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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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avenue at carlton avenue. we are getting few details from investigators who say the investigation is in the very early stages. at this point no word on whether the victim is male or female or what the cause of death may be. we will continue a garth information on this breaking story and bring you any updates as they come in. good evening,. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> police are interviewing a dozen middle school students about sixing and allegations the images -- sexting and allegations the images were forced a girl to perform sex acts. police were -- sex acts. police were notified monday. ktvu's john fowler spoke with police and administrators today about coping with the phenomenon of growing up too fast with social media. >> reporter: this is what can happen when you mix technology
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with immature brains. >> reporter: police tell me the sex act occurred on campus. but the case involves a dozen or more students at four middle schools. >> the one image was specifically used as fear and intimidation for the victim to engage in a sexual act. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> somebody naked or something. >> reporter: they had a couple of minor incidents, nothing criminal but tackles this head on. with group discussions and counseling. >> i tell them you learn from your mistake. don't do it again. >> later on you will regret it. >> like going to go out there,
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instagram, facebook, twitter. >> reporter: she cautions sometimes young people need to think first. >> would you be comfortable if your grandma saw this, having a billboard on the streets? >> police urge parents -- >> to stay in the know with your children. know what devices they have. who they are interacting with. >> reporter: plice made presentations earlier this year -- police made presentations earlier this year. once they obtained search warrants they will have a better idea if charges are appropriate. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a letter informed parents of the situation. police are interviews 12 boys and the sexing involves
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students at four middle schools. the students all range from 12 to 14. >> i think as adults we all have a responsibility to remind children that they are online -- their online interactions have consequences. >> police and administrators are encouraging parents to discuss the dangers of sharing. has information to help parents talk to their children about sexing and internet safety. click on web links on links on the home page. a driver caused a mess at the dmv office in san jose. a woman was waiting to take a test when she hit the wrong pedal. ktvu's robert handa is live and spoke with a motorcyclist who was hit. >> reporter: he was one of many people who were upset and disappointed they couldn't conduct their business here and didn't help when they found out
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why. >> the dmv office shut down today after a car crashed into the building and caused a gas leak. we saw people redirected to other offices. most said they could still smell the gas. >> have to come back on monday. you drive all the way, you know, and you have to go back. but safer to be away. >> the accident happened as they lined up to take the drivers test. a woman in this car accelerated and knocked down a motorcycle rider. >> line starts moving. i fire up my bike and i am hit from behind. >> the car smashed a gas meter. the fire department evacuated the building and several others nearby. there were no reported injuries injuries and pg&e capped the leak half hour later. the driver told me she was nervous about the test because it was her third attempt to get
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a license. she hit the accelerator instead of the break and swerved into the building to avoid running over the motorcycler rider. -- motorcycle rider. >> you don't expect it at a line in the dmv. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is investigating the incident and since the driver didn't finish the test she does plan to try the test again but didn't tell me where. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a car crashed into a salvation army store today injuring one person. a woman suffered minor injuries but opted not to receive medical attention. there is no word on what caused the driver of the vehicle to
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crash into the store. san francisco police revealed new information about a suspect involved in a stand off with s.w.a.t. officers. officer is say the 54-year-old -- 54-year-old is facing attempted hop side and assault with a gun. yesterday morning he barricaded himself inside an rv after a man who was shot in the leg told police he did it. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the rv for 5 hours till he surrendered. dog named dickey made it a bad day for a man last night. his handler is a deputy with the police department. and when the chp asked for help on a car stop, dickey sniffed out 50 pounds of marijuana and $14,000 in cash in the trunk. that led to the arrest of the driver on charges of possesses
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and transporting marijuana. a man trying to run down two police officers. officers opened fire on jeffery ruano when he tried to back over them saturday. one of the officers was wounded but it is not clear if the partner or jeffery ruano shot him. jeffery ruano's attorney says he is a scapegoat to divert attention from one officer shooting aortofficer. jeffery ruano is due in court tuesday. two men suspected of manufacturing explosives appeared in court today. sean gunther and marc ormando plead not guilty to the charges. sean gunther also faces drug charges. investigators found explosives, fire arms and chemicals at marc ormando's home in pacifica. the district attorney says marc ormando has been charged with multiple counts including
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possession of explosives and child endangerment. another san francisco landlord is coming under fire for what protesters are calling an illegal eviction. >> they demonstrated outside the apartment in the mission district this morning. they say he had been subleasing a room for 18 months. he said the landlord began verbally harassing him after he reported a gas leak. on wednesday he says he was locked out and the landlord refused to let him back in. [ speaking foreign language ] >> it has become a construction zone the same day the locks were changed it began to be remodeled. >> we tried to reach the landlord for his response we were told he is out of town for the weekend. new at 6:00 p.m. a new safeway store is under
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construction in oakland but news of the merger are albertsons has many people asking what is going to happen to the new store. ktvu's tom vacar looks at the unanswered questions. >> reporter: safeway is building a new store here on college avenue. he says merger or not it would be what the community specified. >> this project is so far under way that you would have to be crazy to do anything other than let it go to completion. >> they have contracts. they are already underway. it would be too costly to stop at a point. >> what about another planned replacement? >> it got all of city approvals. >> reporter: but doesn't have building permits. >> depends on where they are in terms of the state of the
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contracts. they will reevaluate it. see if that you want to develop it to the extent they were planning. >> reporter: safeway said we are continuing with our plans. we have not suspended remodel or expansion products. >> they are examining every project. >> the buy out is not a done deal for another two weeks. >> this is a legal maneuver they do to prevent lawsuit by saying we took the first deal so we want to make sure we get the best deal. >> if they go to another, albertsons would be paid $150 million for their trouble. if this was another company then the future would be easier to predict. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> safeway stock dropped by a dollar a day after the merger
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was announced. closing today at $38.39. the nob of flu deaths -- the number of flu deaths statewide went up. they have now confirmed 332 flu deaths among people under 65. that compares with 47 at this time last year. and an increase of 14 compared to last week. in the bay area, santa clara is showing an increase from last week. from 16 to 18. these numbers from the state do not include deaths among people who are over 65 years old. the bike path on the bay bridge will close so crews can replace the temporary on ramp with a permanent one. it will begin at 8:00 p.m. sunday march 23 till 6:00 a.m. the next morning. shot spotter, should it
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stay or go? the benefit one police chief says is worth the cost. >> giving the gift of music, the lessen the ininstruments are -- instruments are meant to teach. low 80s tomorrow and the warmest day of the weekend when we come back.
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shot spotter is a tool that pinpoints gunfire but is its value worse the cost it takes to operate it. some say the police department is debating that question. within the last two hours the chief of police in oakland says he wants to keep it. ktvu's mike mibach spoke with the chief at headquarters. mike? >> the chief has been weigh
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leg the options, plants -- weighing all the options options and says if he gets the money it looks like the tool will stay. >> reporter: east oakland. a violent part of town. and opinions about shot spotter. >> like the idea. >> reporter: a network of microphones that detect gunfire, map it and alerts police since 2006. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she said the police chief told the counsel it is not a priority. >> funding is what it is. we have to prioritize. we are looking at -- like to fly the helicopter more. >> reporter: this is the av room at the police department. they value the system along
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with their 31 cameras. it helps catch the gunman in the act and after. >> i think the benefit is it cuts off the lag time between the dispatchers. >> it is a useful tool and i hope they would think again about discontinuing the use. >> we like to to renew it. it is a valuable tool. >> reporter: it is the counsel that will decide on whether or not to renew the contract. no word on when the vote might take place. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. a man is under arrest accused of doing something horrible to his one-month-old baby boy. joshua cooper bit off a third of his son's nose. now he is charged with child endangerment and mayhem. a woman told us it was an accident. however police say the child also suffered a skull fracture
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and a brain hemorrhage. the piece of nose was recovered and the baby is in stable condition tonight. neighbors say they didn't see signs of trouble. >> i am very heartbroken. it is really sad. you don't know your neighbors. >> cooper is scheduled to make a court appearance on monday. a new bill could close a major loophole in the sex offender law. if passed all convicted child predators would have to register. right now convicted sex offenders who are granted rehabilitation certificates are not required to register. he says no one convicted of such a serious crime should be exempt. >> it is our duty to protect our most vulnerable. your number one priority. number one right as a citizen is to be -- make sure that you
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don't become a victim. >> routh now law requires registration for anyone convicted of a sex crime unless they receive a certificate of rehabilitation or a pardon. people with minor sex crimes can petition for removal. one of the two men who beat san francisco giants fan bryan stow pleaded not guilty to weapons charges. marvin norwood is charged after authorities said they found two rifles and dozens of rounds of ammunition in his home. he and louie sanchez pleaded guilty last bunt in the beating. -- month in the beating. a few changes today. a big batch of high clouds this
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morning. that cooled us off a bit. lower 70s. things will be changing by the weekend. this afternoon, san jose 71. santa rosa 76 degrees. clouds moving across the bay area earlier this morning. right now as you can see they have cleared out. right now we are in the clear. we could have a patch or two of fog late tonight and tomorrow morning. a little breeze kicking in across the region. not much wind here. oakland 13 miles per hour -- a light wind towards concord, fairfield. sfo 20 miles per hour, san jose 12 miles per hour. winds change direction tomorrow and as a result we will warm back up. tonight clear skies. live camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. clear skies a. into the weekend. sunny, warm and next week sun and clouds.
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temperatures cooling off but no rain clouds. current temperatures right now, 74 in santa rosa. oakland 65. san jose clear skies and 70. here is the forecast tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, san jose on track to reach the upper 70s. 78 degrees. tomorrow morning coolest locations lower 40s. san francisco 50. san jose 48. nice weekend, lots of sunshine out there. high pressure continues to strengthen. the sinking air is warming air, you will notice that tomorrow. temperatures inland 80 degrees. the flow backs off sunday. some cooling for the second half of the weekend. clear skies afor your saturday. temperatures ranging from 60s near the coast. 70s to 80 degrees. voice a 79 -- santa rosa 79.
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oakland mid-70s. 80s antiog, gilroy. san francisco beautiful, san francisco, lower 70s. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. cooling especially coast side by sunday. patchy fog returns by monday. that cools us off more and a dry weather pattern continues into next week. this is the last weekend of winter because spring begins thursday. >> felt like spring began two mungs ago. >> thank you -- months ago. >> thank you. san jose school received a perfect gift today that will allow students to learn and show off musical talents. >> 30 guitars were delivered for the mariachi class. each student has the about to to learn music while playing the guitar. the students had no idea the
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instruments were coming. >> the students were ready to learn but they lacked instruments. so we did some fund raising and raised enough money to purchase 30 guitars. >> they will help raise the importance of musical education and the importance of culture. the raiders go on another shopping spree today in the free agent market. >> this time they signed someone from the other side of the bay. find out who next in sports.
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find free, confidential, local help at not sure how closely the 49ers pay attention owhat the raiders -- to what the raiders are doing but they were today with the signing of one of their cornerbacks, brown, jumping the bay to head for the silver and black. one years, 3.5 million. brown turned down a offer from san francisco. brown spent 7 years with the 49ers. three as a starter and he will take porter's place with oakland in the cornerback spot. when you talk about the sharks after this evening could be as the first place sharks.
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on the line tonight. they are back in new york. remember that guy? didn't go well for him tonight. sharks on the attack. a 1-0 lead over the new york islanders. 2-1 san jose in the second. burns blasts away. and it is thorton with the rebound on the empty side of the net. 4-2 late in the third right now. cactus baseball. in arizona. hunter pence definitely looks ready for opening day. his third home run of the spring. hit two today. both solo shots. madison bumgarner had no problem, 5 shut out innings and delivered this base hit to left field and the giants are easy winners 4-0. and the a's end in
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a 9-9 tie. that is the sporting life for friday night. >> thank you. we are continuing to look into the breaking news from castro valley, a body found inside a home and there is a large police presence. we don't have a lot of information right now but we have a crew heading to the scene and we hope to have answers coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night.
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