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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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yolk and -- >> i believe i can make a career in music, this show is a launching pad for that. >> ryan: ben briley, ladies and gentlemen. we'll miss him. a class act. the top ten take on the billboard top ten charts. be here for that thanks for watching, america. your local news is next. good night. a bay area middle school at the center of a sexting scandals. tonight how inappropriate images could lead to criminal
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charges. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a student is facing charges in a sexting scandal that led from one school to another. and the sexting led to one girl being blackmailed. credible >> reporter: the school resource officer launched an investigation found that more than a dozen boys were using their phones and other mobile media devices to distribute inappropriate photos. that officers investigation found that one boy a student at adam's middle was using photos of a female classmate to blackmail her right here on campus. >> we have been able to establish that there were acts,
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unlawful acts of unsexual conduct that took place during that threat that was made. >> reporter: investigators say inappropriate images were sent and received by students at adams, bristoll and exelsiur middle school. investigators say everyone involved including the alleged victim are between the ages of 12 and 14. despite their age the boys face very serious consequences. >> as of this evening there are still detectives out interviewing students. together to get as much as information we can. >> reporter: police tell me they've seized more than a dozen cell phones to determine whether elsewhere photos have been. investigators tell me they are
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working closely with the district attorney's office at this point though there have been no arrests have been made. we're live here in brentwood, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. breaking news now in oakland where a building has collapsed on to an occupied home. these are pictures just into the channel 2 newsroom from the 2400 block of myrtle street in west oakland. the collapse happened shortly before 8:30 a neighbor tells us the collapsed home had been empty for years but had been recently purchased by one who wants to rebuild it. a car parked in the driveway between the houses was damaged as well. there are no reports of injuries but city officials ordered the evacuation of the damaged home and have now yellow tagged it. there were some tense moments at the philadelphia international airport when a u.s. airways jet nosedived into
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the tarmac. emergency workers said two people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. officials say the front tire blew as the aircraft was speeding into runway then the nose collapsed. in 15 minutes, the suggestion that two communication systems were shut down independently before the malaysian plane kept flying. possibly for hours. they've been asked to cut back before but tonight there are restrictions for hundreds of thousands bay area residents all served by the alameda water district. jana katsuyama has the details. >> reporter: there was depate de -- debate. but in the end, the board voted
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4-1 to impose restrictions. they work hard to conserve water and is concerned about the drought. >> i worry about plants that i really cared about. and worked hard for dying. i will try to save what i can and the rest is going to have to go. >> reporter: the alameda county water board heard from many concerned residents at tonight's hearings. some said outdoor water use restrictions go too far. others say the board isn't being tough enough and penalties should be stronger. >> just cut off all watering. who cares a hoot about green lawns when we're running out of water. >> restrictions are a pretty pathetic over all. >> you need to be telling developers who are coming in that they cannot put in lawns. period, ends of discussion.
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>> reporter: the situation is serious. today they gave us a tour inside the treatment plant which purifies water that comes from the state. >> we pay for water that comes from the delta so we don't want to waste a single drop. >> reporter: the county fillers the -- filters as much as possible. >> we will receive 0% of our daily allocation. 40% of our water right off the top that won't be available to us. the ordnances don't go as far as rationing but the board said tonight it would not rule that out if conditions got worse. ear's what the ordnance says. people will be banned from refilling swimming pools, hosing down driveways and sidewalks. residents and businesses would have to limit watering lawns to twice a year. and parks and schools and golf courses three times a week.
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people caught breaking the restrictions would be facing fines up to $300. and in our next half hour, word farmers received that crucial water could be cut off. and a warning in east oakland. a camera was there as the u.s. marshal service, oakland police and several other law enforcement agencies made their first arrest in a program that started today. marshals tried to pull over three men for not wearing seat belts and the men took off. heavily armed officers then tracked them down and took them into custody. the marshal said they found a loaded weapon in their car. there's word tonight that oakland police officials want to scrap the shot spotter system that alerts them to gunfire in neighborhoods. published reports quote police officers calling the system redundant because residents
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call 911 for shots fired. police say that's money better spent else where. those who live in oakland neighborhood where gunfire is common place say the system makes them feel safer. unsettling discoveries on opposite sides of the bay today appear to be linked. investigators found 600 explosives and barrels and across the bay in san pablo they found more than a dozen weapons. noelle walker spoke with stunned neighbors of the two men who are now in custody. it looks like a model corner home. but what police and investigators found here made it sound more like an explosive storage unit. >> there was enough material there that had something happened that would have been catastrophic. >> reporter: more than 600 explosives plus the material and chemicals to make more. neighbors are stunned. >> i heard one of the officers say, how many pounds do you think is in there and i went oh my god. there's a lot there. i came in and told my husband,
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dude, he had enough stuff in there to blow up half the neighborhood. >> reporter: her neighbor is mark armando. he faces drug possession charges as well as child endangerment. his two children lived in the home. >> so many policemen came, they just checked everything out. >> reporter: have you ever seen that many policemen here before? >> no. >> reporter: police also arrested shawn gunter. they found explosives, guns and drugs in his home. napa cy ka people are just shaking their heads, wondering why a well liked neighbor kept something so dangerous so hidden. >> i would say mark that's really bad. how could you do this to us. >> reporter: the two suspects are being held here in san francisco county jail on 1.5 and $2 million bail. police aren't sure what they were planning to do with the explosives but right now they don't believe it was for any
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kind of mass terrorism bombing. in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu news. caltrans says it has fixed the weld that caused concern of the signature tower of the east bay bridge. we showed you the tower last may where the cracks were found. today caltrans showed us 2 feet of new welds. they will now sandblast the material and coat the metal with rust resistant paint. >> those welds are very good. >> the last two major jobs including hiring concrete vendors to protect the bridge. the group of republican and democratic senators say they've reached a deal to extend long term unemployment insurance. it's estimated 2 million americans lost benefits when they were cut off at the end of december. the compromise would make
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changes to the program for example you wouldn't be able to get unemployment if you earned a million dollars in the previous year. the u.s. senate could vote on the compromise in about two weeks but it may not pass there or in the house. wall street had its worse day in six weeks. the dow jones fell 231 points its fourth loss in a row. the nasdaq dropped 52. concerns about china's economy and uncertainty in ukraine overshadowed a positive report on jobs. three brothers killed in three separate shootings. >> it was like a curse. the heartbreaking history of violence that keeps repeating itself. >> and the fog is making a return tonight. how much it should stick around for making waves for even higher temperatures. >> the mission bay file, an emergency back up water system helped save the day. we'll tell you why it's not in every san francisco neighborhood and what's being done to expand it.
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make it an extra scoop. breyers ice cream is only $2.88. and arrowhead water is just $3.29 a case. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. what's left of a mission apartment complex in san francisco is coming down. it went up in flames in a spectacular fire on tuesday destroying what was supposed to be hundreds of apartments. construction experts tell us none of the debris can be recycled or reused. it will all have to be hauled away and will probably end up in landfills. hundreds of san francisco
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firefighters are credited for battling the fire. but without back up fire supplies, they could not have done their job. >> ken pritchett has the story. >> reporter: this back up water provides firefighters with a lot of extra water at higher pressures when they needed it. this system has been around for a century, but not all san francisco neighborhoods have access to it. lauren crab lives on the outer sunset she's been busy all week putting the final touches on her coffee shop. but on tuesday she was not too busy to see this. >> we had no idea what the smoke was. it was definitely a scary thing. >> it was scarying south from ladder trucks sent from firefighters on balconies across the street, firefighters poured water on the fire but this much water would not have been possible with just regular
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fire hydrants. >> if we did not have an -- an auxillary system we would not have where to go. >> when this was built in 1913 you could imagine the western part of the city. you know going out toward the sunset and richmond really there was not housing out there, right. >> reporter: where the high pressure auxillary systems are not, firefighters have systems marked by red bricks. but residents will be able to
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expand the system out toward richmond. >> i would definitely be in support of expanding the system. >> reporter: it can be expanded, there is a $400 million bond in the june ballot. some of that money would be set aside for maintaining, repairing and expanding this auxillary water system. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. emergency crews in new york city recovered an eighth body today from the wreckage of two apartment building destroyed in an explosion and fire. the death toll may rise. about eight people are still reported missing. 60 others were missing in yesterday's blast. today survivors described what it was like to be trapped inside one of those buildings. >> i said to myself, don't you die in this apartment. you have three children that need you. so i said, let me think.
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i called 9/11. i started kicking on the doors. >> reporter: the explosion is blamed on a natural gas leak. some people living there said they smelled gas well before the blast. new york city utility workers said they received the first call just 15 minutes before the explosion. president obama has ordered a review of how the u.s. deports people. the president says he wants to see if immigration enforcement can be more humane. he says he sees the main when families are separated. here in the bay area as in the rest of the country, we've seen a lot of protest over immigration reform. president obama has called for immigration reform but says he can't act alone. that it's congress that has to change the law. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was so outraged on a report of spying that he called the president. today zuckerberg wrote on
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facebook, that he called president obama and the white house has confirmed that. zuckerberg says he told the president that he is quote frustrated over the damage that the government is creating for all of our future. another bay area high school has been shaken by an apparent drug overdose. this latest episode made several girls intensely sick in hayward. one teenage girl is now facing criminal charges. >> reporter: a group of girls here in hayward high school first got sick of and are now likely in trouble because of pot brownies. >> she was walking. everybody who was walking ran up to her. >> reporter: school officials confirmed to us that yesterday the girls had eaten a pair of brownies that another student sold them on the bus to school. >> it was a second student that had similar reactions. teacher called, and the student was transported to the hospital where her parent met her. >> reporter: this picture was
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taken by a student that captured first responders to help the student. >> you should be more cautious of what you're putting in your body. >> reporter: students said they saw the girls having seizures. but school officials disagree. >> she couldn't tell us what was happening because she could not move. >> we cannot medically qualified to say she had a seizure. >> reporter: parents don't want this kind of thing happening here. >> we need to focus a little bit more as parents. as educators we need to see the problem and we need to resolve it. >> reporter: hayward police say they arrested the 15-year-old girl who sold the brownies for supplying marijuana to minors. john sasaki, ktvu news.
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the city planned to hire the international association of chief of police to find a replacement for chief howard jordan. the city stays it is now evaluating their options. city officials joined the community members to celebrate a plan that promises to bring wider sidewalks and other improvements to the area. the street scape project also includes putting up new streets and better street lighting. community leaders unveiled a design that was chosen by residents for the crosswalk at 18th and cross road. the plan calls for the intersection to be painted with rainbow stripes. the project should be wrapped up by the end of the year. it was warm today but we had a significant wind shift. the wind is coming from the northwest. what that's done is brought fog back to the coast. we have fog moving into the beach area. we have fog in half-moon bay and pacifica. we will go to the computer
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model and will show you the forecast for your morning hours. it's a little farther north. out here toward daly city. it'll be in the avenues of san francisco in the next hour or so. i expect it to move into hayward. fog kind of goes away because the winds want to start coming in north late into saturday. highs today were in the mid- and upper 70s. highs tomorrow mid- and upper 70s. as we head toward the weekend look for high temperatures possible in the low eight -- low 80s. coming up we'll show you how warm the warm spots are. a huge restoration plan is getting under way in yosemite park. it calls for the restoration of native habitats along with the relocation of all development within 100 feet of tuolome
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river. it also include the elimination of street parks along the river and new parks lots. three brothers all gone, lost in three separate shootings. tonight at 10:30, a big break for police in one of the killings as loved ones try to stop the cycle of violence. up first, new clues in the mystery of that missing jetliner and the theory that the plane's disappearance from radar was a deliberate act.
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continuing coverage now of the mysterious disappearance of malaysia airline flight 370. tonight there are new reports in the united states that the plane's communication systems may have been shut down separately and possibly deliberately by someone in the cockpit. another theory being explored is that the plane flew for several hours after its last contact.
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katherine harris reports that the search could extend much father all the way to the indian ocean. >> reporter: sources say u.s. investigators have now fully discounted the possibility the jet moved for several hours after the transponder went dark and data including signals transmitted by the aircraft are being evaluated in that light. asked about the possibility, the white house spokesperson said it's speculation. >> an additional search area may have been opened and we've been asking about the proper assets to deploy. >> reporter: u.s. investigators were considering the jet was diverted with inat the in -- intent to use it later. they will comb through the cargo records. >> i think one of the things
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that has not yet been investigated is what cargo was aboard this aircraft. it's possible that there was some illicit cargo. as the search enters if one week mark, investigators are pessimistic. >> the airplane is down. the less length of time it's down the more likely we'll find items floating. >> reporter: a former intelligence official telling fox news that you don't take the destroyer out of the mix and send it to the indian ocean without a hunch that there is some evidence to support the decision. in austin texas police say a suspected drunk driver drove through a barricade killing two people at a music festival. the driver is identified as rashad owens. he faces two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of
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aggravated assault. although formal charges are still pending. two of those injured this morning remain in critical condition tonight. golden gate transit is planning to upgrade security cameras on its buses. the transit agency announced an $800,000 ground for a stake measure. it'll be combined with another $100,000 in fund to install cameras on 80 buses. the new technology will allow for remote down loads. right now the current cameras require a visit to the bus to check on video surveillance. >> so we can see if someone were hiding for example in that particular room. high tech help for police and firefighters. tonight at 10:45, the data base giving first responders an advantage when they arrive at school. and as police announced a rep in a killing here, it turns out not one or two but three brothers have all died the same way.
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three brothers, three funerals, one family has now lost three siblings to gun violence. new at 10:00, debora villalon is live with how one of those killings was solved. >> reporter: five people are now under arrest for a homicide that happened outside this bar last month. but last weekend, the victim's younger brother died the same way. >> we have a lot of people that are hurting and sad. >> reporter: at a corner store in north richmond, a jar sits on the counter collecting donations to help bury a 23- year-old gunned down a few
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streets ago last saturday night. >> this is nelson earl. this is earl. and this is marquis. >> reporter: nelson hamilton the third to die violently in his family. brother marquis was shot to death three years ago. brother earl at 30 was buried just last month. >> i don't know what to make of it. i wish i did. >> reporter: their stepmother helped raise them. says they all had arrest records but loved their own children, worked when they could and were trying to survive. >> they just grew up knowing this side and liked this sigh for what reason? no reason at all. nobody should die just because they live wherever they live. we're losing a lot of people out here in north richmond, we are. >> reporter: this week, five suspects known to be norteno
10:32 pm
gang members were arrested. >> grew up, that's all they seen was people hustling around them. so that's how they became. >> reporter: another friend who tried to guide the brothers, said after they got in trouble as teens it was tough to change course. >> you already know this is not going to get you any where. so let's do something else different. okay nene we will. we are. you're right. >> then they go back and forth shooting people who didn't shoot you. and it never comes to an end. some other mother feels like i feel. >> reporter: this sunday, lin hamilton will try to raise money at the local rec center for yet another funeral. there's a fourth hamilton brother who lives outside of north richmond. the boy's father died of cancer eight years ago. reporting live in pinol, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the jury has convicted a 19- year-old man of second degree
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murder for killing an innocent bystander at a gas station. kenneth leeks was waiting for a bus on january 19 of last year. prosecutors say he was caught between two groups of young men who were shooting at each other. bennett of oakland admitted he shot the victim but said he didn't mean to kill leeks, it was an accident. a group of east bay residents worked to get the word out on thieves. they warned of people posing as pg & e workers or alarm workers. while one suspect distracts the victim, another ransacks the
10:34 pm
home. hearing safety messages from neighbors or friends can be more effective than warnings from officials. fremont police are asking for the public's help in finding this man. he is suspected of stealing a ups delivered package from a doorstep last week on alamo terrace. police say this picture is from a surveillance video that captured the entire incident. they're hoping that someone will recognize the men. back now to california's drought. and the devastating news that dozens of south bay farmers received today. the local water district plans to cut off their water supply. as ktvu's robert handa reports, some farmers say the cut off threatens their livelihood because there are very few options. >> reporter: andy mariani is a well known farm who is proud of his peaching and nectarines.
10:35 pm
despite the flourishing trees, mariani is worried about the future. it may have to cut them off in a few weeks because of the drought. >> the problem with tree crops is if they don't get water for one year a lot of them just plain die. you lose your crop but the trees also die. >> reporter: mariani and other farmers packed into the council meeting, surface water customer. >> brian: get a notice that there will be no more water available beginning april 1st. >> with that said we plan to meet with all of them. making sure they have other water available. >> most people will try to tab the ground at an old well or well that was abandoned. >> we had an old well we were trying to resurrect but it will
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take three weeks to three months to get it operational. >> reporter: the farms affected make up 8% of the agricultural business but say they do not plan to leave the farmers high and dry. robert handa, ktvu news. there's a new legal decision in support of the threatened delta melt. today the court of appeals intends to protect the water for the fish in the delta. i'll tell you when and where the mercury will climb. we reveal the game changing technology that almost sounds like science fiction. and in 90 seconds. >> what are you doing. >> the violent crash between
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protesters and police at a bay area college.
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what are you doing? what? oh my god. oh my god. a confrontation between protesters and police at city college of san francisco. this is you tube video of police pushing protesters out of an administration building at the campus on ocean avenue. a protest organizer told us this evening that about 15 people are still inside and are planning to remain there all night. they are demanding the resignation of robert agroba and a reversal of a new payment policy requiring payment in full when students sign up for classes. a 100-year-old water main broke and shut down stockton street in san francisco for hours today. public utilities crew said the
10:40 pm
iron pipe ruptured between sutter and street. and munni lines railroad rerouted. repairs were done by a little after 8:00 and the street was reopened. several blocks away a shattered window on a high rise shut down battery street near pie in san francisco's financial district. it lasted for four hours while crews repaired the window on the 24th floor. police closed the street to make sure it did not hurt anyone. b.a.r.t. is announcing a new plan for officers to send discreet messages to riders. the app will make it easy to send messages about security without being overheard making a call or getting up to use the
10:41 pm
intercom. >> this is something our riders have been begging for. they are always e-mailing us or on twitter we see. we're out on the platforms talking to customers they say we want to be able to text b.a.r.t. police quietly. we're just delivering something they want. >> reporter: riders will be able to up load photos, write comments or choose comments from a drop down menu. the app will also be available in spanish and simplified chinese. a teenage father is accused of biting off the nose of his infant child. 18-year-old joshua cooper is charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayham. fairfield police say he was frustrated that his child was crying and bit off the infants nose. a third of it was severed. doctors determined the infant also suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. protesters in oakland held red balloons as a sign of home for children in syria. the event was marked as a
10:42 pm
universal the message. they want the u.s. government to help resettle 12,000 syrian refugees. a 78-year-old man died today two weeks after he woke up inside a body bag at a funeral home after he was mistakingly pronounced deceased. a county coroner in mississippi says walter williams died at home this afternoon of undisclosed causes. williams was first pronounced dead february 26. but when workers were getting ready to embalm him he started to move. that the time his family says his pacemaker may have stopped working and then started up again. fog in the morning but how about this? highs hitting the 80s. in five minutes our chief meteorologist bill martin's complete bay area forecast. up first, detailed images that could save the lives of students. a volunteer effort that is the
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images on a computer screen, high tech help for first responders entering a school campus on an emergency. it is a tool for police and firefighters designed to keep students safer and the benetia school district is among the first to have it. ktvu reports from benetia how a volunteer officer brought science fiction to reality. >> reporter: a school emergency say an on campus shooter. first responder arrives with a computer screen. >> room by room you can immediately pull up the emergency for that particular building. you can see if someone were hiding in that particular room. >> game changing. >> reporter: frank hardett. >> it opens up a new window we didn't have yesterday.
10:46 pm
we're able to get a birds eye view, ground eye view. >> reporter: prompted by the columbine high masker during what police were hampered but not knowing the school lay out. officer bordell took hundreds of high resolution photos of every interior part of every benetia school. created a pointover view program, we agreed not to show everything first responders see. >> using the information that anyone in the building would see. even more. you wouldn't know where all the little cubbie holes that people would hide. >> reporter: the program was provided free. available by password by out of area police officers and firefighters. >> they know where they can go, hiding places and pinpointing areas. >> reporter: the program could guide officers through buildings with turn by turn
10:47 pm
instructions and warnings. sort of like a video game but with life or death consequences. ground breaking news promises to be the -- plans call for the $1.5 billion project to include more than 3,000 housing units, 300,000 square feet of retail and 40 acres of park. a chinese development group is funding the project which has been in the making for 12 years. the first phase is set to open in 2015. plans are on the drawing board for an ambitious new business. the 18-acre site would feature three curvy office shelters. it is the brain child of
10:48 pm
cassidy turbey and richard ellis. they're working on the plans before taking them to the building commission. conservationists are trying to save the 56-foot tall tree which is too close to the location of new commuter rail tracks. today the smart train district put chopping orders on hold for further review. some people want the tree transplanted to city property. the tree has brown and white needles and is believed to be one of only 10 in existence. researchers had helpful news about the clarity in tahoe water levels. clarity reached 17.4 feet. that is a 4 feet decrease over the past year. but scientists say that's still above recent averages. tahoe's clearest water was
10:49 pm
reported in 1966. in temperatures today were warm. they're going to be warm right through the bay area weekend. look at these numbers coming up on 88 degrees. 78 in concord. 78 in mountain view. san rafael was the worse spot with 79. temperatures tomorrow are going to be about the same maybe a slightly cooler. this weather system is juicy looking and not bad but it's going the wrong way. it's going up here. it's a good looking system but we're going to be on the south end of everything. really just more of the same. fog is at the cost. i have -- fog is the a the coast. coastal fog is being seen now. we'll have more of that tomorrow. as we go through the next couple of days, overnight lows are going to hover.
10:50 pm
that means daytime highs mostly in the 70s and even some low 80s by some bay area weekend. san jose you're 57 degrees. tomorrow downtown san jose. start off in the 40s. lunchtime you're 65 65 for your friday. in some places like the coast slightly cooler. that's because we have a little bit of an on shore flow. san francisco slightly cooler you're going to have a little more push of on shore wind and a little more with fog. and plenty of sunshine coast side. especially when you see on the the computer model. what we're going to show you is high pressure that will let the fog form tomorrow. as we go into the bay area weekend. it'll pump temperatures up. we're going to see numbers get back into the low 80s saturday and sunday. 76 in vacaville. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow for friday.
10:51 pm
saturdays will be warmer and sunday should be the warmest day on the bay area weekend. so sun i think we'll see a couple of low 80s. we might see low 80s as you head to gilroy. no rain in this one. actually there will be some clouds on tuesday. the models are pulling it out. so here's your run of dry warm weather. right into your bay area weekend. i tell you it does feel like spring out there. temperatures in the 80s that's really going to bring up the tree pollens this weekend you know all about that. >> i can feel it already in my eyes. >> i actually do too. for the first time. the sharks seem to be on a roll lately. >> right now they're playing for home ice advantage. sharks travel to columbus ohio with anaheim on their mind. because a win means the sharks will tie for a tie.
10:52 pm
two for 56 they have a man advantage here in the third quarter. patrick marleau back handed. sergi brokowski. and the game goes into a shot, povelski. never lost a shoot out in nine career starts. sharks tie a fourth straight game and win against anaheim. and nearly $60 million cap dollars and today they put their money where their need was. first they signed justin tuck. tuck spent his first five nfl seasons with new york. jackson said he would recruit others to oakland and apparently, jackson must have influenced woodley to sign with the raiders as well.
10:53 pm
he agrees to a two year $12 million contract. >> they just want to use me to get after the quarterback and that's what i really want to do is get after the quarterback. me and justin tuck both played in a total of four super bowls. he's won two, i won one. we just know what it takes to get to that next level. >> reporter: free agent receiver and bay area native julian edwin will visit the 49ers tomorrow and we'll hear from the newest niner jonathan marleau. and four semifinals. we'll see if stanford or cal are still in the mix, next. [ man ] they're big. strength we can count on.
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same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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and martin passes his physical and is officially on the 49ers roster. he says he starts on a clean slate. >> i was off for four months. it's great being with coach harbaugh and being in the bay area. i love the philosophy of a power run team and play action. >> and martin's alma mater is headed to the final four today
10:57 pm
in vegas. and throwing down anthony brown. cardinal wins big 9-58. they meet ucla tomorrow. also today, cal falls. and texas and san francisco settles for a 4-4 tie. oakland faced colorado and there's jet lawrie giving the jets the lead for good. three runs score. a's collect 13 hits and they beat the rockies 10-5. and that's a lot of sports on a jam packed thursday night. >> it sure was. a busy night. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. our next newscast the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30. if you missed any part of tonight's newscast you can watch the rebroadcast right now
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over on tv 36. you can also follow us as we say all the time on facebook, twitter and and all of our apps. good night everyone. >> good night. at one.
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- (door opens and closes) - (cameron) i'm back. (singsongy) okay, let me see, let me see, let me see! - you guys are want to, um... - oh, my god! (high-pitched voice) i love it! all clear. okay, so-- (high-pitched voice) oh! oh! (normal voice) so good! it is so good! - oh! - for the last few months, cam and i have been redoing a house together that we're gonna flip, and i have to say, it has been goin' great! we make an amazing team. - yeah. the key is trust. - absolutely. the key is, i let claire think she's in charge. i hide what i want in something bigger and more expensive. then when she rejects that, we "compromise" on what i wanted all along. i call my method "the trojan horse." you know how i got lily? i asked mitchell for triplets.


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