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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 2, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. time for the best videos from the web and the stories behind them, "right this minute." it's drifting done easy as this bmw -- >> is running the way it's supposed to. >> what happens when the next lap goes a little south. some kids are terrified by a roadside fight. >> their dad is out there trying to break this thing up. >> why it's what happened afterwards that created the real outrage. a runner goes for a personal best. so -- >> at the beginning of every lap, he's going to chug a beer.
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>> 2:27. >> see if he can break the beer mile world record. plus how to win a new ipad mini and a guy heads for a camp ground shower. >> where something wild is abs to happen. >> see what was waiting for him inside that bag. >> thering could anything in there. >> is that a snake? >> drifting can be fun when done right and in this case, these guys are doing the right thing. they're on a track. not doing it in the middle of the street. this guy takes his bmw out of the garage, right on to the track. starts whipping this around. looks like had he has pretty good control. couple of the guys he was working on his car with are excited this thing is running the way it's supposed to. loop it around again. now one of his buddies coming out on the track like yeah, well done. good work. >> no, no, no!
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>> oh! >> whipped him out of his shoes and hat on the ground. the video is older but looks like that guy, although was hit, was not seriously injured. it stinks. they were doing it the right way until that. we see all the videos from saudi arabia where they're drifting in public. >> right. >> and like this never happens. >> no. >> oh, my god, oh, my god. tell dad to get in the car. >> you hear what that teenager filming this is saying. oh, my goodness he has a gun. this was a wild altercation on the side of interstate 4. a guy named evan reese was rear ended by an off-duty hillsborough office homicide detective, 55-year-old thomas pettis. this happened back in february. listen to the kids in the car. they're freaked out. their dad is out there trying to break this thing up. >> he has a gun. look. >> he's got a gun. >> dad, get in the car. >> evan reese sort of describes the situation. >> they started bumping me with
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hiss chest and then for whatever reason, he grabbed me by the throat. >> this guy on the ground in the short gray t-shirt, that's the off-duty homicide detective pettis. he pulls out the gun and puts it allegedly in the face of evan reese, the guy he's arguing with. >> i felt that my daughter was being verbally abused by a person that had no reason to be upset with her. and as a father i'm not going to let that take place. >> right there, you see pettis put the gun away and things sort of calm down. pettis resigned from his position after this altercation and has been charged with misdemeanor battery for punching evan reese. s prosecutor decided on no charges related to the gun. >> had it been me or anybody else and not a police officers, i think there would be assault charges. >> according to wsts pettis did admit to resigning before internal affairs could investigate and acknowledges he wanted to protect his livelih d
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livelihood. >> talk about the fact that all these adults on the side of the highway fighting with each other with their children in the car witnessing it. there's a lot of weird bad behavior going on. >> over a fender-benderer. >> dad, get in the car. dad! in 1954, roger did something amazing. he ran the mile in under four minutes. how could he top that? i introduce you to james, the beast, nielsen. >> today attempt to break five minutes for the first time ever in the beer mile. many believe is a physical limitation. >> the beer mile? >> he's going to attempt to run the beer mile in less than five minutes. he's going to run four laps on a track at the beginning of every lap going to chug a beer. >> oh. >> beginning of every lap. >> by the end you're just going to be sloshing. >> that's going to give you a side stitch. >> that and also you're going to get drunk at some point. >> thinking about this makes me burp. >> he's been training to do this
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for about a year. >> i will not be advancing the beer during my drinking even though some let you do that. want to make sure there's no asterisk next to my name. >> he can't chug it while he's jogging. >> he trained himself to drink each can in two and three seconds. >> here he goes. >> oh. >> and he's running very fast. here he is approaching the end of his first lap. >> 70. >> he drinks his beer. keeps going. lap three. there he goes. >> 3:54. >> what a weird thing for a person to want to do. >> and to train to do. >> put a lot of effort into this. >> here he is home stretch. >> 4:57! >> that's awesome. >> he did it. he did it 4 minutes and 57 seconds. aming. shaeer after a big race. like feel better. he had four during the race. >> there's actually a website called where they record all the beer mile records. if we go to the united states at
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the very top, number one, is james "the beast" nielsen. >> there he is. >> no one is close. >> look at him. >> congratulations, james "the beast." >> hey, everybody, the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway is coming up. >> to enter you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry it's easy to create. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway is coming up in a little while. this is the kind of stuff that just makes a classic video that will never get old. somebody's camping in australia, they've got a little hut where you can take a shower. >> this morning i went into take a shower. and the shower in here is canvas bag. pulley system. you pour a bucket of water in the tub and take a shower. >> this guy is showing us the pulley system in the shower. you're thinking, okay, what's going on here?
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>> ready to take my shower. pulled the canvas bag down. >> this is australia, you know there's creepiness in that bag. >> there could be anything. >> is that a snake? >> no. >> oh. what is that? cute little guy. >> it's like a -- >> it's not creepy and it's cuteness. >> what are you doing in there? getting a good night's sleep? >> this is a possum. >> holding on to the edge. >> just lounging. >> like i need a drink with like a little umbrella in it right now. >> rest, relaxation, interrupted by this human. this video is older but trending because of the cuteness of it all. >> nice shower for me this morning. guess i'll say good night. bye. >> he lets him stay, raises it back up and leaves him alone. >> that's the best part. someone else will find it too. >> i think if this could talk, he would say i'm okay. mike owe verton took this video in north dakota. a moose that crosses the road and jumps the fence. >> oh. little moose. >> it slipped. it gets up, keeps trotting away.
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>> the poor thing after he does the flip, gets up to look around to see if his buddies saw him or the cows over there. >> we all saw him. >> it's a good thing didn't break its neck. watch it again. its neck hits the ground first. >> neck got wrenched. >> he was sore the next day, that little moose. someone really should have told this woman. >> this is where you're supposed to drape your clothes and dry them off. you can't be wearing the clothes when you do that. >> how holding on for one more second meant life or death. and a prankster changes things up by making it his mission to -- >> go out for a week, live as a homeless person and hopefully make somebody's life better. >> see how he helped turn one man's life around. >> he looks 100 times better. >> yeah. soso's's h hisis s ser, anand d hihis s mamandnn [speaking mandndararinin]] xieúxieú, hou chiú but like up to 90% of amamereri, jim falls short in gegettttining g imimpoportrtanam food alone. mamakikingng j jimim m moro. adadd d onone e a a daday y m, rich in key nutrtrieientnts sy need.
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you know, sometimes it's really nice to hang your clothes out on the line when you take them out of the washer. they're all wet, want to dry them off. you can't be wearing the clothes when you could that. appears maybe that's what this woman thought in china. this is a clothes hanger from a window in an apartment building and apparently this woman reports saying she had been doing a bit of drinking. managed to make her way out to the clothes hanger. this is where you're supposed to drape your clothes and dry them off. sitting on one bar as you can see and hanging on to the two other bars there. well that one bar looks like it's clearly bent under her weight. >> that's no good. >> hopefully going to hold her.
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>> guess what? firefighters had to enter and break into the apartment unit to try to get her from the inside. and it they got there just in the nick of time literally. watch this. as these rescuers are trying to grasp this woman, they're strapping a safety belt around her. that's the first thing they do. as they go in to do that watch this. >> hurry up. >> oh! wow. they haven't even latched. >> no. >> the safety belt. >> just as they get that belt around her one of the bars breaks. look lik the whole structure comesdown. she could have fallen for sure. i can see the rescuers able to just then kind of grab her and pull her inside. she got so lucky. >> doesn't appear any injuries here. you can see them bringing the woman inside. she's obviously shakep up. wouldn't answer questions. that's understandable when you almost fell from your apartment window. we've seen lots of pranksters on the show take off
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their hat and put on the helping hat by turning their pranks into doing something nice for people, particularly the homeless. dennis roady did it and the video he originally posted in december went viral. >> i just don't like it. >> well okay, only seven days, mom. >> no seven days. two hours. >> he went armed with a few supplies and had his dad drop him off in cincinnati. he showed us a lot of what he saw and it wasn't pretty. >> it's not getting them off the streets. it's getting them off the drugs. >> but the one thing he wanted to do while he was out there was inspire someone, help someone, get somebody into a better place. >> i didn't realize how difficult and challenging my endeavor would be. the outcome, that was more unexpected. >> one of the interesting things he did was run into somebody and this is where we meet aaron. >> addiction is like having sex with a gorilla. you're not done until it says you're done. >> and aaron and dennis form a friendship. and at the end of the video
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dennis gives aaron enough money to get on the bus to visit his brother. >> i don't think a ton of chances come along that often. >> is dennis' message trying to shed light on drug addiction and homeless. >> his mess am was to go out and live as a homeless person and make somebody's life better. the one way he can help is help aaron. aaron is unlike the other ones. he realizes he has a problem and wants to change. >> i think it's too late for me, man. >> too late? it's never too late, dude. >> getting older, man. >> it's never too late. just a new start. >> he was on a radio station getting interviewed and one of the guys at the radio station says hey, i know somebody in florida. if you can get him to florida we can get into him a program. this is aaron today. >> looking sharp, man. healthy. how do you feel? >> fat like a little pig. i wake up tail wagging every day. >> this was all about aaron. all about aaron's road to recovery. well done, dennis. >> he has a job.
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he's been sober for over a month and he's happy. >> so this is my favorite time of night. sunset. i'm in palm beach, florida. love it. >> actually saw right there, the look and spring in this guy's step and twing until his eye. >> looks 100 times better. >> wonderful story. >> this is as good as it gets i'm okay with it. >> oh. >> when fixed gear freestyle becomes a video game. >> created a world that looks like marble mad snooze nessmadn >> go behind the scenes to see how it was done. >> many positions of a ka noodling couple in ones. >> ones you can see happening to bizarre. >> how this became a music video for a band. >> get thursday's buzzword for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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closed captioning provided by -- act braces care mouthwash.ew it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. welcome back to the show.
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don't forget to check out great videos all darn day long. enjoy. perhaps one of the best fixed gear freestyle riders is josh. check out this project that he participated in. it's pretty awesome and if you like video games you're especially going to like it. ♪ >> you know what this is? >> what is it? >> created a world that looks like marvel madness. >> yeah. >> a game marble madness. like couldn't let the marble fall off. >> is this virtual or did they build all these -- >> they really built all those ramps. >> they built some of the ramps in 2d and shot them in a way that made them like 3d.t super e he did spend 15 hours trying to learn a path on this track to make it look like he was really riding on this thing. >> that's crazy. >> yeah. >> and now like going off
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against the level box right here like it's another big marble coming after him. >> knock him off. >> right. >> i'm -- my eyes are -- my eyes are messed up. >> yeah. >> i can't tell what's reality and what isn't. >> let me show you what they actually did because there's a little bit of footage from behind the scenes right here. >> oh, my god. that's it. like hardly anything. >> used a lot of perspective painting and stuff. >> mostly 2 d and he's riding really just on the ground, the floor, whatever you want to call it. >> that's cool. >> competition that's happening in san francisco may 10th. >> play marble madness. >> the perils of sleeping in the same bed. sometimes you get in these weird positions, right where it's uncomfortable, right off the bat, we see the spoon. >> that is awesome. >> actually is a music video for
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a song by they might be giants. >> i love them. ♪ when i get through this part will the next one be the same ♪ >> for the song "am i awake." they announced a contest for people to make a music video for this song and this is one of the three winners. it was put together by paul and mike and it gets fun. ♪ from my hand and when i >> i love the call zone. >> callzone is funny. >> the dog has been at the foot of the bed. >> oh! >> there's the request but denied. got the tower of piazza here, the locker room with the face in the pit. >> the accidental. >> oops. >> i don't think anybody minds that one. >> right. >> i like the prom photo. like kind of, you know, all you need is a corsage there. ♪ when i get through this
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>> like the creation. >> right. >> got the luge, the exile. kicking him out of bed. >> oh. no. >> the saint. >> that's adorable. >> serious creativity. >> right. >> really thought this through. >>. you can try these at home. >> accidentally even. >> okay. everybody it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you'll need a twitter account. if you don't have one it's easy to create one when you enter. >> enter on our website, "right this minute," and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter today's buzzword. >> let's reveal the buzzword for thursday. it is spring. >> now get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter thursday's buzzword spring. that's s-p-r-i-n-g. >> if you don't win today we're giving away another tomorrow. >> follow us on twitter.
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>> yes. >> that's something you don't see every day. it's a tech time that i think you are going to like. >> let's do it. >> let's first talk about tech and medicine. to tell us exactly what we're going to be seeing called accu vain we're going to bring in our techie zach. >> hello. >> accu vain. >> tell us how tech can make our health better. >> this is the av 400, able to detect your veins using light. >> whoa. look at that. >> how does it work? >> that's cool. >> hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light. shining infrared light on to your veins this device is able to detect where veins are absorbing this and where the
3:57 pm
light is not being absorbed. >> had to get poked looking for a vein. >> it could be used in a lot of applications including getting your blood drawn, ivs for cosmetic surgery and other things. >> and it's neat. it has a practical use but kind of cool to just see. >> this next tech item has nothing do with health but convenience. >> actually, it might have a little bit to do with health. this is called the elevation stance. this is a stand meant for elevating your desktop computer. >> so you're not looking down all day. looking straight ahead. >> spinal health. >> they're saying this could be great if you're sitting at a desk, it's going to improve your posture and good for people with standing desks. >> we need these. >> we look at tv screens, look at computer screens all day. >> it's on kick starter. this is made specifically for imax so if you have another computer this might look a little odd but it would probably still work. >> can you not stack up a bunch of book. put a few dictionaries under
3:58 pm
this. >> it probably wouldn't look as good. fits in with the look of your tur computer. even a compartment to put usb ports, hard drives or clutter on your desk. >> this is a popular kick starter campaign. looking for $25,000. they've more than doubled this. >> get one of these on kick starter for $59. that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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