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tv   Newsline  FOX  February 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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kickoff. it's currently 43. we had some light rain during the halftime show. and here are the current temperatures in denver. 21. and seattle, 41. it's actually warmer here in new jersey. at metlife stadium, where, as you said already, the seattle seahawks will start the second half with the football. a couple of things to talk about statistically. actually, time of possession started to balance out. it was dominated early by seattle. but how about the last two times, troy, the broncos had the ball? they ran 24-straight plays. there was an interception for a touchdown in the middle of that. 24 plays, no points. and they've been shut out through the half. >> troy: this is a game that denver is not accustomed to playing. 123 total yards. and they're playing from a deficit. their defense isn't used to playing this kind of game, where they now have to make some key stops. think about what happened in the first half, joe.
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not counting the kneeldown to end the first half. seattle scored on all three of their offensive possessions. and they scored twice when they didn't even have the ball. complete domination by seattle in the first 30 minutes of this game. >> joe: we'll see how the seahawks start the second half. as prater will kick it away. and percy harvin is back. he had one kick returned for 58 yards in his one regular season game against his former team, the vikings. and just prop it up. good kick by prater. now, he takes off. and percy harvin gets free. percy harvin. he's down to the 30. he's going to go. touchdown, seattle.
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>> troy: how about that, joe. they pop it up because they don't want percy harvin to return this ball. and just terrible play by special teams of the denver broncos in coverage. they had a number of guys with an opportunity to make a play on percy harvin before he got going. and once he did, there's nobody on this field, nobody can run like percy harvin. >> joe: hip surgery in august. he missed the championship game with a concussion. he's played in only two previous games this season. and he has had an impact. a short pop-up kick, to try and limit the damage percy harvin can do on the return. damage done. 12 seconds into the second half, a touchdown. 87 yards.
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seattle, all-smiles at metlife. well, the seahawks could not have started the second half, obviously, any better. and you saw what i saw. that was a let's keep it away from percy harvin, not give him the deep kick because pete carroll had told us, unless he's driven out of the back of the end zone, we told percy harvin to go. and go, he did. >> troy: in fact, he said that if percy harvin's heels are one inch from the back line, he's bringing it out. so, you try to keep it away from him. he gets it. and like i say, you see the lane he has. there's three guys right there with a chance to make a play. can't hold that, certainly, against the kicker, not making the play. but you go in there. you've got 30 minutes to figure this thing out at halftime. make a stop
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defensively. get the ball back to peyton manning. and then, your special teams gives up a big one. they took all of the air out of this building for the denver broncos. >> joe: pete carroll, who actually practiced halftime, at the end of the week -- they came out. and percy harvin. now, trindon holliday. and that's it. let's go down to the field. and erin andrews. >> erin: i spoke to john fox before that big play by percy harvin. and i asked him how you get this denver broncos offense going. he said we have to stop turning it over. he's happy with the way they're moving the ball. can you max that pressure? he said, yes. just don't turn it over. joe? >> joe: erin, we've seen scoring plays s 1
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seconds into each half. the safety to start the game. and the kick return to start the second half. and peyton manning is in a huge hole. let's go down to pam oliver. >> pam: an enthusiastic seahawks team came out of the locker room, the same way they went in, enthusiastically. i talked to pete carroll about how he counseled the team in that area. he said, we talked about finishing. disrupting peyton manning has nothing to do with we have to keep in finish mode. back to you. >> joe: second down and ten. thanks, pam. that pass is caught. and welker has a first down. >> troy: pretty remarkable, joe. you look at this defensive play here. and still, a 29-point lead. they're playing single safety high man-to-man on the outside press coverage. the denver broncos did
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not have a 20-yard play in the first half of this game. they were second in the nfl through the regular season with big plays. this seattle defense doesn't give many of them up. they didn't give any up in the first half of the game. >> joe: manning, throws. and narrowly picked by richard sherman. not on the same page. decker was the nearest receiver to it. second and ten. >> troy: just a miscommunication there with eric decker and peyton manning. byron maxwell getting physical with julius thomas. and i thought peyton manning, that afc championship game, put on an absolute clinic. but the execution is going to be required of them to get back in this game. it's going to be unlike they've done all year long. >> joe: peyton manning, the largest comeback of his career, 24 points. the game at san diego last year in october. out to his right. throws across the
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field. dangerous throw. k.j. wright was there to make the hit on knowshon moreno. a gain of six. and moreno, slow to get up. so, they stop the clock. third down coming up after this throw, back across the field. wagner and k.j. wright combined to make the hit. >> troy: the left leg got rolled up, the ankle. the good news, montee ball, they trust him in every situation. knowshon is a better blocker and pass protector. but montee ball's not bad. >> joe: four-man rush. and caught by decker for the first down. so, you had the first one to welker. this one to decker, for the two first downs of this possession. a completion of six yards. >> troy: the first throw they've even attempted against richard sherman. >> joe: richard sherman came into this
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game, having been thrown at just three times this postseason. the pass is caught. wide receiver screen. demaryius thomas with a couple of blockers in front of him. good for four. >> troy: something tells me, that's not true. richard sherman, as we found out, he's a different guy when he hits the field. and we've got a bronco down. >> joe: it's a seahawk, actually. and it's sherman. i think i like this little guy. i love this one. you know, you could always compromise and breed them together. doberhuahua. know what i mean? ♪ [ snarling ] oh! ew! [ announcer #1] i've never seen a breed like this. [ announcer #2 ] nor have i. i don't know what to make of it, frankly. it's unsettling. it's disturbing to look at it directly. how did this dog get past regionals? that's what i want to know. [ panting, barking ] i'm sarah mclachlan. will you help these misunderstood animals?
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back to super bowl xlviii on fox, america's most-watched network for the nfl. along with our producer and our director. there's jeremy lane. >> troy: he came in. and expect peyton manning to go after him. he's well aware of who is coming in with an injury. >> joe: lane in there, playing for richard sherman. and the pass is caught by thomas underneath. and demaryius thomas, brought down by k.j. wright. a gain of three. >> troy: second time. we saw it in the first half, as well. demaryius thomas catches this ball. he's close to the first down. he's got to get going up the field. and understand that he has to pick up the first down. >> joe: third down and three. dez bryant came
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across. >> referee: neutral zone infraction. five-yard penalty. first down. >> joe: it was third down and three. red bryant, trying to get a jump. down 29-0, you get the feeling that unless they're pinned back, it's four down territory almost no matter where they are, with peyton manning on the field. >> troy: came into this game with just one postseason grind. and you state, for obviously different reasons. >> joe: on first down. to the end zone. thomas downfield. richard sherman gets caught. looking for the flag, against thomas. >> troy: that's one of those throws. i asked peyton, would you be willing to take a shot down the field on richard sherman because we know how good he is and what great ball skills he has? he plays this beautifully. peyton never had an
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opportunity to complete this pass. but what he did say, was if i go after him on the go route, make sure if i air, i air deep. i don't want him to have a chance to make a play on the ball. i think that one, more than anything, was trying to back these guys off a little bit. >> joe: second and ten. manning, protected. and look out. welker, the intended target. and there's big kam chancellor. and the big body of chancellor at 6'3", 232 on welker, 5'9", 185. >> troy: he carries the guy up the seam. he's on the right of your screen. he comes off and took a hit. and jarred the ball loose on wes welker. these guys see everything out there. >> joe: on third down. the handoff is to ball. montee ball, bottled up.
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first guy there was k.j. wright. a loss of one. and on fourth down, peyton manning's going to have to come off the field. thankfully for denver, colquitt is still in the stadium. >> troy: i think it's the right decision, joe. when you look at fourth and long and the odds, you don't want to give the ball to seattle with this kind of field position. the defense, as i said, they've not been able to stop them through the first half. >> joe: so, colquitt, waits for the snap from aaron brewer. inside the 20. fair catch. hauled in by golden tate, inside the 10. they have won in all three phases so far. offense, defense, special teams. dominant performance to this point. they have the ball, up 29. ♪ [ male announcer ] in a world filled with war...
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♪ it's hard these days to find food made with only real, natural ingredients. but at chobani... it's the only way we know how. a cup of yogurt won't change the world... "are you alright?" but how we make it might. chobani. how matters. >> today's game on fox is sponsored by -- microsoft. empowering us all. by coca-cola, open happiness. by the all-new k900 luxury sedan, from kia. and by godaddy. get your business found online. it's go time. >> joe: all of the great picturesque shots of new york city.
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we're in east rutherford. that's the municipal building. celebrities on-hand. hugh jackman, kevin costner, sir paul mccartny. david beckham. michael douglas. they have seen a lot of seahawk celebrations. up 29-0. the ball is spotted at the 8. russell wilson, back to the field. and russell wilson, who was told he wasn't big enough, the arm wasn't strong enough, he wasn't fast enough. in the super bowl in his second year in the nfl. handoff to lynch. comes back. and marshawn lynch, his best of the day. across the 25. brought down by adams
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after a run of 18 yards. >> troy: well, denver, because of the situation right now, they have to play defensively a little differently than they'd really like to. so, they stack the line. they're anticipating marshawn lynch. what happens a lot of times when you have everybody stacked at the line of scrimmage, you get beyond that first wave. there's a lot of open field. so, an outstanding job by the offensive line creating a lane. and marshawn lynch finding it. >> joe: lynch had 11 carries for 17 yards before that 18-yard run. those two game face-to-face. no gain. >> troy: russell wilson came out, as did the rest of this offense, expecting to have the ball. to start this second half. and then, you get the big return by percy harvin. while denver had the ball, russell wilson had to come back over here on the sidelines and loosen his arm up again. >> joe: he's not a tall guy.
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he's listed at 5'11". he's got a very strong arm. on second down. play-action. as wilson is going to take off. flag flies. penalty flag is down, as russell wilson hops out of bounds. and it's against seattle, a hold. >> referee: holding, offense, number 76. ten-yard penalty. second down. >> joe: russell okung was guilty of the hold to erase the 22-yard run by wilson. >> troy: golden tate runs a great route. dominique rodgers-cromartie is slow reacting. russell wilson wants to take a shot. i don't think he trusted he had the arm to get it out there. but russell okung, he gets called for the
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hold. >> joe: he threw shaun phillips to the ground to bring up second down and 20. turbin is in the ball game. and he gets it. robert turbin, right up the middle, for three. learn more about the newest way to follow your favorite teams and players. nfl now will deliver your personalized video wherever, whenever you want it. sign up at three-yard carry by robert turbin brings up third down and 17. and there's the play selection called by offensive coordinator darrell bevell.
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percy harvin. and the pass is caught. well-played by denver. and that's exactly what they needed, as golden tate, picked up nothing. woodyard was out there, the middle linebacker for the broncos. >> troy: smart call. smart call by darrell bevell, the offensive coordinator. you see woodyard come over and put a hit on him. i expected them to hand the ball off and say, hey, we're not going to pick up this first down. we can run down more time off the clock. playing to our defense. they're playing outstanding. they ran the quick throw. and they complete it. and they keep the clock running. >> joe: well, trindon holliday and eric decker are back. line drive punt. nice pickup by decker on that short hop. to the 45.
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[ pprrrrrrttttttttttttttt ] ♪ [ clap, clap ] >> joe: aerial coverage provided by bud light. seahawks' defense, back on the field. here in metlife stadium. there's john elway. who is the executive vice president of football operations. back-to-back super bowls. first time in 15 years they've been here. here's montee ball. they're still working on the back of knowshon moreno, who left the last time the broncos had it. gain of one. there's under seven minutes to play here. and the denver broncos have to start going down the field. >> troy: you do the math, joe. they need two
5:55 pm
touchdowns and three two point conversions. they have to start getting the ball down the field and pick up a lot of yardage in chunks, which is hard to do against this defense. >> joe: second and nine. and it's demaryius thomas who is going to be good for a first down. let's take you down to erin andrews. >> erin: just an update on knowshon moreno. he spent time on and off this training table. athletic trainers working on the left side of his back, trying to loosen him up. he's been trying to stretch on the sideline. and telling us they wanted to get him involved in this offense. >> joe: first down, denver. manning protected. pass caught. demaryius thomas. the ball out. picked up by seattle. recovered by malcolm smith, after it was knocked out by maxwell. and a flag comes down at the end of the play. and malcolm smith has tucked away a
5:56 pm
souvenir. he has an interception return for a touchdown for 69 yards. and now, a fumble recovery. >> referee: after the play, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, passing team. number 74. 15-yard penalty. headbutt. first down, time-out. >> joe: maxwell punched the ball out of the left arm of demaryius thomas. and it's the third turnover for the denver broncos. seattle takes over. bruce: great game, right? so, you're probably expecting me to crash a car or blow something up, but really i'm here to talk about car safety. look around you. who do you see? friends, family, neighbors, all your loved ones. everyone you care about. now, here's what i want you to do. i want you to give each and every one of them a hug. i'll wait.
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[ man ] please join me in welcoming lt. chuck nadd home! [ cheers and applause ] >> joe: there is u.s. army first lieutenant chuck nadd, from winter park, florida, here at super bowl xlviii. third turnover of the game. seattle has not turned it over. and that's something russell wilson has done since he took over as the starter. he protects the football.
5:59 pm
starting at their own 42. lynch. lynch ran into a number of bronco players, including robert ayers. a gain of three. >> troy: i thought, joe, coming into this game, that the passing game and russell wilson, they were going -- you know, it was going to have to get more out of it than what we've seen. and what the game has gone, really, according to script, for pete carroll. the way they've won throughout this year, just playing solid defense, great in the takeaways, as we saw. given the offense, great field position. scoring defensively. this is exactly what pete carroll was hoping for when we talked to him on thursday. >> joe: on second and seven. pass dropped by wilson. was left alone. dropped it. dominique rodgers-cromartie was out there. but that's just a drop by luke wilson, who
6:00 pm
caught 20 passes during the regular season. now, third down and seven. you saw pete carroll. you mentioned him. in his fourth year as head coach. he is the second-oldest head coach in the nfl. and you wouldn't know that by looking at him. totally energetic. bouncing around on the sideline. and this team takes their cue from him. >> troy: no doubt. he's enthusiastic. he's bouncing around to the music, just like the rest of his team is. >> joe: third down and seven. wilson, this time, wilson hangs on. and a first down. from wilson, to wilson. and a 12-yard catch and run for the rookie tight end. and a first down for the seattle seahawks. as we've got just over five to play in the third quarter. >> troy: you've seen, it just has not been much pressure on russell wilson. early, he was able to get outside the


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