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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we are live in san jose where at this hour police are searching for clues to help track down the person responsible for hitting and killing a man. >> a new pub for police cameras in san francisco. the recent controversy that has prommed the new cam -- prompted this new campaign. glum our breaking news this morning is in san jose. a man hit and killed in a deadly hit and run. you can see quite an active scene out there this morning. and janine de la vega just found out new information about the victim. we will check back in with her at the scene in a moment. thank you for joining us this wednesday, april 9th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and
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traffic. steve, pam would like some really hot weather again. >> go to arizona. >> no thank you. >> not for us. we have very warm temps yesterday. it was hot for some. we had temperatures almost 90 degrees. san jose 87, gilroy 88. oakland 79 and napa 85. not today 75. dropping 10 for napa. san francisco 80 on monday. 75 yesterday. not today, 66. much stronger push than we saw yesterday. yesterday was kind of shallow. 40s and 50s on the temps. a little bit cooler and you combine that delta breeze. southwest 15 there. i hang my head on that delta breeze. a few high clouds. some low clouds. mostly sunny. but fog, sun, cooler. thick fog here coast and bay in
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the morning. it will be a little breezy at times. 50s and 60s and 70s. here is sal. good morning, steve. we are looking at a commute that is looking pretty good as we start on the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along very nicely. also if you are coming up to the toll plaza, still about an eight minute drive time into san francisco. no major delays getting into the city. now we are looking at the south bay and for the most part it looks good. but at the corner of capital expressway police activity. police in san jose investigating a deadly hit and run accident. a man was hit and killed just hours ago on capitol expressway. janine de la vega is there at the crash scene now. so what do you know janine? >> reporter: we have learned in the past half hour that the victim is a black man between
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the ages of 30 and 40 years old. officers have blocked off capital expressway so they can investigate. the body of the man is still laying there in the eastbound planes. just before 2:00 a.m. people driving by in the area spotted a man down and called 911. emergency crews arrived and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. they are look for anybody who has witnessed the accident. they will be going around to the nearby businesses. now there is not a crosswalk where the man was hit but people in the area tell us that they see people illegally cross frequently. >> the homeless people, they don't use the crosswalks. they will just run across the street. and no, i go to the crosswalk because i don't want to get
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hit. >> reporter: it's unknown if the victim was homeless. it's just too early to tell who he was, where he was going, his identity. from where we are standing on capitol expressway we can't see if there are any car remnants or debris, but ha is what they will be looking at. the traffic investigation unit is here. they specialize in looking at all of the evidence here. right now we are being told that capitol expressway in this area will be closed for at least another hour. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. more details about pedestrian deaths in san jose. according to research compiled by the san jose mercury news these types of deaths are increasing in san jose. last year 26 people were hit and killed by cars in san jose. that is the highest number in
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16 years. the most in bay your. and also crossing outside of a crosswalk. the increasing distractions from technology also making the streets more dangerous. san jose officials say the city is taking steps to improve pedestrian safety. that includes 32 new safety projects. san bruno police are searching for two robbers that struck three times in the past two bed. >> reporter: these robberies are unusual. according to police, this is not an area known for crime. these robberies are happening in areas that police consider safe. police say a man was robbed monday night after two men flashed a hammer at him and
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demanded his belongings. this area is called commodore park. this first robbery happened monday morning. a man happened a silver kitchen knife demanded his laptop computer as the robbers took it and ran off to a nearby complex. and the third time wastize night at 1030 in the same area. two men now the suspects are described z a latino men. the other is in his late 20s. 5'8" with a mustache and very thin. he wore a black wool cap and a black backpack. if you have any information about these crimes or suspects,
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you are urged to contact san bruno police. live in san bruno i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. one san francisco supervisor pushing to give body cameras to police officers. supervisor john avalos is doing it in response to last months deadly police shooting of a city college student. he is calling for a hearing to debate the cause and the benefits of giving body cameras to the entire police force. he says the cameras can help restore the trust between the police and public. greg suhr rolled out a grant. after a berkeley police officer was attacked, there are now new calls to give stun guns to police officers. on monday the officer responded to a disturbance call at aquatic park. when the police officer approached the man the suspect knocked him to the ground and punched him in the face. the officer was briefly unconscious. when he woke up the man was
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trying to take his gun. >> yeah he was hit multiple times in the face and the head. kicked multiple times. so it was an extremely brutal attack. >> 44-year-old carlos alberto was arrested for attempted homicide and felony battery. the investigation continues. the bergly police investigation says the incident could have been avoided if the police officer had a stun gun. they may take up this issue again in a couple weeks. the san joaquin river has been named the most endangered river. that is according to a new report called the american rivers. drought conditions leavitt the liver completely dry. threatening water quality in other areas and endangering fish and wildlife. it's a source of drinking water for san francisco and major source of water for farmers in san joaquin valley. east bay mud customers may not face further water
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restrictions. there may be just enough water in district reservoirs to make it through the summer and fall without mandatory rashenning. east bay mud board of directors may make a final decision later this month. the yellow fever mosquito back in the bay care. officials say mosquitoes, eggs, annular vie have been spotted at three locations this week. now this invasive species can spend fever and yellow fever. the mosquitoes were first seen last summer in menlo park for the first time in decades. >> we had the rains just recently that caused an increase in the breeding population of the mosquito. so we are expecting you know the populations to increase over the next few weeks. >> now neighbors are being asked to do their part. don't let stagnant water collect in your yards.
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the deadliest flu season in four years is ending now in california. officials say 355 people under the age of 65 died of the flu since september. that is three times as many as last years flu season. health experts say that spike in deaths is probably due to the resurgents of the swine flu strain that hits young adults really hard. the flu season is winding down. it will officially end in the middle of may. starting next month it will be against the law to feed wildcats in antioch. the new law makes it a demeanor to place food on public property for feral cats. the council also decided to consider establishing several controlled feeding areas and implementing a trap, neuter, and return program. time is 5:10. a major new development in the search for the missing ma lay share air -- malaysian airlines
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flight. the two discoveries that make them confident they will find the wreckage in a couple days. >> a massive recall involving 30 models. >> good morning. if you are going to be taking highway 24, it looks good on westbound 24. we will show you what the bay bridge is like and give you a drive time. >> warm temps yesterday. in fact way above average. almost 20 degrees for sop. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 5:13. fremont police are encouraging homeowners to install surveillance cameras. this video of a woman stealing a package from outside of a home helped them locate the stolen items and suspect. according to police there was a 27% drop in home burglaries from 2012 to 2013 and the spread of cameras is part of the reason why. >> it's great evidence and prosecutors love that evidence because it's hard to argue seeing a video of that person doing that crime. >> last night police hosted a workshop to teach people in the warm springs district how to set up a surveillance network. taking pictures with their smart phones is also a good way to capture anything suspicious in their neighborhood. people in san francisco who are effected under san francisco's ellis act you will
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be entitled to a lot more complication. required property owners to pay the difference between the tenants rent and market rent for two years. ran lords filed 1800 ellis act eviction notices. the ellis act allows landlords to evict tenants if the apartments are taken off the rental market. a big fire that destroyed one house and damaged two others was not arson. people went back to see what is left of their homes. investigators say they are still trying to figure out what started that fire on monday but they think it was an accident. firefighters say the wide open design of these particular homes made it easier for the flames to spread. this morning we are expecting a final election results from bodega bay. early results show voters are
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rejecting measure a. the fire protection district wants a new special tax for four years to cover the cost of their services. homeowners would see their fire district tax go up by $200 a year. they say it's basically to pay for tourists. businesses will pay even more. a front runner faces allegations that he violated campaign finance regulations. sam is currently a city council member. but say he has held fundraisers for outside the time limits for raising chris. a complaint has been filed with the fair political practices commission. this kind of frivolous complaint has sadly become the norm in san jose campaigns. an 18-year-old college student is running for a bay area council seat. he may be young but he's been
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-- when he was 17 he organized a protest. >> you need someone that will represent the youth. and it's more savvy with all of the technologies coming out today. >> he was born and raised in dixon. he says the biggest issue facing his city is expanding job opportunities so people can work where they live. he is the youngest candidate ever to run for a dixon city council seat. right now it's 5:17. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> right now we are doing very well out there. so far any way. if you are driving to the bay bridge or approaching it, it should be a very nice drive for you. we will start on the east shore freeway. if you are driving from vallejo to berkeley the drive is taking 12 minutes or so. not too bad.
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12-15 minutes if you are driving at the speed limit. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. about a five minute drive from oakland to san francisco. maybe a little more but not much. san jose traffic continues to look good on most areas. remember capitol expressway at smell that police investigation. now let's go to steve. yesterday way above average. san francisco checked in at 75. should be 63. oakland 79. should be 66. the key though livermore 86, should be 67. and san jose at 87. way above.
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not today. cooler forecast. there will be a low. a little cut off low. but the impact of that will be to increase the fog each day. maybe give us a little drizzle. 80 on monday. 75 yesterday. 66 today. so temperatures coming back near average to just slightly above. could be a little cooler than ha. we also have a little band of high clouds going by. 40s and 50s. fog being reported. 48 sonoma county airport. i know there is some around oakland as well. southwest 15 at fairfield. yesterday they had a little easterly breeze. so that has definitely turned itself around. more of an on shore breeze. and san jose gets a westerly breeze. it will be a cooler for everyone today. you know things have to change. and they are changing today. they will continue right into the weekend. 36 in tahoe. 48 ukiah. 10 better if for sacramento.
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fog, sun, cooler today. some thick fog around the bay. and it peels back toward the coast. a little breezy at times. 50s and 60s closer to the waters edge. 60s or low 70s arounds bay. those 80s are starting to disappear here. at least away from the coast. and they will continue to do so as we go into friday and saturday. maybe a little rebound but not much. we have developing news happening right now near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. look at the pictures here. reports of several stabbings this morning at a high school. now the cameras panning around. there is a lot of activity. this is happening at franklin regional high school in marysville, pennsylvania. just outside of pittsburgh. reports there say five people have been hurt. again this is developing news. reports of several stabbings at a high school outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. you see the school buses lined up outside there right now. police are rushing to the scene. we'll bring you more on this
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developing story as we get it. if you drive a toyota chances are you are effected by a new recall. the company is recalling 6.4 million cars. issues range from steering problems that could keep the air bag from deploying to the drivers seat to automatically sliding forward during a crash. toyota claims it's not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the glitched but the problems were found in 27 models including the rav four, corolla, and highlander. since you are smarter than me, we are focusing on a mysterious bright light in mars. why some people say that light is a possible sign of life on mars. >> because i saved my dad and a lot of people are like wow you saved your dad. >> hailed a hero. the quick action by a nine-year- old boy after his dad was hurt in a snow mobile accident. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up,
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you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up. [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself? [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is.
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pam, what do you say? come on. >> that is adorable. >> he is breaking me up. prince george right there with the cheeks had his first big play date in new zealand. yesterday the young prince and his parents met with other new parents in wellington, new zealand. all the children there were about the same age as eight- month-old george. they mingled, talked with the other parents and had a good
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time. this is part of the royal family three week tour of new zealand and australia. another case of norovirus on a cruise ship. this time on the crown princes. it was docked in san francisco and left on monday. the cdc says 56 passengers and 13 crew members reported becoming sick with norovirus symptoms. the ship was sanitized and cleaned. the ill passengers were isolated. a nine-year-old boy from marin county is being called a hero after saving his dad. they were snow mobiling in tahoe two days ago when bo de's dad crashed. his leg became trapped under the snow mobile. he was unable to move body hopped on a snow mobile and took off on his own to find someone. >> i went farther than i known.
5:26 am
and i found these tour people. they called the police and all the paramedic people. >> the dad was air lifted and in the hospital where he is presidented to make a full re-- where he is expected to make a full recovery. time time is 5:26. the university of connecticut had completed a sweep of the mens and womens college basketball championships. wow. the uconn women beat notre dame. it is their record ninth ncaa tournament. this comes after the u cop men beat kentucky and they won a championship. they also completed a title sweep ten years ago. harrison barnes of the warriors
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will join a group of volunteers to rip out weeds and pick up trash and paint park benches. it's part of the nba green week beautification project where the players of the nba take part in community activities. your time is just about 5:27. parking in san francisco is already a problem. but it's about to become even harder. the new program that could take away as many as 900 parking spots around the city. >> and a new and dangerous computer bug could be exposing your personal information to hackers. we will tell you what is being done to fix the so-called heart bleed bug and what users should be doing in response. >> we are still looking at a commute that is doing pretty well. no, it's not closed. there comes a car. traffic is looking good. now we are also going to be looking at a nearby bridge to see if it looks quite as good crossing the bay. we'll have all of that for you straight ahead. high temperatures on
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tuesday. we are almost 20 degrees above average for this time of year. the fog has returned. we'll see how much they drop today. ñsxóxgñ the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow.
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bulldog: i can't wait to get to imattress discounters good and early for the tempur-pedic bonus event. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses. then, i'll get to choose $300 in pillows, sheets, and other free gifts. on top of that, up to 48 months interest-free financing. it's a beautiful day for mattress discounters' tempur-pedic bonus event. mmm, some alarm clock you turned out to be. ♪ mattress discounters good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. why are we showing you a computer? this is a live picture from san francisco because we are following a major online breach. this could impact your pass words, your social security number, and other personal
5:31 am
information. ktvu alex savidge is there. he is showing us this picture. he will tell you who is most at risk and what you should do to protect yourself. it is wednesday, morning april 9th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's 5:30. steve, our friends over at it india restaurant he points out i don't like it hot like arizona or cold, i'm from san diego i like it perfect. >> well, you would know. >> yes. and i think that is what we have right now perfect weather. >> well i'm glad you approve. by the way surfs up. cooler today. no doubt about it we will have is a cool down. low clouds and higher clouds. fog will head back to the coast but yesterday a good 10-20 degrees above average for these temps. san jose a toasty 87. today 78. livermore was 76. gilroy was 88. livermore 86. oakland down from 79 to 68. and the low clouds and fog some
5:32 am
of it is reducing visibility. so keep that in mind. santa rosa is reporting that. and more of a westerly breeze in place. yesterday was hardly any breeze. if it was, it was shoring offshore. let's call it sol fog and -- some fog and then some. 60s and 70s and low 80s. here is sal. we do have a closure in san jose because of a fatal hit and run accident that occurred in the early might hours. a police are still doing their investigation. a man has tied after being hit and the person who hit that man did not stop. ktvu janine de la vega is there. she's gathering more information. she will have another report from the scene with exactly
5:33 am
what happened. but what you need to know traffic wise is the capitol expressway is closed all the way up or between seven trees and snell. this is one of the biggest routes in the south bay. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for about an eight minute drive time. it is not bad at all. of course later on in the morning it will be much more than this. so if you can get out there relatively soon, i think you will beat most of the crowd. on the peninsula northbound and southbound 101 still looking good despite a crash. 101 near willow. for the most part traffic on 101 and 280 are doing very well. is is doing very well i should say. commodore park usually a safe area of the city but this morning they have a warning about two men that are robbing people there. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is joining us from the park with a description of the suspects and more on the weapons they are accused of
5:34 am
using. >> reporter: these robberies are highly unusual. san bruno is not a city that is known for its crime and police say these robberies are actually happening in an area that is really not considered dangerous. now behind me is a park restroom. this is where a man was robbed monday night after two men flashed a hammer and demanded his belongings. we are not too far from the mall off interstate 280. this area is called commodore park. the first robbery happened around 5:30 monday night near the youtube and walmart corporate offices. the man holding a silver kitchen knife demanded his laptop computer, grabbed it and ran off. three hours later the victim in the restroom was targeted and a third time it was tuesday night at 10:30 in the same area two men with a kitchen knife.
5:35 am
now the suspects are described as latino men. one 25-30 years old 5'10" and skinny. the others is in his late 20s, 5'8" thin with a thick mustache. he wore a black wool cap and black backpack. if you have any information related to this crime, you are urged to contact them. live from san francisco bruno i'm tara moriarty. this month police in richmond. a body was found about 10:30. police rushed to the scene. the shooting victim was shot at least one time and died right there at the scene. law enforcement reports say the victim was a teenager. police in pleasant hill are searching for the armed robber
5:36 am
responsible for a bold take over robbery. it happened last night at the verizon store. witnesses say the gunman burst into the store, waved a gun, stole phones and cash from the store, from employees and even robbed customers. no one was hurt. that gunman ran away from the store. your personal information could once again be at risk because of a dangerous computer bug. ktvu alex savidge is joining us now with more on what is being called the heart bleed bug. alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. computer experts call this one of the most serious security flaws uncovered in recent years. anyone who uses the internet could be at risk. hackers have found a way to get past security software used by a lot of websites. places you likely visit like google, amazon, and facebook. if quo have ever noticed the address at the top of the screen. it says https.
5:37 am
the s is supposed to stand for security but that may not always be the case. it was discovered by a security guard in finland working with google inc. they are using open ssl. computer experts estimate hundreds of thousands of webs can access things like pass words or credit card numbers. the real doubling -- websites and -- as far as what you need to know as we bring you back out here live security experts say users shouldn't necessarily rush to change their pass words because activity on potentially vulnerable sites could only make things worse. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. yahoo one of the sites
5:38 am
effected by this breach and some internet security firms report they have been able to find secure information from yahoo users by exploiting the software flaw but the search engine says it has issued a patch for the main site along with yahoo mail, finance, sports, flicker, and tumbler. other tech giants have also imemployment -- implemented the same security patch. it's also a good idea to contact small businesses that may have your information to make sure that their sites are secure. and check your financial statements for the next several days for any unusual activity. we want to get back to our developing news near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we want to take you out there live this morning. as many as eight people have reportedly been stabbed and
5:39 am
this is at a high school. this is happening at franklin regional high school. this is in murraysville, pennsylvania. several people have been taken to the hospital and police say they do have a suspect in custody. we are live over head. this is near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. you can see the camera coming out a little bit to show you the area. there is emergency personnel. the suspect we understand reportedly a student. students started coming out of the building. emergency responders still on the scene. we understand there are school buses lined up to take the kids home for the day. we will bring you more of this developing story out of pennsylvania as soon as it becomes available. there are new developments in this search for the missing malaysian airlines jet. they have detected two new under water pings coming 1,000
5:40 am
miles off the western coast of australia. they are in the -- they are in the same general area where two earlier pings were picked up saturday. all are within 17 miles of each other. australian authorities say they are more optimistic than ever that they will find the wreckage of flight 370. they say they are hoping they will find something as soon as just a couple of days, but they are adding the pings are getting weaker which means the searchers are either moving away from whatever is making those sounds or the batteries on the planes black boxes are running out. the two new signals lasted 5.5 minutes and seven minutes. >> i'm now optimistic that we will find the aircraft or what is left of the aircraft in the not too distant future. >> here's something else. although some marine life makes sounds similar to the sounds that were detected, technicians
5:41 am
have determined the two signals this past weekend most likely came from some type of electronic equipment like a flight data recorder. city leaders will hold a town hall meeting to explore ways to make it safer for those to walk on the streets of san francisco. it comes in response to a growing number of deadly accidents in san francisco in the past few months. seven people have been killed while crossing city streets this year. four of those accidents were on van ness. the meeting begins at 6:00 this evening at san francisco's muslim community center on mission street. a new parking program designed to promote car sharing in san francisco is set to begin this summer. 900 parking spaces across the city will be reserved for car sharing vehicles and leased at discounted rates. muni approved the plan that will be reviewed after a two year trial run. car sharing has been popular in
5:42 am
downtown san francisco. the goal is to promote car sharing in other parts of the city. a home delivery service is expanding into san jose. yesterday instar cart promised groceries from safeway, whole foods, and costco delivered to your door within an hour. we've had ha company like that before. here in the bay area. 5:42 is the time. the search continues for a hit and run driver in san jose. we are on the scene. we will tell you what we have learned about the map that was killed and what people are saying about how dangerous this intersection is. >> it has been yet another
5:43 am
emotional day of testimony. >> good morning. right now traffic is still doing pretty well if you are driving on 280 northbound right through downtown san jose. we will tell you of a key expressway in san jose that remains closed for police investigation. >> whether you are at the giants game yesterday or inland you know it was warm. in fact it was very warm but the fog is back. temperatures way above yesterday. they will be much cooler today.
5:44 am
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welcome back it has been another new emotional day of testimony. oscar pistorius back on the witness stand for a third day in his murder trial. a lot of tension in that
5:46 am
courtroom as pistorius described what happened immediately after he shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> i pulled her on to me and i sat there crying for some time. i had her head on my left shoulder and i could feel the blood running down on me. >> oscar pistorius admits he shot steenkamp but he says he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. he broke down and cried several times on the witness stand this week. time is 5:46. happening today president obama will go back to fort hood, texas. he will speak at a memorial service for the victims of a mass shooting. three people were killed, 16 others were wounded after a soldier opened fire last week before he killed himself.
5:47 am
the army says the soldier was being treated for depression and anxiety and may have started shooting after a dispute over a request for leave. president obama also went to fort hood back in 2009 to honor the victims of a shooting where 13 people were killed and 32 were injured. suspended state senator leland yee due back in court yesterday. he pled not guilty to charges of wire fraud, conspiracy, and illegally importing weapons. yee is keeping a low profile. his attorney is not talking to reporters. however it's a much different story for raymond chow. chow's lawyer legendary defense attorney tony serra says he is taking on the defense. >> this will be a vigorous litigation. we will put the government on trial. >> chow's charges include money laundering and the illegal sale
5:48 am
of stolen cigarettes and liquor. he is being held in jail without bail and expected to enter a not guilty plea next tuesday. tony serra has been involved in a number of high profile cases during his legendary legal career which began in 1962. serra successfully defended black panther leader nu top in a murder trial. he won an acquittal. he is represented dozens of other controversial clients while living a spar tan lifestyle and driving a run down car. time is 5:48. steve was there. sal was there. and the giants and their fans couldn't have asked for a better home opener. bat kid. five-year-old miles scott threw out the first pitch to matt cane. the giants wasted no time. look at first baseman brandon
5:49 am
bell hit a two run homer in the first inning. giants have won six straight home openers. image showing a mysterious bright light on mars is causing some excitement among extra terrestrial believers. rover snapped this photo a few days ago. it looks like a light in the distance. some say they think it's being projected from under ground and that it's a sign of possible life on mars. nasa officially says it's more likely a reflection glare on a lens or some kind of technical error. head for light. head for the light. tell me about this morning's commute. >> you know it's actually getting lighter out there. right now we are doing pretty well. we've had a couple things go on but they haven't been major expect for the closure at
5:50 am
capitol expressway. but right now we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are getting a little bit of slow traffic here coming up to the toll plaza. so this drive time is 10-15 minutes. i would say more like 10 and it keeps rising as we get closer to 6:00. also the morning commute looks good on interstate 880 north and southbound. traffic here is moving along nicely as you head down -- i almost said the peninsula. head down the nimitz freeway. does anyone call it the nimitz anymore in let's move along to the peninsula the bay shore freeway southbound 101 traffic looks good. southbound 280 there was a car that hit a deer near wood side road. 5:50 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning, everybody. cooler today. way above average yesterday on those temps. you know it has to come back down some way. a little band of high clouds here and there. but more fog for sure. coast and bay and some inland.
5:51 am
temperatures yesterday they sored up there. good anywhere from 10-20 degrees above average. officially 75 in san francisco. livermore 86. 19 above in san jose. today temperatures will come down 10-15 degrees. not 75. not 80. we are getting closer to near average. there is a little bit more fog for some. there is a lot of it for others. the low clouds will be enhancing here. a little low is coming in. it will track toward southern california and result and increase in fog and low clouds and more of a westerly breeze. they are running a little cooler today than yesterday. that is for sure. more pronounced effect is a
5:52 am
westerly breeze. yesterday was calm and a hint of an offshore. today it's west and southwest. expect for the higher clouds and fog it will still be mostly sunny. it will be cooler over the next couple of days. fog, sun, cooler. some thick fog and pockets here in the morning. 70s for some. 60s sausalito. clear lake 82. low 80s antioch and brentwood, pittsburgh. but upper 70s. 80 for pleasanton. 83 gilroy. down five. 78 san jose. santa claver are 78. 50s and 60s on the coast. south san francisco, san bruno.
5:53 am
more fog on the increase here. it will be picking up in intensity as that low moves into southern california. maybe late drizzle. sunday looks nice. maybe a little breezy. 5:52 is the time. a decrease in crime in a notoriously bay area city. what there is less of in oakland. >> also the judge in the samsung apple patent trial says she's had enough. what she is banning from the courtroom that is kind of ironic. a twist to this case.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:55. a man shot and killed outside an antioch liquor store. news chopper 2 was overhead as police investigated the deadly shooting at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. now officers had responded to a report of shots fired and found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital but later died. anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. time is 5:56. ironic twist to a patent lawsuit trial involving the world's biggest smart phone makers. the judge says -- interfering with the network with realtime
5:57 am
transcript of the car. there have been interruptions from ringing cell phones. some are taking photos. violating courtroom rules. happening today oakland man faces six months in jail after being accused of defrauding california's recycling program. prosecutors say he trucked 1800 pounds of aluminum cans from the state of washington to california so that they could be redeemed. washington does not have a crv program. recycling fraud has long been a problem in california. the justice department estimates the states recycling fund. the state is taking measures to curb fraud by reducing the number of containers an individual can cash in per day. time is 5:57 opinion more on the developing stories in san jose. we've been on this for the past 90 minutes. police are searching for the driver that hit and killed a
5:58 am
man hours ago and kept going. what investigators are doing to track down that driver. plus getting a jump on fire season. what one agency is doing earlier than usual because of our drought. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is getting busier now that we're approaching 6:00. the sunol grade still looks good. some other commutes are getting busier. tuesday is warm to hot afternoon temperatures well they topped out yesterday.
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a major internet security flaw has been uncovered and your personal information could be at risk. what computer users are being urged to protect themselves


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