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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  April 19, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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champion, and he's one of the physically -- more physically strong brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts in the heavyweight division. >> mike: a big round 1 and a big round 2 for fabricio werdum. >> joe: and if travis browne was tired going into the second round, he's got five rounds of this. three after this. >> mike: mike goldberg, joe rogan. this our main event of the evening. fox ufc saturday. fabricio werdum, travis browne. the winner will fight cain velasquez for the ufc heavyweight championship. and joe, fabricio werdum has been dominant thus far in this fight. >> joe: he certainly has. he survived a few scary moments in the beginning of the first round, but now he is all over travis. he's stepping over. he's taking guard. and watch the control of fabricio werdum. when you're dealing with a guy who's never given you space.
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that left leg is pinned to the chest of travis browne. there's no air for him to move. if he separates that right arm from travis body and throws his right leg over the body of travis's body. travis is in all sorts ever trouble. he's back to his feet. >> mike: he's up. good escape, though, joe. >> joe: yes. but fabricio can hit him with knees now too. >> mike: and a right hand. >> joe: and look. travis is exhausted. >> mike: he's trying to play like he's not. >> joe: oh, he's exhausted. his legs are wobbly. look how he's moving. >> mike: look how he's laboring with his punches. he's usually very crisp. the second time he got hit, though, but he works through it again. final minute of round 2. browne is one strike away from winning this fight. >> joe: but i don't know if he has it in him right now. the way he's throwing his punches. >> mike: experience heavily on the side of werdum. and that may be the biggest
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difference thus far in this battle. >> joe: there's a hard jab by werdum. looks for the leg kick to follow if he can land that again. >> mike: under 30 now. round 2. dominant. once again a significant strike by fabricio werdum. looks like he may have gotten poked. >> joe: that was a shot where fabricio was trying to set up a switch kick. >> mike: look for the knee. final seconds of the round. spin and a miss. [ horn ] >> joe: beautiful knee to the body on the break. ♪ i've been eating egg mcmuffins ♪
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♪ since 1984 ♪ but when i saw taco bell made a waffle taco ♪ ♪ i figured i would get with the times ♪ ♪ so i got a haircut ♪ and i got some tighter pants ♪ lost my flip phone, got a smartphone ♪ ♪ even took down my loverboy poster ♪ ♪ now i'm eating waffle tacos and a.m. crunchwraps ♪ ♪ and i just made like $700 on craigslist ♪ [ male announcer ] move on from your old macdonald breakfast... with taco bell's exciting new breakfast menu. [ alarm ring, bong ] >> mike: greg jackson said slow down, travis browne. in the corner of fabricio werdum they said he's got no energy left. you saw how slow he threw those hands. he can't knock you out now. >> joe: i wouldn't say that. >> mike: they said it. >> joe: he can always come back and knock you out. and there, hard right hand
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there. wow. >> mike: what a combination. >> joe: kick to the body. >> mike: outstanding. there aren't many in the world better than rafael cordero. and we can see the many years that fabricio has spent with him paying off here in this showcase fight tonight. >> joe: absolutely. travis trying to set up a wheel kick. he's really telegraphing it. >> mike: everything's coming a lot slower now. >> joe: he might give up the idea but he was definitely trying to set it up. >> mike: second time werdum has been scheduled for five rounds. his first was the last fight against big nog. he scored the submission victory in round 2. >> joe: we had a couple questions then. can fabricio werdum take travis to the ground? yes. can he stand with travis? yes. and can travis survive on the ground? yes again. >> mike: nice spinning back kick. look at werdum. >> joe: no one would have ever expected this. this is really incredible. >> mike: there was a clear check
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mark on the ledger that said striking for travis browne. it's been moved definitively by fabricio werdum. >> joe: good right hand by werdum there. rafael cordero has done a masterful job with fabricio werdum. and what led fabricio to be an elite brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist is now allowing him to use that same focus and energy to become a great striker. beautiful sweep. >> mike: there's no way hapa's -- >> joe: oh, man. kick to the body. >> mike: he is all red on the ribcage. right side of his body. >> joe: he's all over travis browne! >> mike: second time browne has been scheduled for five rounds. his first was the loss to bigfoot when he snapped his hamstring in round 1. so we're getting toward uncharted territory here in the third with the potential of four and five. >> joe: yeah, travis is going to
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have to really conserve energy or end this fight. fabricio -- >> referee: there you go. >> joe: -- werdum is showing just incredible ability to absorb these shots. beautiful knee by fabricio! and big shot! travis is in trouble! >> mike: big-time. travis can't move out of the way. >> joe: he's ripping to the body. and then the knee. >> mike: cain velasquez recovering from left shoulder surgery. he's watching very closely tonight. >> joe: another takedown. >> mike: man, they battle. werdum looks up at the clock.
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1:45 left in the third. >> joe: fabricio's -- travis had a leg and got out there have. right hand by fabricio. >> mike: look how heavy the arms are getting for hapa. deep breaths for fabricio werdum as well. >> joe: travis is really gassed out here, though. the difference in what's happening is that fabricio although he gets tired he's still landing hard shots. and he's still able to move. travis is really, really laboring here. >> mike: look at the total strikes landed by fabricio werdum. >> joe: i mean, travis can't even touch him. >> mike: no. and that's what his corner said after the round, joe. >> joe: fabricio's taking time off. the knee! >> mike: good connection.
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travis has got to get those hands up. especially if he's going to stand still in front of werdum. >> joe: there's the high kick. >> mike: and you can tell. >> joe: fabricio could not ask for travis to be more vulnerable here. >> mike: joe, you can see that werdum -- >> joe: beautiful kick to the body. >> mike: training team did their homework on how to break down travis "hapa" browne. but still anybody's fight when they're both on their feet. ten seconds here in round 3. inside leg kick. punch to the face. head kick with the left. >> joe: i don't know what he said to travis, but he just unloaded on him.
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1, episode 2 of "the ultimate fighter." the coaches, frankie edgar and b.j. penn. the proud hawaiian watching, travis browne. fabricio werdum has been dominant. in the opinion of his corner he won the first three rounds. >> joe: in the opinion of anybody who knows anything about fighting he's won the first three rounds. >> mike: still a little scared, though. >> joe: well, you have to be. travis browne's a savage. >> mike: yep. >> joe: but right now fabricio werdum is picking him apart. >> mike: and travis is gassed. >> joe: he looks better right now than he looked in the second. it looks like the third he may have caught his second wind between the third and the fourth. he definitely looks a lot more lively. >> mike: well, he overcame the knees of overeem. but that was a fight that ended in the first round. back in boston. this is as deep as these men
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have gone. in their entire mma careers. second time both scheduled for five rounds. browne went one. werdum went two. >> joe: i'm surprised werdum hasn't utilized more leg kicks. he was having good success with those early in the fight. but he stopped. >> mike: because he certainly wouldn't hate it even though browne would be on top if this gets back to the ground. >> joe: yeah. travis went to throw that oblique kick and fabricio mocked him. >> mike: yeah. up the middle. >> joe: big right hand by fabricio. >> mike: we've seen that straight kick from some really famous brazilians before. lyoto machida. anderson silva. travis browne's used it as well. >> joe: jon jones loves that kick as well. that oblique kick.
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mike winklejohn shows that to all his fighters. >> mike: werdum switched to southpaw but just for a moment. approaching the midway point of round 4. to the body again. >> joe: the body. >> mike: doesn't matter, joe, if those land on the forearm. those do damage. >> joe: they're very hard kicks. as we were saying before this fight, travis can't sleep on the striking of fabricio werdum. i mean, he's been in there with alistair overeem. >> referee: no, no. that hit him in the cup. go over there. time. >> mike: unintentional. this isn't horrible for travis browne. unintentional. but fabricio werdum will look to recover. and travis took some deep breaths. >> referee: it slid into his cup. it's all right. watch where it's going. you ready to go? >> mike: werdum would be wise to
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get it going. just over two minutes in the fourth. main event. fox ufc saturday. >> joe: travis got a little break there. looks a little more lively again. >> mike: yep. >> joe: that right hand. >> mike: when he fakes with the left -- >> joe: fabricio looking for the takedown. big right hand and a nice uppercut. >> mike: three takedowns for werdum. first man to ever take travis browne down. if he switches for the southpaw stance look for the body kick. or he'll switch with the left again. >> joe: fabricio looked at the clock. it seems like he feels he's way ahead in the fight and he's not
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taking any chances of getting tired. >> mike: he is, isn't he? >> joe: i believe so, for sure. and i think he thinks it's up to -- look at that. beautiful counter when travis moves in. it's up to travis to make something happen and he's capitalizing on the mistakes that travis makes while he does that. travis has to chase him now. notice how fabricio moves away -- >> mike: just out of the way of the kick and again -- >> joe: and smiling at him. >> mike: under a minute now. front kick against overeem was a highlight reel knockout for travis browne. watch for it. werdum doing a good job, joe, with his footwork and his distance, staying out of harm's
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way. just on the outside. of 6'7" travis browne. 15 seconds. [ horn ] >> referee: time! >> mike: so far so great. rafael cordero. >> translator: this round was a little bit even. impose your game now. hit him, step in and out. if you have the opportunity, take him down. finish this fight. win this fight well. there's no reason to stay in this game.
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>> mike: mike winklejohn. >> that was a much better round, travis. >> follow up close. >> this is something we never expected. fabricio werdum mocking travis browne and then lighting him up. fabricio werdum with a spinning backfist lands with the forearm. fabricio werdum with a stiff jab. another jab. >> mike: you know what's interesting, joe, is we say that as we look at this fight on paper, fabricio werdum and his team would have said we totally expected that we could do this tonight, we felt that fabricio could outstrike travis browne. >> joe: of course they say that after the fact. this a beautiful takedown by
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fabricio. and he's got the back. and travis is right back up to his feet. >> mike: 16 career wins for browne. 17 for werdum. this a huge fight, with the winner facing cain velasquez. >> joe: two front kicks in a row by browne, looking for the head kick with that left. >> mike: how he finished overeem. >> joe: he went front kick front kick with the right and then was thinking about the kick from the southpaw position with the right foot forward. >> mike: got to close the distance, joe. >> joe: he's got to go for broke. he's got to risk losing by knockout. >> mike: yep. >> joe: there's very few openings that fabricio's giving him. he's got to make openings. he's got to be very aggressive with whatever energy he's got left.
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>> mike: when travis looks to engage, werdum is moving on great angles. >> joe: and fabricio gets tagged two more times with straight rights. 3:30 left. >> mike: basically, what browne has to do now is just scrap. >> joe: nice leg kick by travis. >> mike: the hawaiian mantra, made famous by b.j. penn. >> joe: excellent jab by fabricio. maybe the best use of the jab we've ever seen from him. >> mike: which is interesting because travis browne's corner felt that the use of the jab would be a key to this victory and it's werdum who's done it better. >> joe: top down attempt again. and again turns out of the corner with that stiff jab.
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>> mike: looks like travis is trying to turn it up a little bit. beautiful. >> joe: right hand behind it. >> mike: you can hear the corner saying travis browne right now, let's go travis browne, right now. >> joe: but it's not like he's not trying. >> mike: look at the difference in head strikes landed. this is a very lopsided battle. in favor of the brazilian. >> joe: hard right hand by fabricio. another one. tagging travis browne with those shots. >> mike: werdum would like to win tonight and to defeat cain velasquez to become the tenth brazilian to earn a ufc belt. >> joe: well, werdum looks remarkably fresh here in this fifth and final round. >> mike: looking at the clock, trying to time -- >> joe: beautiful kick to the body. >> mike: and it's werdum the aggressor.
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1:45 left. >> joe: travis barely has the energy to throw that kick. >> mike: changing his stance. watch for the body. >> joe: whoa. >> mike: 90 seconds remain. werdum, joe, is seeming just offensive enough to have excellent defense against travis browne. >> joe: he's also talking to him. i don't know what he's saying to him, but he's taunted him several times. he tags him again. >> mike: under a minute. now or never for hapa. good hook. big swing and a miss.
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>> joe: excellent footwork as well by fabricio. moving very well away from the attack and then sliding right back in for his own shot. >> mike: never straight back, joe. always on angle. like this. >> joe: well, he saw that wheel kick coming a mile away. travis's legs are made out of lead. >> mike: under 30 now. the jab again. total domination by werdum. 15 seconds remain. and he's the one who connects again. browne fighting to the finish. nothing left. you see the right leg, joe. nothing left for travis browne. what a performance by fabricio werdum. >> joe: that was incredible. >> mike: he moved to the usa as he said unemployed. and now he may very well have
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learned himself a shot at the ufc heavyweight championship of the world. the official decision next.
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>> mike: a great night of fights here in orlando. our move of the fight is brought to you by metro pcs, where nationwide 4g lte is $40, period. >> joe: and it is the striking of fabricio werdum, switch kick to the body, taunting travis browne, and then attacking. right hand over the top. i tell you what, travis browne can take a hell of a shot
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because fabricio tagged him with shots like that all night long. >> mike: our main event goes the distance. with the official decision here is bruce buffer. >> ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds we go to the judges' scorecards for a decision. the judges score the contest 49-46, 50-45, and 50-45, declaring the winner by unanimous decision, fabricio "vai cavalo" werdum! >> maybe the best he's ever looked. >> definitely the best he's ever looked. against a really dangerous opponent. just a spectacular decision victory. all striking, all werdum, all amazing. >> and up next, werdum-velasquez for the heavyweight belt. but in one week it's ufc 172, featuring jonny "bones" jones.
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>> i want to be one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. >> he's amazing. but jon jones's title may be in jeopardy. glover teixeira is a killer. unbeaten now in 20 fights. he is a legit threat. >> glover teixeira. >> jon jones. >> that might be the greatest title fight in the history of the light heavyweight division. >> wow. >> live on pay per view, one week from tonight. for more coverage from here in orlando turn over to fox sports 2 for the fox ufc saturday post-fight show. and be sure to tune to fox sports 1 tonight at 11:00 eastern for frf"fox sports livel where they'll have a complete recap of all the action here and throughout the world of sports. coming up next on fox it's your late local news except on the west coast. for joe rogan, our entire fox
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crew, mike goldberg saying so long and we'll see you next time right back here inside the octagon. fabricio werdum, the winner tonight! we are! fox sports! . developing news, a boat crash in the east bay leaves one injured and another missing. and a line for a pair of shoes. worth the wait. after the fight.
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu two news. the discovery of a body ends searchs for a man thrown overboard after an accident. thank you for joining us for the post fight presentation. that mans body was found after # hours of search. he and a a friend were taking part of an event in the marina.
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investigatorses are still trying to figure out why they were thrown overboard. >> it was a gorgeous day for boating. that is what they were doing by the brim. >> they had people near the briblg. >> this is the boat. launched from bethey will island -- bethel island. >> one of them was in the water for a while. probably about 15 or 20 minutes, i guess before somebody pulled out. and like i said, he diabetic have a scratch on him. . >> the other body was pulled out. that's the survivor talking with sheriff's investigators. >> gave him a hug and he said
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shaking. and he remembers hearing something on the boat and that's about it. >> the coast guard and officers from two counties search most of the day with helicopters above. >> cannot tell you alcohol was not a factor in this incident at all. outside of that, i don't know the actually actual cause of the accident is still under investigation. . >> san francisco police say an officer and two armed robbery suspects were hospitalized today after a car chase that ended in a collision. originally robbed a woman. started a pursuit that ended at 20th avenue and lincoln way. >> trying to confirm the where i can and attempted to ram the police cruiser. >>nj


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