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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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fire and ktvu's alex savage just talked to a fire victim there. we'll check in with steve, it looks like there's a lot of mist. i know we're talking about drizzle out there this morning. it looks like san leandro, foggy or misty out there. it is friday february 14th. i'm pam cook, happy valentine's day. >> we did see driving in and stuff coming down. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >> i am indeed right over there. a lot of fog in place. it's not too bad. it's a high, low cloud deck if you will. for others it's right down on the deck. dense fog and drizzle then it starts to lift and burn off at 10:00. it's not widespread. there are thick pockets of fog especially san jose and it picks up now, and 8:00. the stream of moisture continues to come up from the hawaiian islands. is going to be as muggy today,
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the answer is yes. once it burns, it being the fog it will be a tropical pattern here. when you're at 57 for a low in livermore, it won't take much to get to near 70 degrees and muggy conditions. rain to the north, it will impact us late saturday into early sunday. everything rides up over that ridge of high pressure. morning drizzle, hazy and humid though, it will be muggy later on today. near 07 for some. here's sal. one of our fine directors, let's look at highway 24. many pulled over at central lafayette off to the side. we investigated and they're reporting did he pri in the lanes. they're reporting as many as 20 vehicles off to the side on 24 westbound near central lafayette. i'm not sure what it is, be
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careful. getting a flat tire on the way to work would be way down there on the list of things you never want to do. be careful. this is the look at the commute at the toll plaza. it's a two-minute wait, we're looking at 50-minute drive time into the city. there's a crash, an injury crash blocking one lane, traffic is backed up for a mile. after that the traffic does move well into dublin. 6:0 it, let's go back to the desk. >> we're following developing news in san leandro, we're following hot spots, alex savage joins us, now, from the scene. we understand you spoke to a fire victim. >> yeah, i spoke to a couple of people who live inside this two- storey condo here. they said it was a scary morning for them. it started 4:30 this morning and frankly everyone who lives inside this place it's 6 people
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who live inside this two story building. they made it out safely. it's all thanks apparently to a neighbor who lives on the downstairs floor. he smells smoke and he began to investigate what's going on. let me show you pictures earlier from this close up view. this two-storey condominium that has extensive damage this morning from this fire that was fully involved when the crews got here. the gentleman smelled smoke and he found out how large this fire had grown and he went upstairs and made sure everyone made it out. >> i got up to see what was going on and as i walked to my door i could see the black smoke coming through and when i opened it, my other roommate was out there, he said we need to get out, fire, and the first thing i thought, i could run outside and get a hose, but as
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i was running towards their door i looked back the fire was climbing the wall. >> and this fire again was out of control essentially when the first crews from alameda county fire arrived at the scene. there wasn't a whole lot they could do. i want to bring in ronnie otis, what did this look like when the first crews arrived. >> they reported fire on the first and second floor. we had early indicators that the families were out of the building. we went into the defensive mode strategy. we wanted to have closures to the unions. we went into an offensive mode and to extinguish the fire. it took 30 to 35 minutes to knock down the fire. there are no injuries, we have six or seven people displaced. we have red cross dealing with the residents and we have an investigator on the scene to determine the cause of the
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fire. the cause is unknown at this time. >> reporter: so, one of the answers you faced was downed powerlines? >> absolutely. that is concerning to us, the captain reported that we have live wires down, so, we transmitted that over the radio to make sure all of our crews know and we staged the firefighter next to that line and make sure that we don't have other firefighters walking on or over that line. >> it seems like like a dangerous -- like a dangerous situation. thank you for the stop and talking to us. a two-storey condo caught fire but everyone made it out okay. firefighters are putting out the hot spots and they're dealing with the downed power line situation as well. we'll be out here throughout
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the morning. alex savage ktvu, channel 2 news. they have a search warrant for a home that caught fire last night. they found an illegal pot operation inside the house. it's about seven blocks from city college. no one was at the home at the time. but, firefighters said someone had altered the electrical wiring to conceal a drug operation. >> they're on scene investigating a grow operation. they manipulated the electricals. an undisclosed amount of marijuana was also found and police will confiscate that. firefighters and investigators think the wiring may have sparked the fire. a fear fighter is in jail this morning facing serious drug charges. what do you know about the investigation. >> reporter: mario worked here at the fire department
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administration building. we are told that he ed in the personnel department. that's information that we got from the department of justice. now, he was arrested yesterday and here is video of cuestas a few years ago. they received a tip about him a few months ago and their task force started investigating. it appears he was soliciting children through websites and gained their trust on the job. it's unknown how many victims are involved, he gained trust and had sex with minors. he was arrested for possession and sale of drugs. >> we searched his residence and office and his computers and any other records, paperwork, information related to drug sales and any other conversations, things like that he may have had with people. we still have to go through those items, we still have to
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go computers and that can take some time. >> on his facebook page it lists his home as san lorenzo and he worked at the roman catholic diocese in san jose since january 2012. they say it's an ongoing investigation and more charges could be coming depending on what they discover. we have reached out to the fire department to get any sort of comment on this development. we're waiting to hear back. reporting live, ktvu news. a woman is due in court, she served a dish that had marijuana in it to other faculty members during an off campus potluck in november. 8 people became ill and one person was hospitalized.
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they're demonstrating against the california president. some of the protestors have locked themselves inside the bloom center building. . >> you're looking at video from the protests that began yesterday. protestors want to call attention to the number of deportations of undocumented deportations that took place. she's on the listening tour of the uc system. uc berkeley is responded to a health alert tied to a cal student. they've identified 100 students, he had measles. they'll have a vaccine on hand for the highly respiratory disease. >> it's important for people to
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recognize the system of fever cough watery eyes and a rash and contact health care professionals immediately. >> they also put a warning to bart riders. anyone riding on bart between february 4-7th during the evening and late evening commute may have been exposed. time is now 6:10 there's been a fire for one of tesla's electric car. one happened in toronto, that's where an s was parked in a garage. three teslas call the fire in a six week period. they released a statement, no car is completely fireproof. happening now a winter blast that killed 21 people is dumping more in the northeast.
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12 to 20 inches is expected to fall on the new england coast tonight. there is already half a foot to a foot on the ground. in new york and philadelphia they have a lot of snow. 550,000 homes and businesses also do not have any power. but, despite the frigid conditions new york schools are still open. the mayor defended his decision said there's only been 11 snow days since 1978. >> so many families depend on the schools for a safe place for their kids to get taught and nutrition and are safe from the elements. a new york city woman 8 months pregnant was killed by the storm. they were loading their grosseries in a parking lot when a bob cat tractor backed in to her. her baby was delivered by c-
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section and her boy is in critical condition. an associated press analysis found that the storm is led to the highest amount of cancellations in more than a quarter of a century. they've already been some flights called off at sfo including flights to chicago and philadelphia. it looks like old man winter is not romantic. it's causing florists to stop deliveries. it's their busiest and most profitable day of the year. one store says 80% of their business occurs on valentine's day and the day before. they may not be able to get through. >> time now 6:12, we expect this to be one of the the busiest days for stores and restaurants. >> a lot of couples will head out tonight.
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>> bay area restaurants many of them will have been booked for months. the house and prime in san francisco they started taking reservations in october. tonight they have 800 reservations. flour shops and bakeries expect big -- flower shops and bakeries expect big reservations. business owners say the procrastinators are often men -- wait a minute, that's not true -- yes, it is. if you don't have reservations tonight you're probably out of luck. a lot of restaurants say they're booked for the whole weekend. >> expect feathers tofly like this at the annual valentine's day pillow fight in san francisco tonight. 1,000 people are expect to be at this event. the organizers say if you come out there, you want to be a part of the fun. bring your own pillow and bring
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a garbage bag so you can help clean up afterwards. it cost the city several thousand dollars last year. >> the plans have been in the work for a while. >> way ahead. it was a victory for california gun owners. the ruling that has the nra celebrating and gun control supporters vowing an appeal. how they're fighting back with social media. >> an unusual situation, now, on one of the behave area free ways causing flat tires and a lot of them. we'll tell you about that. we'll tell you more about the commute here on the san ma at that at this owe and did you know barton bridges. will it be as warm as yesterday and the timing of the weekend rain.
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. he shot one of the burglars in the leg after he came after him with a screw diver. >> i'm glad we have him. >> he want to act like a police and they're not a police. >> one of the burglars was arrested and the other got away. one of the barring larceny was carrying a tv and a telescope. >> they had a deadly hit and run and he's due in court today. >> 27-year-old faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run.
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we are learning that he was out on bail for stealing cell phones from two people. the driver hit and killed 35- year-old paul lambert of san francisco. he was crossing the avenue and he tried to walk away from the scene and within be pointed him out to police and he was arrested. let's go to sal, we have fog and mist this morning. driving is getting tricky this morning. >> the fog and the mist this morning when i drove to work it was wet on the loads and that could lead to stopping distances, that's what they said in driver's ed, let's go and see what it looks like. westbound 92, still about 10 to 12 minutes driving across. your drive time 148 not bad. it looks pretty good. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and there's a little delay in some of those lanes. it's lighter than usual.
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we have a bigger backup. it looks like it's about a ten- minute drive, a little more than that. still not much. this morning's commute is okay as you drive up to 580 after el charro, before that there's a two mile backup approaching an early year crash. i don't know if i put it in my line up or not. if we could pull up highway 24, if we have it, they're working on it and i realize it's kind of a thing here. on highway 24 in lafayette, 15 to 20 maybe more than that cars with flat tires. can i drag the map over here myself. let's see, right here, in lafayette, there it is, westbound 24, dave our director saw it it's still out there. cars with flat tires, because of some debris in the road. we're going to get to the bottom of this and have more on this coming up.
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let's did to steve. >> thank you, sal. before we get started here, there's dense fog out there. nicole tweeted me, i bet my husband you would wear red. and my husband said no he won't. >> i apologize. i should have, i had plenty of red ties anywhere. >> tomorrow. >> you're not alone. >> a lot of high clouds and fog out there. 57 in livermore, and lisa where is your ma general da tie today. i let you down already. 50s on the temperatures, i promise to make it up later, i do. >> rain to the north and it's going to stay here until tomorrow morning. we're up to crescent city, i have a couple of people to check in with me. nationally the whopper of the snow is inching north and getting out of the picture. the damage is done and they're digging out for a while. another system is coming in.
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it's not as brutally call. you can see they're racing down into the northern plains. 56 in sacramento, it's really warm air mass, and it's a tropical air mass. it will be a warm day. fog and drizzle in the morning. overall the pattern we'll get rain late saturday night. hazy humid, and near 70 on some of the temperatures. i'm hoping it will come at 10:00. it's not a lot, but it will be a nuisance system, a tenth or an inch or less h hazy humid, fog sun warm on these temperatures. vacaville at 07s, oakland 65, low 70 san jose morgan hill gilroy and 60s on the coast and the peninsula. there will be a cooler pattern that we'll take into early next week. i have to show you this.
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this is live pictures. this is ridiculous, pennsylvania a huge chain reaction crash in opinions pens blamed on the ice storm. there are between 50 and 100 cars piled up on the pennsylvania turnpike. i grew up back there, i no he where that is. this crash scene you're looking at is 3 to 4 miles long. at least two people have been rushed to the hospital, the state police says drivers, obviously, were driving too close to each other. this is a mess in pennsylvania, we don't know when this something go to be cleaned up. we wanted to show you live pictures. this is near fill little on the pennsylvania turnpike, between 50 and 100 cars in a chain recrash. >> that's a major commute -- chain reaction crash.
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>> what the president will be doing to see the impact of california's drought firsthand.
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welcome back to the ktvu, channel 2 news facebook adding options for how people in the
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us identify themselves on social media. they can choose new options, transsexual neither female or male, they're working with groups to come up with appropriate labels. it's not cheer whether they're offer the same options to people in other countries. a brutal assault was captured on surveillance video. the attack happened near the annual pink saturday block party last june. the video shows the 28-year-old woman on the ground just after someone grabbed her purse and then she is kicked in the head and knocked out. yesterday a jury convicted 23- year-old christopher porter bailey of felony robbery and assault and battery and he faces 8 years in prison. valentine's day flowers today, brian is out at one of my favorite spots this morning.
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he's going to join us in ten minutes to let us know if roses are still the big sellers. >> fire erupts in a two-storey done condo in san leandro this morning and we'll tell you how people, if they managed to make it out.
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. welcome back to the morning news right on time. there is the opening bell that is stuck over on the new york stock exchange, and we have this, they're visiting the nasdaq this morning. mattel, the biggest toy company in the world. they don't have any barbies over there. in case you didn't see, i put it on my facebook page. she's on the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated. she's laughing over there.
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it's funny. we'll get the business news in a moment. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday february 4th. happy valentine's day to you. i'm dave clark. >> 6:30 is the time, everyone is running where steven's classy heart tie. you need to have heart, red, or something, you're disappointing the ladies. >> don't forget to wear red, i'm sorry. there's good rain to the north. dense fog and drizzle out there until 10 or 11:00. it lifts. it's not taking any favors here, it's north bay, south bay, but some areas don't have any fog. theres a lot of moisture out here. it's continuing to extreme up from the hawaiian islands. it will be mostly fair, hazy humid and warm. 5 at sfo, warm muggy and this rain will, eventually it will drive down late saturday into
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sunday. overall look for 06s and 07s. we'll talk about this system in ten men's. >> you drive on highway 24, westbound 24, between lafayette and morinda are there are so many cars with flat tire, they've called for caltran's bridge truck and they're understaffed how the there, 24 is a miss on the way to the tunnel. this happened in the 5:00 hour. some sort of debris was spilled to top it all off. there was a dead animal out there. this is not actually going very well. i heard from my producer, there's a live report coming up from the scene. our crew has arrived on the scene. we will see more of this coming up soon. let's talk about the bay bridge. it's not been crowded. a five-minute delay on the toll plaza t580 is not good.
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we had an early year crash on. el charro, if you get over to pleasanton it looks good. >> we're following developing news in san leandro. a condo caught fire and firefighters are mopping up the hot spots. six people were asleep when the fire started. alex, they were able to get out safely. >> it was thanks to a neighbor who knocked on their door to help them get out. six people who live in san lean anadrol of them safe this morning. let me show you the scene, this is fair way drive you can see all of these crews from the alameda county fire department. they're still out here on the scene, and trying to make sure the fire is out. you can see black smoke beginning to pure from the second floor of this home. this fire had been knocked down, but you can see black smoke and some of the crews out
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here are beginning to mobilize a little bit. they're going to check out a hot spot out there and make sure they can make sure the fire is all the way out. it began 5 had -- 4:30 in the morning. crews were forced to fight the fire from the outside trying to stop it from spreading to neighboring homes which they did. this has two different units, upstairs was and grandmother who was sleeping with her two kids, a 16-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl. the only reason they knew there was a fire, one of their downstairs neighbors went knocking on the door yelling fire. >> if he hadn't banged on my door, knocked on my door, i don't know if we would be aware of what was going on. when i opened the door i saw the flames, i knew we had got to go. the flames was -- it was very surreal. i've never seen anything like
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it before. . >> this was early on a dangerous situation for firefighters had they got here. the fire brought down powerlines next to the home and they were still live while crews were out here working and battling those flames. pg and e came in to help take care of those lines. the red cross came out to they those six people and getting them a place to stay. we bring you back to a picture. maybe we have enough light. black smoke began to poor from this home and this is what firefighters do even when they knock down the flames they have to go through the home and make sure there are no hot spots left inside. there's a portion of this fire that is flaring back up and they're getting a lot of black smoke coming from the home. we're getting a situation out here, everyone is safe after a two-storey fire here in san
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leandro. >> time is 6:35, we have developing news in lafayette. 20 or more cars flat tires on highway 24. this is what sal's been telling you about and following for the past hour. what is going on out there tara. >> reporter: there are a lot of frustrated drivers out here. they're waiting for arrest tow truck to come in and repair their tires. unfortunately, what you can see is this honda has rim damage. they're going to file a claim and it has to be loaded on to a flat bed. this man was driving in a white honda, it was a chaotic scene out here. >> yes, it was. there was a piece of steel that crossed two lanes, we hit it and the driver next to us hit it. he was lucky. he had an oil leak, he took
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off. and there are 8 cars pulled over right now. we have four tow trucks. >> it's a crazy morning for you. >> yes, it is. >> you woke up. >> my eyes were chosed i was resting my eyes as they say. >> thanks for joining us and i hope they're able to get the situation resolved quickly for you. as you can see traffic is slow going and there are a lot of cars along the freeway. there is a woman over here that is waiting for the tow truck to arrive at her car and there are still a bunch of cars waiting to get service so they can get where they need to go this morning. it's hitting at a bad time because it's a morning crunch. this is right on your way to arundel. a firefighter veteran is in jail this morning.
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ktvu news has confirmed that he was arrested at work yesterday. we have the latest information we have from investigators. >> reporter: good morning, we're here at the san jose fire department administration offices where we're told where mario worked. we know his office space was searched and his home. it stemmed from a tip that the department of justice received monthsing a. this is mario in a disaster drill a few months ago. they learned that he was selling drugs and having inappropriate sexual contact with children. it appears he was solicit children through the internet. it's unknown how many victims are involved and how long this behavior has been going on. they received numerous items at his office including his
6:39 am
computer. items were also taken from his home which as his facebook page was listed as san leandro. he was gaining trust of children while on the job. >> it's unfortunate, and i think any time that you've got somebody that's involved in this type of thing with illegal narcotics and minors it's a serious issue. >> cu estas was booked yesterday and they list him as being a singer for the roman catholic diocese since 2012. more charges could be coming depending on what they discover. we're waiting to hear back from the fire department. i'm waiting to hear back from the spokesman and haven't heard anything back yet. a federal appeals court
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ruled in favor of gun owners. california must allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons in public. they must show good cause to carry a concealed gun permit. >> you can't require a special need. good cause is satisfied just if you want to a -- a permit to defend yourself. >> it's disappointing, i think in california we'll seek to appeal from that decision. a san diego man filed the lawsuit after he was denied a concealed weapons permit. the ruling is on hold pending an appeal and some experts believe this issue may end up before the supreme court. >> hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pack san francisco this weekend for the chinese new year's parade celebrating the year of the
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horse. it starts at market and second streets in san francisco at 5:15 p.m. and it will end in chinatown at 8:45. it will feature floats themed in the year of the horse. you can watch the parade right here on channel 2 ktvu. and julie will cohost the parade. 6:41 is the time an us skier takes on more than a medal from sochi and he's hoping to bring something back in from the united states. >> we're live in san francisco from the flower mart. we'll bring you more on one of the busiest days in the flower industriry, things are not coming up roses on highway 24. as a matter of fact, just the opposite, 20 vehicles with flat tires on the right shoulder.
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we'll tell you what happened coming up. >> mr. drizzle, our buddy is back, will that continue today, and fog, and what about timing of our weekend rain.
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. welcome back, 6:44, it's valentine's day in case you forgot. if you're shopping for flowers we have tips for you.
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brian is at the flower mart in san francisco. brian you're talking to the experts just like you. you know what to expect about everything relating to valentine's flowers. >> yes, live here at the flower mart valentine's day 2014. guess what they have here. flowers, tulips, lilies, it's going to be a busy day here for people. it's been a busy two weeks for people in the flower mart. here, how busy has it been. >> it's been and great two weeks here, preparing and getting these flowers out to all the loved ones. >> let's talk about advice for those who are procrastinating today. >> what are big sellers. >> roses are number 1, the red roast, it's the great orb did red rows, it's one, it's
6:46 am
hydrangea, many other flowers that you can put in your arrangement. red is not the only color of love. >> and people have been in here for the beginning of february. tell us about the preps that get us to that point. >> it starts in december setting up the plants to get the roses to come in for february. for the wholesaler, they start preparing the flowers. late last week we were busy getting the flowers out. >> you're an expert in terms of flowers, you have been doing this for 27. if you want them to last for a week or so what's the advice. >> keep the flowers in water. keep them hydrated. when you get the flowers, cut them about an inch off the bottom. if your arrangement comes the preservative, drop it in the water. that will let your flowers last
6:47 am
longer, 10 to 14 days. >> when you be open to the public. >> about 10:00 this morning. >> i've never been to a place like this before. plenty of flowers here today. i got some coming to my wife as well. we'll toss it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, brian. >> happening today president obama coming to california central valley. the president is scheduled to arrive in fresno at it:30 this afternoon. he'll take part in a round table discussion. he's going to tour a farm where he'll talk about the federal government's drought response effort. president obama obama spending a weekend in the california. he'll meet with jordan's king abdulla and play golf. >> they completed the third medal sweep in the new event of slope style skiing.
6:48 am
i have to warn you real quick we'll be updating the medal count in just a minute. . >> are you kidding me josh christen son won the gold. he learned that trick two days ago and decided to put it into his run and nailed it! >> gus kenworthy won the silver and nick goepper won the bronze. he won't just be leaving with a medal. his hands are full. he's hoping to bring back a litter of stray puppies back to his home in colorado. he rescued four puppies and their mom in the mountains outside of sochi. he's paying to bring the animals so they can get vaccinated and bring them back to the united states. this has brought him a lot of attention on social media. >> a lot of girls like
6:49 am
olympians and puppies which has been overwhelming, but i have -- >> it's been sweet, a lot of humane shelters have been hitting me up too which is cool. >> stray dogs in russia, they're common too, thousands are killed in the russian government in the lead up to the olympic games. >> here's a look where the medal counts stands, they've got 13 medals, the netherlands and the united states tied for 12 medals each. the russians have 11 medals and germany in fifth place with 10 medals. >> happy valentine's day to you. >> thank you. >> . at&t's president is calling for water savings.
6:50 am
he's asking the company's 34,000 employees to take to reduce the water usage by 30%. conquered mount everest on a budget. it costs a single climber $25,000 just to go up. merit lease is celebrating puppy love. those stories are coming up on mornings on 2. >> let's check in with sal. a lot happening in the commute this morning. >> absolutely. we have the biggest story, highway 20 southbound. 20 vehicles with flat tires. we'll have al live report at 7 as to what caused this. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's lighter than usual, there's a ten-minute drive into
6:51 am
san francisco. it looks like lighter than usual is the key. will et cetera go to steve. >> hold on, hello steve. happy valentine's day. >> thank you sir, a lot of cloud cover over us, mainly low clouds and fog, some of that fog is thick and drizzle, once it burns off, a mild and muggy day, the recent rain has set the table if you will, calm conditions and clear skies above, we get radiation fog and they've come together and that's giving us thick fog, it's thicker today than it was yesterday, higher clouds will be favoring the north bay, temperatures are mild to warm. we're almost 60 degrees for some. once you break through the fog day, it felt warm yesterday and it was. we'll see some repeat performances on those temperatures. heavy rain on the eureka country sent city. 51 in san francisco and we're
6:52 am
warming than san diego. the entire state under a warm humid air mass. it looks like late saturday into sunday. we'll get rain and headed into the parade tomorrow. i'm hoping that rain comes in after 10:00, hazy humid, high clouds to the north. this system looks like there is light rain into early sunday. cloud and rain forecast, it doesn't do much today, partly cloudy skies to the north. we'll see increase reasonable care clouds saturday, there will be fog and watch out the timeline, it comes by saturday and 10:00, that's it. it sweeps out of the area by sunday morning. that sunday should be crisp and clear and nice. we have rainfall projections that are light. less amounts farther south. fog is warm today and after that morning fog. temperatures 60s to low p 0s for some.
6:53 am
we'll held in check, walnut creek, livermore low 70s, oakley, 65 berkeley and oakland, 72, san jose redwood city, san bruno 66 and we'll see increasing clouds and rain on saturday and cooler and breezy into monday. >> steve told you this morning will be foggy, here's a new photo just sent into us by one of our facebook followers. you can see it's so foggy in san francisco, it's blocking the view of the tower. you can send more photos to us. tweet them to us or send them to photos at an intense incident involving a bart security officer and a stun gun.
6:54 am
weighing in on this incident. >> a burglar hits a jewelry store his luck runs out and the mistake he made and why he's in jail.
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6:56 am
. welcome back to the ktvu morning news, not a lot of good news to report. the market is down and we'll have a look at the big board,
6:57 am
down 7 despite disappointing news on manufacturing and it should be -- there's concerns about the east coast and the storms they're having and the effects they'll have on the economy as well. >> time out now 6:56, he used a stun upon on a passenger. a cellphone captured an intense incident on the train headed for the millbury station. he used a taser twice on a passenger. kevin says rasberry was drunk, he was harassing other drivers and ignored other police officers to get off that train. >> an officer does not have to be punched before he uses his taser or a tool on his equipment belt. >> she criticized bart police. she said the response was heavy
6:58 am
handed and unnecessary. a burglar made it easy to track him down. the burglar was going from case to case to try to steal jewelry. he couldn't get out. the video shows him desperately and aggressively trying to break the glass to get out. police arrived on the scene and he was taken into custody. >> all right coming up for you on mornings on 2, developing news highway 20 a big problem, it's causing a traffic jam. a man, a veteran firefighter is facing sex and drug charges.
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>> reporter: we're live in san jose where a firefighter has been arrested on sex and drug charges. we'll tell you what we've learned about the investigation and also have reaction from the firefighter union's president. >> reporter: we're live in la fayette where the morning commute gets snarled on 24 westbound after more than a dozen cars get flat tires. a public health alert from uc berkeley. how students and


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