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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> tomorrow, the company plans to make a $15,000 donation to the edgewood center. now at 6:00, caltrans admits the new bay bridge had its problems. the promise it is making to the public about the bridge in spite of that. in a split second, she went from a healthy teenager to being confined to a wheelchair. the reason she refuses to call hearst a victim of bay area street violence. and well-rehearsed and elaborate lies. thooefs are struck three times in one month. the story burglars are telling to gain access to bay area homes. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. caltrans admits the new eastern span in the bay bridge has its flaws, but tonight officials insist it is safe enough to with stand an earthquake. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. ktvu sat down exclusively today with the chief engineer of the new bay bridge to discuss the
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criticisms surrounding the eastern span. today, caltrans admitted some welds may suffer damage in an earthquake, that the alignment of some sections of the bridge are off by as much as 8 millimeters, and that a third of the bolts on the bridge have become wet because of leaks. only on 2 tonight, ktvu's tom vavar speaks to the bridge's chief engineer about what all of this means and what critics are saying about that. tom. >> well, the chief has called -- his name is bryan mahoney. he's been at this a long time. in fact, he's been with the replacement project since the quake damaged the original bridge a quarter century ago. >> caltrans chief bridge engineer says though many bridge critics have impressive credentials, they lack something critical. >> they weren't in the work solutions of the job. they don't understand the problem well enough. they can't possibly evaluate it. sometimes you'll notice people use flexible words so they can
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get out of things, you know. it could do this or it could do that. they don't know. >> he say nos major project ever is perfect. >> in bridge -- design and bridge construction, we don't shoot for perfection. we shoot for safety, performance, and we shoot for construct blt, and that constructability means it's practical to build. >> the new span is unique in all the world. >> cradled between the hayward and san andreas fault out in the water, out in these muds. >> in a truly epic quake, this bridge will sustain concrete and steel, all of which will be quickly repaired and put back into operation as promised. >> can you get a low boy tractor-trailer rig across it? can you get fire truck? can you get water truck? can you get a flow of people going back and forth to work so the bay area can rebuild itself? i am confident. >> when the so-called final punch or must-fix list comes out next week, more allegations will surely be made. >> it might just take a big
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earthquake for everybody to, you know, just kind of end this. >> i've learned that the punch list, which is everything needed for the contractor to turn the bridge over to state ownership, it's going to contain thousands of items. most will be minor, inconsequential and expected, but there may be a surprise or two. we'll see very very soon. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we are tracking a new storm heading our way tonight. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the changing conditions. he joins us now from the weather center. bill. >> the good thing is like judy points out, there's one storm -- actually two storms. there's one behind it. this one that comes in tomorrow or wednesday is going to really mess with the commutes. we'll talk about this. then the system behind it. here's no. 1. here's no. 2. system no. 2 is going to roll in on friday and whack the friday morning commute. the live radar sweeps right now just shows how moist the atmosphere is. green areas, that's not rain in the ground but indication of how
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thick this crowd cover is and how moist the atmosphere. it's getting all primed up and ready for that system as it rolls in here tomorrow. the rain fall accumulations, i'm going to roll this through a couple of days all the way into friday, friday about 2:00. you're going to see. we're talking about the models suggesting anywhere from 3 inches to 2 inches in napa to 2-and-a-half ifrmgs nearly in oakland. i think we'll see more than that over the course of both of these storms. in the hills we could easily see 4 or 5 inches of rain easily over the course of thursday and friday and around the bashgs maybe 4 inches in some of the heavier locations. great news. we need the rain. bad news, going to whack the commutes. it's going to whack wednesday and friday. so when i come back, i'm going to timeline it for you so you can figure out when you can travel, when the best time to go. see you balk here. >> thank you, bill. tonight there is confirmation, child abuse, not an accident, is the cause of death of a three-year-old girl from napa. 2 investigates has been looking into kaylee slusher's case for
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weeks. live now from court today where the girl's mother and boyfriend face adjudge. eric. >> julie, mother sara krueger and ryan warner pleaded not guilty to charges they murdered kaylee slush other, but today we learned prosecutors might be looking for even more evidence the little girl was abused. no cameras allowed in the courtroom this morning, but kaylee's mother was in tears as she faced family members in the audience. according to the district attorney, the napa county coroner has ruled kaylee's cause of death to be from multiple blunt impact injuries to her head and body consistent with child abuse and neglect. now, police say krueger and waern kept the girl's body in a suitcase and later a freezer for three dayings before officers found her in her mother's apartment. no comment from family members today except for kaylee's grandfather, krueger's father, who lashed out at the media. >> you people have brutalized this case, hung my daughter and tried her before anything has ever happened so you know what, go away. >> today in court, prosecutors
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also subpoenaed medical records from two hospitals including queen of the valley medical center in napa. hospital officials would only confirm the records do belong to kaylee, but they wouldn't say if they reveal any additional abuse. now, prosecutors and defense attorneys also declined to talk to us about the case today. krueger and warner will be back in court next month. live in the news room, eric rasmussen ktvu channel 2 news. and our coverage continues on you can read more about today's court hearing and the investigation right on our home page. new at 6:00 shths a teenage girl left permanently paralyzed when she was hit by a stray bullet as she was watching tv inside her home. two months later, she poke with ktvu's rob ross about that night, about the moment she lost feelings in her leg and about how she is determine today walk again. >> i kind of didn't know instantly. >> through physical therapy and determination, she's able to move one leg this much. >> it's going to take time for
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me to build up walk around with the braces and walker. >> at the age of 19 years old, she's permanently paralyzed from the waist down, but she knows he could have been killed. >> i'm glad i'm paralyzed rather than not here at all because that's how i really do see it. >> for the first time on television. >> that's how. it went through my elbow, came out. >> dominique described what happened the night she was struck by a stray bullet that flew into her house. >> it hit my side somewhere around here. >> she was watch ago movie in her home with her stepfather just before christmas when they heard gunfire outside. as the two dove on the floor, dominique felt a sharp pain. >> i just started screaming because i felt something. >> then something seemed wrong with her legs. >> it felt like to me they were going to sleep and like -- like, they slowly felt from normal to going to sleep to, like, i just completely can't feel them, and i was panicking pretty bad. i'm like, "i can't feel my legs. i can't feel my legs."
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>> days later in the hospital, doctors told her she'll never walk again. >> i am determined to still walk. >> by the end of the year she hopes with the help of leg braces. dominique has recently moved out of richmond to get away from the violence to begin a new phase of life in a new apartment with her boyfriend in sacramento. she's received support from family and two online fundraisers. dominique hopes to attend community college. >> by me being in this condition, it shouldn't stop me or anybody else that's in the same boat that i am. they should still do what they want to do. >> in one split second, dominique romero went from healthy teenager to being confined to a wheelchair, but she refuses to be anyone's victim. in sacramento, rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. san jose is trying to solve its problem of getting two medical emergencies faster. the city council voted late this afternoon to consider break up some fire crews to create smaller units so they can get to places quicker. new at 6:00, ktvu's robert honda
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is here now to tell us why firefighters say that sounds better than it actually works. robert. >> well, san jose does appear to be taking some small steps to possibly making some big changes at the fire department, all designed to theoretically get to emergency medical situations faster. >> the san jose fire department responds to numerous medical emergencies every day. today a young man on a bicycle was hit by a car downtown. he did not appear to suffer life-threatening injure ris, but it shook up the neighborhood. >> just the impact was just -- i saw the whole thing. it was actually horrible. >> observers appreciated the firefighters' response. >> did it seem as though the fire department responded very quickly? >> oh, absolutely. within i'd say, actually, three-and-a-half, four minutes. >> but critics say the fast response doesn't happen consistently. some council members agreed. withheld payments saying the fire department missed its contracted target to respond to 90% of its medical emergencies within eight minutes. today sam and pete proposed
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expanding a pilot program called squad car in which essentially a two-person medical crew in a squad car responds first. ricardo says it would create more crews with the same personnel. >> we can get to more medical emergencies faster, much more efficiently, than we can with four or five firefighters in a truck or an engine. so it just makes common sense. >> the firefighter's union disagrees. it points out the squad car program is still being evaluated and breaking up crews would impact fire fighting as well as medical treatment. >> when four people respond to an emergency, they're a lot more efficient, effective and able to do full scope of -- of their job. >> isn't sure which one is better. >> as long as someone is there who knows how to evaluate the situation, take it from there until some further help arrives. >> the city council voted 7 to 3 to study the proposal in april or may in order to make the decision closer to june budget sessions. live in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news.
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burglars strike a neighborhood three times in one month, and each time residents let them in. the elaborate lie convincing homeowners to open their doors to thieves. asiana airlines is ordered to pay up. the failure the airline is being fined for, and it's not the crash at sfo. it's what the airline didn't do afterwards. hey! hi! ladies, how are you? let's taste some wine. ♪
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there is a new development tonight in a crash of asiana airlines flight 214 at sfo. for the first time ever, the u.s. government is fining an airline for failing to assist family members of passengers involved in a plane crash. the u.s. department of transportation has fined asiana half a million dollars for break ago law that requires prompt and generous assistance to the loved ones of crash victims. officials say it took five days for asiana to reach the family
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members of all 291 people on board the plane. they say the south korean airline also lacked translaters and staff trained in crash response. three people died and dozens were injured when the airliner clipped the seawall during landing on july 6th. a navigation aid was not in operation at the time, and the pilot has since told investigators that made the landing very difficult and stressful. federal safety investigators are now looking into whether pilots have become too dependent on automated piloting systems. time is getting short for people to get health insurance under covered california in time for a key deadline, and an enrollment event is underway in the east bay right now. >> we want to talk to californians, especially folks in the bay area to make them aware that the deadline for enrolling in a covered california plan is march 31st so they have plenty of time to do the enrollment. >> covered california will have representatives at the albany library until 7:00 tonight to help folks sign up along with
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identification, the organizers say people might also want to take a copy of their most recent tax return. >> if you bring your financial information tax returns so that if you qualify for help from the federal government to pay for your premiums, to pay that monthly bill, they will be able to tell you based on that. >> for those who want to enroll online, the covered california web site is back up and running. it was restored yesterday after a five-day outage. officials say more than a hundred thousand people signed up for insurance in the first two weeks of february for a total of more than 828,000 people. people who aren't enrolled by the march 31st deadline could have to pay a penalty on their 2015 tax returns. there are reports today that federal officials identified a vulnerability in the covered california web site that had not been fixed. an e-mail dated january 10th also said there's no indication consumer information had been compromised and that california was addressing the problem. the e-mail was part of a batch
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of documents obama taned by the associated press. a california spokesperson denice the system ever had this vulnerability. new at 6:00, it happened in this neighborhood three times in just the past month. now, police are issuing an alert to the community. san leandro police are warning about burglars posing as utility workers or contractors to gain access to homes. ktvu's allie rasmus spoke with one victim who say it is burglar's story seemed well rehearsed and elaborate. >> before this homeowner became a victim of a burglary, she was a victim of an elaborate charade. earlier this month, a man claiming to be from the water company came to the door and said he and his coworkers needed to come inside and check the pipes. >> he said, oh, but the neighbor's house is flooded. the city called us. it's got 2 feet of water in it, and we're trying to keep the water from backing into your house. >> vond a, the homeowner, didn't want her face shown for this
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interview, but says the man got on walkie talkie and called his partner. >> it all just sounded so logical to me, but i was stupid to let them in, and i was gullible. >> when the pair left, vonda went upstairs and discovered her money, jewelry, electronics and gun were gone. police believe a trio of burglars, two men and a woman, tried to strike again this weekend, this time at a house. >> a resident was in the backyard doing some work. a couple people drift into his yard, into his backyard, one of them carrying a clip bard. he kind of confronted them. they came up with an explanation they belonged to the water company. >> it's the third incident like this in the past month. police say in all of these cases, the burglars seem to use distraction as tool. while one is at the front door talking to a resident, the others go around the back of the house to try to gain entry or are already inside stealing their stuff. police are urging residents to be alert when an unexpected stranger comes to the door.
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>> don't spend too much time talking to them. just shut the door, lock the door and call the police. >> advice vonda wishes she followed beforehand. >> i am very trusting, and it's sad you can't be trusting anymore. >> in san leandro, ktvu channel 2 news. uc davis researchers say an insecticide that's been banned for household use more than a decade ago is still lingering in people's homes. scientists looked at 90 families in northern california and found evidence of the banned chemical in 99% of their tests. in addition, traces of another legal insecticide were found in two-thirds of the tests. scientists say more research is needed into the long-term health effects of those legal compounds, especially on children. well, time now for another check on our weather. bill says we're in for more rain starting tomorrow and another system moving in on friday, and that's really just the beginning of a system. >> it's the beginning, julie. both these systems, there's two of them. wednesday's and friday's are really going to impact those
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commutes. they're going to mess with the wednesday commutes, and friday commutes. before we get to the rain, let's look at the temperatures. it was 68 in antioch. 65 in concord. nice warm day. system one up front, that gets here tomorrow. talking about earlier, see that moisture getting ahead of it? the dynamics are back in here, but the moisture is feeding in now. that's good sign. when the tail end of it gets in here, it's going to trigger pretty significant rain fall throughout much of the bay area, maybe an inch to 2 inches right around the bay. live storm tracker 2 spinning now but not showing much. shows that moisture up to the north. by tomorrow night at this time, it will be fully lit. we'll probably see yellows, maybe oranges. heavy rain fall at this hour tomorrow night. before that, 6:00 a.m., there's the showers offshore. your morning commute for the most part is dry. by 9:00 a.m., the showers really start to move in as you go into wednesday morning 9:00 a.m.. then as you go into wednesday afternoon, still kind of wet on roadways and then right there, that's your afternoon commute. those reds and yellows, that
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indicates significant rain fall, pretty aggressive rain fall, maybe a half inch an hour in some of these cells so ponding on roadways and just a slow go of it. we step back a little bit. we're going to go further into the future with this forecast model. the resolution is not quite as tight, but we're going to be able to go into friday and show you the next one. here we are wednesday night. winter storm warning. still getting snow up there. while we get a little bit of a break thursday morning and thursday afternoon and then overnight thursday into friday morning, here comes no. 2. watch what no. 2 does. 6:00 a.m., that's right in the morning commute, right? friday. then watch this. just kind of -- actually, it pushes right through main impact from system no. 2 is going to be towards the south bay. so they're going to see more rain in santa cruz mountains, perhaps in san jose than they see in santa rosa. 61 in fairfield, 61 antioch and 61 livermore. temperatures come down because of all the cloud cover. as we head into wednesday, rain and wind really develops in the afternoon. there's your break, what you need when you get storms like this, then here it goes again.
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friday morning lights up. pretty good all day friday. lingers a little into saturday. the mountains start snowing wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. they're not going to see breaks like this. it's going to snow all day up in lake tahoe on thursday. good news for the ski resorts. good news for us. doesn't save us from this drought. boy, if we weren't getting this, we'd be doing a story about drought. >> and in between we get a day to dry out sdprchlt if you get a little break like that, you can take lot of water. >> what about march? does march itself look like it might be wet? >> it eets hard to say right now. it's such a weird year, but march can be so productive as you guys know. february is doing okay it's not a horrible month. >> okay. thanks, bill. and a reminder here you can download our new ktvu weather app to help get you through this next series of storms. realtime radar and weather alerts to keep you up to date right on your android smart phone or on your iphone. a bay area automaker tops consumer reports list with a, quote, ground breaking vehicle. >> the one disadvantage test
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drivers noted about tessla's model s. ktvu channel 2 sports weeknights on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2.
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consumer reports has named tesla's model s as its top pick for 2014. the magazine considered 260
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different cars but called the battery-powered model s ground breaking, and it was chosen as the best overall vehicle because of its exceptional performance and its impressive technological innovations. about the only thing the magazine didn't like was the fact that it's pretty pricey at more than $89,000. >> they're do ago little celebrating down at tesla. mark is here now. march madness. getting closer to. >> yeah. we are. the cal bears definitely want to participate in that. they are running third in the pac-12 right now, and a big couple of weeks coming up for them as they ready up for arizona. remember they're the team that was no. 1 until they knocked them off that top perch a couple of weeks ago. four games left for cal trying to set things up not only for the pac-12 tournament but the big coach mike montgomery i would call him cautiously optimistic about their future. >> it's not real consistent with
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some of the things that we need to do. we're not as physical as we need to be, and i don't know that we can change that so it really comes down to performance in a lot of cases. if we can hang in physically, we are pretty good defensively, but if you run into a team that has three or four guys go for just shoot light's out, not happening. same thing. if we have three or four guys go light's out, we're going to win. also going on in arizona, spring training. a little real newcombing out of there today out of the giants camp. bumgarner picked to start the opener against arizona just coming up march 31 so rewarded for his efforts of last year. youven what a great mood you're in if you have court side seats in an nba game, you're all ready, and then bam. this fan last night in new orleans runs into. watch the replay here as that beer pretty much douses his evening, and you'll get a closer look at him right there. completely soaked, and i don't
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even think the player noticed. those are expensive seats. i wonder if they got him a beer. >> what do you do? you get a lot of publicity. >> soak it all in. >> soak it in. i like that. thank you. >> thanks, mark. tonight on the 10:00 news frshgs a backyard to bay bridge, the canary palm that may soon join others on the bridge and the path that it will have to take first. we'll see you at 10:00. we're always here for you at, facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us. good night. >> good night. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened?
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