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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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another motorcyclist was not seriously injured. we now know the name of a woman killed in a hit and run collision in san francisco. 82-year-old wai young crossing the intersection of bay shore boulevard and visitation avenue yesterday morning when she was hit by an suv. the driver turned around and drove past her as she lay in the street then took off. police gave us this surveillance photo of that white dodge durango believed to be involved they would like to hear from anyone who may know something about this suv. now to the east bay where pg&e has plans to cut down hundreds of trees in walnut creek. they says the a safety issue but rob found out this growing debate is likely to wind up in court. >> reporter: many people in
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downtown walnut creek say these trees help give walnut creek its beauty. >> adds to beauty. >> reporter: but pg&e says they are in the way of their under ground gas pipes and they plan to take a chain saw to 735 trees all over town including in people's yards. >> they have taken the position they can come into town and cut down all these trees without seeking city permission. >> reporter: the mayor fired off a letter she wants top official s with the utility to meet not only with her but a coalition of city officials throughout the east bay where trees are located above the gas france mission corridor and slated -- trans mission corridor and slated for removal. >> we are very focused on looking at reasonable alternatives including new location of their lines if that is what is necessary. >> reporter: pg&e says it has not yet notified homeowners whose trees it plans to cut down. utility spokesman said the program is necessary, so pg&e
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can inspect pipes more quickly. >> we are looking at safety by creating access to the pipeline and inspectionst and maintenance. >> reporter: some residents are okay with the plan some were not. >> they should leave the trees i think that is what makes walnut creek so beautiful. >> safety is more important than beauty. >> reporter: pg&e hopes to start in may and finish by july the mayor says it may have to take pg&e to court in walnut creek, ktvu channel 2 news. new jobs report indicates the state's economy is gaining momentum employment development department says more than 58,000 jobs were added in february that pushed the unemployment rate down to 8%. it was 8.1% a month earlier. education and health services reported the biggest increase with more than 15,000 new
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position. jobless numbers in the bay area, solano county has the highest unemployment rate with 7.9% and marin county the lowest with 4 .8%. one of governor brown's top aids is head of the department. this comes as they continue to deal with a series of problems including one we told you about last year involving a computer grinch that caused a long delay for -- glitch that caused a long delay for thousands waiting for unemployment checks. this crash looks bad but these teens walked away from the wreck. >> we were lucky. >> the life saving lesson they hope people take away from their story. >> your weekend outlook. an hour by hour look at the timing on fog and sun. >> after the break. >> you are the best person ever and i hope you get into heaven.
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>> the touching way students are saying goodbye to a beloved music teacher
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candlelight and community, 300 people came to an elementary school in the north bay to remember a teacher known for her ability to light up a room. that teacher and her mother-in- law were both killed last weekend in a crash caused by a driver who may have been both high and also looking at his cell phone when the crash happened. >> debra is live now in santa rosa with how colleagues and students paid tribute to sue, debra. >> reporter: we are at san miguel elementary school, one of several schools sue roved between teaching music and teaching by example. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: on this final night of spring break families came together. >> she just was just so kind
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and gentle, tonight was the perfect tribute to who she was and she just did powerful, powerful things in her quiet, gentle way. >> my happiest memory of her. >> reporter: strict but fun. >> we did karaoke together that was really fun. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: sue was the music program in her school district teaching thousands of children instruments and helping them find their voices. >> we she first started she wanted to learn the violin so there was quite a bit of trial and error there and she helped her through it. >> reporter: it happened on busy highway 12 where traffic can go from freeway speed to a stop at a light. last saturday sue and her mother-in-law were crushed to death when a driver, chp says was high on pot and looking at his cell phone rear ended their car at a high speed.
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the 30-year-old made bail within hours in court charges were put off as toxicology results are pending. >> helping spear head an endowment so they may always have money for a music teacher. in just a few days that fund already topped some $2,000. live in santa rosa ktvu channel 2 news. fire investigator says a bird may have started a brush fire in pittsburgh. hawks nest can be seen in the power lines the investigator says a bird may have hit those lines and fallen to the dry grass. 40-acres burned, they had a hard time controlling the fire because of a shortage of firefighters but the contra costa fire district says it received nearly -- grant money to move forward with hiring 27
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new firefighters. 4 and a half million dollars what an iraq war veteran is getting he settled his federal lawsuit after he was badly injured in an occupied protest he says he suffered he does remember the night of october 25th, 2011 he says tear gas was fired he started running that is when he was struck in the head with a bean bag. as others came to his rescue, an officer fired a flash bang grenade. >> that is even more agregious and even more malicious than me being shot. >> olsen says his medical bills totaled a quarter million dollars and he hasn't been able to work since his injury. his attorney also released an audio tape of oakland police radio transmissions from that night. >> okay, they have been warned. deploy gas, into the crowd. >> that is the order to use
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tear gas on the crowds downtown oakland officers were first told to put masks on and be aware wind was from the east then the protestors were given several warnings to dispurse or the tear gas would be fired. listen to excerpts on our website look under hot topics. if you have driven the streets of san francisco recently you have probably noticed a lot of lane closures. those lane closures are likely to increase as more construction projects get under way. >> reporter: for some drivers it is another day of grit your teeth grid lock. due in part to a big construction boom. >> makes it bad for traffic, it is a bottleneck especially downtown. >> reporter: some drivers blame lane closures that give construction crews much
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neededmanoeuvring space. >> gets more crowded than usual. >> reporter: it is a bit much. >> cranes and congestion in san franciscos south of market district. in 2012 the city issued 222 special permits. last year more than 3,000 permits were issued. the plans to add new housing units they will see more closures. >> the mayor has been making sure truck drivers know how to navigate san francisco streets. a lot of bicyclists, pedestrians, be mindful and slow down. >> reporter: they face a tricky path manoeuvring around equipment. >> about once a week or so we will be diverted on to the street from the sidewalk it has been really rough not able to take part in walking on the sidewalk. >> reporter: even paramedics say they avoid the large traffic corridors where some of
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the big construction projects are under way. >> we like to avoid them because some times you can't get through it. >> reporter: city officials advice to drivers use the 511 smart phone app, plan your drive ahead of time and stay patient in traffic. david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. after months of controversy a 7 eleven is shutting its doors neighbors complained when it opened last year saying it drew crime and traffic to their community. city officials also ruled the property was not legally zoned for a store. today they announced $150,000 settlement to shut it down its last day of business is tuesday. a little cooler today and right now the fog regrouping offshore and pushing locally into the bay. forecast tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., patchy fog around the bay. overcast near the immediate
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shore line. afternoon, clouds will gather back near the shore line. 7:00 p.m., patchy fog, 40 to 50 degrees, by lunchtime coastal fog, 55 to 62, tomorrow will be warmer than today here is the eventual temperature range 60 to 72 winds pick up, 10 to 20 miles an hour. forecast highs for saturday, san francis owe 64, santa rosa 71, liver more, 72 degrees. the warmest day of the weekend and when rain chances resurface on the 5 day forecast. coming up, a new school offering a leg up when it comes to a careers in technology. in our next half hour how much parents are willing to spend to get their kids in. our students deserve better. >> first, teaching tolerance how university officials are tackling accusations of hate on a south bay campus they lived.
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♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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first in a series of hearings was held at san jose state university to discuss diversity and promote tolerance. the hearings are being organized by a state assembly committee. they follow the bullying allegations that shook students last year. >> reporter: they are taking the emotional temperature on the san jose state campus and looking at the cultural climate. students say the forecast is gloomy. >> i don't think this is safe for students of color. >> reporter: following a racially charged incident last fall where an african american student was abused by his white roommates. the victim filed a claim. criminal charges have been filed. >> we can't prevent every incident from happening but we can have clear policies and
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procedures. >> reporter: at campuses statewide. assembly select committee will hold a total of four hearings. >> the situation at san jose state is shining a light on experiences that are happening i believe throughout the state, as well as the nation. >> reporter: san jose state president says he welcomes the review. >> our students deserve better. >> reporter: still students says the going to take more than just talk to make a difference. >> it is going to take a real commitment of resources. >> it is good we start the conversation i don't think it should end here by any means but at least we are starting it. >> reporter: the next hearing is uc san diego april 25th the plan is to have two more by september and recommendations by the end of the year. federal judge struck down michigan's ban on same-sex marriage the two women who challenged the law were over joyed when they got news with their attorney. the judge said michigan's law violated the constitutional
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guarantee of equal protection. michigan's attorney general made an emergency request to stay the ruling, so it appears that same sex weddings will be on hold in michigan for the time being. story of california's long fight over prop 8 is headed to the big screen. the case against 8 is an hbo documentary set to open in theatres in june. the film traces the legal battle that began when prop 8 passed in 2008. you might call it the school of the future. >> in the south bay, building the new curriculum for science, technology, engineering and math. why that matters to you and your kids. a group of people walk away from a nasty crash in the east bay. >> reminder you can get ktvu news to go download the ktvu app watch all of our newscasts
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it was a scary scene, one suv on its side another wedged into its roof. out of this collision comes a valuable lesson. a lesson of survival. all seven people in those two vehicles walked away for the simple reason that they were all wearing their seat belts. new at 10, christina is in concord tonight and spoke with two of the people who got the brunt of that impact. >> reporter: well, it is a message that has been repeated over and over seat belts save lives. two of the victims in yesterday's crash tell me plain and simple they are lucky to be alive. the sight of a mangled toyota 4 runner might make it hard to believe anyone walked away from
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this crash but the people inside did. jared was behind the wheel his girlfriend was the passenger and three friends in the backseat. >> it was scary because we rolled and rolled when i thought we stopped rolling we slid more. >> we flipped a few times mostly our seat belts held us in. >> reporter: he was trying to make a turn across on coming traffic on thursday afternoon. blind spots for him and the driver of a brown suburban resulted in a nasty crash. >> we were extremely unprepared for what happened it was really not much to do other than try my best to speed up and get out of the way. >> reporter: firefighters had to rescue jared who was trapped under a caving roof the 18-year- old says his seat belt was strangling his neck but he is not complaining he made it out with a few cuts and bruises on his hands, arms and head. >> i don't let anyone in without wearing a seat belt. >> reporter: buckling up is a habit the majority of
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california drivers share. 97.4% people used seat belts last year. they hope the stats keep rising until everyone makes it a priority these teens know it already is. >> i thought it was a habit just something i do, but i didn't think it would be helpful until this happened. >> it could have been much worse. could have died, worse obviously but yeah, seat belts definitely played a huge role in keeping us as safe as possible. >> reporter: and those teens also if they can change their mind into using their seat belt, that is good. police have not cited anyone, but they are still investigating. several bay area traffic projects are getting the green light thanks to recent approval. a total of $334 million is being allocated for projects statewide. here in the bay area the budget includes money for landscape
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and security upgrades in the new 4th bore. new cross walks in san francisco and bike lanes in windsor. tenants rights advocates demonstrated, outside of a san francisco law firm they accused of helping push low income renters out of the city. they protested outside the law offices this afternoon. they say the real estate attorneys help landlords evict people in gentry fying neighbourhoods. long time tenants in rent controlled apartments are frequently the target and they point to an influx of tech workers who they claim are driving rent and real estate prices higher. >> low income and mid-income and people on the lower end of the spectrum they like a view of the water too. they like to live here too. they like to eat nice food too. you ain't the only ones in town jack. >> we contacted the attorney
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for his response he said quote ... a private school opening in silicon valley is aimed at giving students a leg up on careers in science and technology. as john fowler found out many parents are eke tore get their children en-- eager to get their children enrolled despite the steep tuition. >> reporter: this former ibm being renovated for the new private school opening in fall. we found parents clamoring to get their public school kids into basis. a high tech entrepreneur. >> passion is what is missing in the public school system, the kids are not able to get the fundamentals right. >> reporter: the school says it is accredited but it doesn't have to teach what it calls the
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dumbed down core curriculum of california public schools. >> a lot of students are under prepared in terms of their science, english, humanities and every kind of academic background. >> reporter: she says students at other schools across the nation rank in the top 1% of students worldwide. 3 to 4 years ahead of u.s. public school students. job placement agents say they have many well paying, high tech job openings. >> our biggest challenge is finding qualified candidates. both that are born and educated here and from other places as well. >> reporter: basis is just the latest of many bay area chart earth and private schools, focusing on basic science education. it charges $22,500 a year per student. >> the children will be able to reap the benefits of a quality education. >> reporter: she will have no
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problem filling the 500 slots for the 4th through 11th grade classes. stocks began on the upside but fell end of the session. nasdaq suffered a larger decline. health care stocks lead the way lower. historic claire mount hotel in oakland hills is under new ownership fairmont hotel chain and finance financieer announced they bought the property. they promise a multimillion dollar renovation of the resort. uc berkeley hopes to boost revenue by renting out their stadium. officials say it will even host a wedding in may the stadium was renovated in 2012 and that
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left a debt of $445 million. one of san francisco's longest standing landmarks is celebrating a milestone birthday well winners gathered inside the westin st. francis in union scare. it opened on this date, 110 years ago. california lieutenant governor and fire chief attended long time employees say they know the secret to the hotel's success. >> every day i come to work i tell my life i am going to a party. so every day that i am here there is always a party and that is the way my life has been for the last 38 years. that is remarkable the hotel's 1200 rooms have welcomed celebrities, politicians and dignitaries including queen elizabeth, prince phillip and president obama. the frenzy has begun we explore the dark side for people struggling with serious
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addiction. our extended forecast, specific on the changes you can expect. >> up next, after four oakland police officers lost their lives. >> my heart is very heavy. >> what this somber anniversary means to the widow of one of the fallen officers
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a somber memorial service marked the fifth anniversary of the death of four oakland police officers. ♪ [ music ] >> family, friends and fellow officers gathered at the cathedral of christ the light near lake merit this morning it honored sergeants. on march 21st, 2009 they were shot and killed by a wanted parolee he was killed later that day by law enforcement. >> to shoot that many men to take away that many fathers, that many dads, you know, loving husband's, son's there is no justification for it. >> a memorial park for the officers at sequoia and oak hill road is open to the public. police in richmond are still working to find the family of a woman killed in the city's first homicide of the year. she was shot several times in
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her chest and torso on 4th street near lincoln just before 10:00 p.m. last night. they are now looking for a burgundy colored sedan with gold rims seen leaving the area. the victim only had one contact in the city and detectives are still trying to find and notify next of kin. crimea is now officially part of russia. at the kremlin, putin signed the bill with annexation calling it a remarkable event and moscow celebrated with a fireworks show in red square. annexation is costing russia's economy its credit ratings were lowered and stock markets are down. russian troops are not only there, they are mass along almost the entire border with ukraine. moscow insists 20,000 troops are taking part in training exercises and says it has no plans to invade ukraine but the obama administration is skeptical. first lady michelle obama
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mad an unscheduled meeting during her visit to china. the first lady her daughters and mother met with china's president in beijing. the first lady has no formal plans to hold political talks today the obama's also visited a school including american exchange students and she tried her hand at the chinese art of calligraphy with china's first lady. march madness is under way the betting that has basketball fans in a frenzy. mark will have the complete bay area forecast and the timing of the next system that could bring the first spring showers. >> major security breech effecting tens of thousands of people here in the bay area. how it all started with a break- in, hundreds of miles away.
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san francisco's department of public health is working with tens of thousands of patients after a security breech put their patients at risk. it happened early last month when thieves broke into a medical billing company and stole computers. among the data stolen, were the names addresses and in some cases social security numbers of 56,000 patients. >> this is for billing purposes so it is not -- the patients medical record wasn't there, billing information. >> public health officials say as of now there are no reports of the stolen information being used. police are investigating the case. federal officials searching for a sacramento man who defrauded thousands of credit card users. 33-year-old man faces 23 counts of felony wire fraud and mail
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fraud. the u.s. attorney says he, and 39-year-old man of los angeles created a fake business to siphon off small charges of up to $30 from american express card holders. he was arrested on march 5th. being a sports fan can be hard work. during the annual phenomenon known as march madness they can be expensive too depending which team you bet on. >> reporter: inside the fire stone public house, all types of fans pull for their team. it is a family event especially if it is your alma mater. >> we are here to root on the mustangs. >> i have watched more basketball than i have ever watched. >> reporter: there is the thrill of money. >> all friendly betting just small, 10, $20. >> reporter: fbi says more than $2.5 billion is bet illegally on march madness every year.
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>> i sports bet. got a couple whereabouts with my friends. >> reporter: you got it all going. >> he doesn't want to reveal just how much he bet or lost. >> you can do it online or i have a friend in reno. >> reporter: of the billions bet every year only a fraction is bet legally through sports books in nevada. the gaming association also says, while more bets are placed on super bowl sunday than any other single sporting event, more money is bet in the first four days of march madness. >> brackets looking a little busted. >> reporter: not everybody loses money. marcus bets push ups instead that way he only loses a bit of pride. >> we do a thing where we do push ups they make a call any time we got to honor them on the spot. >> reporter: richard sharpe ktvu channel 2 news. all of the attention paid to march madness can be a
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nightmare for anyone battling an addiction. it can trigger cravings that can spin out of control. a new tool that automatically checks for lower prices at other stores and gives shoppers a gift certificate for the difference. wal-mart customers can enter their receipt number into an online account then the savings catcher compares prices of every tome to a data base. there is no word yet when it may be available here in the bay area. the famous e trade baby is calling it quits. >> i am done. out of here. amateurs. >> you heard it right there the talking baby who made his debut during the 2008 super bowl calls it quits in a new ad it features a cat introduced as the baby's new sidekick but he wasn't happy about it the voice behind the basie is working --
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baby is working on his own late night comedy series. just a little cooler, across most of the bay area, temperatures will begin to rebound. as far as readings from this afternoon they range from chilly upper 50s pacifica, warmest locations inland lower 70s. right now live storm tracker 2, no storms to track but fog developing and already a few patches, pushing back into the bay in fact a closer look at the satellite. that cloud deck increasing in coverage. we are expecting fog to start out your saturday morning. current temperatures, lots of 50s, except a few 40s for santa rosa, napa, nevada. san jose reporting mostly clear skies, 54. winds backed off across most of the region except out toward fairfield. 22 miles an hour gusting to 30 miles an hour even a bit of a
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breeze out toward oakland. for tonight partly cloudy as we mentioned a bit of a breeze. our live camera looking toward the bay bridge. san francisco out in the distance. this weekend no major changes morning fog temperatures trend up a little bit, saturday and sunday and next week more clouds and we are tracking shower chances in the 5 day forecast. overnight lows to start out your saturday, 40s across most of the region. santa rosa at 40. and morgan hill 43. the fog, patches immediate coastline, back into the bay as well. into the weekend high pressure, in command of our weather, keeping things dry, warmer warmest locations on sunday will be approaching the mid-70s that will be inland next week we are tracking this weather system moving into northern california, more clouds, cooler and the chance of scattered showers for tuesday and wednesday. looks like the best now will be wednesday of next week. here is the forecast model
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keeping it dry this weekend for saturday into sunday and by tuesday a little bit of activity to at least bring in that slight chance of a shower, maybe a better bet as we head to wednesday. forecast highs saturday afternoon warmer than today lots of low 70s for santa rosa, napa, fairfield, vacaville. oakland 58, liver more 72, san jose forecast high 70, san francisco overcast in the morning becoming partly cloudy afternoon, 64 degrees. here is a look ahead your 5 day forecast your weekend always in view sunday much warmer same deal into monday and there we go with rain clouds for tuesday and wednesday, reflect that chance of a light shower this weekend almost like a summer time weather pattern, low clouds and fog and warm temperatures inland. >> sounds very nice. thank you. >> mark is here with sports. quarterback security on the oakland raiders isn't very good but they have a new one. >> yep a new big dog in town. you got to give the raiders a little credit with no recent
10:52 pm
laurels to rest on, raiders more than active in this off season. you can discuss it all night but just got to wait to see how the guy plays. a low risk highly paid proposition oakland gives up a 6 round draft choice to get him but they will have to pay him $10 million. he lead the texans into the post season but drastically fell off this season. 14 interceptions only 10 touchdowns. how do you keep your head up after that hot mess he was asked. >> i just draw on past experiences. i draw on a lot of positives that i have done. reflecting on those things and knowing that you know i have been through tough times before that last season and how did i get through those times. i think that is the important thing about this opportunity, it is a fresh start and fresh place and place where you know we can get a lot of good things done. not the only marquee named quarterback to switch jerseys once hailed as a modern day
10:53 pm
broadway joe type of guy but you have half the play you got to win to keep that name. that never materialed with mark sanchez with the jets. injuries and lacklustre play. they have seen enough the former top draft pick, out. they had a plan in mind as they signed with michael vick. after five years with the eagles he was allowed to walk. not an easy place to play. oh, happy day it was for the sanford men as they come through in a big way in the ncaa tournament, less than a week from now, as and giants will be back in the bay. a little desert happening between the two tonight.
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since the scores don't count for another 10 days, all things considered both the as and giants, major ups and the kids were happy on the lawn in scottsdale. 7 strike outs along the way. the only two hits the as were to get, 0 walks trying to nail down a spot in the bullpen.
10:57 pm
oakland, 5 and two thirds, gave up only three hits. they played poorly defensively. 7 strike outs giants were able the pad things from the 8th inning as it will be none other than bronco, getting to the as, ace reliever, jim johnson for an rbi triple, 3-0. day 2 of madness nothing but pleasant for sanford. that might have been the case johnny, all smiles as he sees his cardinal, victorious, randall, 45 on the second half snapped the net with the 3. cardinal leading for good. josh houstons for good measure will spin and go to the rim. 58 will have 53. stanford versus kansas on sunday. that will be a good one. duke and coach k out.
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>> makin georgia. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. morning begins 7:00 a.m. catch the rebroadcast right now on tv-36. good night bulldog: [whimpering]
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yesterday. um, phil's mom died. it wasn't unexpected, he was with her, and she went very peacefully in her sleep. she and i had a special connection. we all did. but mostly me. she said i was just like her. was she weirdly competitive, too? the whole family is going down to florida tomorrow to be with phil for the service. it's such a relief. i can feel how much he needs me right now. there they are. hey, guys. oh! oh, you brought my neck pillow. i missed you so much. phil, i'm so sorry. thanks. grace was such a kind and whimsical soul. the different animals she put antlers on for christmas cards-- inspired. not a single one was photoshopped.


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