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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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few hours. sfo at 28. other areas are calm. lows setting up in southern california. it fills it with wind. lots of sunshine once we get going here. temperatures 50s for some. 60s for others. 59 santa rosa. 59 novato. livermore at 60 degrees. some of the wind coming out of the north or east. fairfield 23. concord northeast. oakland 26. that is an offshore breeze. sfo 28. the advisory will take us until 8:00. some areas not effected. you will be effected with lots of sunshine if that's what you like. windy and warm today. clear skies. afternoon temps 60s to 70s. they will go low 80s up toward santa rosa. but it will be close for a few with lots of mid to upper 70s.
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here is sal. we are looking at a commute that is off to a decent start on this wednesday. the traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems getting into the city. about a ten minute drive here. also the morning commute looks good but it is windy. you can feel it in some of the causeways. our camera is certainly registering the wind. 580 westbound it is off to a good start. 4:31, let's go back to the desk. continuing coverage of the massive fire in san francisco that could be seen all over the bay area. this is what it looked like right across the street when the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. the the woman that shot this video was on the seventh floor apartment across the street from the building that caught on fire. it started yesterday evening at a multimillion dollar apartment complex in the city's mission bay neighborhood. the building that was still under construction is south of at & t park. witnesses described it as a
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wall of flames that continued to grow. tara moriarty is there this morning where firefighters continue to pour water on this fire. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the conditions out here are extremely windy and very dry to so firefighters are making sure they have this fire completely squelched. you can see there are hoses in the roadway and nobody is really being allowed within blocks of this building which you can see is still being doused with water. everything blocked off. that is because crews obviously need to get in and out. and there is a safety issue. will this is one of the biggest fires in years according to firefighters. parts of the building on fourth street have already collapsed. and the fire chief has said structurally the building will most likely fail. the building was under construction and didn't have a sprinkler system jet installed. the people that live next door they were evacuated when the fire broke out yesterday at 5:00. many of them will be waiting to
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hear when they can get back in. julia young is one of them. >> and our windows face the fire directly. so i saw the smoke starting in the corner and then flames engulfed the whole building. >> reporter: one firefighter said the core of this fire looked like a volcano. 150 firefighters tackled the flames at one point. only one firefighter received minor burns. crews have been dousing this with water all night long. police expect street closures until 7:00 this morning. we understand that there is going to be a press conference this morning around 7:00. we will keep you posted as to what officials have to say. because this is still an active scene, it's most likely arson investigators won't be brought in here until much later. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you.
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meantime heavy smoke from the fire was visible from all over the city. this is a picture from a plane. this picture was taken by another viewer as he crossed the golden gate bridge. that huge fire created a terrifying scene for many people living dangerously close to the burning building. they had watched the apartment building under construction slowly going up. yesterday they watched the same building going up in flame. the big fire shattered their windows, set off sprinklers. >> it was just like a loud explosion. >> just watching it progress. and it didn't seem like it was getting under control. >> mb stood for mega blocks 360 was for the number of units in the building.
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you can see other pictures of the fire in our slide show. we have also posted a time lapse video of the fire at happening today the suspect connected to the shooting of a san francisco police officer is due in court. today's appearances come as police say the officer was hit by friendly fire. this is video of jeffrey ruano being arrested early sunday morning at a san jose gas station. this came nine hours after adam shaw and his partner pulled ruano over. police say during that traffic stop, ruano started backing up toward the officers. that is when officer shaw's partner fired a shot at the car. that bullet has not been recovered and it may be the one that hit officer shaw. both officers say they did not see a gun. >> based on that, it appears that it's possible he may have been struck by friendly fire.
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>> officer shaw was hit in the shoulder. he is recovering in the hospital. also happening today a meet willing be held for parents at an oakland school where a seven- year-old student was accused of being sexually assaulted. police are also in facing whether a similar attack back in january could be connected. some parents say they are concerned the schools don't have enough security. >> he identified himself to the students as somebody who tutored. he asked one of the girls to sit on his lap. she did. >> now the meeting for parents will be held at 5:00 tonight at world academy. the school is expected to announce changes to early release and pick up policies. the suspect in this attack is described as a white man six feet tall, 180 to 200 pounds with black hair and a mustache. police say the incidents at
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both schools happened around 4:00 in the afternoon and involved young girls and after school programs. we're learning new details about the richmond schoolteacher accused of child sex abuse. police arrested ronald guinto last week while he was teaching his students. authorities confirm three former students told investigators guinto molested them during camping trips in 2012 and 2013. guinto founded his own youth group while working at a teachers aid. he was fired from that school in november. in january he was hired by mira vista. police are also urging anyone else who believes they were a victim to come forward. happening today people in vallejo could hear gunshots and see smoke rising from six flags. but it is all part of a training exercise. that exercise begins at 8:00
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this morning. swat teams from all over solano county are participating. members of the park security staff will also be there as well. the san jose rotary club is expected to hold a news conference to announce the return of san jose fire works. officials say the lack of city fire works display. confusion continues over exactly where the malaysia airlines jet was when it disappeared with 239 people on board. the flight took off early saturday morning heading north to beijing. but there are convicting reports from the malaysian military that the flight may have veered off course heading west. making the investigation more difficult the plane's transponders were turned off. >> you have to have a very
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deliberate process to turn the transponder off. if someone did that in the cockpit, they were doing it to disguise the route of the plane. >> at a news conference this morning, malaysian authorities are asking u.s. experts at the ntsb and faa for help in the investigation. a woman in australia says two years ago she met one of the co-pilots. she says these photos show her and a friend after the co-pilot invited them into the cockpit during a flight from thailand to malaysia. it's illegal for u.s. airlines to allow passenger into the cockpit but it's not always banned on international airlines. a woman in illinois says she was supposed to be on the flight. she says her close call has made her appreciate life more. >> and something like this makes you stop and say, okay. you need to be grateful. you need to slow down. you need to appreciate that every time that you separate from your family, you need to
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make sure how much you love them. >> it's not clear why she decided not to board the flight. she says it's important to keep attention on the situation and find out what happened to the 239 people that were on board the plane. a former united airlines worker and his wife are pleading neocon test to stealing luggage from the airline crash. but when they went pack to pick up their luggage the bags were missing. they both face up to year in jail. coming up frightening moments for workers at facebook headquarters. coming up at 5:00 the phone call top san francisco police that led to an evacuation in menlo park. >> the crime is a heinous one. >> a san jose police officer charged with rape while on duty. what the city's new police chief is saying about the other officers in his department in the wake wake of this scandal.
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>> we are looking at a commute that is still looking pretty good as we look at northbound 101 but the wind is effecting the traffic. >> we do have wind advisories out until 8:00 this morning. some of the kamalas be bouncing around. gusts up to 50 plus. we will talk about that and see how long it will last.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 4:44. president obama made a surprise appearance at a gap store in new york. he was in the city to raise money for the democratic national committee. while there he picked up a couple sweaters for his daughters and a work out jacket for the first lady. california senator dianne feinstein is accusing the cia of hack -- feinstein who is a chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee says it happened when the committee was
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investigating the cia's detention and interrogation program of terrorist suspects during the administration of president george w. bush. she says the cia suspected members of the committee had obtained an internal cia report. >> the cia did not ask the committee or its staff if the committee had access to the internal review. or how we obtained it. instead, the cia just went and searched the committee's computers. >> nothing could be further from the truth. and we wouldn't do that. that is just beyond the scope of reason. >> the justice department is considering whether to launch an investigation in the matter. time is 4:45. the san jose police department is teaing with the fallout with the arrest of an officer on charges of rape. 30-year-old jeffrey graves is a six-year veteran of the police department. in september of last year, graves along with three other officers responded to a
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disturbance between a woman and her husband. officers escorted the woman to a hotel where she planned to stay the night. >> 15 minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was officer graves who entered the room. >> officer graves surrendered on monday. he is out on $100,000 bail and due back in court on march 24th. this is the latest challenge for a police department dealing with rising crime, fights over union wages, and officers leaving the department. meantime san jose police chief released this statement about the arrest. while this incident is very troubling and tugs at orientingty, it is an -- and tugs at our integrity it is an ace lited incident and by no
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means a reflection of our officers. let's look at what we have with the roads. the traffic does look okay if you are driving on northbound 101 approaching the city. you can see traffic it looks good. no major problems here. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. it's moving along nicely. it's about a ten minute drive into the city. if you are driving on 580 from dublin into castro valley, the traffic doesn't look all that bad. you can see traffic around the bay in general is off to a good start. now here is steve. thank you, sal. we have clear skies but windy for some. pretty good gusts coming out of the oakland, berkeley hills. that is for sure. last few hours 51. but 25-40 miles an hour. and someoffs hardly any breeze. but for others it's blustery to very, very windy. so wind advisory until 8:00 a.m.. some of the gusts higher
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elevations. high pressure to the north. low is coming back in. there is a tight, tight pressure gradient. it will be today. 60 livermore. san jose at 60. sfo 61. napa 15. 23 fairfield. very windy. oakland coming right off the oakland berkeley hills 26 miles an hour. so it will be very warm day if that holds and i think it will. san jose 13 out of the north. sfo northeast 28. it actually comes over water so it's not as warm for sfo. 30 up in tahoe. 44 yew eye -- ukiah. sunny and good to go. the low tracking toward southern california.
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sunny and warm to breezy to wind any. clear skies. not a cloud to be found. afternoon temps 50s to 60s and low 80s. it will be close for napa. 77 brentwood. fairfield in there. 77 san rafael. mid 70s utility way to low 80s all the way down to gilroy. beautiful day. sunshine oh plenty but the wind will tail off. once it does the air mass is so good. but it looks nice and mild to warm into the weekend. expect to start paying more for groceries soon. effects of the drought will start showing up in the super market. farms are cutting back on how much they plant so their crops are smaller which pushes up prices. experts say the average grocery bill will go up about $10 before the end of the year. meantime the drought is starting to hurt one of california's biggest money making crops. almonds are the state's second
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most valuable crop. bringing in $4.4 billion in 2012. california produces almost all of the almonds sold in the u.s.. almond farmers plan to leave hundreds of thousands of acres unplanted this year because the trees need so much water and that all hurt production in 2015. time is 4:50. familiar name of some cheeses may have to change if the opinionon regulators get their way. they don't want cheese made from sonoma county farms. that includes parmesan, feta, angry air. american cheese makers say that change would confuse consumers. we'll see. coming up places of relaxation becoming targets of crime. the specific detail that drew burglars to dozens of homes and one bay area county.
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>> innocent people hurt during hostage situations. the new tool that police hope can keep the general public out of the cross hairs.
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welcome back. the highway patrol is asking for witnesses who saw this roll over accident yesterday morning. it happened on highway 880 near the davis street exit around 11:20 in the morning. the chp says the driver of an
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suv was trying to avoid a silver car that had cut him off when he lost control and hit a guardrail. the suv flipped and the driver suffered major injuries. the chp says the driver of the silver car did not stop and they are trying to locate that driver this morning. the balboa bart station is back open this morning. police shut down the station for more than two hours during last night's commute after a man reportedly jumped in front of a bart train. bart began single tracking trains shortly after the incident was first reported about 4:30 p.m.. and that led to long delays for thousands of bart riders. san francisco police are warning drivers to slow down after several accidents involving people walking and cyclists and people say daylight savings time could be a factor. there were four separate accidents in a 24 hour period at the start of the week. a man in a crosswalk was hit yesterday morning in the financial district. a driver also struck a five-
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year-old boy and his babysitter monday night. all the people that were hit on monday and tuesday are expected to survive. five people have been killed this year in san francisco while crossing the streets. three of those accidents were on the very busy vaness avenue. it was called a show down over rent control but it ended in a draw. the meeting of the community and economic development committee was packed. more than 30 speakers lined up to give their viewpoints on proposed changes. tenants say landlords use a loophole and then raise rents. >> let us freeze things the weighty are while you resolve it as you often do with other issues rather than leaving it open for more and more rent increases and more displacement while we talk endlessly about this. >> in the end the committee decided to have the full city council take up the issue. that will happen next tuesday
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night. time is 4:54. thieves have been targeting empty vacation homes. the largest number of burglaries have happened and forestville. the sheriffs office is asking people to report suspicious activity near vacation rental homes. new ammunition is being tested out to help police during hostage situations. right now when snipers fire a bullet through glass to hit suspect, fragments from the glass and bullet are injuring nearby hostages. the new ammunition prevents that. police say the bullet pierces the glass without shattering it and remains intact until it hits the intended target. it will also work for car windows. the testing is being done in ohio. almost two dozen people in alameda are learning what it's like to be a police officer.
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>> it's a lot harder than it looks. >> they signed up for the 28 classes. so far they have visited the dispatch center where 911 comes in. this years class is scheduled to graduate in 11 weeks. time is 4:56. jonathan march tip is coming home to the bay -- martin is coming home to the bay area. he is the player that -- now the dolphins have traded martin to the san francisco 49ers for an additional draft pick. meantime the niners made some other deals as well. they also signed safety antwon and kept kicker phil dawson. but safety donte whitner is
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leaving. darren mcfadden was given a one year deal worth $4 million. he has missed 19 of the last 41 games because of injuries. the raiders also signed roger safel to a one-year deal. he's also had several injuries in the past few years. coming up in our 5:00 hour a 12 hour fire fight continues near at & t park. the weather conditions that may be complicating the fire fight. >> good morning. as we look at highway 4 and the contra costa area, i just want to remind you it is windy so be careful. >> skies are clear so that won't be a problem today. but the wind is front and center for many. we will talk about wind advisories and temperatures that which will be warming up.
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we are live in san francisco where firefighters are still putting out hot spots from a massive fire that gutted a multimillion dollar apartment complex near at & t park. we will let you know about the street closures coming up. >> two young girls sexually assaulted at two different
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oakland schools. we will tell you why police think the same person is responsible and how the schools are stepping up security. >> a san jose police officer out on bail after his arrest on rape charges. we are talking to people in the community as the police department deals with the fallout. good morning. here's a live look at san francisco in the mission bay neighborhood. you can see firefighters still pouring water on the sight of that massive fire that broke out early yesterday evening. coming up ktvu tara moriarty will report on the situation at the site right now. we can see it's very windy. also what has happened over night and the road closures you need to know about. it is wednesday, march 12th i'm tori campbell. >> i'm brian flores. pam and dave are off today. let's get you started with


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