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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that breaking news is in southern california, a series of earthquakes felt across most of the south land. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm heather holmes. more than a dozen aftershocks have been recorded. the largest was 3.6. the shaking was felt over a large area but the most intense was right around lahabra. you're looking at live pictures over the l.a. area. these are pictures of a water main break in lahabra we're told is related to the quake. so far there's no reports of
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injuryings. the u.s. geological service says that they has been very active in the past ten days. now let's go to bill martin. >> here in the weather 2 center to tell us that lahabra is not far from the shake map. >> it shows you the areas that felt the quake the most. people call in, they feel it. it comes into this map and it registers. atz you look at this map you can see -- as you look at this map you can see, kind of toward east of long beach, everybody in here felt it strong. but look at the rest of the area, the basin you're looking at the green, this earthquake was about at least reports are saying like .1-kilometers deep.
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very shallow. it's a mile east of lahabra. you can see a lot of people felt it. this map is going to be updating through the evening. as it does i'm going to keep an eye for you. before we have more on the earthquake, is this rain is coming for saturday. it's going to rain out there. take a look at the forecast totals. .5 to 1.5. the rain already showing up in eukai. this is the kind of rain that's going to wake you up earl little saturday. the next time you see me, i'll have a time line. check on weather any time on ktvu weather app. it's available for androids and smart phones. patients are being warned
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of possible exposure to diseases including hiv. pacific center has learned equipment used to test lungs may have not been properly sanitized. the report was ordered by san francisco mayor ed lee after a patient lin spalding was found dead at a stairwell last year. ken pritchett joins us now with more and what steps have been taken, ken. >> reporter: this is the report, it is a review of security procedures here at sf general. it is not an investigation into the factors that led to spalding's death.
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but fairly that incident inspired this report and the recommendations within. spalding went missing from her hospital left in december, 17 days later she was found dead. two weeks alone, unnoticed. a tragedy that inspired this report by ucsf by security. >> this report giving us a lot of great ideas and a path of options. >> reporter: department of public health spokesperson rachel kagan says the reports for recommendation come as the hospital has already taken steps such as having more senior sheriff deputies on- site. the report found an insufficient oversight of the security program at sf general and an absence of a culture of security and safety. among recommendations that a security manager be appointed to see a robust security program that includes creating a security information center
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or command poston campus. >> the current space is not adequate. and does not meet the needs of the security. staff themselves, nor of the campus and patients and hospital. >> reporter: in the spalding case, two investigates reported that hospitals staff had the wrong description of their missing patient or did not appear to take her disappearance seriously. a new program called code green is in place for missing patients that's already shown results among other changes. >> for instance we do now have daily security sweeping of all of our emergency stairwells. we have an improved alarm system and camera system. >> reporter: kagan says the security improves will be applied not only at this hospital but all of the hospitals and clinics in this system. i did reach out to the spalding
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family attorney but did not hear back from them in time for this newscast. and the crew said the front landing gear wouldn't deploy. and the pilot flew around to burn off oil. no one was hurt. the aerial search for that missing malaysian jet is under way. a move for a new search zone and what they have already found. it's a story we first broke online on twitter. tonight ktvu's jana katsuyama is live at the team's headquarters in santa clara with the weapon that police found in chris culiver's vehicle. >> the 49ers team did acknowledge that chris toliver has been taken into custody and
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arrested. they did not give any statements on camera. the police say that toliver hit a bicyclist that is now being treated for injuries. chris culiver walked out of the santa clara county jail. he was silent but the person that páeubged him up was very emotional as they walked to their vehicle. >> get away from him. >> reporter: culiver is a defensive back. he was drafted in 2011. 911 calls came in around 10:21 this morning. witnesses say a white mustang had hit a bicyclists. the attorney for one witness say it is driver took off striking the witnesses vehicle as it left the scene. the witness decided to follow him. >> the driver was attempting to make a u turn. didn't make it and ended upcoming up on the sidewalk and striking the bicyclist. >> reporter: the witnesses attorney told us the san jose man and his family followed the
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vehicle to tulley and center and to meckler drive where they blocked the vehicle in and called police. >> he wanted to be a good samaritan. >> reporter: the driver got out of the vehicle and con fronted the witness. they found brass knuckles inside the vehicle -- confronted the driver. >> reporter: the 49ers organization is aware of the recent manner concerning toliver. reporting live from santa clara, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. chris toliver received a lot of unwanted attention after he said he wouldn't welcome gay players in the locker room. before that he wasn't very well known but his words made
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headlines. toliver apologized and went to work to change his imagine. a few days ago he said he would welcome gay players into the locker room and has even reached out to the lgbt community. and late today governor jerry brown called on all three of them to resign to restore public confidence. there's leland yee of san francisco and from southern california ron calderon who's been indicted on corruption charges and roderick right found guilty of voter fraud. continued coverage from mike mibach. >> reporter: three senators
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suspended including leland yee. >> innocent until proven guilty but i wish he would leave and spare this proud institution having to be associated with any of this. >> i feel very disappointed. very sad for leland and his family. >> reporter: nancy pelosi said she is very stunned with yee's actions and thinks he should resign. >> i think people out of this region have treated him with respect. out of that respect he should step down. >> reporter: a system that presumes the innocence of the accused. >> they're freaking out that's what's happening is the democratic legislation is freaking out. >> that speaks not to the democratic party per se but to
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the leadership of senator steinburg. i think that is a legitimate issue of concern. >> this reflects on three individuals. >> state democratic party chair burton says his party is strong despite the suspension. >> it just shows a human frailty about greed and you know needing money and willing to violate the road to office to get extra money. >> reporter: the state senate can allow all three suspended members back but only if they are cleared of all charges. in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. the three state senators on suspension are still getting paid. senate president protemp steinburg wants to change that. >> the state authority has no authority to stop pay. i want to introduce a legislation that would offer the option of suspending a member without pay. >> if approved it would go
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before voters on the november ballot. >> 18 of yee's codefenders appeared before a court. they included keith jackson. the attorney for chow says the public should not jump to conclusions. >> the charges read like something out of a big crime movie. but when you learn the facts and really separate them out as to what's important. it usually turns out to be something less dramatic. >> reporter: none of the defense attorneys we heard from would comment on how their plans might be connected to senator yee. yee is now out on bond. he's set to return to court on monday. a bay area based charity comes under attack in afghanistan. >> how the group's founder is
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refusing to back down after a deadly assault. >> how dare i not remain strong here. >> rain picking up tonight. i'm tracking this system gaining intensity and which part of your weekend might be wet.
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a jet blue flight had to make an emergency landing today at new york's john f. kennedy airport after a bird struck the nose of the plane after take off. the air bus a320 took off from west chester county around 9:30 this morning bound for west palm beach florida when a sea gull smashed into its wing. today searchers shifted their focus more than 600 miles to the northeast closer to
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australia as they followed new leads. >> five of ten planes involved in the search for missing boing 777. satellite pictures are being analyzed and a ship will look for them tomorrow. >> in total of what we've come across a very range of shapes, sizes. >> reporter: new radar data has given searchers cause to move the focus of their operations. >> these continuing analysis indicate the plane was traveling faster than estimated. resulting in increased fuel usage and reducing the distance it traveled in the ocean. >> that will provide key information to come up with
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data of where the aircraft has gone down. >> reporter: some family members walked out of a malaysian briefing in beijing. >> they said the plane was in the south china sea then the indian ocean now they say they found suspected wreckage from satellite images. these are all lies. >> we have got nothing to hide. we have everything where we can tell you. in kampur, prayers for the passengers of flight 370 and their families. this has shaken the people of malaysia. >> every day, every hour we're looking for any update. but under prospect we hope for the best of the families. as well as for the search and rescue team as well. >> reporter: those new pictures of the debris have not yet been released. a tiny ship is expected to be on scene where the debris was
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spotted as soon as tomorrow. a crew with the california -- has been working on the end of spring street yesterday. that's when they found four pistols and four revolvers. the weapons were in an old plastic box that also had a marin independent newspaper dated september 2002. a texas rock band says it's u.s. tour came to an end before it even started before their van and cargo trailer was stolen from a san francisco street. the band boyfriend says the gear vanished sometime between 1:00 and 7:00 this morning. the vehicles were parked at 1501 grove street. they say everything from guitars to drums to amplifiers is all gone. the band is described as a 1999 model ford e150 with license plate ep8942. the up and down was set to
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start the tour tonight at the bottom of the hill music club in san francisco. the 32-year-old teacher accused of abusing children appeared in court to face charges against him. katie yuccas was at the court to talk to family members. we are not showing the face of the family members to protect the victims. >> it was hard to learn what he did to some of the students. it was heard to hear. >> reporter: but he had to say ginco in court. those unusual field trips are what tipped the family off. >> we didn't go here, we went some where else instead. so it was surprising us when the whole thing started and we were kind of shocked of what was going on. >> reporter: a phone call from another student in november
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made the family contact school officials. >> he got nervous when we got the phone call. we put the phone on speaker and that's when we heard everything. >> reporter: now he faces 27 charges ranging from lewd acts to a child to kidnapping. his attorney robert bellis asked the judge for more time to review the extensive evidence. >> the young man comes from a good family. has no prior record. we're optimisting some of our investigation show that some of these things just did not happen. >> reporter: while the victim's families wait for answers in court they're not waiting for the long process of rebuilding trust. >> no matter what happened and didn't happen to him we're always going to be here for him no matter what. >> reporter: guinto's trial starts on may 8. students and parents are trying to move on. katie utehs, ktvu news. this whole system is going
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to fly south in the next few hours. it's kind of rain too especially in the north bay around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. it'll be raining pretty hard. then real wet at 4:00 a.m.. this is will be the heaviest rain. you see the rain, heavier showers showers moving into san jose. americans targeted in afghanistan. tonight at 10:30 the attack that hit too close to home for an aid organization based here in the bay area. almost a week after a massive landslide in washington, the search for victims still has a long way to go. the difficult process that is
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crews say they are still not giving up hope in finding survivors of that massive mud slide in washington state. but the search to find victims and answers remains a slow and difficult task. and tonight we are still waiting for word as to exactly how many people were lost. at this hour, the confirmed death toll remains at 17. 90 other people are still unaccounted for. ktvu's erik rasmussen has the
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latest. >> reporter: volunteers are working in up too -- to 4 feet of mud in some places. still no new signs of life. and no major breakthrough in the effort to identify the dead. dana williams of arlington is among so many touched by the disaster. >> i have friend who are digging. i've got friends who are up there digging. sorry. and so, they're doing what they can. there's not much we can do. >> it's a very, very slow process. >> reporter: at tonight's 6:00 briefing, snohomish county officials confirmed they found one more victim this afternoon. but that person won't be added to the official death toll of 17 until the remains reach the medical examiner's office. the county's executive director even seemed uncomfortable with
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the number of people missing. >> that number has gone from 50 to 200 and back every day. >> reporter: on the front lines of the search say houses look like they've been put through a blender in what's now a gray mix of trees and mud. more rain has complicated the effort for workers. many volunteers and homeowners looking for answers of their own. >> these individuals come in up to waist deep in mud that they've been doing through. they've been digging through mud. they've seen things people shouldn't have to see. >> reporter: the medical examiner has contacted every family that could have a missing loved one to explain why the process is such a slow slow one at this point. the search will resume when the sun comes up tomorrow. we're live in arlington, washington, erik rasmussen ktvu news. $185,000. that's how much valero has agreed to pay for air pollution violations. the fine comes from the bay
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area air quality management district and covers seven violation notices. they stem from a problem in december of 2010 in what's called a fluid catalitic fluid unit. the money will go to the air quality district to help pay for inspection and enforcement programs. a group working to eliminate land mines is rocked by an explosion of its own. how a bay area charity was targeted by the taliban. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news. new pictures from orange county after that moderate earthquake tonight.
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back now to our breaking news on the earthquakes in southern california. the largest quake registered
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5.1 and was centered near lahabra right next to the l.a. county line. dozens of smaller aftershocks followed. here are some pictures sent to us from fullerton which is right next door. there you can see items in a bathroom were knocked out of cabinets out of a sink and on to the floor. at this point we are not hearing reports of any injuries. this is that scene in lahabra where we're told there's a water main break related to the quake. you can see police officers are in the middle of the crosswalk. l.a. police and fire departments say they have not found any major damage in that city. but that is some distance north of lahabra. let's go back to chief meteorologist bill martin. >> there's people calling in and reporting what we felt.
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a lot of folks felt a strong quake in this area between los angeles and long beach. this was considered a moderate quake. first indications are it's not on the san andrea. it was on the witer fault and it's not that shallow. it's 4.6. 4.6 deep in the epicenter in lahabra. so when we come back we will take a look at that and the rain we have on the way. and a fire attack in kabul is being felt here. the attack targeted roots of peace working to improve agricultural in the area. debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: an organization
10:32 pm
that has removed 100,000 land mines in afghanistan. deep ties being tested now. when the gunman attacked, setting off a suicide car bomb. when heidi's cell phone went off. >> the taliban came in and set off bombs. >> he was under a pile of clothing and they missed him. >> reporter: she is amazed and grateful none of her 11 people in her compound were hurt. >> this hits home in the most literal way. this is my home. they attacked my home in afghanistan. >> reporter: roots of peace have been working in afghanistan a decade. helping seed crops across the country and independence economics. >> we have thought them to grow on farm fields.
10:33 pm
>> two attackers came in. one boom felt right in the middle. >> reporter: sun tucker who works at the compound often says its guards took positions on the stairwell and killed the remaining two attackers. >> i can't even fully comprehend how crazy it must have been for them. >> this is a family that has dedicated everything we have to this cause. you know, our hearts are in it. so it's, it's very painful for something like this to happen. >> reporter: roots of peace may have been targeted now as part of a taliban campaign to disrupt next month's national elections. a january attack on a near by restaurant favored by westerners killed 12 people. another killed nine. >> we will do everything we can to operate safely but with the increasing security measures. >> reporter: but kim says spring planting won't wait for an election and vows the work so many have started will survive. >> i only see right now the
10:34 pm
faces of proud afghans, brave afghans, appreciative afghans. we will never forget, we will never forget today. >> reporter: two civilians on the street died. they will leave the country at least temporary but there are dozens of other staff and volunteers across the country still working. reporting live in san rafael, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama and russian president putin spoke by phone today about the crisis in ukraine. president obama got the call as he was traveling in audi arabia. their chief diplomats will meet soon. the president says that would involve russia pulling its troops back from crimea and the board with ukraine. earlier president obama talked to cbs news about what may be russia's motives. >> a simply b an effort to intimidate ukraine, or maybe that they've got additional plans. >> meanwhile ukrainian military forces are conducting exercises
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in case russian troops invade. military experts say russia is far superior militarily to ukraine. the dow jones rose 68 points. nasdaq picked up four. these were the first gains in three days. apple and samsung are expected back in court next week. it accuses samsung of copying key features of the i pad and iphone. apple won a similar case in 2004 and samsung is currently appealing the damages awarded to apple. seven san francisco teenagers lifted off from sfo today bound for africa and an experience of a lifetime. their journey to ghana was the brain child of jason johnson. they will spent nine days getting some perspective on the difference between life in the bay view neighborhood and life in west africa. >> we want to share what we
10:36 pm
know here and feed off of them and things like that. >> i'm hoping just to get a better appreciation for life here and a better understanding of the way the other people live. and just hopefully bring some of that back here and share with other people my experiences. >> officer johnson says the motivation cam from his memories of positive male role models while he was being raised by a single mother. almost killed wheel sleeping in his car. the close call after an explosion sent a propane tank flying. >> i'm using live storm tracker 2 to detail where the rain will be falling next. careless streets, parks and schools bare his name. now it's up in lights. we'll tell you about the hollywood treatment of cesar chavez. the great american novel.
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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a shooting in the east bay tonight left one man dead and another wounded. it happened around 5:30 this evening in oakland on 43rd street near market street close to the emeryville border. those on the scene said the victim was in the car when another person opened fire. one man died, another is receiving treatment. there's no word on his
10:40 pm
condition, a motive or any suspects in this case. police are looking for a man who grabbed and assaulted a woman on tuesday. the victim telling investigators the man dragged her backward while groping her. police are asking anyone with information about this case to contact them. two men entered not guilty pleas in san francisco today in connection with a shooting that injured eight people in the city's tenderloin. surveillance video shows people taking cover as a car drives up and gunfire breaks out. police later arrested 25-year- old curtis warren and verl jones. the men face charges of attempted murder, assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon. bail has been set at $400 for each man. a man is lucky to be alive after what happened to his new car this morning oud his job in san leandro. take a look. this is what is left of his new
10:41 pm
honda civic. jose castillo of san francisco is taking a brief nap before work on doolittle drive. he woke up and heard a loud boom. a large piece of metal possibly a pressurized tank went crashing into his car totaling it and just missing castillo. he was shaken up by other wise okay. >> a little bit in shock but i'm alive, thank god. >> alameda fire investigators say the metal object possibly came from the alco metal company right across the street. cal osha is conducting its own investigation. the uso says marines are heading overseas for a training mission at an undisclosed location. while they were at the airport, the national charities league came together to give them a meal something they greatly
10:42 pm
appreciated. >> it means a lot that the folks of the uso and everybody out here at sfo welcome u.s. with open arms and take care of our marines like that. we really appreciate it. >> they opened terminal nine to create a temporary base for the marines between flights. and almost a million new cars are recalled. live storm tracker 2 monitoring the rain. in five minutes, chief meteorologist bill martin's forecast for the wet weekend. >> and a california icon's legacy makes it to the big screen. what moviegoers are saying about the story of cesar chavez. can't hold my breath ♪
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♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric all-new smart electric drive. just $139 a month. general motors is adding almost 1 million more vehicles to its ignition switch recall that's been linked to a dozen
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deaths. the model years 2008 to 2011 and include the chevrolet cobalt. the chevrolet hsr. the pontiac solstice and the pontiac sky. the switches can turn the engine off and deactivate the air bag. the company spokesman did not add why but says it did not announce a recall. tesla announced a change to its cars to protect the lithium ion batteries. tesla plans to install what it calls a triple insulating shield in the understood belly of the car. he is a california icon and
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dozens of streets, parks and schools in the state bare his name. but until now there hasn 't been a mainstream picture about cesar chavez. patti lee is live where audiences are flocking in to see the movie before monday cesar chavez holiday. >> even without a big advertising budget, this film generated enough buzz for this pleasantville movie house to designate one of its larger theaters for the films release today. >> we believe the united farm workers and their leader cesar chavez represents the hope of the vast majority of farm workers. >> reporter: marcos peno plays cesar chavez. the man who devoted his life to improve the lives of farm workers. >> there's parks named after him. there's community organizations named after him. but once again, who was in man cesar chavez is this. >> congressman george miller
10:47 pm
can't wait to see the movie. about the man he met many times. >> when you were in his presence, you were just like [sigh ] oh. >> reporter: the movie isn't just about chavez activism it delves into his relationships with his family and with dolores huerta. it took time to convince the chavez family to make a film. the biggest up tick of all groupless. drama student karen hernandez who was starring in a rare stage production about chavez says it's about time the founder of the united farm workers got the recognition he deserves on the big screen. >> i'm glad to see that they actually made a movie about him and the difference he made in
10:48 pm
our community. >> i'm not afraid anymore. >> reporter: now i've been texting with a moviegoers inside. yes i know it's taboo. she says about 40 people are watching the movie right now. and that's not a full house. she says she is disappointed but that the point of this movie is that it made it to a mainstream movie theater and that the masses could enjoy. patti lee, ktvu news. the final sierra snow pack of the season is set for next tuesday. the recent rain and snow is not likely to have much of an effect on the state's severe drought. snow and rain measurements remain below normal for this time of year. 80% of california's run off comes from melting snow in the sierra. reporting of rainfalling now in the santa rosa area. it's light rain but it's the rain that's headed our way. here we go to live storm
10:49 pm
tracker 2. we will come in close. it's an indication of what's headed our way as we go into the next 12 hours or so. heavier rain is going really get going around 11:00 in the morning. you can see light showers up there around santa rosa. winds will pick up as well. look for the winds to get going. right now they're pretty light. they're all kind of coming out of the south. that's an indication of this weather system. got a southwest wind out of sfo at 15-miles-an-hour. these winds could pick up. so the computer model will show us where the rain is. this is just a depiction of where this system is going to roll in. there's the stronger front. it's early in the morning. there's your sunday, as the front slides through. there'll be cool air left
10:50 pm
behind. but here's the deal. it'll still be cool low 60s but should be dry from the sky. 4:00a.m. that will wake you up in napa. at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning it'll wake up in oakland and san mateo. the rain will be hitting the roof pretty hard. then it slide through into fremont or livermore about 10:00 a.m. then it moves south. then it starts to move on. we'll have a cloudy day behind that. as we head into sunday morning. there's your sunday. that doesn't look bad. sunday afternoon a few clouds. what's coming in is this next system coming in on monday. monday morning, this is pretty can i want too. there it is monday afternoon. so your monday morning commute. wet in the north bay. your monday afternoon commute could be wet throughout the bay area. so right now that's how it looks. things, timing will change on that mark tamayo and rosemary orozco will be here in the weekend. you get a break on sunday and it lights up again on monday. there's the five day forecast with a bay area weekend in view and it shows up here.
10:51 pm
saturday morning. rains monday and maybe a thundershower in there as well. that's the deal on monday. you may see snow in bay area peaks. that type of weather system. winter gone, but winter here. strange. >> definitely. thank you bill. >> caltrain's today announced a new bay bridge pedestrian and bike path will reopen to bikers and walker tomorrow two days ahead of scheduled. the work began last weekend. that gate will make the current path about .25 of a mile shorter. crews will also plan to place a permanent connector. that path is set to reopen at 6:00 tomorrow morning. >> mark is here now to tell us about the warriors who had a great game tonight. >> there are games and then there's stuff like tonight. and they needed it man. you always hear it takes five guys to win a basketball game. but sometimes somebody needs to
10:52 pm
be the man. seth curry wheels the team to a win. they take care of memphis, third quarter and the lightning like release for steph curry. watch how quickly he gets rid of that thing. 12 of his 33 were in the third quarter alone. 125 left. now we're tied at 93-93. we're going all curry here tonight. why not. 35 seconds left. you know it tonight when this falls. watch this, check it out. the little flip. and got it. five point lead they hang on over memphis 100-93 definitely curry's night. of course it isn't march madness just for college kids. the high schoolers into action tonight. good luck to alameda winning the title. and palo alto winning the
10:53 pm
division. hit the jumper he had 18 of his 23 in the first half. there you go plenty of celebrations and deservedly so for monte vista. san francisco, forget beating the a's the giants can't even score a run against them. they only got one in the two game series that came with two outs in the first-inning. oakland's pitching just silencing san francisco. bottom line on the scoreboard, might not be the only bad news for giant fans as you will see in a moment. first up john jasup just wracks one in the third inning. it gets worse for lincecum in the next inning. derek barton line drive off his chin. lincecum was talken to the hospital for x-rays he didn't get up. the x-rays no results as of yet. that could be big bad news for the giants. meantime here's the capper, sam full outfielder trying to make
10:54 pm
the team. does a lot for his -- shot. down the right field line with the bases loaded. everybody going to score for oakland. sam fold is going to make the team. he's a stanford man and is a 4- 1 final. as the giants lose both games in san francisco. one of the biggest names in the nfl, flat out released today. details as to why and the raiders continue their offseason spending bing. home grown products the latest to join the silver and black sports part two next.
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10:57 pm
raiders reload continues. we had a guy who basically grew up in their backyard. maurice jones drew played basketball at delasalle. he has a lot left. >> people tend to look at running backs and say you're 29. oakland is willing to give me the three year deal an opportunity with incentives to go out and maybe plays. to be able to go out and show what i'm worth. that's what i will be doing here. >> all right, three year contract deshawn jackson cal product released by philadelphia. a lot going on there. they say a gang related activity. so epd -- end of the line for
10:58 pm
him. >> congratulations to monte vista. >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us. >> and don't miss our 7:00 a.m. forecast.
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let's go, buddy. school time. oh, and, gloria, if you want to get together with the girls later, i could just, you know, watch the football game or something. that means he wants to watch the football game. i'm not talking to you. and what are you drinking coffee for, anyway? it's my culture. i'm colombian. oh, yeah? what part of colombia are those french toaster sticks from? gloria: babe, i'm not sure about the game. the whole family is coming over for the barbecue. it's today? si. it's the ohio state game. so, everybody can watch. i don't like watching the game with people who don't know the game. people talk. you talk at my football games. for one thing, it's called soccer. your team's scored two goals all season. i'm not taking a big risk. [ hollow clank ] how much of this did you drink? give me a break. i have to climb a rope today.


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