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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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on sunday that is providing chilling new details about what may have happened. under miranda, they admitted the child was found dead by unknown circumstances and for three days, they stored her body in a suitcase and then placed the body in a freezer. >> they told their story to a point individually and it is up to the forensic analysis to determine whether or not there's validity in anything they said. >> the district attorney said they are very early in this investigation and said autopsy results could determine if more charges are filed. >> this is not a case about retribution. it's about justice. >> and the charges listed in these documents include felony murder and assault on a child causing death. what is not listed here is sexual assault. coming up at 6:00, we're going to tell you why the d.a. says that charge isn't included and how that could take the penalty off the table. live in napa, claudine wong,
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ktvu channel 2 news. >> in san francisco, a man was hit and killed by a car today on the same day that the city was holding hearings on a new safety initiative for pedestrians. police say the man was crossing sunset boulevard near yorba street late this morning when he was struck and the impact was horrible. ktvu's david stevenson has been there all day and david, there is a crosswalk nearby. >> reporter: that's right. i just gathered new information, they identified the victim at 78-year-old, isaac of san francisco. the accident took place on the boulevard just below me and quickly became a large crime scene. the calls came into san francisco's police and fire departments at 11:00 a.m. this toyota corolla struck and killed a pedestrian on sunset boulevard. the impact wedging the victim's body in the windshield and knocking the shoes off his feet. >> it's horrible, an innocent
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person taken. very sad. >> police describe the victim as an adult male, three women, a driver and two passengers were taken to local hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries. >> we do not know whether or not alcohol or drugs played a factor in this. speed is under investigation and whether criminal charges are applicable. >> it's the city's second pedestrian fatality this year. 2013 saw a record 21 deaths. the crash shut down several blocks of sunset for more than 2 1/2 hours. the intersection is equipped with warning lights that flash if a pedestrian presses a button to cross. investigators say it's unclear whether the victim was in the crosswalk and whether that button was pressed. >> what we do know is a car came to a stop several hundred feet from the intersection with the pedestrian lodged into the front windshield. >> and this latest pedestrian happened during a city hall hearing this morning on new strategies to make the city
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safer. why this stretch of road is so dangerous for pedestrians. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll give you a live look over the bay from our roof cam looking out over the oakland estuary. it is clear out there tonight, but it is not going to stay that way. our chief meteorologist, bill martin, is tracking more rain heading into the bay area. >> fortunately, things have turned around. we are seeing a zonal flow or a flow off of the water. that's something we really haven't seen much of this year. december and january not offering this up. the southerly portion is starting to fire up. it pinched off the ridge of high pressure and coming underneath it. we will see showers move into the bay area as we get into the next 24, 48, and 72 hours. clouds out there, mostly cloudy. if i come in close, turn on the radar, we have been getting reports of some light sprinkles. let me move that up for you, showing up along the coast in
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places like pacifica, not a big deal, just drop, but the moisture is here. it is moving in and it's going to change the way we do business on our commute. rain back in the bay area forecast, you'll see it in the five-day. i have time lines for a couple storms coming in over the next few days. see you back here. >> ed for months we have been telling you about wild pigs destroys yards. ktvu was there in san ramon last september when a wild bore ripped through a gaited community looking for a snack. and we also gotten surveillance video from many parts of the south bay. showing pigs digging up lawns during the night. the san jose city council even allowed pigs to be hunted there, but the plan only extended for three months. we have new developments to this case tonight. today the city council approved extending that punting period. and ktvu's rob roth is there and so far, trappers haven't been able to catch any of the
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pigs. >> pictures of them all across here. >> vicki frequently has uninvited guests in her yard in the area of south san jose. >> there's activity here. >> she showed us these pictures she took last week, and the damage to her steps and to her property. you can still see where the pigs dug up her yard. >> fear for my dog. i do fear for myself. >> the dry weather brought the pigs closer to civilization. wild pigs have been spotted in other parts of the bay area. these pigs were forging in san ramon last year. >> see how this is torn up? >> she has seen a dozen or more pigs at one time and worries about a confrontation. >> i think they are getting comfortable in this environment and that doesn't mean we are. >> when the problem first surfaced last fall, the san jose city council approved a three month ordinance that is about to expire. it allows state approved trappers to capture wild pigs and then kill them. it's a law supported by some
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environmental groups, in the three months the ordinance, trappers have not been able to capture any pig. johnny is a san jose city councilman. >> they had no luck. these animals are smarter than one would think. >> supports extending the ordinance for another 12 months, then revisiting the issue a year from now. >> there hasn't been a long enough period to say it's working or not. >> this is all dug up. this didn't used to be like this. >> wagner has different feelings. >> when i see the babies, i have a difficult time with it. i feel like they have taken over. >> the city says it is asking state fish and game in coming up with a long-term solution. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they had an on going cozy relationship with pg&e and the public deserves better. that's what san bruno's mayor said today after the city filed a lawsuit against the california public utilities commission. the suit demands the release of
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documents and e-mails san bruno claims show improper conduct between cpu regulators and pg&e. the mayor says the agencies had a cozy relationship during the time that regulators were in the process of determining fines against pg&e for that deadly 2010 gas line explosion. >> we have become aware of activities behind the scenes and involving pg&e that has given us a cause for concern. >> the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. a committee recommended finding pg&e $2.2 billion. the california public utilities commission issued this statement regarding the suit. it says we replied to several extensive records requests by the city of san bruno and will continue to utilize our resources to evaluate and complete our responses. >> a frightening afternoon in a san francisco neighborhood as heavily armed swat officers went door to door.
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officers also cordenned off a wide area of that neighborhood. ktvu's john is there tonight and shows us how it all began. john. >> police are still looking for that man tonight and they are asking for the public's help. this chaotic situation started around noon when officers tried to pull over this stolen car. the driver hit the gas and took off with police in pursuit. at the intersection of 3rd and 19th, a stoplight had traffic at a standstill. the driver tried to force his way through the stopped cars. he damaged several of them and injured one of the drivers. an officer tried to get the man to stop and he drove at that officer who then opened fire. the driver took off again, eventually abandoning that damaged sod near the housing projects. so police brought in heavily armed officers to find the man who they thought was in one of two unoccupied units. >> we have breeched one unit where he was not. now we have another unit where we believe he may be in. in the meantime, abundance of
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caution, we have the area secured so we can find this guy and find out why such a violent resisting for what it was, just presumably a stolen car. >> the man wasn't in the other unit either. they say, police say they did find his jacket and they should find good evidence inside that stolen car. if you have any idea who the man is, police want to hear from you. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have new information tonight about a deadly stabbing that happened late this morning in an oakland neighborhood near highway 24. police say that a man in his 30s was found dead outside of a home on 31st street. they have detained a man in connection with the killing and they have been interviewing people in that neighborhood and checking for any surveillance video. officers had been called to that area before the stabbing. >> we do have reports that there were officers in the area about an hour prior to this incident. we are looking into whether the two incidents are related.
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>> now according to a woman staying at the home, a man working for the owner of the home was upset a man living there hadn't moved out. the prior disturbance was related to an initial argument that escalated. >> a san francisco man is expected to plead guilty to run in a billion dollar online drug empire. a federal indictment unsealed in new york today charges 29- year-old, ross, with drug trafficking, computer hacking, and other counts. prosecutors say he was known online as dread pirate roberts and ran the silk road website. authorities say users could buy and sell drugs, fake id's and pornography using the digital bit coin. >> the 14-year-old boy from oakland who police say killed his sister will be allowed to go to her funeral. the boy appeared in court where his attorney requested his release. the judge said he is a flight
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risk and must remain in custody, but he can't attend his sister's funeral with a probation officer. that was a picture of his sister you saw a moment ago. she was 17-year-old. employees say the 14-year-old killed her in their grandmother's apartment in oakland's chinatown neighborhood. the boy disappeared after the shooting. he finally turned himself in six days later. >> accused of holding young girls against their will and sexually abusing them. in an exclusive interview. >> this is crazy. >> sketching suspects and you won't belove how life like the drawings can be. the tools that a police officer turned artist is using to help catch criminals. >> next, oakland raiders accused of cheating cheerleaders out of their wages. how the court battle has just gotten bigger. allowing inspiration to follow.
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two homes in san francisco went up in flames. this view shows the daring fire fighting effort with eight firefighters on the roof. they were opening the roof of one building because the fire moved into the attic. the homes are on walnut street. one witness reported seeing a woman with a dog running from one of the buildings and shouting for someone to call 911. no one was hurt and there's no word yet on the cause. >> new at 5:00, police have made an arrest in a hit-and-run that seriously injured a pedestrian. the suspect is 62-year-old, abraham adams. he was arrested today after investigators identified him from surveillance video taken at a gas station near the scene on january 17. the hit-and-run was caught on video. it shows a dark suv matching the one that adams was driving, hitting the 70-year-old victim in a crosswalk at sycamore and
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willow avenues. he is now recovering at home. adams is being held on $50,000 bail. >> after two years of bickering, congress has finally approved a farm bill. one of major sticking points was the cost of food stamps from the one in seven americans. the program will be cut by 1%. the bill provides a financial cushion for farmers that face unpredictable weather and market conditions. the overall price tag for the bill is $100 billion each year. the president is expected to sign it into law on friday. >> a second former oakland raiderette cheerleader joined a lawsuit. a proposed class action suit was filed last month by a former raiderette who identifies herself. she was joined today bizarre ray who has been a member of the squad since 2010. both say their salary of just over $1200 works out to less than $5 an hour counting all
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the unpaid rehearsals, performances, and appearances. the suit seeks class action status on behalf of as many as 120 former and current raiderettes. >> right now, we are insent vising failure. we are rewarding for performance. >> supervisors follow through and san jose fire department over its emergency response times. supervisors voted unanimously today to withhold funding from the fire department. they say the department is not meeting its obligation to respond to 90% of medical emergencies. it's a story we first reported for you here at 5:00 and 6:00. some residents said a fire last summer is an example of the problem. the fire broke out across from a fire station, but the station had no engine. the crews do respond on time nearly 88% of the time when all emergency responses are factored in. but it doesn't acknowledge it sometimes falls short on medical calls. county supervisors say their
5:17 pm
decision to withhold $600,000 may provide an incentive. >> we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to get what we've got, which is late arrival when people's at risk. >> not meeting response times is understandable. whatever happens, whatever choice they make, the reality is, public safety needs to be a higher priority. >> they don't blame the firefighters who lost five engine companies. supervisors say if the department can meet the 8 minute goal 90% of the time for three months in a row, it can get that money back. >> all right, let's go back to talking about our weather now and the key question is, are we looking at showers and potential rain later this week? >> we talked about this last night, the pattern shifted around for what we were seeing in december and january and seeing more of a moist weather pattern. you see those clouds, you saw them all day. that's the moisture moving into the area. december and january was almost cloudless out there and look what we have now.
5:18 pm
jet stream undercutting here, you can see it working its way under the ridge of high pressure, there's a good subtropical moisture plume tapped into that. the dynamics are there, the moisture is there. we're going to see showers throughout the bay area as we head into the next two, three, eight or nine days, we're going to have unsettled weather. timing is going to be difficult because they aren't together yet. but it's going to produce rain. as we head into this evening, it's going to be chilly. overnight lows will be in the low 30s. 38 in vallejo and 37 in antioch. partly cloudy out there right now. partly cloudy and cool tonight. so with the clouds, you do get a little bit of a warm up. there will be clouds so instead of 29, 30 degrees, it will be 32, 33 degrees. slightly warmer. look for patchy fog. i mentioned this last night, the high pressure drops down or shifted south. also shifted north and left
5:19 pm
this cutoff southerly flow of the jet moving through the bay area as we go into this week and into next week. so, it's game on for showers. how much are we going to get? some models suggest over seven days, we will see seven inches of rain. that would be great. here we are wednesday morning. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. cloudy. here comes the moisture. that's your afternoon commute. i don't know if it's going to be real wet. it will be showery, but the dynamics, there's not a strong low with this. that is your afternoon commute. maybe some wet in the north bay and as we head into the evening hours, more rain. when i come back, i'll outline that for you. these are the forecast rain fall totals. perhaps an inch over wednesday night into thursday morning. everybody else, a quart er of an inch. 55 in vallejo. it's something, and that's good. we have more somethings coming as we head into the next few days, into the next week.
5:20 pm
and there's thursday, wednesday night into thursday, a few scattered showers. saturday and sunday look wet. so we'll watch it. see how it times out. models are tieing this all together. when i come back, i'll give you the details on what you can expect. roll through thursday, friday, and saturday. >> oh good. we'll take what we can get. thank you, bill. >> for just $50 a month, some bay area residents are getting a big spiel on water. how they scored it and why they don't think they'll run out. now to julie for what we are working on at 6:00. >> battling her own department. >> yeah. come to this. >> how this bay area firefighter says she was betrayed and left in physical and financial pain. plus -- >> it's a drought putting neighbor against neighbor. how cities are handling the flood of frustration over water wasters. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00. mom...
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: a big week and weekend at pebble beach. today was the niners taking on the giants. up for grabs, $100,000 for charity. joe was there and he shows us who ended up on top, plus a surprise entry on the niners team. >> in a tournament already rich in tradition, a new one is gaining in popularity at the at&t. a good collection of giants and 49ers squared off today for both bragging rights and
5:24 pm
$100,000 for charity. >> who would not want to come down and hang out at pebble beach? you're out here to have fun and raise money for charities, and then you get on the first tee and you really want to win. >> part of the tradition is sandbagging to go along with trash talk. dwight clark always seems to pull out a shot or two. we also learned that matt cain can crush a golf ball. >> we are like punters. we have a lot of extra time off. we are doing stuff, but we have a lot of down time on our hands. >> the site you wouldn't expect to see. alex smith playing on the 49er team and keeping it in contention with his chip at 17. >> so many main things in my life. i spent eight years here. i had my kids here. so, i mean, a lot of ways home for us in the offseason at least. >> another guy who wasn't a giant or 49er, progolfer, matt betancourt who sat in on the
5:25 pm
49er team. but wasn't allowed to put conventionally. his shot set up a chip off to break a tie. that was settled by the giants, jt with this effort. final numbers, the giants win 3 holes and $60,000 for theirs. two holes and $40,000 for the 49ers. >> everybody gets lucky once in a while. it was fun though. the money goes to a good cause. >> one more day of fun. the five-hole celebrity shootout before it gets more serious and the pros take over on thursday. ktvu channel 2 news. >> scientists will be gathering kelp from the pacific coast to check for radioactive contamination from japan's damaged nuclear power plant. the project was organized by a biologist who has been studying the effects of the tsunami that hit the power plant three years ago. scientists don't expect to find
5:26 pm
a health threat, but they expect trace amounts of radioactivity to reach california. they'll be gathering kelp from as far south of baja to alaska. san jose will be upgraded its technology with 1200 new smart meters. the board of supervisors approved a plan that accepts payment by coins, credit or debit cards, even cell phones. to pay for the new smart meters, expect to raise meter rates to $2 an hour. but the exact amount will be determined during the upcoming budget process. the cost of parking at a san jose meter has only been $1 an hour for more than ten years. >> a man faces charges of molesting young girls. now his wife is speaking out to ktvu. >> i don't believe any of this. he's a good man. >> up next, a different side of the story from a woman who says her daughter was a victim. >> and later, it's a crime that some say is fueled by hate.
5:27 pm
the evidence left at a mosque not far from the bay area and the call now to get the feds involved. >> then catching criminals with technology. the new tools being used by bay area sketch artists and the result we got when we put one artist to the test.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> i trusted him at first. he's a very sick man. >> that's the voice of a woman who says her daughter was molested by a man now under arrest. only on 2, the suspect's wife also speaking out, but with a much different story. >> i'm behind him 100%. i don't believe any of this. he is a good man. >> 67-year-old, richard pleaded not guilty today to several charges, including lewd contact with a child under 14 years old. tonight we are hearing from people very close to the suspect and the alleged victim. >> and only on 2 tonight, ktvu's robert honda spoke to the families who have very different opinions on the suspect. robert. >> here at the santa cruz county courthouse, the court case of this alleged child molester began this morning and as you hear the interviews, the exclusive interviews with both
5:31 pm
families, you'll understand why people expect very emotional proceedings. the wife of the santa cruz man said they are living a nightmare. >> this is crazy. >> as we first reported yesterday, santa cruz police arrested 67-year-old, richard lester brody and charged him with lewd conduct for a child under 14 years old, assault with attempt to commit rape, and police say a search of brody's home led to a charge of possessing child pornography. i talked to the mother of one alleged victim who asked us not to show her on camera. >> he's a really sick man. >> did you trust him at one time? >> totally trusted him. >> the mother said she trusted brody enough to let her daughter play with him and another unidentified girl inside his home. >> he would buy him food. he went out of his way to be nice. started making me feel uncomfortable. he would wrestle with the girls and at first, i didn't know it was in the dark.
5:32 pm
>> brody was charged in court this morning, pleaded not guilty and assigned a public defender. bail was set at $450,000. brody's wife defended her husband. >> i'm behind him 100%. i don't believe any of this. he's a good man and this will come out. this will get straightened out. >> today, the judge issued a protective order for bidding brody. he's scheduled to return to court february 19. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police said they arrested a man who tried to kidnap a seven- year-old girl. investigators provided this photo of the suspect. police say the victim was with her mother at the shopping plaza last night when a man picked up the girl and carried her away into the parking lot. the mother started yelling and the man let the girl go. investigators say that a security guard pointed weathers by out to police when they arrived a short time later. >> police are investigating a
5:33 pm
shooting that injured two people, a young man and a woman. the shooting happened just after 10:30 last night as the victims were walking on the 1900 block of heatherwood drive. a car pulled up and someone inside started shooting. the 22-year-old man was hit in the arm. the 19-year-old woman was struck in her lower back. both are expected to survive. the woman collapsed in the yard of a nearby home. the homeowner who didn't want to be identified said he applied pressure to her wound until paramedics arrived. he was nervous stepping outside after the gunfire. >> it was scary because i didn't know if that person was dead. >> investigators say this was not a random shooting and the victims were likely targeted. so far, no arrests have been made. >> new at 5:00, as we go deeper into the drought, we're learning of a big steal for some bay area drentzs. unlimited water from a canal for less than $50 a month. more than 400 people in contra
5:34 pm
costa county are signed up for that deal. as john fouler reports, it has been a nice perk, but it may not last during the drought. >> the neighborhood of pleasant hill, on this side of the street, the bonus water halves. the other side, the have notes, including patrice doyle. >> they have a huge break, since the price has gone up tremendously. >> had 747 homes get landscaping water from this 80- year-old agricultural canal. >> with the canal water in good years, we have unlimited water. >> for a flat fee, less than $50 a month, homeowners can open their speckets, or pump all the water they want. >> out of the canal. >> we can water our entire landscape. once that is set with our landscaping. >> one of 395 special water districts in california scheduled its canal to be low this winter. it filled every spring with
5:35 pm
federal water from the delta. there's no metering. but during the drought five years ago, the district told people not to water on certain days. >> on the days it is restricted, you have to be careful and get up early and water the heck out of the lawn. >> canal water homeowners could face restrictions again this year. that depends on the federal water allocations expected to be announced in a few days. ktvu channel 2 news. >> federal officials now say they are offering limited help for california farmers affected by the on going drought. today, the u.s. department of agriculture announced $20 million in aid. that money will be used for improvements in irrigation and assistance with water facilities. later this month, they will only allot a fraction of the federally controlled water that farmers want. on, we have an entire section dedicated to california's drought. you can find the link under hot topics. >> and our chief meteorologist is tracking changes ahead.
5:36 pm
more rain heading to the bay area. >> right after the break, i'll talk about the rain showers headed your way, how they will impact the commute. i'll be right back after the break. >> and later, what is better? preserving nature or clearing trees to improve the view? the controversy surrounding the removal. >> but first, some are calling it a hate crime. raw bacon. the call to the fbi to find the vandals.
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a mosque vandalized with disappointing graffiti and raw meat. this isn't the first time. the fbi has been asked to investigate the vandalism as a hate crime. it happened in mantika. they are calling for the investigation. members of the mosque say the vandalism has been concerned about their safety. >> it was time to, you know, speak out about it and let others know and you know, hate crimes are taken seriously now and i think that's just the message that has to go out. >> hate graffiti was sprayed on the mosque at the islamic center of mantica. raw bacon was also found on the grounds. muslims do not eat pork and may consider that act to be
5:40 pm
offensive. the council on american islamic relations says this isn't the first time the mosque has been hit by vandals. last year, someone spray painted this message on the sign. members say the hate has to stop. >> it is scary just again, you know, sadly ever since the tragic events of 9/11, we hit twice. >> the police department is investigating the vandalism as a hate crime. at this point, investigators say they have no leads. there's also no word yet on when or even if the fbi will join the investigation. >> facebook ceo is encouraging users to look back as part of the company's 10th anniversary celebration today. >> the social americaing giant is putting together custom made look back videos for users. the short video of most liked photos, status updates. facebook says it has 757
5:41 pm
million active users worldwide with about 143 million here in the u.s. >> up next here, a debate over redwood being shot down in the south bay. >> yeah, the 70-foot redwood that stood here for more than 30 years is gone. we'll tell you why some tenants are upset. >> plus, saying sorry, the apology from target and the high-tech solution that could prevent it from happening again. >> and taking a live look outside. you can see the rain clouds, well, maybe there in the distance, perhaps moving in. bill martin tracking wet weather in his forecast right after the break. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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massive data breeches were the center of a data breech. more than 1 million customers between july and october after last year. dianne feinstein asked an executive about the lag between the hacker attack and when customers were notified about it. >> i'm a shopper at your institution, mr. kingston, i don't recall getting any notice that my data may have been breeched. when would i have had notice? >> it wasn't until january 6, actually, that we learned that this very sophisticated mall ware, what was put in our systems had the ability to scrape card data in our
5:45 pm
systems. >> target says it will be switching to smart cards with microchips to project against cyber theft. 40million target customers had their data compromised over the holidays. >> reported arising from their graves. >> that was an emergency alert in three states warning a zombie attack was underway. clearly a prank, but a disturbing one since the u.s. emergency alert system was hacked. it was mentioned in a senate report showing how government computers may be at risk. it's because the federal government doesn't have enough people with the proper expertise and training in cyber security. >> top u.s. intelligence officials say there are a number of specific threats targeting the winter olympics which gets underway in sochi later this week. russia deployed a massive security force with police and soldiers on hand for the games. authorities say the greatest threat is coming from a russian
5:46 pm
terror group. u.s. counterterrorism officials say intelligence sharing with their russian counterparts has been good. they are working with russia to track threats of varying degrees of credibility. >> new at 5:00, large holes where trees once stood, signaling a large debate in the south bay. some say the cutting of some 70- foot redwoods is a tragedy. >> and christian is in san jose with more on this controversy. >> equity says this property near the airport needs to be modernized and that is why the 70-foot redwood that stood here until this morning needed to be taken down to make way for a smaller tree. >> crews worked to fill the redwood in front of the property at 2001 gateway. >> we have been talking to a number of our cotenants and they aren't happy about this. >> he thought the property
5:47 pm
managers would be -- >> i work right there. out my window, i saw them working on these redwoods. those redwoods are not sick. >> 85 trees are slated for removal. tenants who want the trees say they felt sandbagged that equity notified them in a memo talking about modernizing the properties sent out december 27. >> but it was buried in the 8th paragraph down. how many e-mails do you get a day? you take the time to red that one e-mail, 8 paragraphs down. >> in an e-mailed statement today, equity office property says while we respect their right to hold the views they do, the tree replacement program is a much larger program to make airport place more appealing to a broad range of potential tenants. the company says after going through the permitting process, including an opportunity for public input, the city allowed them to go along with their plan and put in trees. some tenants are worried the
5:48 pm
new trees won't support the same wildlife. >> there was a falconness in one of the redwoods right here. a falcon's nest. >> it is gone now? >> it's gone. it's incredible when you think about it. >> a tree removal is already well underway, but some tenants are planning to start a petition to protest the tree removal. christian, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, let's go back to our weather now. everyone thinking about rain and if more is on the way and you were saying something interesting, we may get up to 5 inches? >> yeah, up toward the drainage basin where there will be a lot of moisture. they could get a half foot of rain. over 6 or 7 days. that would be good news north of the bay area. rain for us as well. these are the temperatures that we had today. lots of 50s. no 60s. it was cool out there because all the cloud cover. and you see clouds streaming in. this is a big deal, when the
5:49 pm
jet stream undercuts like this. january, december, just wasn't happening. it's happening now. so we got rain coming our way. it's hard to say how much right away in terms of local cities. as we have 5 or 6 or 7 days of on and off wet weather. we can take a look at the radar. i got it spinning. you'll see a little bit of action. i was noticing earlier, we were picking up rain over by the bay. when i say rain, it's sprinkles. it's indicative of how moist the atmosphere is. that's good, right? so as we head into tomorrow morning, this system is pushing in. so the clouds thicken up tomorrow morning and as we head into tomorrow night, that's when in the evening is when we get to showers and a little bit of wet for your thursday morning commute. here's how it looks on the computer model. here we are, advance this model. here we are tomorrow night. maybe a little bit of shower
5:50 pm
activity. here we go into thursday after midnight. more showers, snow in the mountains. thursday morning, 6:00 a.m., wet roadways for the commute. is it a gully wash? no, but it will be slower. there will be some moisture falling from the skies and at 1:00 on thursday, that looks good, huh? that means wet roadways thursday afternoon, but probably nothing from the sky. friday at noon, right, some moisture and the thing to notice, see this? see all this moisture plume aimed at the bay area. that's great. i can't go, oh, there's a storm. a ton of moisture focusing in our direction. it's going to be wet on and off. especially the weekend system, it will organize better as we get into the next couple of days. rain fall accumulations, the model saying we could see, by thursday morning, half inch of rain in parts of north bay and half inch of rain down the santa cruise mountains.
5:51 pm
58 in conger. santa clara toward san jose 57. more of the same, because they were like that today. the five-day forecast, showers wednesday night into thursday. thursday morning, kind of scattered showers all day on thursday. friday, sprinkles in the area, but no big deal. saturday and sunday look productive. we'll keep an eye on that for you. there's your five-day forecast with your weekend in view. there's a complete 180 from where we were a week ago. a month ago, two months ago. it's good. it's nice to be talking about productive stories. >> thanks, bill. >> catching criminals, not with a gun, but with new technology. >> every eye, every nose, every line is not correct until they say so. >> up next, we'll show you what happened when we put a police sketch artist to the test. >> back now to julie in the newsroom with more on what we are working on for 6:00. >> we are learning about the
5:52 pm
peer pressure turning water wasters into water savers. plus, this firefighter says she is spending for herself after being injured on the job. why the fire department has no reason to cancel her insurance. coming up at 6:00. one of the best things about is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. for example, if you're a single person
5:53 pm
making less than $46,000 a year, or a family of four, earning up to $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance. the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. get answers, and get covered. find out if you're eligible and enroll today. call 800-752-6603.
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5:55 pm
a police source says actor phillip withdrew $1200 from an atm hours before his death. the source told the new york post that hoffman got the money in six installments from a grocery store near his apartment in the west village. the source said there are no surveillance cameras in the area, but police are using bank and phone records to trace hoffman's steps in the 24 hours leading up to his death on sunday. police said hoffman had a needle in his arm and 70 packets of heroin in his apartment when he died of an apparent drug overdose. the president's deputy drug czar says there is no inconsistency from the white house when it comes to marijuana. today the administration said it opposes efforts by colorado and washington to legalize the drug. >> when the president said, where's the statement, he said i don't think referring to marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. what was your reaction?
5:56 pm
>> i think the administration's policy has been consistent. >> the deputy director for the administration's drug office told a house committee it is opposed based on medical research. but republican lawmakers were critical of what they called mixed messages coming from the white house. president obama made headlines when he said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. >> today is world cancer day and the world health organization is predicting an alarming increase in cancer cases worldwide. it projects that cancer will jump from an estimated 14 million cases in 2012 to 22 million cases over the next 20 years. developing countries will be affected the most. the most common cancers are those of the lung, breast, and large bowel. half of all cancers could be avoided if current prevention methods were put into place. new at 5:00, a secret weapon for bay area police.
5:57 pm
a sketch artist to track down criminals. mountain view police have been putting up realistic sketches and we wanted to see how it's done. there is an art to catching a criminal. >> art can be subjective. >> when you say she's an attractive person. >> that paint a picture. >> what's your most outstanding feature? >> full lips. >> if a picture speaks a thousand words, kevin wants his to say just three. >> that is him, that is her. >> the sketch artist for the mountain view police department. >> on a daily basis, help people out and do meaningful things. >> he's a sworn police officer who happens to be a classically trained fine artist. >> started off when i was a little kid. i was doodling. >> where most artists draw with pencil, paper, and imagination. the officer draws with a
5:58 pm
computer tablet, a stylus, and his ears. >> this is your drawing based on your memories, not mine. >> in news, a lot of suspect sketches come off our desks, but his stand out. his police chief says his talents are helping solve crimes. >> he brings so much more to the ability to identify people by what he draws than the standard sketch artist. >> her hair? >> brown. long. >> at the start of this story, we put officer nguyen to the test, sketching anna from my description. >> average height, slender build. about 3 minutes later. >> yeah, right. >> it looks like all that doodling paid off. >> still doodling. in mountain view, ktvu channel 2 news. >> now at 6:00, ktvu has
5:59 pm
learned disturbing new details about the death of a three-year- old girl in napa. what police say the mother and boyfriend did to the little girl's body. >> not everyone is heeding the call to save water. how peer pressure may be the key to conservation for some of the bay areas largest water agencies. >> and this firefighter was hurt on the job. her road to recovery. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> beaten and stuffed in a suitcase and then placed in a freezer. the startling details we learned today about the killing of three-year-old, kayleigh slusher. >> the child's mother and boyfriend appeared in court facing murder charges. ktvu's claudine wong spent the day going through documents and
6:00 pm
the couple says they did with the little girl's body. claudine. >> sarah and ryan's appearance before a judge lasted only minutes up there on the second floor of the napa county courthouse. and while they didn't say much in court, it is an interview they did with police that is providing chilling new details about what may have happened to three-year-old caylee. >> according to court documents obtained by ktvu, we know at least in part what they have already told police. according to court documents, under miranda, they admitted that the child was found dead by unknown circumstances. and for three days, they stored her body in a suitcase and then placed the body in a freezer. but they didn't say why. >> i would say they were both cooperative to a point. but beyond that, again, they've told their story to a point individually. >> documents confirm that when police found her, she was in bed and say she had been beaten


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