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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> setting water allocation at zero percent. no new water for agencies that rely on the delta. they will need to rely on other local supplies, water they have stored, ground water, forter push for conservation, and find ways to scrap to meet their needs. >> in february more water is released from reservoirs, today state officials asked to reverse that to reduce releases to save what's left. >> it's not about picking between fish and farms or people in the environment. state water officials say the greatest danger is if reservoirs run out of water without limited water in rivers salt will contaminate the delta. >> this is the most serious
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drought we've faced in modern times, we have to face it head on. >> about that zero allocation, state attar official -- water officials will export water to communities if there's a threat to human life or safety. today's announcement will leave other local water districts to call for curve evacuation -- conservation. >> santa clara anticipated the cuts. it will amount to enough water to supply 10,000 families a year. they don't have an immediate plan but will look to reserve water they saved in bakersfield. even if it started to rain soon it would be nearly impossible to reseries -- reverse.
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>> they would have to have rain every other day through may. then we would face drought conditions. we heard that woman say this is the most serious drought we've faced in our history. january was really that bad. >> december was that bad. 1976 was the year we used to measure the droughts by, we're less in terms of rainfall than in 76. in oakland you're at 18%, 16% in san francisco, last year at this time we were at 120% average. there's january, the month is closing out, in span where records go back -- san francisco, where records go back to 1850, it was the warmest on record and the driest on record. san jose, the warmest it's ever
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been in recorded history and the driest it been in recorded history for the month of january. we are dry, when i come back we'll look for rain in the long range model and see if we can dig anything up. it's a serious situation. with the state drought emergency in place a number of water agencies are considering restrictions. santa clara told people to turn off automatic sprinklers. customers are asked for voluntary cutbacks and other agencies are monitoring water supplies. this morning the san francisco public utilities commission asked for voluntary cutbacks. the commission wants people to turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth or install low flow showerheads.
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mandatory cuts would be around the corner. >> asking residents, commercial, wholesale, municipal, and industry to all chip-in. this is a serious issue that we're facing. >> the hetch hetchy system suspect on track to receive the lowest rain and snow total in its history. water experts expect to know in a month or so if mandatory cutbacks are necessary. we'll take you to a bay area water district that gets 40% of the water from the state. the flower they will mail out to thousands of customers and what it tell them to do. on you can find more on how the drought is affecting wildlife, wineries and farmers. the drought conditions are a concern for firefighters who battled a blaze in the north
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bay behind san marin high school at around 1:15 this afternoon. the flames moved away from the high school. it took about an hour to get the flames under control, not before 5-acres burned. bart stopped trance bay trains after a disabled ship had to drop anchor too close to the bay tube. a container ship lost power. dropped anchor, the bart didn't learn until three hours later. the coast guard reported it at noon. they resumed service a half hour later. we'll look into that and have that at 6:00. police are on the hunt for the manthey believe stolen the thousand dollars of copper from a vta station.
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this is one of the surveillance video showing the suspect. robert honda says the theft was so serious it forced the station to temporarily shut down. investigators agree this was not an easy theft to pull off. we were at the light rail station that's now up and running after it was disabled. it shut down the station but not the surveillance cameras. the light rail station in south san jose is back in operation and the sheriff department is looking for this man caught on tape who they believe is responsible for ripping out crucial wiring. it cut power to the station, our trains couldn't get into the station. they were stuck at the coddle station. it was lucky our cameras were rolling and we got the face of the person who's suspected of stealing the wire. it's a huge break. >> copper theft is a ongoing
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problem. the person responsible stole 60 feet of wiring. he drives a 1990s or newer mustang. the copper wire is taken from the station at 3:00 in the morning. >> we're linking him through strong substantial -- circumstantial evidence. people who sell wire says thieves makes their life difficult. when i recycle my copper i have to wait three days to get paid they have to make sure it not stolen. >> the sheriff department says the copper and damage totals $10,000 making this a grand theft felony. it may not be that easy to resell this copper. we're learning new details about the sheriff deputy facing drug, assault and weapons
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charges. our camera was the only one in court as juan carrillo was in front of the judge. he's held on $700,000 bail. he had been renting out rooms to 3 other people who partially paid their rent with drugs. today the county sheriff returned to the south bay after being out of town and she called the arrest an embarrassment. >> we got word on the streets that there was a deputy who was compromised and we began the investigation at that point. >> carrillo is skilled to -- scheduled to return to court february fixth. sixth. police say lee james daniels was running from police when he jumped into the creek
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to escape. when he started struggling an officer rescued him. he was wanted from a felony probation warrant. new jersey is going to host thousands on sunday. no driving. live at the stadium tonight. how did you get there? >> well, it was a long and winding road to get here, we're only 13 miles away from super bowl boulevard where we have been reporting. this is the first time we're bringing you a live picture of metlife stadium. it is desolate and cold, it will change on sunday, 80,000 plus people are expected to be here and we found many say they have no idea how they will get here. father and son super bowl trip. >> it was an easy walk from
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their hotel to super bowl boulevard. >> getting to the game will be harder. you have to take mass transit. more than 80% of the 80,000 plus people expected to be at super bowl xlviii at metlife stadium will take some form of mass transit. trains, buses, shuttles anything but driving. we talked about maybe a taxi, but the transit is so good, i'm not worried. >> one popular option a superpass, unlimited rides for four days. anything. >> for 50 bucks. >> it a great deal. one cab ride would cost 150 bucks. >> there's 28,000 parking spots at metlife stadium. half of them will be blocked off for the game. the bottom line the message, do not drive. there are buses, there's
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shuttle buses, there's mass transit, when it comes to moving masses of people, one official said it will be load and go. their goal to get as many as they can in and out as safe as possible. >> we'll be reporting live all weekend. sunday's game will air on ktvu. kickoff is at 4:30. talk about the drought cycle, i'll layout the chance of rain for the weekend. a bay area company gets a break during the game. the contest that landed them a commercial and the message to young girls. an 81-year-old woman shot. >> everybody knows they can't get here in time. >> the neighbors will take safety into their own hands.
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the crew on aspen carried out a big drug bust off the southern california coast. during a two week deployment the crew seized 120 pales of marijuana, on a drug smugglers boat off the channel islands. crew members discovered the drugs and two suspected smugglers. >> we suspected they were coming from criminal organizations out of mexico that are using the maritime routes to deliver illegal trade to california. according to the coast guard the street value is a million dollars. california health officials announced 52 more flu-related
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deaths across the state and that's two in the bay area. 147 flu related deaths in california, 34 flu related deaths in the bay area this season. the latest were in santa clara county bringing the total number there to 10. officials say the two latest victims were 43 and 54-year-old men. boat died from the h1n1 strain and boat had underlying health conditions. tonight we want to take a moment to pay tribute to someone special. she's been here longer than either one of us. rosie is retiring after 40 years, she's known as host of the bay area people. rosie we're going to hear from you in a moment. first we want to look at her career. wrapping up a careers that span 40 years. rosie began at 1971 as a
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secretary in the art department. she moved into producing roles, guiding two at noon and hosting on the square and sunday night special. >> welcome back to saturday night special. we're talking about chinese new years. >> over the years there's been a lot of memorable moments. >> i should be feeling it where? >> interviews with famous people. snoop the impact of the union is pretty proud of what we've done there. >> when it comes to memorable none of those compare with a father's day feature in 1982 a channel two camera in the delivery room as she gave birth. it was five hours left in this father's day rich curly became a papa and wife became a mama. one look at dad tells you what kind of father's day he's had.
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six months later was jody's second tv appearance. this is my special present for myself. >> rosie's work as community affairs director took her all over california and to china and australia. it earned her national and regional awards and the president, admiration and aaffects of her colleagues and community. they covered everything. >> we're thorough here. has it hit you yet this is it? >> this is like family and i love being here for all the years, it hasn't hit me yet. i'm going to clean out my closet and sock drawer and sleep. >> it was incredible. >> we feel like family. it was a wonderful run. it was fun watching your
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daughter. >> they get embarrassed. >> grew up here looking at the images with your family. met my husband, got married had a kid. we're going to miss you. it won't be the same not seeing. >> you thank you very much. i'll be watching. keeping an eye out. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the weather. unfortunately no more rain in sight. >> nothing immediate. if you look offshore that spinner will bring maybe a chance of something sunday. looks impressive, but it's not going to do much. in the mountains we had snow. there's good news, in the mountains 2 feet of snow. despite the lack of rain here, that snow in the mountain helps out a lot. it was breezy, gusty winds, even at sea level. 20 miles an hour right now in napa for a west wind.
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winds in the south bay. 17 miles an hour in san jose. good air quality, with the winds mostly clear conditions outside. no fog at the coast. you can see the breeze at the bay. next week we have a chance for more clouds and changes, we'll get to that. overnight lows cooler than they have been. the winds will dry down and you will get to freezing. the computer model. here comes this guy. here we are saturday afternoon, your day saturday looks great. this the saturday evening. spin, spin, spin. at this point, sunday morning could see a few showers, and 2:00, 3:00 showers around pacifica, half moon bay, most of that will stay out west. closer to the coast than the
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inland valleys. forecast highs tomorrow. a lot like they were today. 60 in santa rosa. your friday as we head into saturday. that's your best day on the bay area weekend. on sunday the chance of showers, you notice the clouds, it will be cloudy. saturday, sunny, sunday, cloudy and a chance of showers, there's the 5-day forecast. this would be nice if it developed into something. this looks like it will tabulate right through. we keep with a cloudy pattern. when i look at the long range, we get out february 8th, ninth, 10th, a wet weather pattern. it's out a ways but there's hope. driest december, driest january on record and the records in san francisco go back to 1850. >> startling hearing this is
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the worst drought in modern times. >> in a state that runs a huge agricultural economy that needs water. certain cookies being recalled in southern california. what's in them that could be a problem. plus. i want to go and do exactly how i've been training. >> look at her. a star-studded send off for a local olympic contender. >> it's pretty cool. julie in the newsroom. >> removing gang tattoos for free. the reason it was shut down for years and the supports that bringing it back. a doctor going above and beyond for his patients. his efforts to ensure they get the care that they need. new at 6:00. o?oowq
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get your snack on. wheat thins and other nabisco crackers are just $1.50 a box. and dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. . there were an excitement in san jose as students sent off one of their own to winter games in russia. poe lena edmonds will compete in ladies figure skating. >> it exciting to have everyone on my side. it's a huge boost knowing people are cheering for me. >> she's bin skating since she
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was 3-year-old. >> proud of you. you have done the hard work. the hard work is getting to the olympics. now you can go and play. edmondth will leave early next week. once she gets there she wants to do what she has been trained to do. skate cleanly. a patient who went missing from san francisco general hospital was found in the mission district. she walked away from the hospital after surgery. she was found before 10:30. a spokeswoman said finding her quickly was because of new policies since another patient went missing in september. lynn spaulding was found dead in a hospital stairwell. united grocers is recalling 12-ounce bags of ginger snap
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cookies, because the bags didn't say there's eggs in the cookie recipe. the cockies come in a 12-ounce plastic package. there are. reports of anyone getting sick. officials are cracking down to computer coding boot camp. it trains people to work with computers but they fail to get license as private schools before becoming -- accepting students. the schools could be fined $50,000 if they fail to complete. oakland blue bottle coffee is expanding. the coffee roster received $25 million from investors. in a blog post the company will
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use that money to open more cafes in the bay area, in los angeles and new york and will sell bottled ice coffee. living in fear. there are people who i have exchanged e-mails with who are afraid of walking out of their house. now they are trying to take back their neighborhood. the steps neighbors will take after an 81 world was ---year-old was shot in her home. and celebrations begin. the start of the chinese new year. the excitement behind the year of the horse. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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. taking action, they are tired. living in fear so a group of residents are joining forces to make their neighborhood safe. this is days after an 81-year- old was shot and wounded by an intruder in her home.
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>> here in oakland's diamond district many are afraid and fed up with the crime in their neighborhood and they plan to do something about it. oakland police found cell phones and jewelry in a car they pulled over this afternoon and questioned the people inside. police are looking into if what this found is connected to home invasions in the diamond district. >> inside his home, john delaney is rattling off the five burglary and three robberies in the past two weeks alone. a suspected burglar kicked in the door of this house and shot the 81-year-old in the shoulders, she's recovering. >> like me, who are afraid of their family getting injured, because someone comes into their home to steal material
5:32 pm
possessions. >> delaney and others plan to go door-to-door to enlist support for hiring a neighborhood patrol. he needs 100 households to spend $30 a month. >> it will be a response within five minutes. not 20 minutes or 30 minutes or tomorrow. which is sometimes what happens. >> someone desperate enough to break into a house during the day and desperate enough to shoot an 81-year-old woman. that's terrifying. >> libby shaft who respects the district says the police department has 50 unfilled openings for officers. >> i'm not saying filling the 50 slots would solve the problem but it would. prove the current situation. police are looking for four people including a driver and look out and they have some good leads.
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reporting live, ktvu. a caltrans struck and killed a pedestrian this morning at the redwood city station on james avenue. the woman stepped off the platform in front of a train. cal train closed the station for about five hours and single track trains through the area. the station reopened around 11:30 and trains were on schedule by noon. a man is in custody and another recovering from a bullet wound in vacaville. for some reason another car came barreling at them. the officers fired one shot. the car crashed into a utility box, the driver was arrested on charges of assault with a deputy weapon. a passenger was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. michelle obama wrapped up her visit to the bay area with
5:34 pm
another fundraiser. she was a guest speaker at the fairmont hotel. more than 600 people attended. tickets ranked from $500 each to $32,000 per couple. the first lady is one of the most popular draws in northern california, one of the most popular draws around the country. she shows girls like anything is possible, and that you can make it to the white house and be successful. >> the first lady attended three fund raisers during her two day stay and she helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for democratic candidates. it's new year's day on the lunar calendar and people are celebrating the year of the horse. >> from fireworks to food to dancing the chinese new year
5:35 pm
arrives today. how people and businesses are celebrating. >> two weeks from tomorrow the chinese new year's parade starts here. the celebration started today. >> the year of the horse is now underway. san francisco mayor ed lee kicked off the celebration with the police horses in tow. the year of the horse is special, the horse is a symbol of strength, positiveness, overcoming the challenges. >> in inchinatown where kids came for poppers others came in new year's dress. it's important to expose kids to culture. >> the first of the year, they have a good beginning. i want them to know what it's like to be chinese. the children have different reasons. >> i get a lot of money. the holiday brings in extra
5:36 pm
customers looking for souvenirs. >> and that's good for business. more people into the city, they will look at the culture, and come and look at the product. one customer was looking for ideas to take to their work. we had the calendar and the lunch, we're missing the dessert. i came to get nice things to enjoy and celebrate. >> stars of the parade are the floats and we looked at some still under wraps. no one was working on them but the activity will reach a fever pitch in the next two weeks. >> you can watch the parade live on ktvu on february 15th, tune in at 6:00. it's the biggest parade of its kind outside of asia.
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a small bay area company snags a $4 million opportunity in the interbowl. -- super bowl. and allegations of flying high after authorities stopped justin biebers jet and hold him for questioning. refusing to give up. amanda knox reacts to the guilty verdict as the white house weighs in.
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. police arrested a woman who lived in this house for allegedly starting the fire that destroyed it. the woman lived on the house with two other people. the home was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived. neighbors saw the woman down the street just after the fire started outside the garage. >> when i first looked outside the window the fire was in the driveway in front of the car. but it quickly spread on the house. >> police say the suspect was burned and is being treated nor nonlife-threatening injuries, police have not said what the motive may have been for starting the fire. they'll have to catch her and take her kicking and
5:41 pm
screaming back to italy. that's what american amanda knox had to say about the latest ruling of guilty of murder. it's not fair. i'm going to do whatever i can, granted i need a lot of help. i can't do this on my own and i can't help people understand this on my own. >> on "good morning america" knox said she was stunned by the guilty verdict. it was handed down against her and her former boyfriend. this was their third trial. in the first trial she was found guilty. in the second trial she was found not guilty. the victim's family is praising the court's ruling. we hope to come the end of the trial. we're nearer to the truth and an end so we can remember who
5:42 pm
she was. >> amanda knox lives in seattle. the u.s. has an extradition treaty with italy but it's too early to consider. knox defense team says they will go to italy's highest court. authorities in new jersey searched justin bieber's private yet for marijuana, someone reported a strong pot smell when the plane landed. bieber had flown in for the super bowl. nothing was turn up. bieber was free to go. extreme exercise serious risk. from cross fit to marathon running, pushing your body to the edge can lead to serious health problems. oakland will win the super bowl.
5:43 pm
not the raiders, goldie blocks. right after the break. which day will be wet. which will be the nicest and what we can expect in the five- day forcast. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right?
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new at 5:00, going to extremes to stay in shape. people are pushing through pain, leading to serious consequences. extreme exercises is gaining in
5:46 pm
popularity, but sometimes it can be dangerous. extreme fitness has taken the bay area by storm. from cross fit like this, to marathon running or biking. you push yourself through the pain, fatigue, the normal cues to quit. do you feel like you push yourself too hard. every time. a couple times i lay down and try to breath. >> done right this kind of extreme exercise doctors say can have tremendous fitness benefits. done wrong it can be serious risk. >> rabdo, the muscles start breaking down. this physician told me the stuff inside muscle cells is dumped into the blood extreme. >> it can cause kidney failure and other problems. >> it used to be a problem for
5:47 pm
football players and extreme athletes. when roberto doubled up the work out, nothing unusual his arm swelled up. he sent these pictures and spent three days in the hospital. they said kidney failure is common. it could be fat all -- katal. >> when you're combining high intensity exercise with people trying to push themselves you have a risk. >> jeremy jones said they are up front. symptoms may come a day or two after intense work out. >> swelling and extreme pain, weakness, and one of the things to look for is a check in the color of your you're in. dark you're in-- urine should
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trigger a trip to your doctor. a settlement to clear the way for the expansion of a lake tahoe ski resort. a scaled back plan to expand the homewood mountain resort. it is expected to cost $400 to $500 million. sugar bowl had 11 inches of new snow and they hope that will convince people to come skiing. their livelihood depends to crowds. they know a lot of people stay home on super bowl weekend and watch the game. >> they are getting a little bit of snow. we have a chance of showers this weekend. >> maybe something on sunday. but that latisys team that went through not much of anything. the good news in the mountains they got almost 2 feet of snow.
5:49 pm
that payis off in the spring and summer months. temperature today 65 in santa rosa, 64 in sack rafael -- san rafael. here's the system i'm tracking right here, it will go like this and down the coast, by sunday it will be just offshore and bring a chance for showers, especially in pacifica, there's snow flurries showing up south lake tahoe toward bear valley, snow levels are up there right now. the mostly clear conditions will continue throughout the evening hours and into tomorrow. temperature outside, we have lots of 50s. 57 in oakland. just a nice evening out there. we're looking at temperature on the cool side tomorrow. it will be breezy as the cool air gets closer to us. here's the system for sunday,
5:50 pm
that drops down, that will bring a chance of showers along the western fringes of the bay area. this will go right down to the coast like that. that's the sunday forecast. what's the weather out there? it's changed in terms of how cold they thought it would be. upper 20s and low 30s for game time. they will get temperature at the ball game in the 40s, upper 40s and 30s. super bowl xlviii. i'm rooting for denver. i think everybody is. 40 degrees and mostly cloudy. maybe a slight shower. now we look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. slightly cooler than today. instead of the mid-60's we're seeing the upper 50s. 61 in gilroy, the five-day forcast with the bay area
5:51 pm
weekend in view, a slight chance right there. as we go forward the flow continues slightly moist. the pattern is not setting up like january and december. a different pattern. february somewhere around the second week. february the models are bullish on a significant series of storms. we keep watching and hoping. let's hope so. the second week in february. >> a long time away. the warriors new arena hitting a block. winning big this super bowl, the bay area business that won a free commercial during sunday's game. >> right now back to julie in the newsroom with more at 6:00. >> a major bay area water source cut. my yard is survival of the fites anyway. the people in the bay air
5:52 pm
forced to compensate for a 40% loss. a doctor going beyond to get his patients ensured.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
. neurovirus that's what made one ski passengers sick -- 160 passengers sick this week on
5:55 pm
the cruise ship. fairy passengers -- ferry passengers will have to pay more to park. parking there after 3:00 and on weekends will be free. the fees will raise $450,000 a year and help the cash-strapped district maintain the parking lot. new findings could clear the way for the keystone xl pipeline project. a review shows it would have little impact on climate change. the pipeline would bring oil from the tar sands. northwest canada to the gulf of mexico. anyone planning on flying out of sfo could see major delays. the airport is planning to
5:56 pm
close two of the four runways. the closures will begin in mid- may through september and could lead to delays on weekdays. the price tag for the warriors arena in san francisco may be increasing by millions of dollars. the costin crease is due to repairs to two crumbling piers. right now it is estimated those repairs will cost $180 million, and that's double the original figure the team estimated when it announced that it wanted to move from oakland. those repairs would bees in to make the site suitable for the arena complex assuming it is approved. we'll take you back to new york and give you a look the times square. the big apple bracing for bigger crowds this weekend. new york and new jersey are not
5:57 pm
the only ones preparing for the big day. a bay area company is bracing for the big day. goldie blocks won a free emotional commercial. these are the opening seconds of a $4 million super bowl ad goldie blocks toy won in a contest. the tiny company in a small second floor office suite makes construction typesets to get girls involved in engineering. but 9 out of every tenant jeers is a male -- 10. engineers is a male. >> in the eyes of an 8-year-old there's bob the builder, thomas the train, sid the science kid.
5:58 pm
there's no girls. this is a way to change girls minds. they have many sets that are selling well. today, she is a new york city awaiting the super bowl spotlight. i'm so proud that goldie blocks is based in oakland and to respect northern california and if the 49ers can't make it to the big game. goldie blocks can. >> we're smart, we're strong, and we're more than just a princess. it's game time. if for any reason you think this is dumb luck, you're wrong. it's a brilliant idea backed up by a staff with a big hand by that ad. that will make this a household
5:59 pm
ad. the state's drastic water cuts are about to affect communities around the bay area. we break down where and how much water they are about to lose. the shipping problem on the bay that shut down the trans bay tube. >> they account for half the area. >> it would be a tragedy to miss the deadline. this doctors one-man mission to make sure his patients get the health care they need. we should be cleared this is not a coming cryings. this is not an evolving crisis. this is a current crisis. >> dealing with the drought slashing the amount of water they deliver around the state.
6:00 pm
>> jerry brown issued an mccrowd -- mc emergency drought two weeks ago. today state water officials did something they have not done in 50 years. ken pitch it is live in sacramento. >> the step that's the state took today are unavoidable. they had no choice to conserve what water the state has left. it will mean less water released into rivers like the sacramento. >> we know our reservoirs are below normal. we know the snow pack is at a record low for this time of the year, we know we're in a drout.


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