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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a small prayer circle outside eden hospital tonight as fellow officers mark the life of a police officer. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it was a fellow officer who fired the deadly shot. today police identified the fallen officer as thomas smith. hoe was a 20 year veteran of
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the b.a.r.t. police department. he leaves behind a wife who is also a b.a.r.t. police officer and a young daughter. we have team coverage: amber lee has been working to learn more about sergeant smith and the family he leaves behind. but we begin with ken pritchett at the scene of the shooting in dublin with new details about what happened. >> reporter: this shooting took place about eight hours ago as you can see here behind me, investigators and crime scene technicians remain here on scene. they are trying to answer a number of questions perhaps chiefly among them, why when four officers entered an empty apartment, did one officers arm discharged. that is the job of crime scene techs with the alameda sheriff's department. we saw them late tonight looking for crews in the apartment where this officer on
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officer shooting took place. at 2:00 p.m., four b.a.r.t. police officers entered the apartment of a man arrested sometime earlier by police. >> the officers knew that he was in custody at the time. but they were doing a search. >> reporter: the door of the apartment was unlocked. officers entering with guns drawn would be standard procedure. officers enter to search what was an empty apartment. what caused the weapon of a 10 year veteran b.a.r.t. police officer to discharge killing detective sergeant thomas smith a veteran of more than 20 years, that remains unknown. erika fleming lives in the complex arriving home just after the shooting. >> sometimes police come over here but not that many. and they're in a really big hurry. >> reporter: the sheriff's
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department says police conducting a police church out of the department is not unusual. the shooting a horrific day for b.a.r.t. the fallen officers family and for the officer who's weapon fired for whatever reason. >> you also have to understand how devastated he is at this point. this was certainly not his intent. and you can only imagine the heartbreak that officer has at this time. >> reporter: remember he said that the door is unlocked. a an unlocked door would only elevate concern of an officer as they enter the apartment. that question of whether that door was unlocked or not and what role that may have played likely will have some factor in this investigation. now the officers who were involved, those officers are in the apartment and those officers who were outside the apartment have been questioned or will be questioned by dublin
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police. their investigation falls under the umbrella of the alameda county sheriff's department. in dublin, ken pritchett. >> reporter: thank you, ken. now to ktvu's amber lee for more on what she's been able to learn about the fallen officer, amber. >> reporter: frank, we're at b.a.r.t. police headquarters where we're told grief counseling is being offered to the officers. now this loss can only be described as devastating to the entire b.a.r.t. agency. tonight i spoke with the fallen officers brother too learn more about the detective sergeant. >> reporter: motorcycle officers led the caravan transporting fallen officer kevin smith from eden medical center to the alameda coroner's office in oakland. back at the hospital, the grief was evident on the faces of raney and other brass. >> it's with a heavy heart that i have to announce the tragedy loss of the first officer killeded in the line of duty in the history of the b.a.r.t. police department. >> i'm the sergeant in charge
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of criminal investigations. >> reporter: this is you tube video of thomas smith from early last year at a press conference talking about an investigation into a shooting at b.a.r.t.'s bay fair station. smith's brother tells us the veteran officer was 42 years old and the father of a young father. he describes his beloved brother as a great father, great uncle and great officer. smith is married to kelly smith, another veteran b.a.r.t. police officer. >> our condolences goes out to the immediate family and friends. and the extended b.a.r.t. family. and the entire b.a.r.t. district. >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. source describes thomas smith as the nicest person around with a rough exterior. >> i don't have the exact date but it was a couple of weeks ago. >> reporter: a smile was rare but when he did it would light up a room. a loss that is indescribable.
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chief raney refused to answer questions. >> we ask that you please give us a chance to catch our breath. breathe. and we'll be doing an update probably tomorrow morning. >> reporter: chief raney and others formed a prayer circle outside the hospital. law enforcement is a tight nit community. smith comes from a family of law enforcement officers, he has one brother with newark police and another with the alameda sheriff's department. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the b.a.r.t. police department came under intense scrutiny by a b.a.r.t. officer on new year's day 2009. in the aftermath of that shooting, b.a.r.t. agreed to 127 policy changes recommended by an independent auditor. that auditor found the department lack sufficient training for oversight and had outdated policies. a second audit was released
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last year. one auditor telling ktvu the department has exceeded expectations. one report said that the department concluded the department is quote a good agency working toward becoming a great one. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage as new information comes out about today's shooting. we will bring it to you on air and online. we also created a space on our facebook wall where you can postyour condolences. we're following breaking news in oakland of an officer involved shooting just about an hour ago. the shooting happened on 54th and wentworth avenue a few minutes after 9:00. we were told there was a foot chase. we understand the officer opened fire on the suspect. the suspect and the dog were both injured. the extend of their injuries is not being released at this time. as part of the standard protocall for such a shooting the oakland police department will take over as the lead
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investigating agency here. we do have a crew at the scene and will bring you more information just as soon as it becomes available. the cost of driving over the golden gate bridge is going up. but just how much more it will cost has drivers seeing red tonight at a public hearing on the topic. christien kafton is live at the bridge with how high those fares will go and how they will be phased in. >> reporter: you can see the toll plaza going into the city now. the fares could go up as high as $750 for tolls. drivers like the ones that are going through right now are saying enough is enough. cars speed through the toll plaza. each car paying five or $6 depending on whether or not it has fast track. but tonight, the district held a meeting to let people know
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those tolls will soon be on the rise. they're looking for the public's input. >> the options are to raise revenues to deal with some increase costs that we're facing. >> they're doing something wrong. there's no way they need more money. they just need to learn how to spend it. >> reporter: it needs the money for major projects. district managers say a portion of the tolls subsidized bus and ferry service which helps all commuters. >> so you drive across the golden gate bridge in the morning commute. you can drive the speed limit because your neighbors are driving, or riding the buses and ferries subsidizes your bridge toll. >> reporter: the entire system needs to be overhauled. and the bridge should come under the control of caltrans to bring the tolls in line with
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other bay area bridges -- says susan deluxe. >> reporter: the bridge district will have a hearing february 15th. the toll increases could come into effect as soon as april. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. another meeting where the public can weigh in on those proposed toll increases is set for 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night at the petaluma center. and another meeting is set for thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at fort mason center on marina boulevard in san francisco. a driver was injured this afternoon after his car went right off the steep cliff in pacifica. the man went several hundred feet off heath cliff drive and came to a stop in some heavy brush. firefighters and paramedics used ropes to reach him. the man was said to be about 70
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years old. the man was then taken by helicopter to the hospital. information on his condition has not been released. we have new information tonight on a fisherman who drowned off marin county after being swept out to sea. the marin county coroner's office has identified him as sir captain cruz senior. cruz was fishing alone yesterday afternoon near the point rays lighthouse when a wave knocked over his cooler and carried out into the ocean. cruz went into the water to get it and unfortunately was overcome by the waves. keeping the oakland a's from moving. only on 2, how a group of bay area leaders plan to keep the team in oakland. the driest areas facing the greatest fire danger. and next -- >> neighbors not welcomed everyone before they've moved in. we'll tell you why critics say this high density project is a drain on resources already in
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another sign of just how serious this drought is. tonight people are being asked to cut back on their water use by 25%. the water district made the decision less than an hour ago and new at 10:00, patti lee is in court in mad era where she found a community that's outraged by what they're calling policy hypocrisy. >> reporter: they're asking why
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they're being asked yet again to cut on their water use when the district approved $200 million for water meters. this 186 unit complex off highway 101 is becoming a rallying point for residents concerned about drought and development. >> i'm watching this town get raped and pillaged, this county get raped and pillaged by. >> reporter: an online community that details the impact of high density plans in marin county. >> there's not enough water for the residents and yet they're approving this abandoned these kinds of developments. >> reporter: tonight the marin municipal water district called for a reduction in water use. the resolution raised concern. >> nearly every possible water saving technique there is.
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>> and some resentment. >> they're asking people like me who's been conserving already to conserve more, and yet they're approving high density projects like these. >> the new buildings that is going in is going to be using less water than the building that was there before. >> reporter: what he says is there's plenty of room to cut back. tonight we asked if residents who start cutting back on water immediately will be penalized later because they're held to a higher standard. but they told me today if and when it becoming visual, they will try not to go back and look for the people responsible. you can install devices on your kitchen faucet to reduce the flow.
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also take shorter showers. water plants only as needed not with scheduled timers and be sure to check your toilet for leaks at least once a year. boehner and three of his republican colleagues are working on a drought relief legislation. one of their proposals would allow farmers to pump irrigation water. environmentalists say both ideas would harm the salmon population and still not give farmers enough water. neil cashkari grew up in ohio, he moved to california in 1998 he was an aero space engineer before becoming an investment counselor. he told the crowd today he has
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a very simple platform. jobs and education. >> president george bush appointed him to the tarp bail out as it was known. he left the position seven months later during the obama administration. he has never held an elective office. at this point he is facing republican assemblyman tom donnelly on the republican nominee. and whoever wins will likely face incumbent governor jerry brown. brown hasn 't confirmed he's running but no other democrat has come forward to challenge him. tomorrow morning governor jerry brown is expected to deliver his state of the state address. no official word on what he will discuss. but one would expect him to touch on his mission for next year's budget and the drought. he is expected to deliver that
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state of the state tomorrow morning at 9:00 p.m. we will live stream his remarks on preliminary approval was given for a plan to charge companies that shuttle their employees through san francisco. we find out how much companies will pay to shuttle their employees and why some critics say it's not enough. >> reporter: a linked inbus came by earlier today to drop off workers from their company. and each bust will be equipped with gps which the city will monitor. >> part of what we'll be getting from them is near realtime information of where their buses are. after today's approval, the buses will be limited to 200 of
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the city munni stops. each company will pay $1 million per year. >> this work relates to commuters shuttles that are provided by employers, institutions, like medical institutions or educationallal institutions. >> each weekday the 300 or so buses make roughly 4,000 stops in the city giving about 35,000 individual trips and they usually use existing bus stops for free. critics of the plan said $1 is not enough. >> as much as it is a first step it's a proposal that simply does not go far enough. >> reporter: this is privatization of public spaces in san francisco. who's paid? there should be owned a billion dollars. >> it's going to allow the city a way to maximize the shuttle benefits, the carbon reduction benefits. >> reporter: the 18 month program will now be designed for final approval in june, if it passes then it will be
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implemented in july. john sasaki, ktvu news. it was another warm day today. we had two records. oakland downtown 71 degrees. san francisco 68. that was at the airport. 72 in santa rosa, 68 in morgan hill. high temperatures tomorrow perhaps a little warmer. we could see a few more records. we could have three days in a row starting tomorrow. we're going to see lots of 70s showing up in the north and east bay. this is an isotherm map. you can see oranges those will represent some 80s. temperatures tomorrow on the increase: when i come back at 10:45, the winds are on the increase. i'll tell you where that is and how that could impact you as we move into the week. surfers are keeping their eyes on the walter. the anticipation that could bring the waves needed for this week's mavericks competition. a new appeal and new plan to keep the oakland a's in
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oakland. and a stark reminder that other parts of the country are really feeling the chill this winter. ahead where the snow is piling high.
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a shooting in a classroom at perdue university left one state of the union dead and another in custody. it lapped around noon in the school's electrical engineering building. witnesses report hearing two shots. the suspect identified as 23- year-old cody cousins surrendered to police a short time later. investigators say it appears he targeted his victim a 21-year- old man who was a teaching assistant. a snowstorm barreled down the east and triggered emergency declarations in the state. this is a picture of new york time square. the storm stretches from kentucky to massachusetts. and the corridor from philadelphia to boston was hit particularly hard. more than 15-inches of snow has
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fallen in new jersey. started coming down in the afternoon which surprised many and made the commute home difficult and dangerous for millions of people. snow also shut down much of the work in the nation's capital. here you can barely see the capital and the white house. snowfall lasted well into the evening and add to that wind gusts of 30 miles per hour and the conditions were miserable. schools closed in the area and will remain closed again tomorrow. and because of the storm thousands of planes were grounded today. more than 3300 flights were cancelled across the country. at least 65 of them were to and from san francisco. about 6,500 flights were delayed across the country. more than 100 of them involved sfo. could that magic winds and
10:25 pm
storms be enough to help mavericks. >> about as critical as it gets out there. there's more wipe outs on heavy waves and just about everything i can remember as big and bad as these waves are today, indication that they will be bigger and badder on friday. >> all that energy is pushing right toward northern california. so this is exactly what we want. >> reporter: he says the pacific ocean storm 1,200 miles northwest of hawaii is bringing big waves toward mavericks and in a positive mix of wind and tides the conditions look right. >> what we're trying to do is time it so the biggest waves hit right during the contest window. that's the expectation that comes on sunday morning. >> reporter: the waves from friday are expected to reach 40 feet according to this graph. that would make the waves bigger than in last year's
10:26 pm
competition. 24 surfers from around the world have been invited to compete. >> fingers crossed. i think it's going to be an amazing day. >> reporter: spectators will not be allowed to view the competition from the beach or bluffs. people can buy tickets for $15 and watch from the near by oceana hotel. along the san mateo county coast, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. and at ktv you -- you will find more details on the invitationals. the olympics in russia are just a couple of weeks away and some people in russia have their tickets in hand. >> this is usually helping people fulfill a lifelong dream. >> but will travel alerts and terrorists threats keep them from going? >> what we learned from this letter only on 2 that could put a ballpark on that port of oakland property. and a reminder you can get ktvu news to go.
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chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. only on 2, new details on how to keep the oakland a's in oakland. we've uncovered a letter for a negotiation to keep the team here. >> ktvu has obtained a copy of that letter sent to the port of oak land. and jana katsuyama join us now where that new ballpark could be built. >> reporter: we're right near jack london square. we obtained this letter from a source. if the port agrees to all of the terms it could put the city one step closer to putting a
10:30 pm
ball field right where you see those shipping containers now. at a rally last october, oakland a fans made it clear they want to make sure to keep the raiders in oak land. we unveiled a -- the letter dated january 15th is signed by five prominent local leaders including ceo of clorox and son of barbara boxer. these artists renditions give a glimpse of how the area could look. >> kind of across from where the giants play and we have a great waterfront here. >> reporter: lou wolf has said that he isn't a fan of the sight which has no b.a.r.t. connection. but mayor gene quan says that
10:31 pm
this area could be changed. >> the zoning is pretty far alone. >> reporter: the mayor says are maritime use that is do not include a ballpark. one led by a capital investment group. another from snitzer steel. mayor quan says a ballpark would be a good fit for the land. >> the raiders i think will be beginished -- finished with their deal on summer. once the raiders are done with their deal, there will be a count down on how long that stadium will exist. >> reporter: they have not finished reviewing all of the proposals and have not set a date for presenting their recommendation to the board for
10:32 pm
a vote. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. officials unveiled cars designed to travel along a track to the airport. the project is intended to replace a bus connector that shuttles passengers to and from the airport. according to b.a.r.t. that shuttle carries 700,000 passenger as year. b.a.r.t. said it will soon start testing the cars. san francisco community groups called on transportation officials to get behind a plan to stop pedestrian and bicycle deaths in the city. similar plans have been adopted in other cities around the world. organizers say it could eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries over the next 10 years. >> security concerns surrounding the sochi olympics have not made the decision to go to the games an easy one. still many fans say they would
10:33 pm
not miss the opportunity to be there in person for anything. and we have why some people say backing out is not an option. >> reporter: it's not russia. but the russian cafe and deli is a little taste of the old country. >> it's very delicious food. >> reporter: in silican valley. >> i miss about my place where i grew, about my friends. >> reporter: nadia is excited to see russia host the olympics. her only reservations aren't about terrorists threats. >> very interesting because sochi is a very warm place. >> it's going to be a little different than somebody coming out of omaha. >> reporter: campbell has been booking olympic packages since 1988. >> this is usually assisting people fulfill a lifelong dream. >> reporter: terror threats are mounting as the games get closer. >> we haven't seen it to this extent before. part of that is the political
10:34 pm
climate. part of that is the distance. >> reporter: 17 hours to get to sochi from san francisco. ashby says of the 10 groups she's booked only one person cancelled for emergency surgery. >> people who are going to the games are committed to be there. it's not a spur of the moment trip. >> reporter: for those who are going, a little reassurance. >> i think it's a safe place. >> reporter: from someone who wishes she could get a little taste of home. in campbell, noelle walker, ktvu news. and more details now the u.s. state department has issued a travel alert saying large scale publice .s e .s -- scale public events such as the olympic is a target for terrorists. officials urge travelers to monitor the state department's safety alert. the national football league says its doing everything possible to make
10:35 pm
sure fans don't get cheated if they go to the super bowl. the tickets are printed using the latest technology and at the bottom of the ticket are roman numerals. if you rub them the numbers will disappear then reappear once the tickets cool off. there's also a hologram on the back. the nfl says unfortunately every super bowl a number of fans get ripped off with counter fit tickets. you can watch the super bowl right here on kick off will be at 3:25 p.m. a convicted sex offender hired to coach. how confusion over the law helped allow this to happen. more dry weather throughout the bay area. and the ancient method that could save dry napa valley vineyards. good. good answer.
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a south bay elementary school was locked down for a time today as police searched for an assault suspect. it started around 3:00 this afternoon on main street in the same neighborhood as scott lane elementary school. anthony picolo attacked someone with a baseball bat. the victim's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. police arrested him after a search of the area. the school was looked down as a precaution. livermore police released photos today of a robbery in progress. these surveillance photos were taken sunday evening at the 7/11 on north vasco road. a man with a handgun demanded money from the clerk at the cash register. the store employee complied and that robber left with about $150 in cash. the suspect is described as a
10:39 pm
latino man 20 to 21 years old, about 5'10" tall. if passed the measure would require employees to give paid sick leave to employees who have worked at the job for at least 150 days. total sick days would be capped at three per year. lorena gonzalez introduced the legislation, similar bills have failed in the past. if you try to call the state's employment development department a new report says chances are you won't get through. a los angeles times review of phone records shows 10 to 15% of calls are answered by a live person. many calls concern missing or unprocessed claims. the department blames cuts in its department. this comes after a botched computer upgrade four months ago that delayed tens of thousands of claims.
10:40 pm
new jersey governor chris christie began his second term in office today trying to leave controversy behind him. christie made no mention of the bridge traffic scandal or an investigation into hurricane sandy spending. outside the state building in trenton a few protesters stood in the snow demanding he be sent to jail. the storm also cancelled plans for a gala on ellis island tonight. a federal appeals court ruled that a juror could not be taken off a case because of their sexual orientation. a convicted sex offender admits to his crime and still gets hired to coach a youth hockey team. two investigates how a misreading of the law allowed
10:41 pm
the coach to be hired. bill martin is back in just five minutes to take us through the weekend. up first, more on the breaking news we're following in oakland where a chp officer opened fire on a suspect. what we've learned at the scene. i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks. great glittering galaxies. the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier!
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[uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? more now on our breaking news involving an officer involved shooting in east oakland tonight. we understand the officer shot the suspect who we have learned has died. that suspect has died. the officers dog was hurt. we don't know the extent of the injury on the dog. the shooting happened at 54th and wentworth avenue. if we get more information we will let you know. tonight two investigate it
10:44 pm
is fall out over how a convicted sex offender was allowed to coach a youth hockey team in the east bay. claudine wong looks into what the law says and why parents and other youth organizations might want to take notice. >> there's a paper trail that tells a story of former hockey coach charlie jones and his history with the law. the crime happened back in 2003 in michigan when he was 18 years old and the two victims were 15. he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct and ordered to register as a sex offender. jones moved to california and applied to become a youth hockey coach. but he was allowed to coach, even though the association knew about the conviction. a board member confirmed to me that jones went through an appeals process.
10:45 pm
that's also what he told authorities. obtained by a parent and private investigator and given to ktvu. >> i went through a legal process, went down to l.a. and sat in a meeting with them and they said that i was able to coach. and i was very forward about this because i've been kind of forward through my whole process and i went forward to them first before this came up. >> reporter: usa hockey guidelines allows job applicants to approve rulings. that often happens if the applicant has something like a drunk driving conviction but this case is different. ktvu investigated further and found this portion of megan's law. sex offender registrants hose sex crime was against a victim under age 16 is prohibited by
10:46 pm
law for being an employer, employee, independent contractor or volunteer with minors. that's exactly what police told jones too. >> legally, you can't coach, volunteer with anybody under 18. ever for any reason. >> where is that stated? >> 290.95. >> reporter: neither jones nor the hockey association seems to know the law which leads to the question how do parents protect their kids. legal experts say the law is confusing and it's likely this case is not the only one in the dark as to how it uses these appeal processes. bottom line is youth organize -- organizizations need to get informed. and tonight i did get a
10:47 pm
statement from shark hockey and they say they take the investigation serious. in the napa valley one vineyard owner is set to spend nearly $90,000 to make sure he has enough water to irrigate his crops. as more and more water is drilled, they say it's water becomes harder to find. now they go down 700 feet. they use geology the ancient method called dousing and a little luck to find water for their customers. candy crush announced they trademarked the word candy. the game gained popularity when
10:48 pm
it it launched on facebook in 2011. wall street closed mixed today, the dow dropped 47 points after some disappointing reports. a beautiful day today. we had manufacture records today. second straight day in a row we talked about that. look at the numbers and just know tomorrow's temperatures are going to be pretty similar. like in livermore 73 degrees today. 73 in fairfield. probably about the same tomorrow. temperatures in the bay area on wednesday. a degree or two warmer. along the coast we've had some fog. but it's not showing up there now. it's just a little bit of patchy fog in places. but it's not as prominant as it was last night. there could be patches late tonight, early tomorrow morning. the surface coming up. what's going to happen here along the coast in the next couple of days the swell is going to really start to grow. we're looking at swells along the coast to get up to 15, 20
10:49 pm
even 30 feet. and that's why there'll be a high surf advisory that goes into effect as we go into your thursday. up here there's your fire weather watch which goes into effect tomorrow night. we have a lot going on. we have stuff up in the coast and stuff up in the mountains. overnight tonight we're going to be in the mid-30s. the rest of us about where we were last night. 36 in livermore. 40 in fremont. 37 in morgan hill. just a very similar repeat of what we've been seeing. and that could include maybe a couple of records again tomorrow. the weekend slightly cooler. in a dry forecast. you knew about that too because in the long range, we're not picking up any range. this high pressure lingers tomorrow. as it does it gives us virtually the same pattern we had today. as this gets closer not rain but it's going to increase the rains. temperatures are going to trend slightly high to go toward the weekend but they stay in the
10:50 pm
60s. mid-60s. that's what's going to trigger the fire weather watch. 70 in vacaville, 70 in fairfield. no spare the air days coming up. i'm not anticipating any spare the air. overnight lows are cool. daytime highs are going up 30 degrees. 70 in fremont. along the coast maybe some patchy fog. maybe. then we'll see temperatures in the mid-60s. the five day forecast is repetitive for about a year now. we're looking at lots of sunshine, a little bit milder for the weekend but you're still in the upper 60s as you go through the bay area five day forecast. there it is. we go looking for some rain. we talk about -- rob was talking about the surf contest. i'm almost certain they are going to run it on friday. because of the swell, the winds. everything is coming together to be perfect. i heard 30 feet.
10:51 pm
>> how much does that scare you 30-foot waves. >> scares me a lot. these guys are something. >> bill, thanks. uc berkeley is seeing a record number of students apply for undergraduate admissions. students who identify themselves as chicano or latino made up the most increased applicants. with more than 40,000 applications. the university received close to 1, -- 73,000 applications. over all applications saw an increase of almost 8% compared to last year. let's talk sports. mark is here now. jim harbaugh comes to the defense of collin kaepernick today in no uncertain terms. >> time to press restart but we have to review just a little bitty way. as the 49ers do move it on into next year mode. jim harbaugh addressing several
10:52 pm
different topics facing his team. not without first taking a look back at that faithful play everybody talking about it. 49ers go for the jugular. plenty on the clock. he defended the play call and the notion that it was all collin kaepernick's fault. >> no that's not accurate. i thought, collin played his off. i thought all the players in the game did. we all felt that we were in position to score the touchdown there. we thought we were in position. >> the coach wrapped up his final thoughts on this season. he turned surprisingly candid with regard to his relationship with the media. listen to what heed -- he said to the gathered throng today. next on sports part two. when it's time to talk security
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one of the thins fans may have noticed in the latter stages of season, coach harbaugh seemingly more add ease with the media and at times in his ten year course there has been a relationship with the two. those who cover the team and the coach. although he's animated, harbaugh is full of personality. his press conferences have been sometimes matter of fact and
10:56 pm
uninformative. but as he pointed out today, things have changed. >> it's passed my mind how great it is so have worked with you, weekly, monthly, during an entire season. i've felt that you've done it in a very professional way. there wasn't a time where you tried to divide the team. there was no, no malice in the way our media handled the season. and i appreciate that. i mean i thought it was fair. i thought it was tough at times. and but fair. >> it was a nice way to put a bow on a tough ending to the season. but when one media member asked if he would care to share what was said in the team's final meeting well let's not push it. >> no. not so much. i mean, not so much. >> are you regressing? >> that he is not regressing at
10:57 pm
all. meantime let the healing process also begin for the second seed at the australian open. the ousting of novak djokovic ends a streak of three straight titles for him. eight seed wawrinka pulling it off in five sets in a match that took five hours two minutes. djokovic came in having won 21 consecutive matches. a bit of a stunner right there. wawrinka the winner. not a single american remains in the australian open. that remains the sporting life. >> you know you're getting old when you remember borris becker plant. >> i remember that. >> we'll see you the next time news breaks. thank you for joining us tonight. >> we'll bring you the latest on the shooting of that
10:58 pm
b.a.r.t. police officer. you can follow us on facebook, twitter, and our ktvu app. good night.
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