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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu has received the police report from miami naming colin kaepernick and two other nfl players. the suspicious incident involving pro athletes, alcohol, drugs and a naked woman. in san francisco we'll update the search for a 14-year- old swept out to sea yesterday. it was called the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the power grid. now a massive reward is being offered to help solve the case of sabotage on a south bay pg&e
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station. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. right now, miami police are investigating a suspicious incident involving 49ers' quarterback, colin kaepernick, and two other nfl players. ktvu's eric rasmussen just obtained the police report and joins us live from the newsroom. so what does the report say, eric? >> reporter: according to this incident report from miami police, this involved the woman who said she had a sexual relationship with clip in the past but despite other media reports, there are no other specific allegations of sexual assault in this case and no one has been charged with a crime. 2 investigating obtained the report in the last 90 minutes or so. woman told police she went to the apartment of another nfl player, seahawks' wide receiver, ricardo lockette, back on april 1st. kaepernick and quinton patton were there according to the report. colin kaepernick and lockette were in a photo here you see at a las vegas nightclub just days earlier.
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the woman told police they drank shots and the players urged her to smoke marijuana at the miami apartment after she went to a bedroom to lie down, the woman said that colin kaepernick kissed her and took off health health -- off her clothes but she said they did not have sex. she said colin kaepernick left the bedroom. she woke up in a hospital bed but could not remember how she got there. in a statement from the 49ers, trent baalke said the 49ers are aware of the incident reporting colin kaepernick and is in the 23r0 ses of gathering the -- in prose san fernando gathering the -- process of gathering the attacks. colin kaepernick had been seen as recently this weekend at the vice royce hotel in miami. we'll have more online and at 5:00. back to you. >> thank you.
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a desperate coast guard sowch is -- search is underway to find a missing teen swept away at ocean beach. alex savidge is live and joins us live. what's happening right now in the search, alex? >> reporter: well, good afternoon, tori. right now, the coast guard is in the water along with the san francisco fire department. they are scouring a significant area of the ocean right now for that missing boy. even though he's been in the water now for roughly 20 hours, this still is considered a rescue operation. san francisco firefighters used binoculars to scan the waters off ocean beach this morning. while a coast guard hospital through flew along the line searching for any sign of the teen. he was pulled into the water by a strong rip current yesterday afternoon. rescuers are covering the bay bridge to lake merced. >> we're doing a shoreline
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search just beas that's where our diagrams are showing that person would likely be. >> reporter: he was one of three people swept into the ocean yesterday. the boy's father and young cousin were both rescued by a 17-year-old surfer tony barbero. that's the son of a san francisco firefighter. >> this is another day going out to the beach and surf and i see some kid in the water and then all of this is happening. >> he did a great job. great instincts. love to have him in our department some day following in his father's footsteps. >> reporter: the father who was pulled from the water yesterday remains in critical condition at the hospital. the cousin who was rescued is doing well. rescuers now are working to find that teenaged boy again still missing in the waters off san francisco. we're told the water temperature right now stands at 55 degrees. the fire chief said this morning as more time passes, it's less promising the boy
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will be found alive. as for how much longer this search will continue, the coast guard said a short time ago that within the hour, they will re-evaluate this search and make a decision as far as how much longer they will continue to search here in the waters off ocean beach. we're live this afternoon in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. traffic along highway 101 is moving smoothly from the peninsula this noontime. but that was not the case this morning after a car plunged into the bay near candlestick park. witnesses say the toyota camry was going northbound around 6:45 a.m. when the driver began to swerve and veered off the highway. according to the chp, the driver was having medical issues related to diabetes before the crash. he was not injured but was taken to the hot for treatment of his medical condition -- to the hospital for treatment of his medical condition. happening right now, stocks sharply lower as investors dump industries that soared into the
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past year, especially biotech companies. those stocks have become volatile as the companies face scrutiny over the cost of their drugs. dow is currently down 1.5%, down 261 points. that's a huge drop. the nasdaq, though, down even more percentagewi down 3%, dropping 130 points. the s&p is down almost 2%, down 36. a big selloff after what's been an increase to the stock market. pg&e is offering thousands of dollars in reward money to solve a case that's been called the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the the power grid. the sabotage happened last year at the substation. sal castanedo is live and joins us with more. >> reporter: that reward, $250,000. just announced this morning here at pg&e headquarters in
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san francisco for that major attack in that sub-- on that substation in the south bay. the attack on the metcalf power station in santa clara county occurred almost a year ago, april 16th. police say snipers strategically disabled 17 transformers after cutting telephone lines at a nearby facility. pg&e says the attacks spurred a national conversation about electric grid security and vulnerabilities. >> immediately after the incident, we deployed security guards providing 24/7 coverage, increased patrols from local law enforcement at our critical facilities. we also cut back undergrowth around the substations to remove potential hiding places. >> reporter: pg&e officials say they have also installed more than fencing, security cameras, and temporary shield protecting vital components at the substation and plant.
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it says it will spend $100 million in security improvements at all critical facilities in the next three years. while saying the attack was a game changer in terms of electric insecurity, pg&e officials declined to characterize it as domestic terrorism or even to call it a sophisticated attack. >> we're not in the law enforcement business. i don't think it would be appropriate for us to speculate as to whether it was an act of terrorism or -- or another -- a criminal act or that sort of thing. so again, it goes to -- i think partnering with our federal agencies including the fbi. >> reporter: the fbi has announced it will address the metcalf attack later today at a press conference. ktvu news will be there and bring you any of the latest developments. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, sal. the families of two young fathers killed by an oakland
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gang member were in court. just within the last couple of hours, the judge sentenced lamar fox to life in prison without the possibility of a troe. he was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder in november for the 2011 shooting at suite jimmy's car, not far from jack london square. billy jenkins and 22-year-old adam williams junior were innoip sent bystanders -- innocent bystanders when they were killed. the families hope the sentencing will bring cloer closure. >> this girl is always thinking about her father. >> i think about him a lot. i can't stop thinking about him. i'm so sad. >> prosecutors say fox and another man klemm thomp kins opened fire targeting gang members but missed. he was sentenced to life in prison also. vallejo police say a man was shot and killed after he led police hon a chase, rammed a cruiser and threatened a
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family. it started at 3:00 yesterday when officers tried to make a traffic stop on highway 37. the driver took off going more than 90 miles an our hon several freeways before the chase ended in the solano shopping center. police say they were forced to shoot when the suspect rammed a police cruiser and then floored the suv in the direction of a family waiting at a drive-thru window. >> if that vehicle freed itself up from the police vehicle, it would have come to him. who knows what could have happened if the officers didn't take immediate action? >> police are still trying to identify the suspect who didn't have any i.d. oakland firefighters responded to a report of a fire inside a refrigerator, discovered a lot of marijuana stashed inside. the 23-cubic foot re fridge rater caught fire around of:00 this morning inside a warehouse on templeton way, not far from oakland airport. the marijuana was packaged in
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plastic cylinders. the exact amount has not been determined. police have not released information on who owns the warehouse. we're learning more about the teenager accused of using two kitchen knives to stab 20 classmates in pennsylvania. another day of cooler temperatures. mark tamayo will be here to tell you what's in store for your weekend. and the san francisco police chief takes action to make the roads safer. the simple safety items he's passing out to kids that could save lives. [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up,
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australian analysts are poring over new data from a pings heard in the indeyurn ocean near where malaysian flight 370 might have gone down one month ago. this is the latest as planes and searchers search for wreckage. they need to narrow the search area before they launch a submarine to map the ocean floor and the batteries for the flight's black box locater beacons are expected to run out any day. a day after a high school student in pennsylvania went on a stabbing rampage, we've learned the weapons were two ordinary kitchen knives. the suspect's attorney says the teen is remorseful while his
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parents are devastated. here's more on the charges he faces and how many victims are still in the hospital. >> reporter: this is the high school where the sophomore walked through the hallways staning his clation mates -- stabbings had classmates with two kitchen knives. ten remain hospitalized, four in critical condition. police say 16-year-old alex hribal stabbed 20 students and a security officer in a crowded hallway of his high school. >> the kid just ran down the hall with the knives and my best friend stepped in front of me and he got stabbed in the back. i held his hand and he wouldn't let go. the whole way to the hospital he didn't let go. >> reporter: sam king, an assistant principal at the high school stepped stop the rampage. >> mr. king took off to take the kid down. i was behind him. >> reporter: not before nearly
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two dozen people were stabbed. the community held vigils for the victims. >> we gather in prayer, song and candlelight. >> reporter: offering what support they could amid the tragedy. >> it's heartbreaking. >> it's been incredibly depressing. we've been sitting there listening to the news for six or eight hours, the same bad news over and over again. the numbers kept rising. >> reporter: hribal was arraigned as an adult and faces four counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault and a charge of having a weapon on the school ground. et was described as a b plus student, someone who worked well with others. as this community starts to recover, the questions now turn to why and how this could have happened. reporting in murrysville, pennsylvania, back to you. happening today -- potential 2016 presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is scheduled to speak at san jose
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state university. the former secretary of state and first lady kicked off her west coast visit on tuesday in san francisco. that's where she was asked at an event about running in 2016 and clinton said she's thinking about it. tonight's event is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. as part of a lecture series featuring prominent women. and president obama is headed back to the bay area next month to attend a democratic fund-raiser may 8th at the home of marissa mayer. san francisco's police chief took his campaign for pedestrian safety into the classroom. greg suhr and the command staff from southern stations smoke to children at -- spoke to children at betsy carmichael middle school. they handed glow wristbands designed to make the children visible at night and discussed with them how to stay safe. >> what color are you wearing? >> white.
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>> and what color are you wearing? >> black. >> what color is easier for people to see you? >> white. >> light, right? you want to -- right, right? you want to stick out. >> the chief is combining the education program with stepped- up traffic enforcement hoping to reduce the number of accidents that involve people crosses the street. the santa clara county district attorney general's office has added two new sections to its website. ones it hopes will help investigators and the other it hopes will help the public. the first features karen sit. the second has advice on how to avoid bebe -- being scammed and monitor your identity and credit. this got mixed reviews. >> i don't think i would necessarily go searching for that. it's not something that's necessarily convenient for me. >> i guess the website would help because it gives people a wag to figure out what to --
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people a way to figure out what to do if they were ever in a situation. >> the district attorney general's office hopes this will help more people to the website and help prosecutors convict more criminals. well, no major changes to the forecast for today. we started out with low clouds and fog and right now, clearing back to near the shoreline. in fact, a few clearing patches as well just offshore. hoarse's our live camera looking out towards the transamerica pyramid and the boat right there in the right now. it looks like mostly sunny skies over the bay. some patchy fog. just offshore off monterey bay. there's that one area. it looks like we have fog out towards half moon bay. but closer to the marin headlands and there's a little bit more sunshine this afternoon compared to yesterday afternoon at this time. current numbers right now, it's 65 in san francisco. san jose in the upper 60s. low 70s out towards antioch and livermore and santa rosa right now checking in 65 degrees.
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for today, we do have this partly to mostly sunny skies. here is our live camera looking out towards sfo with all of the airline traffic there. a little bit of haze to deal with out toward the airport. tomorrow more clouds, both low clouds and higher cloud. it would be cooler for friday. the weekend, moernding drizzle -- morning, drizzle saturday morning. no major storms showing up in our five-day forecast. high pressure still in command of our weather for the most part, we still have the onshore breeze as well keeping the beaches on the cooler side. still some patchy coastal fog near parts of the coastline. some more numbers inland. there is a weather system onshore on track to approach central and southern california. for tomorrow, this will be a cloud producer. we'll be cooling off inland. by friday night into saturday morning, there would be enough dynamics and limited moisture late friday night into saturday morning. tomorrow morning, 6:00, show you some of the low clouds and high clouds streaming in. still another batch of high
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clouds moving in by late tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours. forecast highs this afternoon. warmest locations, much like yesterday we're thinking upper 70s to near 80 degrees. santa rosa, 74. san francisco is the current temperature at 65. pacifica in the upper 50s. more neighborhoods, more 70s out towards san jose, morgan hill and los gatos. a look ahead to your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. more sunshine today for most of the bay area. tomorrow we'll thicken up the clouds. possible blip drizzle and then partly sunny skies and a sunday. a few extra clouds on monday. next week we could be tracking stronger winds. typically this time of wind we talk about strong winds pushing through the area. it looks like that could be arriving on time, especially wednesday/thursday next week. >> thank you, mark. david letterman's replacement has been announced. we'll tell you who is set to take over the late-night show when letterman retires next year.
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on wall street, the selloff continues in the fiental hour of trading as in -- final hour of trading as investors dump stocks, especially biotech companies. facebook is down over 5% right now, trading at about $59. the dow is down 257. the nasdaq is down 128 and the s&p is down 36. general motors has placed two engineers on paid leave as part of the investigation into
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the faulty ignition switch linked to at least 13 deaths. ceo mare yir barra called the move an interim step as the company tries to determine why it took the automaker so long to issue recalls. gm documents show the switch problem first came to light in 2001. in another development, gm has asked nasa to help certify that the recalled calls can be safely driven as long as no additional wait is hung from the ignition key. nasa is also being tapped to take a broader look at how gm approaches safety issues. activists investor carl icon is backing on his push for ebay. he's withdrawalling his proposal to put two nominees on ebay's board of directors. in turn, ebay has agreed to make doorman an independent director on the 12-board member. california fish and
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wildlife officials are taking care of a crocodile that was captured wandering around a strip mall in roseville. this is video from yesterday. it escaped a container that had been set outside a reptile business with a note saying it was a nile crocodile and they can grow up to 20 feet long and are illegal to own. >> this one is a really nasty crocodile. it has a bad attitude. >> the reptile store in the area is a safe surrender site for animals whose owners can no longer care forethem. workers were stunned to receive a crocodile. they say the animal will likery end up in a zoo -- likely end up in a zoo. stephen colbert will take over for david letterman when he retires. cbs announced colbert has signed a five-year contract. in a statement, colbert said he never dreamed he would follow
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in letterman's footsteps. he also said he will not be doing the report in his persona. he said he will have to put a grind in his teeth to look like letterman. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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. up next on eco company. >> we visit one of the few bio fuel labs in the world. >> so this lab is really working on the origin of all bio fuels. >> we'll find out how these plants can produce a cleaner fuel of the future. >> and it's a trip to nature's classroom. only out here, these teams aren't students, they're teachers. >> i'm interested in water pollution so if i come and teach the kids about it it's a good experience. >> why these students are spending part of their day down by the river. >> and a campaign against chemicals. do you know what's in the products you use? >> we actually developed a chemical called the dirty 30. which are 30 ingre


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