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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the clouds are now left lingering over the bay area. but a second band of rain a lot of rain is headed our way. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we have live team coverage tonight. crews have been tracking the impact of the weather and the water levels that are very low all over the bay area because of the drought. but we start with our chief meteorologist bill martin who's tracking the storms, bill. >> reporter: a lot of rain as julie mentioned and the forecast, why is it a lot of rain. take a look at where the moisture is coming from. emanating from out past the line over the hawaii islands and making the loop. we're setting up for very, very wet bay area weekend. the wettest storms we've seen this year so far. let's take a look at the radar. they're turning now not showing much but tomorrow at this time, this system starts to move in it's going to be a lot of green and it's going to last through sunday night. when i come back. we'll have a time line for what you can expect for friday and the bay area weekend. that's going to be the wettest time in the mountains we'll see
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you back here. >> thank you, bill. it rained enough this morning to cause creeks to swell in the south bay. robert handa continues our storm watch coverage live in santa clara, robert. >> reporter: here at this popular santa clara creek trail people have not seen this sign changed due to weather for quite a while. but today's rain did require some precautionary measures especially at creeks and rivers. people going alongside the san thomas creek in santa clara today had a couple of rare experiences. seeing a full creek and getting a flood warning. some told us the channel was dusty and dry not that long ago. and water flowing was a welcomed sight. john berth rides his bike along this path every day and had some concerns. >> the creek is swelling up, it's beautiful i like it. it's nice out here. they had to close the trail a couple of times because of flooding did that surprise you a little bit. >> it did. i had to take an alternate
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rout. but it's back open, it's cool. >> reporter: pointed out most of the concern was over debris that built up in narrow water ways during all the dry months. >> there are a lot of very small channels and creeks around the county that can get flowing pretty quick. >> reporter: crews are also going to keep an eye on storm drains that created a lot of standing water. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain is also good news for sure for the bay area's water supply. john fowler got a look at a key watershed in drought struggling marin county. and john is live now with something experts haven't seen in this area. >> reporter: when it rains first it evaporates then it saturates and only then does it run off. and they are poised on that
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crucial third step. most of the marin county water comes from rain. and today it drizzled. check this out this is two weeks ago. this is the reservoir today. marin's water system less than 2/3 normal. they're just over half way finished pumping phoenix lake. expect water levels to go down another 10 to 12 feet. >> right now our, you know our pocketbook is drawing down. we're hurting for water. >> reporter: there's been some rain. >> that's kind of rocky. >> reporter: mark swazee ducked down to show us the season's first good news. >> it's beginning to saturate. yeah. >> and a few yards away. >> we're already seeing some, some water showing up in a little side creek here. >> reporter: culverts are still dry now but he says run off should begin with the next rain. >> we're going to have to see successive storms over the next
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two months to get us out of the trouble that we're in. >> reporter: that trouble still looms of course voluntary restrictions now without significant continuing rain. there could be mandatory restrictions as in other north bay communities. now marin county water officials tell me they are preparing to put this ad in this weekend's newspaper. to remind people that the drought is still on and they need to conserve. reporting live in marin county, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. residents are being asked to conserve gas and electricity. they issued the alert because of the shortage relating to the cold weather. our coverage continues on and mobile ktvu. you will find storm tracker 2's storm radar and the very latest
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on weather, warnings and conditions. two bay area police departments are now investigating the actions of a new officer. an officer who's own father is also in uniform. john fowler with the trouble that happened this weekend. >> reporter: the officer involve. >> steve: a new oakland police officer. and the incident happened early over the weekend. while talking to a waitress someone pulled out a gun. >> it was an off duty oakland police officer. >> reporter: the officer is kelly who's own father was a police inspector. he was talking to a waitress and told him he was an officer while trying to impress her. >> the weapon was brandished toward her they know toward the gun. >> reporter: the incident spooked her so she told her coworkers who called police.
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>> there is a criminal investigation here that's been followed by the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the oakland police department where kelly is still on probation is conducting its own internal investigation. officer kelly was taken into custody and brought to the northern district police station. police took his gun for evidence. >> the weapon did not belong to the oakland police department. >> reporter: officers are not allowed to consume alcohol while unarmed. kelly admitted to drinking last saturday night. opd released a statement saying we're conducting a thorough investigation into this incident focused on finding all pertinent facts. this is a potentially a fireable offense since kelly is still on probation. a bipartisan group of lawmakers said today the state must go after the men who buy
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sex if it's going to save the women and young girls who sell sex. the panel introduced legislation that would increase the penalties and fine associated with paying for sex. many women especially teenage girls are force into prostitution. while human traffickers fate up to 15 years in prison, lawmakers say customers face almost no penalty. >> when a buyer of sex goes and has sex with a minor, that is rape and it should be punished as rape. we need to go after these people and go and engage in this horrible crime. >> the u.s. department of justice lists san francisco as one of the top 20 cities in the nation for human trafficking. 48-year-old patrick henen is facing 40 counts of arson. the largest was a warehouse fire that caused $5 million in damage. fortunately no one was seriously hurt in any of the
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fires. brennan is due back in court on march 19. a transgender teenager charged with battery in connection in a school fight may be a step closer to having those charges dropped. a juvenile judge tonight granted gutierrez request to enter a restorative justice program. it's designed to help her reconcile with her peers. that fight was captured on cell phone video. gutierrez will appear in court again in may to report on her progress. her attorney says she's hopeful the battery charge will be dismissed. a well known private school for girls is apologized tonight after a menu designed for african american month included fried chicken, corn bread and watermelon. >> reporter: when teachers plan
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black history activities they didn't set out to make news. >> they thought it was a clever way in their own way to celebrate black history month. it was as simple and naive as that. >> reporter: the school reiterated that in this letter. saying quote at no time do we wish to perpetrate racial stereo types. >> that history is on display at the african american museum in the library at oakland. >> there's an impression that all black people eat this kind
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of food which of course is false. >> reporter: chief curator says the offending menu comes from a place of -- >> i object to the reaction. >> it just goes to show that there's a greater need for education on everybody's part. >> reporter: the school is using this as a teachable moment. there will be teacher training and a school assembly later this month and that menu has been changed. in concord, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. two new flu deaths were confirmed today in santa cruz county. health officials are releasing only a little information about the victims. both were men, one man was between 20 and 30 years old. the other between 50 and 60 years old. santa cruz has now confirmed three deaths so far this
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season. 35 people have died from the flu in the bay area so far this season. 10 of those in santa clara county alone. and today san mateo county confirmed itself sixth death. there has now been at least one death confirmed in all nine bay area counties. san francisco mayor ed lee reemphasized his push for more affordable housing in san francisco. he came during a tour of new project on 1600 market street in hayes valley. the authority has vowed that 100% of the units are affordable. >> more people want to live in our wonderful city. a lot of people living here want to stay. if we are almost militaristic about building and constructing housing such as this wonderful sector we're at. >> the mayor says he wants to build 30,000 new homes in san francisco over the next six years with priority given in the permit process based on how
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many affordable units the builders include. in the case of a police shooting is headed to federal court. the civil rights violation a family says police officers phaƔed when they shot and killed an east bay man -- officers made when they shot and killed an east bay man. and it is a parking lot for the homeless. is this county funded lot a little too close for folks living in the neighborhood?
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the family of an east bay man who was shot and killed by police is suing the city of concord. concord police were looking for 21-year-old charles burns of antioch on an arrest warrant for drug sales back in may. officers shot and killed burns who was unarmed after a car chase. his parents have just filed a civil rights lawsuit in civil
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court alleges that officers used excessive force. the city of concord has not yet issued a response. an open field set aside for the homeless and the sonoma county program is shaking the nerves of neighbors. problem is, neighbors say it was called too late. just days after the gate's opened and the homeless had already pulled in. mike mibach tells us, for some residents their backyard just got a little smaller. >> reporter: farms and family. >> we raised six kids here, all the kids were an egg. >> reporter: for the last few days life has changed. >> we have felons. >> reporter: for corbin and her neighbors. >> they could be drugs, you don't know. >> reporter: and it all centers around these cones. this place is often known as lot d located on the southern
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cape of the sonoma fairgrounds and surrounded by pretty nice homes. starting this week it's also home to the homeless from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. homeless specifically living in vehicles can park here. they get bathroom, food, showers, all while neighbors say they get blind sided. >> i woke up and they had tractors going on there. >> reporter: sherry zang. >> i apologized four times last night that we did not have the time to reach out to them. >> reporter: the program is run by catholic charities and an emergency response she says to the cold winter. >> we had 21 people there last night in 15 vehicles. and that includes women, veterans. >> we don't know nothing about them. don't know nothing about them. >> reporter: catholic charities says it needs volunteers to staff. but most neighbors say they don't even want it. they want the idea just not the
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location. >> some of the people will stay. other people are going to wander off so they can have a drink. >> reporter: the homeless in lot d at least through april but supervisor zang says the program if successful could stay much longer. in santa rosa, mike mibach, ktvu news. there's a new push to use money earmarked for high speed rail for other transportation projects. state assembly republicans have introduced legislation to move money for fast rail to other projects. >> we're ready for some action. we think if transportation projects are a better use for the dollars and they're ready to go, jobs tomorrow. >> one republican assemblyman
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has already proposed a stop to the move of funds. there's plenty more rain and snow in the forecast. the highest elevations are expected to get three to 8- inches of snow by this weekend. bill sounds like a lot more is on the way. >> it's starting to act like winter around here. after a super dry january. driest ever recorded. here's what we've got. ever recorded modern times. two systems one is going to bring us a little bit of am rain -- pardon me pm rain tomorrow. then it's going to light up as we get into saturday. look at this north bay storm total. that's the russian river basin. we're going to get a lot of rain. this is storm totals so it's not going to be all at once. but over the course of the next two to three days we're going to get up to 8-inches of rain
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in bay area storm basins. many times moisture comes from here. it's moist but not like this. this thing is coming from the tropics. very, very low. just above the equator and it's going to head our way and produce a lot of precipitation. right now the radars are  spinning but they're not showing anything. tomorrow night at this time they'll be spinning and they'll be showing a lot. tomorrow night, this moisture really starts to get closer to us. again, there's the hawaiian islands. here's where this guy is coming from. 1,000miles of moisture headed our way over the next three days. starts to tomorrow night. lingers into sunday, maybe a little more into monday morning. 7:00a.m. tomorrow morning, your morning is cloudy. wet on the roads but probably not in the sky. maybe some light showers everywhere else. tomorrow's commute will be a lot like what we saw today. a little bit of drizzle. a little bit of this. friday night overnight kind of lights up. in the mountains are going to
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see plenty of snow. winter storm goes into effect. as we head into your friday night. that's a big deal because snow levels, they're going to be kind of high but they can easily get, three, 4 feet of snow by monday morning. by monday afternoon. so really good news in the mountains. much needed snow in those areas. the forecast highs tomorrow 58. instead of 55, 56. temperatures just like we saw today. the five day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, bulls eye saturday. that's the day we're going to see national weather service issue flood advisories. we will see the heaviest rain in this period. then sunday it's heavy but not as heavy. good news again we're not super saturated. we're not freaking out about big rivers flooding. maybe small streams, urban and small streams but nothing to freak about. russian river is fine. napa river is fine. all those rivers are fine. >> sounds like it's all good. >> bill, thank you. ktvu viewers have been sending us pictures pictures
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of the rain. jessica sent us this picture from san jose. snoopy may soon be appearing on specialty plates. specialty plates would feature an original drawing from shultz. his widow is offering the snoopy portrait at no charge. but first the dmv has to get 7,500 orders. the at&t proam tournament finally got under way. there's a local golfers who's on the board just after one round. we'll show you who it is. and what we're working on for bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. forget the 49ers and
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raiders. bay area football fans want to cheer for the sea lions. all based on the invasion of two local coaches seen on this video. will it work? we'll find out more on tv 36. [ male announcer ] value is always served up fresh at subway and this february, the crowd favorite meatball marinara is our featured $5 footlong. top it with melty mozzarella, green peppers or any of your favorites, on your choice of freshly baked bread.
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seems like it never fails at the at&t proam. i feel so bad for them. it's nice when it's beautiful but not the rain. >> got a little taste of it today. three hour rain delay and there's more to come on saturday and sunday. perhaps but certainly nothing new for the at&t. the clam bake event goes on a little bit late. the threatening skies right there but they were able to get in plenty of golf. phil mickelson for 10 on the monterey peninsula course at 5- under par. you have to see this shot. 6-under 66 for the day here at 10 for birdie. looks like an optical illusion as it finds its way in. he's two back. a local product making good. watch this shot from james han from alameda number six at pebble. shot a 369 and, right back into the cup for an eagle.
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andrew loop is your leader at 8- under 69 he played at monterey pe peninsula. the celebrity is pretty thin but we caught up with ray romano who was able to get in a little bit of golf. >> it's pretty sad. because it's my only chance of the year. these guys do it every day. how often do i play in a cup. >> seems like there's an incredible amount of them. but we go to gonzaga woman from half court. she picks up a mere $1,200. got to see that again. beautifully done. $1,200. why not. >> looked like she could do that on a regular basis. >> got a running start and there she goes. >> warriors on national tv.
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andrew bogut and david lee will not play tonight. >> thank you for joining us tonight on the 6:00 news. we have a lot of stories we have coming up for tonight's 10:00 news. we hope you join us tonight at 10:00. >> have a good evening everyone. see you. >> good night.
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