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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 28, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman we've got great videos from the web right here "right this minute." the wind is at their back as mountain bikers take a city by storm. >> through the streets and stairways. >> but see why the road rising up to meet you is not a sign of good luck here. >> security cameras are able to catch -- our creep of the week here. >> how video of a suspected thief reveals a much bigger shocker. a monkey swipes a go pro from a tourist and -- >> watch what he does! >> why monkey see, monkey do all
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kind of crazy stuff. >> this is not possible. he had some special cue, it's magic. and when it's time for a wedding tradition -- >> there's always one girl who comes up and says, hey, girl, i'm going to be here. >> what happens when catching the bouquet becomes a contact sport. run from it. >> run from it. one of my favorite extreme sporting events of all-time the valparaiso urban downhill mountain biking race put on by red bull. every year they do it. these guys are fearless. this whole race put on through the streets and stairways of valparaiso, when they do it right, oit awesome to watch. when it goes wrong -- >> oh, no. >> it's still awesome to watch. >> oh, oh. >> here we have philippe polk this is during one of his test runs, he's got a very strong helmet on and also a neck brace. he's going to need both of them right here. >> oh!
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>> oh! >> face plant hard. >> that makes my head hurt. >> apparently he said he went a little too slow on that wall ride section. let's break it down. first of all, some course marshal goes right in front of him, see that guy in the orange vest, that could be what slows him down. >> yeah, i blame him. >> up on the first ramp it goes up off a vertical wall. look where the landing ramp is way down there. basically you need to defy gravity and ride on a wall and manage to put that together and he doesn't quite do it. went right over the handlebars and right down on all that safety gear. >> the helmet took all the impact. gets right back up and he's okay after this heavy hit. >> i think it wasn't that guy at all, it was the two girls at the beginning of the ramp, he was, like, hello, ladies. >> i have to warn you right off the bat this video is very graphic. it took place in italy and that
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man right there holding what looks like a bottle is a restaurant owner and he's threatening to light himself on fire. he's doing this in protest because apparently construction in the area has slowed down his business and now he's decided to take matters into his own hands and you see there's a blanket already on fire. what's in that bottle is accelerant. what he's going to do is douse that accelerant on that blanket and then in this moment you see here he jumps on it. what's worse is two officers actually jumped in to help this man which means they, too, catch on fire. here you see the moment one of them his entire upper body and face is on fire. you see him on the ground. he's rolling. other officers come to his help. and eventually -- >> oh. >> -- you see that someone does come with a fire extinguisher. >> the one officer got the worst of it more so than the restaurant owner. >> two officers and the man were
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severely burned, they were taken to the hospital and then you see that they are sort of laying down. >> oh, god. >> and the other officers are helping him. and later you see him that he is standing up but his skin on his face is just red. this other incident happened in australia and police released this video because they are trying to figure out who is responsible for this arson attack. you see a man wearing a white hoodie and dousing three cars with gasoline. after he douses them, he lights them on fire. they immediately just blow up in flames. >> there's nothing you can do about that. your car is toast. can't fix that. >> unfortunately four other cars also ended up catching on fire. a complete loss, all seven cars are charred but police are still looking for these people and that's why they released the video that happened in august of 2013. there was a whole lot of monkey business going on at the temple in bali. that man you see right there is holding his go pro camera, that
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is aleton schoenberger and he was putting it down because there were monkeys around there and he wanted to get video of him feeding the monkeys and he's got food in his hand and waiting for the monkeys to show up. >> they stole the camera! they didn't attack him. >> those are not human fingers, those are monkey digits you are looking at it. >> watch what he does. >> sellfie. >> he does get one. >> after doing a selfie, did you see that? >> did he take the camera out of the case? >> he did. >> elton says, i need to get this back. >> he opened camera. yo, yo, monkey! >> yo, yo, monkey! the universal symbol to get a monkey's attention. >> no, no, no, no, no! what the [ ble ]y camera! >> not only did he take off the case. he took the battery out. to tell us about how he got the camera back we have him "right this minute" via skype all the
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way from thailand. why did you leave a camera alone around a bunch of monkeys? >> the first time i saw monkeys in indonesia and i didn't know they were that aggressive so this little monkey comes from nowhere and gets the camera and in the moment i was so shocked, like, what? how is possible, like, i never saw such a thing happen before. >> and what did you think when it opened the case? >> even for myself the first time i got my go pro it was so hard to open, how, how it works and i was looking at the monkey opening the case, no, this is not possible. he's trained he had some special cues, it's magic. >> how did you end up getting the camera back from him? >> oh, someone had some fruit. i want to deal with the monkey in exchange for my camera. so some lady who works at the temple she had some fruit and she slowly tried to approach the monkey so first she got the case which he had opened before. he gets the battery and then she negotiates with him.
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get the camera. i give the lady a 20 dollars. she was pretty happy with the deal. the monkey was happy he got juice fruits and i was happy i got the camera, i didn't care about the battery. >> what did you think when you went back and looked at the footage when you saw what the monkey had shot? >> i love it so much. to watch it wow that's the coolest thing of my backpacking trip. >> he opened camera! yo, yo, monkey! no, no, no, no, no! well, guys, i think we found our creep of the week here. walmart parking lot brandon, florida, 2:30 in the afternoon this video released by the hillsborough county sheriff, watch the red old honda pull up, parks next to the black hatchback here. gets out and starts looking at the black vehicle next to him. >> he'll try to upgrade? >> not about the car.
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more about what's inside the car. >> oh. >> watch this, looking into the trunk now. let me tell you something, the theft here is not the worst part of the video. >> there's a child in his car. >> old enough to realize what's happening and what this adult is doing. >> he's paying attention to what this guy's doing. >> here you see the dude grab something out of his own trunk to break into this black car. watch, after he gets into the vehicle he made off the dash-mounted stereo from the front and then he says, oh, while i'm here, i might as well pop the hatch on this thing. took a speaker box from the back of this vehicle into his red honda. >> broad daylight and people driving by and a child in the car and he could care less about his behavior. >> it's terrible this is the example he's setting for this child. >> that just makes you sick. >> eventually you see him back the red honda out of there and the guy takes off. so they're looking for this guy. someone should have told these guys -- >> look out, fellas, i believe something's after your fish. >> the link that takes a lick and splits. a windy day makes for a wild
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ride and -- >> see this sign right here? >> yes. >> this sign? he's trying to land on it for fun. >> see if he can pull off the perch.
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look out, fellas, i believe something's after your fish. >> the classic thing. >> right. >> people have been saying that for, like, decades. >> kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
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>> in this case as you hear the guy saying it's a kitty, kitty, kitty. >> meow. >> this kitty is a large lynx they are out ice fishing in alberta, canada. >> this thing is huge, eh. >> they left it out for him. i feel like this lynx does it all the time, another tuesday, you are fishing, i'll take this. he's out. >> there he goes. fish in mouth. and listen to the guys behind the camera. >> he's a [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ inaudie ]? >> o is the lynx pretty amazing but it's the commentary coming from this dude. >> i know you're not supposed to feed wild animals but neat to get a close-up look at a cat like that. >> he's so big, too, walking all weird the fish is dragging on the ground. >> we're just going to call this one fun determination. this is a paraglider and he's in
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the netherlands up in the sky. a lot of wind on this particular day. >> does look windy. >> he's swooping just to lose a little altitude and come down. >> this is where the fun part comes in. pretty soon you'll see what he's trying to do. see this sign right here? >> yes. >> this wooden sign? he's trying to land on it for fun. >> because he can. >> because he can. >> like a bird. >> yep. >> around it, sometimes he gets really close. and right there. he was so close. >> is he trying to sit or stand? >> stand. >> okay. >> he wants to place both of his feet on top of that sign. >> i feel like something's about to go horribly wrong, like, he's about to go face first through the sign. >> nothing goes horribly wrong, but you saw he made it. >> it's amazing the control this guy got. >> after attempting a ton of times and actually crashing once, he gets right back up and then the moment he's been waiting for. >> here you go, buddy.
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>> whoa. >> look at you. >> wow. >> huh? >> and he stands on it for quite a long time. >> call your mom and dad. look what i did today. >> sit on a sign. >> sit on a sign. >> paraglided on a sign. >> i'd like to see both of you try this. >> if i could fly like that, i'd love to. >> you would land on every sign out there. >> i would. land on posts, signs. towels and buckets. people's heads. >> it would be fun. ladies at weddings can be ruthless. ruthless! cutthroat when it comes to the -- here we are at zoe and lee's wedding on the beach. these ladies are pumped, there's always one that comes up and said i'll be in the back right, so try to hit me with the b bouquet. >> you look so beautiful, throw it to me. she goes back, right?
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clearly there's always a couple that don't care, the three back here, red, orange and the other girl don't care. they are out there because someone said you are single get out there. out of these guys, who do you think? >> the lady with the hat. >> the lady with the hat. >> i'm going for the sleeper on the outside. >> the blond gal? >> yeah. >> the best part of this video when he goes for the toss it kicks into slow-motion. >> uh-oh. >> watch this. and let me tell you right off the bat three of these ladies go down right into the sand. watch this. taking each other out like players. who gets it? not one of the ladies you guys picked. if you go back and look check out where this lady was, it's this lady here. i like her style. she's kind of halfway, you know, unassuming but has a good angle. here she is. >> goodness grairk nesness grac. >> lady in the flowered dress gets on and this lady gets landed on. >> oh, no. >> dive.
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>> oh, gosh. >> she got it. and here it is, victorious, you hold that thing up like it's the stanley cup. >> oh. two women make a scene on a public bus. >> they're making racist comments toward another passenger and then they get physically violent. >> what they did next that had passengers so shaken up. what's up, everybody? >> he's the kid who shot to internet fame dancing to hits in apple stores. but now -- >> he's got his own song called "the dark side." >> hear his new tune next. ♪ safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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listen to these ladies who just got on the bus. >> [ bleep ]? >> they are making rale ining r comments toward another passenger and then they get physically violent kicking this man. according to reports this was an elderly indigenous man to australia. reports even say that he was nearly blind. they got on the bus according to reports drunk. cameras started rolling because people were so scared and offended. >> instead of filming this, step in. >> i was hoping that as the video plays that would happen? >> that's exactly what happens. >> somebody stop it! >> another passenger eventually forces these two girls from the bus. >> just get off the bus! >> now, you'll feel a little bit better about the person behind the camera not stepping in. it turns out that that person was a 13-year-old girl and she started getting the incident on camera because she was so scared. this is now in the hands of police, but the problem is, the police need the elderly man to come forward and file a
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complaint or press charges in order for them to do anything. >> it's okay. >> in this next video coming out of russia also bad behavior caught on camera this fella in the hood is going into the atm pavilion. he spends the next 30 minutes trying to steal cash from the atm. he starts shaking it, pushing it from side to side. >> like it's a vending machine. like his m&ms got stuck. >> according to reports alcohol was a factor in this guy's behavior. watch what he finally tries. his last-ditch effort to get into this atm. he decides to crawl up on top of the atm. >> oh. >> as you can imagine this does not go well. he started to lose his balance, grabs hold of the ceiling and lighting fixtures, that starts crashing down. as does the would-be atm thief. >> wow. wow.ends up setting off the
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alarms. >> and lock him in. >> there come the cops. >> this guy is totally. dropping a beat. >> you may remember trevor maran, he was the kid that shot to internet fame because he likes to dance in apple stores. he danced to some really popular songs like the cup song and "check it out" by >> and he's done another one of his original songs called "the dark side." ♪ ♪ it should be outlawed what you can do to me can't take my eyes off you ♪ >> looks like a fully produced music video. >> but he stays on the set and makes an appointment and goes to the genius bar, because you know you got to make an appointment to go to the apple store. ♪ ♪ baby i feel you brought me to the dark side ♪
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♪ one look and you control me from the inside ♪ >> he looks like a completely different person suddenly. he's growing into a nice-looking young man and he actually is a pretty good singer. ♪ you are a look monster you try to follow me i'll never conquer you you are all i need ♪ >> it's not a party unless your friends are there, right? ♪ ♪ the dark side ♪ ♪ you brought me to the dark side ♪ bring on the doughnut challenge. >> and then -- >> the center? >> uh-huh. >> like a blind pacman. >> see the sugar rush in all its glory next.
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i have two eating challenges here. one way cuter than the other. this first one is called the doughnut challenge by the just kidding party. they're going to tie a bunch of little mini doughnuts on to a string. they're going to line them between two posts. >> and then what? >> first one to the center wins? >> uh-huh. >> so you are, like, a blind pacman. >> are they blindfolded or are they just wearing goofy masks? >> they are wearing goofy masks but they really can't see, once they say go, it's out of control. >> a fun party game. >> i am already getting thirsty. >> the powder. >> sugar all over your face. they had seven rounds of the challenge and the ultimate
9:58 am
winner was this guy in the yellow shirt. now, i did say one was cuter than the other. >> this is it? >> this is a cute baby about to eat a cupcake and it's challenging because she is obviously learning how to eat. >> a cupcake is not an easy thing to eat at any age. >> this way, you take a wrapper off a huge bite it will undoubtedly be on the end of your face. >> i look just like that. >> one big bite. >> and between the two challenges i think this is my favorite. >> because cupcakes are better than doughnuts. >> and we all win here. that will do it for us, everybody, we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's.
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♪ >> wendy: yeah. hi.


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