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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i'm julie haener. the city of walnut creek even use an oak tree in its logo, but hundreds of trees may be coming down around town because of pg&e's plans to protect its pipelines. the utility has 67 vegetation projects going on right now. 43 trees would be pruned and 381 areas of brush would be removed . leaders at city hall are taking action. >> reporter: we're oarlocks street in downtown walnut -- on locust street in downtown walnut street. these trees are hundreds of years old. pg and a wants to cut them -- pg&e wants to cut them down. the mayor says not without a fight. pg&e says the trees are in the way of their underground gas pipes and notified officials they plan to take a chainsaw to
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735 trees all over town including in people's yards. >> they've taken the position they can cut down these trees without seeking the city's permission or a permit as we would normally require. >> reporter: the mayor lawson fired off a letter. she wants top officials with the utility to meet not only with her but a coalition of city officials throughout the east bay where trees are also located above the gas transmission corridor slated for removal. pg&e is taking these measures across california. >> we are very focused on looking at reasonable alternatives including relocation of pg&e's lines if that's what necessary. >> reporter: pg&e says it hasn't yet notified the home owners whose trees it plans to cut down. a utility possessionman says the tree re-- spokesman says the tree removal program is necessary to inspect pipes more quickly especially in an emergency. >> creating access to the pipeline, enabling inspections and maintenance to the pipeline for safety purposes. >> reporter: some residents
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say they're okay with the tree removal plan. some were not. >> i think they should leave the trees. i think that's what makes walnut creek so beautiful. >> i think safety is more important than beauty. >> reporter: pg e says it hopes to start the tree cutting in may and finish by july. the walnut creek mayor says the city may have to take pg&e to court. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we posted pg&e's report on you can read it and see where the pipeline projects will mean trees and brush are being cleared. look under hot topics. [ explosion ] new developments in aftermath between this violent clash between police and occupy protesters in oakland. today we learned the iraq war veteran who suffered a brain injury will be paid millions of dollars for his pain and suffering. it's a case that brought intense focus on how oakland
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handled the occupy protesters, especially the police officers reactions during confrontations on the street. ktvu's john sasaki is in oakland tonight where he spoke to the injured veteran about the payout and what that money can't heal. >> reporter: it's been almost 2 1/2 years since scott olsen suffered that brain injury at the hands of police right here and today the occupy protester returned with us to the spot where it happened. >> i wasn't here for very long before i got shot. >> reporter: 26-year-old iraq war veteran scott olsen is still dealing with the effects of his brain injury. he can't return to work as a software systems administrator and continues to fight with fatigue and memory loss. that night in october of 2011 the shooting of a lead filled beanbag at his head left olsen completely incapacitated. >> i cut know what happened to me at first. it took -- didn't know what happened to me at first. it took a little convincing when i could not walk a we or
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talk and answer when my name is -- away or talk and answer what my name is. >> reporter: with his attorney outside city hall, olsen announced the $4.5 million settlement with the city of oakland. >> i didn't win part of my brain back that's dead. it's hard. it was a hard recovery process and i think that this is a part of the recovery process. >> reporter: his attorneys blame the use of the nonlethal projectiles including the beanbag rounds. >> the law prohibits using them in a crowd as they were used in this case and in very serious injury and enormous liability to the taxpayers resulted. >> reporter: the city council still has to approve the settlement, but council member libby shaft told me they have been kept apprised of the deal. >> while this one is incredibly costly, it's an example of how much improvement we have needed to make with how we handle events like this. changes have been made, but we
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can never afford to have mistakes like this again. >> reporter: we asked olsen who he plans to do now that he's received such a substantial payout. he said he doesn't know beyond visiting his family in wisconsin. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. monterey county authorities arrested two women in what the sheriff there calls the worst case of child neglect he has seen in his 30 years in law enforcement. 31-year-old erica craig and 42- year-old christian deanda are charged with false imprisonment and child endangerment along with other child abuse charges. deputies say they found three children aged 8, 5 and 3 inside this house in salinas. the children appeared starved and abused. the 8-year-old girl had been chained to a wall apparently to keep her from getting food. she and the 5-year-old were adopted. the youngest is the biological son of one of the women. former san francisco supervisor ed jue will spend
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another year behind bars for lying about where he lived when he ran for office. that was the ruling of a san francisco superior court judge today. jue just finished serving 4 1/2 years in federal prison for using his office to extort money from a store in his district. he asked to be credited with time served for the state perjury charge to which he pleaded guilty in 2008. >> the defendant betrayed the public trust. he was convicted of perjury and i think it's important for the public to know there's serious consequences to lying to the residents of the city and county of san francisco. >> i think he'll get home detention in all probability. he should just because every other inmate will. >> it will be up to the sheriff to decide if jue can serve his year at home or go to jail. he is scheduled to surrender to authorities april 4th. the state assembly is looking at issues of tolerance, diversity and student state of following a racially charged incident at san jose state university last fall. the first in a series of four
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hearings was held today on campus. ktvu's ann ruben joins us now live to explain what the committee hopes to achieve. >> reporter: they plan to implement new policies, but first they want to hear what faculty and students say needs fixing. they're taking the emotional temperature on the san jose state campus and looking at the cultural climate, but students at this hearing say the forecast is gloomy. >> i don't think this campus is very safe for students of color. >> reporter: this following a racially charged incident last fall where an african american student says he was abused by his white roommates. there have been criminal charges filed. the victim filed the claim and the state assembly decided it needed a comprehensive review of campus policy. >> we know we can't prevent every incident, but we can have clear policies and procedures. >> reporter: and not just at san jose state but campuses statewide. the committee will hold four hearings looking at when works and what doesn't. >> the situation at san jose state is kind of shining a
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light on experiences that are happening i believe throughout the state as well as the nation. >> reporter: the san jose state president says he welcomes the review. >> our students deserve better. >> reporter: still students say it's going to take more than just talk to make a difference. >> it's going to take a real commitment of resources. >> it's good we start the conversation. i don't think the conversation should end here by any means, but i guess at least we're starting it. >> reporter: the next hearing will be at uc san diego april 25th. the plan is to have two more hearings by september and recommendations by year end. live in san jose ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. chevron is pushing forward with its plans to modernize its refinery in richmond. it filed a new environmental impact report this week. chevron scaled back its plans after a community lawsuit stopped its first proposal. the remodeled refinery would process the same amount of oil, but some of that oil would have a higher sulfur content.
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>> increase in emissions, no net increase in criteria air pollutants, no net increase in health risks or greenhouse gas emission. >> in this case the community has won the right to have an informed review of this projects before we let it go forward -- project before we let it go forward. >> chevron's plan could be approved as soon as june and be in operation in two years. a somber memorial was held today marking five years since the tokeland police department suffered its deadliest day -- the oakland police department suffered its deadliest day when four officers were killed in the line of duty. family, friends and colleagues gathered to remember sergeant mark an undid kin, officer john hege -- mark dunakin, officer john hege, daniel sakai and ervin romans. dunakin and hege were shot to death during a traffic stop and
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later that day s.w.a.t. officers sakai and romans were shot. >> to shoot that many men, to take away that many fathers that, many dads, that many husbands, sons, there's no justification for it. >> nicole romans says she doesn't feel anger, just deep storro. police ended up shooting and -- sorrow, police ended up shooting and killing the gunman, 26-year-old lovelle mixon. the state's employment development department has a new leader tonight, patrick henning. he serves at the governor's chief deputy appointment secretary in 2011. his appointment ends a 14 month stretch where deputy director sharon hilliard served as acting director. this all comes as the edd continues to deal way series of problems including one -- with a series of problems including one we told you about last year with a computer glitch that left thousands of people waiting for their unemployment checks. the edd has since been under
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scrutiny for how they're handling those cases. the california health department released new numbers today regarding flu deaths. there were 10 new deaths last week. here are the latest numbers among people under 65 years old. alameda county had one new flu death. the other counties remain the same as the week before. santa clara still has the most for the stephen at 18. -- season at 18. cutting it too close, we ride along with a caltrain engineer to see for ourselves just how frequently people dart across the tracks and put their lives at risk. >> firefighters stretched thin with no reprieve in sight, the preparations they're making for the long fire road ahead. >> cooler today across the entire bay area, but a few changes developing in the short term, coming up the warmest day of the weekend and when rain clouds resurface on the five- day forecast.
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the chase mobile app. so you can. after caltrain released this video of someone barely making it past an oncoming train, there you see it right there, we went along for a ride to see for ourselves what train engineers say they see every day. caltrain is hoping the video of that close call makes everyone think more about safety. so ktvu's claudine wong rode the rails and looked at the issue from a different perspective. you may be surprised by what she saw. >> reporter: for most people this is their view from the train, a small window looking at fast moving scenery, if they even bother to look up. >> not a lot. >> reporter: caltrans says it wants everyone to be aware of safety, but when it comes to
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this issue, sometimes it's all about perspective and what better perspective than that of the engineer? we weren't allowed to interview a caltrain engineer or even get video where they sit, but we were allowed to set up our camera at this window just below them and from that perspective got a better idea of what a ride looks like from their seat. we could see how much view was blocked by the trees and brush that line the track and even though we rode just 30 minutes, we saw glimpses of what they see every day. this woman ushering a young boy across the street while the crossing arms are down racing to catch the train we were on, in such a hurry she almost went down the wrong side of the fence there to keep her safe. >> i've noticed the constructors are very considerate and they want to try to wait for the passenger says. >> reporter: they did not get on in time because moments later we started to move and even as we did, look down the tracks as yet another person raced across the street.
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cutting it close can be dangerous, so dangerous caltrain released this video of a close call in an effort to get people focused on safety, but people constantly risk safety for seconds and you only have to watch this man to know he's cringing a little even as he does it, but even if engineers are patient, sometimes tragedy wins and as one engineer told wtvu in 2004, when that happens -- ktvu in 200first, when that happens, it stays -- 2004, when that happens, it stays with you forever. >> for that last moment you're the last person who saw this person alive, so it's one of the most gut wrenching feelings that you will ever get. it's horrible. >> reporter: it is a problem caltrain says won't get better until people value safety over seconds. on caltrain claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. there has been another big data breach involving a san
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francisco hospital. a company that provides billing for san francisco general hospital and city clinics says several computers were stolen in los angeles county. they contain names and in some cases social security numbers and dates of birth for more than 55,000 patients. the step says many affected are homeless -- city says many affected are homeless and they're working hard to notify them. a grassfire in pittsburg is described as unusually aggressive for this time of year and with the drought emergency firefighters say it may be a sign of things to come. the contra costa county fire protection district acknowledged today it was stretched thin when that fire started yesterday. fire station 87 in pittsburg has been shut down because of a lack of staff. if it wasn't for the help of a cal fire chop earn, the flames could have -- chopper, the flames could have continued to spread. the three alarm fire scorched 40 acres. they are trying to conserve water because a wasted gallon
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now is one they won't have this season. they are cutting back on watering lawns and washing fire engines and limiting water usage during training drills e when possible and they've hired additional -- drills whenever possible and they've hired additional firefighters. the california geological survey is launching a new project that maps out safe places to go in the event of a tsunami. the harbors include santa cruz and crescent city, both of which experienced damage after the 2011 fukushima earthquake and tsunami. san diego, los angeles, long beach and ventura are also included. the maps allow harbor managers to draw up emergency plans to get vessels to safety. they plan to expand the program to more than 100 other marinas and harbors. the first full day of spring kind of felt like summer with the fog making a comeback coastside, that persistent onshore breeze and with that
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temperatures cooled off, showing you some 60s and lower 70s for afternoon highs out toward concord, livermore, morgan hill 72 but only upper 50s for pacifica. on live stormtracker 2 fog offshore and higher clouds out toward the sierra, basically a few scattered showers moving out now. we just have patchy fog redeveloping offshore that will work itself back into the bay overnight. current temperatures, san francisco 55 now, san jose 63, antioch the lower 70s, 71 and santa rosa right now in the upper 50s. pretty good breeze toward fairfield gusting to 24 miles an hour. santa rosa sustained winds at 13 miles per hour and san jose winds out of the northwest 15 miles an hour. tonight we have this, partly
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cloudy skies. we've talked about the breeze. here is our live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary, a lot of haze way out in the distance. tomorrow some morning fog, the weekend morning fog, a little bit warmer and next week more clouds. we could be tracking shower chances. you'll see that coming up on the five-day forecast. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning starting out the day lots of 40s for santa rosa, napa, san francisco 49 and san jose saturday morning 46 with patchy fog coastside right around the bay. high pressure is in command of our weather, so a dry weather pattern through the weekend. clouds in the morning clearing back to the shore line. temperatures trend up a bit for both saturday and sunday and sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. next week we're thinking shower chances, a slight chance tuesday, probably a better bet into wednesday. here's the forecast model showing you the fog regrouping tomorrow morning at 6:00 coastside and right around the bay, clearing back to near the shoreline into the afternoon hours revealing partly to mostly sunny skies. forecast highs tomorrow, a
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little warmer than today. that will translate to more lower 70s inland but not warming by much. san jose 70, los gatos 71, san francisco 64 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, sunday the warmest, monday nice and the chance of a few showers, a slight chance tuesday, maybe better wednesday. it would be nice to track a few raindrops in the bay. a hearing was held today in john sasaki on the insurance responsibilities of ride -- in sacramento on the insurance responsibilities of ride sharing customers. this follows a deadly accident in san francisco on new year's eve involving a vehicle operated by an uber driver. the incident is a prime example of a coverage gap. >> these companies carry $1 million in commercial liability insurance. that doesn't protect the driver. while they're driving around looking for a passenger is there insurance coverage? that's one potential gap.
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>> some ride sharing companies such as lyft insist there is no reason to worry and says its drivers are covered under a $1 million insurance policy whenever there are passengers in the vehicle as well as when the driver is on the way to pick up a passenger. how about this, the oakland raiders have a new big name quarterback. >> you'll hear from him on his first day with the silver and black. mark ibanez is up next with sports. female announcer: during sleep train's big gift event
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of course, there will be much discussion about the raiders picking up matt schaub as their new quarterback, but it's just the bottom line. you got to wait and see on this guy, pretty much low risk. they give up a sixth round pick to houston for him. he's been a no. 1 quarterback most of his career with the texans, in fact, led them to the playoffs a couple years in a row, but this past season a drastic dropoff. 10 touchdown passes to 14 interceptions. he lost his starting job, but the raiders pick him up and after last season fred english asked him how do you keep your confidence? >> i just draw on past experiences. i draw on a lot of positives that i've done, you know, reflecting on those things and knowing that i've been through some tough times before that last season and how did i get
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through those times and i think that's the important thing about this opportunity is it's a fresh start and a fresh place and place where we get a lot of good things done. in time the ncaa, johnny dawkins on the left, his first ever ncaa playoff appearance as a coach and it turns out good. 45-45, jason randall snapped from three and into the lead for good. josh huston will get the muscle work inside, get it to go down and stanford will face kansas next on sunday, 58-53 today over the lobos. meanwhile that's coach k and duke. they'll go down to little mercer college out of macon, georgia. a minute left, 68-63 and soon after inbound mercer's anthony white jr. goes the distance, 78-
6:27 pm
71 the final. mercer beating duke and coach k right there, they're pretty happy. probably the only drawback about schaub, $10 million. i mean it's a low risk as far as what you do to get him, but you do have to pay $10 million. >> thank you. tonight on the 10:00 news a teacher remembered, how a school community is honoring a music teacher killed by a driver accused of being drugged and distracted, that story tonight at 10:00. thanks for joining us. good night.
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