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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 18, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. i'm beth troutman. time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." we've got two great stories about people who -- >> get out there and they rescue animals. >> see the delicate mission to save a deer and the ingenuous way to flush a puppy from a pipe. >> there we go. >> intruders try to smash into a home while -- >> the homeowner was home. >> what it was like to have someone coming at you with a sledgehammer. >> a soccer stadium looks more
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like -- >> the depths of moredor. >> what got the rowdy crowd all flared up. pranksters pretend to have live kittens in a box. >> they actually have like three stuffed kittens in there. >> no. >> they won't stop. >> see why the joke is over when the cops get called. >> shake. >> listen, dude. that's accuse of animals. get you in jail. thank goodness for some people. some people just put their own cares and worries aside and they just get out there and they rescue animals i've got a couple great videos for you. in this case a couple of buck, antlers tangled up. this one is a little goree because the deer on the ground is more like a deer carcass. >> wow. looks like the dead one got eaten by a predator during this whole mess. >> but this guy with the camera see this buck needs help so he just gingerly sets his camera down, starts communicating with
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the deer. you know this deer is afraid. but he calms him down and he tries at first to just untangle the antlers himself. he can't get them untangled. he goes back and gets a saw and begins sawing off his antler trying to free him. what's remarkable how brave this guy is. he's right in the zone and could get bucked by the buck. eventually he is able to free this deer and he just scurries back off into the woods and this guy ends up dragging the carcass off to the side and i'm imagining other buzzards and scavenger type animals will have a meal they can finish. in the next video from, a little puppy rescue. and to the rescue, firefighters, officers from the humane society of missouri and workers from the sewer district because a 2-month-old tea cup chihuahua is stuck down in a sewer drain that's about four to six inches wide. >> man. >> this was quite a difficult rescue. they tried nets, they tried a
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cinch. the owners tried to lure the puppy out with bacon. what they had to do was pump the water into the pipe that connects the waterline to the sewer line in this particular house and then the water -- >> floated the puppy up. >> up. >> that's smart. >> after three hours of work, they're able to get this little guy wohose name is storm out of this sewer drain. this is storm after he was rescued and cleaned and dried off. looks like he's ready for a nap. >> getting your house bro broke into is a terrifying thing. this is in tucker's road. this video released by the lester police. still looking for tease guys. a group of them. they've got a sledgehammer trying to break in to this person's home. look at this. they go to work on this door. this is terrifying. watch this. here we're seeing a good shot of
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their faces. >> yeah. >> bashing, bashing over and over again with the sledgehammer. but this is the scariest part. apparently the homeowner was home during all this and able to somehow fend these guys off. i don't know. barricading the door, pushing the shoulder into the door or something. bu eventuay these guys get set up and theyake off. >> person on the stairway who came up to peek and see what was going on and ducked down. >> in my opinion looks like they know who's inside and what they're after. they doesn't look random. >> this took place the weekend before christmas. hopefully somebody can identify these guys. >> from something serious to something just really silly, this is in downtown tallahassee, the tallahassee police department releasing these videos. look at the bro in the tank top just going up and destroying that gate in a parking lot there. bending the thing backwards. really trying to rip this thing off. this video about a minute long. the guy never detaches the arm.
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eventually he gives up. keep watching because there are actually three of these videos that police have put out there. look, they're there to do the same thing. >> is this some kind of initiation into some weird club? >> it's stupid vandalism in the downtown area. you can be rewarded with some sort of cash if you know these guys or can provide information that would lead to an arrest. >> bizarre. >> yeah. >> why do this. >> show how strong they were. >> i have two videos of two very awful accidents. this first one is in russia. >> dude. >> happens very quickly. right off the intersection. a vehicle running a red light strikes that truck. that truck happens to be transporting 11 inmates. >> oh, no. >> jail break. >> believe it or not, nobody actually attempted to escape. everybody stuck around because they did get a little injured. one of the inmates was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. apparently one of the guards also suffered a cranial injury.
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it was actually a very serious incident. >> sucks being in the back of that thing. you don't have windows. suddenly you're on your side and another inmate on top of you. >> you can't brace for impact. when you see an accident coming you can hold on to something. these guys all got jacked. >> no seat belts either. >> the other accident happened in washington. there's a pedestrian here crossing on the crosswalk with the walk signal on. it's a little bit dark and looks like it's been raining. maybe that's why this ups truck doesn't see her and runs her over. >> oh. stop. dude. >> he ends up driving about 50 feet, does stop and according to reports does come back to talk to this woman. but then he take office. >> a ups driver? >> a ups driver. >> this incident happened in november. the video just released because the driver is being investigated on the hit and run charge. >> guy probably thought, nobody saw that, i'm taking off. there are cameras everywhere. >> somebody is watching.
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>> her attorney says that driver drove over her ankles and her feet crushing them. >> oh, gosh. >> leaving her in the hospital for days on a wheelchair for months. they're obviously suing the company and the driver who was actually arrested for hit and run. >> soccer fans are a passionate bunch, especially around the world. check out this match in greece. >> what is this? looks like they've got those -- >> flairs. >> flairs, glow sticks. a problem on the road. >> it looks like the depths of moredoro or the center of a volcano. the place going bonkers out of their minds. flairs. people are holding flairs up all throughout the stadium. some people are throwing the flares down on to the pitch. this is before the match even started. while the players are coming out on to the pitch, to shake hands. >> it delayed the match more
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than an hour because of all the smoke. but that wasn't the worst of it. there were fights. and also, somebody dumped a crate of anchovies on the visiting team's bench. >> oh, great. >> who has anchovies. >> the match between paok and olympiakos, loosely known as the anchovies, a fan came and dumped anchovies on the bench. arrested along with spectators and players also fought on the pitch during this match. >> other cases of beer. it's just like the way it is. >> christian is right, happens frequently not to this magnitude. >> go to the game, get pumped to see our team and tdelay it. let's wait as long as we can to see our team play on the field. >> this is part of the show. to them the game isn't the only
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thing they're out there for. it's also like the chaos. >> looks like the fires of hell. >> probably walked out of there with no facial hair. >> right. >> it's a routine skydive stunt that gets way off track. >> friend gets real close and all of a sudden like something is wrong. these guys are colliding. >> why the midair tackle is all to rip off his buddy. see how in russia. >> firefighters don't hold hoses. hoses hold firefighters.
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i don't know how many times we have to say this, don't run from the cops. and don't threaten the cops. in this case we're looking at dash cam footage from a new mexico state police officer's car and up in the car in front of him, up to no good. this is 27-year-old shay russell and mai could blair. the reason that this footage looks so shaky and jittery, because an officer has clocked him going 93 in a 60-mile-per-hour zone on gravel roads. tried to pull him over but he didn't do the right thing and pull over. instead he led police on a high-speed chase, at some points going more than 70 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone eventually blair does stop. he gets out of the car. >> i'm down here at carston. >> state police officer gets out of the car and goes to confront blair. but blair in this moment tackles
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him. they fall off the screen. and then blair says, you want to fight. i know ju jitsu. >> oh. >> be cautious he does know ju jit jitsu. he does end up getting away from the officer. gets in his car, takes off again, leads him on another chase. >> get out of the car now. >> eventually this guy does end up stopping again. >> hands on top of your head. >> he runs. >> they find him in a field hiding under a tree. they were arrested and charged with dwi. the officer said he did smell alcohol on blair. >> and battery of a peace officer. i don't know if there's an actual charge of ju jitsu on a peace officer. >> be cautious. he does know yjust jits su. >> in this video group of sky divers launch themselves into the sky. riding along with a fellow, buddies are out there, doing
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their thing, flying in formation. friend gets real close and all of a sudden you're like something is wrong, these guys are colliding. more of a practical joke. watch. this guy names deyeahgo comes flying in out of nowhere, rips his shoes off. rips one shoe off at least. >> flips him off. >> because now he has to land bare foot. >> apparently this is some sort of game these guys created in midair as they were falling to earth at rapid speeds. this was in florida. and the guy told us that to make their dive interesting, whoever could take the leader's shoe, the guy falling i guess first, without knocking him off course would get a case of beer. >> for beer. >> that's what this was all about. >> a case of beer. worth it. >> that's dangerous because that chute is going to pick up velocity, might break a window, crush a car, dent a car, hit somebody on the noggin. >> the shoe doesn't land somewhere randomly because the
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person who grabbed the shoe comes down with it. >> you need to make skydiving more exciting. >> yeah. >> start doing practical jokes in midair now. >> i think we can agree that firefighters are -- and in russia, firefighters don't hold hoses. hoses hold firefighters. these firefighters attached looks to be six hoses to this platform fire up the fire truck, get the pumps going, charge the lines and the water pressure. gets this firefighter up in the air. it's like a hydro board. >> this is not actually fighting a fire. they're just having fun out in the parking lot. >> that's exactly what they're doing. imagine if this was effective. instead of fighting a fire with one hose from a distance, they could hover over a fire fighting it while flying. >> do you know what this looks like? the russian version of one of those what do the he call those things in the ocean? >> the jet pack things.
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>> yeah. >> water things. >> i want to call 911 just to get these guys to come to my house. >> and do this. >> yeah. on a hot summer day. cracking open the fire hydrant. >> looks like he's wearing a darth vader helmet. >> russian iron man. >> or aqua man. >> or fireman. >> look who stumbles into a mechanic's shop. >> i'm thinking he's looking for some work? i'm thinking where's mom. >> what the little fella is up to next. the final cut king has competition. >> holding a fish. >> what? >> puts it in the fish tank. it's alive. >> how he pulls off the impossible.
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this is -- >> like a scanner. >> duplicator, copier. >> oh, money center. >> this is awesome. he's holding a fish. >> what. >> puts it in the fish tank and suddenly it's alive. >> this guy is good too. sells it. a bit of an actor as well as an editor. >> never seen a prankster or illusionist like this crack himself up so much. >> it's hysterical. makes the video even better. >> what the heck? >> watch those. >> look at the lithium batteries. >> he jumped in the printer. >> the thing that's great about these videos the final cut king, this guy, so much creativity. the imagination behind it. >> it's cool to see somebody else doing it. >> the final cut king is the king. >> he has seen this video and thinks it's hysterical. he loves it. where he's levitating and really selling it, really committing to the part. >> are we hiring here at "right
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this minute" editors? >> do we want this guy to be our editor. >> sure. >> all of a sudden we could swap heads or something. >> that would be cool. you could be on my body right now. >> right. >> he could be on your body anyway. >> i want to know if he actually got that hair cut or just created that on screen. >> i think he actually got it. >> red hot nickel ball meets. ♪ >> somebody give this bear a job. that's what i think it wants. this is a tiny bear cub. >> oh, man. >> he wandered into a garage and i'm thinking he's looking for some work. >> i'm thinking, where's mom? >> i am too.
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i'm thinking either mom's on the way in to attack or this is a little orphaned bear. >> no word on where mom is. she couldn't have been too far away because this is a tiny little thing. >> having a hard time on the slippery mechanic floors. >> i feel bad. he probably wants mom to get him or he's really a big car enthusiast. >> check out what's under the hood here. >> i must warn you in this video, you are able to see a cat get mauled. >> by puppies. >> this video from juken, a bunch of puppies in a penned in area. watch what they do to the cat. watch what happens. dog pile. >> oh. >> they're taking her down. >> the cat is like oh, my gosh, you can't see the cat one second. >> the dogs love the cat. >> for a second you think okay, this is going to try to get out. in the end, even this cat can't resist the puppies. >> they're the fattest puppy i've ever seen. >> puppy gang mentality.
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all pounced out at the same time. >> lifted out of the cage. >> oh. some pranksters kick around fake kittens. >> hey. >> listen to me. >> they're calling the police now. these dudes are not messing around. >> see how the cops react to the big reveal. [sister off screen] so, and i lied to you earlier
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when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up!
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[brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying] horrific train crash caught on camera from the new mega lego blocks. watch this. >> no! >> oh! >> the whole 11 levels come crashing down, four locomotives. >> were there any survivors? >> they all survived. everybody was just fine. >> i bet their lego hair came off. >> looks like there was a structural problem with one of the bases down at the bottom. looks like one of the bases buckled. >> you know this person is a true lego fanatic because to clean up the rubble.
9:56 am
>> oh, no. >> they brought in the lego excavator. >> this is priceless. >> you hear kids playing in the background so i was like wow, this kid is pretty good with the legos. i don't think that looks like a child's hand right there. >> that is a man hand. >> what a cool man that is to build this whole thing for his kids. >> is that the coolest dad in the world. >> like eight christmass worth of legos. >> dog stuck in sleeve. ♪ >> so you come aupupon somebody cardboard box with cute kittens inside. >> cute babies. >> what if the person did this. >> they won't stop crying.
9:57 am
>> i would take the box and run. >> one quick look and realize who the person is with the kittens. known prankster roman teaming with dennis and vitally, a pranking dream team. >> that's abuse of animal. get you in jail. >> that's not going to get me in jail. >> what's inside the box is a speaker making kitten sounds and have three stuffed kittens in there. >> listen to me. >> they're calling the police now. these dudes are not messing around. >> glad to see this. these people are coming to the rescue of what they think are some kittens. >> i want you to have one. >> son of a gun. >> is there a cat in there. >> yeah. >> why are you kicking it? >> vitally has a group of people angry with him. >> 305 miami. oh. >> guy goes to pick the box up, vitally kicks it away.
9:58 am
>> filming a video prank. >> come on. >> so mad, dude. >> now dennis' turn. >> security shows up here and they're like -- >> i can't let you kick the box with animals. >> vitally shows up to make things crazier and this giant struggle ensues. >> oh. >> come on, dude. i'm trying to sell my cats man. >> i almost feel bad laughing it's so cruel but funny. >> i'm not digging this one. >> you know, it's good to see if people will step in. kind of what would you do sort of scenario. >> yeah. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." hey! welcome home! hey mom! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting,
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look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. >> live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, the fabulously talented tichina arnold dishes about married life the second time around and what it was like working with lifetime movie costar whoopi goldberg. plus, zac efron fallen off the wagon? micah jes says here with the scoop. "glamour" magazine gets us ready for spring with this season's hottest fashions. now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: oh! yeah. [ applause ]í'3


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