itself from bad loans. all right markets have been up and open for a little bit. and they are still up. the big board you can see it on the screen. up 46 points on the dow. the s & p also expecting a good day today. time is 6:55. be careful. that is the word from top cosmetic manufactures and the fbi when it comes to buying makeup and fragrances online. officials warn there is a chance the products you are
6:56 am
buying may be counterfeit. even if you buy them from e-bay and amazon. tests of some of the fake products found dangerous ingredients like arsenic and urine. the chemicals were found add the campus science building during a chemical inventory last week. school officials have locked that building until the chemicals are cleaned up. the cleanup should be finish before classes start back up on january 27th. a 14-year-old little leaguer from roseville is facing a lawsuit for celebrating a win. during a recent game joe paris says his son was racing toward home plate to score the winning run when he threw off his helmet. his former coach allen beck
6:57 am
claims that helmet hit his agilely loos tendon and tore it. paris is stunned. >> i actually thought it was a joke at first. >> you didn't think he was serious? >> no. >> the former coach is not responding to the claims. paris says he can't continue to fight this legal action very long. he's already spent $4,000 and hasn't even stepped inside of a courtroom. the trial starts in march. time is 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2 a bomb scare in san francisco's sunset district last night. why police officers are still on the scene this morning. also big news involving the new home of the 49ers. how many parking spaces will be added and how that will effect the stadium.
6:58 am
6:59 am
we're live in san francisco where we had a bomb scare in the sunset district. we'll tell you what police think it was and let you know where the investigation stands. a pedestrian killed early
7:00 am
this morning on an east bay freeway. the critical question the chp is trying to answer. fire on an island in the sacramento del tall. what investigators -- delta. what investigators are saying about how this fire may have started. >> reporter: the 49ers say they fixed a parking problem at the new levi stadium in sacramento. how the team was able to secure more spaces and how this may mean more nationally televised games. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." there's still crime scene tape up in one part of a san francisco neighborhood. that's after a suspicious device was blown up. ktvu's tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 this morning. she'll have more on this investigation coming up. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >> we have clear skies and pretty good breeze coming off the oakland/berkeley hills. it will be very .


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